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Guys!!!! We are going in TRAIN 18 We are the first ever youtube channel to review. Don’t forget to share and watch Hello guys, Good morning How are you guys feeling? So as you guys saw in the thumbnail ., yes we are going to do a huge vlog about TRAN 18 Its the first ever SEMI BULLET train of India And needless to say I am very much excited to be doing this because I’ve done vlog on RAJDHANI FIRST AC a lot of buses.,flights…. but this is something more exciting because No person from Tamil youtube has travelled and given a review about TRAIN 18 I checked it out and it has never taken place not even a single review thats the reason im this excited So now lets go to the station And once we reach the station, I will share more information on TRAIN 18 The time is now 5 in the morning And subscribers who are new to my channel A big and happy welcome to all of you So there are a total of 150 videos I uploaded within a year Don’t forget to check out . I have done bus reviews train reviews Sikkim trip ., Kedarnath trip, hoping it will be useful for you Do check them out after viewing this video There are high chances of you liking them Its time to leave., Lets go So guys we stayed at the TAMILNADU HOUSE and now the cab has come so lets start Guys we reached the station and as you can see., TRAIN 18 is right behind us VANDE BHARAT EXPRESS And this train was entirely manufactured in India only On important note it was built at Namma Chennai ICF I am very excited and hoping it will be awesome . Do share it with your friends The ticket fare for NORMAL chair car is 1799/- INR and EXECUTIVE chair car is 3500/- INR We are about to travel in the NORMAL CHAIR So lets checkout TRAIN 18 Guys we are inside the train now and it just started The train while starting from the station felt nothing different from the other ones with the same kind of sound But at one point of time ., there was a sudden jolt and it felt as though a force pushing us back just like the roller coaster And we automatically were pushed towards our seats We can sense the pulling power of the train like that in an electric train and its sound Such high pulling it has and after that there is a gradual increase in the speed It was awesome to be honest and I never expected to have such an experience in train. I am very excited TRAIN 18 IS COOL I would like to say thanks to ICF because they are the reason behind this That too Namma Chennai ICF., THANKS GUYS Now we are seated at the chair allowed for us and the seats here are either three or two joined together and we are at the last seat We can checkout its comfort First here we have a tray on which the food can be served Do have a close look at the tray we have a separate side to place our cups., more or less like a cup holder And the leg space is good., with a foot rest with is adjustable It is really comfortable We are provided with a pouch as well to keep our belongings The leg space is really good and comfort wise it is really good

There is a light above us ., if u touch it it switches on The air conditioning is perfectly maintained And coming to the luggage space ., it is comparatively large You can put large suitcases too if I am right without being concerned about space As you can see we have a big window ., but at the same time if it is too sunny we can pull down the blinds Through which we can see outside but the heat of sun doesnt affect us too much I consider this a good feature And at the back of each seat we have water bottle holder Actually I was searching for the charging point as to where it is provided and how come no charging points are visible anywhere Until I lifted this and say it saying ‘ charging points are provided under the seat’ So yes the charging points are given here , under the seats Don’t search for the charging point like I did ., when you travel by TRAIN 18 next time It has been provided under your seats . And its quite comfortable We will be reaching Varanasi at 2pm Cmon guys lets see what food items are provided for breakfast and lunch not to forget snacks too Hey guys So it has been an hour since the train started to be exact We started at 06:00 am and now its 07:10 Morning tea was served now along with unibic cookies, masala tea mix Normally this is not provided in shadabti or Rajdhani if you had seen my vlogs They would have given us normal Marie gold biscuits with dip tea with a sachet of sugar But here, this is new …. masala tea mix The packing seems really nice This is a higher quality brand Let us taste and see Guys there is a huge difference between the two teas This is so tasty . Masala chai The tea tastes so authentic , this is the best tea I had so far during my train travel So for breakfast we have requested for 2 non vegetarian meals and 1 vegetarian meal And I have no idea if it is going the same bread omelet But im hoping the Vande Bharat provides something different to us only then I think there will be a difference between the other trains and TRAIN 18 Because the ticket fare of 1799/- is no easy money And guys the TRAIN 18 crosses 750 kms in just 8 hours and now we are travelling at a maximum speed of 130 kms The TRAIN 18 has only two stops 1. Kanpur and 2. Allahabad even at those two stops the time period is jus 2 minutes guys we can see women like air hostess in this TRAIN 18 too They only serve coffee and the in Vande Bharat A lot of our guys should come in because they think ., they can see air hostess in air planes but we can See them here too You are to travel in TRAIN 18 at least once Guys finally we have a location change now If you are wondering where I am right now., well this is a new place OKOK ., no over expectation., this is similar to that in flights Where the air hostess will be seated So as you can see., the door is behind me and this is the wash room And this is the joining place of the two compartments it is really designed beautifully Let me show you the place where I was seated This is the place where i was seated

I like this place better than the previous one More or less most of the amenities here are automatic starting from the washroom door to the coach door., so people are quite confused as to how to operate them and people tend to push the door., pull the door And with also the washroom door being automatic., people are confused to the maximum I saw a few people who came to the washroom and leaving without using just because they didnt know how to operate it The leg space is huge and very comfortable I am trying to explain … ok Three of us are sitting here in total so i am seated near the window , so if i wanted to go out i can very well walk past the two people without having to ask them to get up So that much of leg space is available here Guyss the breakfast is going to be served ., i am very excited to reveal the food items but i am not sure as to is going to be served okay so considering the tea being different., i hope the breakfast is different too Oh My God, the train is travelling at high speed., i hope no one comes in between None can survive the impact Breakfast is going to be served and i am very eager i will be quite upset if it is the same bread and omelet like in THE RAJDHANI I have paid like nearly 2k for this ticket and i expect something different considering the TRAIN 18 as the pride of India So everybody wishes for the same So let us see what we get for breakfast Guysss so they did not upset us Just as we thought … they have served the breakfast in a different way It is a box called VANDE BHARAT EXPRESS i have never seen such a packing in any of the trains is travelled You can even check the vlogs of different trains done by me But we never have seen anything like this And so here we have a sticker tag that tells us stuff about the meal like the date on which it was packed, whether it is a vegetarian or a non vegetarian meal and surprisingly even the Train number 22461 VANDE BHARAT EXPRESS It is very neatly packed so let us open and see., well guys im sure you guys are excited too Okay so before i look at the food items., you guys can have a look at it So guys this is a hand sanitizer , a wooden fork and a tissue paper too., it is veryneatly folded and presented So let me tell you the items we have here for breakfast First we have murukku ., i dont know by which concept we are provided with murukku here here we have a chutney in this small box and an omelet I must say that the omelet is quite hot guys i didnt know they provide brownie in any of the other trains but here they do it is my favourite., IT IS BROWNIE GUYSSSS And this is., i dont know guys … it seems like some spring roll And a cutlet too… for breakfast And so now lets start with murukku Guyss the murukku is quite nice and crispy now the omelet ., i guess it is a double omelete because it is real thick The chutney is making me eager to taste it ., so lets do it The chutney is like our authentic siuth indian tomato thokku It is really tasty and just like my mom’s preparation I guess this is a spring roll., and im gonna have it with the tomato curry as well Just look how puffy this looks and as usual no compromises on quality , it tastes really good The next item is cutlet OMG guys this is a vada

I am gonna taste it with the chutney as well So guys we all know., brownie tastes different in various places i love brownies in general., so let us see if it equals to the taste of agood brownie The brownie is actually crispy on the outside but puffy soft on the inside Well the brownie is as usual., it tastes like any other place It tastes good So these are the items given in a non vegetarian meal., the vegetarian meal has not yet been provided So stay tuned Guys if you see the quantity of food given is adequate for breakfast But this food makes us feel full With various flavours like, hot , sweet , sour. and also the brownie so it makes us full So once we finish our breakfast the waitress asked us if we would like to have tea, coffee or juice and just to experiment we have asked her for a tea , a coffe and an apple juice so yeah we are waiting to taste the coffee and juice guys for tea it is the same masala chai given in the morning so they provide us with this sachet and a cup of water And for coffee., just like the sachet of masala chai., they provide us with rather a big sachet of coffee powder unlike those provided in RAJDHANI We are yet waiting for the juice Hey guyss so the TRAIN 18 reached the Kanpur station I seriously dont know how four hours passed on . The train was going at a good speed too The train will wait at the Kanpur station only for a couple of minutes so lets get going . And i must say …. a lot of people are hopping off as well as getting on to the train from Kanpur station As we were in the air conditioned coach….. it is really humid outside. So let’s get into our coach The lobby seems to be very silent Unlike other trains we cant hear any sorts of engine sounds in here Incase you feel tired or bored to be seated., you can come here and relax You can even be seated here for sometime You may feel a lil refreshed This place is not like any other normal train. It is very neatly maintained It is just the way how the cabin feels ., very silent Guys so we started from Kanpur right., I saw a group of five people who came to send off a single person., but now all the five of them are caught inside the train as the doors automatically locked As the train also started., they are have been given a penalty of 3500/- INR per person., For five people it come to 17000/- So guys please make a note., only 2 minutes of time is given at Kanpur If you get caught inside the train., heavy charges are taken Guys this washroom is designed to be helpful to Physically challenged passengers as well So it can be used by both kind of passengers This is the biggest washroom I have seen in train And for your kind information ., all these washroom have smoke detectors fitted So incase you guys smoke., it will get detected and the alarm will be triggered . Then the police will arrive inshore., there are smoke detectors fitted in all washrooms GUYSS!!! WECOME TO TRAIN 18 This train was named TRAIN 18 because it was designed and built in just 18 months So that is the reason behind its name It is called TRAIN 18 or VANDE BHARAT EXPRESS This train is operated from DELHI to VARANASI

With a total of only 2 stops And this is India’s first SEMI BULLET TRAIN and ENGINE LESS TRAIN It has a maximum speed of 180 kms. It was tested and recorded But the current running time is 130 kms Guysss guess where I am right now? This is where the engine is., It is right behind that door I guess that is where the Loco pilots are seated I am in a dilemma whether to knock the door or not Let me try asking them whether we can take video I am just gonna try asking them… It was super cool when I looked through the window Guysssss., they allowed me to view it from a distance I saw the engine!!!!!! It was so cool I enquired them whether we can come inside ., but they told no ., but allowed us to view it from a distance And it was so awesome., no words to describe the excitement I have now Hope you guys enjoyed seeing it as well Well this is the first ever time I have been inside the engine room It is super exciting So guys what you viewed now is the EXECUTIVE CLASS., with the fare of 3500/- INR As I was taking the video.,a policeman came shouting so I had to rush back I was not able to take a complete video I tried to have a seat but as I mentioned the policeman came., but I met say there is a huge difference The seats have better cushion ., with charger points given right beside us And seems like the table can be rotated But if you ask me., it is no greater than the ormal chair car Guys I am very happy happy and excited For the first time ever ., I took a video inside the ENGINE CABIN For all the efforts we put., it became possible So I am extremely happy Hoping I made all the rail fans happy And I was standing there for a long time determined to take a video of the engine cabin I stood there for like 45 mins thinking if anyone will scold us ., whatever But suddenly I gained all the courage I could and went near the door and asked them whether I can look around the engine cabin So I thin it was a gift for waiting the 45 mins I am super happy ., I didn’t even film it for a few minutes but stood there in awe Only then I stated taking a video Well now its time for lunch So guys its time for lunch., lets see what we have here Just like our breakfast ., this is given in a box as well It looks like a 100 wala box And it has the VANDE BHARAT EXPRESS printed on it Well even now it is sealed with information on the date and type of meal With IRCTC also on it, it is very neatly packed So we have a sweet here., something called Kanpur nakthu sweet and a cup of curd this is jeera rice Now cmon guys lets unbox the mystery box of VANDE BHARAT EXPRESS First we have a sachet of pickle

We have a sachet of herbal hand sanitiser as well The packing is all really different guys We have a cup of peas curry with peas and vegetables together Given in a cup Guys we have chicken kurma here And here we have dhal As expected we have two chappathi here This contains a tissue paper, a spoon , a sachet of salt and black pepper According to me the boxing was very good It is good., but the salt is little less Even in RAJDHANI it was like this Not everyone’s supposed to take salt ., so considering that …. this is really good Let us taste with kurma Well guys the chicken is awesome I thought there weren’t any chicken in it.,, but have a look It looks yummy too The taste is yummy as well Let us taste the peas curry now.,well it has beans, corn , carrot etc., It is good well chappathi as usual seems hard same as RAJDHANI the plus point in RAJDHANI is that they gave us chicken leg for the curry The dhal is good too Overall the food is very good starting from the chicken kurma, chappathi, rice everything was good The menu is really good If you have a look at the packing., you will feel the same. It is really good The chicken gravy is cooked really well along with coconut milk Well guys ., we don’t wash our hands ., we just wipe it off with a tissue and use hand sanitiser Because it is a premium train So use only hand sanitiser So a lot of people asked me if we pay separately for food

well the answer is no because we always pay for food along with the ticket fare So there is no extra cost as it is already included in the ticket fare Be it RAJDHANI or THE TRAIN 18 It is already included in the fare so I wanted to tell you that upfront Guys it was an awesome experience in TRAIN 18 It was super cool ., so incase you visit Varanasi or Delhi It was really nice Guys if you travel in THE TRAIN 18 , please don’t break anything, utilise it in a proper manner This is done for us by the government so please take care so use it carefully Hope you liked this video ., So please Share it with your friends and it is very sunny in Varanasi If you liked this video., do like, share and subscribe[ CLICK ON THE RED BOX ] to TUBERBASS Don’t forget guysss!!!! bye bye