Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 – Tutorial SDK Teil 1 – Fehlende Flughäfen ergänzen | #PilotInDesign

Introduction Why are so many airports missing in Microsoft Flight simulator 2020 ? On Bing maps some airport areas are blurred out Thus these airports are not included in MSFS 2020 ! I will show you how to fix this Let´s have a look at the airport of Rostock Laage No airport ! Activation of the developer mode resume your flight now you can see a small black menu bar at the top here ist the download link for the software development kit (SDK) the sdk will be downloades to your standard download folder install the sdk to a location of your choice the correct project folder structure is vital ! create a new folder at a location of your choice name it as you want, eg. the icao code of your airport add two subfolders call them packagedefinitions and packagesources go back to the sim let us estimate the location of etnl via coordinates

the map in msfs2020 is not exact enough to find the right place ! look at the airport chart to gather the coordinates unfortunately only decimal coordinates will work ! will help look at the map for the location of the airport copy the decimal values to your sim now you have the exact location to start working ! check: we are in the correct position ! switch on the developer camera move around: press ALT – middle mouse button tilt: press ALT – left mouse button zoom: press ALT – right mouse button or turn the mouse wheel let´s start to build our airport ! in this window link to your created project folder give the project a name, eg. etnl very important: hit ENTER on the keyboard ! otherwise the sim will crash ! do not change OUTPUT DIRECTORY press OK let uns create a bgl file give it a name, eg. etnl01

press ENTER on the keyboard ! or the sim will crash ! save your project look at the changes in the project folder now we are ready to do our first steps with airport design go back to the project editor first: click on etnl01 next: click on etnl01.bgl in the inspector assign the asset directory choose packagesources of your project directory now you are in the scenery editor sort the different windows if you want look at the airport area now create the airport ! choose airport in the objects tab press ADD now you can see a blue circle move it with the gizmo tool in the scenery editor you notice an error message go to the properties tab and give your aiport a name after each input you have to press ENTER

click on the flatten and on the star airport boxes add the magnetic variation 3° East increase the radius of the airport to 3500 m now the basic airport definition is complete in the scenery editor save your work ! choose etnl01 as it is the same name as your bgl ! now let us define a runway ! in the object window choose runway click add now we can see a very small runway we can use the gizmo to resize and turn the runway and place it on the wanted position runway design in detail well be shown in an extra video in the properties window you can also resize the runway, the correct dimensions are 2520 x 45 m you can work more exactly than with the gizmo. Choose a heading of 90° now you can add the runway markings

now we are ready to compile the scenery at first, save your work ! press etnl01 in the project editor look in the inspector window add your company name and press ENTER as always under the tab content type choose scenery add a logo as a jpg file, size must be 412 x 170 px press build package disregard and close the console window ! take a look at your projects folder the content of the folder packages has to be copied in the sim but where is the sim located on your computer ??? c:/users/your name/appdata/local/local cache/microsoft . . . what a address ! take a look at the video description for the correct link ! finally you find a folder named packages. it contains 2 subfolders the content of YOUR packages folder has to be copied into the community subfolder the content of your packages folder hat to be copied into the community subfolder

let´s check the new scenery in the sim take a look at the global chart wow, it´s there ! choose etnl as your departure airport well not bad for the first try, isn´t it ! we have a runway and a tower building let´s go flying ! the airfield can be also located in the vfr chart now ! please give me a like and subscribe to my channel a small donation via my paypal link is absolutely voluntary but very appreciated, please check the link in the video description thank you for watching and happy landings in Rostock-Laage !