So ist eine Radreise in China // China Vlog #5

In no country before, we have seen so many accidents They have crazy ideas, the Chinese Great, tunnel number 2 has a length of 4.3 km Now we’ve almost made it here is… WOW! Ok, let’s go for it Yip, tailwind! Tailwind, cool! That’s crazy. So many people watching me This is definitely the first time in China that suddenly so many people have come together Probably because I’m already standing here for a while I’ve just made a live-video on Instagram and said a lot of things in German which seemed to be quite exciting for the people And now they are all standing here and watching me Olga has gone to the market to do some shopping Ni hao! So, Im seeming to cause for a traffic-jam Haha, now we’re starting Wow, that was crazy! Look, they are still following us! Before us lies the next city or rather behind us because we’ve just turned around it’s already evening and we are searching for a camping-spot and we haven’t found anything yet and we are at the entrance of the city and it’s massive, a 20 to 30 km long city again we won’t make it today that’s why we’ve turned around again and hope that we’ve just missed a suitable place I think we’ll try to turn into a street up there to get away from this main-road Man, there are houses everywhere! Ahh…it also goes into a village here Okay, along up the street to the right We ride backward again I think to the left..there is somehow reasonably our last chance There stands exactly in front of the gateway..a car Caution !! There is a

cable Behind there is a mosque There are super many muslims here Okay, After all we roll out of the plantage Here we have the best we can have We also thought about staying at the mosque it could also be a possibility..but we would have to ride up the mountain Yeah Look, the mosque isnt that big now you see it Yeah, would be a possibility Next to the strange temple there is a forest And if it doesnt look that fine there then we will check-out the mosque. Olga: Yes Here is the temple Before us there is a small path It doesnt look bad Actually from the things we have seen and experienced until now The people dont give a damn what we are doing They have a quick glance but then they dont give a damn Here Space for a tent Absolute Yes 87 kilometer What else do we have..7 hours and 13 minutes of ride time Olga: Oh, no ! 12 km/h average speed What else..49 km/h maximum speed 21 degree of temperature 1333 of altitude difference Not bad Fine,okay ! Quitting time for today !! Slowly, we were managing the mountains Now it goes down for a major part of the way..somehow 1800 altitude of difference, I think And after that, it still slightly goes down a bit. But not that much anymore And its getting flatter and flatter..and yeah, I think the higher risings are beside us That we already accomplished for a while I think we will soon leave the province “Yunnan” and ride to ” Sichuan ” to Chengdu which lies in the lowlands Quite nice, because we had a few hard days a few hard stages behind us with some challenging slopes that’s why it’s quite nice to reap the fruits of the hard work by riding downwards through this beautiful valley and just to enjoy the nature Wow, it’s really nice here! Down there photos are being taken again From us too? No, I don’t think so Yes, they are! Oh oh There on the right is the super-highway We are on the normal highway

Just unbelievable the roads they build here it’s just a super-long bridge built into the river bed according to the princaple: “We have this road and to the right is the river we can’t make it wider” But then somebody says: “Hey, hold it, we could just build a huge bridge into the river bed!” “Ah yes, great idea! Yes why not – we’re in China! Let’s build it!” Oh man, the bridge isn’t stopping. I’m fed up of filming it So the bridge naturally still there but now additionally a railway track has appeared behind it God knows where that is suddenly turned up it’s just come out of the mountain runs along here for a kilometre and down there it disappears in the tunnel again Just to show: “Yes, we’ve also built a train-line down here.” So crazy!! Hi! View from our camping spot today There goes the express way along and back here up there is our road here we came down to the river Boah, I saw something that really didn’t look good. Namely a truck saw a car coming from front and he actually saw michel too but he thought he could overtake the car and Michel from front and drive back on track or avoid the car from the front… something like that that was while driving downhill Suddenly I see how he loses control of the vehicle you could see that in this water he sways to the right and left It was so hectic! Boah! I really… boah… I could’nt see anything I didn’t see Michel, I couldn’t see anything Thas was really… I had a moment of shock! So Boah! Yes, I didn’t see it. I filmed the highway but… we have to bee careful here in China The drivers of cars and trucks are more stupid than in any other country before I would say. Olga: We have never seen so many accidents in any other country. Michel: Today we saw 3 or 4 accidents. Some trucks on the roadside somehow hanging in some trees or guard rails And… we have really been washed with many waters, I’d say! We were in Iran, Russia, India, Nepal, Vietnam everywhere they say that the drivers are extremely crappy. But China tops that! Definitely. If you want to cicle in china, watch out! Drivers of trucks and cars are really crappy and stupid! If you notice that it’s getting dangerous, you better stop and stand on the right. Michel: Yes, absolutely! We cicle defensive now. Definitely! Of course we have no chance on the bike we are the weakest road user here and of course it’s stupid to risking health in order to prove that they are stupid – what they are! I can’t say it enough. But we are very careful. Absolutely We were already making a lunch break in that restaurant The dishes are gone, everything has been eaten Again we are to late with our camera but what I would like to say we have been eating here and at first a girl helped us with the translation She could speak some English. Olga:Yeah, she knew some English She helped us ordering a noodle soup with tofu and vegetables And then she was gone and we were eating and then suddenly there came behind us from somewhere another girl and reckoned that she already paid for the food And we were like “What!?” and she again told us that she paid for it She was showing her handy with her ViPay or AliPay or whatever she had and reckoned “Yeah I paid for your noodle soup

Welcome to China ! Have fun in China ! ” Really great !! Unbelievable !! Really friendly people are here Really awesome ! Something to add !? Olga : No, its just amazing and overpowering ! How nice and unique She didnt even ask where we re from and what we are doing here just simply paid for our noodle soup Michel : Really cool ! Olga: And just let us to be known as welcome Really great ! Really cool ! And it was really tasty Super stuff here and a good Chef cook No plan ! We arrived in a huge modern city We are still in this valley close to the river Surprisingly they accomplished to create a huge city . Ni hao !! And behind is this huge square.This is somehow completely surreal Because its just this tiny valley here and there wouldnt be any space for this huge city Here also are this high skyscraper and so on Here the people are lured on us Do we move onward !? Olga : Yes !! A street vendor labyrinth Chinese people have some freaky ideas Simply a huge city..somehow to build.. Olga: Always something new ! Yeah, absolutely but yeah it wasnt that was it wasnt big but modern and crazy skyscraper..and freaky !! No plan ! You have seen it for yourself It is raining !! and against all odds..its going up hill again !! The last 20 kilometer we are again busy in riding up ! In light drizzle but soon we are finished with it Here is..Woahhh Okay !! Really carefully, is slippery Fine, this is the first tunnel from two of them all of a sudden there were many lorries, which werent there before The second tunnel has to arrive before us Fine !! Tunnel number 2 !! Is…4,3 kilometer long for sure one of the longest tunnel or if not the longest tunnel we were riding until now There are some announcements I hope we are allowed to ride here I am underneath the bridge on the way to the stream For finally getting a little catlick ! Now I have to look for a way to get up again to the tent Now there are 200 kilometers until Leshan ! We should be able to do it in 2 days today we will arrive to the Yangtsekiang I am looking forward to it, I think it will be really impressive Lets see, what the day will bring !!

We have a Couchsurfing host !! Really !? Cool ! One has accepted and he meant that he is new on Couchsurfing and just registered and he hopes that he will create for us a lot of fun..etc We are is first guests.. Michel : Super,nice ! Fine ! Woahh The Yangtsekiang The longest river in China longest river of Asia the thirdest longest river on the world 6,300 kilometer long and the longest river on the world who just flows through on country Yeah, in this case, of course China ! Woah,…for sure today again appreciation for some chinese engineer art We will ride through some tunnels and for sure save some differnce in altitude And yeah, they are like..that one, really good illuminated Less traffic good road this one is now 650 meter long, it isnt too long Wonderful ! Woahhhh…TUnNel !!