The Soo Line 4p Play Through w/ Train Shuffling PART 1/2

um it’s it’s a goofy game all right we’re ready we’re good hey let’s do it oh hey i think we’re actually live on youtube we’re live right now we had the cold start oh god yeah we’ve been live for a while i didn’t realize i had hit that so that’s why there was a duplicate street so we so we just complained to everybody on youtube no no i think no we went live before after that okay uh here’s are my videos on now on my chest so hey everybody welcome to my chest [Laughter] yikes yes yikes indeed we are live cool exciting hey everybody welcome to the horrific experience of uh train shuffling i’m eric i’m johnny and we have two guests with us tonight two of our patrons are playing some sweet sweet games well a game with us anyway uh we have carrick at and schazner hey how’s it going it is going great thanks for asking um sorry for the late start it was all eric’s fault late start we gave people like no notice said we’re gonna stream in two minutes and then we were late 20 minutes after that so it’s not whatever um so yeah we’re going to play uh the sioux line is it the su or the sew line sue right too i think it’s the suit line it’s by tom russell it’s very line um it’s by tom russell published by holland spiel games uh tom and mary right yep and i have not played this and neither has johnny garrick you have not right i have not i’ve owned it for a year and i’ve not played it yet well we’re gonna correct that and and schausner has so shastra’s uh gonna gonna teach for us and uh and i’m gonna try to teach but i’m historically a terrible teacher oh great this should be now you tell us yeah yeah uh well just jump in if if i start stumbling over something uh so this is two line it’s a cube rails game it has a lot of similar mechanics to cube rails games and that um we are starting companies building track and then trying to collect dividends and the ultimate goal is to collect a portfolio of personal cash plus share value um one of the things i really like about it is if you’re familiar with 18xx it has a lot of similar concepts about um share value and generating profits and stuff like that um so the way it’s going to work is we um are going to first do an initial auction and the initial auction is all these cards over here um that i just accidentally put in my hands let’s pick all that up um and um what we’re going to do is these are supposed to be kind of random so it’s okay if they get shuffle around a little bit and we’re going to go from top to bottom and we are going to auction them off and one of the you know good bad things maybe with this game is that the initial auction is extremely critical i’m good yeah yeah um so um and in the rulebook there’s a big yellow section saying like whatever you do do not let somebody get three privates or something like that um so keep that in mind uh so what you’re looking at here is you have three um president shares of the sioux line the dssa or the dosa and the cnw or the senu and then you have five private companies and if you’re familiar with 18xx the private companies work very similar to that in that at the start of the operating round they will pay out and um they pay out pretty decently in comparison to how much money you can make so they’re they’re worth a lot um they are not worth anything at the end of the game i believe um but the cash is very good so we’re gonna start on the top and we’re gonna bid these off so so what does that mean so whenever whoever wins this the auction money is gonna go into that company um so if this gets one for twenty dollars the twenty dollars is to be placed on the charter

and um i’ll get to the how the privates work and how their auction off in a second but essentially these charters are getting filled with cash after we do the initial auction we’re going to go into an operation round and operation round each of these three companies are going to operate in order so sioux line senior mendoza and the sequence of play is um we’re gonna do uh we’re gonna first do a delivery but i’ll get to delivering a second the next thing is we’re gonna build track and the last thing is we’re gonna pay dividends um the and before that we’re gonna also pay private so if you have a private company you get paid cash and it’s just equal to the little star value on top um on the build what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna spend the company money not your personal money to build uh cubes of that company onto this map so in these little bags are little cubes and you’re going to be building them and whoever’s the present decides how they get built so whoever owns the little star card um so they can choose to go this way this way whatever the cache in this game is actually fairly tight and you’ll see pretty soon that if it’s not basically normal hexes here cost ten dollars to build into mountains over here cost twenty dollars and um when you lease track it’ll cost half but i’ll get to lease track in just a second um so you’re going to build and if you build into an urban hex or basically a city hex you’re going to increase that railroad’s income by one step forward if you build into a red outline or a destination spot you’re gonna increase it by two um so that’s basically kind of a very simple way of how your company’s gonna get money the um the cities are one space and destinations are two spaces on the income track it doesn’t cost anything to build into it does it it costs basically if it’s if it’s not a mountain it costs ten dollars oh ten uh so the way lease track works is um say somebody built this and blue wanted to build into newberry what they have to do is they have to pay for each cube and then finally they have to pay for a destination so it’s gonna be half off so it’s 5 10 15 and then 10 more for a total of 25. um that’s how much it’s going to cost but the 15 you lease from the track goes to the red company goes to send you um so that’s kind of a way for money to transfer from one company to another which is kind of an important tool in this game uh also note you can’t just arbitrarily lease track you have to actually get to a destination and uh you can’t get to the destination you can’t at least try the important thing is that the president gets to choose how much track is built um and also how the dividends are paid so if you build at least one track um you’re you’re you’re okay if you don’t build any track or you choose once you’ve completed your build and you go to the dividends phase you have the option of either paying um dividends to shareholders or withhold it so kind of similar to 18xx um so if you pay dividends everybody who has a share gets however much money is on the income track it’s pretty simple there’s no division or anything like that if you withhold what’s going to happen is the company is immediately going to get 10 times that amount so fills out four the company will get 40 and then for every share that is out basically owned by players this is gonna move back uh left on the income um i thought it track the stock value that moves back um stock value increases when a share is bought or delivery is made decreases by number of purchase shares when the company withholds that’s correct yeah it’s not income it’s um it’s not yeah it’s not income it’s the share value the stock value goes back um if you built no track then you have to withhold um and that usually happens when the company has no money and just it can’t right which is also there too that’s nice um did you mention this so stock value increases when a share is bought or a delivery is made yes so whenever so i’ll get to the stock ground but one last thing to mention is the delivery so if you connected to one of these little delivery spots and there are hexes that have little arrows

pointing to them and these are basically spots connected to that private company so at the beginning of the operating round if you have a legal route from a private to one of your destinations you are compelled to make at least one delivery so what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna take the cube you’re gonna follow that line back or pretend there’s cubes here and you’re gonna deliver it to um that destination you can make multiple deliveries but multiple deliveries have to go to separate destinations so if you want to connect if you want to deliver two cubes you have to have uh two separate destinations connected to it you don’t have to do two deliveries but you can so you that would go there it doesn’t actually matter where it goes as long as you they’re connected to two different things does it all make sense yep uh yeah and then for each one of those you increase the stock value correct so what’s going to happen is when you make a delivery the uh the private company is going to get paid however much money that is on their private company that money is also going to get added to the um the company that made the delivery and then um your stock value is going to bump up a tick um in terms of the number of cubes uh i don’t have uh copy the rules but the first company has three and the last one has one or something like that and the rest of two it’s opposite so the first one has has one cube and the last one should have three okay yeah we’ll need to adjust that i actually missed i was checking the chat and i missed what you said and i feel like it’s important about something that goes on the private itself yeah so when when a delivery is made um the private is gonna pay out essentially um and i’m checking my rules just to make sure i got this right yeah the private pays its face value the private pays its face value and then that that face value also goes to the company charter so the the bank will also pay the company that amount too and then that queue will go on the bonus track oh the company that made the delivery correct they don’t they don’t pay it from their personal income the bank just gives them that same amount yeah got it um if all the cubes are gone uh well so every time you make a um a delivery a bonus cube’s gonna go on there and then if all the cubes are gone the player who the player is going to get paid as normal but then they’re going to get a one more bonus income of whatever the last revealed uh section is and then the company closes and we’ll it’s basically removed from the game it’ll never pay again um if all these are filled up so it’s like right here that person gets to eat [ __ ] they don’t get nothing oh and the game ends at that round right um so there’s a couple ways in which the game will end um one happens pretty often and the others almost never happen but the most common ways is bonus track gets filled up bill away is all the cubes have been all the cubes for all the companies have been placed down i should mention that these cubes are not even um sinew only has a couple blue and um yellow have bearing amounts yellow has 20 27 20 well there’s one on the board oh yeah which shouldn’t it should not be there that appears to be locked yeah so these these start on the map um there’s actually a little stars on there this one starts on the map and this one starts on the map uh that’s why this one here yeah just leave them there because they’re they should be there um oh that’s why they’re locked the other important thing is that whenever these uh this little yellow line right here this is reserved for the yellow company and if a yellow company places any cube on this little yellow brick road they all get filled in for free um i’ve actually never seen this happen but people say the yellow company is really good so i don’t know i’m probably playing it wrong um okay so that’s kind of the basic operation and then we’re going to check for the end of the game after all the railroads have ended we’re then going to go into a stock round and whoever has a priority player may take one stock action or they may pass and by taking stock action you’re just gonna buy the buy a share in one of the companies for however much their stock value is and then whenever you buy that share the price will immediately go up

um so that’s that can be a pretty big thing because you can block other people from buying a share um because they want enough money to buy another one and everybody gets one action and you can also optionally pass and if you pass you get five bucks um in the stock round only in the stock run only um and the first player to pass gets the priority deal and then everybody else gets the prior deal and five bucks somebody else just gets five bucks two uh when you pass you can’t come back in then no you just get one action so oh one one action per sacrament you don’t go around and around right um yeah do you want to use the do we want to use the poker chips or just make counters uh it’s up to you i’m good either way i mean let’s make counters um other important things are if you buy the present cert is one share if you buy more over the president you become the president so you just swap that little star thing out um johnny when you this is automated so when you hit start game it’s going to give us a bunch of poker chips oh really yeah so the game ends when like i said there’s no more spaces on the bonus track uh some railroad has reached a stock value of 80 good luck on that and uh all three roads have exhausted cubes and once that happens then that’s that all three okay yep uh so the way that the initial auction works is we’re gonna put this up for bid and the priority player can put a the minimum bid is five dollars and if you have at least five dollars you have to save five dollars um if you have less than five dollars you can say less than five dollars but for the most part it’s starting bids five dollars the um sorry to interrupt you guys guys uh johnny and garrick is there room uh here and here at the table to so we can just have everybody on one side sure for for viewing ease oops sorry uh shout out you can continue okay um not so the the so this one preset well that’s that’s interesting um so the the way it’s gonna work is everybody’s gonna get one bid so this isn’t a continuous auction it’s just you’re gonna do minimum bid next player does a bid bid bid and then whoever has the highest bid gets it but whoever has the priority has a chance to steal um that bid by paying equal to the highest bid and then they’ll take it and whoever had whoever was stolen away from it will become priority deal does that make sense right of first refusal exactly um that can be a pretty big thing again because the like the privates are pretty precious early on um also depending on pretty much how the initial auction goes kind of depends on what the train lines are going to do so usually c w kind of gets over funded and then the sioux line gets underfunded so a common thing to do is actually whoever is present of the senu will start building east um because to the sioux line this is kind of like crossing the serengeti it’s it’s a long way to go so usually red will try to help out blue but anyway uh there’s there’s a couple different strategies oh because red has like 13 exactly also gets red gets the money from each of the privates during the auction so that’s why red ends up with a lot of money oh that’s important so so if this goes for 15 um that player pays the send you into the into the charter that private money all of the private’s paid at the same time yeah yes so the city usually winds up with like 50 or 60 bucks um but again that’s six cubes so it’s it’s still not a ton um but we can buy shares to to capitalize the company and so forth when you buy shares do you put money on the charter no yes okay also when you when the company pays dividends it does not pay to the company so if there’s un bought dividends they just go to the bank okay i think we’re ready to experiment how do you show your hand in tts um i think under options you can go to hands hiding is it supposed to be hidden no no i want to show it to i want to show it on my screen huh is our money supposed to be hidden here i don’t think so i don’t think any money is in this game it is not supposed to be hidden any further questions i’m sorry it was a terrible teach but uh yeah it was a great teach uh so i guess i have priority

here and whoever’s money also this is pretty rare where we auction off these and then we do all the private it’s fine we’ll see how that goes okay uh minimum bid is five right five bucks all right we’ll put is it five bucks for everything minimum five minimum five unless you do not have five dollars then you can put a lower bid on there we’re starting with five bucks in the upper left corner we’re starting with 25 bucks 25 uh we get one bid you get one bed in the increments of five or it’s any it’s whatever you want okay uh six i guess i’m the upper right yep um i’ll pass on that um yeah i’ll pass as well okay also johnny you choose not to steal it yep okay so you’re gonna get the present of the sioux line and that six bucks is gonna go into the charter okay and then um you’re gonna start the next auction uh wouldn’t wasn’t the bank isn’t the last person who got outbid so wouldn’t that wouldn’t that actually be that’s right the last person who got outbid i believe so well you are the only other person who got outbid technically yeah oh it’s not it’s not whoever was the left of that person i have no idea the partial card is is passed to the player who most recently outbid or stolen from but this still happens at the conclusion of the final auction okay so yeah so since you passed it it would it counts as me being the last one now would be outbid um i’m going to pass real quick don’t we need to capitalize sue with money from the bank as well yeah yeah oh it matches yes yes so oh just like uh now buying the presidency does that also increase in stock value it sets the stock value so the stock value is actually going to go to four that’s correct four because it’s the rounds down all right sorry that was not clear to me at all why are we setting the four because okay so the final bid was six so we’re just going to pick the the last closest oh okay that’s thank you that’s something i forgot to teach uh so uh johnny you star dosa and i’m passing you have to do five dollars uh oh i thought it said you could oh oh you can only pass if you have less than five dollars you have less than five dollars okay you need five then um yep actually you know what i’m going to make it eight i’ll pass um the first time i played this game i went all in on the dose and i lost horribly so let’s do it again i’ll do nine [Laughter] good reasoning hmm ten games i’m thinking about it i’m thinking about it you got it right there that’s a nice poker chip i mean if you’re gonna go 10 you should get 12 right yeah exactly that’s the issue let’s just keep asking no hey do i want the dosa it’s got the most it’s got the most cubes with the mosa [Laughter] so the thing with so so one of the reasons why the dosa i think is a good value is this one has three cubes to it so it’s going to be probably making three deliveries um usually what happens is the sinew kind of cuts into here which is kind of good and bad for dosa because that just means it can just lease this track so it’s actually cheaper for it to get the iron mountain which is usually where it wants to go um if it gets capitalized a lot which sometimes it does it can be lined over to ironwood and do very well that way uh thomas uh first of all hi everybody in the chat uh dan and thomas i see you guys jen uh thomas no only shasm has played before uh the other three of us this is our

first play looks like dan has some knowledge we didn’t do a sound we need to do a soundtrack and two yes they can hear us all right time to lose there we go hit the 12. oh um well you you called it it’s interesting because now i don’t know if i should just steal that oh i see that’s why you said you might as well 12 because because yeah i’m sure about yeah oh yeah i didn’t make like a wild prediction that happened i thought you were just being random and annoying i’ll go 20. like but i it needs to be stressed like 10 like 24 in there is two cubes you know like yeah it’s not a lot of money uh i’m gonna i’m gonna pass okay yeah i can lay one one track huh yeah so that’s that’s the problem with the suit line is that everybody under bids it and so it has trouble but there’s there’s a ways to get out of that i guess you see how so this so it goes to me because it was stolen from me yep um senu um we’ll do we’ll do eight for that i will pass um so it really need that this the senior really needs 12 bucks to start so it can it can get it’s going to get more money once the pilots get bought private’s oh um that’s gonna be pretty good uh we’ll put it up to derek you pass yeah we’ll put it up to 12 i’ll pass um do i want to steal it for 12 uh it’s yours all right see how that works out for me i don’t feel bad about it i don’t know if i should feel good about it so it’s she’s going to get an extra 12 into the charter um i am making change here oh well look at that it puts you puts it in your hand first uh so i auction off the next one yep um we’ll do quincy mine for um we’ll do six for it where’s quincy mine is up here it only has one one cube where is this located in the upper panel of michigan up i see okay like superior okay yeah one of my roommates so it’s from this area i hope me scrolling in and out like zooming in and out it’s not killing people but i can’t help it it’s hard to see the detail on the board unless you zoom in honestly this board is not too bad i mean i can’t see the name you can’t see the names of places really but i’m passing you bid six okay so this the seven dollar on here mm-hmm what is that denote how much it pays out every round and whenever a delivery gets made um hmm the the rule of thumb is don’t let somebody get three privates and don’t let somebody earn more 13 or more dollars on there at least that’s what’s in the rule book i the first time again first time i played this i was making 13 around and i still lost horribly so i’m gonna pass on the quincy mine to eric uh up up at seven okay um all still for seven so the seven dollars so you get to keep your seven yep and then this goes on the charter for listening and then i get to go first now yeah um so copper mine is where uh way up north so obviously i want to bid on something

i think will get delivered uh because it would pay more when it delivers right that is way up there and they who’s got that that’s garrick who’s got that who is the closest company interesting uh so do i have to bid i have two minutes five yeah so i’ll bid um you know what it pays nine up at eight i will bid 14 on it yikes whoa big spender i’m gonna take mine away well i think that’s more than i have so i pass uh is also more than i have so i will choose to pass take one out of here yeah huh oh sorry like take it take the one dollar back just take the one with the private gotcha yeah i assume that means you’re passing who oh me yeah yeah i’m not taking it for 14 [Laughter] you could have i got outbid though right so i start again yes yes uh yes right okay so adventure mine is where adventure mine’s over here that seems a little bit more reasonable it pays eight um i will bid 10 pass let’s see i get to bid johnny let’s see what garrick will do let’s see what happens um so excited johnny wants it i will bid you bid 10 let’s go for 12 13 huh okay uh 12 so i could go 13 and yeah you know what we’ll do it we’ll go 13 so i could steal for 13 yeah um sure you’re gonna steal it i’ll steal it for 13 uh there’s ten and three okay uh so i stole it from you johnny so you get this and you get to put the second to last one up the van winkle is here that one usually is the first one to go it’s first to get delivered right first get delivered yeah yeah that would make sense which could be good or bad for the player right you get it pays out fewer times well and then the earlier it pays the shittier it pays right correct because it will because of the bonus track 13 hey adam i’m just gonna pay it right in because you can’t steal it yeah if you got it go for it okay and who does it go to now what happened what happened who stole it i just i i bid more than anybody else had so i just took it i think it just goes clockwise oh if everyone passes well no we didn’t all play if only one player makes a bid that player keeps priority deal oh okay then i will put the jacks mine up for zero you can all pass it to me what no i bid six oh that was a joke that was that was a joke uh garrick probably wants it for seven yeah i will absolutely buy it for seven yep yeah let you be generous but fine okay all right jackson mine is yours money goes in this very well-funded company and now we’re going to immediately do an operating round uh which means probably to be out cool i’ll take my six bucks i’ll take my

uh privates pay hey i get eight bucks that’s amazing cool okay uh president of sioux line operate sea lion suit line that’s me uh pursue line has 12 12 so okay so i got to build otherwise i would hold right uh yes and i will pay two dollars and you have to build like you have one correct i know i know i know so so so for the sioux line i mean hopefully more shares will get bought but i mean usually it’s either that three or twenty and they withhold and just put twenty dollars in the company here right i was thinking withholding would actually get would be better yeah right but i will drop to three right correct that’s true all right let’s do that i’ll check the uh 20. there’s 25s in this blast for me i love 25s they’re my favorite charter of the sioux line yeah and that is that of course you didn’t have any deliveries and you didn’t with help so now uh send you so hmm is it crazy for me to just want to build straight up to no not at all nagani to get jax in mind to deliver first so a couple things are you build up here you build to this destination because it gives you two bumps or you build to this private here to kind of connect in with uh sioux line yeah i kind of want to hold off on that because i’m forced to deliver once i do that that’s my private and if i wait a little bit longer i could potentially get a bigger bonus sure thomas in chat says my advice for this send you don’t spend your money too fast that’s another thing so it’s easy to like go crazy and just like build you know build off in all crazy directions but leasing sounds good yeah just you know it’s okay to take it slow so the leasing it’s one time thing right once you get your cube like out in the middle of the board you can build up from there correct and these will these will never the like you can other companies can build in urban hexes but these will only ever have one one cube got it um so that’s 40 and there’s no additional cost to build a uh 60 uh hang on a second so i could how much cash do we have here i have 78 bucks okay so that’s 50 60 70 oh no that’s 40 60 so i could do this now could i deliver a cube from here and a key from here to the same destination no they you have to have two different destinations in order to deliver more than one cube per turn okay got it so and the company gets the money right the company gets the match not the director correct so that would be 70 bucks and i get to do that the the players get the money when the company pays dividends right and so move up in income every time i connect a city right yeah so that’s gonna be four jobs because the destination jumps it twice two that’s worth five bucks a share so it should be one two one two so it should be here oh no no no it started off yep yep yep why bad where’s this garbage pan five bucks a share five bucks a share now what you could do is you could withhold it and put 50 bucks in the company which is you know a pretty goodly amount um or you can pay it out and get yourself five bucks which nobody else gets um i’m gonna pay it out okay is it is that the right move i don’t know johnny this guy maybe i highlighted the withholding for a reason yeah i was going to say he seemed to suggest no no it’s totally fine totally fine withholding is a thing you could do for 50 which is a good amount you know seriously take it no it’s i will i’m going to wait totally fine i’m going to look right ah this is that’s why i’m a badge oh we didn’t take my money out so 30 yeah oh and we paid pirates yes we did uh you paid privates once at the beginning of all the operations right yes okay did you count that stack of fives that’s like hard to count i did because it if you hover over it it tells you there’s seven of them so i just did the multiplication yeah we should

oh because i didn’t have f11 turned on so it didn’t okay there instead of dragging poke chips yeah let’s do the trackers this is stupid i put trackers out i actually don’t think this is that bad i think if you have f11 you can see the stack size so just keep them grouped and it’s fine i can’t even put them away well look this red thing is just falling yeah okay let it go it’s protecting this is silly one at a time there you go you can’t put a stack in nope i’m not we should not spend all stream doing this okay um how do you make objects where are they go to objects on the top screen uh oh sorry i withhold this should have gone down objects update components yes tools oh i feel like i was tricked i mean i guess it worked right i mean you could have five dollars but a counter for you okay a counter for you a counter for johnny to rotate or not colored blue counters everywhere hmm i just hate when the poker chip tries to fly into your hand that’s the only thing i don’t like uh 20 30 wait what is that right oh yeah because i withheld yeah i’m just deleting these tabletop simulator does not like to display orange it’s like brown yeah it’s real bad yeah yeah don’t delete the table by accident 24. what’s the dosa doing i guess the dose is just going to build into nagani i don’t think i have much else i can do okay 10 bucks so you’re gonna bump up once and then i can pay out or withhold i should probably withhold okay companies get 30 bucks nope income doesn’t move down ah this is so much better okay what is this i’m getting him out i’m playing the game that’s what’s that that’s that’s good it could be i just delete them they’re they’re infinite all right so now we’re in stock round whoa yeah we’re spinning circles on youtube reconnected weird um i think what’s up chat can you still hear us yes there we’re back all right so i could buy a zoo for three bucks right i think that’s a