I Am UNT! Your Guide to Admissions

– [Micheal] Greatings from the University of North Texas My name is Michael, I am an admissions counselor here to tell you all about UNT home of the Mean Green, who we are, what we offer and how you can become part of the Mean Green at the University of North Texas The university of North Texas is located in Denton, Texas, we’re about 45 minutes North of Dallas Fort worth Additionally, we have our satellite campus in Frisco Frisco’s now right the number two among best cities for jobs after graduation in 2020 In the DFW metroplex is constantly growing currently, we are home to 24, fortune 500 companies, three of which are the top 10 in the United States Some background all about the university We were founded in 1890 We are a Carnegie classified tier one research institution, one of very few across the United States We currently offer over 230 different academic programs for you to choose from here at the University of North Texas We currently have over 40,000 students on our campus, but we’d like to keep our class size small with a 25 to one student to faculty ratio With that being said, we want to make sure that all of our students have access to their resources and faculty to get any support needed because your academic success is what matters most to us at the university of North Texas We have 16 residence halls on our campus currently scattered all across the campus from each end to the other with over 400 different student organizations, all mostly created by students for students So if there’s a student organization that you are interested in, that we may not offer at this time, you and your friends can definitely make the 426 organization on our campus We are home to 12 NCAA Division One athletic teams And currently we have a great retention rate with 82% of our new freshmen class and an 85% retention rate for our incoming transfer students Of course, what matters the most is not only when you start here at the university, but make sure you reach the finish line here at the university of North Texas for the academic year for 2019 and 2020, we offered over 10,000 degrees to our graduates here at the University of North Texas And now we are owned over 150,000 alumni in the DFW Metroplex alone As I mentioned previously, we have over 40,000 students as of this year, over 2,600 international students from over 140 different countries There’s a quick breakdown of our population, we pride ourselves on our diversity here at UNT, over 75% of our students qualify for some form of financial aid and scholarships So those resources are available for you here at UNT and we’ll go into detail on that here in just a few minutes We have over 2000 honors students on our campus who are members of our Honors College, which is a very unique program They’re have their own admissions criteria and there are some details about that at honors.unt.edu And we are a Hispanic serving institution And additionally, we are a very veteran friendly and we are designated as our purple heart university as well for our veterans students The university of North Texas, we are one university composed of 12 colleges offered in Denton, Frisco and online So now more than ever, there are more options for you to pursue your academic success here with UNT with over 106 bachelor’s degrees, 88 master’s degrees and 36 doctoral programs offered with our catalog growing each and every year, so that number may be constantly increasing as we move into the future We have 89 academic programs that are ranked among the top 100 in the nation And we have several nationally recognized undergraduate programs listed here, including aviation logistics, consumer experience management, emergency administration and planning, jazz studies and communication design These are just a small handful of the 160 degree programs offered here at the University of North Texas As we mentioned previously, the university of North Texas at Frisco, we offer classes over there at two of our campuses hall park and inspire park The university of North Texas at Frisco or UNT at Frisco has an emphasis on project based learning, career readiness, industry collaboration and student engagement We pride ourselves with our industry partnerships with organizations such as the Dallas Cowboys, Toyota, Collin County, the city of Frisco and several others has that list continues to grow as our presence in Frisco continues to expand every year We have standard our classrooms in Frisco with different learning technologies to offer a new, unique and engaging platform for you to learn and engage in your classes and new ways never seen before We are currently the process of building a new 100 acre campus opening spring 2023,

there in Frisco, you can learn more all about the city, the university of North Texas at Frisco @frisco.unt.edu And here on the right, there are lists of our programs offered at Frisco That list again is currently growing So as each semester grows, so will this list in our course offerings as our demand and students increase over at UNT at Frisco The University of North Texas definitely has a great campus life that we would definitely want you to be able to take a part of As I mentioned before, 425 different organizations all created by students for students, we have over 1500 university sponsored events on our campus each and every year On campus living, we have resident assistant and in hall program that you can take advantage of, five dining halls for you to choose from with a six currently under construction, that will be opening very soon Those are gonna be Bruceteria, Kerr Dining Hall, Champs, Mean Greens Cafe, Kitchen West And we also have several different options for you in our university union And if those are something that you’re interested in as well We have over a thousand concerts on our campus hosted by our college of music Majority of these events on our campus are free for UNT student for you to engage and participate with these events all across our campus UNT is home of the mean green We are in conference USA We have over, we have 12 NCAA division, one athletic teams, including men’s and women’s basketball, cross country football, men’s and women’s golf Women’s soccer, softball, swimming, and diving, tennis, track and field and volleyball We have 35 sport club teams, including archery, baseball, gymnastics, paintball, powerlifting, and wrestling Our intramural sport options are there for you if you’re on campus and you want to play for example, from racquetball to Quidditch, flag football, several different options for you to participate with intramural sports on our campus and compete with your fellow UNT students for the Residence Hall Cup each and every year As I mentioned, previously, student success is very important to us here at the University of North Texas It is the most important part of your academic journey, and we want to be a part of that and provide every resource and support that we can for you to make sure that you start at the University of North Texas And we want to make sure we can help you reach that finish line and earn that degree, offering different forms of academic support, such as advising, learning center or math lab, writing center if needing assistance in the subjects We want to look up your wellbeing and safety with our student health and wellness center, the pole recreation center, as well as a student money management to help you figure out how to make that budget and set your finances for financial success going forward Career and leadership of course, the most important thing after graduation is finding that job and getting your career going We can help you find a part time job while you’re on campus and internship as you prep for graduation and help you find that full time opportunity, post-graduation definitely want to be a resource and to help you make sure, help you find those opportunities across the DFW Metroplex and beyond We have different engagement opportunities for you, such as your orientation and transition programs, our veteran services and we also have off campus student services as well This is just a small sample of some of the things that we offer this list Again, it’s constantly growing and if there’s any support or anything that we can do to help you in your academic journey, please be sure to let us know, we definitely want to make sure to make that available for you and your peers at the university of North Texas The first step to joining the mean green of course is to apply for freshmen admission requirements Your first step is to apply online through applytexas.org or the commonapp.org Both are accepted here at the university of North Texas Your next step is to submit your high school transcript and your SAT or ACT scores if you have them, they are optional but encouraged, but if you aren’t able to complete the SAT or ACT, that is just fine, we can evaluate your application task optional Once you submit your application, you will need to monitor your My UNT student portal to check for the application status, to see if there’s any updates, any missing items or anything that we may need to complete the evaluation of your application Our freshmen admissions criteria are based on your high school class rank and your SAT or ACT score Many schools do not rank and that is okay We have a separate evaluation process for non ranking schools So if you’re at a school that does not rank, that is just fine, we don’t need anything additional, we will take care of it from there If you’re in the top 10% of your class, no matter what your SAt or ACT scores, you are guaranteed admission to the University of North Texas If you’re in the top quarter, but not the top 10, it is at 1030 ACT or 20 ACT Second quarter, is it 1130 SAT or 23 ACT Third quartile is 1250 SAT or 26 ACT

If you are a member of our equal advantage schools in the top 20%, any score will get you admitted to the university of North Texas If you aren’t sure, definitely ask the admissions counselor about the Eagle Advantage Program to see if you were eligible to take part of that initiative here at the University of North Texas If you do not have an SAT or ACT score, we are going to be looking at your GPA, of an unweighted GPA with 3.0 So if we have that GPA for a little bit below that, that is okay, we definitely have different options and avenues as admissions counselors, we are here to help navigate this process and to be a resource and figure out the best options for you to become part of the Mean Green Lastly, if you do have any AP or CLAP tests, we can definitely accept those score reports and be a college board So be sure to send those into us And for those of you, with dual credit, we will need an official college transcript from that institution to make sure that credit gets transferred to UNT The application process for freshmen starts July 1st of your prior to your senior year So you can starting July first and complete your application on apply Tech, apply Texas August first on the common app October 1st is when your financial aid applications are going to open, as well as the general scholarship application These are your opportunities for resources to pay for college January 15th is the priority deadline for your financial aid applications So I definitely encourage you by January 15th to make sure you have these for financial aid consideration and that priority consideration for all kinds of different scholarships and academic funding Once we head into January, the housing application open, so you can choose which of the residence halls you want to live in, and then you can complete that process as well as orientation sign up March 1st is going to be the priority deadline for freshmen applications, as well as the freshmen scholarship deadline So be sure to apply early because the earlier you apply it, the earlier you can start doing these applications and be proactive in this process of getting part of the Mean Green As we head into the summer, you are definitely going to engage in your new student orientation Orientation it’s required for all new incoming students, freshmen and transfer So be sure to keep an eye out for that sign up in your My UNT That’s where you’re gonna go to meet with an academic advisor and create your class schedule for the fall semester going forward And then of course in August is the Mean Green move in and we’ll get to move in your residence hall, meet your roommate, get to know the university and in the classes we’ll be starting For our transfer students, the application process is very similar You will apply online via applied Texas or the common app, and then we will need the official transcript from each previous institution attended So every school that you previously attended or any credit, we will need the official transcript from that school For any reason, if you have less than 15 transferable credit hours, we will need your official high school transcript as well as your SAT or ACT scores to complete that evaluation And then of course, step three is to monitor your My UNC account for any updates or any missing items that we may need to complete your application So we can get it through to evaluation For transfer admission the admission criteria is based on your GPA and the amount of transfer credit hours that you were bringing to the university If you have one to 14 credit hours it will be a 2.5 cumulative college GPA, and you are also required to meet the freshmen requirements listed previously If you have over 15 credit hours, up to 29 is a 2.5 college GPA, 30 to 4,4 credit hours, 2.25 college GPA And if you have 45 or more, a 2.0 college GPA is what is required for admission to the University of North Texas As an additional note, all students must be in a good standing and eligible to return to each previous institution attended And that’s again, another reminder of why we are going to need every transcript from every previous institution that you have earned credit in your college career We do offer transfer scholarships at the University of North Texas You have to be admitted for the fall semester, have at least 45 completed hours and a minimum GPA of 3.0, and you have to complete your general scholarship application no later than April 15th The timeline for transfer students is a little different from our freshmen population So your priority dates are going to be a little bit later July 1st for fall 2021 applicants with classes starting on August 23rd Spring 2021 priority deadline is December 1st Summer school programs is May 3rd, and then going forward May 25th And then for summer 2021, July 1st 2021, your financial aid deadlines are the same as for all students within October one opening day in that priority deadline of January 15th At the University of North Texas,

freshmen are required to live on campus or freshman year And we wanted to provide an accurate estimate of what you can expect for your first year at the University of North Texas, if you’re looking to live at home, live on campus or off campus, all of the expenditures are listed here So for living on campus, your freshman year with housing, dining, tuition, books, fees, transportation, anything, and everything included, an average around $26,000 a year for instate students, 39,000 for out of state students For off campus students was looking around 27,000 for instate, 39,000 for out of state students Again, we estimated this on the high side, that way, ideally your classes and your tuition and fees will be a little bit lower than this As a note, again, these are your amounts before any financial aid or scholarships are applied to any of your balances We do online scholarship calculators to see what you’re eligible for, but we also do have tuition and fee calculators So you can get an estimate based on how many credit hours that you are pursuing This amount here is based on the 15 credit hours per semester As a note on the out of state tuition and fees, if you are an out of state student and you qualify for a UNT academic competitive scholarship of at least $1,000 or more, you are eligible for an instate tuition, and we will waive the out of state fees Again, it has to be a $1,000 UNT academic competitive scholarship, and to be eligible for those, you do have to complete the general scholarship application We offer several different sources for funding for you and your academic success UNT for example, last year offered 405 million in financial aid, including $50 million in scholarships to our students Over 75% of our populations receive financial aid or scholarships of some form Listed here are all of your resources such as your free application for federal student aid, your Texas Application for state financial aid, the savings or tuition plan Definitely a great way to save some money If you’re looking to do some summer programs or winter master programs The UNT excellence scholarship ranges from 1000 to $10,000 each year renewable for up to four years So for example, if you get the $10,000 scholarship, that is a $40,000 package through the entire lifespan of its eligibility These are just a small handful of over 200 scholarships offered at the University of North Texas For more information, I definitely encourage you to visit scholarships.unt.edu to learn about these different programs and the qualifications, and how to apply for these, for your academic funding At the University of North Texas, we have several upcoming events coming up this year We have our virtual fall preview You can register online@untpreviewdotunt.edu Those days are Saturday, September 26th, Saturday, October 10th, October 24th and November 14th We offer online virtual tours currently, and we are offering in-person weekly tours Those are entirely free, you can register online at tourists.unt.edu We also offer Frisco tours at frisco.unt.edu For our transfer students, we offer what’s called a virtual transfer debut, where you can meet with admissions, financial aid, scholarships, career services, and student advising So we can help you get on track for transferring to the University of North Texas Those dates are September 11th, October 30th, and November 20th If you have any questions after today, we definitely encourage you to connect with us and reach out to us and we can make appointments online at appointmentsdotunt.edu You can make a one on one appointment with an admissions counselor We can walk through this entire process, answer any questions that you may have going forward as admissions counselors we’re here to be a resource and to answer any question that we can for you If we don’t have an answer, we definitely will do the legwork to make sure we find the answer for you You can also shoot us an email, unt.freshmen@unt.edu or unt.transfer@unt.edu If you were interested in our Frisco campus, you can send us an email at gofrisco@unt.edu Our direct line to our admissions front desk is listed here in (940) 565-2681 We’re there and happy to talk with you and schedule that appointment and or answer any questions you have about the application process Be sure to follow us on our social media channels on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat for all of our upcoming events and different updates we have about our upcoming fall 2021 year Lastly, we do offer an online chat feature Monday through Friday through our admissions website, admissions.unt.edu., where you can chat live in real time with admissions counselors

and answer all your questions you have about the application process And we can provide you some information or some helpful links to definitely help you continue through that process That concludes our presentation Again, we really hope this was very informative and answered any questions that you may have here about the University of North Texas home of the Mean Green We look forward to meeting you, and if you have any questions, feel free to connect to us Go Mean Green