My journey to the West begins – Let's play West of Loathing live stream – Cow Puncher Class

just start up like usual alright and of course we’re gonna wait for the ad to go away on my own testing thing there we go start streaming all good okay hello testing one two three how’s everyone doing today this is loud my goodness this game is loud okay well we bring up OBS again there we go I feel like the contrast on this is way too way too high so I might need to change that that’s odd or not not the contrast with the the saturation I think come on turn the saturation down there we go that looks a little bit better yeah to the contrast down a little bit there doesn’t that look much nicer okay apply now okay now let’s move into the game window and hopefully the game isn’t too too loud hello arty hunter welcome to the stream how are you doing I hope you are doing well okay now the game might be a bit loud so give me one second here Great Bridge bridge over here where’s a great right there that little time to shower behind okay let’s game to game I’m gonna turn down the music a little bit though because it’s yeah even it even there okay that’s let’s put the music there because that works nicely I’m kidding I think our say 10% 10% should be good sound effects we’ll find out what about sound effects in here um no I don’t really know anything about this game you can change your settings after entering the game dialogue speed lets 200% um combat speed okay hmm well we’ll see we’ll see how all that goes huh new game let’s get started I ready to wanted for protagonism well right then my name well first my name is gonna be I hate TT how’s it going my my name would be the dragon eight I don’t know I’m a class no Shani just because I like that name there we go what I did I just flicked out of the game window okay it’s still allowed in my own ears I I think it’s just the the the sound effects now okay so I’ll help you turn goes down Wow yeah sheesh okay so how’s everyone doing we’re gonna we’re gonna be a cowpuncher cuz I’ve already decided that cop had resolved the problems with the fist whether it’s shaking them and a disagreeable filler in a disreputable saloon are using them to punch a slightly more disagreeable feller in a slightly less reputable reputable saloon delightful you’ve heard the cow punters are in demand out west since the cows came home which stands to reason the cows aren’t gonna punch themselves after all Oh God okay there we go so we had a dream about things and stuff and junk okay I’m gonna turn the sound effects down put that down like 30 yeah that sounds much better save inventory options um no I don’t know colorblind mode sure why not change the typeface game to Arial please don’t do this why not it looks nice this way and I get nerd mode displace the log describe what happens a combat provides a few other piece of metal game information and stuff and things in junk ok show combat grid um yeah don’t need any that automatically spin no well well we’ll leave it there for now ok so we got to read these things you read this mind of one of your books Myrtle Jones the spooky Canyon mom gave me this one a few years ago hero the black city is one of my favorites Jane Hardy and the curse of the terrible ship I remember that one Cecil brown and the secret of the Forgotten send it out one sec I’m just going to move the move come on move over there you go trouble at ancient cellar lu druid the secret of the terrible citadel okay and then we got walking stupid make sense weird poster appeared here one night delightful hello mom how are you doing it comb my hair that’s important we can

turn that off can I turn it back on I can hey Russell okay well mmm Carl I’m gonna miss you buddy will feed Russell a cricket and then um hmm well we’ll let we’ll let Russell leave because I I know what happens at the end of the thing if you don’t let him leave or if you do let him leave her whatever however you say it I don’t know what’s in our inventory we have walking stupid we cook you have stupid walking yeah you guys decide you guys tell me if you want stupid walking wears inventory okay so I can press I for inventory good alright then is it gonna be annoying seeing my mouse on the screen or is that something you guys want let’s get out of there stack the firewood we’re gonna try and get as much as much XP as we can before we’re even leaving we’re gonna miss mom’s cooking yes mom’s high safe keeps all our pies safe who would have thought okay we’re diagrams and charts we got a bed which is so tidy we’ve got toys we got the puzzle cube that’s level try Tractatus logico-philosophicus philosophica s– oh geez this just comes up with like so many different things in here constantly wonder if there’s anything that’ll randomly pop up this brand new alright well let’s try this the puzzle cube will fiddle with it hooray can we fiddle with this some more oh we can’t do anything more with it well that’s sad okay fine then we’ll leave and Oh mom okay mom yeah your mom smiles warmly as you approach cool I’m leaving now mom we’re gonna miss you kiddo oh and before you leave I got you a present a present yeah it’s a book you wanted for Crimbo I know it’s early but okay so which which one hear the one about desert survival lock-picking seems to be like one of the one of the main skills in this game though I know you can like buy the others but uh I’m gonna go with a lock-picking because I like picking locks it’s it’s fun and it’s a very good skill to have especially in these games excuse me what um I just wanted one more hug before I leave how many hugs can we give her before she gets very upset yeah Press that and we’ll learn that there we go after you’re done reading it you donate to local orphanage sue those orphans will be able to make their escape go our friends go oh geez this thing is so sad sir has spelling error oh no problem at all no worries and hello Bobby how are you doing a hat doesn’t fit you dad I’ll grow into it no you won’t dad Oh God dad is apparently gonna grow into it I want you to have this it’s your grandmother’s brass knuckles good luck out there be sure to say goodbye to your mother don’t worry okay well bye daddy it’s just barely holding together probably best for him if you just go well let’s stick through the hey hey sach can get a needle of course cuz that’s important we need the needles so we can do the picking of the locks and stuff is pretty good looking nervous that’s good oh yeah handle the post only starts fidgeting with that okay say goodbye hey roof it’s time for me a head west I still understand why you’re leaving he’s gonna point you know why are you going west anyway to help people you’ve read the papers Rufus the people out west are in trouble they need all the help they can get but it’s so dangerous sixty percent of the people who go west get killed within a year and that statistic is from before the cows came home then where I’ll be okay you’re worrying about you worry about taking care of mom and dad and I’ll worry about me okay if you say so I still think you’ll be dead by Crimbo yeah Missy Rufus goodbye who would talk to him again busy drawing pictures in the dust doesn’t look like he’s drawing pictures in the dust but what else did we get oh we got a needle that’s right okay cool and I guess we’re done unless there’s something else we can do no no man that not over there we’ve already looked at the haystack I don’t think of anything else we can do no time screw around the woods time to head west okay let’s go ahead west then yeah goodbye cool do you guys want to watch the opening credits or do you want to skip it because it doesn’t really show much think it just kind of shows him falling apart or falling off falling apart what am I saying falling off at the end along with a turnip so turnip falls with him Kevin Simmons rift goner or is that riff Connor Heather with Connor what are you

doing on the cart leave those poor turnips alone you dropped one okay then so how’s everyone doing today hmm there’s a too much happening in the game right now if we’re gonna watch this 200 miles later I’ll choose two hundred miles oh excuse me ma BS [ __ ] sory oh and there we go no we’ve fallen off well the bad news is that you fell off that cart and got knocked out for a couple of hours and now you’ve got no ride no meat and no prospects good news is that you’re in a town rather than in a Gulch somewhere not much of a town though okay let’s dust ourselves off we’ll grab that turnip because that’s going to be important for us somehow there’s also I I know that there’s something that happens if you walk into all these cactuses you get some special perk thing there’s also this we can grab was just gonna say can I hit your house ed can I hit it can I hit him never mind kind of feather have a drink no you can’t I’ll tell you when I’ve had enough all right well you enjoy that sir I’m just gonna walk into all these cactuses cuz it’s gonna give me oh geez there we go mostly scabs I I wonder if you can get more just like walk walk between these two cactuses for a bit probably not be a horse rate sign on the door reads gone drinking all right well he’s probably at the bar then so let’s go to the bar as you’re walking to the saloon and the crazy a guy sitting to the left of the door shrieks and waves at you to get your attention hey where’s your hat dagnabbit well I you can’t drink in here without a hat taint proper he points to the take a hat leave a hat box next to the door okay show this through that and we’ll grab a hat sure we got a four gallon hat gives you a friendly if somewhat twitchy nod say feller yeah you hidden West if when you want some company I’d be more than happy to come along just let me know no pressure or anything oh wait no don’t leave not yet should we should we be looking in the spittoons nope you decided as you back away from the horrible sting pocket nope nope nope I wonder if we should if we should be doing that oh look how I can use my mouse to a branch oh I didn’t know that it’s like click that guy sleeping that requires 20 meat I don’t have 20 meat darn it what do you say Pete who who me well the heck I say all kinds of things for instance tarnation some lily-livered and so-and-so stole my pickaxe okay sorry Pete okay while you’re waiting you see a sign taped to the back wall reading reward for lost mugs 25 meat each alrighty so then how did cowboy howdy barkeep name’s Garfield wait what Garfield is that the flippin name I chose unfortunate boring Springs already has more people in it than jobs it’s more of an errand town if you catch my meaning if you’re looking for a real job I’d recommend talking to the railroad people up by dirt water alright well let’s talk to this they’re hiring so I’m from back east so trying to run a line to first go and having a heck of a time doing so and they’re hiring good off that sorry there’s something highlighted oh I reckon they’re always hanging from one thing or another big company that and dirt water is interesting it’s far enough West that it’s still more or less exempt for the rule of law but not so far west that’s been burned to the ground by the Dane cows lots of opportunity there pause it for a few seconds yeah if I were younger man I’d probably head out that way myself and the errands yes this forsaken burg is always falling apart in one way or another meet sue camp join today she’s at the dance studio so I say hi for her alright well thank you and I hope meter has a good time at the dam studio so mmm sorry errand the hustlers always needin help since he hurt his leg and that no-account sheriff’s could certainly stand to have somebody doing this job for him I Randy then we’ve we’ve got a goblin loose in the basement some cowpoke in from the gulch some cowpoke in from the golf net wipe his boots off and got spores everywhere that’s gross okay and let’s handle a goblin cool it weak fungicide I’ll do that in a different way though sorry I’m talking about tonight just doing character stuff no problem titi enjoy it it’s here there’s Horace nice to meet you what do you do town hustler how’s that working out for ya oh those horses are just flying out the door business is booming nice and I mean the horse keep running away I haven’t sold

one in ages and that’s why it’s drinking which is not helping things it’s a vicious circle things one of those vicious circle things and all I’m in need of a horse do you have any left one kind of a boring one but it’s got four legs and it back to sit on come see me at the stable I’ll be happy to show it to you all righty I’ll do that oh he’s gone okay cool well this is I’m pretty sure her name is Suzy but you already have a hat what would you do with to have a better hat maybe I don’t know um oh wait that’s um I want it go away um who’s silly drink of whiskey out of beer mug no Suzy yes rancher from nearby real tough broad ain’t recommend you pester her why is that lost her whole family to a cow attack recently got some pent up frustrations about it alrighty then I can understand that just hi say howdy well then mission accomplished I’d reckon oh I don’t want to leave not yet well thank you there’s just guy over here I should probably leave him alone but I don’t want to leave him alone okay is there any reason to step in this multiple times probably not and why my name what is my name why is my name Garfield Pinkett that is not what I chose that’s not nice I put my name in here dragon ate and I’m Shawnee now play sorry about this you know I’m like restarting it now but that’s not fair I’ll just go quickly through everything here Phaedra so I’ll click it good no no no not wait which way to age fear us little cricket and now we’re letting Russel leave as well okay there we go now let’s go do everything that we can possibly do there’s a puzzle cube about that yeah okay cool it’s look at my inventory quick puzzle cube we’ll fiddle with it yep hooray got it alright now let’s go talk to mom mmm that one yep good bye all right that doesn’t fit you and he says he’ll grow into it which makes no sense there we go okay that’s let’s do this quick please give this puzzle cube back oh wait what yeah that’s it I’m picking all the right options I think anyway needle locks let’s do that there we go we already got the brass knuckles equipped there we go let’s leave now skip the opening credits cool I’m sure it was spectacular mm-hmm I bet it was cool stuff okay now I’m gonna just there we go haha that is so sad just to do that so quickly yeah okay yeah good good bye thank you sir I can’t do anything with any of these guys mm-hmm okay keep waiting yep ask about work let’s do that one and that one and that one and there we go I can handle the Goblin there we go take care of it thank you now let’s talk to this guy there we go very quick what we’re already we’re already back where we started mmm-hmm we’re back back where we where we ended my character name is actually proper thank you that makes more sense all right now let’s leave now we can go do whatever else thankfully that doesn’t take too long to to do anything there alrighty so let’s talk to the sheriff let’s see what the sheriff wants as a matter of fact I am yes please cool okay so we need a door I guess I’ll give it a shot you deputize again delightful okay sorry maybe I’m going through this a little bit too quickly not really reading everything so there’s been Freaker for face Steven there’s a wanted poster artists apply in person at Yuma Marshals office and a bird theft naked Mike Bernstein what a delightful man oh wait wait wait wait wait there’s a mug over here I’m gonna grab that mug there we go I’ll grab all the mugs like a boss forget we’re gonna trade see what he’s got I’ll take some dynamite for this needle no how about some free dynamite requires dickering so how do you get the dicker in then that’s not the bartering

skill bug thing is it taxes man how do yourself in the name’s bill cactus bill what happened to you bill well to be honest partner I drank too much cactus beer and it turned me into a cactus Knockouts warned me this would happen but I didn’t listen and that’s why they call you cactus bailed no that’s just a coincidence how’s that yeah Oh does it hurt what does does what hurt you know being a cactus oh haha no it’s actually kind of nice and natural fermentation process inside the cactus part keeps me pretty drunk most of the time I guess it’s a mite boring I bet it wouldn’t be so bad if I had something to read you don’t have to have a newspaper or anything do ya not right now but we’ll find a newspaper in a bit you’re not allowed in Topeka anymore remember no I don’t remember why am I not allowed to pick anymore I don’t I don’t think that’s gonna do anything for us okay so we have it we have the walking stupid somebody don’t know if that’s important for us to use to do anything with or anything so yeah let’s just go over here okay well let’s wake him up to start with I’m not supposed to be here poke thud with your boot slowly Custer’s feet thud is well let’s say snow road Scholar if we assume that it’s seven years from now and that idiom makes sense you feel kind of bad about the idea of killing him okay well let’s see walk away thud I’m take a hike you’re probably right thud stumbles off into the desert he’ll probably be fine hopefully honorable options will be available in some situations ok well that’s interesting at least that’s something going on in there now see we can’t do anything because we do not have foraging let’s grab that we got a mug we got a pair of silver cufflinks and some meat so those silver cufflinks can I do anything with those if you wore fancier shirts you might have some use for these so no we can’t do a thing with those in okay that’s fine be that way game we’ll just walk into here how is this guy um pass the soap there you go thank you I needed that soap that was important we’ll tie him up now let’s sleep in bed it’s light there we go hmm approach them and talk yes and now I know that this one’s funny because you choose its bibby you say that it’s been me it’s me pity your brother squints at you be me you a bit I am to back me up here snipe snipe speaks up don’t take but one eye to see that you’re that you’re to see what you’re full of dead man oh shoot no no can I can’t redo that can i well I screwed that up that’s that’s a little bit sad um I don’t really want a pistol attack him might as well do that though I guess we get the experience fair for killing these poor guys oh well yeah let’s let’s big combat a bit faster there we go okay and these are kind enough to drag you outside after they beat you unconscious wait what I didn’t even realize for combat on to okay so that that guy is just sleeping ah so I can redo it interesting what’s her mom’s name name that’s easy mrs. Fricker wimpy jaws is gonna say now let’s not be hasty I heretofore unseen other member of the frickin gang sneaks up behind you and knocked you unconscious what really I guess I’m choosing all of the wrong options here um okay so it’s bit me I am so busy I stole some rubes face how you always did have a knack for face Western what’s new we got to get out of here and fast thank now but come on tonight let’s head to hightail it and I’ll catch up there we go now we get our experience points and we win delightful all right so we got grit level 2 oh I didn’t even look what that did what does grit do oh the extent to which you were truly greedy the higher it is the tougher you’ll be okay cool well let’s grab that mug that’s not ours we’ll take that as well and we’ll take the door we’ll just stuff that under my hat okay all right god doesn’t seem too interested there okay well that’s just fine

we shall I guess just leave we’ll go back to the mat we’ll go back to town boiling springs and we can go talk to this guy how’s business you know everyday I’m hustling of course to tell you the truth though it’s pretty terrible at my horse keep running away well except for this completely ordinary one maybe I can help 300 feet for each of them how many are there three here let me see your map they pretty much always run to the same places okay so we got or hold mine boring Springs and thousand snakes scallops why these places and they like the environments that are seeing a mathematically appropriate here when you find one feet of some of these oats I should send it back here a bag of homing oats how does that work the special pigeon infused oats delightful that’s a little bit creepy and kind of gross um the way to iterator but you said earlier about an injury ooh busted my knee while mucking out the showroom didn’t ask don’t ask how it’s embarrassing was gonna get da cows to look at it but she gave up doctoring okay well why’d you do that no one knows she showed herself up in her office says he won’t talk to anyone except nurse nurse whiskey all right then she’s an interesting lady just rather than thanks okay well let’s uh sleeve let’s go to here let’s return some of these mugs that we got so far there we go so we’ve got 75 meat now we could spend some of it on here let look at you nervously look I have to meet let’s play all righty then so you put 20 meats on the table we got oh I can’t say that word because if I say that word then YouTube will not like it you’ve a 20-mile table sit down but how are you doing Koko and before they can say no one of them shuffles a card sloppily and deals a new round to get a pair of tens plus a 2 a 3 and a king ok let’s bet conservatively they squinted their hands for a moment and each slowly pushes 10 meter on the middle of the table ok read em and weep you show you pair of tens plus two three king the guy on the left has a full house – Jackson three aces and the guy on the right somehow got straight flush two through six in hearts I win you explain the Jackson with nine points each giving the guy in the left a total of 21 points and to the guy yeah what to the guy on the rights 20 and you’re 25 plus a king they squint at the rules again but eventually shrug and not at you you collect your winnings and stand up the guys thank you for helping them learn the game they don’t have enough meat left to bother with it looks like they’re playing for spiders now delightful that’s that’s a little bit sad anyway let’s go give this guy his door yeah weren’t you this is a pal job there you go so Oh 400 meat for that ok cool what you need um the best of the lock when the Tigers are gonna need a new lock okay right so I think if we come we talk to this guy here we can give him soap for the lock and there we go now we do have a bunch of needles but I don’t think we need the Dynamite’s not right now at least I’ll trade self a lot braid though you really don’t know his name is actually braid takes your show up and hands you a lock delightful Thank You doc Alice get lost get lost but I don’t want to get lost I’m lemonade mm-hmm how’s it going Coco what’s you up to got a lock right there already Sheriff the shirt sorry sure puts a lock on the cell door the next round the drops of cane clatters into the cell hell fire don’t suppose you know how to pick a lock stranger you got a needle handy I’ll see what I can do there you go cool you even like the shell doorbell that’s Asher for kind of the key himself so you got something to do today I guess have it make sense don’t want to don’t want to be doing everything for him hmm looked around for a place to hide it six under his hat thank you kindly stranger if Bourne Springs ever gets any more criminals they better watch out that’s a good job you then don’t mention it oh we got the replica shirt badge thank you sure sure sure lean him Riley I guess that’s good don’t know what exactly that means but okay yeah plus one armor oh wait no don’t don’t take it off there you go brand-new couch so broken board this is not as good as the brass knuckles really interesting well then we’ll send the horse hostage horses Mac drone server cuff links yeah I can’t do anything with that oh we can eat this which increases muscle mystic allottee and Moxie buy one for the rest of the day you know III might as well turn up

fuel it’s cool how do I find out what turn it feel it means if I go to here I don’t know if it doesn’t show up on there okay cool well that’s fine I guess yay let’s leave now mmm so we got new stuff on the maps yeah how’s the thanks where’s the newspaper I need a newspaper for the guy soon a newspaper down here for the cactus guy oh wait pile of newspapers there it is cool okay got it grab a bottle of nurse brand whiskey and uh attack the Goblin no I’m not gonna text the Goblin I got a better plan we’re gonna talk to the Goblin ouch ouch my wrist [ __ ] no don’t go in the sheriff don’t talk to that guy I’m not gonna talk to braid offer whiskey there you go whiskey delivery for you doc what brand nurse whiskey your favorite I’m led to believe didn’t know she makes house calls alright hold on you hear a rattle if she unlocks the door what you got nurse whiskey whiskey snap um don’t give it to her she just comes to you well what the hell I got you in here for then I don’t know things can I look at your books not until you give me that whiskey you promised me Prine a little there we go so net as usual it stopped here for a short time cuz I’m on my phone dad about I was surprised when I saw that picture I understand mm-hmm of this slow internet kind of sucks though and be careful you don’t use up all your data because that of charges are expensive if you go over at least for us there she cracked open the whiskey and feels a small flash she takes out of her pocket then she puts up asking her back Parker starts checking out the bottle yeah I cannot read at all and sorry about that I was just moving something close the game window jeez doc that doesn’t seem healthy who is the doctor here me or you me I am me said the doctor sure if you want to another there gonna do much good this doom forsaken hick hole you should try being less cheerful let’s check out the books Legend of Curly’s me oh do I only get one choice mmm that’s I’m gobbling tongues yes I want that so that tells of a legendary mysterious treasure a massive chest full of premium meats secretive in the hidden sense not in the excluded sense so secreted okay never mind and then most invested by an old cow had named curly Butterfield there this one here oh we can 3xb cool progress toward NYX get up so that is you also just find this a reason that drinking alcohol is bad so it’s actually work of ludicrous speculative fiction haha at least there’s some useful appendices in the back and some diagrams of appendices that’s delightful now let’s do this one here goblin tongue sweet may have like a tree and leaf thank you stove a spotless either she’s compulsive about cleaning or she never cooks probably never cooks oh wow shouldn’t this be further away from the fireplace yeah you know I think it’s fine could be fine okay don’t worry mom works at Telecom but still have just two gigabyte for a month okay well take it easy with it as everything alright oh she’s pouring whiskey down her neck occasionally stopping to breathe well I guess that’s good that depends on how fast I can get this whiskey into my bloodstream compared to have asked my liver filters it out and I can’t talk and drink at the same time so she glazing you mean you feelin so what I mean what’s the matter doc oh not what’s up doc come on you got to do the what’s up doc what’s matter the whole world’s gone to heck in a horse cart you asked what’s the matter bandits County was dead man walking why don’t you go ahead and pick one and I’ll drink to that dead men walking you haven’t seen a corpse and skeletons staying around like puppets with half their strings cut looking to take a bite out of the living noop well just count your lucky stars to stay out of the terrible cemetery then yeah I’m gonna go straight to the town cemetery what’s in here what do we got right the newspaper cool okay well we can get this guy a newspaper there you go skill up tough customer level to thank him behind the house of or hold mine now if you could just kind of stick that newspaper to my face before you leave yeah no problem there you go there you go sir you got it I hope it works out for ya okay so behind the outhouse let’s look behind the outhouse there we go we got a shovel now kind of looking there no but I can dig through this and we can gain 50 meat I know that I’m never and a mug need all the random dirty mugs we can get okay so where’s this here examine the controls so level one is blasting cap starts

level two is plungers level three is tools where you want to send the cargo elevator let’s go to three we will probably need the tool first I got unrefined meat or ooh TNT cool so pick the lock there you go we got the crowbar that’s good for us now we can put this to level two I think yeah okay there we go we can take one of those well it’s no it’s over one I’m driving I’m tired Hanley and now we can get the plastic cap there you go got it okay so hook a plunger up to it add a blasting cap there we go you’ve succeeded in putting yourself into grave danger delightful okay press the plunger and blow it all the heck now we can go inside here I don’t know how this horse managed to get inside here could give a quick talk what this game is about this game is about traveling to the west it’s got a lot of comedy stuff in it and basically it is something like Skyrim where you just kind of like go all over the place and you do quests for anyone and everyone you can look at your map that this one is the starting area so there’ll be a newer area and in the newer area after we’ve kind of finished this one we can’t come back to here unfortunately but it will have a huge amount of places in there and there’s lots of side quests things you can do your main mission is basically just to help this train get to Frisco that’s that’s the main mission but there’s so many other things that you can do in in the meantime right now I’m collecting horses for a guy who’s losing all his horses because they keep running away hit reassure the horse I guess that wasn’t very comforting to say oh wait what wasn’t they aren’t poison or anything patter on the nose come on okay I figure the defeat of the oats yum-yum she cycles away from you we really makes a surprisingly good attempt at hiding your own shadow ether oh it’s myself look they’re fine okay see you did a handful from the bag and toss them on your elf yeah it’s like the roughest blandest breakfast cereal you’ve ever eaten still with breads and dry cat food don’t ask okay I won’t ask them you smell to show the horse that you’re fine you realize you have on Carly’s turn unconsciously turned around and walked out the door jeez these are powerful the horse looks like you wearily as you re-enter with the cheerful wave see you perfectly fine okay patter on the nose oh good now feed her the oats yeah so you offer a handful oh it’s wearing Li begrudgingly she eats them then she just her said something behind you you turn around to look but don’t see anything when you turn back she’s gone okay is there anything else up him this way oh what’s his crackers I’m in the hole oh my gosh there’s a hole it okay wait we need three dynamite for that what you bent down shining the lantern into the crack of the rock you can just barely make out square shape down there well art up out of arms reach looks like somebody dropped it a small metal box on the hole though you don’t know if that was to hide it or discourage early desperate find what’s in there you could try reasoning with the rock your primary argument would be a bundle of dynamite perhaps you could persuade it the hole too wide enough to grab the box okay well we’ll have to remember that and come back over here what are we gone my inventory so far not too much hmm so I’m gonna have to figure out how to get dhikr in so I can get some free dynamite because otherwise I have to trade needles for it and get out of there thank you okay let’s go to the map let’s go thousand snakes Gulch we also still can’t like oh wait one of those rocks oh my gosh shiny rock cool umm there’s no safe button is there colorblind mode sure let’s do that I don’t get this Wi-Fi here if it it switches from 144 to 480 without problems but then there’s 20 second long leg that’s just strange I don’t understand sometimes it happens here too and I have a wired connection and it’ll go for like you to yesterday YouTube just kind of stopped working for me it just totally broke was that oh it just totally broke on me and like even a refreshing the page didn’t help and then it comes back and it automatically goes with 144p it’s like what the heck no thank you all right so let’s beef up and then we’ll do this and we shall attack well one hit killed a snake Vargas horse next skill up sweet hooray alrighty so we can’t do anything with

any of those air oh oh that hurts snake how dare you attack Erica kill it kill this Nick again three more XP and we have one more snake pretty good at tricks apparently did do do these have number so I can click on three two and no okay fine then fee that way excuse me take it once more kill it there we go did we level up I’m actual not child sure if I leveled up source has gone snake crazy or maybe he was something other kind of crazy before he was from some other kind of crazy okay yeah poor poor horse it’s cool all right be cool don’t freak out on me look him in the eye no way pat him on the nose I mean carefully gently Pat the horse’s nose he twisted a bit okay a lot but seems to recognize that you aren’t going to eat his eyes or sucking out of soul or whatever madness is bouncing around that skull of his good poor horse Connolly look on the horse’s eyes one of them is fixing a glass the thousand-yard stare and the others revolving madly in a socket like he’s thinking of trying to escape in every direction simultaneously he looks to be coming down a little now that’s clearly you aren’t action we just find yourself ok feed him the oats there you go and or rather Ruben ouya goal and he hopefully he’s headed home but on to the 12th dimension poor horse he imagined this poor horse just like ends up in the 20th dammit the 12th dimension sorry not 20th ok oh here’s actually really interesting guys F and I are boring cool he showed up way too early no poor guy we can dig this one and which will start a fight but that does ok I am ok with the height I’ll just dig up the grave because that’s nice for some reason it’s Belton did not stand chance we got the old cavalry saber oh and a gold tooth sweet okay cool let’s go into my inventory so the crowbar does damage five to six was the hmm provides the option to pry things open to certain places let’s use the saber is that thing seems like the best idea I guess how do I organize my stuff though no that that’s not how I don’t know how to organize my inventory to see like where all my hats are and where all that stuff is that’s on it okay maybe it’s an option there’s one of the options in here save inventory options sure I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know how to how to look at all that interesting oh there’s this guy so we gotta fight this guy now – it doesn’t look like this game have huge audience no apparently not a lot of people really love it like just in general but apparently right now no one does isn’t that many people are watching here right now which is okay Pat around the nose and around the nose again and again that’s not gonna do anything okay now Pat around the nose again now try the outs again there you go add some grave dirt to the oats there you go and bizarre devoted husband to put love a daughter a baby oh that’s sad eyes are so sad okay well we go back to the Flickr game I can’t remember if there’s anything over here that I missed there’s just this darn thing but I don’t have origin so I can’t do that that means you’ve got to be able to get fortune like while you’re in here then unless certain things just aren’t unless certain things are just like locked out because of reasons based on what you choose or whatever mmm shifty looking dark one I kind of like the shifty looking dark one yeah I’m go to the shifty looking dark one um yeah it says to so at me am um yeah it seems that way maybe hello YouTube sometimes sometimes it says there’s only two but they’re actually ends up being like three or four which is strange because at least there’s like three or four people over the chat so I don’t know she’s a sneaky one I’ll sell it to you for a thousand meat um when you say sneaky no she’s real quiet and she likes dark places yeah I remember and just look how she’s trying to hide behind the other horse sir she seems very smart I’ll take her okay cool here

we go I’m real underdog oh we got the horsy oh by a dark horse cool give her a name Oh what should we give the horse’s name I should have named the horse shiny I’ll do that either way yep well name is shawni here we go south east west matt where’s the south east west miami – there it is fill him up – dirt water oh not yet we’re not going to dirt water yet we still got more stuff we need to do we gotta give this guy his his mugs and stuff there you go okay let’s go you know what we might as well look in the spittoon it’s kind of it’s gross but yeah it’s full of spit regulus bit gross tobacco spit chewing gum and it looks like a few teeth as well it’s disgusting and the smell even from a distance it smells horrible look closer you’re now on your hands and knees peering into filth encrusted spittoon I don’t I don’t understand what is wrong with you wait is there something shining at the bottom I’ll probably get it use your hand toward the spittoon even before you touch it you can feel the gross mess in the air like a greasy fog enveloping the stinking brass horror it smells like the vomit threw trough at a mesquite barbecue eating contest never surrender you plunge your head to the awful soup it makes us sound like glop your skin is burning your eyes start to water search yeah your fingers make contact with something you pull out your hand you pull your hand out of the devil’s tree and slowly not daring to risk splash to the contents all over yourself you appear to have gotten some kind of ring probably is some kind of disease as well congratulations hooray oh sure let’s do that I should have bet much more on that one I should have wait till I got some moxie and stuff and then come back and do that um oh my ring automatically it’s equipped cool lovely Susie are you Susie Cochran saw the graves in the cemetery scowls bitterly mutters into her whiskey in Borderlands 2 name of unicorn was but stallion oh that’s right I remember that yeah that’s hilarious sadly I can’t play Borderlands on stream I’ll get in trouble for that because they don’t like it for some reason that’s not half of the whole dang thing it can’t do nothing about it cows right I don’t know what those things are but they ain’t cows not anymore what happened it was a raid See Mom pie used a ranch to cattle back before used to rent cattle back before well before they came home ha didn’t make it but MA and I managed to rebuild we ranch pigs instead and she left me the place when she passed go on well I guess the passing herd sniffed out that it used to be a cattle ranch and they attacked a couple days ago happened so fast and didn’t have time to get my rifle out of the gun safe cows smashed in the front door and a fire started out back by the root cellar house went up in blazes just like that and what do you do there was anything I could do and couldn’t get upstairs to the kids cause of the fire and I saw Tim trampled right in front of me I just she changed her glass I didn’t want to talk about I’m talked about anymore sorry sure your fills her mug from bottle on the bar and doesn’t reply what do you do now head west I suppose nothing keeping me here no desire to stay I can’t live without my rifle though leave without my rifle why not it was mas rifle it’s all I got left of if anybody and where is it left it at the ranch like a dang fool listen can I ask you a favor I need someone to get it for me yeah I’ll go get it cool okay so we can go do that now we can also talk to the Goblin now that we have goblin time hi Gary hi hello hello I am Gary who are you um introduce yourself well I’m dragon 8 well hello hello Jack and I it’s good to meet you what dragon you’re doing down here be honest well Gary to be honest the bartender sent me down here to to kill you you have Borderlands 2 on what is it I have it on xbox yes I do I Borderlands and Borderlands 2 so switch to twitch then put livestream on YouTube where would where would be just linked to the twitch I could do that I don’t know though cuz I think even on twitch they don’t allow it it’s not YouTube that doesn’t allow it it’s the developers that don’t allow it they get mad at people for it for some reason and I don’t understand it but whatever I guess like it has to do with like spoiling the game or whatever for other people so I don’t know but um what are the developers I forget what the developers are but they don’t like it with any of their games Gary Burgos knows Hey what that being terrible idea bartender not being good idea man Gary wants to popping but not here too close too close to home Gary wants to popping far up and high away new Gary everywhere everywhere everywhere goblins a weird settle down Gary Gary doesn’t like to settling Gary

wants to travelling a popping of dragonet going far up and high away maybe taking Gary with you eh I’ll think about it well we’ll decide I’ll let you know Gary I think I’m actually gonna take Suzy to be honest oh yeah I’ll let you know okay so no shovel I can shovel the poop oh my goodness this gives me more experience oh yeah let’s go shovel all the poop no never put the button on second thought not yet we’re not even yet no thank you I need to go shovel all this poop off the floor there you go and that thank you goodbye oh we got another recovered mug sweet what’s in my inventory now fine option to dig in turn places cool huh let’s go to the map let’s go to the Cochran branch let’s see what’s over here are you sorry about the noise what’s this a conker ranch is that okay cool we have water trough all the water in this trough is boiled away boiled away I can hear cows oh geez well now the fire starts or the smoke the outhouse is the only thing still standing yep apparently gearbox I think and WTF that game is years old hmm maybe playing tales from the borderlands really funny game even I have some videos from that game on my youtube channel um I don’t know I don’t have that one so at some point I could yeah it’s really annoying though it’s really knowing that there like that somebody was in the middle of fixing a knife ooh we’ve got a vermin skin a knife Sui these pies were not safe apparently not so what’s the varmint skin a knife to as you clicked skins from beasts after combats sure let’s do that okay so deal with it we shall kill the thingy this has this has 45 oh my that will do five to six damage this will heal let’s do that then we’ll attack oh wait what now another thing is let’s say 2p somehow odd okay well whatever we win hooray there you go six XP moxie level two nice nice nice now in the guns we have reps boosters you I felt there you go we got it okay Susi’s rifle where is that can i I can’t put that in there well it ain’t said surprise we’re not safe no they were not okay well is there anything else why can you still hear that weird cows got a unbundle with the walking dead I think a second best game they’re made okay that’s kind of cool I’m walking dead I haven’t played walking dead yet I’ve played the wolf among us but not all the way through I didn’t finish it there was nothing over the frickin gangs hideout I don’t think but over here we need the dynamite we need to get some dynamite you did okay where’s this guy guy Pete takes a whisk this swig of whiskey Pete nose is shiny rocky carrying his wild eyesight up that there’s a right shiny rock you got stranger I’ll give you seven we for that rock sure grabs the rocks and sticks and his belt pouch grinning nugget of silver 8081 meat for it okay and the unrefined meat or that’ll be 73 meat for that cool oh that all right Pete narrows his eyes as the gears instead start to click he fixes his gaze upon you and the tickin is eyelid seems more pronounced listen kid all the stuff what I’ve been buying from you you have been spending time underground ain’t ya well you listen to old Pete’s advice you’ll stay out or hole if you know what’s good for you there’s stuff down on the 40th level that ain’t worth messing with for a feller wants to keep his eyes if you catch my meaning not sure I do but things we might as well go down there I know that I’m pretty sure that’s where the hard hat is I’m draggin eight thanks dragon they can’t rather they say what this means to me she looks at the I can also look up yeah so Suzie’s eyes well up with tears does he handle the rifle and she roughly scrubs her sleeve across her face before any of them spill over she looks real at the rifle for long

woman’s and looks back up at you she’s sighs well that’s enough wallow in my misery time for me to hit the road if I want me to tag along when he hit let’s just say the word sounds good Susie I think I am gonna choose Susie to be honest get there we go got one my mug now I need dynamite hey take them down right so where do you get dickering then take some dynamite you know I don’t think I have enough needles I only have one needle but I need three needles apparently huh was it west of nothung dickering skill where can I get that mind you meet the green let’s see here no where can i acquire it game or I’m not game whatever it is guide to everything so how do I get three sticks of dynamite yeah that’s what I want now on the first stick by learning to green through the book mom gives oh that’s how you get it okay then the second through Chang and needle how the heck do I get 1/3 and thousand in the thousand snake Gulch the location where you rescue the crazy horse you fight three snakes lose to the third snake for the stick of dynamite the easiest way to lose to the thirst think is unequipping equipment you’re carrying after using three really the reward might disappoint you it’s a single meat where’s the third snake okay so you actually have to lose to the third snake in order to do that I’m just curious why don’t you stream two days same game from my point of view it looks like best way to bring viewers I know changing games is good but still hmm you mean like sorry what what do you mean by that do you mean like um on Monday and Wednesday streaming the same game for example because I could do that I just I like to play different different games because I have a ton of games here I have you know how many games I have on don’t shoot me please you know how many games I have on Steam right so I like to play different games so that I can get through more of them and also play more as well because I don’t have time to play games as much anymore bit of lag here come on come down reading walkthrough yeah have shush that we literally can’t come back to this area once we leave we can’t come back so it’s important to do let’s do this fellow math tutor Atwater might as well yep ready to leave okay we’re gonna take Susie Cochran with us you can see we can’t come back any unfinished business you’ve got will forever remain unfinished but apparently if the reward is only a single meet then yeah it’s not worth it at all to get all those Dynamite’s either way hit the trail there we go start spending it manually please cool I’m balanced weirdo if you want sweet okay check location head for dirt water there we go we’re out of the blowing Springs now but yeah I could this one obviously isn’t doing too well so next week I can maybe do fallout for a second time on Wednesday instead I just won’t be able to stream for three hours on Wednesday you can only do two hours maximum okay let’s comb her mane there you go and saddle up puts me out here okay never mind not yeah Susie okay just no get out of my way carriage man talk to her there you go like check up on some of the ranches in these parts see how bad the cow attacks are getting do you know some not in great detail but I know roughly where if you are or at least were I guess we’ll just have to see there’s one not far from here the Stern’s ranch cool what do you think we should do next we’re looking to get a move on westward I reckon a trains way to go didn’t I map the hostler Gibeah have marker for some railroad camp or other might be worth checking out I’m good at it any other ideas for relief see the bartender about renting the room in dirt water evidently that’s also awesome she can sing go cool all right do that well might as well going to the bartender of the first place doesn’t look like she’s in the mood to talk might as well inspect the the thing here look the jewel saloon is pretty nice the saloons go sorry I my eyes went I’m like where am i reading now actual glass in the windows more than two kinds of drinks the poker room is to have a common cockfighting pet but this splatoon is still a spittoon the rancid tobacco spit inside it isn’t fancy

rancid tobacco spit inspector here we go again alright fine you’re now hunkered down extra brass filth bucket which has probably never been cleaned around you because you’re near the deserts and the ambient humidity around here is pretty low low enough that the spit evaporates nearly as quickly as it accumulates so that’s good right no that’s bad because it’s only the water part of it that evaporates this brass bucket is half-full of the rest of the spit the toxins and filth that don’t evaporate several years worth distilled and concentrated into the consistency of molasses people aren’t allowed to flick cigarette butts into the spittoon anymore because they bounce out certain you’re about to put your hand into a bucket or something the color and viscosity of maple syrup except instead of maple syrup it’s flavored with the inside of the mouths of people who choose cigars instead of smoking them and have never brushed our teeth yeah or it feels like putting your hand into a bucket of lukewarm tapioca pudding acceptance attack with tapioca it’s basically poison it smells like someone ran over a skunk waited a week then set it on fire it feels like your hand is dissolving keep searching you found something you found a tacky field covered porcelain cow figurine a useless disgusting thing they’ll make a great arrow for your children assuming your soul is still able to him have any and you hate them hooray and yes I meant mom and hmm Monday and Wednesday playing for example fall out tough choice playing something new or same I know yeah it is a tough choice but I could try it out I can try it out see how well it goes because I do love fallout and then that way that get you know I get to play a little bit more on stream and less I guess waiting for myself off stream or something the other thing I could do instead is I could I could do a follow up Monday and Friday and then well no cuz Mass Effect is on Friday so never mind follow up Monday Wednesday I’ll try it I’ll try something out see how it works maybe Wednesday’s can kind of switch to something else in the meantime or something yep piano playing in background priceless glad to know you’re dragging it nice to meet you Lloyd start sign out front advertising a room that’s right finest room in the house how much does it cost well that’s we’re in luck oh sweet so it’s mine it’s free yay we got free room need any help anything well if you’re handy with mechanical type stuff something’s gone wrong with our piano with our player piano player thought the music sounded a little off yeah it’s not supposed to sound like that I’ll see what I can do thanks I poked around into myself and I lost the key this is something they’ve taken a strange turn a little tiny bit but we’ll see what happens hey Lloyd okay what what is this here I’ll have a shot of bourbon there a lot of bourbon sweet to increase your maximum HP by five for the rest of the apps may see you later good bye it’s your partner oh she actually comes inside what do you think of the place it’s all right sounds a bit busy for my taste but makes a change from being on the road gotta wash the dust off once a while right yep then you can go back out and collect some fresh new dust of course hey these guys fell asleep during a brawl that makes no sense so this is our room insult myself it’s not myself again it’s not myself again you better not insult yourself anymore you get angrier you get in the angrier you’re liable to pass out well that will not be a good thing so I am now I am now angry nice view from up here there’s postcard on this little table let’s take it you got a blank postcard oh that’s interesting oh and then that one takes us outside oh cool okay so what do these guys down here and grow some conversation leave them be try to talk to old guy stares off into the distance this thing’s the piano track to him doesn’t react to you at all a table full up I could play poker over there no room at this table so rules let’s see here read one of them eights are wild tens of hearts are double wild read another four aces of diamonds and three twos of diamonds count as a full house I’ve higher couch a NEMA swap cards with the player on their left and Arizona straight beats a straight a player holding a pair of trees must draw an additional twenty four cards one arm jacks are wild unless accompanied by four tins tender while the five of clubs or double wild sixes are wild unless accompanied by an eight of clubs a Mexican straight beats a Mexican flush Jack can’t be in the same hand as three kings of diamonds oh my goodness okay then I don’t think this is gonna go well trying to play it let’s start with 20

meat might as well plus 10% west-wind chance hmm past looks to meet us make a chance of winning out around 30% grit your teeth and raise let’s uh let’s 10% win chance cool I’ll call I lose 20 meet no better so sad Marcus leeeeee strategize whoa plus 20% win chance is the last round of betting time to do or die the pot is 120 meeting us many chances of winning at around 60% you’re uh Moxley strategize again let’s do that again reveal your cards you gained 120 meet antes been racing 125 now let’s come back later if I want to do that I will assess these guys are having spirited discussion about pens and which of theirs is nicer delightful slot meet um five meets sorry sure I’ll buy play the slot I don’t think I want any more slot trying to fix him okay so oh this this consumes a needle well that’s not nice let’s pick the lock you open the hatch and check out the machinery inside there’s obviously something wrong given all the plinking springing and clinking noises coming out the gears and stuff looks very complicated I see what’s wrong you recalibrate some springs and rearrange some gear some the machinery inside starts operating smoothly the music improves immediately sweet airs that works in sea bartender for darts hey how come they’re allowed to drink without hats on a this is a different place okay is this going to do anything doesn’t seem like it okay well we gotta set that chair back up gain that one XP that that gives us now we can leave we can come over here to the kitchen does this guy want some things I think well I prefer adventuresome so he needs saltpeter we got a quest haha I got game on Steam poker game with Team Fortress 2 Borderlands 2 characters but I have no idea how to play poker I don’t either apparently if you spit anywhere but besides the spittoon you got to add 27 meat to the pot you know that the pot for cooking right your bet your best bets and military camp ok cool and and some other weird things and stuff according to the rules in this game so I don’t know anything about anything else mmm-hmm slop helper yeah slop helper that’s disgusting okay so well that was a jewel saloon let’s just leave this and this waters for horses only find them be that way mercantile oh oh hello is there anything in here I can get rid of correspondence wizard who works her filthy porcelain cow I could I could sell the I I don’t know what what I even have I don’t think there’s any point selling anything would have gotten here though advanced cow-punching to learn a new Cal punching skill well that would be nice for social three dart dynamite in there there’s plum pudding tooth powder ooh less convenient precursor for to toothpaste and stuff there’s a shovel as well I I think oh you used to discover a new map location if you can find a high vantage point oh that’s neat disposable binocular so I’m gonna get those Oh nanana nanana leave you wanna let me do nothing that I want to do is and leave okay so brick right here use your binoculars there you go the Dave yard a picture binoculars in nearby trash can what why though how are those things Howard binoculars like I think that was a waste of 200 meet wasn’t it that’s probably a total waste but best paradox I won twice there before and it’s still that game well good job that’s hilarious I’ll buy some flowers yep just me yeah there you go cool one of those newfangled telegraph machines alright hello well I’d like to send a postcard ready let’s have it that’ll be oh is one of them prepaid ones that’ll be zero meet then thanks um did I wait did I did I actually send it apparently I actually sent it I didn’t even realize okay well fine then oh my stomach is now it is zero out of two Oh before you need a nap also you can’t take naps you can undergo sleep for an entire night well this look at me increasing HP by five for the rest of the day I don’t know how days work in this game I think I think days works

like once you die that’s when you lose a day or something or you just go sleep to go to the next day I guess that makes sense to then spleen how many potions okay I was worried that slot fed delightful yeah that sounds gross anyway let’s uh some go to the jail because there’s gonna be a lot of things here offer to help me help Tilly find a new sheriff there you go behind it to the right respectively okay cool just want to say hi hi well I best be getting back to work okay fine then that was that was nice of you post a read stripe you’re hacking cool we’ll do that um you know first I will go after those guys Joseph this one here mm-hmm also go after those guys excuse me get out thank you alright so there’s four jail cells here five jail cells here that was a ghost one gonna lock up some ghosts apparently and apparently I can’t do anything to talk to her about being sheriff anymore hello lady um are you never mind lot vacant or sorry lot available Lots available Lots available Lots available Lots available a lot available not a lot available after this point or past this point this guy doesn’t look very happy alright well I guess it’s time to go do some things so we have the desert house we have the Stern’s Ranch we have the day of yard and all these other places up here there’s also that railroad camp oh jeez sure let’s say let’s go to the desert house first I guess you notice trails of burnt and vegetation off the side the trail which can only be one thing a hill calf is grazing nearby okay sure let’s track it down there we go hello hello calf how are you I’m gonna get beefy and I’m gonna attack yeah goodbye all right what can she do she will hastily constructs the cover in front of you or can shoot that’s neat and I know she could do that two days ago I rewatched Pacific Rim and I’ve never before knows GLaDOS whole movie it doesn’t so excuse me Mikan is it doesn’t sound totally like her but it is Gladys that’s interesting I actually just saw the saw the trailer for a Pacific Rim – as a YouTube ad no less so that was kind of interesting we got extra thick leather what can I do with this or I can just sell it all right then brass bull ring cow hate flashes in her eyes her resolve intensifies as Suzy carves another notch in the stock of her rifle and Suzy has become stronger wait what so she becomes stronger the more she kills the the hill cows and stuff oh that’s cool I didn’t know that as you dismount and approach the house where the bandits are holed up you hear a voice her inside say what was that oh it looks like you’re gonna have to sneaky if you want to avoid a full-on fracas sneaky is my middle name wait really yeah sneaky is my middle name okay if you say so Thanks oh I can jump that’s funny um this doghouse contains an angry dog yes very funny you’re not gonna be able to get past it without alerting the gang inside the house hmm okay well then we’ll come back to that another time because I think I just need like a hot dog or something for it piece of meat something I don’t know an open grave are a very deep and rectangular potholes jump in to explain might as well handful of old coins of gold skull grave dirt and old wedding ring you too bad you don’t use them adblock and if you use adblock then you don’t get then the people who actually make the videos don’t get any money for their work on their videos and stuff do you use that block of it let’s test something I’ll do that there haha now that we’re talking about it let’s just test and see what it does let me know if anything happens oh oh we can go down crack the safe I need safe cracking for that talk what in the Sam Hill what’s this cow skull painting on top of the wall paint it up on the wall for who would do a thing like that why I don’t know what am I forgetting about I think take care of the house on the desert bandits cool okay as so foolish envying a blood sausage sausages we work out shaped stained stained well that’s disgusting oh no don’t go back down there go up here there you go Oh pick the lock lock picking press

needle stop certificate ooh what does I actually do for us just sell it oh yeah all right listen here grab them black and beans cool investigate this we got Mary sir and I are a toy box contains a single object a creepy burnt porcelain doll talk to it I pull the string I am dragon eight yes let’s play hooray Mary used to play with me but we didn’t get to finish our tea party before she went away will you help me finish it surely this game is almost over maybe it is such a good job the dolls eyes are all back forward go downstairs and get my cup do you know that magic were two makes a mean cow let you in to take your room no what is it magic word is peanut butter dog goes silent okay mayor I’m sorry let’s read this a little bit hmm and hi a written about above them Oh Oh cuz it’s that dairy this is a dairy of Mary Stearns huh huh huh the dairy starts out as typical kid stuff you flip ahead until you know so writing getting shaky or found a dolly under a cactus out back and she told me her name was grace Mama and Papa don’t believe me that she talks to say I got a big imagination grace as the cows are gonna put us well yeah it’s good for ad spammers usually GGA retards with about 12 heads in 18min video also stops quite a lot of harmful ads yeah that is true that is true it just prevents people from actually earning money from their videos though which is unfortunate and I I wish there was a better solution to stopping harmful ads and I agree the you know 12 ads in 18min a few of those are freaking annoying I’ve watched a lot of 10-minute videos and I have over 10 ads in the video it’s like every every minute there’s another ad it’s like you’ve got to be kidding me I just click away because if they have that many in there I don’t care what I don’t care to watch a video to heck with that I ain’t doing that I tested that with one of my videos but it was a it was uploaded but it was garbage it something happened with it something was wrong with it so I just kind of test it to see how many ads I could put in there and just see what would happen with it but it’s nothing like it for someone to watch the video it’s I think like a minute long or something I forget but it was terrible we this weren’t never carriage gray says it cows are gonna get us gray says he’s wrong about Papa won’t believe me gray says she can use the cows away but I have to play a tea party with her keep breathing I don’t like this candy party but grey says is important to keep the cows away mama was sad as I couldn’t find Effie Papa says she’s been gone so long they should put a cross up but mama won’t let him if you think she’ll come back Papa says she’s only 11 how far could she have gone my man started crying again don’t want to play grace as I has to I was out two days like Amber Joey curse but course he didn’t find him mama cries so much if he keeping the cows away him and tried to tell her him and Effie or helping keep the cows away but she don’t understand that oh Christ I’m not playing tea party again but she says I got it and if I don’t council eat all three of us she said either I get mama or Papa to play or else I got to play by myself that’s that’s sad I don’t know if I want to do that open it up yes please handful of nails no length of rope no those will help for something let’s open the store might as well oh cool I have another he’ll count thing nice that’s delightful for us okay let’s get it there you go good bye oh jeez Suzi carves another notch in the stock of a rifle of course she does we got a toilet pistol okay yes that’s a lie fella flowers smoking grass smoking chrysanthemum and a charred locket tumbleweed stopped Eloise come back now never mind tumbleweed doesn’t want to do nothing and so what if we what what is this is no this is the off hand the filthy porcelain cow wonder what else I can put in there instead watch your super sweet smelling flowers I could stench resistance chard locket let’s examine it kick from luck oh my goodness how many needles have I got picture of Mary Stearns examining the name Mary is written on the back um Thanksgiving 1894 that distortion spell damage oh there’s no point in that smoking chrysanthemum spell damage all right then gold skull just sell it brass bull ring probably does nothing for me huh all right then mm-hmm there’s one solution but that way you need to be sponsored and them put their video in your are you getting some money from your videos yeah bit sponsor sponsored

things work that way ads are totally free though and you don’t have to worry about that because it’s very very difficult to get sponsored with having only 200 some subs subscribers and stuff no one no one cares about that I do earn money from my videos I do earn some ad revenue not a heck of a lot cuz ad revenue is not the greatest but I do earn some dark horse right away dark horse ooh what’s this skeleton approaches you okay cool well let’s do that then oh and I need to I need to bring OBS my accountant because I can’t see that there yay sorry it been an hour and 20 minutes hold the crap what am i pressing here okay there we go 10 XP there’s my other staff well that’s always nice I had the Dave yard oh wait nope jump there we go brown boots I didn’t have to fight okay died with his boots on but not his pants poor guy I guess why do I keep jumping said I’m 98% sure there there isn’t good grammar or dier dier the the air I don’t know no but all you all you did was forget it never forget an apostrophe but forgetting an apostrophe is not that bad eighteen Suzy is pretty powerful I never went back to or whole mine and went to the 40th level oh shoot whatever to lay now it doesn’t matter who it was this dave was here huh are you sure I didn’t I would never what a guest here we go kill everything got it skeleton bone I don’t know what all the skeleton bones are gonna do for me but probably not much I have died of a heart attack see you insert negative 36 years negative 36 save a fellow from like 40 angry bears it was this guy can’t okay cool begin a blood sauce just thermos of spikes to coffee that doesn’t sound very nice excuse my there we go more skeleton bones why else is here dig through it a skull with odd tag oh wait I think I know where that needs to go actually um open a whole bunch oh god no that’s probably not a good idea okay okay let’s attack and attack this here is basically just going to be like a a thing to kill a bunch of skeletons basically to just constantly level up yeah let’s do that I’m gonna do that there here we go well that didn’t work tact there and we’ll attack there ie one shot that one choco for her from her there we go well that gave a few things now let’s look at our character because we probably have some XP here we can spend how much do we have where is it where’s the show unspent and unspent XP is 101 so what does a tough customer oh shoot I should have looked at what that does but I guess whatever too late now what glamour do plus 10% Oh plus 20% to meet games oh I should do that then I have 36 x XP to spend I should get more what does mr. Kelly to do and the amount of damage you take from spells to elemental attacks okay well let’s let’s grab that let’s grab that mm-hmm there we go got it let’s open a whole bunch again dude do one more little fight just for the heck of it oh I thought she could kill in one hit he didn’t kill him one hit oh well apparently I shot that’s not what I wanted okay too late now I guess there we go oh good what’s in the base nothing in the base oh but there’s this thing ritual circle drawn on the Oh God well this investigate this we got a rogue receipt gore splattered scroll all right then sure let’s let’s look at the Oh up here is that there it is all at the top okay cool new things that’s um okay so robe receipts is up here where’s the other one that there’s of

course clavicle okay 150 black silk robes examine it necromancer journal woo okay gore splattered scroll scrapes the largest of the giblets yeah off the scroll that’s discussing says take a pile of human ashes spread them out in shape first and blah blah blah um perform the ritual I don’t know if it’s a good idea to do that performing that ritual oh that’s probably a terrible idea absolutely terrible idea let’s go to for Carrodus and we’ll pick this lock to 237 wheat we make up for the disposable what are they disposable binoculars that’s it I quite like term turn-based games worms for mayhem Costume Quest South Park worms is pretty good I played worms on the what was a Gamecube I think thing was a Gamecube yeah not very much I play with my cousin though but I I’ve never played it on the on what is it on the PC geez why can’t I think my brain doesn’t want to work what is wrong with you I can’t get enough I literally cannot get enough of these I’m looking at the same things over and over okay I find that be that way mm-hmm I don’t have any more lock any more needles darn it blech open it oh my got the saltpeter oh nice well I can go back to that guy and given this the salt here several goblins snoring inside maybe I should leave them alone I don’t know that’s a good idea what’s going on in here is I was soaked with blood oh I can look at the papers marching orders look at the diagrams okay well if we look at the marching orders was that too and real question got resources for me2 I got some but I can’t do anything else with it because the what is it the the cane I can’t get the came because I need another heavy weapon ammo upgrade before I can unlock that thing which is a little bit a million but fine whatever then render them looted yes please safe Kraken I need safe cracking that’s a skill I need in there toilet in Gotham which makes us seem pretty likely the goblins use this tent to toilet no way are you gonna go in there no but I want to go in there ah might as well go in here okay we got the jump on him this time well hopefully can she kill one hit no that was on the 16 HP no okay please do not kill Suzi there would not be very nice so it sucks she’s dead okay well sorry Susie goodbye that’s so sad no she’s alright oh you what’s in here foul-smelling cool open the footer chemical bullet incendiary bullet ah ah gross and I need more logs luck lockpick needles any more needles that’s what I need okay well we got the saltpeter for that guy can cavern Canyon let’s go here go there now button willows oh wait oops I didn’t even realize something else happened there there’s another ranch out this way the Butterfield ranch dairy farm manly alright we can check it out sweet yep let’s let’s do that what were you saying we should do next yeah okay cool good idea let’s get out oh this guy’s got stuff in things all right like how I can just like walk right through there oops go back to look at this yeah let’s look so what do you guys got length of rope we’ve got advanced cow pungent this is only 300 sweet I’ll take it yes please desert eatin and drinkin foraging all 1500 are you serious I need needles Oh 1500 for that thing I only have 15 flippin hundred field trauma kit stores 10 HP bean stain pants I didn’t even realize hello Elmer how are you doing you drew finally post on discard okay I’ll take a look at it after the stream that’s really cool alright poisons enemy and okay cowboy chef’s hat plus to spell damage don’t need that deputy of pistol I guess the extra thick leather all I can really do is sell it but I’m not gonna have enough here puts out fires huh I’m not gonna have enough here to be able to get the flippin fortune scale

and earn it huh it video inspired about drying okay that’s nice hmm yeah yeah we are yeah okay what are we got in here got clothes so we got hats this is a guy hats me I got the one thing only got one other thing there we got the toilet pistol which applies five poison to an enemy sure let’s grab that the vermin skin a knife is not as good but it gives us more things so I’m going to keep that for now we’ve got the pants we got okay cool no nose oh your video about drawing inspired me oh that’s awesome I’m glad to dude oh my that’s really good okay let’s go to cavern King I haven’t gone there yet Butterfield Ranch let’s go cavern Canyon first what happened oh wait you hear a groaning noise short distance away investigate cowpoke’s key is sitting against Ruffus leg Benton way that seems incorrect oh dang horse threw a rod and I fell out think I busted one of my dancing arms give a ride back to dirt water he helps the guy on the back your horse give him a lift back to town thank you kind of stranger I’d say I owe you one but I seems doubtful we’ll ever meet again no prep demo sir oh now now we’re in dirt whoa now we’re in dirt water again well wait wait because oh is it that the guy in the kitchen needs a saltpeter right oh wait wrong place kitchen there’s a kitchen hello got it right here that’s the stuff 10x beat a murder pepper because it literally has knife and kills people have some questions that girl in the area outside of town you should be able to find one if you just wander around a little all right so the area just outside town can I go than that from here yes I can well let’s go to the cavern canyon now that’s quite far away look through the wreckage sure might as well advance cow-punching again I haven’t even read the first one that I just grabbed okay well let’s go do that cuz I have two of these things here so read it menacing mood let’s let’s get them oops I mean oops okay well that’s not what I intended to do didn’t intend to just grab it immediately um hey maker or thick-skinned I’m gonna do hey maker deals damage and briefly stunts Anatomy how do that one unfortunate by the time I’m done practicing you’ve splattered the book with cactus juice ruining it let’s add okay well danger spider spider there’s dangerous writer oh no here’s something a sudden cheering coming from that big hole behind you well that’s that’s not um terrifying at all just have death wish saying this close to that thing yeah should leave right now before that spider eats you medicine booze what no where you going back in there what oh come on of course I want to go back in there that’s ridiculous oh no oh wait what sneaky you see the gang on the other side this big pile of junk but you’re not gonna be able to get to the center maybe if you had more legs to be able to pick your way through it alright well let’s come come back this way then we have the danger spider over here again open the door please no over the store unless you want to get eaten by a giant spider even then don’t open it because the rest of us I want to give you my giant spider it isn’t even signed so you can hardly be expected to take it seriously over the door go straight up there’s no way to go through it unless you’re a huge spider yeah okay well that’s nice no way you’re going back in there darn it that’s so sad I wanted to go back in there though there’s more skittering than silence yeah go go inside I’m gonna go inside there we go cuz I I just wrapped them oh that’s it I wrapped them up with the spider I gotta go have some other stuff to do alright Co croco thanks for joining we’ll see you again soon have a good rest of your day yeah let’s arrest them turn them in there you go there just go thousand meat I just got a thousand meat I can go back to that store and get the get get the thing okay let’s read that mmm-hmm yep I’ll do that one sure my H is real what else do I get fancy knife that’s right this gives +3 moxie excuse me that does more damage but then it could we my um thing see you Friday croco there’s nice there we go okay

now I need to go back to cavern Canyon let’s see if I can go back in there grab them Oh disposable binoculars oh sweet that’s awesome now we don’t have to pay 200 meat for it nope not going back in there okay now that’s fine I guess we’ll go up to here to Butterfield Ranch wicked blues peaches today I just get 700 meat I did – holy crap okay then let’s fight this count as we can I have to you go punch it stun it for one turn yeah oh my god this this thing is powerful it’s under a bullet deal zero damage stuff on fire oh gods okay well things not gonna kill me that easily I guess it seems so that’s good cow hate flashes in her eyes card some of the notch and stock of a rifle her resolve intensifies and she’s become stronger again we got roasted cow tongue discussing increases mystic allottee no thanks that’s absolutely disgusting that requires foraging to grab it okay we got more bro oh we got more needles as well good I need to go back to for whatever it was for cowardice I think red-hot poker that’s right hot poker gonna do deals hot damage since no physical that’s interesting you have nothing to turn oh I can bring something to turn curly curly Butterfield The Legend of Curly’s meat looks like maybe the saw house is worth investigating sweet you discover a new map location coal bridge mine there’s an insect or sorry incent map of the mine itself with a big X girl between three strange trying to their icons let’s do that I don’t have lockpick and to shoot let’s kill one of these things I don’t know what this is gonna do but might as well try killing it mmm give that some poison hey welcome to you target will be disabled for one round eat it me immune to what Oh immune to poison okay so shooting this thing did nothing 15 XP menu odo geode so I can basically just do this multiple times and get a bunch of experience playing these that’s it that’s all it’s gonna do for me yeah oh and she’s become stronger again so can can I do this like multiple times just to make Suzy really strong so I kill a bunch of these cow things here are you leaving home where’s well see you Alma if you are leaving holy crap that’s I’m gonna do this a couple more times to see if Suzy can get even stronger see if she can learn a new skill or something that’s kind of neat it seems like Suzy’s the the easiest partner to have in this game cuz she seems to get mm-hmm oh no she seems to increase in skill and everything very quickly Oh God okay well darn it uh yeah that didn’t kill it no no this good this is gonna kill me how much is gonna heal this so I’m gonna heal nine um I need I need to surrender I’m leaving gaining effect angry you got so angry about there’s no fight that you pass out darn it are you serious well that sucks hey funny fluffy how’s it going I hope you’re doing well today okay let’s let’s do one more your anger gets higher than two you pass out from rage okay I’ll find then I guess that was kind of my own fault no huh let’s go back to that place mmm Butterfield ranch every but the Big Apple huh well we’ll go there another time keep going where you gone I’ll see what happens at that place in another time all right so ah that’s right I need lock-picking – I don’t have lock-picking – this increases Moxie by

six that’s why I have this is other stuff what about consumables this increases muscle by three for the rest of the day so I can eat that black and beans note miniato roasted cow tongue and hard tag this crackers definitely optimized for shelf-life and sub taste that was hard yeah better was gross okay let’s look at character can I get no I need 400 experience for rock pickin – hmm I’ll get one more muscle and okay I’ll get beef up first date menacing mu and haymaker all in one as well as increased gumption and glamour – might as well I don’t know now let’s fight these things again all right so we got to at 46 here okay let’s do that there we go this should go much better see you Roma see now this fights is going much further in my favor Suzi did not increase in anything though I wonder if I should try using a different weapon though other stuff quest items no do we have a ha weapons red-hot poker has got this thing I’ll grab that think it to kill the cows with oh my god there’s too many of them 37 she can probably kill them on at 36 so I’ll let her I’ll let her deal with the 1 to 36 yeah one shot doing all right good I’m glad you’re doing well okay I guess guess I should kill the one that’s already half dead that makes the most sense oh shoot shoot I’m gonna end up dying again 20 HP yeah I think that’s important I need that I need to kill there we go oh ah haha sweet there we go now we went now de Suzie increase in power she does she become stronger oh oh good okay let’s try one more fight I’ll try one more fight we’ll see I don’t know how well it’ll work but we’ll try it 38 yeah let’s get rid of that one okay cool 37 kill it yeah one shot nice good job Suzie yeah okay these things are difficult but Sussie can take them out in pretty much one hint oh that’s awesome this is this is a cheap way to get a bunch of a bunch of experience and a bunch of stuff for for Suzie for Susie to level up and everything this actually this gives me quite a bit of experience points as well what does grit do grit gives maximum HP stomach capacity and pain tolerance so maybe maybe I should do that gumption was this do again speed maximum ap that’s right and glamour is meat games and stuff so I’ll do that and then increase muscle might as well do mystic allottee I know this is this is kind of boring just constantly doing all this so I apologize just constantly fighting these things over and over but it’s good experience points let’s kill that one oh wait what Oh cuz that one was in the way it shoot shoot shoot shoot all right well I can still do it as soon as you can get rid of that one there okay now can Susie kill that one yes she can of course you can okay what does my experience is at 76 I’m gonna do this until I get 400 experience just so that I can it so that I can unlock that door bar in place whatever it is there because that’s important I need lock-picking skill to quartet but again this this constant same fighting over and over is gonna get boring

I was wondering with your drawing videos would it only be with you and rocky only or would you be doing it with others well for now right now it’s it’s basically just me and rocky it’s possible I could do it with others so like if you wanted to do it with me like you and I could do that same time alright um do that kind of together as well would be kind of cool but it was something that me and my friend rocky planned out together to help him get some directing experience and stuff for school that’s not gonna do anything to those guys oh that thing so you can kill that one alrighty I’ll take this as soon as you can take that you little one hit and then we just got one more left to deal with there we go okay Suzy has not increased in level and I have only a few more few more to go for experience to gain enough experience points I will where is it combat up here Oh trust us it’s better this way is it I don’t think it is okay so now there’s no sound effects no come at sound effects that’s going a bit faster I guess there we go tell them all got it cool now Suzy has become stronger again fufufu I don’t like the time I see being up that high actually yeah that’d be pretty cool but okay that’s pretty awesome they’re helping out yeah yeah and it’s it’s a pretty fun thing too it allows me also it has multiple benefits because it allows me to do the drawing stuff that I’ve been wanting to do for so long along with helping him out with that hand and stuff so yeah I’m happy about it I think it’s a good idea I think it’s cool I’m glad you like it do that there daddy okay perfect there we go how much more do I need two more need two more fights and I will end up getting enough experience points so I’m just gonna do that quick what could he quick-quick I’ll try to be quick anyway this game is by no means quick at all there we go and last one there we go oh yeah that was not the one I should have gone to but whatever it works I’m not gonna be able to kill that one this time though shoot yeah that’s that was not smart of me I shall click the right one hmm drawing is awesome I love drawing I just don’t do enough of it I want to do a lot more which is part of the reason why I’m doing this okay there we go lock picking this up now let’s increase whatever we’ll save that for another time cool here we go go inside now what’s in here oh there a lot of spare turns from here who’s this sure did pal loose boards Sabbath which can well we got tainted milk and that’s delightful toy skeletons on the needle okay what are the toy skeletons gonna do May it’s good this a little group of toy skeletons made somewhat self-referential II out of Polish bone characters milk increases mystic allottee and speed by 5 for the rest of the day yeah oh excuse me examine this wait what where’s this – it’s an insubstantial piece of an infernal count well I’ll leave it for now why would I get rid of it we might be able to do some good stuff with that let me go back to for cowardice cuz there were some things a locker thing or something I could I could pick but I didn’t have any locks of the time all right so no not not in there not there in here there we go this thing picking incendiary bullet and silver bullet okay got it now well this up over here so I think yeah I have to pick that one as well hey there’s a goblin guy okay then get the attention with violence now get their attention say yeah what are you doing shooting pyres always always shootin pies could you elaborate on that um time is really big problem though

yeah time is I I hate it a hero will never understand what is wrong with a pie shut up so much angry keep trying destroy huh look so somebody holes in a pie say if you winning a pie is dead you certain being here being wait here I will checking you peek through the hole see up that pie a shot to hell cool what what does shooting now guess you’re finding other pie what they’re more pious being yes the world is full of pies I don’t know this violence thing will never ending sorry being not wishing to enabling this behavior no this is my cross bearing I must grow going and continuing the fight ok thanking you I wishing you good luck against the forces of pie let’s salute general gob strikes out the door jaw clenched eyes drizzle it with pie hatred well that was weird I guess I’m the general now yours that could have intimidated him to get his hat so I think that’s something I could then scares pretty cool for just being stickman though yeah it is kind of neat isn’t it hmm not too many people seem to really be interested in watching it today though just kind of funny either way I was happy to play it it was interesting to me at least and I may just play this on my own from now on instead dynamite Dan’s discount dynamite their house will keep going over I was going go over there oh wait I have to go and get that forage and thing yeah I’m gonna go get that fortune thing where’s that Buttonwillow store long distance away okay my mom really likes the game okay let’s look at this one here mmm have to get the fortune absolutely has to oh I don’t think there’s anything else it’s not right now there we go go to the court yeah the coleridge mine now I need to actually read the book cause I forgot about that get bent and or lost accuse her of robbery I accuse you of crimes hand over all your ill-gotten gains why you she whipped up his some point saying you pluck it out of her hand thanks I’ll do fine you pull on your rein stopping your horse from the Bandit nonplussed continues to ride away ha ha ha that’s hilarious and the dialogue the dialogue is ridiculous there’s so much ridiculous stuff in this game like no joke I love it though it’s it’s quite hilarious toilet pistol and you also get toilet pistols and things a little bit strange yeah let’s read this get the florigen skill unfortunately while practicing your techniques you actually own the squeeze the book into book juice which it turns out isn’t a real thing yeah not too busy today um it might just be the day and time it could be hmm it could be it is possible anything is possible excuse me mom okay what’s in here Ellsbury woman the row of lockers here must been used for storing that personal effects of the filler used to work this mine the label a second one covered in some kind of white goo third one is labeled loose bins has combination on it let’s do that one there yeah Ellsbury’s helmet and a bottle of laudanum I was over the second Locker skeleton covered in the same white goo shaving cream oh I can’t believe you dangerous stuff me into my locker and then filled over shaving cream I died from that he also skeleton confirmed both your insight and there’s his vengeful murderous intent okay well that’s fine mmm I’ll take it goodbye oh wait never mind this might not be too great to the thing he’s got a lot of health oh my let’s do that and then let’s use this there we go hey Susie can kill him in one hit oh nice nice nice nice would you be getting the are are dr2 what is that I don’t know what that is third locker combination don’t know it RDR 200 red dead redemption ah of course I definitely want to get Red Dead Redemption – right – I love to read Debra really idea that day I loved Red

Dead Redemption 1 so yeah I’d love to get Red Dead Redemption – that’d be really awesome are these stigmas travel Curly’s compass all right then I need to get some I need to get a pickaxe and then I have to come back here what is this thing spiral makes you feel crazy hey then let’s not go skirt makes you uncomfortable there’s the pickaxe I got my pickaxe ah ha ha now I don’t need to buy one rip it out 30 weeks sweet well now I can go on my way back and grab all the things okay yeah I’d love to get red tooth redemption – it’s probably gonna be like 40 or 50 you know it’s probably more like 80 dollars when it first comes out actually so I won’t be able to get it right away unfortunately but at some point when it goes down in price yeah I definitely want to get it hmm where else was I saying I needed to go – I need to go the potemkin gang do those guys cavern canyon there’s nothing else in there I don’t think okay let’s go to the Potemkin game yeah but was this reach for the sky clown you quickly turn around see a grizzled looking man and all that clothes except for his hat which is white with brightly colored spots honey ain’t gonna you who are you calling a clown jerk hmm it’s true you don’t have clowns markings I have no idea what you’re doin talk about you mean likes to poke at that hat that only clown would wear the ranch eyes up to your own comfort with a closer inspection her face seems I was mistaken be on your way no I think you owe me an explanation I’m a clown hunter the light the lighting here is poor and I mistook you no other expose ation is necessary yeah yeah I’d probably be getting on ps4 though i yeah i would probably locating it for PC now that I can I guess because they won’t have it for the Xbox 360 they’d have it for the Xbox one but I don’t have that either and I don’t have $400 to get a console how about starting with what the heck icon hunter is you hunt clowns yes we’re talking about the same thing here the guys in white facepaint in funny clothes who run around rodeo so spank the analyst doesn’t not real clowns well you talk about the old stories that stuff of how clowns and cows we’re at war in hell and rodeo clowns dress up that way because like a reenactment I am okay um are you saying that that’s real I will not rest until they erase from our lands what should I do if I run into one don’t let them take you alive turns around as a flapper with leather duster and disappears into the trees spooky then a spooky as the thought that there might be actual demonic clowns running out around out here terrifying Oh Susie caught a thing oops sorry Susie there’s another ranch in this area don’t know nothing about it it’s pretty new cool lazy lazy a dude ranch would look at it yeah cool thanks for the reminder alright let’s go here no no entry real-deal a guy shouts what the the guy says also it’s a huge mess in there big prisoner party last night uh-huh okay get away from me house I was on vacation right now get away from me what’s the matter buddy I lost my belt buckle did you look near the bar did you look neither okay good luck with that huh leave through the back door mm-hmm right I remember this one was some kind of a puzzle if you guys listen closely you can hear the music is actually backwards as well as Soviet okay so there’s TNT behind the second one right there hmm there’s also this this is the back of zero turns out it’s just flat plywood like a theatrical set the ropes are holding this thing don’t look very strong in knocked over pretty easily but you should probably hold off until just the right moment okay so under the third one there he actually how are you doing welcome to the stream so some of the second one there for me from the video from there so I think that’s the jail all right leave me alone okay so it looks like no it’s not wait is it is it the jail I think it is the jail okay so he’s going there huh

no no entry to anything okay so so if I come over to here that guy’s gonna come over there all right no and then and then lady you need to go oh geez what the heck darn it okay so did you look near the hustlers that’s it Becker stuff always makes things creepy it sure does wait no it’s the jail I need to go to I think the jail now I need to get this lady to go over to the jail oh my god this guy yeah just gonna come over there okay there we go I’ll throw him at the jail I’m doing well actually sorry I missed what you said there before mm-hmm how are you doing all right so now we go over here and this should be right here cut the ropes there we go hey that is so sad just knock everyone over mmm well they should all be stunned now how’s it going all you guys there take him to jail yeah there we go another thousand meat Oh whoo whoo whoo hooray okay leave so we still got three more there to do none of those things we got the one over here what is this one house in the district Inc ah that’s right okay then there’s this one yes please black hat bandit yep what time what time are we at oh it’s just past two hours now okay well hmm I think I’m gonna have to obey what happened to this poor guy check on him oh no first shot my leg is broken so no what happened traffic accident no just sort of what happened traffic accident no just sort of broke all of a sudden I guess I don’t get enough vitamins or whatever good nutrition could be difficult to say an H I’m gonna need some medicine for this can you help me yeah of course thank you a rescue mission there’s a mission up north the nuns there run a little hospital and sell medical supplies can you get me some broken leg pills well some broken leg pills okay coming out fine whatever I’m probably gonna have to do something else for it for those guys before I can get him his broken leg fails but I’m gonna have to end it here cuz you know Wednesday I have to get ready for work a little bit earlier and everything so where’s the exit I don’t know main menu right there here we go so now I should be able to just yeah click continue okay well yeah I’m here thank you everyone so much for watching I hope you all enjoyed I hope you all had fun I have fun playing it although it doesn’t seem too many people really enjoyed it too much not too many people seem to want to come and watch but that is alright what I might try next Wednesday is playing some fallout 4 because what fallout 4 is gonna take a very long time so if I figure if I play more fallout 4 you’re working funny fluffy thank you for joining but I figure if I play fallout 4 more often then we can do more stuff and get more stuff done in a shorter amount of time I guess instead of once a week it’ll be twice a week I’ll try that see how it goes for people and what happens and if there ever ends up being another game I decided want to play I can stick that on Wednesdays as well but yeah Friday will be some Mass Effect 2 and yeah I’ll see you guys again very soon so have a wonderful day oh wise wizard you’ve arrived but I’m just ending it now I’m sorry welcome and bye now I can’t stay today but um yeah so I’ll see you all again very soon have a wonderful rest of your week bye bye and God bless see you all is PFI streaming stealing everyone’s views yeah probably probably he probably is and don’t worry too much wise wizard hmm I’m so coughing quite a bit too um yeah so I don’t think there’s anything else here but you guys all have a wonderful rest of your date and I’ll see you soon but by god Beth