My second trip to the market at Port Elizabeth this week.

10:00 22 April to take Tomatoes to the Port Elizabeth Fruit & Veg market A very bad road . Potholes. Ry weg met vele gate

This road is bad . Die ry baan is sleg That’s the river These are the lands. We are not aloud to pump because they must first get water That is the canyon were the river comes through There are 3 canals

Canal is empty no water in it Water in the dam The dam on the wright I can’t see into it Lusern The truck have not been fully loaded yet That’s Willem grinding a steel water pipe he had welded They must not look this way .Some people don ‘t like to be filmed Pieter on left .Corne’ on the forklifter and his dad Johan Outside my village

They say we must rest allot but then they do this so that we can’t stop here Oudtshoorn the next town A few years ago a tour bus overturned here, it came from the top the other way . He nearly made it . People lost their lives Total distans +- 900 km There and back. 23 h away from home

Very dry sheep on left They used the mountain pic in the back there as beacon to get the road in a strait line. 21 km strait before a turn Look how dry it is here That mountain pic is the centre of this road That means : The kloof shop I bought machmelo’s chocolate coated I must now go left of the toilet the hollow between those 2 mountains in the distance Net links van die boom by toilet There is the mountain The langkloof is behind that mountain Google Langkloof South Africa Steep down hill Another steep decent approaching

Up the mountain Going thru between the 2 mountains seen from the toilet far back an 1h ago Now the mountain is on right of us I’m riding on the left of the mountain now I’m going to stop at the top Almost at the top now Road works stopped because of the Corona That shop in also close . Not stopping This is called the langkloof Now I ride between 2 mountains For about 120 km

Apple and Pear world It’s oslo were the apple express railroad stops It’s the narrow gauge railroad Avontier It starts in Port Elizabeth and stops here in Avontier That is Haarlem These are all Apple trees along the road All Apple trees and some Pear trees These Fruit here goes to Russia and Eastern Europe This is the width of it This is + no 1 over the road The first Corona stop is just there I must get my permit ready and license to show Misgund Louterwater has plenty dams There is a dam . It is empty

Plenty dams Krakeel Past over the rail track no 2 behind Hino truck has a very hard ride Rail track there No trains on that railroad Joubertina is now behind me

Very steep down hill. 3rd gear out of 6 Crossing railroad for 3rd time Rusted track 4th out of 6 gears Top gear 4th gear Very bumpy bridge Steep up in 4th Steep down in still in 4th gear 11/2h +- later Kareedouw behind.The village Going out the Langkloof Past over the track the 4th time

I don’t know what they call that mountain on the left but I have to pass the point of it Vesta wind turbines in the distance Past over the track for 5 time now no 6 is aproatshing In Suid Afrika noem ons n ry weg n pad. a road is” n pad” Motor baan Motor weg Ry weg = n pad No 6 railroad crossing Nearly the end of that mountain I do not know the name of 3700 hectares of 60 Siemens from Cuxhaven wind turbines ahead 2,3 mw etch 10 – 20 r.p.m. there blade tips moves at 120 – 180 m.p.h There hub height is 80 m . blade length are 49,5 m The rotor diameter is 101m . the rotor weighs 60 tons. To cope with that weigh it must have a strong shaft and bearings. The nacelle weighs 82 tones The alternator, braking system and gearbox is in the nacelle. 82 tones Outside Humansdorp

When I come back later I will stop here Crossed railroad the 9th time now left

The Van Stadens river to the left the Highest narrow gauge railroad in the world Also coming to the end of this mountain Another Corona stop in front where is permit In the Fruit & Veg market . Ready to ride again Those trolleys are made a way that the 7th trolleys back wheels follow in the same track as the front wheels of the 1st trolley when they go round a corner. Not like a truck or car and trailer Now the horn works Wider gauge railroad

Container ships waiting to of load and upload Fruit. Fruit mostly for Russia and Eastern Europe That is Jeffreys Bay Those are the wind turbines now on the right.The Siemans Singing ” lekker ” nicely that thing Those are the Vesta turbines from Denmark 6 h from here I was at home Volmoed a village you can’t see in the day . Volmoed means Full of hope. Thats + – 40 min from my home