hello and welcome to my channel nemsha sims my name is emily and i am so excited to introduce you my first ever lp which i’m thinking of calling journey through time it will be loosely following the sims 4 history legacy challenge but it’s honestly mainly inspired by the girl with the plum bob tattoo her version of this challenge is insanely awesome and you guys should all go check it out but anyway let me introduce our characters this land is inhabited by the hot poop at one time all the homo simians and samandra thalls lived as one that is until tatou discovered a mysterious fruit that sent her visions of faraway lands the hive mind of the sims was broken and the hapu were not ready to change their ways most of this land remains unexplored as the hapu believe they have everything they need in their portion of the jungle so this is where the hapu live this is where well let’s read the description here all the sims we know of originated here some were no longer comfortable with the jungle life and left out of fear or out of curiosity the ones that remained became the hapu a group of sims that prioritize familiarity and comfort above all and are unwilling to change the hapu are led by vig a short-tempered sim who thrives off of commanding others the hapu either agree and support vig or remain silent out of fear and this is the hapu watering hole once simply a watering hole for animals and sims alike this place became the birthing ground to a world full of mystery this is where tatou discovered a mysterious glowing tree that bore colorful berries once eaten these berries could provide visions of faraway lands even though the hapu do not believe tato’s nonsense there is no way of knowing if these fruits exist since the bata and atari harvested everything before running off in the night now i just have the hapu placed here just because they’re like technically on vacation in in the jungle but pretending they live here the hapu people follow fig’s leadership who came to power after defeating kha of the bata he learned how easily sims will obey his commands after demonstrating his dominance they think that tato’s vision is a lie and to follow her is extremely foolish they will stay in the fertile jungle where they have everything they need this is the bata the bata dislike power and authority which has turned vig of hapu into a monster in their eyes they are scared of venturing outside of their land and hope to never run into the hapu again they get along well with atari and exchange resources with each other they live in the land of the bata or the land of bata here lies the land of the bhatta sims everything the bhatta need to survive is here water fish to hunt plants to harvest and even some mysterious trees to explore why would anyone ever want to leave this place let me introduce the group that we will be following at least for now this is the tari the atari are inspired by a vision that tato had of a far away land these nomads are on the move to try to find this magical place they are following tatou’s visions for more clues to lead the way they are on good terms with the bata and are lingering for a few days before they move on giving nabata time to decide if they would like to join atari do not get along with the hapu and want to get as far away from them as they can there’s no land description they’re nomads they don’t stay in one place for too long so that’s what we’ve got going on in oasis springs they communicate and they travel back and forth to each other’s lands

how i imagine this oasis springs or this desert is everything’s a lot more close together than it appears on the map it just looks really big because this is big to these guys it’s the whole desert that they know of this is all that they know exists so it’s really i would say it takes them like an hour to travel between the two i just want to show you we also have their watering hole the bata watering hole this is where they both go to hunt the hunting ground and the atari land they have their own watering hole so now we can finally get into the gameplay it looks like everyone’s needs are pretty good except their hunger as you saw in the character video ted is one of our creative sims here so i’m gonna have him craft a knife block and i’m gonna have zoll here go fishing for us hopefully we can get some dinner great zoe has acquired the fishing and that require handiness great i’m gonna have tato go next to tev and do a painting we just want her to be able to paint from reference what’s new doing she’s just like not helping anybody out at all just taking a little little back float here you have things to do let’s see okay so my goal for her was to try to see if we can find any harvestables just lying around our area but i’m not seeing anything cool tattoo has the painting skill now uh this is another place we can go fishing by the way all right where else can we go what’s this okay we got some sage i don’t think you can eat that what’s this some flowers okay she can come dig i guess oh no the fish are too intense for him what is that noise it says looks like the fish in this area are too crafty for zoll try fishing elsewhere until he has more skill or try using more valuable bait oh my gosh it’s getting dark okay come come get us some fish okay actually no this this area is too intense for him why am i why is it so crazy already go fishing we need dinner okay what are you painting oh that’s so cute is that like is that a bug nearby or is that my computer you guys here okay i hope so why what’s wrong did you get hurt i’m sorry ted yeah punch it off he’s uncomfortable but also energized all right can you help us go fishing cause like you’re punching the hand that got hurt like that’s just not gonna not gonna help okay go fishing who’s playing video games get off your phone okay let me it wasn’t supposed to get dark this quick i wanted to play around a bit i started at a weird time of day though i think it was like 5 p.m girl no how come i didn’t catch this earlier you’re not eating peas where are you are you in the this is a problem i’ve been having too they go like in the rocks you do something else anything else that’s so cute i don’t want to sell it oh no okay i changed our money and forgot to set it back sell your painting and then throw that away all right noodles fishing yay tub has caught a minnow okay ted you can eat dinner no one else can eat good boy light of fire they were all supposed to eat together but you know what kev’s got his stuff together unlike some of y’all wow he’s speedy okay so only just acquired the fishing skill you’re a little late now he’s level two and nulo caught a guppy calm rose your fish good job you guys just might survive uh ted though like okay uh okay ignore the remote in his hand there we have a tree that plays music he’s playing retro i’m gonna change it to what is backyard music like what is that supposed to be world like drums

maybe no but i’ll leave it on that okay so has caught a koi fish good job you get your right to eat dinner tattoos left fishing no one’s tired either okay tattoo come at a log because everyone else is busy we’re all learning how to fish we’re all learning how to cook we’re just socializing around the fire telling stories lovely now you can roast your fish you know what’s kind of cool i was watching this show called origins you can find it on disney plus probably you can watch other places too the first episode was pretty cool it was all about our human discovery of fire and how that’s kind of like the one thing that has stayed the same since the stone age is we still gather around the fire and tell stories and cook food kind of crazy right that we were doing that hundreds of thousands of years ago and we still do to this day kind of cool oh my god okay wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait that’s just talking about discovering fire tattoo discovered fire yep yeah you did can you extinguish yourself please no don’t root to safety someone extinguish him extinguish no nullo come on okay everyone’s safe at least extinguish someone please extinguish come on literally first episode we got fire you can’t get to it go here put out the fire tattoo please someone why can’t you reach it i know we have firefighters now but that’s not that historically accurate come on why can’t they reach it no no okay oh it’s over my gosh and you’re gonna go back to roasting yeah yeah all right sounds about right can someone add a lock we’re just gonna go right back to it because we have to let’s all eat maybe you can get a head start on fishing uh for tomorrow are you roasting your fish i don’t want you roasting anything else worth it no not a hot dog sorry i’m i’m pausing it so much i just don’t want them doing stuff i don’t want them to do i know i could probably just turn autonomy off but not gonna okay go fishing there tub let’s didn’t we already make a knife block oh buddy is it really bad can we sell it okay we lost your fish in the fire huh survival of the finish you got to go fishing for your food honey go get some fish wow it’s already almost morning i was gonna end this at night and then pick up with you in the morning maybe i can send them to bed even though they’re not that tired i just want their sleep schedules back how’s the tub doing very nice work tab looking good the girls fishing i love these little fireflies they’re so pretty hope you get some dinner lulu ate so she can go to bed if she wants let’s have her go sleep we have a busy day tomorrow which is technically today that could be a chair one day huh she’s like where’s my bin oh it’s too much for tattoo honey you’re gonna need some food maybe try here even though that’s more complex he’s almost done where’d it go okay i’m doing some sit ups oh another poor one all right let’s sell it you still have not had dinner maybe you can catch stuff here now if not maybe at least in the place down by the river oh no she looked confused well

things never go as expected huh yay tattoo caught a fish you can finally eat your dinner go eat honey beautiful now don’t roast any hot dogs i have to keep pausing it so okay we got a fish we roast in our fish it’s okay love cook your fish you are getting to eat oh no zul’s hungry again guess what time to get up and do the same thing again go fish tattoos roasting our fish oh no we can’t see the road it does not exist and then she’s gotta go fertilize a bush okay soul gets breakfast when you’re all done eating you can fertilize okay add a log now you can roast your fish so we’re waking up a little late this morning it is 8 36 oh poor guy oh gosh okay can you guys chat so you’re not through the rocks go here chat here this is an outdoor trash how do we clean it where are you tub go here okay come here oh i just wanted you two to talk okay no tip new still stressed about last night so maybe she can vent to tab about it because he’s feeling okay again maybe he can give her some advice what would they talk about absorbable disgust let’s have a deep conversation i don’t know if those existed backgrounds yeah look who’s walking by actually right now this is ka of the bata so ka has come over can we call him over oh my plan was to have the bata and atari meet up today okay we’re gonna travel because she’s gotta stop going for some cereal because cereal don’t exist okay so we made it to our hunting ground that we share with the bata and it looks like the bata are already here let’s go have tato talk to etta vent to her say you know it’s been really hard for me to go fishing lately i haven’t been able to catch anything and we had a fire last night maybe zul can discuss local fishing spots but looks like all we have here is sage which i don’t even think is edible and we can’t even harvest it i guess we’re just going to do a lot of fishing for a while go fish here and how’s the conversation with the headset going she’s like hmm well we have some fish what more that you can have what do you have for us oh it’s too too much for you okay i don’t know look for frogs good job zole chatting to everyone but go fishing so we’re just gonna hang out here until it starts to get a little dark and then we’re gonna maybe see what we look at can coyotes in the background in the tala the little kids kept go fishing with noodle are they dancing over here you guys aren’t being very productive and little oldie getting down let’s see are there more plants back here what’s this cherry tree yeah we can only just view things right now i think oh okay come dig what else is over here dig dig some more every tense because of the fire yeah scary stuff i think it’s gonna start to get dark soon so once he digs that up we’ll probably head out let me just see sometimes you can go across the street for stuff okay come dig this one limestone that might come in handy dig here and here maybe ted can help out with the

digging oh my gosh oh my gosh what is this lemon okay harvest all the lemons yay oh look at that sunset very nice oops no house is here we don’t see that okay so he’s dug up some nice stuff stuff stuff picking that one up too tabs coming into the lemon tree awesome look at all those moments look everyone’s gaining all these skills some more limestone it’s getting dark fast so i think it’s time for us to travel sweet we made it to the bata land and uh nulo is just gonna start up a fire for us get that going everyone come sit together come by the fire exchange some stories about your day so let’s see what we’ve collected today we have seven fish three time capsules oh yeah we have some lemons maybe we can exchange a couple lemons a couple fish tattoo is going to offer etta gift gift gift she’s going to give her let’s do a salmon okay ignore the present box salt is there anything that we don’t have oh i don’t think we have is that a beta oh look that’s new a bass maybe oli comes over here to maybe the new low holy is going to give me little gifts give gift he’s gonna give us the best so we have this nice friendly little exchange going on so here’s our best thank you okay holy change please no fires tonight okay guys this is how people used to socialize and still do around the fire very nice tim i think you can talk and roast at the same time oh you don’t have any fish i think milo can help you out i was like you know what you know we kind of find our own around here but check out this cool new fish i got from oli so pop that in tabs inventory why am i sliding away all right tab no no tattoo oh my gosh and a tattoo the two leaders are on fire extinguish yourself i’m so glad i’m in control of eta right now extinguish come on come on you’re sitting in the fire come on let’s up and save herself great they both know what fire is now she’s tense again and so is ted and he’s embarrassed why are you embarrassed everyone’s in the rocks again still by the fire and no one else is tub’s a little embarrassed about a comment he might have made toward her ask about day i wonder what he asked her that made him embarrassed these kids are so cute hey zol you are always our guy that adds logs to the fire help us out everyone has to pee now everyone’s getting a little tired i was gonna have her add a log but don’t add a log though what what no oh my god are you kidding me three fires in one episode oh my god kyle’s somebody saved kaios come on ted save him pick him up pick him up extinguish okay well you go p

you need to go p2 and yeah so do you and you please don’t add anything else to that fire i just really okay look there’s already some fish don’t make this any worse okay just eat no i feel like fate is there’s something about fate in this one oh my gosh i’m so stressed okay extinguish extinguish yourself extinguish yourself is the fire still going on who’s closest tab be brave i’m gonna have zola do it too because he just ran away okay you’re good at this come here the poor bottom we came in and ruined their lane etta help us she’s just making a hot dog if she’s able to have a hot dog why can’t we put out the five go here together come on oh you’re pouring yes you did how are we all gonna live by the fire all the time i don’t know prehistoric times wave what a time we’re going home because everyone has to pee and we burnt down the place so we just got back on the lot and poor’s old peed himself and came over to take a bath and fell asleep in the bath that bath did nothing for you huh right back to the bath my dude ah there were so many cool things i was gonna do in this episode but after three freaking fires why are you on a bench i think i’m just gonna end this part right here so yeah if you like this video you know do what you got to do give it a like if you want to see more fires and disastrous uh outcomes then don’t forget to s subscribe and um i’ll see you soon