VAN LIFE Documentary / Our family's journey around Europe

So we are the proud estonians who are trying to become more like the citizens of the World by travelling as much as we can We have always felt that the regular way of travelling is not really for us So our journey started after Mari-Anne graduated from highschool and we bought one way tickets to Andorra We found our accomodation from CouchSurfing and ended up with this friendly brazilian guy as a roommate Our way of living and travelling changed drastically exactly one year ago when we got the new set of keys for our new home The moment we got the van and opened it’s doors for the first time was so surreal because we had talked and dreamed about it for so long and now it was finally here Now you can do what ever your heart desires with your new little home Lets get started? Lets get started! At this point I was certain that I was completely ready for this Ready to live in this tiny space that leaks Ready to give up my toilet or my shower And then we realized that we actually might not ever be ready for all this Not only our curiosity pushed us to do it but also the fear of the materialistic life that we have developed in the past few years We were determined to create a situation for ourselves where we would have to get by with only the bare necessities so we would not be compelled to go and purchase anything extra The fact that you know you want to go and you want to get the van ready And you just need to get in there That’s the most important part about it The scariest thought is that the floor and these walls are covered with the residue of all the chemicals, dust and dirt Also the fact that we actually had no idea what we were doing and always had to ask for constant advice the first thought was that we must be doing something wrong because it seems way too easy What are we up to? We are going to Bauhof for the first time to gather some inspiration These freaking things only keep happening to us! And it keeps coming out How am I supposed to return it with this? Do you even realize what kind of fuckups we are We never get anything properly done OMG how scary this looks The closer we were to the date we planned on leaving the more scared we got about the actual trip Well good morning Its 9:30 am. September 27th. Wednesday Since our initial plan was to hit the road on Monday which means in four days and the current state of the built is this Majority of the walls are done. Half of the ceiling Need to finish the bed. The whole kitchen is missing Time is just flying by and we are already doubtful that we will be ready in time Just need to keep going Let’s see if we can start on Monday or not We didn’t know where we were going Where we would spend the nights Or even if the van was going to be okay So it’s October 1st and should start our trip tomorrow But we are not actually ready to go There’s a complete mess everywhere Aleksander got a fever Aleksander how do you feel? Good

As the date was here it was clear that we are not ready It’s almost 9pm It’s Monday night We were supposed to start today but since the electrical system got held up I’m now in Tallinn My uncle is helping me with the extra battery It was really stressful. We were both anxious Aleksander was constantly looking for attention So we just felt like why leave today. Let’s go tomorrow But then ten minutes later after calming down a little we thought that Hey its not going to get any easier and we just have to find the courage to GO Its already October 3rd It’s four pm We have pushed Aleksander’s nap for I don’t know how long but finally everything is cleaned Racks are empty There’s one jacket that I will throw on Lets go! Lets go Lets go It seemed like a bad beginning Like nothing good can come out of this The kid is crying. I’m crying Eero is stressed because everyone else is crying Good morning Eero Good morning Our first night in the van Aleksander how did you sleep? The first few nights all three of us slept in our small bed all because it was still very cold outside Because of that we were had barely any room to sleep We had to put on our jackets the first thing when we woke up So it was difficult to find the motivation to rise and shine and altogether ended up being everything but idyll As the failures begun with Aleksander getting sick, on the third day not only did we lose our roof vent, a truck also drove over it and broke it into a million pieces October 5th. Thursday. It’s ten am. What happened? We left the gas station. Drove about a hundred meters All of a sudden we hear a bang At first I didn’t realize what it was but as it turns out we lost our roof vent Not only did the roof vent fly off but our ventilation was leaking aswell which we discovered after a very long day of driving when we turned on the lights and saw that there was a huge water stain on our bed Eany meeny miny moe who’s going on the roof Luckily it’s going to be you And all that has to be taken into consideration when you want to lead this kind of lifestyle Still all the difficult and challenging things happen when you least expect them to Autumn has come to Lithuania Oh my god how beautiful Isn’t it beautiful? Are your hands wet? Yes What were you about to do? Feels like the perfect time to mention that the horn is not working Macedonia was the first country on our trip where we actually took our time to visit different mountains, canyons and lakes Our track is cut off by this barrier here They actually do boat trips that take you here but the boats are there, they visit these caves over there but we are here and there is no way for us to get there When you have walked for a bit and realise that the safety border has been broken off and there’s a huge piece of rock that is missing from the top you and fallen down there Macedonia really was a huge surprise for us and we really did enjoy every second spent in this country I just finished my breakfast

All the dishes have been washed Also cleaned the van And now I’m going to go meet up with Aleksander and Mari-Anne on the playground And then we are going to explore the city of Ohrid Something that is definitely misleading about vanlife is the way people see it on Instagram on YouTube It’s a very different representation from the real life Eero whatcha doing? Looking at these perfect Instagram pictures you can find yourself thinking that every day ends with sunset, nature But the reality is that when being on the road people usually spend one or two nights in a week like that Where’s the shower gel? Come and get it Holy moly how cold it is! Freaking thorns! Come on! What are you talking about, vanlife is glamorous! Which side should I cover Oh I don’t care for these guys Holy crap! The first water that comes out of this pipe is ice cold And you never learn! You always let it hit you We have to put it a bit higher Just smear it allover Straight to the war This glamorous lifestyle is also accompanied by some of the things you would never even think that might be complicated for you One of those things is definitely doing the laundry … Enter here I just wanted to text you not to come Please tell me it wasn’t a fail A total fail But also with a van like this cleaning the toilet Eero is the most amazing partner you could do vanlife with because he has the ability to handle all the stuff that I do not Even washing dishes since we didn’t have a tap or running water Finding clean water, getting rid of the grey water These things come from different places and go to different places and all that knowledge has to come as you go But we are definitely not trying to say that vanlife is not worth it Now let’s move on to why it IS worth doing vanlife How nice! How nice! Well the morning porridge is going to have sand in it Weee! I have been waiting for so long to feel the sand crunch in my teeth! Aleksander! Hi! The main question people keep asking us is that how can we afford all this Where does all the money come from to travel as much as we travel And we actually don’t know how to answer these questions because we haven’t changed anything We just take it as our normal everyday life since it’s not a vacation for us How is it? When normally people go on a vacation two or three times a year of course they are gonna enjoy it differently But for us it’s a proper lifestyle and if we choose to live this life we need to be willing to compromise in other things in order to maintain this lifestyle Bye Aleksander! Bye! Aww Don’t cry baby! BYE!

I’ll eat your toes In order to get started with vanlife or how to buy your first van that you can travel with For us the logical step was to sell our regular car We also had to sell Eeros motorcycle Unfortunately but that was just another compromise we had to make We probably wouldn’t manage living this budget life in Estonia because here you go out with friends and enjoy yourself Everything costs money Going to the cinema, eating out with friends But being on the road you are happy to save all this money because you know it’s all for staying on the road, finding all these amazing places And the more you save the more you can do all that Good morning, it’s May 23rd We have been packing all day We’re almost ready All packed Ready to drive Safety first Ready? Altogether we spent six months in Spain From there we drove to Portugal so we actually went even more South This is where our journey begins We are in Gibraltar This is our third or fourth time here We came to Europa Point which is actually called The Most Southern Point of Europe But we are interested in this one over there so obviously this here is not the most southern So let’s go check this one out there The thing that makes us maybe a bit different is that we did all that with our child Most of the vanlifers do it either as a couple or even solo Very few do it with a kid We have always done things in a completely different order We didn’t want to travel before we had a child But now that we had him with us we found the courage in ourselves to take such a big step And I would say it’s the best decision we have ever made Very many people were concerned and asking us whether it was a good idea to remove him from the kindergarten, his friends and the grandparents You can’t push the police officer Where are you going with that? Eem Small rock humans We’re going to see the lighthouse Very good! Mom Too slow Very early it was quite evident to us that Aleksander is a pretty independent kid Since he didn’t have all his things with him he still managed to always find something to entertain himself with When you’re home it is really simple to become lazy Should we go outside? Show me Say “I Amsterdam” I Amste-da-maa Very good! I would like to think that living closely together like this can help kids learn how to express themselves better and how to communicate with their parents Happy birthday to you Thank you And we have made it to Portugal for the first time About thirty kilometers across the boarder

there’s this lovely small town called Tavira He has two used tires a little different size but they’ll fit 35€ per tire I know the old tires are in a really bad state but the to-do list was already super long before leaving Spain so we just didn’t remember to change them So my mum came from the store, as she was walking and looking at her feet Suddenly she looked up and oops And there it is hanging, being broken and just hanging Eteri asked me whether so many pipes were supposed to be visible So far we haven’t had any problems And now when we start What? Don’t jinx it Oh well Lets see if we can get the exhaust pipe fixed without using any words Is it bad? Last destination in Portugal? But where’s the wine? And there they go Today has been a really good and productive day We finally got some great drone shots But now we are leaving Sagres and can finally start heading north Now we also got to visit the most western point of Europe, which is Cabo da Roca Where we got to enjoy a proper storm It was ten times more awesome than I ever thought it would be I can’t believe they allowed us in and they showed us the behind the scenes and let us try different wines Cooler than I ever would have hoped for Run Lets run Oh my god how awsome! I don’t know what is up with the weather during this trip but

we have been on the road for a week now And we’ve only had one, two days maximum of good weather As in beach weather In Tallinn it’s warmer Finland is warmer Everywhere is warmer Even in Fuengirola, where we started Summer has started And for some reason in Portugal there’s 16 degrees, it’s raining and it’s cloudy Every single day But the nature is blossoming But nature is pretty If I could wake up tomorrow for my birthday at six am in the morning and go to the thermal baths then I would be a happy girls I would happily push you out of the van at six am Very good We are rock statues Let’s turn into rock It’s after midnight and we found the hot springs so now we’re going night swimming There they are hot springs Do you like it? Very much It has become this birthday tradition of ours to find these amazing forbidden places where it’s not allowed to go and be naughty by enjoying them Here it is in daylight We are used to stars, hot steam coming Very magical We have reached this beautiful place in northern Spain called San Juan de Gaztelugatxe Often times you find yourself standing at this amazing spot and trying to soak it all in Living in the moment When you are affraid to go down standing up on the longboard Shooting is not allowed Let’s go Nooo How old are you? No I’m strong athletic young woman Eero is struggling getting up Show me your face Look what’s on my nose Can you see it? Eeeeeew Completely exhausted It’s just so hot Sweat is dripping from allover And these are the moments that make

vanlife so exciting and so right for us So our Spanish journey will end here Our last stop before crossing the French boarder is in San Sebastian We’ll see you on the road One of the things about vanlife is that even though you are away from your family and friends you will meet so many people with the same state of mind The thing that connected us was that we all had chosen van for travelling but the story behind each person was completely different People who live vanlife have never said to us that i don’t want to talk to you but on the contrary very open and willing to communicate and wanting to share stories Inevitably when you find a new job then workplace is the perfect environment for finding new friends And for us it was kind of a lifesaver because that was one of the things that allowed us to get a breather from each other And they made it possible for us to experience this close friend circle feeling The difficult side of this is the fact that some day you have to leave these people behind Especially when they are these cool and extraverted people similar to us Cheers to the Munchies family Cheers to the Munchies family First impressions of Amsterdam are really good Containers No need for a car because you can get anywhere with a bike You also got a free ferry No snow throughout the year Schiphol airport has pretty good connections I can imagine the food culture being very diverse Where are we? I amsterdam Change the gear, you look too funny Good morning It’s June 8th and the time is 6:48 am And we are on our way to the airport So mum and Aleksander could go home And we went to explore Norway Good morning

Noup Good morning Good morning Good morning! It’s an amazing morning Yesterday we had a long day of driving Fourteen hours And now we are from the first location in Norway we want to go, exactly 114km away It’s going to take us three hours Norway for us is this I don’t know how to explain it this amazing place that we didn’t think would exist in Europe We didn’t think Europe had a place full of this luscious nature where every square kilometer has this jaw-dropping nature I keep thinking of the moments when we stood on the top of the mountains and looked down The moments we spent near those powerful ocean waves When we visited these cute little towns Saw all these happy people Let’s go Okay, let’s go And it’s just so it’s so it’s so awesome It’s so awesome! No. No. No. No Sometimes we run into awesomeness like that And that of course means we’ve got to stop on go explore That’s exactly the reason we de vanlife so we wouldn’t have to fly over these places Do you guys remember this Ace Ventura movie? Come on I’m like a gazelle I’ve lived in this house for one summer That’s so funny. There’s the playground Good morning! Today is Thursday the 14th We are currently in Finland and from here we’re slowly driving towards home Todays parking is a little different

Nicely in the bushes Come on, I’ll show your todays spot And this is our view for tonight Van life is the only way to experience life this way Unless No you can’t You can’t do anything differently to experience what we did I’m here Hi my baby boy Hi Check his beard And that’s how we got home after 10 months, 30000 km and 25 different countries This is definitely not the end of our travels but unfortunately we do have to leave our van and continue on an airplane We want to visit as many places as possible before it’s time to return back home Is that it? I don’t know Because we’re not having this setup anymore Your eyes are so red I don’t know Living in a van Money Food Driving Travelling Life in a van What’s that? It has been so long since that we’ve forgotten Is that it? It’s a wrap Are you sure? Yes No I’m afraid I have a feeling it’s gonna cut back to a scene IT’S A WRAP On to the next one Hi guys! Who enjoyed the movie All the links are in the description Hit that SUBSCRIBE button Sit, sit, sit…..SIT! Should we clean-up?

Is that it? Yes Did you enjoy it? Did you? I really hope they did They better enjoy it Because we enjoyed making it Let’s hope we can make another one in the future Are you going to watch the next one? It’s already in the making It’s going to be a definitive NO Let’s go home We are also vlogging