Ghosts of Superior: Ep1 History Hike – Wreck of the Columbus, Gargantua Ghost Fishing Town

Check out this four cups of potatoes (distantly in the background) Here we are on the shores of lake superior, and we’re about to spend 4 days hiking the coast We better go though eh? Yeah! lets go! Alright let’s get a move on C’mon let’s go hibs So we’ve made it to Gargantua Harbor we’re going to take a little break right now and talk about why this place is so cool but yeah it’s a ghost town and what’s interesting about here is that up until the 60s there wasn’t a highway up here so all the access was by water Everybody got along this way to these little communities and safe harbors you know when storms came in and uh they’ve been used for a long time even before this was a little ghost village or a place where there was a lighthouse in the harbor so we’re gonna check it out, there’s an old cabin here and there’s a shipwreck here normally you can see it the boiler of it popping out of the water but i think this year the water level is a little too high or it’s a little too wavy we just can’t see it but we’re gonna talk about it. it’s pretty cool Stay, dad’s just going down there. Stay well here we are the beautiful gargantuar harbor and believe it or not back in the day this was a happening place as early as 1870s this was known to be a fishing village but it’s much more likely this has been used for a long time given the nature of lake superior, people living along the coast and the lack of natural shelters for watercraft along this strip of the shore starting in the 1870s they built a lighthouse here and a gentleman named louis miron came here and became the lighthouse keeper for quite some time after he couldn’t do the job anymore his son picked up the torch for another 40 years and his son did it up until world war ii so this area was quite happening place around 1910. there was a lot going on there was the lighthouse here there’s a little bit of a village here as well around the lighthouse trappers people who lived in the area so anyways uh with this remoteness of the community there comes danger. You’re all on your own there’s only a few people If some bad things happen like storms you’ve got to deal with yourself you got run by the fly so in 1913 might be wrong something wrong with the delivery here uh there was a ship here called the columbus the columbus was a 200-foot

uh wooden steam tug boat that used to come around to all these ports and give people supplies now the columbus was here. people were hanging out 3 a.m sparks started coming off the ship they bring the alarm well 13 people here they tried to put it out they couldn’t so just in order to save the village and the pier they pushed the columbus out into the middle of the bay here over 100 years ago that happened and now you can still see the boiler out there the boiler and the smoke stack are sticking up the water level’s a little lower sometimes you can see parts of the hull a little choppy today i’m not sure we’re going to see it but it’s pretty cool. If i can’t find it we’ll come back another time with some snorkeling gear and really check it out so the Columbus still rests there It’s neat because it’s wood you know wood burns quick there’s a lot of other Wrecks that happened around here too so as we go further along we’ll show you a little more rugged of coast than this natural harbor and we’ll talk about a few more of the wrecks one’s even considered a ghost ship Quite the spot but we better get move on though she literally just found this raspberry bush and started eating off it i think she’s part bear she found some raspberries and she got hungry she knows which ones are good and which ones aren’t by sniff you’re absolutely right she’s grabbed a couple bad ones and spit them out right away A little forager Hey Hibbs do you like the raspberries yep look at she’s looking she gets her face right in there and pulls him right off yeah she was hungry so she found some raspberries hey puppies hi hi I guess you guys might ask what happened to the village. What happened to the village of Gargantua harbor? well after this place had been replaced by an automatic beacon after world war ii because the lighthouse got washed off the rock out there but uh this village isn’t here because that wall it’s pretty rugged here a lot of things don’t last long if they aren’t kept up people move away and in the 1970s the ministry burned down a lot of the buildings here what i’d like to think are liability reasons so a lot of the buildings aren’t standing anymore but remnants are there’s some wildflowers here we can tell are from people’s gardens gooseberries lots of raspberries there’s some very neat little flowers that i wouldn’t find in other places that aren’t as established in the park for people living so yeah okay anyways another answer that or what happened to it let’s move on get some hiking to do all right let’s go okay so we’ve just traversed across the peninsula from the harbor and we’re going to go down this dip here towards the gargantuar river which believe it or not doesn’t flow into the Gargantua harbor it flows into warp bay and uh yeah warp bay is a beautiful sand beach that most likely had many people visiting it throughout the generations i definitely know that the voyageurs were here you’ll see, you’ll see you pass by in a canoe after a long trip you’ll get it it’s a good place to have three fingers full of rum There’s some sort of strange bird over Bup bup ( dog command) stay easy, easy

If you want to let her go, you can She’ll go right to me OK There we go hey puppies beautiful, eh? this way there’s no stairs there Hibbs oh this is pretty nice i think we’re going to camp here tonight eh hibs? nice campsite eh? You wanna camp here tonight? sounds good! Wicked, all right! here’s our campsite tarp set up over our picnic table it’s pretty nice and britney got a new tent the north face storm breaker three-man

plenty of room for us and the dog now Hibbard doesn’t steal my spot well a little bit still but not as much not as much now she just likes me for my sleeping pad because she’s a spoiled little baby yeah she only has a solid foam pad where we have inflatables and she’s a little jealous and she’s spoiled enough that she even gets a solid foam pad yeah yeah haha i’m pretty happy with the setup though it’s busy here so we’re sharing our campsite so i’m just gonna use our twig stove put over a piece of tin used for a windscreen and do it that way yeah we don’t need a big fire we’re going to bed early anyway i’m tired just a little tired but yeah it was a been a little bit crazy with weather today and just a reminder that when you’re here you’re kind of at the mercy of the lake, and what it decides to do is what it decides to do and if you go with it and try not to you know… do things when you shouldn’t it’s a lot easier Ah, nice day, nice beach. busy place though. busy busy busy I don’t know if you can see it, but Hibbard sees a bunny just out in front of her there’s so many of them around here this is like the 16th one we’ve seen today it’s most likely a snowshoe hair oh here we are at warp bay, and it’s a pretty niceplace to see behind me you can see devil’s warehouse and tugboat channel it’s pretty secluded out here just in time for sunset This place this is nice to look at and it’s easy living here easy place to camp nice and sandy and protected has been visited for many many years i’ve been reading a lot about the coast here i heard about a trapper named billy newman he lived here in the early 1900s and uh he came over from europe and uh he would trap and pretty much lived on his own kind of like a hermit and uh he also made violins so you visit the families around he played violin for them and theyd feed him and then eventually some of these families ended up buying the violins off of him for their kids so it’s kind of neat and one year when he was here he gathered three thousand three hundred dollars worth of furs beaver, otter, martin which in today’s dollars is; i bet you, probably close to a hundred thousand dollars anyways brittney and i are hanging out here and there’s animals everywhere there’s squirrels rabbits like all sorts of little critters so yeah um to my left we’ve got pentagruel bay, which according to french literature is the son of gargantua. so on the other side of this peninsula was gargantua bay and it’s a large sheltered cove and over here very similar looking cove i’m assuming it was named that way possibly by the voyageurs because it looked the same it was a little bit smaller. pentagruel and gargantua, those books were written in the 1500s. So it kind of gives you an idea that those stories would have been around when the voyagers were roaming these areas if they didn’t make up the names maybe somebody gave the names to them because they thought of the voyagers this is a beautiful spot uh brittany and i have been dodging rain all day we got here and just started pouring so we put up the tarp we hung out there and uh i really want to bring the camera out and then uh we got a little break we set up a tent we just finished up right now so we’re gonna enjoy the sunset we’ll have a little twig stove uh fire and then uh i go to bed pretty early and head on to… i think we’re gonna go to devil’s chair which is a very very cool place so anyways we’ll catch up a little bit

enjoy the view sandy dog (laughing) oh good morning we uh slept in a little bit at least for uh voyageur standards Ah, a lovely night we stayed up pretty late doing some nighttime photography how late were up last night? probably about 12 12 30. that’s pretty good that’s pretty good i think we’re at least for us i was up at 6 30 uh that day so yeah yeah it was a lovely night no more storms it’s cleared up it was a beautiful weather so we just finished breaking down the site and having our uh breakfast and coffee about to head out and head on over to uh devil’s chair and uh yeah it’s a really cool place really excited to go there it’s uh there’s some like powerful vibes coming from this place it’s a pretty important place for a long time so excited to show you folks and i’ve got a little bit of reading about it too so folks would be interested to learn about it kind of has an ominous name but I’ll have to explain that it probably isn’t the proper name for the place. so we’ll talk about that when we get there but uh yeah we’re just gonna get our packs on and uh take one last look at the beach we might come back here our last day and then we’re gonna head on out so i’ll see you folks in a little bit and uh yeah let’s have some fun let’s have some fun so one last thing i want to talk about before we leave this is a kind of a plant thing um is this plant i’m holding my hand right here it’s kind of bizarre looking eh looks like a puffball you find in a field those little funguses and uh something else there and this is called an earth star and they seem to be everywhere on this beach probably because it’s a healthier beach than the other ones are more trampled on so this thing the back here is actually the outside of it and grows underground it looks like almost like an acorn growing underground and then after a couple of years of maturing it will open up this shell and it just kind of opens up and shoots it up to the surface and from there they disperse their spores out of this sack and reproduce that way i think they’re pretty neat because uh any sort of plant that uses motion i think is neat in my books very interesting and these plants uh you can find me around the shores of lake superior where the forest transitions to lake typically around sandy beaches so where you find dune grass and other sorts of sedges and those sorts of prairie like uh things you see growing near the beaches uh you’ll find these guys too make sure not to trample too

much so that stuff takes a long time to grow all right let’s get out of here now all right, sit good girl, stay Picnic tables are awesome stay you all set? i’m all set. okay, all right, on to the next one there we go wild eh? yeah! look at that one right there is taller than me right here yeah like i’m five nine like that’s six foot right look at all the thimbleberry these little berries here it’s called thimbleberry right here that one’s not ripe yet looks like a raspberry uh tastes a little more sour they’re kind of hairy like a peach I used to eat them as a kid. if I had too many i got a stomach ache. but i think they’re okay to have one or two but uh you better double check that they’re everywhere everywhere is that devil’s chair out there? yeah! oh that’s cool Black sand is neat! looks dry Very let’s uh.. you want to hook her up to this tree? yeah i just want to take my pack off make it easier yeah a little sore oh yeah. it happens though. like getting marks it’s so much

weight right? Yeah, but oh my shoulders there you go. Hibb wanna get some water? come one down to the beach How far can you go? You can go pretty far you can definitely make it to the water yeah yeah sweet that was good you don’t have to get her a water bowl this time not for a while