Precious In His Sight, Part 1, Sub Part 1

Faith Life Church (Praise and Worship Team sing Thanks Be To God) ♪ Thanks be to God who ♪ ♪ Gives me the victory ♪ ♪ Thanks be to God who gives me the victory ♪ ♪ Through my Lord Jesus Christ ♪ ♪ Over sickness and disease my God ♪ ♪ Gives me the victory ♪ ♪ Over sickness and disease my God ♪ ♪ Gives me the victory ♪ ♪ Through my Lord Jesus Christ ♪ ♪ Over sickness and disease my God ♪ ♪ Gives me the victory ♪ ♪ Over sickness and disease my God ♪ ♪ Gives me the victory ♪ ♪ Through my Lord Jesus Christ ♪ ♪ Over poverty and lack my God ♪ ♪ Gives me the victory ♪ ♪ Over poverty and lack my God ♪ ♪ Gives me the victory ♪ ♪ Through my Lord Jesus Christ ♪ ♪ Over poverty and lack my God ♪ ♪ Gives me the victory ♪ ♪ Over poverty and lack my God ♪ ♪ Gives me the victory ♪ ♪ Through my Lord Jesus Christ ♪ ♪ Through my Lord Jesus Christ ♪♪ 1 Peter 1:18 he said, “Forasmuch as you know that you were not redeemed with corruptible things, as silver and gold, from your vain conversation received by tradition from your Fathers; But,” but what? You were redeemed, “With the precious Blood of Christ, as of a lamb without blemish and without spot.” Hallelujah Somebody say: “I am redeemed (Congregation repeats) with the precious Blood of Christ.” Does that mean anything to you? I believe it will mean more as we go into this You are redeemed He tells you what you were not redeemed with and what you were redeemed with Listen to another translation The New Century version, the NCV He said, “You know that in the past you were living in a worthless way,” the King James says vain That’s what it means Everybody say: “Worthless.” Congregation: Worthless “A way passed down from the people who lived before you.” You know, you just got it from your parents and friends and coworkers and neighbors And they got it from theirs, and they got it from theirs But it could be that eight hundred years ago somebody got off and they’ve been reproducing “off” for eight centuries now Just because something is old doesn’t make it right or good If it was three thousand years old, the Lord would see that as a modern thing Just three days old in His sight Is that right? Some newfangled things have only been around five thousand years Is that right? Five days to Him

You want to talk about been around? He’s been around Is that right? Whoa “In the past you are living in a worthless way.” Everybody say: “Worthless.” Congregation: Worthless “A way passed down from the people that live before you but you were saved from that useless life.” Somebody say: “Useless.” Congregation: Useless You have been saved from worthless and useless That’s shouting ground right there “You were bought, not with something that ruins like gold or silver,” not like something that is temporary or disposable Now, you know we think gold and silver is great, but compared to what he is about to tell you, it doesn’t compare It’s something down here, it’s material, it’s natural And that couldn’t buy us We’ll get into this later on I think, but the psalmist says and other places, the prophets say, “The value of a soul ceases forever.” What does that mean? There’s not enough money in the world to buy one soul That’s how valuable a soul is There’s not enough billions or trillions to buy the soul of one person and pay for it and redeem it There was only one thing, there was only – come on, help me out one thing, one thing in all the universe valuable enough to redeem the souls of men And it was, and it is the precious blood – when He says precious, he’s talking about value that exceeds known price Precious, extremely valuable We were redeemed, “With the precious Blood of Christ the pure and perfect Lamb.” Without a blemish, without a spot Hallelujah No sin, no blemish, no fault, no earthly Father The life is in the blood His blood bought us The life of the eternal Creator was in His blood And there was no sin and no fault that His blood It was and always will be completely perfect Completely pure Somebody say: “Spotless (Congregation repeats) No blemish No imperfection.” There’s no curse, there’s no death, no sin And the Father accepted His blood as payment for us I’ve been bought with a price I said, I’ve been bought with a price Now think about this, about the price He paid for us What does the enormity of the price He paid for us say about our value? You can’t shout about how precious the blood is without realizing how important and valuable what He bought with it is Now, that’s our text and we’re going to keep referring to that and coming back to that But I want to begin talking about laying a foundation today, asking a question, who are you? Who are you? The Lord wanted you, didn’t He? He was willing to go to great lengths to get you and to pay a price that had ever been paid for anything for you and me Who are you? You know the angel said that – it’s recorded in the Book of Psalms, isn’t it? They looked over and said, “What is a man that God would do all of this for men?

That He would give them dominion over the works of His – who are men?” They have seen all kinds of stuff throughout the eons but when we came on the scene, and then messed everything up, and see what God did to get us back, there was a whisper going throughout the ranks of heaven “What are men? Look what the Creator is doing for men, to get a man, to get a woman What are men?” Look at your neighbor, help them out Say: “Who are you? (Congregation repeats) Who are you?” All of us have some sense of identity Who I am But where did you get it and what is it based upon because it affects every aspect of your life Who you think you are or don’t think you are The Lord was reminding me of who I am and how it all started I came into the world in a tiny little hospital over in Philadelphia, Mississippi You’ll have to look close on the map, and my parents had to drive miles and miles to get to there from the country Our little town where we lived if you went three or four miles from our house, there was one store at an intersection And I came into the world and one of the first things I began to realize about who I was is I was a Moore I was the son of Billy and Doris Moore The grand boy of Q.N and Lena Pearl I had kinfolks in those areas roundabout on the Moore side, and Weather side, Neece side And I’m a Moore One of those Moore boys Sometimes that was a good thing, sometimes it was questionable (Laughs) There’s more than one occasion I got beat up because I was a Moore boy I know it sounds strange, but there was a little bit of a feud between us and another family, which shall remain nameless at this point There was only two of us boys, and we were younger And in the other family there was like eight, and most of them were bigger and older And so there were times on the school bus that four of them would hold me down while another one or two would beat me up And one day I got off the bus and my nose was bloody and my mouth was bloody, my clothes were messed up, and my dad looks at me and goes, “Boy, we have to do something with you.” And he put me in a school martial arts at age ten And we’ll talk about that i just a little bit, but I got beat up because I was a Moore boy Because of who I was And I was a country boy I wasn’t a city boy, I was a country boy And TV of course, popular One of my favorite shows was Tarzan I could yell just like him I think I still could I won’t right now And we had acres and acres of the wild that we had access to; hundreds of acres and more and we literally would find vines in the trees and swing from the trees, swing through the trees yelling like Tarzan I thought I was Tarzan We would swim in the creeks and the rivers, places we should not have gone I mean, you would see snakes out there, big ones And we would just splash around in the water to scare them away and then jump in We would see alligators, and we would just run the boat around

and scare them and then go ski It was strong motivation not to fall And if you did fall, you’re thinking get the boat, come on, come on, get me Looking back now you’re thinking, man, what were you doing in those places? But you know, Tarzan is not afraid of an alligator Is that right? Tarzan will wrestle a big snake So I was a country boy I’m talking about identity Who are you? What makes you who you are? And like I said, my dad put me in that school martial arts so then as the years went by that was also part of my identity I was a sport fighter I played a little football, but that really wasn’t my thing A little bit of basketball, but that really wasn’t my thing My thing was kicking you hard And I became pretty good at that In fact, I thought that was going to be my career I know And so I pursued that, but that was a big part of my identity Who I was born to, where I grew up, what I could do Also, in our part of the country, we thought Dukes of Hazard was a documentary (Laughter) (Laughs) To us, that was not fiction Now you’re laughing, but I’m serious We had those same dirt roads all through our counties, and by the time we were thirteen or fourteen, we were practiced – you think drifting is something new? You can’t go fast on a dirt road without drifting We were experts at dirt road drifting We didn’t call it that, we just called it going fast By the time we were thirteen, fourteen Somebody said, “You got your license that early?” No. (Laughs) What you need a license for? We’re driving tractors by the time we are ten, twelve, that kind of thing, so it just comes naturally you’re driving the pickup, hauling hay and all that kind of stuff And even though we didn’t have a lot of money, we are fix it yourselfers, multiple generations I mean my granddad, they had to fix up their trucks and their tractors when they broke They didn’t have the money to just go buy new parts, and so they learned how to tie things up, and tape things up, and weld things up Come on, are y’all with me? You understand what I’m talking about? And so with a few hundred dollars, we could build a pretty good car A pretty good car One that would go fast And so we had -eventually we got to the place where I had a real nice Camaro that was fast, and I won’t go into the exploits we had with that, but then a Mustang that was fast And so that became part of my identity I was the guy that had the clean car Don’t get in my car with muddy feet I had brand-new shag carpet in it (Laughter) What are you laughing about? These were the 70s, is that right? Shag carpet in your car was cooool We took a little modest little Mustang and we put a 351 Cleveland in it with a four- speed top loader and on and on and on How did you do that? You find a piece at this salvage yard, you find a piece over here, you steam clean it, you paint it, overhaul it, you put it in Next thing you know, you have something nice, got something fast That became part of my identity And then also I had the pretty blonde girl. (Laughter) Phyllis, I’m talking about (Laughs) That became part of my identity Somebody say: “Who are you?

(Congregation repeats) Who are you?” After that, I thought I was going to go into being a fighter, that was going to be my profession, and I respect that, but that wasn’t my path, and I’m so thankful because by now I would be an old man Right? In the fight game Even if I was successful, man – even when you win, you get hit, my nose probably would not look the same, nor my ears – you know what I’m talking about? And now I wouldn’t be in it, I would be after the fact And instead of being done, I could be hitting my strongest stride in ministry, is that right? Right now But we went to RHEMA Bible Training Center and went into the ministry, not too long after that, part of my identity was I was the guy that worked in healing school And I was a part of that for oh, thirteen plus years at least After that I became – Phyllis and I became the young guys that helped the Hagins That became part of our identity But now that we no longer help the Hagins, who am I? Now that I no longer can fight like I did when I was eighteen, I would have to win the fight quickly now. (Laughs) Anybody know what I’m talking about? Back then I could go round after round Now that I don’t have that, who am I? Do you see what I’m talking about here? If your identity is based in anything you can lose, your identity is in the wrong thing I want to say that again another time or two or three If who you are, who you see yourself to be, and your identity and your value and your worth, if it is based on anything you can lose, you are in danger, and it is based in the wrong things You see people in junior high, grade school, high school, college, their identity is they are the football player, they are the athletic one, they are the strong one They are the pretty one The pretty cheerleader They’re the smart one They are the one with the great grades They are the rich one They’re the cool one And you see people that when they are no longer that in their high school or their college, they don’t know who they are They don’t know what they are They get discouraged, they get disillusioned, they don’t know who they are, they don’t know what they are, they lose their sense of value and worth “I’m so-and-so’s spouse.” Well, that’s great, but what if you’re not? What if you’re not their spouse any longer? Then who are you? “I’m one of the greatest football players.” Well, what about when you can’t play like that? That’s when you see people sometimes, if all of their identity and their value is in that, they will get to where they don’t know what to do with themselves They turn to drugs, alcohol, some suicide Because they lose their sense of identity and they lose their sense of worth and value I want to say it again If your identity and your value is in anything you can lose, it’s in the wrong thing You’ll see this begins – you’ll remember some stuff when I bring this up to you, this begins even in grade school Cruelty between kids Name-calling and nicknames that are not nice Why? Why do these young innocent ones do that? Where is this coming from?

Where did they get this? It’s so important when little ones come into the world that they began to get the proper sense of identity and value and worth Oh, it affects every area of your life And the enemy knows this, so do you know what he’s going to try to do? Through every avenue he can, he’s going to try to establish a bad identity in you and try to devalue you He is the accuser, he is the devaluer If you listen to him and believe what he says you’ll come to the point where you see yourself as worthless As useless As nothing and nobody with nothing to offer, nothing to give, nothing worthwhile And the enemy is trying to do that on the playgrounds with six-year-olds Making fun of the way they look Making fun of the way they act Why? To try to get some kind of distorted self-image in them so that they don’t see themselves well or valuable And they don’t know who and what they are, or they come to believe they are something bad “You’re a failure You’re no good…” It’s no accident that sometimes parents that are not spiritual and even sometimes some that should know better get mad and get real angry; that’s the thing that pops out “You’re not going to amount to anything You’ll never amount to anything Useless Worthless…” And friend, this is one of the most serious things you could say And I’m going to prove it to you from the word of God This is so serious with God, it brings judgment on those that do it and don’t repent You and I are called, not to run down, not to destroy, not to devalue, not to belittle, you and I are called to build up, to put something into them, to help them see the truth, the good things that are in us in Christ Jesus Announcer: We trust this message has ministered to you Faith Life Church has two locations; in Branson, Missouri and Sarasota, Florida Service times in Branson are Friday nights at 6:30 and Sunday mornings at 9:00 a.m Service times in Sarasota are Friday nights at 7:30 and Sunday mornings at 10:00 For more information please visit our websites or call us at 417-334-9233