Road Trip from Canada to California

– Bye, Bye Canada, you are my best friend (dramatic music) – Good morning everyone, today we are leaving Canada We’re doing so in about 50 minutes, and this is what our house looks like right now Bailey’s eating breakfast How is it Bailey? – Good – Gotta eat that frozen food, can’t take it with us – Parker has already eaten, and he’s looking cool, ready to go And then we’re packing up luggage Jacob is waiting for his waffles to cook, and we’ve got a bunch of other stuff The problem, though, is the van is full, so we’re gonna have to figure out how to cram all this stuff in there – [Jacob] I know – You know, you know how to do it? – Tie them on to the roof – [Chris] You wanna tie it all onto the roof? – Uh huh – It’s raining outside It’s raining Who’s ready for an awesome road trip? – Me – I – You guys are all ready? – Yep – Yep – Yeah, you got all your stuff? – Mmhmm – This guy is all nakey – What? – These guys are nakey – They’re what? – They’re nakey – They’re nakey? Did you take off all their clothes? You goose Uh oh, did you drop something? I have a feeling that dropping things is gonna be a constant struggle for us on this trip – Yeah, but I’m not dropping anything – You’re not dropping anything – And look, I built this already – You’re building Legos in the car? – Uh huh, without losing any one, any of them – I think we managed to get everything in the car, except for mommy This is her seat, so, I don’t know what her plan is I didn’t pack anything up there, that’s all from her, so we’ll see, we’ll see where she’s planning on putting her legs, because currently, that’s where they should go We folded the back seats down, and put all of our stuff in the back there It is so full in this car, I’m excited to see how we do on this trip The kids normally don’t sit this close together You guys normally sit this close together? – No – In Daddy’s car, yes – In Daddy’s car, yeah, in the Prius, sure, but in the van, no, we use the space Let’s go on a road trip Well, when Jessica gets back, we’ll go on a road trip once Jessica gets in the car (jaunty guitar music) We’re in a place called White Rock, and it’s cold, and windy Are you cold, you wanna go? Alright, we’re gonna try and take a selfie Somehow, is this happening? – Okay, how are we gonna get this? – This is not gonna happen Here, stand up here – Okay, where’s the sign – Did we get it? – I don’t, did it go? – Happy, yeah, it’s a video, I took a screenshot – Oh, I didn’t know – I think we got our picture (jaunty guitar music) – [Jessica] Bailey, where are we? – At a ferris wheel – [Jessica] But where, what city? – Seattle – That’s right – We made it to Seattle I paid over $25 in parking for three hours What are you gonna do? There’s this wall here and all these little birds are living in it, check it out He lives inside that little hole (violinist plays Super Mario theme) What do you guys think of this place? – It’s really cool – So this was my idea, I don’t think Jess wants to be here Oh, she found some flowers, maybe she does want to be here? – Chris, look at how beautiful these are That is the dream bouquet – Is it? – Yeah, that is the dream I don’t even need all that green, – What’s in it? – Just all the peonies? – Peonies – Peonies? – Beautiful – Okay, I think she’s on board now, now that there are peonies involved We found more – I even like that better, it’s simple and pink and white – Just all those – And look, Bailey found these – You like those ones? Very pretty When Bailey was a little kid, we took a picture here, it looked like this, and we’re gonna try and re-create the picture – [Jessica] Yeah, hold onto me – Okay, I got you, I got you – I haven’t done this in a long time – I know, you’re up really high – Good? Did we do it? – [Jessica] Give it one more time, give me a big smile – Alright, we just finished in the magic store I love going to magic stores, and we actually ended up buying something for Magic Monday, and something for Jacob, because he wanted to learn a magic trick

And now we’re gonna take more pictures of kids on shoulders – [Jesssica] Look at mommy, though, look right here Yeah! Yeah – [Chris] Who did you find? – Yoda and Olaf – Yoda and Olaf? We are in the mass of people, we’re in it Are we in it? – What? – Are we in it? – Of what, in what? – The crowd – Yeah – [Chris] Parker, can you believe you’re sitting in the same seat that Rob Reiner sat in in Sleepless in Seattle? Can you believe it? Oh my goodness, it’s like your favorite movie You can quote all the lines – [Jessica] Parker, what about your favorite actor, Tom Hanks? Here, let’s put you in Tom Hanks’s seat, because he’s your favorite actor of all time Actually, he is, what, Woody? – [Chris] You know Woody the cowboy? Do you know Woody the cowboy? His voice, the actor that did his voice, sat in that chair (playful dance music) So we’re in Pike Place, and we are eating at a restaurant that they filmed part of Sleepless in Seattle in, and I think Parker’s probably feeling kinda like the title of that movie right now Am I right Parker? You feeling kinda sleepless? You haven’t had a nap yet today, are you feeling tired? – I did – You had a nap? – Uh huh – When? – In the car – [Chris] You took a nap in the car, you didn’t sleep in the car – I slept right away – [Chris] You slept right away? – Once we got – Lies – I am so excited to show you a magic trick – Hi, it’s time for Magic Jakes This magic trick is really simple, so, grab the ball, I put it in my pocket, then I put it back on, and I open it up Then, I close it back down, it jams back into my pocket – Woah, what a great trick We stopped for dinner, and this place has cleared out You couldn’t walk in here a second ago, and now everybody’s gone, it’s crazy – This was the first Starbucks ever, and I’m super excited – And this is the line for the first Starbucks ever – There’s another one down the street that does not have this line – We’re not gonna support that establishment (bouncy piano music) – [Server] Alright, Bailey and Jacob, I got your drink right there, this is Jacob, and here is Bailey – [Chris] What do you guys say? – Thank you – Thank you – [Server] No problem – It’s a good thing I got this at the first ever Starbucks cause I was feeling a little first-y, yes We made it to a hotel in Eugene, Oregon I think we got the last room in the entire state of Oregon, because we decided to travel down during graduation weekend Smart move The kids are all tucked in upstairs, I’m bringing the luggage up, and we’re gonna combine vlogs so that we can get back up to speed here We’re a few days behind, and so you’re gonna get tomorrow’s vlog right now – Good morning everyone – Good morning everyone – The kids woke up early so we went to breakfast and let Jessica sleep in, cause she was driving late last night What are you working on? – Peeling an orange and it’s really hard because there aren’t any orange peelers – Pretty good – We stopped for lunch in a town called Roseburg,

and there’s like nobody here Why isn’t there anybody here Parker? It’s funny there’s like nobody out on the street, but inside this restaurant, it’s hopping Like we had a hard time getting a table cause there’s so many people Isn’t that right? It’s like the whole town decided, hey, let’s have lunch at this place that we’re gonna eat at We finished lunch, but now we’re getting our wiggles out (boys making silly noises) Jessica and I switched because I was getting tired, and that’s a not a good recipe, driving and being tired How you guys doing back there? – Good – Great – You cozy? – Yep – Jacob let me borrow his safari sticker book, so I’m making a little story for Parker so that he can have a bedtime story for naps – The kids have been listening to an audiobook on this drive, The BFG, you guys are enjoying that? – Yes – Yeah, from Roald Dahl – The kids are really into these Roald Dahl audiobooks We listened to The Witches and The BFG right now, and do we have anything else on deck? – [Jessica] I got a lot on deck – Jess has got a lot on deck – [Jessica] Well Jacob, they know that Jacob was listening to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory nonstop – Oh, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory nonstop – [Jessica] Yeah and we have Charlie and the Glass Elevator – Do we have Matilda somewhere, is that coming out? – We do – James and the Giant Peach? – [Jessica] We do – Okay, so we got plans (upbeat music) – [Jessica] So we are in Oregon, and we’re about to pass into California – I think we actually just did pass into California Or there was a sign that said, Oregon thanks you, goodbye, but I don’t know, there wasn’t a welcome to California, so either we’re not welcoming, or we haven’t crossed over into California yet – [Jessica] I bet we’re not welcoming – It could be either one – [Jessica] California welcomes you, not with words, but with mountains – I got this just now It’s very special, I got a crystal I can’t believe I got this on my way to California It’s really amazing I got it Jacob got one, too – Bye bye Canada (Parker singing) Bye bye Canada (Parker sings sounds) Bye bye Canada Bye bye Canada, you are my best friend Do I, Do I – [Kids] Bye bye Canada Bye bye, you’re my best friend Bye bye Canada, you’re my best friend – [Jessica] Wow, look at this, Lake Shasta Look at this beautiful land – Now, all we need to do is get our swimsuits, just saying – We’re gonna have dinner here We didn’t know that we were gonna have dinner here until like five seconds ago – We didn’t even know it existed Look at how beautiful it is, look at this – Let’s take a look at the beauty that is this place – So we’re at the restaurant near a beach Or a lake or something like that And I have a spoon, and a fork, and a knife (upbeat dance music) – Alright we finished dinner, how was everybody’s meal? – Delight – Mmmmm – It was good? Yeah? Mine was good too, how was yours? – Fantastic, I love this place, highly recommended

And the chef came out to help us with Bailey’s gluten-free stuff, so it was really helpful – Now we’re gonna drive a little bit more and find a hotel Good morning everyone, we just woke up, this is the third day of driving, and I’m thinking it’s the last day, we’ll be home tonight Our plan is to stop in Sacramento and check out some museums, so let’s go have some fun We didn’t get very far because this hotel has fish – [Bailey] Oh, look at the itsy bitsy white one – [Jacob] There’s one black one – [Bailey] There’s one white and red one in the back (bouncy piano music) – [Jessica] Here we are in Old Town Sacramento – So this is Sacramento, it’s California’s capital (train bell rings) (whistle blows) A train, is it loud? You like it? – Nuh uh – No? – I’ll have some ice cream – You want some ice cream? – Uh huh – I think the kids are expecting ice cream – Yeah, I didn’t go pee in my diaper – So we’re doing some nighttime potty training, and ice cream is the reward – Yep – I’m so excited, we are at Joe’s Crab Shack, and I have never been here before, and it’s amazing, I love it, because it’s not super fancy, but it has tons of crab, and that’s like my favorite thing ever – California’s a really long state, so we actually have another, like, six, seven hours left to drive So we don’t come up here very often, I think Bailey’s only been here once before, I’ve been here a couple times I went on a fourth-grade school trip, which was like one of the first trips I took away from home without any family members And then I came up here quite a bit when I worked for The Magic Company, because one of the largest magic distributors is up here, so I’d come up here on business trips a lot But this area, Old Town, is super cool, because it has a lot of history in it We’re at the old schoolhouse here, we’re gonna check out the inside of that, but before we do that, we’ve gotta swing a little bit – Boo – Woah, you just kicked my camera You doing your lessons? (upbeat western music) Did you get a bonnet? – Yeah, and I got this – [Chris] Oh my goodness – And I’m gonna get some rock candy They’re really excited, not ice cream, were not gonna get ice cream, we’re gonna have rock candy – Oh cool The kids decided they’d rather have rock candy than ice cream, so they’re trying that out Is this your first ever rock candy? – It’s delicious – [Chris] It’s delicious? How’s yours? Pretty good, Parker Oh, big thumbs up, what flavor d’you get? – That’s orange – Strawberry – Strawberry? – Nooo, orange – Orange, orange, oh my goodness (soft guitar playing and singing) – Okay so the Railroad Museum closes in an hour, and the kids all have rock candy, which is not allowed in the Railroad Museum, so we’re gonna skip it this time, but we still had a lot of fun out here in Old Town, Sacramento (upbeat western music) (soft guitar music) – We made it home I didn’t think I missed home, but now that I’m here, I’m happy to be home

The kids are in bed in their rooms in their beds, and now it’s time for me to go sleep Hi, let’s talk about what we learned today We learned that if you run out of packing space in your car, just use the area where mommy’s feet are supposed to go We learned that Parker is a big Rob Reiner fan And finally we learned that if you plan on filming a kid on a swing, make sure you’re standing the proper distance away Thanks for watching everybody, we’ll see you next time – Just hold him like a baby, there you go – [Jessica] Oh my goodness Parker, how does it feel to hold a doggy? – Good