SOLVE THIS CRIME – Dan and Phil play: Layton’s Mystery Journey!

P:Hello, Dan & Phil Games detectives! D:Hi! *detective noises* D: Is Tomb Raider a detective? I mean it- P: It’s a mysterious noise! D: (Random blabbering) D: Out of all those people who solve mysteries, D: One of them is ~ Professor Layton ~ D: what WHAT?? D: It was umm..a series of puzzle solving mystery games on the Nintendo DS. It was my favourite thing to play when I was, like, sitting by a rainy window and pretending to be intellectual P: Pretending you could solve anything! D: Mhmm! Yeah. And then it was out of my life; and now it’s back, in the form of D&P: Lady Layton! P: So today, I think I’m gonna be Sherlock Holmes and you’re gonna be Watson? D:What’re you sayin’? P: Well I mean.. I’m like, the Benedict Cumberbatch; I look like Benedict Cumberbatch I’m more superior at mystery solving I watched a lot of Scooby Doo as a kid! D: Scooby Doo is nothing good about mystery solving It’s just like, “This person tripped over this, Oh, it’s the groundskeeper.” P: *laughs* D: So this is a sequel! To the Nintendo DS Professor Layton game P: And we’ve been lucky enough to get a sneak preview of it! D: A sneaky prevs P: So..let’s have a play! P: What language? We could make it really hard, and do it in Netherlands D: That would add to the mystery! P: Español! D: I can test my French lessons from school P: English! P: Layton’s Mystery Journey! D: (dramatic) Katrielle and the Millionaire’s Conspiracy P: I’m already hooked because there’s a little dog outline P: So there’s dogs in this game! D: That’s all I need to sign up for an app, okay P: Yeah. I like the music, very mysterious P: Ooh, (reading) enter a name for saved games What should we be? D: dAnAnDpHiL with no space P: Are we gonna fit that in? D: No, Dan.. Dan question mark (sarcastically) Good one P: Phil D: Phil typing on an iPad P: (laughing) There we go! D: DAN… QUESTION MARK… PHIL? D: That’s very- P: It’s mysterious though! D: mysterious, yes P: (mysteriously) Aha D: …Repeating a joke I made at the start of the video P: *laughing* D: (reading) The story and characters in this game are fictional The character that looks like you that dies cause nobody likes them is just a coincidence P: It’s just- that’s what it means D: It’s- stop getting paranoid. Not everyone hating another person is about you, Shirley P: (to Dan) Are you ready for a video D: …yeah D: WOAH ORIENTATION SHIFT. Are you ready for some- P: Yeah D: Lore. Okay P: Ooh, are we in London? D: *in a high pitched voice* A misty town in Yesteryear D: I’ll stop ruining this P: *laughs* D: Okay P: It’s like an anime D: They’ve got a full on- P: Look at that D: *laughs* high quality cartoon right now Is that Lady Lay- Daddy! P: Daddy D: Daddy (??) P: is the first word you hear D: No, this is not dream Daddy Young Lady Layton: Where are you going? Daddy? Daddy! P: This is sad D: Oh no, it’s cause we were off solving mysteries with him on the DS P: Oh! D: He abandoned his child P: That’s why! D: AUUGH Lady Layton: (as she wakes up) Uh! It was just a dream. P: Ohh D: Mm, interesting furniture. She’s got a house plant, P: Yeah D: Which is a lot more alive than all of ours P: What is hiding in that little box? D: Her shame D: She opens the curtains. That’s why her house plants are alive P: Ohh. That would make sense D: That hat is not practical on any level but I support it P: It’s going to get knocked off by a diseased English pigeon. D: Probably Lady Layton: (exclaims happily) Today’s the day. My journey as a detective starts here! D: Day 1, wow P: She’s so happy about it D: “Yeah, I’m going to see some corpses!” P: Aww! D: Look at this wholesome town! P: This is just what London is like! D: Oh I just said wholesome town, yeah, this, this is not, *sarcastic chuckle* D: what London is it like in real life P: Looks just the same, looks just the same P: I want a detective agency! “Philly’s Detective… World” P: Mystery solved for free D: *laughs* Please, I just want company. P: Yeah P: Lady and a Tramp D: Nice P: Is she going to eat some sensual spaghetti with someone? D: She’s going to kiss a dog. P: Whew! D: Whew, lad P: The dog is near D: Hello! Lady Layton: . . . There, all done! D: *HITS DESK* ADOPT HIM! P: PET THE DOG! Dog: Hey! You there! D: ADOPT HIM RIGHT NOW D: The dog has a very strange tail. P: It’s defying gravity Lady Layton: Who said that? . . . Was it you? Dog: Can you really solve any mystery? P: Oh my god. D: I mean okay, I’m sorry sign me up for talking dog. Lady Layton: (suspiciously) Oh . . . a talking dog Dog: You’re not surprised? Lady Layton: (unimpressed) It’s only talking Dog: (insulted) Only talking? D: Not impressed, oh my god this is like Meowth, that dog trained for decades P: Exactly! D: to be able to talk and you’re just nonplussed P: My guess is that the mystery is that the dog is speaking. Dog: Let’s see you try your paw at this puzzle D: That’s just the mystery. “Please help, I’m hallucinating talking dogs”. P: *laughs* D: Medication did not exist back then. P: Oh, he’s trying us out on a puzzle D: Puzzle #1 P: Care for a cake D: It’s worth 20 Picarats P: It is just going to secrete a cake through the iPad because I’m down for that. D: *laughs* D: Let’s say at this point that this game is about solving mysteries and puzzles D: so if you’re ever interested in doing this yourself, it is a bit of a spoiler to watch us doing it P: Yeah D: Presuming that we actually successfully solve any of these . . P: So if we ever get close to solving something, we’ll put “SPOILER ALERT” and tell you how much you can skip D: We’ll flash on the screen so you’re safe P: skip, skip through the video P: Spoilers about D: For your protection P: *reading* “The letter ‘K’ has fallen down from the sign above the cake shop. D: Mkay P: I feel like he’s going to have more of a… D: It was me, running into the cake shop P: *laughs* Just like bounded forward D: “GIVE ME YOUR CAKE.” P: Use more of a Baker voice D: Oh what me? Okay D: *Baker’s accent* “Use the three triangles to make the letter ‘K’ inside the box.” D: Okay, we’re using shapes. The power of triangles to assemble a ‘K.’ D: Move them by sliding them, and you can rotate them by touching them. When the ‘K’ is formed D: you’ll have done it. Okay assemble that ‘K’ Phil! P: So we’ve got three triangles D: *agrees* D: Well I’m guessing that the big one is the edge of the ‘K’ so rotate that so that’s like that. P: Like that? D: Yeah P: And then that’s like D: One more P: Like that! D: That’s not a K that’s an H!

P: It’s kind of like a K! D: No, what is wrong with you? D: Okay, I reckon you do it like this P: Why does it have to be on the edge? D: Because things have to be neat in this world, Phil. P: Oh P: That looks less like a K than mine did D: Like that, shh D: Delete this (?) P: That is awful D: That, okay, well, that, that was my attempt right there, this is, this is P: This is the prologue! This is meant to be the easy one D: a complete floppy ding dong D: Okay P: You need to stop saying ‘floppy ding dong’ D&P: Umm P: If you know like Layton games though it’s all about thinking outside the box P: so how can we D: Except this time, we do have to make a K inside the box P: Yeah D: Umm, very literally P: See, I’m picturing what would happen if P: the K was made out of the white P: instead of the brown D: oh my god, OH P: Do you see? P: Because I just put that there so it’s D: So maybe it’s like you put one there P: Yeah D: And then you make a… D&P: *laughing* D: A… P: Oh no, that’s good, that’s good P: Because then you’ve got that, that looks like a K D: That’s a K! We’ve made a K, it’s just a bad K D: That’s a K P: That’s nearly, that, wait D: but on the prologue would they really accept D: *sh00K* Lady Layton: I see how to solve this now! D&P: Yes! We did it! P: I thought it was a K D: Mmm, *high five* boom, negative space P: That was the thing D: Is the first puzzle, oh my god D: Okay P: Like, I just, when you put the triangle there, I could just picture, the, the K D: Well done Phil P: The sign is fixed the shop is open again and look at our K! D: Time for a D: Aww, that looks cool now P: Yeah D: Mmm, care for a cake, anyone? Yup, don’t pay me in money D: pay me in cakes, that would be a Dan & Phil’s Detective Agency P: How’d you like that, doggo? Dog: Alright, you seem to be up to scratch D: Up to scratch, ha ha ha, hmmm . . . . Lady Layton: (promptly) Thank you. Why don’t you step inside? P: That’d be a bit of a sexy scratch then hmm? D: Yeah that was a bit weird D: The dog doesn’t support that P: Sorry D: ♪ Come inside dog ♪ Lady Layton: (serious voice) So, what can I do for you? D: I love her voice, it’s so like, Hermione Granger meets Beatrix Potter P: What can I do for you? D: The dog is like “why aren’t you reacting to me, this is very alarming.” Dog: . . . and I have total amnesia D: A talking dog with amnesia P: How’d that happen? D: The plot thickens Dog: If I could just remember my parents, it might make more sense D: Oh no we have to help find the dog’s parents D: I love his ankle rolls because of his floppy skin. P: Yeah *laughs* D: Got anything else? P: Oh it’s so anime, I love it P: Oh my god, what’s going on there? D: I, I, I wanna solve that mys-, that’s an ancient civilization D: That looks like a terrifying dystopian future where mantid lizards exist, right D: Hello!: Boy: That, that dog! It just spoke! D: Is that the Watson in this? P:I think so D: That looks like you P: Yeah *laughs* D: I’m Lady Layton, you’re that guy Lady Layton: (passively) Apparently, he’s my assistant. I told him I don’t need help, but he won’t listen P: Ernest! D: Ernest Greeves P: That’s, that’s a strong name! D: Amazing, I ship it P: Now we know he’s called Ernest Lady Layton: Well, here’s the paperwork then. Now, you’ll need a name P: Pugsworth D: Sherl *laughs* Pugsworth? He’s not a pug. Lady Layton: How about . . . Sherl? Dog: Sherl? P: Sherl… Lady Layton: Well, you said you can’t remember your name, so I’ve thought of one for you D: Like Sherlock, dun DUN P: Ohh Lady Layton: (proudly) With inspiration from the famous Sherlock Holmes! D: Sherlock exists in the same canon as Layton P: What D: My god, look at that guy’s face P: You can be Hatriell D: Inspector Hastings, whatever is the matter? D: You look positively beside yourself P: You won’t believe what’s ‘appened! D: Who is this loud-mouthed, long-nosed nerk? He’s got more collar than me D: *chuckles* P: This is Inspector Hastings, Sherl. From Scotland Yard. D: Scotland Yard, of course D: the idiot police, they need the special detective’s help P: Despite appearances, he’s actually responsible for ensuring London’s safety P:What’s that mutt doin’ down ‘ere? Don’t tell me you’ve gone and bought yourself a pet? D: Kat. A pet? A pet! Do I look like a pet? … Don’t answer that D: Sorry Inspector, to answer your question, no, Sherl here isn’t a pet D: Rather, he’s my very first client. The first to have signed on the dotted line and enlist my services! P: Well strictly speaking miss, he can’t sign anything of course. He’s… digitally impaired D: An excellent observation Ernest. Let me rephrase that then. The first to have put his paw print on my paperwork! D: *suggestively laughs in high-pitched tone* P: Ohhhhhh . . P: Well anyway… D: He’s like “Why did I come here, these people are crazy?” P: We ‘aven’t got time to be discussin’ pets! P: I’ve got a case I need you on Kat. And I need you on it right now D: Forget your parents, Sherl D: Perhaps it’s time you told us what has actually happened, Inspector? D: Ooo, get to it mate P: Well, it’s ‘ard to believe, to be honest. I mean, you’d never expect somethin’ like this to get nicked D: What? Something’s been stolen? A burglary case is it? P: Of sorts, yeah, but not your average run-o’-the mill burglary. This affects everyone in London D&P: In the ‘ole of Britain! D: This is incre-, as a British person, I am loving this immensely D: The Queen’s Crown P: I think you better just come to the scene. Then, I’ll explain everythin’ D: That sounds like a very good idea. Lead the way D: Hello! Isn’t there a little matter we’re forgetting here? What about figuring out my true identity? D: Oh yes! Well, the trouble is… This new case sounds just sounds a lot more interesting D: Frickin’ slapped P: Oh Sherl D: Ernest and Sherl, in the corner of Lady Layton’s priorities D: Now, lets get to the scene and start investigating! P: Yes! D: Where are we going, inspector?

P: Just down the road as it ‘appens. To Big Ben D: Someone’s stolen the BELL P: ~The Hand That Feeds~ D: *hmm* D: uh oh P: uh oh D: What is it, the clock is there D: BUT (High pitched) D & P: Someones stolen the hand! D: How would one get about that? P: How would you even get up there D: That’s a whole diddly operation P: It was spider-man. Tom Holland wants more attention. D: *wot* D: (mumbles)Honestly what a fiend D: Lets get straight down to business and start investigating D: Let’s start with the top of the lamp post, shall we? P: ok. Tickle the top of the lamp post D(singing) : Investigate the lamp post, investigate the child (P: That’s not it) D: Suspicious, you did it I’m onto you (P: do the lamp post) D: I’m onto you P: Come on Kat, what are you dawdlin there for? The case woman, the case! D: woman . . D: Now now inspector, less haste more speed! D: Investigations need to be carried out carefully, and above all, you must record everything at each step P: Hmph, teachin Grandma to suck eggs, are you? (D: *slightly awkward laugh*) (P: He’s a bit angry) D: Let’s just go over the most important items in my bag D: WHAT BAG P: ~oo~ D: Okay so you can save, you can look over your notes for when your done- D&P: WARDROBE D: Now this is important. Okay. (P: Yes!) D: ~ We found the content~ P: Let’s investigate the hand. (D: hmm yes) D: The first area of intrigue. They have ascended with their floating powers P: It’s true! The short hand really is missing! D: (sarcastically) Good one, Ernest. What, you couldn’t have seen that across the field? D: Inspector Hastings, can you summarize what you’ve found out so far? P: Not quite a lot, really (D: Good one) P: There was a bobby out on the heat ‘ere last night who confirmed nothing was amiss at 11:50 (D: ten to midnight) P: It wasn’t until six this mornin’ that we got a report from a stunned local who ‘appened to- D: glance at the clock D: oH MY GOD it’s her thinking face (P: What’s happening) D: We got out first clue ok (P: Six hour window ~ooh~) D: We fit the clue in the right place D: No P: I can immediately see where it goes D: That-that was a lot easier than forming the K D: Let’s find out if anyone around there has noticed what’s wrong with the clock tower D: They might have infor- (gibberish) useful information for us P: He looks shifty D: WAIT. I want to go in the bag D: This is very important D: (singing) wardrobe. P: Yes D: So we have usual attire Both: coatless D: Kat for when it’s warm and that’s too formal P: that’s for the summer, D: dating dress Both: OHHH D: oh, hello, okay P: That’s the DLC D: tomboy D: (intensifies) equestrian D: (intensifies) ENSEMBLE P: That’s – I want my ensembles to be like that. D: Slay me, Jesus D: I love that there’s so many – they’re giving the people what they want here (sassy) sky-blue D: statement P: So each of the DLC clothes comes with its own puzzle, as well D: Rea- P: Yep. So you can download an outfit and get a puzzle P: That’s me. D: Daddy’s girl. P: Okay, that’s not me *laughing* D: Well, now I have something to live for. P: We’re gonna keep the detective her on for now, I think D: Yeah, I mean, I think we need the hat. The hat’s what’s important. P: Yeah D: Look at that man holding a camera (P: He’s shady af) D: mmMH P: Top o’ the mornin to ya! It’s jacksepticeye! D: oh go- (now basically yelling) aWHHHATSUHPEVERBOHDY P: Got a minute to answer a few questions? D: *awkward smol laugh* P: oh, um all right! D: *another awkward smol laugh* P: I’m investigating the extraordinary disappearance- D: INVESTIGATING P: *snicker* I can’t do an Irish accent! D: This is regional dialect reading test P: So did either of you ‘appen to see anything round these parts last night? (high pitched) D: We’re the ones investigating this! P: Such as, for instance, a person or persons transportin’ large ‘and-like object? (D: Well that’s what we want to know) P: And at present as I mentioned D&P: aforementionedly P: I am investigatink (investigating) (D: laughing) P: the disappearance of Big Ben’s . . P: I’m afraid to say that my own investigation – I’m just going to do my voice – is just getting underway D: So he knew literally nothing. P: Nope . . D: (Quietly) The child . . . The child . . . (Louder) Right, okay D: Dodgy couple . . . P: Yes. D: Lurking man . . . P: Yep. D: Book reader . . . P: We ought to miss him . . D: HIM. He’s obviously fishy. Look at that guy. P: Yeah D: (loudly) STACHENSCARFEN! P: *laughs* (to Dan) That’s you. D: Wha- Sta- That sounds German. P: Yeah. (accented) Stachenscarfen D: Well, how long’s it been would you say? *laugh* D: How long? I’m sorry, do we know each other? I’m fairly sure I’ve never met you before, sir D: (in an accented tone) Know each other? In a way, yes. In a way, no. *laugh* D: I think his scarf’s too tight P: You’ve rather lost me, I’m afraid. I, um, don’t suppose you noticed anything about the Elizabeth Tower last night, did you? D: I was already dreaming sweetly by by nightfall yesterday D: You’re an early sleeper, are you? So you wouldn’t have seen anything? (stops reading) OH AFTER MIDNIGHT STACHENSCARFEN WE’RE ONTO YOU P: Oh, it’s definitely it. D: (accented) Heh, heh, heh. Is that all you wanted? Tell you what, how about a little puzzle to occupy the mind? P: I say- D: I don’t think he’s German, but the name was proper German. P: A puzzle? D: Oh, here we go. (starts reading) The world is full of puzzles, Earnest D: Sometimes during an investigation, people do come out with puzzles for you to solve. It’s all part of the process D: Well, just whack out a little rearrange the shape thing. Phil: *laugh* D: So let’s see what sort of puzzle we’re dealing with here D: Layton! P: Puzzle time! D: Okay, well, rearranging the “K” was challenging, so, I’m just gonna put this out there . . . P: Yeah. D: Are you ready? P: I’m so ready D: (reading) The clock is currently at 3:30. It would be nice if it was midnight. What would be the minimum number of places you’d need to touch on the clock to show the desired time D: So, what does that mean? P: Okay, so, we need to wind a clock – you use your finger – D: Yeah. P: So what is the minimum number of times you’d have to touch? P: So what time’s it now? Half-past . . . three . . . D: What does the touch do? P: Well, you like – if it’s a clock you, like, twist the . . D: But you could do that in one touch, couldn’t you? P: Yeah D: So . . . P: One. D: Well, that’s obviously not how it works. P: Well, that’s, that is how it works! D: *laughs*

D: Okay, let’s type in one . . . Submit. P: Oh, here we go Lady Layton: Oh no, that’s not what it means D: So. I mean, okay. You can wind it up, which is zero P: So wha- But how else could you change the time? D: Waiting until it’s midnight D: *laugh* I mean that- P: Do you- Do ya think that could- like- D: Okay- Wha- P: That’s not wha- D: Wha- Wha- We need to- we need to just think about it D: Cuz that “K” thing, we spent ages- P: It’s about- D: just rearranging that “K” P: Think outside the box. D:and it was a negative space P: So you’re just saying just have a nap, wake up, and it’ll have change D: So I’m s- You say one was wrong D: Because you could wind it with one finger. But th-that kind of lateral thinking is probably what they’re after D: So I’m just gonna say zero, because you can j- you can just wait P: No… D: Yeah, I don’t- I mean, that- sure, why not, it’s not like you have lives…. do you have lives Lady Layton: Puzzle Solved! D&P: YES! P: *Claps* Well done D: Was it for the reason that I said? P: I- I think it was D: I bet they’re gonna be like you put your hand through the clock do it with your foot P: You ARE the clock D: (reading) There was no need to touch it, all you need to do was wait for midnight to come P: Ahhh D: (reading) Very Impressive. Let’s hope you tackle all of ze puzzles you’re going to face so convincingly P: That was good! D: ??? D: I’m sorry, that was offensive D: (reading) We’ve investigated all we can around here, I suggest we head closer to the tower. P: Let’s do it P: (reading) To the scene of the crime at last! I say, this is rather exciting! D: OH you wanna see a dead body do you Ernest wanna get real wanna see crime up in your face I DON’T THINK YOU CAN HANDLE IT ERNEST P: *adorable giggle* D: (reading) Hello Miss, uh-let me see oh yes that’s right, Miss Layton, Inspector Hastings mentioned you P: *laughs* Th-that’s what D: (reading) He um, ah yes, here it is. You’re assisting with our investigations. I see. So we’re to share information and resources D: (reading) Thank you officer, that will be very helpful D: (reading) Another on-the-ball detective, is it? P: (reading) Yes, this is DC Nick Booker. One of Inspector’s Hastings’s men D: *laughs* D: He nicks them, i-is a- is a Nick, but he throws the book at them P: Ahhh I got it D: (reading) Ah yes, well according to our enquiries, it seems there’s been an outbreak of um…. Ah yes, of metal theft in the Capital recently P: (reading) Metal theft? P: Another clue, complete! D: *squeals* Oh, we’ve done it P: Wait I can do this one D: Okay go on Phil, do it D: *laughs* Really, it was right there P: Wait-wait I’ve got it, I’ve got it D: yES P: (reading) Metal theft D: I live for the positive reinforcement of Lady Layton being happy that I’m assembling the clock hand D: Hello Copper, loitering as I- look at that hat P: (reading) ‘Ello ello Miss Layton D: *laughs* That is exactly what he looks like P: That’s what his face looks like D: With his tiiiny face P: (reading) Inspector Hastings has instructed to give us all your full co-operation D: (reading) Could you just tell us what you’ve found out so far? P: (reading) I’d be glad to, Miss. We ‘ave ascertained that on the night in question, that being last night, there was no one ‘ere D: WELL WHO STOLE THE HAND THEN P: WOW that’s so helpful D: (reading) Now we’ve spoken to the investigating officers, I think it’s time we had a look inside the clock tower P: YeAH, get in there D: (reading) Ernest…. hahh… Greeves… hah…. You should be.. hah….. ashamed of yourself, getting…tired out so… easily D: (reading) You’re panting harder than he is? (Imitates a dog out of breath lmao) D: (reading) Oh look! It’s spectacular! I’ve never seen the internals of the clock tower before. Magnificent! P: That’s just what we were saying! D: *agrees* P: (reading) Being inside such a huge and important landmark like this is rather splendid, isn’t it? The clock face and the cogs are so enormous! D: I know what gets you gOING, ERNEST P: *laughs* D: (reading) Sometimes, as you’re investigating, you come across something unexpected P: Unexpected? D: Like a CORPSE P: I wanna do it D: Okay Phil, find the cranny D: How good is Phil- P: There, there there there D: at finding that spot D: He found it, there we go P: Yeees, I’ve discovered a Reddish Wristwatch D: Reddish wristwatch, reddish wristwatch P: Say that 10 times D: Reddish wristwatch *struggling* P: Reddish wristwatch (Random Blabbering) D: Another hand P: (reading) Both hands present and correct on this face, at least D: (reading) That would be a good puzzle, wouldn’t it? I’m a face, but I have no eyes, no ears and no mouth. But I do have hands however, what am I? (low voice) Both: A clock D: (reading) As it happens here though, there’s a different puzzle here, oh look, do you want to try it? P: (reading) Well, I am the personal assistant of the great detective Miss Katrielle Layton, so I ought to tackle a puzzle or two myself D: Get. That. Self. Esteeeem! YES P: Puzzle Three D: Heck, Puzzle…. Forty?! P: Bubble Blast D: Oh my god its like a thing that you- D: (reading) Shoot the bubbles from the cannon to burst all the bubbles floating D: Okay. Phil this is our THIRD puzzle, in this video P: This is our FINAL puzzle for this video D: I don’t- We’ve had a hard ti- Oh I mean, we might be if we don’t do it P: *laughs* D: Okay, right. So, (reading) the chain needs to contain at least as many bubbles as the number displayed on the bubbles in it D: Okay so, it is 5-5, 2-2, 4-4 whatever P: Yeah D: Well, we need to make a chain of two 2s vertically, so just pop a 2 next to- Oh D: Can you do that? P: Like that? D: Yeah yeah yeah D: BOOM, done P: Yes Both: Now do threes D: Easy! P: Yes, we got this! D: Now, now, we need to get four 4s, then, put a three…… (thinks) P: Do you know what you’re doing or are you just- D: Yeayeayeayeaaaaa P: These children look terrified by the way D: Standing in front of a cannon P: What is happening to them D: Okay, Boom, woah easy peasy P: Oh okay, well that’s alright D: Then you just go like this- P: Yes! D: HOIYAAAAHHHHH P: Then there’s two 2s D: Two 2s… Oh no P: Oh and we missed it D: Oh we f-ed it P: Ohhhh D: An impasse D: Right, we get it now, okay, so.. P: Let’s put the 4s in straight away in the middle D: You reckon? D: Or the 5s first? P: You can put a 4 there *points* D: Then that’s just gonna break all of that D: Then let’s just get rid of the fives, cos’ the fives are trash P: Yeah D: Then we need to get rid of this three.. And I reckon those twos… P: Yesyes D: And I reckon these threes D: And then we can be like, two… four P: Yeah yeah *Claps* D: Four…. four

P: Aw nice one! D: King of Bubbles P: I would have not been able to do that D: Really? You-you play a lot of uhhhh-uh-um shape popping apps P: True, may-maybe D: By yourself….. During the day D: So I think we’re like halfway there then, to discovering WHO STOLE THE HAND P: Who do you think stole the hand? D: Um.. I think it was an inside job P: Oo.. Do you think it was the police P: I think it was the dog D: I think it was Ernest… Just doing it for attention P: Ooooo D: It’s like, h-he’s making the mysteries, just so he can spend time with Lady Layton P: You got it, that might be it D: *Nods as he discovers a ground-breaking discovery* P: Anyway, we can’t solve the whole mystery, w-we can’t spoil it for you guys D: No I mean, w-we, IT’S THE WHOLE GAME D: I feel like that was a good taste of the mystery solving experience P: Yeah, you’ve given it a little lick (OwO) but you don’t know the full answers P: Cos you can go find out yourself! D: You just ruined the nice….. description P: *chuckles* Like you got the flavour D: Why’d- no, no- P: Like a lollipop D: Stop with the licking D: So it’s like cute anime character storyline, a detective in a nice world and solving the puzzles P: Yeah I love the puzzles D: With some BIG japes in theeere P: So if you wanna check out Layton, there is a link in the description, it is on the Apple Appstore and the Google Playstore for $15.99 D: It is basically like… Having a console game on a mobile device though D: And it is actually cheaper than a Nintendo DS game P: Yeah, it is half the price of Nintendo Layton D: Which is reasonable D: I mean, I’m just here for the anime to be honest, like the show that I’ve just started watching D: Soooo there we go D: *smirks* A lick of the Layton lolli P: Yeah P: Sooo give us a thumbs up if you enjoyed this mystery solving D: If it inspired you to go solve the mystery…. that we left HANGING IN FRONT OF YOU P: You can subscribe! D: LIKE A DESTINY P: *laughs* By clicking our buttons! Our last video’s over there D: Last vid *Points* P: And.. go solve some mysteries of your own :3 D: Im gonna go kidnap a talking dog *detective noises* BYE 😀