What are you bringing? (You’re bringing your fucking lighting?!) I’m a beauty guru!!! I have to film a get ready with me!! ( james and twins dragging eachother) Are there more lights in this Why are they talking? What the fuck are we doing in vegas? HaVIng FUn what’s up guys it’s me, i’m with my fucking SiStEr SqUaD! is that how you start your videos? yeah WHATS WRONG WITH IT! (James: hey kitty girllss) sorry HeY KiTTy giRls :@ hey guys! what’s better? ummmm kitty girls girls. Like a lot of things, honestly… yeah don’t be fucking RuDe! we’re going on a road trip! can you set up a zoom in? i’m definitely going to be doing lots of zoom ins we love a good sister zoom in 😉 if you guys ever want to- we do when i said we do, do it on my mouth, or you can just be doing it on my mouth right now anyways, where are we going? 1, 2, 3- Vegas baby! I like that love that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas- on the vlog on the vlog is it just me- it’s kind of bright but whatever I can like fix it no you can’t*wheezes* -do I just look like this? fuck off. i already have to pee like we have not- can we start driving? i wanna go okay but we haven’t *TRIGGERED* james: how greatafghsjd what are we doing tomorrow? we’re going to go shopping we’re going to maybe try to like finesse some free stuff we should go to the *bleep*. me, Ethan and James are gonna go to the *bleep* and just fucking leave me at home we should go probably should PROBABLY SHOULD PROBABLY SHOULD so what can you do in vegas at 17 or 18 (if you’re not 21 yet) if you’re not 21 you cant do fUcKiNg AnYtHiNg can we fucking drive. yeah we’re just gonna fucking go Um I have to eat okay well I have to pee do we just map Vegas? yeah we’re four fucking hours away, (nooooooo) you’ve got to be kidding me thats not that fucking bad we have a lot to talk about its literally a less than an hour plane ride we should’ve just flew that defeats the whole fucking purpose of the roADTRIP (THIS WHOLE VIDEOS CALLED ROADTRIP) ITS THE FUCKING ROADTRIP Not AiR tRiP! *James get it together plz* Definitely should have flown…Hello? Next time k well, its too fucking late now the whole point is to like go crazy in the car. YEA *regretting coming with* what did i get myself into we’ve been driving for five minutes THE ROAD’S CLOSED we can’t go to vegas :(((( oh my god its like one of those signs that says RoAD WoRk AhEad and you’re like WoW I SUrE HoPe iT DOes well it doesn’t, so GoTcHa we’ve been driving for 20 minutes and i have to pee sO BAD im sorry I’ll get off you sound like my fucking dad i’ll just go out of my way it’s not like,,, hah its not like i was tryna leave like,,, earlier today but like ,,, you weren’t ready oH WE’RE NOT STARTING THIS SHIT Now they were mad at me because they wanted to leave for the road trip at like NINEEEEEEEEEEEE and then,,, i was busy,,, and didn’t get to their house till like NINE THIRTY then we had to pick up JAMES one thing led to another we left at like eleven thirty at night so like im SORRY I DONT REALLY KNOW WHAT TO SAY Emma suffer maybe if we put the like heater on in the car like hot enough you’ll sweat it all out so you don’t have to pee BOOOOOOOOOOOOO I literally have to pee so bad! literally never had to pee this bad in my entire fucking life at McDonalds is this noT OPEN? oh my god im going to cry well. this roadtrip is going great we’re gonna find another place to PeE *very intense music* you told me to turn on the camera and now you’re not saying anything i dont know what to say I’m nervous Okay maybe why do you – FUCK I CANT RUN WHEN I HAVE TO PEE AH AHHH AH OWWW you guys, look you’re twinning yeah we’re kinda twinning recently should i tell them i peed in a urinal today yeah do it i peed in a urinal today emma’s the epitomy of a girl who would pee in a urinal that’s like the definition of emma YESS holy fuck it’s locked youre kidding me *loud exhale* YESSS im fine! *P!ATD* ExTReme DAncE ModE oN AHAHAH what the FuCk is she doing?? uuuhhh AHHH I’ve never seen him dance before ew *return of turtle man* you guys dancing? ew thats gross. please stop that WE’RE ALREADY DELIRIIIIIIIIOUS OH MY GOD LOOK AT JAMES what? your fucking head is floating, do that again * Slow music* (yeah) can you film it? im filming it *sucking noise oh he does it real good *SUCKING NOISE Emma: hOly shit ew stop stop thats gross THAT’S GROSS *Music* im so tired, im like melting emmas dead we were playing throwback songs, and grayson has something wrong with his memory he doesnt remember anything unless its 8 years plus ago he knows all the throwback jams so- alright you guys remember the song bullet proof by la roux yeah no you fucking dont! but i do! that’s what im good for! *bulletproof by la roux* everyone always asks me “what are you good for?” im good for things like this what are you good for? oh shit beautiful girls be wasted THEY GOT NOTHING ON YOUUUU BABYYYYYYY my voice is gonna sound like emmas by the end of this roadtrip what’s wrong with that? THAT’S JUST HOW YOU LIVE OH TAKE TAKE TAKE IT ALL BUT YOU NEVER GIVE give me all your love is all i ever ASK CAuse what you dont understand

-blade for yaaa that wasnt good- *James singing* *regret* WHAT HAVE WE DONE. JAMES WAS JUST SLEEPING TWO MINUTES AGO FUUUUUUCK AHHHHHHHHHHH OH MY GOD WE’RE STILL 3 AND A HALF HOURS AWAY FUUUUUUUUCK guys im out of gas, like i swear to fuck- no it’s out of ga- IM OUT LOOK AT THE THING it said zero! and its gone down since when i just started saying that it’s gone hes sleeping hes shleeping AHHHHHHHHHHH! emma: i think we’re here ethan: is that it? emma: i dont know is that it? ethan: what if we’re on the very top emma: ohh my god ethan: what did you book emma: i dont knowww ethan: im tired emma: same ethan: i think this is it! ethan: wow this is luxorious emma: wow euuhuhh ethan: this is boujee emma: i dont know i hope its good ethan: emma being boujee for the first time emma: yea literally emma: yay we made it and its 3 am kind of been dying recently alright we’re gonna see what we-what we think of it oh wait this is uh- WHAT? look at this hot tub! OHH!! something I’ve been working on yeah this is pretty sick this is 57 stories this- yep we’re on the 57th floor oh my god, let’s all jump together 😀 holy shit whaaaaaat? wha- your closet in the show- shower in the closet? and we never own water so we’re gonna drink Vegas water and get literally ******** I can’t wait I was really stressed out because I booked this airbnb and I was like- oh my god if it’s ass like I’ll never live it down NO! james if you fall asleep, we’re gonna prank you yeah! then fuck you *Sexy music again* what? shut up, I’m doing something *Sexy music* that was a sick shot goodnight! grayson: goodnight everyone! we’ll see you tomorrow, bye! hey james, I-I’m sleeping over here nope, this is not even my vlog cause I know emma’s not going to film so you know how the place is all big, and really big and luxurious well it only has one bed so we all have to pile into one bed but you probably don’t give a fuck, so goodnight! there she is morning ladies! oh my god, is emma filming? what? you actually started filming yeah I did g’morning everyone! if my foot is wet and i step on this outlet will i get shocked? alright i’m tired. we’re gonna have a fun day – what’re we gonna do today? well we don’t know you can’t really do that much when – well, okay – and we’re also like – we’re like too young for vegas i don’t even think you can go on the balcony by yourself children under 12 years of age or younger- what the actual -must be accompanied by an adult so one of us has to be out here, if you’re gonna be out here so if you wanna go in the hot tub, you have to let me know well- i’ll leave you your space but you know i’ll be over here if you ever yea so we just waited about 9 hours for james to finish his makeup actually fucking nine i can’t- i can’t- you don’t bleep it out so i have to stop cussing no i can bleep it you bleep it with a funny sound effect like a goofy one then james walks out “LETS FUCKING GO” im don- im ready to go! grayson: let’s go! emma: lets go you are the ones fucking- grayson: lets go, lets go stop bitch ass grayson: excuse me james charles yes, daddy? *Sexy f*cking music AGAIN* oh thats annoying that literally makes my OCD fly out of my ass james emma: hes no longer gay we’re really hungry, but we also really wanna go shopping they want me to buy some designer shit so i can step up my game a little bit im down i guess will i waste my money? yeah, but- fuck it also, I don’t know if you’re allowed to film in a casino but- like I’m doing it anyway cause you know fuck it! tAkE mE tO jAiL iM dOwN you just almost just ran into a little girl well she deserved it im kinda grossed out its so big mmmm? *sad music* ethan: his natural habitat we’re all bullying each other into buying stuff yea i’m already gonna buy a fanny pack we made her get a hot pink fanny pack james: shes out ladies james: emma what did you buy? i made a big mistake! i need to shove this gelato in my *bleep* for a real one right now i need a sister scoop for a real one okay so we all kinda just took a little nap because we shopped til we dropped, literally we’re gonna do a haul but first we’ve gotta wake up Grayson cause he’s taking a nap like a lil p*ssy awe he’s a good brother ew you look like a muskrat fix your hair bro ew I don’t even want to touch it what is that thing? You guys wanna go sky diving? No absolutely not So guys I got these new pants $40 000 (wierd flex but ok) Those were a lil bit of a flex Yeah I’ve been wanting them 4ever First I got these socks aand Emma, be honest tell them what you really got I got a Gucci fanny pack!? Do you know what f*ck you if you guys think I’ve changed, you’re wrong because look at the one thing i have in it No Grayson, Grayson ur not suppose to show urs yet we’re going one at a time I got my Gucci slides!

AnD ThAt’S wHaT i GoT Next, Grayson It came upside down *yawn* You should return it Show ur purse Owowow It’s a satchel. I’ve always kinda wanted a satchel not really i kinda decided that I wanted it when i was at the store like 30 min ago u probably thought the sh*t we bought was dope but u dont really know because u haven’t seen us wear it so we’re gonna show u in a runway show also if your’re wondering why im acting weird it’s cause I haven’t had any coffee today james *laughs* James you fucked it up! *laughs* ur hair looks f*cking awful it’s not a purse Ethan: My confidence is f*cking destroyed Emma: Why? Ethan: How can I continue on? Emma: No, don’t listen to him ooOOOooOOhh HUHHHHHOE Does anyone have tape? I think I got the wrong size like a lil tape i can just tape it on The holes are in the wrong spot, I got the wrong size No, we don’t have tape Fine, I’ll just hold it *laugh* I thought you were suppose to take the tags off? The tags on the flip flops are suppose to be off the flip flops Well, do you wanna bite it off for me then? Can you do it, you’re already on the ground? *Sassy eyeroll* Get her tag off, it’s p*ssing me off No! He was a little shy You can do it! Ethan: He’s got this Emma: He’s got it! Alright We can edit around your shyness Dude, when she edits it you wont even look shy! Won’t even notice. (lies) I’ll just be wearing Gucci, so I’ll look cool anyway! yeah (yeah) Why is he f*cking standing on the rock? That’s just wack ThAt’S jUsT wHaCk WHACK You guys know that I don’t even like starbucks but recently I’ve been getting it a lot because all my friends like starbucks so I kinda have to like make do??? But it’s kinda growing on me i think they changed their almond milk and it’s so much-it’s actually like not as bad So we’re gonna go ziplining. I’ve never done that before Emma! *gasp* ohmygod Oh, Santa did this! Are you? Shut up! I’ll call my boss right now and tell her to let you guys on for free. I don’t care Oh, that’s so nice! You don’t have to do that!? ohmygod! Will you sign for me? ohmygod can I hug you? Yess! Endless drinks on me for the rest of your trip oHmYgOd SwAg Did you just say SWAG!? gross!!! Guys, we’re gonna try to leak Emma’s ID picture because its really good, it’s an iconic photo No no, it’s the ugliest icono-iconic photograph of her I’ll get it one day NOOooEeOOoo It’s the best photo in the world I been tryna get that for MONTHS literally (emma: i literally) literally months (emma:NOO uhh) So good (emma: NOO) (worker:this is great) (emma:no no no no) Oh love that! James look over here you’re gonna love it mhhh kinda good though :3 Wait does it go fast? James, if you die, make sure it’s for a real one What if I sister slip? OH! It’s so f*cking tight. Holy sh***t! oh ohmygod aaaAAAHHH OH F*CK *eagle noise* It looks really f*cking fun actually That looks terrifying Haven’t you been on it before? pfsh no *james exhaling* That was chill How was it!? Scary-uh Wait actually? yea kinda (ok) Are you guys ready? Are u ready kitty girls? Hello? Are you guys ready? Hello! Hello? I love how they ignore us for a real one So rude Gray: At least they’re doing it for a real one James: True oh OH OOH NOo If this comes unbuttoned, I’m falling No-no you- No, literally, if this comes unstrapped I’m out It won’t Is that what it looked like? That’s pretty intense Woahhhhhhh That was so fast! Wow this views actually so pretty look at this AAAAAHHH

Lights in Vegas are so much different. There’s like so many like little ones *james singing* well one man acapella group over here ladies My legs are sweating How was it kitty girls? i think i need to take a shower now wow i love how my best friends literally ignore me when im talking right to their faces. it’s been rude. james charles is upset and sad and triggered How was it ladies? It WaS sCaRy Give me my satchel Oh! sorry Oh wow these pictures are good and fun and fresh where will we put them-like i don’t want to carry them around *gasp* ooh mygod Ethan I’m so glad u love ur sister satchel honestly what the fu** Why are there swords here? Should I cop one? no! We’re going to go get food in our robes I mean we’re not even gonna get o- excuse me emma you’re missing something You’re missing something Your gucci Yeah Yeah yeah sry That’s offensive and I’m sorry That’s fucked up Make a grand appearance *gasp* SO GOOD NOO it wasn’t focused OKay. Do you want me to do it again? (yeah re-do) That’s good Did you just fart? You definitely did no i can do it again i swear i can do it again film it film it yeah yeah see Yeah- nah that aint it no it did it i promise a water in a big cup. box combo, replace the coleslaw with texas toast. and a coke. 2 pieces of texas toast 4 extra pieces of texas toast and 2 orders of fries and a large water That should be it Are we gonna be mukbang? It’ll be good for the viewer experience toootally You’re gonna hit the fucking ohmygood What am I gonna hit? the garbage can was sticking out— Bro you’re literally stupid. I know how to drive Last time i said that he said ‘no’ and he hit something and it was a BMW yea but that was last time aah I got the only vegetarian options HAHA bread wow woow emma I think you don’t record a lot because you’re afraid of editing What kinda chicken looks like this oh ew AAH ITS HOT ITS HOT MY CHEST BURNS MY CHEST IS ON FIRE *slurp* yea I dunno it’s f*cking magic um salt and sugar butter Butter’s kinda sweet sometimes Thought you were vegetarian still eat butter cows got their tits jerked off for that stuff ; — ; they never had to DIE maybe it felt good probaby did I finished my chicken Why can’t I talk? I haven’t been able to talk for 2 weeks My words just don’t come out Take an adderall I’m smog headed Feel like i got smog in my head Uh huh I got smog in my noggin ohmygooood You better f*cking put that it Do you know what’s f*cked up? I just pu-there’s holes in this and I squirted ketchup in it and now it’s like leaking all over my leg looks like i just got my period all over ethan’s new nice car Is there any more toast? I might have to go back around go back around I’m gonna have to get more u won’t p*ssy B*tch what r u talking about I’m gonna have to tie a looser knot in my robe now is it-is it possible to ?? i love food! I think you’re guilty of that Gray I actually just eat a lot but I’d never be like “Oh, food is my f*cking life” No dude he definitely has done that before I feel like you’ve done that on twitter before Well that’s because you’ve been following me since 2014 AAH oh my god *TRIGGERED* asdtyhbhuyxdfy bet you go back on any post on my instagram the first like twenty post ‘Emma Chamberlain liked your photo’ It’S fInE Lets get to scrollin’ no u only liked certain ones so *james singing* HOLY *BURPS* i didn’t mean to do that When we were at the casino today going ziplining this lady came up to me and emma in the lobby- Can I tell this part? yea she looks at james she looks at me and she’s like ‘Wow’ this is to james’ Wow ur so beautiful then she looked at emma then she looked back at me and goes ohmygod you’re even prettier that she IS I was like that’s kinda f*cked up Roasted her good I did! That’s like genuinely mean and she was like 50 like Can I- yeah that hurRTTED me me meor How is my camera not dead yet? Its’s been about to die for- I tryna find a photo that you liked ur so picky wtf but i know it was really long ago AAAHo JUNE 14th, 2016 emma chamberlain we literally were gonna wake up at 4 and then we woke up at 8 and that’s because we’re smart the more sleep you get the more rested you are we’re leaving so we’re gonna say good-bye to this byeeee emma! What’s wrong!? The lighting is ass It looks f*cking terrible emma. look at me and you and it’s shaking Who gives a f*ck that’s ur style emma you’re not even in focus I know. So we’re like 20 min away from LA we’ve been driving all day you forgot to vlog you know what we werent doing anything we were driving i wasn’t gonna vlog it this lighting sucks do you kno what? u guys have seen enough f*cking dysfunctional ass sh*t for one day That’s it Bye ‘scuse me NO if you’d like to watch the video we did over on my channel we all bought each other outfits and it was really good and fun and fresh

you guys are gonna definitely gonna wanna go see that And then on their channel we got hypnotised! and we don’t remember shit so we also are making a reaction video to that well hope you had fun hope you enjoyed and if you didn’t I’m not surprised. comment down below & tell us where u want us to go next tea though comment down below if this video’s better than you thought it was gonna be bye whore asses