WotV 20 GIGA TIPS Beginners / New Players Guide | War of the Visions in 2020 | WotV Brave Exvius

war of the visions final fantasy at brave exvius is here guys finally in 2020 we are going over the 20 Giga tips to get you guys ahead of the curve so you can get in there know exactly what you’re doing so you make less mistakes and can get the most out of the time that you spend playing the game guys so that’s what we’re gonna be doing here today enlarge in charge get you guys in there the first tip that we are going to talk about is picking the characters to level up you only want to focus on one or two characters at a single time as you start the game you don’t want to try to level up one two three four five six seven eight different characters it’s going to be a high investment two level of characters but the payoff is going to be worthwhile so you want to select one or two characters especially if they’re the higher tier rarities of the urs to focus on guys if you want a list for the tier list of rear olan that is a video that will be linked down in the description below for you but you’re going to want to have to go ahead in that level up your characters with their awakenings with their Limit Breaks with their job levels and you are going to want to be able to focus on one or two once you’re done getting those characters to a certain point you can go back and pick up your third and fourth character and start focusing on those characters the second giga tip we’re going over guys is making sure that the characters that you’re working on are of different elements you do not want to have multiple overlapping elements and this is due to the ability awakening costs for the characters being a different element based on the characters element here so you can see here ayaka is taking wind elemental things you do not want to be working on multiple wind elemental characters because these do become expensive over time and if you’re working on too many of the same type of elemental character you’re going to hamper the ability for you to awaken each of those characters because you’re gonna be fighting for the higher level end materials and you’re just gonna hit a point where you can’t level either character up as high as you would like to you want to be focusing on just one element per character type at the start of war of the visions there so you don’t hard lock yourself into being able to not progress further with making your character stronger the third tip guys is saving your in-game currency the visor or the VA’s or however you want to pronounce it save this work on the characters that you start with go and reroll if you want to have a good start get that reroll and work on what you have access to you do not need to have every character in the game there are several good mr characters SR characters you are characters but you don’t need to have everything you are save up your currency to work on buying the different awakening materials that you will see in the shops the hard ones that gain access to such as the character shards that will pop up in the daily shop that you can refresh as well as the special straps that open every once in a while right now there’s you know the ice shop open as the recording of this video there’s gonna be different elemental shops that open periodically for different characters you’re gonna be able to buy different character shards as the different characters come out so save up your currency so every once in a while you can get that character that you want in the future like Orlandeau or any other future character and then you’ll have not only the currency to pull the character but the currency to max that character out without you needing to wait a long time for the access to those different character shards because you have Nova’s aura because you’ve been trying to dip your hand in too many baskets of all the characters you the characters in this game guys they are a slow burn process you want to work on them and they’ll be worked on slowly and over time and they take a little bit of effort a little bit harder to level up than in other games but they will last you a very very very long time pretty much indefinitely you’re going to have access to that character they’re gonna do good work for you so if you pick a character up make sure you’re going to complete that character and this saving the visiray is going to help you in that process number four as you jump into war the visions you’re going to be able to set up your companion units this is a big one especially as you start off a lot of people still don’t know how to do this all you need to do separate hand corner formation button once you’re in here the tab called companion settings is going to allow you to set up a friend unit for every element your main friend unit here with the rainbow that says all and then one for every Elemental attribute of characters that you have access to so make sure you go in there you do this you can help out your friends this is very important because the friend list system has a limited amount of numbers of slots but you can use a character of each element for each friend you have and there’s no cooldown on the friends that you do bring to battle with you so this is very very important people might not even try to friend you if you don’t

have this set up because why would they add you to their friends list if all you have is one character to use when you could have all of different elements available so friend slots are very important do do this you need to do this number five is going to be getting into a guild ASAP this is gonna be available to you right around play a rank level 10 so as you go through the story a little bit you’ll gain access to this the guild system is going to allow you to do and gain access to several benefits as well as future content with the guild battles one thing you do need to do right away every day make sure you do not miss it there’s going to be this button called attend you want to click on this this is gonna give you some additional logon rewards so it’s another reason to be in the guild and then as you’re in a guild you’re going to be helping your guild level up their guild statues as you can see right now we’re focusing on a certain statue your guilds gonna have whatever different statues they wanted to be working on but what you do is you go to click on guild statues you click on the statue that your guild is working on and you’ll be able to have the ability to level this statue up you’re going to have several different options you can use Gil you can use visiray you can use these special items that you combine the guild shop and what we’re gonna be doing here guys as you can see the Gil it gives you 50 exp 50 experience not that great as a as a long-term benefit there we use 50 vis or it’s gonna give you 100 exp 200 resorbs gonna give you 200 exp and then we have these special items there’s one for each statue never never never buy you’ll get a free Karen’s mane but never by the Karen’s Mane’s from the guild shop always by at least the mediums or the larger this is because the small versions of these special items they are literally giving you just as much exp as a Gil enhance what give exp if it ever so happens that you do not like a guild you can leave the guild and find a different one do note though that there is a 24 hour cooldown period guys now the next tip we’re going over number six is actually part of the guild but it deserves its own attention this is the barracks system this is the big deal the big reason to get into a guild especially early game you want to get in there ASAP so you have access to this the barracks system is going to allow you to acquire one or two or possibly even three slots if you get into a larger sized guild right away characters that are going to be able to gain free job points over time what you’re going to do is slot in a character as you can see here and you’re gonna have this bar down here the provisions storehouse you’re gonna be able to buy food which you can buy with just guilt you’ll be able throw this in there and as you have this bar at least with a little bit of energy left over time per hour you’re gonna be gaining job points so make sure this is always as full as possible especially if you’re gonna you know take an extended break from the game go to sleep whatever fill this up before you go to bed that way you can beginning free job points over time the other thing that the barracks does do as you can see in the top right hand corner you will be gaining one bravery per hour but you also will be losing one faith per hour number seven guys is going to be how bravery affects your character and why it’s important so bravery is a stat as you can see as any character has on your status screen it’s going to increase their odds of you using your reaction commands these are abilities that you can set on your character or they will counter with some sort of thing that could be a counter attack it could be a chance to block and reduce damage it could be a chance to counter and heal yourself counter and dispel the enemy bravery is gonna help you in certain circumstances the higher your bravery is that better is for you to proc your counters during physical attacks now the other thing that bravery does do is it also increases the physical damage that you do we your attack so make sure that you have your bravery as high as possible do you want to see more stuff such as that which we will cover in this video but there is a full video tear out there that we also will put in the description so you guys can get all that information number eight is gonna be faith system and faith is a little bit more not convoluted but more complex than bravery is because bravery does not have a downside there’s no downside for increasing your bravery to max of 97 outside of battle faith increases all aspects of magic so the damage you do the damage you receive as well the healing that you do the healing you receive and the chance to afflict and be afflicted by status ailments so if you want to be doing large amounts of magic damage receive a large amounts of healing and increase the chance for you to inflict status ailments even from stuff like shield bash on mont you are going to want to be increasing at your faith now if you want to decrease the amount of magic damage that you are taking from magic type enemies you’re going to want to lower your faith which you can lower to a minimum of 30 from

the barracks system number nine guys is going to be the blue crystals that drop once you defeat an enemy in couple of turns pass picking up the blue crystals not only heals your HP and your TP but it also gives you a bravery buff and this bravery will be a large bravery buff while you’re in combat but you’ll keep a small amount of that bravery buff from picking up that crystal and it will be permanently added to your character this is a very easy way to increase your bravery all the way up to the 97 soft cap outside of battle so make sure you’re picking those blue crystals up on your tanks on your damage – there’s basically an all of your characters as you’re playing war of the visions number ten is going to be the purple crystals that drop as you are going through and defeating enemies they drop in the same way that blue crystals do except that they are a little bit rarer they work the same exact way as blue crystals but they will give you job points when you pick them up so make sure that you pick these purple crystals up on the character that you want the job points for this is going to allow you to work your way through the different ability words that your different characters have to gain access to new abilities and level up your old abilities this is a big deal especially as you start doing harder difficulty content you’re going to be getting quite a lot of job points from these purple crystals number eleven is going to be daily activities make sure you are doing all of the daily activities that you’re allowed to do so this is some big ones for you guys to do especially as a newer player this is going to help you gain access to certain materials to awaken your characters as well as certain materials to just make your characters strong in general or gain access to the ability to level up your character so the big ones that we’re talking about are the day training ones you do not have to do all of them but they are here and they are strong and they are good to do so we have things like the guild chamber that you can do three times a day things like the ore chamber that you can do three times a day to gain equipment enhancement materials so you can level your weapons guild chamber gives you money experience chamber gives you boosted exp and gives you access to XP cubes so you can level up your characters growth chamber gives you the ability to love love your vision cards pot chambers allow you to gain access to ability and a little burst enhancing materials you do not have to do all these but make sure that if you are focusing on an aspect if you want more money do the guild chamber if you want more exp do the exp chamber if you want to be able to level up your weapons or your cards do those chambers as well also make sure you check every day for special limited type events such as the shadow bringers event quests or the 1 million downloads celebration that’s going on right now or the release commemoration quests make sure you’re doing all this limited stuff in this special limited area every day on top of that area in particular there’s also some limited activities that you can do in the world quest section this is where you’re going to be able to go as you progress through the story and unlock this world quest note type area this is where you’re gonna be able to gain access to some very powerful things for a limit breaking your characters known as the shard quest so you’ll be able to go in here and two times a day for you are or so three times a day for a lower two your character gain access to their character shards this is going to allow you to slowly over time gain access to all of these shards so you can awaken your characters limit burst a level your Limit Break level awaken their level cap and this is gonna be another avenue for you to gain access to stronger characters there are some other things that you need to be doing that are limited every day such as the daily poll in this shop we have the release commemoration poll you can also watch a video summons every day for bonus rewards if you want to do that if that is up here Ally that is an option for you number 12 is going to be accepting milestone mission rewards and actually not doing it on purpose so do not automatically accept all of your mouths and rewards this is because especially early on as you’re progressing through the main story a lot of the milestone rewards are going to give you rank exp and as your rank exp levels up and caps out you’re going to level up and when you level up your energy will refresh so if you already have a bunch of energy sitting there it’s in your over cap it’s not naturally regen you’re missing out an extra energy that you’re just not using so what you can do and since we’re saving this or we’re going to accept our milestone rewards on purpose to level up on purpose to get energy refreshes whenever it is that you want them so you can continue playing the game pretty much as much as you want as a new player so definitely definitely definitely do not automatically accept all of these different rewards I know the exclamation point is there just sit there and let it be there until you’re ready to level up and get that extra exp and speaking of exp and energy and energy costs and playing the game a big thing to do is

multiplayer multiplayer is going to allow you to gain access to a lot of different sort of materials to level up and enhance your characters this is a different alcryst Chambers one for each element there’s one chambers in here for a leveling up your expert as well the big draw to doing multiplayer if you host a match it actually costs you half the amount of energy it normally would to do it by yourself and if you join a match it actually costs you nothing so if you can find different players with different rooms up for whatever it is that you want do you can go in there even if you have no energy and continue playing the game continue getting the materials you want to level up your characters and gain access to the ability to make those characters stronger so definitely look into multiplayer this is why it makes a list and his number 13 number 14 is going to be the expedition and a system so the expedition system we’re covering two things right now it does have a unit bonus this is going to allow you to get bonus rewards from the expedition system whatever your highest tier bonus character is if you do have one is going to be the one that works you cannot stack these so don’t feel the need to go in here and put in all of the bonus characters just pick your highest one put it in there also get as many slots for the expedition system as you can this is gonna give you free exp for multiple characters you can use the characters in your party in battles while they’re on expeditions they’re not sent out and they’re not inactive you can put them both in here and use them at the same time the other thing we’re gonna be talking about is your ability to change what expedition that you want so what you need to do is as you’re putting your characters here whatever five characters or three characters or two characters you’re sending out on an expedition you can click up here the expedition area and this is going to allow you to change which area you want what’s elemental expedition you’re sending your characters out on this is going to affect the kind of rewards that you’re receiving you can get character shards that are the element of that so if you’re working on a specific ultra rare character I will suggest that you try for the expedition that it matches their element if you’re working on an element’s will summon go for that element as well so this is gonna be something for you guys to go in there and gain access to you can’t get other ability awakening materials for the different elements in there you can also get their ice awakening souls faint blue memories as well as the thought fragments of the element of whatever expedition you’re sent down so make sure that you go in there change it to whatever element it is that you need and that’s going to be the system of the expedition party system number 15 is going to be tackling vision cards specifically the two of on set cards vision cards allow you to do a lot of cool unique team-building combinations but the two things that you need to know are how the two abilities on set cards work each card has two abilities a bestowed effect as well as a party ability the bestowed effect is for the character who is equipping the card and only that character whereas the party ability is for everyone in your party with that character who has the card equipped so if you want this attack plus 13% from something such as this vow of love this attack plus 13% is going to be working for everyone in the party as long as you have valve love on somebody in that party the other thing is that you cannot stack multiples of the same identical party abilities you cannot have multiple attack plus 13% party abilities the game will only allow the highest tier of that party ability to be active at a time so this is where you’re gonna be needing to look at your cards and decide exactly what it is that you want to be doing with your party but vision card is definitely the best part of team building as far as complexity goes number 16 when you’re farming try to accomplish multiple objectives at the same time don’t go out and just farm for exp or one material at a time try to find an area where you can get multiple drops where you can accomplish multiple objectives at the same time if you’re finding the material go ahead and try to find if you can’t find another stage that drops a second material that you also enjoy you can do this by cross-referencing the drops in game with your different characters for example if I’m looking for this staff awakening staff jadeite I can click on it and it’s gonna tell me exactly where I can go and farm it from out of these three areas I can go there and see if there’s anything else that I need click the magnifying glass where it says mission complete and it’ll scroll down and it’ll tell you what can drop in here so if I need any of these other items this is gonna be a good spot for me to farm early game so make sure you’re trying to accomplish multiple things with your farming time at the same time in War of the visions this is going to allow you to save your energy up

you’re just getting more for your energy as you’re playing FFPE number 17 is gonna be about a very specific job enhancing material though this is going to be the blue version of the faint memory also called faint memory blue this is going to be needed to level up a lot of the different jobs as you’re progressing through war of divisions on all of your characters and you are going to need a bunch of these now the best two spots to farm them are part 1 chapter 1 scene 3 false accusations this is gonna give you a very very ample opportunity to go in there and very quickly two feet a row of enemies and the drop rate for these is actually pretty great here the other one that you can do is actually during chapter 2 this will give you more exp as well as offer you different drops from your enemies that you are defeating and this is gonna be um going to be the fighting retreat level 1 here this is gonna be part 1 chapter 2 scene 2 which is gonna be a little bit later on in the story not too too far but definitely later than the first one of false accusation so definitely if you’re looking for blue memories this is a good place to go now on top of that you also are going to be able to get a large amount of one-time-only blue memories this is gonna be from the world map area in the shard quests from earlier in the game so as we see the Lions great forest and the leanest Castle here this is going to be a good spot for you to go and get these from these shard quests because each of these early game shard quests have a one-time-only secondary mission of do not get ko’d which is gonna give you ten of these faint blue memories you can get a hundred or so of these for free in this one way so you can level up a couple of those jobs of yours early on in war of divisions number eighteen is going to be the master quest that you unlock once you obtain level 40 on your various units this also has to do with the world quest area some of your master quests gonna be later on down the road it’s character dependent on which node each character is on but you’re going to be needing to hit level 40 and once you do as you can see you’ll unlock the green in the world map zone this is going to give you a free master ability that is going to make your character better in some way either they’re going to be doing more damage they’ll be able to be faster they’ll be tank you have more health but these will unlock out here so make sure that once you are level 40 you go out here and you do a character’s character quest to unlock set characters master ability tip 19 is what to focus on especially early on as you are leveling up a character jobs and going into in unlocking different jobs in their job tree once you are leveling up in unlocking certain jobs and unlocking these abilities you’re going to have to go ahead and ability enhance certain things the best thing to enhance for each character is going to be their main passive abilities so formidable dapper magic passive pick your two passes that you think you’re going to have equipped and set in your ability menu and focus on putting your effort into those for a little while this is because those passives are basically always on the passives going to either increase your attack or increase your magic or increase your your speed or increase how much you heal for or increase your HP and defense these are very very important because you’re always gaining some sort of benefit while playing the game while that character is in combat if they always do more damage it affects everything they do from all of their skills to their auto attack instead of focusing on a single skill and making that single skill better in that character only being good at that one ability focusing on their passives just gonna make them stronger overall now once you are competent enough with that main passive or to focus on leveling up the next ability that you use all of the time so if you find yourself using a single ability on your character over and over and over that seems to be your favorite ability your favorite way to use that character then level up that activated ability next so always focus on those two things especially early on when spending your Jaypee on your different jobs on your different units and more of the visions the final tip guys is going to be the biggest one and this is going to have to do with sub commands and what they unlock and what abilities they deactivate this is the thing that I’ve seen in the community confused about the most so far so let’s go over sub commands as you are leveling up your abilities and unlocking new jobs you are gonna be able to gain access to new skills once you unlock these skills you’re only gonna have certain skills available while you have that job set as your sub command some skills are going to be permanently learned while others are only able to be used while that sub command is equipped so make sure that you’re having this sub command equipped that you want if you need to have access

to a certain ability there are a couple of different ways to check this number one as you are learning different abilities on the job board if they have this weird outline as you can see on bio and Blizzard here where they have this weird white outline no matter what your sub command is you’re always gonna have access to this every character has different abilities like this traditionally they are some of the final abilities that they unlock on the outer sides of the board as you can see what Flair has that weird icon so flares always going to be available blazei is always gonna be able to be used no matter what it is I have equipped as well as toad the other way to see what abilities you will have available and what abilities you will not have available as you’re looking at your ability set menu if you long press on your main command it tells you what two abilities or more you will always have access to or for right now as an example I have Blizzard and bio always available on this character now if you open up the sub command tree and you do the same thing use long press on the sub command it tells you what abilities that sub command is going to grant you while it’s active so in this case drained lisara in Osmos if I long press on ninja I get shuriken and if I go back a long press and green mage is going to give me a barbed lizard in D shell so if you’re looking for specific abilities and you can’t find them you don’t know why you can’t use them it definitely has to do with you having your sub command set to something different and you’re losing access to those skills so there we have a guy’s the 20 biggest giga tips for war the visions new players in the year 2020 if you need any other further information do let me know down in the comment section and below if you have any further details that you need about the things in this video comment that as well join the discord come check out the stream on twitch.tv or we string three times a week right now and then sell them guys I’ll see you in the next one