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Phone is ringing Mom Qin Qing is here I know Here you are Mom Hey No one is here Not your mother, my mother She wants to see you, get up get Tidy yourself up Get up She’s here for you, why should I get up Together One, two, three No, I can’t. My head hurts too much Wake up, wake up, wake up Aunt You asked us to get up so early What’s up? What’s up? I promised to ask about Zuo’s mother for you a few days before You You got something? Yes I know a colleague of her Then? Then? This thing is completely on me Aunt, I love you Mon, you are the light of our lives I am your light Hey Miss Shen What are you busy with these days? What else can I be busy with the paper? I am not satisfied no matter how I changed it Come to my birthday party a few days later I remember When did I miss your birthday Darling! I’ll call you when I’m downstairs Okay, bye Mom You said

you are not feeling well Why are you using the computer I cooked soup for you Did you taste? Yes, I drank all of it I’m full You are full with two small bowls It means your stomach has some problems Then go home meals I will look after you I’ll take a walk downstairs Hold on I’ll go with you I want to exercise You don’t write this No I feel dizzy I will finish it later You said you don’t feel well You can stay at home I’ll be back in a minute Linlin, it’s not that I want to supervise you or restrain your freedom I just want you to take a walk and talk with me If you have a family a wife and your kid in the future Will you have time for me, right? Okay, mom I’ll take a walk with you By the way Linlin I feel a big stone on my chest these days It’s stuffy Just stay at home tonight What if something happened, you are here for me, right? Okay, mom I will come home for you there days You are really filial Are you busy? It’s OK What time is it Where’s Miss Shen She’s picking someone up downstairs A friend is coming Who? Director Li Here they come Welcome I think that everyone is here Let me introduce These are all teachers of senior high school section Mr. Liu, Mr. Chang Miss. Du, Miss Tian Nice to meet you This is my friend An old colleague of the bureau of education She worked at the reference room of the bureau of education Li Ruhui Director Li No just call me Li Li I retired last year You are still a cadre Don’t stand here Let’s sit Have a seat Director Li, sit here next to Miss Shen Okay Come on I respect than do it Sit down You have been waiting for song long Cheers Okay Is that OK? Come on Happy birthday to Miss Shen! Happy birthday, Happy birthday Thank you! Happy everyday Happy everyday Come on Let’s eat Director Li Did you attend a seminar last year in the city That’s two years ago Autumn Yes No wonder that you look so familiar to me the moment you came in Yes? I was there We didn’t say hello I remembered Tian Are you working on a paper lately Li you’ve worked in the bureau of education Maybe she can help you That’s bothering What paper Actually it’s okay I just want to analyze and talk about the education evolution and my working experiences these years and some of the new teaching methods Miss Tian is really a model teacher Thank you Teaching a bunch of sixteens and seventeens at my age needs learning everyday or I can’t keep up How about this When I come back I will organize the materials and send them to you Perhaps this would help you That’s great Thank you so much. Director Li Thank you! It’s okay, lift a finger That’s so great Cheers Yes, birthday Happy birthday, Happy birthday Thank you! Come on

Try it How’s that? Bitter Golden Mandheling Yes How beautiful the beans are So plumped I haven’t seen you so happy for a long time Really? Your product was just launched and the registered account exceeded ten million Congratulations You can finally sleep well tonight It’s OK It’s all because of the promotions How it will end up Will it take root It’s still unknown You are worrying about Song Lin He doesn’t play by the rules It’s difficult to guess I’m curious You didn’t come back these days? How can the body stand We’ve already lost at the beginning It’s a critical moment I have to keep an eye on it I can’t allow any mistakes You can’t work around the clock and hurt your body It’s okay, I know myself In Management the long term stress of a manager will affect his judgement and lead to wrong decisions It’s not worth it Yes Come on, show me around Let’s go What are you going to do? How about this? It’s good Pack them up Okay Thank you You buy so much things in one store What a shopaholic I am a workaholic but also a woman As a matter of fact no matter what you do, many women have the same common characteristic That’s shopping, shopping, shopping I didn’t like online shopping I think the photos of the model can’t show me how it will be like on me or its texture shopping without experiencing can’t bring me the happiness of spending money Then what we do now stands completely against your consumption patterns So you have to go shopping with me You are not just buying clothes with me Since the APP we are making is about getting rid of this doubt and recreating the sense of experience How can we increase the happiness of consumers in shopping Have you thought about that I haven’t My colleagues are all men technicians No one studies women’s psychology As you said, if we can blend this into the APP, that’s must be better Do you know why Su Yushan is in such a hurry to put his APP online Mostly he wants to catch us off guard He knows that there are technical problems on his projects But marketing and the experiences of customers are the only advantages for him to succeed So As long as we improve customers’ experiences and make it realer We will have more chances to beat him Right? You can see it that way But WanFeng

has enough financial support We have to make sure there’s no mistakes I feel headache as long as I think of Miss Tian Just wait There will be more problems in the future You can fight your problems but don’t harm the innocent You are my most solid support Without you, I have no courage to step in that school To express my sincerest gratefulness Today you can take whatever you like I’ll pay You’ve taken care of so many problems for me in the past Should I pay you back? OK I’ll pay this time Next time it’s yours We are each other’s supports Why should you spend so much Just give me a chance to go shopping Okay? I have nothing except time You are such a spendthrift How should pencil boy support you I don’t need him to support me Take this Thank you! You are welcome! Shopping? Explain to her Don’t leave some misunderstandings Sorry Zhou Fang Zhou Fang, Zhou Fang Don’t mistake me Song Lin I know there’s nothing between you But I saw you go shopping alone with her I don’t feel good Let me tell you Explain this clearly I will But You have to give me a chance Tell me l didn’t come here for shopping We were talking about work all the way Why should you go shopping alone with her if you are talking about work We were not shopping She took me to the retail stores She said there were some problems with our applications Shopping at retail stores makes one feel realer and gives customers better experiences I have to apply the kind of authenticity to the APP Do you understand? I work overtime every day I have no time to go shopping Right Really Yes I trust you But Do you know how can a girl feel when she saw her boyfriend go shopping alone with another girl I get it And you still did that? It’s my fault I didn’t note that I’ll be careful later I will never make same mistakes I feel he’s quite sincere He shouldn’t be lying How about Let’s see how he acts later Are you clear? Yes, yes I should head up You talk Enjoy I’ll go Don’t get me wrong Are you still mad? It’s a misunderstanding Let’s go, okay So many people here Let’s go Thank you You’re welcome It seems that I haven’t bought enough Are you alright? What? Do you think I don’t look good drinking in the day What’s wrong with you today? You don’t feel the same How do I look normally Not like this I was working normally I am a woman I want to be lazy sometimes I want a shoulder to rely on Why is it so hard? It’s the first time I’ve seen you so sad It seems that you have some problems with your love life Tell me Who is that I I might fell in love with Song Lin

I remember that you told me you would not love anyone except Lin Yun But Song Lin is not the same with Lin Yun In fact, I don’t know much about it At first, to Song Lin I only appreciate him How he deals with things and his principles Even his protection to Zhou Fang But you need to know when it gets longer I’m not sure if this appreciation has changed into something unconsciously Isn’t that hilarious? Ling Xi Forget it Song Lin has Zhou Fang by his side I know Then you are just troubling yourself Actually I appreciate more of him He never asks Zhou Fang to be the woman behind him He gives Zhou Fang much space to do the things Zhou Fang likes This is where I envy Zhou Fang But I know between the two of them I am just an outsider, just an outsider Very busy recently? Do you have to work overtime every day I tell you Work is important Health is the most important I will return this sentence back to you Work is important Health is also important Don’t spare time out of your busy schedule to go shopping with others It’s not good for your health Ok! I explained to you Are you still mad? Slowly, no one will rob you Wipe your mouth Who says no one? A lot of people want to Who? Who has the ability to rob you She wants to but she has no ability Right? Are you still mad? Let’s have a drink How’s that? Hello, please bring me a wine You can’t drink Don’t drink so much Recently, So many thing So, so many Sometimes it occurs to me that I don’t know whether I can bring you happiness You know what I want I don’t but I know what I can give you right? Every day at the meetings I tell everyone don’t be nervous, don’t panic Everything is okay It will pass We have the advantages The more I say the number I am In the end I don’t feel so sure myself To my employees Song Lin is the synonym of tenacity Whatever the problem is, I am here It will pass Why those old employees are still willing to work for me Why? Because they trust me They still trust me without hesitation But I know the insecurity in my heart Who I can tell? At least Ling Xi is helping you whole-heartedly, right? Ling Xi resigned her job and bet everything on me I don’t know why, but now I can only walk ahead There is no retreat! There is no retreat How can I back off I can’t lose If this project fails, everyone is over

Then we’re all in big trouble I would have nothing How can I realize the promises to you Why didn’t you say these words earlier? I wanted to say but I can’t Before I wanted you to stop working for Su Yushan and come back to me How can I say that I’ve lost the moment I open my mouth I can’t help you but at least I can be with you and comfort you If you say nothing and keep them to yourself Do you know how sad I was Don’t be sad I want you to be better You are growing day by day I see your growth I’m very happy Really happy So You moved on you just safeguard your dream I’ll safeguard you. I’ve told you No matter how I will try my best to catch up on you Let’s move on together then With your capability, this is the smallest challenge I’m catching you Zhou Fang I tell you You just be with me You are helping me get better by being with me Understand? In the end It is all your contribution I wake you up It’s fine You want to rest more No. What’s wrong? I made a plan on our current situation We have to decide the time of APP Publishing and the second round of financing Of course The response after we launch is the key of financing Okay I will make the planning case and show you OK, I won’t disturb you That Ling Xi Can I ask you something? I know what you want to say As an outsider I know the relationship between you and Zhou Fang I don’t want to destroy that You can put your attention on your company I don’t want to lose both love and work But I have to make it clear If one day Zhou Fang gives up on you Please tell me I don’t want to miss this opportunity No, I don’t think so I won’t let Zhou Fang give up Okay You go busy Hey Did she notice Don’t worry about it! I kept the secret well Reliable Have you explained the misunderstanding to Zhou Fang At this critical point of your company You are proposing to her What happened to my company Even if the plan fails, it doesn’t interfere with me loving her Great As the bestie of Zhou Fang I don’t want her to feel aggrieved You should understand it I do Best friend Have some faith in me OK? I succeeded once I was a well-known entrepreneur As long as you love each other, those things don’t matter The most important thing is happiness I believe in Zhou Fang’s judgement I believe your judgement Let me see that Don’t let me down Surely not Where is my surprise See How’s that? Fantastic This creation, this design No one can do this except you Of course Director Li

You really take this seriously I promised you I could not retract I organized these materials myself It’s kind of messy If you have some problems, we can talk Great I didn’t know how to thank you You don’t have to do that Just call me I will go there for them You didn’t need to come over I’m free I had nothing to do It’s is a kind of physical exercise Thank you very much Tian Please Are we sisters? Sure Can you stop this Don’t be so respectful to me Which year were you born 1964 I’m a year older Call me Li I’ll call you Tian It’s not appropriate No, no I didn’t mean that I mean You can call me Tian but I shall I call you Miss. Li Or, Miss Ruhui No, no You can call me whatever you want, but you have to leave out Miss Aren’t you tired? Talk about it? Director Li is here In a few days Us several teachers are planning to hang out together for a few days Join us Yes, Miss Ruhui Join us It’s very lively Come on, Me? OK, go I just love to join in the fun That’s great How do you know I was here? Your little tailor told me He doesn’t talk to everyone He only talks to the important ones Showing off How’s your company Not bad Just another path Come and eat You can eat something else I’m too lazy to move Why are you so lazy? Why are you so lazy? What are you doing? A lot of people are watching Come on! Put me down Just let them see My girlfriend is so beautiful Let them envy me to death Hey Darling! What are you doing? Can you talk Yes, I’m applying face masks You are enforcing the whitening task for you Tell you a good news What? My mother is going for a travel next week You knew I don’t Why are you so calm? It’s not like that she has accepted me and liked me Why should I be excited? We can have many free days to see each other I can be with you more often It’s really not the time What happened? I’m busy I have to see a customer next week What are the odds It’s a very important customer I can’t reschedule Fine Don’t feel sad I’ll be back soon So, I’m gonna go to work See you Linlin Who are you calling? I’m talking about work with my colleague, mom Mr. Song Mr. Song

Is there any problem with the project No Xiaofei will finish this as soon as possible Don’t feel pressed It’s okay to be late As long as the application comes out good, none of that matters What I concerned most is the pressure from the investors It’s okay with Miss Cheng but the other part I think they will keep pressing you Don’t worry about this Uncle, look The heart saving pills, oil for traumatic injuries medicine for carsickness, colds You have to prepare these What else do you need? Is there anything that helps digestion? Digestion? Yes, down here Okay, when I’m happy the appetite of is greatly increased, and my stomach aches Why are you here? Aunt See From the kids Necessities are all yours Ready What’re you doing? Where do you plan to send my mother She’s not going to some hinterland of the place She can find medicine Yes See The three of us did so much for you Why can’t you understand? I didn’t see you so active normally When I’m heading out you feel so happy Aunt, please don’t worry and have fun Zhou Fang and I will be with uncle when we are free When you come back, I will sure make much progress on chess Such a big suitcase Is it a bit troublesome There aren’t so many things Shall we change a smaller case for aunt Okay I will find a smaller case Aunt, let me tell you You have to have fun, but in the meanwhile, you have to keep safe Wear more clothes when it’s cold at night and don’t get too hot at days What’s wrong with you today? Why are you two men so talkative Song Lin, help me here Coming I’ll go and help her Look at Song How careful he is It’s good to travel more You are so stressed from work Relax. Just relax yourself Many teachers of our school came Yeah, so many Yes Put the box here Yes, put it down here Thank you You’re welcome OK, thanks Let’s go Let’s get on the bus Miss Ruhui, let’s sit here Ok! Hello, everyone I’m the temporary guide of this trip, Qin Qing It’s happy to travel with you I want to remind you during the trip don’t go out alone You must stay with the team Tell me, if there’s any questions I will do whatever I can to solve them Okay, buckle up We are good to go Miss Tian Is that your student She came to the school to see you last week What a coincidence Hello, teachers Miss Tian You can meet your student during trips It means that there is predestination between you Have you all buckled up Alright, alright Sir, we can go now I’ve seen this embroidery method in the crimson summer night ready to wear series of the TKYSHOP My master is good at this kind of embroidery method She taught me for a while So good When you are free, please take me to your hometown and meet your master He may not have time to teach you You sure know how to talk

So fast Are there any problems? I’ll find you later if there’s any problems What’s up? Bad news, Miss Fang Qin Qing went to see my mother She won’t pick up my call now What am I supposed to do? Miss Tian called you You knew? Why didn’t you tell me? How can I tell you? You tell others everything If Miss Tian knows, it would be bad She can’t take the plunge I think this is a good chance Nothing venture, nothing have Just wait for the good news Miss Fang Where did you get that confidence My mother is hard to get along with You might think that Qin Qing is a little warrior but a general is teaching her General Who? My mother Miss Tian, it’s pretty far on the way You can wear this No, thanks. It’s OK Come on No You use it I have one Aunt, here you are I’ll use this You can use this Come on I’ll use this So comfortable So comfortable Such a considerate girl