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[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, everybody I’m Jackie Jing from IGN And I’m Shag from Motor Trend We are live in Orange County, California at the Motor Trend headquarters And we are excited about Ubisoft’s The Crew 2 What better way to celebrate than with the King of the Road Trip challenge We’re going to talk about that a little bit But first, we are with Julien Hummer with Ivory Tower Hello Thanks so much for joining us Thank you A lot of excitement here So talk to us about The Crew 2 Yeah, so with The Crew 2, you are going to as a player explore one of the biggest online open world ever created for a racing game It’s like a dream in the air, on the ground, under water, cars, boats, planes, bikes, and whatever you want on motor sports to become the champ of Motor Nation You’ve got it all covered Yeah It’s his baby So tell us about the gold edition So the gold edition is going to be– is going to allow players to play three days early in the game And it’s going to include the season pass with some exclusivity Three exclusive car Plus every month additional cars and some other benefits SHAG: So it’s a must JULIEN: Yeah, it’s a must SHAG: The gold edition is a must, absolutely JULIEN: If you want to play early, yes JACKIE: OK, a must have We have details on the screen right now But let’s talk about the competitors And we’re going to start off with the West Coast I mean, I may be a little bit biased here OK, Annemunition is on that team– Samara Redway, Typical Gamer, and Diction Now to the East Coast– Crream, Speedy, Hova, and Legion SHAG: Repping the Midwest we’ve got Legendary Lea, Jack Ultra, The Slap Train, and Bryce And down in the dirty South we’ve got Big Jiggly Panda, Tomcat, That Dude in Blue And Nogla All right Now let’s check in with Axeltoss and GRunner with a breakdown of the event Hey, guys Thanks, Jackie And welcome to the highest revving caster desk in all of history It’s the best looking talent line up It’s me, Renee GRunner Next to me, the guy that with a smile could win every single woman out there, it’s Alex Axeltoss We’ll bring you all the action of the Crew 2 racing today And that will be, let’s say, [INAUDIBLE] today Yeah, I cannot wait to get into these races We’re getting inside the game We’re going to be commentating as these races unfold And this is a new game A lot of you probably playing the open beta right now, which is available So go check that out for The Crew 2 It’s a new game from Ubisoft I know a lot of people curious on what it’s going to look like It’s great We have developers on hand here as well And we’ve got an awesome competition King of the Road Trip We’re starting with 16 And we’re going all the way down to one as the day unfolds And here’s how it kind of looks We have five rounds of play After the first three rounds, we’re taking the top four Then we’re going to have a last chance option for round number four, where we’ll take four from that, leading us into eight drivers in the finals But there can only be one King of the Road Trip So it’s going to be a super fun day We’re going see a lot of different tracks, a lot of different cars, a lot different vehicles And we’re going to be here helping guide you guys through all the action Yeah, all kinds of racing We’ll have everything You said it already– boats, planes Not planes, I think Oh, we will see them in the final Oh, totally forgot about that Stay tuned So, yeah, it will be a route everything We go all the different regions in there We got all the different kinds of content creators, all the guys you want to see out there And you want to see them racing, which is exactly what we do today I think we tried to pick favorites already, but it will be too early to reveal that by now We are unbiased commentators I think the East– looking at East Coast over there, they’re getting ready right now They’re looking pretty serious And Legion over there, he’s hilarious He’s actually a good friend of mine So I’m kind of rooting for him, but also expecting quite a bit of hilarity from them So you never know what to expect, but definitely stay tuned for the whole day You see, totally unbiased That’s how it should be And we’re giving it back to the couch All right, thanks so much, Alex and Renee And we heard them talking about the fast fave feature What can you tell us about that? So when you are going to the US, one of the best thing you can do is exploring the world open world So we wanted to make sure that it was frictionless And with one click, the fast fave feature is allowing you to switch from one vehicle to another So for example, you are in New York City with your car And then you click on a button and you switch directly to a plane like that And then you can go with your plane between buildings

And you see the Hudson River And you switch again to a boat And then you can aim on the water on the Hudson River towards Lady Liberty OK, and we were talking about four motor families, 14 different disciplines, correct? Exactly, so we have four families The street racing family, the off-road family, the freestyle family, and the pro-racing family And within all these families, you have 14 different disciplines So for example, in the street racing family you have the street race, the drift, the drag race, and of course, [INAUDIBLE] So we structure the game like that And we have a story because it’s all about your own story And we have a story for each family You do whatever you want If you want to be a street racer, you can If you want to be a pro-racer, you can You do whatever you want OK, the maps are super cool and there’s a lot of real world inspiration, right? Absolutely right So we went to the US and we met a lot of pilots and driver there And we wanted to make sure that all iconic places of the world were there So from New York, LA, the Golden Gate, the Mount Rushmore, the Grand Canyon Everything is within the game So you can go either just on a drive to see these iconic places Or you can go there and enjoy motor sport discipline, because we want you to make sure that you’re doing things you can’t even imagine doing in real life So tell me more about the Gang of Rush Yeah, we’re hearing a lot about that So Get a Rush is going to be released in September It’s that first free update for the game And we’ll have a new discipline So it’s of a craft So you are going to be able to race with other craft there, plus other future Do not hesitate to go on the website We have all the details for that So it makes sense The Gator Rush hovercraft Exactly right Well speaking of rush, I didn’t get to go, but you two did Yes, we got lucky It was amazing Porsche had Porsche experience center Yeah, that was awesome What did you think, Julien? It was quite Impressive, but you drove so fast [INAUDIBLE],, I can’t do that But it was amazing, amazing experience I walked over to Julien and I was like, that was so cool He was like, you’re a good driver I was like, really? I mean, I was slamming on the gas And then you have to brake as hard as you can I was shaking when I got out of the car It was super cool experience But take a look at this video and you can see what we experienced [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh, my goodness That was way too much fun Back here with Julien And can you believe it, we are talking about round one already Street racing, what else are we going to see? Exactly, so in the East you are going to have a street race, a classic street race within the New York City So it’s like car racing with a lot of chaos there And you have the middle of the street And you have short cuts So it’s like the typical street race in cities OK, well, really quickly we want to take a look at the East and West, where our racers will be competing Take a look Maybe, take a look There we go [MUSIC PLAYING] My name is Jordan Peyton, AKA Legion, with a Q And today I am representing the East Coast If you are a person that is a night owl, you’re trying to stay up late all hours, you still want to have something to do, definitely check out the East Coast If you’re coming to the East Coast and you’ve never been there before, you need to prepare for how wild and packed it gets People come from outside in the central area and they don’t realize how hectic it can be One thing you need to know about the East Coast before you visit it, especially from the north part of these East Coast, is that there’s a lot of snow My friends and I actually got invited out to New York City for a business meeting a few years ago And on our way there it just randomly started snowing and there was like this giant blizzard in New York City I hated snow That’s why I moved to California But I definitely still enjoy visiting, just not so much in the winter Take appropriate clothing in case you show up to New York City and it happens to be a blizzard that you weren’t expecting My name is Nick I go by Diction online and I’m representing the West Coast One of my first memories was the ’89 earthquake Everything starts shaking My mom rushes in, snags me and drags me outside and holds me I just remember feeling like it was really funny that I didn’t care that we were in this dire situation I just cared about playing with my friends I think that people should know that the West Coast is the best I feel like the people are more relaxed on the West Coast So in terms of West Coast, like, an interesting thing is that just everywhere you go can be really, really scenic and beautiful And there’s a sea to sky highway and it is the most beautiful thing ever It was almost distracting to try to be on the road

and try to see all the scenery, because it was just lush mountains and trees Yeah, the West Coast is really great for snowboarding and surfing And you can do both in one weekend California really has my favorite landscape One great story I have my first car, which was a Saturn Vue, I didn’t realize there was a speed lock on the speedometer And I actually wound up calling the dealership saying, why can’t I make the car go over 100? My first car, 2004 Ranger One morning– OK, I rarely ate breakfast in high school I’m pulling out Getting ready to pull off the street I’m looking down at this cherry cordial Danish And I put my car in reverse and I just hit the front end of my dad’s Hyundai and put a dent in it because I was too focused on being a fat kid and eating my cherry Danish [MUSIC PLAYING] A lot of risks in everyday traffic Legion character, love it He’s going to be competing in our first round and that’s what we’re talking about right now Once again, five rounds in total This is going to be our first round and we’re starting on Golden Hills And once you hop into The Crew 2, you can actually go to all these locations and check them out yourself in the open beta So definitely go check that out This Golden Hills track is pretty much situated in between Vegas and LA Have you ever done that drive? I know you’re from Europe over there You ever do any driving here on the West Coast? No, I’m the only person still that walks around You saw that yesterday when we went for dinner I’m the one walking through the US I never drove in the US Ordering apps, but I’ve done the drive from LA to Vegas And it’s a nice– depending on traffic, a nice two hour ordeal And this track is kind of situated right in the middle And honestly, the first time I saw this track I’m like, they actually did a great job Kind of just all the features and kind of the surrounding areas, it’s very, very, very sandy A lot of very desert area So looking at round one, again, this is points based Winner gets four points Second place gets three points Third place gets two points First place gets one point And this is kind of the method as we go on through or adding the points up as we go along And then we’re deciding who’s advancing into the finals and who’s going to round four, which is that elimination phase is round four You don’t want to be in round four You want to go straight to round five– Unless you want as much camera time as you can get That’s true, which, hey, you know– Well, we got most of it already So we don’t need that Yeah, hey, but let’s go more in depth here on round number one Once again, every single group is going to be racing on this map So we have one map from the West Coast It’s going to be Golden Hills One map on the East Coast, which is going to be the Motor Trends Classic Challenge, which is actually in New York City It’s a very nice looking map Each competitor plays each map once Four competitors will race And there you go There’s the points breakdown that I discussed a little bit earlier So there’s a decent amount of weight here, but once again, going from rounds one, two, three– there’s many opportunities to get those points So it’d be great to get out of the gates in first place, but if they don’t do so well, there’s still plenty of time to bring it back Well, that’s true There is enough time for comebacks Obviously, our first round is the most, let’s say, classic one We’re going onto a track It is classic circuit racing So we’ll see if someone might be favorite in terms of track racing Someone is on the dirt or, you know, what we call freestyle, when you go from A to B and you can choose whatever route, does not happen on the first race It is a classic racetrack They’re just the corners There’s a hairpin, a great, like, technical midsection We tested that out yesterday when we had a look at the tracks and all that So it will be interesting, especially when it comes to car choice Yeah, and, you know, one of the really fun parts about The Crew 2 is those different elements You think of a closed track environment You have to stay in your lane That’s what we’re going to see in the first track But as you mentioned, there’s A to B There’s different tracks and different set ups and different ways to approach it So it’s a very malleable setting as far as how you approach each and every race, which should be exciting to see as that unfolds Like, what decisions these races are making on how to approach that corner And they’ve been practicing all day All morning, I suppose, they’ve been practicing And then yesterday they were practicing a bunch as well And I was kind of sitting behind some of those guys as they were trying to get the fastest time, because those are published right away Once they get those times everyone can see what time they got So you have some guys back there that are just doing it, you know, one after another, after another, after another And when it comes to racing games that’s pretty important– knowing your lines, knowing your turns, knowing when to use nitro, knowing when to drift So there’s a lot of interesting elements here and I kind of like that we’re starting off with kind of plain and simple We’ve got a circuit track, relatively close environment, and this is really fast cars So this is truly going to be a nice test initially for these guys to see All right, who’s been warming up a little bit? Who’s been practicing? I mean, it is [INAUDIBLE] It’s touring cars, which [INAUDIBLE] rates cars But what we should mention that they don’t know which conditions they get It could be night, day, snowing, whatever because it’s dynamic It’s down to the server So what’s currently on the surface, no one has an impact on that We’re just waiting and see what we get in the first race, if it will be snowing, if it will be in the night So here we are, ready for route number one

We will see the East go in first So that is the East region you see currently on the seats And they will tackle on the West track AXELTOSS: And we’re kind of turning them against each other right here You know, they’re side by side And, you know, technically they’re teammates They have the same shirts on as you can see I’ve got to get myself one of those shirts Just saying That’s Legion at the end, by the way If he knew he was on camera right now I’m sure he would do something hysterical and ridiculous But I don’t know if he knows that just yet And now we’re getting a front shot as well But they’re racing against each other in this first race, which is a pretty interesting dynamic considering they’re in the same region They’re from the same region They’re on the same team, technically, but right here they’re going up against each other, so we can– I wonder if there’s a little bit of trash talk happening right now Maybe a little nudge or two as we get underway here And again, the track is going to be Golden Hills And we’re going to jump straight into it as we have a shot of Crream there at the top of your screen And here we go kicking things off It looks a little snowy and icy OK, GRunner, I was not expecting this GRUNNER: Definitely not the best conditions for this Ferrari 5A here, the Italia GT2 that is raced by Crream But that is crazy Look at that It’s blistering There’s a lot of ice left and right, but it’s still doing good there It’s the first [INAUDIBLE] Speedy takes off Hova has just [INAUDIBLE] into the wall immediately [INTERPOSING VOICES] Yeah, crashing into him as well, but he’s up to second AXELTOSS: And look at Jeff A sneaky AI coming on in there So we do have four AI drivers in the mix as well So a pretty big altercation there between Hova and Speedy W. And for a few embarrassing moments, they were behind the AI, but now they’ve been able to get in front And Legion, he’s taken advantage, leaping across those two and getting right to the front We have icy road conditions and I did not have a chance to actually drive So I don’t know on this track when it was snowy and icy, so I’m wondering how the handling is a little different You gotta imagine it’s probably a little more slippy slidy And this is also a two lap map here And we see Legion right now trying to catch up to Crream But right now it looks like Crream’s the guy He’s way out there in front and I don’t know if he’s going to be caught, but Legion is going to try his hardest to do that GRUNNER: I mean, they’re driving similar cars so it will be hard for Legion to catch back up to Crream here after the first lap A bit late on the brakes Sliding around, getting the car rotated mid-turn there because there was no other choice for him to get back in Beautiful livery on the Ferrari of Crream It seems like he’s in the best position Look at him He’s smiling He’s feeling good right now, obviously, with a bit of gap between him and Legion That’s the best place to be But it seems like Hova and Speedy are back on a third and fourth They are fighting [INAUDIBLE] I hope that Legion, your favorite, can stay out of that That’s the [INAUDIBLE] hairpin that we talked about yesterday It’s the more technical part of the track, but Crream got through there really, really well So it seems like he could be the first one to score four points AXELTOSS: Yeah, it’s something to really– a little bit of a crash Speedy running into the side there are Legion able to get his spot back But something I really want everyone to kind of appreciate and look at here is the environment Look around Look around this track And again, this is situated kind of between LA and Vegas If you made that drive, you know what I’m talking about It’s kind of a desert I personally, as someone who lives in LA, I’ve not seen this much snow ever there, but it’s cool to see what that would look like if that were the case But look at the mountains on the side And also, the windmills out there We’re getting some shots of the windmills out there in the distance as well GRUNNER: Still a big fight between Legions and Speedy I’m really sorry man, but it’s just going back and forth, second and third position here Crream, he will just run away if they keep fighting like that But Legion, he wants to second position He wants the three points because even if it’s the same region, they want to be in the top four to not go into the last chance qualifier And so far, it looks like Crream had the best practice and the best moments here We saw his start He was blistering off the start line and left everyone in the dust or here in the snow, basically But Legion, he has to fight off his 86% progressions, at least We’re in the last sector of lap number two But look at that, we saw it in the mirror once again Legion, he’s not safe here in the second position AXELTOSS: Yeah, he’s trying to keep that distance and trying to catch up to first We can see he’s a little bit far in front there 90% progression That’s a really cool part of The Crew 2 It gives you that percentage in real time of how far along you or through the track Not only that, if you look the bottom left, the lightning bolt, that’s your nitro Technically, talking to developers, it’s better to let that rise up But as we see these guys finish, it looks like Crream finishing in first Legion in second Speedy is going to be third and Hova back in forth Those guys looking at each other Probably talking a little noise, but all smiles over there And that was really cool I was not expecting the snowy icy environment I didn’t know that was going to happen I was able to trace that track just with regular conditions, very sunny, as you would normally expect GRUNNER: We had the perfect, like, picturesque– AXELTOSS: Oh, yeah And that was pretty picturesque in its own right, which is the snowy landscape, the mountains in the distance, and the icy track And I thought it was really cool You could see the ice kind of going up onto the cars So I’m really wondering how much of a handling difference that is It makes me want to jump in and try out that snowy version

GRUNNER: You need to wait a bit because currently you’re working [INAUDIBLE] AXELTOSS: I know GRUNNER: You know, there is like–b they don’t give us consoles over here so we can’t check out the game yet or the beta AXELTOSS: We need a controller right here And just, like– they have four AI in there Just put us in there GRUNNER: We could jump in there AXELTOSS: To keep it honest It would be fun We’ll see if we can make that happen GRUNNER: I don’t want to be last of the people to see that Like, all the people worldwide see that we’re bad– AXELTOSS: Competitive integrity, something something GRUNNER: Yeah, I heard about that We’ll we’re not doing it But obviously, we’re going back to the same track again, but this time with the crew from the West region So Diction is on that, and obviously Annemunition It’s really hard for your– AXELTOSS: Annemunition She’s at the far side over there Yeah, Annemunition Ammunition except, N. Annemunition GRUNNER: Annemunition AXELTOSS: Yeah, very tricky GRUNNER: We will get there at one point AXELTOSS: And then next to Anne is Samara Redway And then next to her is Typical Gamer And then next to her you see Sarah Redway right in front of you on your screen there All smiles, getting ready to go I’m sure they were kind of peeking over and seeing what was going on when the East guys were racing this track And I kind of wonder if it’s going to be the same icy conditions That would be very fun to see GRUNNER: I got told by all the developers it’s around 20 minutes The conditions stay and then dynamically changes again But obviously, we don’t know when the server actually switched over to winter So it could be summer by now or at least spring You know So it could be It could also be the other way around So we don’t know But we’ll figure out as soon they actually enter the lobby or run around in The Crew 2 back to that one track And I’m pretty sure from the previous round, Speedy, he will be furious by now He cut that inside of the track, got hold on by the barrier and lost the second position to Legion again He had it in his hands already It was three points AXELTOSS: Earlier on too, Speedy collided straight up with Hova And Legion was way in the back, which is where we’re used to seeing him No, I’m just kidding He’s my buddy I can say that But Legion, you know, he was able to be a little bit fortunate there to avoid that collision and get that second place spot But, yeah, here we are looking at the West Coast team GRUNNER: Take a look at your gamers still checking out the map You saw that he’s on the map with that great zoom feature I really have to say that Like, you can zoom in completely and then out of it on the full US map and see everything in detail And it looks like there is still snow AXELTOSS: Oh, yes, it does I like it And I want to do another quick note about the nitros Talking to the developers a little bit, for you guys who are jumping into the open beta, what’s the strategy there? How do you effectively use your nitros? And apparently, it’s not good to use it in the very beginning of the race, which might be a little bit counter-intuitive Like, you might be like, OK, gotta use my nitro right away I got to use it But talking to developers, it’s actually better to wait until you’re at your top speed So like, get your start off fine without using nitro, but then once you get that top speed, that’s when you want to bump in the nitro and make that happen Also, when you’re kind of on the exit of turns, when you’re trying to get back into that acceleration point on the straightaways, that’s another great moment to use your nitro And then the last thing, last tip here that I heard from the developer was, near the end of the race You want to kind of hold it, hold on to your nitro until the very end, the final straightaway That’s a great opportunity to use your nitros So we’ll keep look at that as we jump into the game Still icy conditions here on Golden Hills, the spot just in between LA and Vegas, as we have our eyes on Annemunition here Approaching that first turn Skidding on over to the side And again, I wonder does icy conditions certainly impacting these drivers as you got to be a little bit more careful on those turns GRUNNER: Anne had a great start online Went to first place immediately Samara is in second Typical Gamer went past after a small mistake Samara, until now is still on fourth, so hopefully it can pick up a bit of pace But Typical Gamer went a bit wide on that right hinder down to the banked hairpin Typical Gamer now starting the attack Look at that And right in front of me He’s basically part of the rear bumper now Getting very close Sliding off the exit of that turn Giving it to Typical Gamer He is up to first position He is smiling about it, obviously I mean, he just got first place gifted to him AXELTOSS: Yeah, and there we go The question is, can Typical Gamer hold on to that first place? Annemunition in second Diction in third Samara Redway all the way in the back, even behind the AI So she’s going to try to try to catch back up and figure that out a little bit But for now, as we can see, our eyes are on Annemunition Typical Gamer right out in front And again, if you’re just tuning in or you’re just trying out The Crew 2, I think this is a pretty good spot to start If you’re trying to start your experience in The Crew 2, maybe go to the same track, Golden Hills I think it’s a great– again, a great picture of exactly how the game feels There’s not too much going on as far as you’re in a track You know where you’re going It might be what you’re used to based on previous games So I think it’s a cool introduction track here for people to try out But 50% progression Typical Gamer’s still out in front, but you know Annemunition, she’s got her eyes on the prize here and she’s going to try to catch back up GRUNNER: But she looked a bit confused at one point, when she was running out

wide in that corner, going a bit into the snow I mean, yeah, with icy conditions it’s harder to spot, but the black thing in the middle, that’s still the racetrack That’s where we need to go Diction a bit struggling with a– [INTERPOSING VOICES] And Samara is just rushing it right into the wall All the forces, but I can tell you, you can’t move that wall You can crash a lot of different objects in the game, but not that wall Stay away from it That won’t work Anne’s still on second Typical Gamer is in the lead and he’s always still in a bit of sneaky wall wading here and there And to not lose momentum I really half to say, I don’t want to take away from someone, but Diction in third, that is a gift because Samara did a mistake But currently he’s not really up to the task of winning this race Struggling with corners Not really sure if he should drift or stay clean and do the grip way So he’s struggling Maybe he will pick up pace a bit later AXELTOSS: Yeah, you know, you have some gradual turns here on this track, but there’s also some tighter turns And right now we’re looking at Annemunition Some gradual turn She’s about to go do a bit of a hairpin here It’s a very tight turn and there’s some drift options you can do to try to stay on the road She handled that pretty nicely I like that But that can be tricky for if you’re new to the game That could be trickier to master those really tight turns, but once you get the flow of it, it could really work out well for you And then we have eyes on Samara And now back to Typical Gamer GRUNNER: Samara maybe had on the left side She got spikes on the right side She got racing tires She decided to drop the left into the snow But it is Typical Gamer taking the win on second round We have that to say, all of the regions are currently racing They all do it at the same time, but we only see the West right now AXELTOSS: Yeah, South and Midwest are currently racing behind the current here in this round one This is round one of competition And now we’re two races down West done, East done We had– was it Speedy who won that first– GRUNNER: No, no The first one was won by Crream That’s 10 It was Legion in the second AXELTOSS: Yeah GRUNNER: It’s not 10, it’s 4 AXELTOSS: Yeah, 4, 3, 2, 1 And then we had Typical Gamer win the West Coast GRUNNER: And then two for Diction One for Samara I just try to do the live map so we actually know what we we’re talking about later on And I can tell you, that’s the hardest part on camera Trying to calculate points on camera can make for some embarrassing moments So I will leave that to you AXELTOSS: Hey, you know what, Typical Gamer got first in the race that we just saw And he did a great job with it And I think ammunition had a moment where she was in the front near the beginning, but then– GRUNNER: She had a great start AXELTOSS: Yeah, great start, but then Typical Gamer was able to pass And then from there, he just took off Kind of what we saw in the first race from the East Coast, from the East guys with Crream He kind of held the front– GRUNNER: Could be the nitro stuff you set He set not from the line and I think Anne did it from the line And we saw the same on the East groups So different tactics AXELTOSS: I’m just saying what the developer told me I mean, to me I’m like, you know, wouldn’t you want to just be the fastest from the start? But we’ll see how the strategies develop as the day continues GRUNNER: [INAUDIBLE] talking about all the strategies, I’m pretty sure the winner’s got them all laid out Shag is with him for an interview Hey guys, I’m hanging out with the round one winners Also known as the first two you guys with the targets on their back It seemed like there was a little bit of an unexpected winter storm that blew through the desert There was It was a bit of an oddity to say the least, but you know what, it added a bit to the uniqueness of it Let me ask you this, so who’s the threat? Who’s the threat? Yeah, so you now are obviously going to be followed and targeted So what’s your biggest threat? I saw Slap Train doing a lot of good times yesterday so I’m pretty worried about him All right, well how about you, man? You know, I think it’s the AI vehicles They get in my way sometimes and then just blocks me up But besides that, I think we’re golden I think, you know, came out with a strong performance here I’m looking at myself in the reflection of the trophy so I’m excited Man, there’s a lot of confidence I gotta thank my team They’re the best team on the– OK, OK, running Cool guys Well, hey, good luck in the rest of the competition Let’s throw it back over to this casters’ desk Thanks Shag And, yeah, we know that from a lot of movies AIs can be a problem one day Seems like that day just came Here we are Open beta The Crew 2 That’s exactly what’s happening, but I love the confidence there from Typical Gamer He’s like, you know what, I see my reflection in the trophy That means– You know why? It’s probably gonna be mine Because someone else is lifting it and he can see his reflection in the trophy Could be Could be I mean, as the rounds unfold we will get the answers to those questions We just saw two rounds, which means that now we go over to the next track, which is the most motor trend classic challenge Same teams once again We’re going West first then– no, East first Then see West, but on a different track Tell me more about that next track So we’re going to New York next and it’s pretty fun How many times do we tackle it? Was it once or was it twice? I tried to do it more and more because it’s pretty fun,

but it’s also a little deceptive I’m pretty sure that this track has some short cuts actually Because I remember– yeah, totally different We’re going to see, rather than the defined barriers that we just saw on Golden Hills, we’re definitely in a city environment where you can crash into things on the side It’s not completely obvious where you’re going You have to look out for the arrows It’s a little bit chaotic in that sense So definitely more repetition the better that you could put on this track to really learn it and understand it And there was the moment where, like– I get out in front, right That’s what I do Not really, but I get out in front in this specific circumstance and I do this turn And then as if I’m coming back, I see the AU coming from somewhere else And I’m like– Taking a shortcut What just happened there? There’s something going on there So I think– He’s smart Totally So this game, Open World, there’s a lot of exploring There’s Easter eggs here and there I was talking to developers about that too So that element, certainly ties into the tracks, I believe as well, as there were moments where the AI found shortcuts And I’m like, OK, I guess I got to look out for that on the second map But I think I want to say it’s, like, three-fourths through the lap I believe it’s a two lap race here And I believe it’s around three-fourths of the way through, there’s a ramp that kind of goes to the city that’s off to the left, even though the arrows point to the right So, again, we’ll kind of let it unfold and see what happens But definitely a really nice– a lot of really nice character in this upcoming map The setting is Manhattan, so you’ve got lots of skyscrapers here and there I wonder if there’s traffic I’m certain that on some of these tracks there’s some traffic that you might deal with, which just adds another element to the ballgame, when you’re not only having to deal with your fellow drivers and AI, but also you have traffic that might appear A lot objectives they will have on that one because there are a lot of stuff you can crash You can’t get rid of all that stuff that actually keeps you away from winning the race on the next one It’s street racing, which also means that they’re allowed to build their own cars, which they did in the practice session already Obviously, there needs to be some rules to that, so they have to stick to specific performance level, but they can choose whatever they want Yeah, and I’m pretty curious to, you know, as this day unfolds as well, we’ll be getting results in coming in from the South and Midwest And we saw, I believe it was Crream there, who was talking about when Shag was asking, all right, who’s the threat? Who we looking out for? And they were talking about the Slap Train And he’s in the Midwest division And they have these leader boards that you’re able to see what their times are And they’re basically published, so anyone can see them And I want to say, spoiler alert, Slap Train was at the top of pretty much every lead– He [INAUDIBLE] all of them Yeah, so I think he set out and just started getting the best times And then just kept improving his own times And then I actually saw some of the guys on East kind of looking at that and they’re like, how is he so fast? How is he getting these fives? So that story has yet to unfold and we’ll be seeing what’s going on there We’re going to get the true scoop on what’s going on because there’s some there’s some fast drivers here competing GRUNNER: But we hear revving engines already It’s off to the next track with the East guys tackling on the Motor Trend Classic Challenge Still all in a good mood like, your guy, Legion in the back AXELTOSS: Yeah, there he is I’m looking for those reactions Legion, you’re on camera Do something silly GRUNNER: You know, [INAUDIBLE] This will go wrong AXELTOSS: I think, I don’t know They shouldn’t be talking strategy because they’re against each other right now He’s probably trying to get their heads GRUNNER: Oh, he just tries [INAUDIBLE] AXELTOSS: Come on Legion, do something silly Do something silly Dang it All right GRUNNER: He can’t hear you AXELTOSS: I know GRUNNER: Should you walk over there and just tell him? AXELTOSS: I might GRUNNER: You can write a letter and hold it He might see it AXELTOSS: Someone should just cue him while he’s on camera This guy’s a character Definitely check these guys out on all their respective accounts If Google is the way to do it, go for it We’re looking at Crream, Speedy W03, Hova, and Legion from the East Coast there And you can see they’re all smiles, making jokes, getting ready to go here As we’re going to see what kind of weather I’m curious if the snow stuck around Yes, it did I love it Although, the sun is kind of coming out GRUNNER: And look at that Crream is on a motor bike I didn’t expect that at all Totally different handling to the rest We see some super cars There’s a Porsche 911 a Lamborghini I think that’s a real car Everyone running a bit wide Another Porsche And it should be a classic American muscle Up front currently, it’s Aaron, the AI that was leading, but now he’s been left in the snow once again AXELTOSS: Oh, wow Someone just flew off into the distance Oh my gosh OK, I definitely did not expect the bike either And I’m wondering if he’s reconsidering that decision because he’s just flying off into the distance and we don’t know what’s going on But anyway, Legion finds himself in the front He’s going to try to stay up there We got some tight turns here We saw a bump in the back Speedy, a little bump there [INAUDIBLE] Legion able to sneak by him You can see all these hard turns And again, it’s not as intuitive as the racetrack we just saw, Golden Hills, where you had the barriers It’s nice and comfortable Right here, there’s a lot going on You see the cones You see the signs You see everything flipping off into the air You’ve got the arrows actually turning

And you can actually bump the arrows away And then the people behind you don’t necessarily know where to go So you always have to keep your eye on the checkpoint You see, that was essentially a shortcut We just saw Crream take that I didn’t even know that was there There are different ways to get to these locations, depending on the track that you’re raising on I’m wondering right there on the left, I wonder if you can go to that bridge Now I want to go back and try that because the arrows point to the right, but I wonder if you can actually go on that bridge and that’s a short cut GRUNNER: Who knows, man This game, it’s all about exploring as well as finding out how to optimize these lines and try to decide what track you want to take But for now, we’re going to actually take a listen in and see what these guys are talking about in the race MAN: Yeah, you are, dude MAN: Gonna get garbage Your trash can, dude We’re on the same team I love you, but you’re still trash MAN: Hey, hold it, Crream [LAUGHS] MAN: That’s like a guide rail, right? AXELTOSS: All right, that was a little taste of what these guys are talking about as we head to the finish line Our motorcycle, Crream, he was able to make it happen somehow someway I think I saw him get whipped up into the air at least four times in that race So I am shocked that he got first again I am actually shocked I don’t know how he did it GRUNNER: Bravest man alive Taking a motorcycle while we’re in winter modes AXELTOSS: Everyone else is in a car GRUNNER: Yeah, everyone else went for a car and Crream was just like, you know what, if everyone takes a car I will just take a motorbike Show you guys it’s done, but he was struggling a bit still with that shortcut He got out on top Was that what did it? Because, like, we saw him take that alley I didn’t even know that existed He missed going left He crashed into the wall But then realized there was a path right to the checkpoint And then he just came out on top That is kind of surprising I love a motorbike win Yeah, I think I like the variation that we’re seeing in what these guys are selecting And I don’t think anyone knew that we would get snow It just happened Again, that’s just how it works in The Crew 2 You don’t know what environment that you’re going to encounter It changes constantly I’m pretty sure Legion got second there again Did he? I will write that down If you say so I’m pretty sure that’s what I saw I’m pretty sure actually the standings were pretty identical to what we saw in the first race, but we’ll get all the official totals on that for you guys But, yeah The first big surprise for me there was just the motorbike It’s like, come on I mean, is that how confident he is? He’s just like, all right, I’ll just use a motorbike And then from the start, we just see him kind of have a lot of trouble with it, but somehow someway he gets first GRUNNER: Yeah, that was a good by the East Obviously, we will see the West now And so if one of them maybe picks up that bike now They had to build their cars previously So I guess there will be no one brave enough to just say, hey Guess what? All changed out to a bike because Crream showed us that you can win with it, because it was a lot harder Turning around corners on a bike I don’t know if I would do that Especially King of the Road Trip, this is a competition You know, these guys are trying to be the best They’re trying to win And then he goes out and just pictures the bike AXELTOSS: That’s crazy Maybe I think Shag will probably interview him again after this next match here since he won again So maybe we can get some insight on that a little bit later But now we’re taking a look at this West course team Annemunition, that’s Samara Redway you see on your screen Again, go support these guys They have they have Twitch channels They’ve got YouTube’s You know, most of these guys have channels out there So definitely go support and check out their stuff There we see Diction is the closest to us And then Typical Gamer there in that second seat He was able to win in the first race amongst these four So we’ll have to see if he can keep it up And then my other question is, is Typical Gamer going to choose the bike? What do you think, GRunner? GRUNNER: I don’t see anyone [INAUDIBLE] AXELTOSS: I don’t see it there OK, yeah There we go There’s no bike GRUNNER: Whoa [INAUDIBLE] right at the start of the game And he got away very well It’s just Aaron once again The best AI in town That is first, but now he got that place back Diction, [INAUDIBLE] See, I don’t even know Was that a short cut? Someone just careened off through the sign But I don’t know what’s a shortcut or not That’s just how works? I mean– [INTERPOSING VOICES] MAN: One of the drivers It’s Typical Gamer, Anne, and then it’s Diction AXELTOSS: You gotta hit those checkpoints though GRUNNER: Samara is a bit in the back I mean, seventh, that’s not where she wants to be at the start of this race, but there’s still plenty of time to get back We saw that with Train, he was able to go from fourth to first It’s been a wall rider once again for Typical Gamer It seems like that is a Typical Gamer move to crash into that wall with his Ferrari I can tell you in real life, that would have been [INAUDIBLE] AXELTOSS: That lady was wearing a tank top and it looks like at least 10 degrees Fahrenheit GRUNNER: That’s Manhattan, man AXELTOSS: Is that just how it– all right GRUNNER: Yeah, that’s realistic I mean, I’m not American, but I can imagine people– AXELTOSS: That is brave GRUNNER: Running around like that AXELTOSS: That is very brave And look at this, we’re seeing tents in the road These guys just in a destructive attitude right now I love it Typical Gamer, he’s keeping that spot in the front, even though– I want someone to take that bridge I just want to see what happens

GRUNNER: I think it’s not possible AXELTOSS: You don’t think so? GRUNNER: Look at that Typical Gamer always– he keeps his nitros for the walls And then just boost along those walls AXELTOSS: Yeah, I guess the walls don’t slow you down as much OK, actually I think we’re going to listen in and see what these guys are talking about So let’s take a look WOMAN: Crash MAN: Coming in hot at sixth place AXELTOSS: Looks like they’re pretty focused GRUNNER: Look at that Typical Gamer [INAUDIBLE] the car Was not able to clear that corner as he should be AXELTOSS: He got first though [INTERPOSING VOICES] Samara Redway, though, she was all the way and in the back and she ended up getting second That’s awesome Annemunition in third and Diction is going to be fourth amongst this grouping But Typical Gamer, once again, he saw his face on the trophy and he wants to make that destiny unfold And he did a good job with it I mean, he ran into a wall straight up, but still able to finish that in first place Very well done It was a bit surprising to me how Samara go in second position Is that another thing of, there was a shortcut and I just saw it popping up in front of me? I feel like, with the launch of the open beta and with the launch of this game on June 29th, we’re going to have all of that unfolding, everyone just doing the work to try to figure out, OK, where are the shortcuts? What’s the best way to make these times? You talk about speed running, I think it’s definitely good to be a community effort to find out what the heck is going on in some of these maps because there are hidden shortcuts There are secrets There are Easter eggs that we don’t know about yet And that’s part of the fun, especially when a new game’s coming out, to jump in and see what you can discover And if you’re the if you’re the one to discover something and then you post a screenshot, then you get to be the cool guy on the block So that’s what I’m going to be doing That’s how you get friends Yeah, exactly Just help them out on The Crew 2 to find all those shortcuts Well, I have to say, I mean, there was no bike in it, which is fine I’m was really surprised by having a bike at all But the raves were– it just shows that there’s always a way for a comeback It doesn’t matter where you have been in the first lap or the first part of the race Just stick to it Drive it Try to find new ways to be quicker than them I mean, we saw Typical Gamer’s way of just sliding along the walls Others didn’t do that so it might be quick But not I think it’s not as viable on street racing as it is on circuit racing due to not that many walls they can just ride along For sure, I mean, at the same time, we’re seeing the buildings I mean, Typical Gamer, he ran straight to a building That’s not going to happen on Golden Hills There’s no just straight up areas that you can run into on that track But that’s what you get with street racing as well So very curious to see how these different drivers approach each of these tracks You know, some players they get nervous when doing an interview I’m pretty sure those two with Shag right now are not because they’re getting used to it They always win Shag is with them Hey, guys It’s a little bit of deja vu here It’s kind of becoming a bit of a habit Some more snow, different racing What do you prefer better, the controlled or just freestyle across the city? I like the wild card of the snow in the city It was actually a good time, yeah How about you? Yeah, I think it was a pretty good time It threw me off a little bit You know, I smacked directly into a wall, but I think that just made me stronger You know, it made me pick myself up more and wanna cut more lines At least you’re learning from your mistakes Exactly That’s great Well, I mean, moving into the next round, what’s your strategy? My strategy is just go fast and hope I don’t hit the wall too much every time How are you, man? The exact same thing You know, racing with other people there’s a lot more chance of sort of them crashing into you So I think getting away from the pack at the start or even just wait until there’s an opportunity, I think that’s the key right there All right, guys Well, great job I have a feeling I’m going to talk to some more in the future I’m gonna throw it back over to Renee and Alex Yeah, that could happen, that they’ll do more interviews, at least if they go in like that Round one is done for every single region since they were racing in the back Some were racing on the stage, which means we will have our first look soon onto the current leader board, the current school board, so to say But yeah, with Typical Gamer and Crream winning both of their races, it’s pretty obvious who is leading And, yeah, I mean, those places– that was for sure AXELTOSS: Yeah, we can see the point total there Crream and Typical Gamer with eight points a piece And then we can kind of see what’s happened in the back over there A little bit of a variation in the results I’m a little bit surprised by this The Slap Train with only six points I was thinking he’d be up at eight GRUNNER: That would be a win and a third position, maybe AXELTOSS: Yeah, there’s a few different variations that can lead to that, but there you see the rundown And there you see the bottom eight Legion just barely in ninth place as we go on down the line there And as we see all of these results unfold Still a ton of potential for a lot of movement to happen here, especially as we move into round two, where we’re basically doing the same thing We’re going to switch up who are featured

racers are on the stage So we’re going to be taking a closer look at the South region and the Midwest region upcoming year pretty soon And then they will also be driving on different maps, of course We saw Golden Hills in the Nevada desert right in between LA and Vegas And we saw the Motor Trends Classic Challenge And again, you can play both these races right now, both these tracks right now on open beta And that’s in Manhattan Very nice city landscape But I’m kind of excited for what’s to come We haven’t really said much about it We’re kind of alluding to it here and there, but again, if there’s one thing about The Crew 2, which is the variations that you see, just the sheer differences and what environments you encounter, the different track styles, the different terrain, the different weather And that’s hard to prepare for, which for our purposes is very fun Oh, it’s way better If they would know every single line, then racing would be a bit boring Obviously, we wouldn’t have Samara just going back from fourth to second So I like that I’m pretty sure we’ll see way more than that because that was only round number one And we only saw two regions so far on the stage And I know the South, for example, they have That Dude in Blue and TC Gaming so that– They were a little bit lower, which surprised me in the overall setting Because they have a stronger group Right So there’s a lot of different variations in the placements, which might be better for the guys we just saw both getting first place in the West and East And again, after round 3, our top four go straight to the finals So that’s what we’re looking out for But Shag, he found a better place He found a relaxed couch Hey, guys I’m hanging out with Slap You guys got to go do the Porsche experience Yeah, it was a lot of fun But I got a couple questions So what’s your daily driver? I have a ’03 G35 six speed coupe It’s fun It’s not as fast as the 9 11, right But, it was– I mean, it gets me from point A to B So when you were a kid, what was like– you know, growing up, what was that car? Like, when I have the means, this is my dream car Dodge Viper, ’70 Chevelle, ’70 Nova, Duster, which we have one here, which is nice But I mean, anything muscle, I love I’m just a big muscle guy Well, man, you guys got to drive the GT3 Let’s check it out All right, let’s do it MAN: [INAUDIBLE] the Porsche Driving Experience I’m gonna be taking you around in a GT3 for two laps and see how it’s done SHAG: I see you have your proper safety gear SLAP: Yeah, yeah The hat was kind of in the way a little bit, but it was all right, though You put your foot down on this thing and it just starts playing music SHAG: It kind of feels like you’re killing it though, right? SLAP: Yeah, I mean, well, until the driver gets in there and then it’s a lot faster SHAG: Then they show you what it’s really made of SLAP: Exactly SHAG: Look at the coach there SLAP: He looks a little bit nervous, doesn’t he? SHAG: He does SLAP: We dipped the tire SHAG: Maybe it was the off road SLAP: Yeah, they showed that Yeah, I was very impressed with the braking I mean, we don’t see the line of sight that he sees So when you’re going into these corners, you’re, all right, stop And we’re just making it through But, I mean, full trust in the drivers there They’re absolutely incredible SHAG: Is this tears or sweat? SLAP: I’m sweating It’s hot in there It was pretty hot We did a little trip around SHAG: Throwing it around Nice SLAP: I had a big smile on my face for that for sure That was a lot of fun We went sideways Had a blast The man’s good I’ll tell you that SHAG: I kind of feel like you’re at a loss for words a little bit SLAP: I was I was I don’t really get to do that on a daily basis So it was quite the experience for sure So it was a lot of fun? Oh, jeez, yeah That’s cool, man I’d do it again tomorrow if I could Right on Well, I missed it I wish I could have So I just have to listen to you guys That’s fine Well, hey, thanks for hanging out and watching us We’re going to– we’ll be right back with round two Thank you OK, I’m back here with Julien And we are getting ready for round two Absolutely Can you believe it? It’s super exciting And this time we’re going to be doing some off roading? Yeah, absolutely So the first event will be in the bayou Down South Absolutely So it’s a [INAUDIBLE] ride discipline So there it’s a little bit different It’s a time attack And then you have to go to A to B But the good thing there is you need to find your own path You choose your path So you can be faster or it could be not the good path to get to B and then to [INAUDIBLE] So it’s a very different experience It’s more open It’s with nature in bayou So it’s very different compared to the previous one and what we saw No course Going into the swamp Yeah OK And beware of the alligator Ah, the gators, yeah And the second event will be the [INAUDIBLE] event So it’s a street race, but it’s a little bit different It’s in the countryside So it’s not in the city You are starting in [INAUDIBLE] and then you are driving And they’re all going to drive with the [INAUDIBLE],, the real [INAUDIBLE] car It’s a Camaro OK, Julien Sounds awesome Let’s take a sneak peek at the Midwest and South regions Here it is [MUSIC PLAYING] My name is Bryceson McQuaid I go by Bryce Games on the internet And today I’m going to be representing the Midwest The best thing about the Midwest is the Chicago pizza

Giordano’s is where it’s at Definitely the best My favorite part about the Midwest has to be the Great Lakes I love water and they have three giant bodies of water there My favorite part about the region is probably the climate and the weather From one stance you could have a bunch of winter snow, and then the next day you could have a lot of sun Favorite part of the Midwest, it’s got to be Wisconsin I grew up watching “That 70s Show.” They were based in the heart of Wisconsin Probably wasn’t filmed there, but– My name is Anthony, AKA, Big Jiggly Panda And I am representing the South My favorite part about the South is just that Southern hospitality Just that love to talk to people I think my favorite part about the South is probably how it can go from mountains and winding roads and waterfalls to massive city in a matter of, like, two hours I’m actually from Ireland, the South of Ireland And that’s kind of like the South of the US So here I am If you’ve never been to the South, it’s going to be hot and then it’s going to rain And it’s gonna be hot again And you won’t know what’s happening And you won’t know what to wear One of my favorite things about the South or road tripping through the South is that there’s a lot of hidden back roads that nobody knows about So when you find that special road that’s basically yours, it’s really cool once you master it You can improve your driving skill on the main road, which is totally not recommended by the law, but it’s still a lot of fun So my very first car was a ’95 Ford Explorer I know, super glamorous But I was so proud of that car because I bought it with my own money I got like a job I worked a whole summer My first car was a KIA Spectra I drove that thing for two weeks before somebody drove me off the road For the next two years that I owned that car it was just, like, it looked like I took that thing to Derbies, man But got me from A to B It picked up the ladies It picked up the friends What else do you need? My very first car never existed I’ve only driven a car in The Crew That’s the only time Let’s keep that a secret Don’t tell anyone else I don’t want to be the bad guy, but I think it’s too late to keep that as a secret Yeah, he said it on camera and then we showed it on the broadcast He’s only driven a car in The Crew I loved it I loved the island The South of Ireland’s basically like the South in the US Yeah, I would love to go to Ireland one day So I have not been able to do the research to see what’s going on over there But I am from the South in the United States So I guess I need to get one of those shirts I need to get one of those South shirts I mean, it was pretty sure about what That Dude in Blue, David would say, and what Forrest will say I mean, Forrest, if you pull him on Instagram you see all the pictures of him racing his S2000 around winding roads So it’s pretty sure that [INAUDIBLE] comment about the roads available in the South He’s probably right I mean, if I look at the pictures, I’m jealous Well, we are jumping into round number two Remember, round number one, all these guys are racing, but we were only looking at the East and the West regions For now we’re going to be looking at the Midwest and the South regions on the stage We’ve got one map for the Midwest One map from the South And we have each competitor plays each map once Four competitors race and there you see the points break down once again So very, very, very similar situation as what we saw in round number one Only, we’re changing up the tracks, and we heard them talk on the couch about that a little bit We’re going to see some differences, which is very fun to see in The Crew 2 We got more point A to point B situations going on The more you decide which way you go So I’m excited to see how that unfolds and to see how these racers– see the different approaches You know, see what kind of approaches we see Yes, so we’ll take the first map, which is the Papa John’s race, which means they will use the same car Papa John owns, which is an old Camaro Z28, if I’m not mistaken I mean, I’m not the American here It sounds right to me Which year it is? Oh, by the way, look at that I’m just gonna– we gotta tell people about the promotion You bring in an American so he knows everything about American cars– I can tell you about discounted pizza 40% off That’s fine 40% off Papa John’s pizza Yes, you can do that right now Use the code C-R-E-W-2 And that might have to do with the game that we’re currently observing Could be It could be Take advantage of that Get yourself some pizza 20% off, that’s a pretty good– that’s a pretty good deal Yeah, I know that you tried to calculate that before, but we ended it You could only say if it’s $100 then it’s $60 But it’s there’s not a lot of pizza you can order Like, one pizza for $100 Yeah, you can order multiple pizzas That’s probably 10 of them Here we see a look at the South team There they are They’ve got those orange shirts on, representing their region We see them all smiles right now, trying to make sure they’re in there in a nice shape here But you’ve got to remember they’re racing against each other So while they might be very pleasant to each other now, once we get into the race there is no such pleasantry

as each of them have one objective, and that is to cross that finish line in first place and get as many points as possible for themselves So that they could advance to the finals and become the King of the Road Trip So they don’t need to go into last chance qualifying because that’s what everyone tries to avoid That’s Big Jiggly Panda right now on the camera He’s jiggling He’s smiling Everything is all right AXELTOSS: This is Forest This is Forest and he, this guy has been getting the fast times before the event started He’s been getting a lot of the fast times And That Dude in Blue, another guy who’s also been getting some of– GRUNNER: I think I would put my money on David, That Dude in Blue AXELTOSS: Really? GRUNNER: He’s really, really good He knows how to drive real cars I mean, he does a lot of videos about real cars, testing them A lot of modifications to them you could never do in Europe, especially in Germany that will never be allowed But he can run all of them on different cars, but they stared already It’s an A to B race And currently it is That Dude in Blue and TC Gaming They are fighting for the lead [INAUDIBLE] in the back, smashing it in the rear of TC9700, but he might overtake the AI on that right hand No he doesn’t But that Dude in Blue, he struggles a bit Look at that He’s going left, right, then with that suspension right over there It’s not that easy And he’s even behind AI That’s definitely not the place where [INAUDIBLE] like you have that Dude in Blue and Daithi want to be right now AXELTOSS: Yes, it’s that Papa John’s course here Starting in that residential area as we also see some traffic Big Jiggly Panda nearly smashing into the back of that truck there But now as we leave the residential area, we’re on a little country road And [INAUDIBLE] Gotta look out for that traffic Don’t drive on the wrong side of the road And [INAUDIBLE] bump behind It’s that AI? No, it’s That Dude in Blue So right next to each other, That Dude in Blue and Big Jiggly Panda But our AI, Rodney, out in front No one would have expected that But again, going from residential and now we’re on kind of a road And we’ll see where this takes us, but a little bit deeper into the countryside here GRUNNER: Yeah, I mean a Big Jiggly Panda had no chance to cross that because AI just blocked it And someone missed the check point It’s Daithi He needs to turn around He needs to go back to the checkpoint That will cost a lot of time That Dude in Blue currently in first And then second And then it’s TC9700 gaining on fifth, but they’re fighting David, he’s now up front, but he’s being chased by Panda and he’s not giving out Look at him He’s focusing on That Dude in Blue right now Great cut [INTERPOSING VOICES] Jiggly Panda [INAUDIBLE] AXELTOSS: [INAUDIBLE] GRUNNER: And again, we miss it And Rodney AI is back once again What happens if AI gets King of the Road Trip? AXELTOSS: That’s a great question Stay tuned on that The player two has certainly entered the game AI, a force to be reckoned with here 59% progression we’re seeing By the way, take a look at Big Jiggly Panda right now sitting at sixth place Just passing Actually, most of our drivers in the back three right now, but we’re going to take a listen in and see what these guys are talking about in this track MAN: Coming up We don’t have– oh, no! Clearly, we don’t have [INAUDIBLE] headlights It’s all over I gotta reset MAN: Oh, no You went that far off track? MAN: I got stuck behind it MAN: OK, That Dude in Blue is our only hope for Team South MAN: OK, now I just got pedestrians throwing me off the road MAN: Sorry, I’m just being quiet to concentrate GRUNNER: Panda like an x in the forest, but it didn’t already work He couldn’t get rid of a one big tree right in front of him So he’s currently on eighth, which is the worst position And That Dude in Blue– AXELTOSS: He’s so far ahead He got three AI behind him Before there’s the first and there’s the next [INAUDIBLE] coming up We can see the yardage kind of pictured there 600 to 200 That’s a 400 yard advantage You see the math there There you go That’s a huge advantage there by That Dude in Blue, crushing it out in front And we see Forrest technically in second among the human players, but Neil, the AI, leaping ahead of That Dude in Blue That’s a pretty intense race for first 87% progression and we just saw That Dude in Blue finishing in first Neil for the AI, Terrence as well, Second and third But for points purposes, That Dude in Blue, first TC 9700 Gaming, AKA Forrest there in second And I think they’ll [INAUDIBLE],, actually GRUNNER: It’s kind of sad AXELTOSS: And [INAUDIBLE] GRUNNER: It’s kind of sad that Neil didn’t make it because I would have loved Shag to interview the AI That would have been– Yeah, that would be hilarious GRUNNER: Like, can when please talk to the processing unit AXELTOSS: Bring out whatever– Amazon Echo or one of those devices Just find one of those AI devices [INAUDIBLE] Easy Then we’ll just do that next But it was That Dude in Blue winning So we’re lucky Yeah And very interesting kind of environment there as well Kind of starting residential and then more or less going in the countryside We saw traffic become a factor in a big way And then as well, the nighttime I found that pretty difficult, honestly Like, if you’re driving there and it’s nighttime I can definitely see the challenges that might come in there where you really can’t see the road as well We saw some missed checkpoints here and there You got to watch out for that And this was also point A to point

B. This wasn’t a lap type environment.So point A to point B, You can kind of decide your own way But you want to hit those checkpoints So that’s pretty much the limiting factor there where you can kind of go your own way, but you have to hit those checkpoints that we saw once or twice Some of our racers having to loop around and try to get to that checkpoint again to stay in the race It’s really important to decide when you can cut a corner and when you can’t [INAUDIBLE] we saw David cutting it And Panda was like a bit late to that Tried to throw his car into that apex to get around But then really missing that checkpoint You have be on point You need to know how hard that corner will hit on your car Obviously, you’ve got all the momentum pushing you to the outside, away from the checkpoint And it seems like some of those guys didn’t really calculate that Obviously, we run our tries in day time We did A lot easier Because you see all the objections, like, everything that can keep you away from the checkpoint You can see it clearly At night time completely different story Yeah, I loved the different environments that we’re seeing We started with snow and now we’re getting into night time And we’re about to jump into the next race here It’s gonna be the Midwest region We just saw the South in action And now we’re going all the way to the Midwest Legendary Lea, Jack Ultramotive, The Slap Train, Bryce Games, and I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say– Slap Train there in the second seat, but now you’re getting a shot of Legendary Lea and all these guys from the Midwest area, racing against each other So it’s all fun and games until you’re racing against the people next to you So we’ll see the intensity And we can already see The Slap Train there in the middle He’s kind of hunched forward, pretty focused, making sure he’s got his hands his eyes square on the screen there The backwards cap as well So I think he’s a guy definitely to look out for, especially considering we saw him a little bit further down in the standings at least after the first round So I really expect The Slap Train to make something happen there His cap is just like that do to ergonomic reasons We all know that [INTERPOSING VOICES] AXELTOSS: Getting low to the ground too GRUNNER: Downpours and all that But we started the race [INAUDIBLE] currently in the lead Legendary Lea on second, but she’s fighting hard with Jack Jack went unto the inside Made it through Legendary Lea, did she not miss the checkpoint? That was lucky AXELTOSS: I think she barely hit it GRUNNER: I thought she over rotated it slight the way out of that checkpoint, but she’s back in there All the way down on Neil Passed him as well, but Slap Train leading Bryce Game, second Jack on third Legendary Lea, she’s currently dropping, but after that cut back and forth AXELTOSS: Yeah, and remember first part of this race again, point A to point B. Starting in the residential area Now kind of going on the countryside here Kind of a country road Heading on out of that residential area And you see in the front, The Slap Train He is pedal to the metal right there Really, way out the front We’re getting a shot of him right now using that nitro, as you can see And he’s just taking it away And actually, is it getting a little brighter outside? We’re still in the nighttime here, so keep an eye on that But also, we can see him kind of checking behind him as well, but Slap Train trying to run away with this He knows where he sits in the standings He’s trying to give himself as many points as possible And we see Jack Ultra just behind him and Bryce That’s the big battle happening right now between second and third Bryce and Jack going back and forth here, and Legendary Lea not too far behind them But right now it’s a battle for second GRUNNER: Yeah, once Slap Train is turning into serious mode, there’s not much that can stop him And obviously Jack and Bryce, they will try to stop him, but that might be hard It’s just fighting for three or two points for them, at least right now, unless he makes a mistake I think that what’s caused the current leader board I think Slap Train just did a huge mistake on the previous one And Legendary Lea nearly missing a check point But she got it back Rotated the car a bit more I think it’s to the left Yeah, it’s pitch black now It’s really hard– AXELTOSS: He played in the day This is crazy [INAUDIBLE] Yeah, it’s tough GRUNNER: A completely different story right now But Jack on to Bryce [INAUDIBLE] going through on the inside Got a perfect shot at the checkpoint Seems like Slap Train did a small mistake Lost all of his momentum In the lead, but he’s still leading And I think the gap is [INAUDIBLE] 69% percent of progression right now Still a lot of room to make mistakes AXELTOSS: I think we’re going to actually take a listen in and try to hear what these guys are talking about during this race MAN: Come on AXELTOSS: All right You know what, especially the last area of this race, it’s night time There’s not going be too much talking at all as– oh my god Huge move right there Jack Ultra able to leap past Bryce Games Trying to hold on to that lead, but Bryce Games leaving [INAUDIBLE] passing him again So really going back and forth on that second and third position trying to stay on the road because that’s probably where you’re going to be the fastest And now it looks like The Slap Train way out front There’s no catching him, with 10% of the race to go But the question is, is Bryce Games going to get second or is Jack Ultra as Slap Train finishes there in first? Let’s see who comes in second here It’s probably going to be Bryce It’s pretty close indeed Let’s see what happens There we go, OK Bryson’s second Jack Ultra in third And Legendary Lea will be finishing in that fourth position

But, you know, Slap Train kind of ran away from the front and just didn’t really look back But then we were questioning, OK, was there a moment there where he made a little mistake? You mentioned he lost that momentum a little bit, but able to hold onto that first and get those four points I mean, he won a bit of time and a bigger gap due to Bryce and Jack Ultra was [INAUDIBLE] Yeah, they were going left and right all over the place Obviously, that keeps you away from being the fastest Slap Train, he had serious mode on He was like, OK, I didn’t have the perfect start like the guys from West and East because there were, like, one guy in every group that scored the big eight points The maximum, you could do Slap Train didn’t in round one Round two is really where he needs to pick up the pace, needs to get back onto the points to make sure that he’s in the top four And obviously, he knows That Dude in Blue did a great job in the other group So if he wants to stay with the top four and not end up in last chance qualifier, he has to concentrate And I think that first race and round two really show that he can Yeah, well on his way and that’s exactly what he has to do, especially as we only have one more before our top four decided to go into the final But I believe Shag is standing by with an interview with our winners Hey, guys Great job You’re both driving a ’71 Z28 Papa John’s original pizza race What did you guys think? It’s a good race It’s just determined on that starting grid If you don’t get out in front fast enough, it’s tough It’s tough I saw a couple of guys miss some checkpoints had to come back I mean, what were your thoughts on the race? What was your strategy? Well unfortunately, what he said, with the early grid I actually went head on with an AI random car in the traffic And I thought it was a goner And eventually, I cut a few of the corners in a different way everybody else did And I was able to get ahead Well hey, have any one of you guys ever delivered pizza? Unfortunately, I haven’t, no No, unfortunately All right guys, well good luck in the next race And I’m gonna throw it back over to Alex and Rene Back to us at the sexy desk They should bring that in Like, they should call it the sexy desk We’re really giving our best to look So it would be great if you all would appreciate that AXELTOSS: I think that would fully make sense if we had a slice of pizza We could just eat Papa John’s pizza Remember, The Crew 2– actually, just Crew 2 is their promotion code, 40% off Just gotta keep letting people know You don’t need to order right now We still got pizza in the back We do, but for those of you at home, take advantage of that 40% off That’s a pretty big deal It’s great to have pizza while playing the beta I think that’s the best combination of games Good brownies too I think they do a good job with Papa John’s brownies But anyway, we’re about to jump into the next set of races We’re going to the bayou A bit of a change in pace here We’re going to keep the same teams on the stage, South and Midwest, but the environment is gonna change a little bit as we have another point A and a point B setup But again, it’s so important to these points This is pretty much the last opportunity The second race of round two is pretty much– it’s one of the last chances to be in control of how you do in a singular race because round three is a little bit different So stay tuned on that But, you know, I’m looking out for these guys to really rise up And they mentioned the starting grid, kind of get out in front I think that’s very important Get out of all the chaos Get out of all the traffic And I think that’s going to be key for these guys to be success GRUNNER: But it will be the most open race we saw so far because we will go for [INAUDIBLE] They will try to find the fastest way on, like, buggy’s or whatever call they’ve chosen They will stay inside 40 to 50 performance level Other than that, they’re free to choose whatever they want for the race So it opens up everything right now You can find their own way They can choose their own car So it will be interesting which strategies we will see being laid out here That Dude in Blue, obviously, he had the best start so far in his group For his next term he could still catch him, I’m pretty sure AXELTOSS: Yeah GRUNNER: TC 9700, that name Next time [INAUDIBLE] something without such a long number for me Thanks, man AXELTOSS: We need to give him some branding advice GRUNNER: It’s TC Gaming AXELTOSS: Just kidding Yeah So this is Rally Raid And there’s a lot of different modes in The Crew 2 If you’re jumping into the beta, there’s menu options there where you can kind of decide what you want to tackle You can bring up the map and kind of select which ones you want go in But this is Rally Race This is in the bayou And you can even see these vehicles a little bit slower As we see there’s a big crash in the very beginning, Big Jiggly Panda Not off to the best start, but here is where it gets really interesting, because you can pretty much choose your own way You see the arrows here and they’re kind of telling you the general direction to go The most important thing is that checkpoint You want to go through that checkpoint Make she knocked that down and go to the next one But it doesn’t matter what way you take It doesn’t matter the method you take to get to the checkpoint I’ve heard that it’s not as good to stay in the water The water slows down a little bit So you want to try to stay out of the water as much as you can, but that’s where you have to make the decision It’s like, OK, do you want to make a beeline and stay in the water or do I want to go a little bit out of the way and stay on the road? So we’ll have to see what kind of decisions these guys make GRUNNER: Interesting choice here That Dude in Blue brings the skyline on 34 as some sort of rally car Here we saw Big Jiggly Panda He choose the Focus, but he was missing focus

at the start it seems He was crashing into a small van there Daithi currently leading, which is great for him because he only scored two points the first one We’ll listen in with the drivers MAN: Don’t have the opportunity– MAN: Here we go I found land, but I don’t know if I’ve allowed enough time for it now I’m only like, 3 and a half hours behind [INAUDIBLE] We’ll see [INAUDIBLE] [LAUGHS] MAN: Oh, alligator MAN: I see it GRUNNER: At least he got a spare tire on that skyline I hope he doesn’t need it Wouldn’t be that good But currently it is still Daithi in the lead That Dude in Blue [INAUDIBLE] currently on its second TC 9700 Gaming is in third And Big Jiggly Panda still fourth after his big mistake at the start And I think it will be very hard for him to catch back up, but the thing here is you need to avoid all those trees It’s not easy You can find your own way That’s fine There are some great shortcuts, but for that you need to fit between two trees And as I saw yesterday, that’s not as easy as it looks like AXELTOSS: , Yeah, and we both were trying this track out, this is map out and the trees will come out of nowhere, especially if you’re focused on that checkpoint and you’re like, all right, I got to get to the check point Let’s just make a bee line And then you’re like, OK, this seems like a good line, but then boom All of a sudden a root can come out of nowhere and you’re like oh, well, there’s a crash GRUNNER: Basically, you jump in front of your car [INAUDIBLE] Daithi’s scoring four points And that was really, really good I think That Dude in Blue, he came third Forest is– no, That Dude in Blue was second Forest is third And Big Jiggly Panda, unfortunately, once again just scoring one point The same he did in the first race of round two So it seems like we might see that charismatic guy once again in the last chance qualifier, at least from what I can currently calculate here on my sheet It doesn’t look that good for him, but it will be very close between David and Forest and his group, and to catch one of the four spots– only four– to go through the final [INAUDIBLE] AXELTOSS: And we have a little bit of a difference Remember, in round one we had the same winners more or less from both races But in this case, we already have some differences Because I believe That Dude in Blue ended up winning the first match up So we saw him interview But now our friend from Ireland, Daithi De Nogla able to win there in that setting And now we’re going to see him on stage for an interview But first, we’re going to move on over to the Midwest region Pretty much the same situation, again we’re going to see a different region, but the same track And I think what we can really take from that first one is you got to look out for those random trees, those random roots that’ll just somehow someway come out and just get in your way And then I think the differences between staying in the water and staying out of the water That’s one I would go back and probably run two or three times more to really figure out the optimal line to take to get to those checkpoints as fast as possible GRUNNER: It is [INAUDIBLE] You want to make sure that you found the shortest way, but the shortest way should always keep your momentum going And obviously, with the water, it is So there is some sort of compromise that you need to create to be the quickest on that track And obviously, the Midwest, those guys [INAUDIBLE] up next Let’s see if they’re any quicker than the guys from the South We got Bryce Games here, right in front of your camera Next up is still The Slap Train with our aerodynamic cap that hopefully helps I think he got his sunglasses still underneath that Just so as a joker Maybe for the final, bring out those sunglasses Make sure they look lit You know, as kids nowadays say AXELTOSS: There’s the intimidation games happening here These guys all in the house next to each other So you’ve got to think about the factor of trying to get in your opponent’s head when you’re right next to each other But for now, all smiles Kind of discussing perhaps a little bit of strategy going into this race Legendary Lea, she’s been– GRUNNER: She’s always looking at the display [INAUDIBLE] See that? She’s like, picking up which car did you use? Let me have a quick look Yeah, performance updates Yeah, thank you AXELTOSS: Yeah, Lea, she did get fourth the last one So she’s going to try to bring it back a little bit here And I believe it– well, yeah, the Slap Train ended up winning the first round of the first race that we saw these guys on, the Papa John’s map There you see him in the second seat there with the backwards hat So Slap Train, once again I’m expecting him to just go out from the start You know, especially based on the point totals we saw from round one He was a little bit further down than certainly where he was expected to be and where he wants to be So I’m really expecting him to leap out in front There we see Jack Ultra Motive on your screen right now And he had some good moments in the last race as well I think he was actually ahead of Slap Train for the first 25% of that first race that we saw these guys on the Papa John’s map But I think a very big key here, once again, is based on the grid order in the front Trying to get to the front as fast as possible Stay out of the traffic Stay out of the chaos But also being super aware of, again, in bayou All those trees Lots of trees everywhere You can decide which direction you want to go, but you got to be careful not to run into anything that’s

going to obstruct your path And for now at the start, no crashes, which is nice to see We see Legendary Lea going off to the left here Taking a different route Then the guys on the right Heading on to that first checkpoint Let’s see who’s going to get there first And it might be– OK, Bryce Games staying out front, but all these guys very close to each other here as this race gets underway GRUNNER: Yeah, look at that All of them very close, but Peter Slap Train is now on first, but Jack just made a move He’s a bit quicker on the straight it seems in his VW I think that’s a Touareg It should be It’s currently in the lead Slap Train, second Bryce Game is in third Legendary Lea is fourth, but she’s pretty close to everyone else AXELTOSS: Yeah GRUNNER: So that is really good to see after the first race Look at that They’re nearly using the same line AXELTOSS: Oh no, Bryce! GRUNNER: That was super close Nearly parking his car there and ending his race Legendary Lea, you can see her on the left Taking a totally different route than the rest of the guys Very interesting to see that she found out that this way might fit her driving style more She seems more comfortable on it, which is totally fine Currently in third, so it kind of works out Slap Train an Jack, they are still fighting for the lead Slap Train won the last one Bryce came second and Jack only came third So if Jack now wins another four points, it would really help him out to have a chance to stay inside the top four AXELTOSS: I feel like this is the battle we didn’t see in round one because we were covering the other two regions Jack Ultramotive really staying up there with The Slap Train These guys are so close to each other Really changing positions back and forth We’ll have to see if they deviate in their lines But just like that, Slap Train careening off to the side I’m not sure what was happening there And Jack Ultra able to take advantage and sneak on up to the front 77% here on the progression We’re gonna listen in to these guys and hear what they have to say MAN: Jack How are you going to get that drive for the ghost? [INTERPOSING VOICES] MAN: I can already see it coming Watch out for that [INAUDIBLE] MAN: Getting me tonight MAN: All right, come on, baby MAN: Come on, come on Come on Up there There’s no way MAN: Come on MAN: I just don’t want to take the control right now Come on MAN: No, nothing’s happening here MAN: Nice Nice one, nice one GRUNNER: It does not work for players like it does with casters curse You can’t just say, you will hit the tree I can see it there AXELTOSS: I mean, hey, I love it That’s the strategies we’re seeing Trying to get in his head a little bit Maybe he thinks about the tree a little bit more And maybe he accidentally goes towards the tree and crashes That’s what Slap Train was hoping for But ultimately, Jack Ultramotive crossing the finish line in first place And a little surprised about that, but I like it I like to see the competition we’re seeing These guys are close, very close And we saw a moment there with Slap Train It was like, it seemed like he was getting momentum But then he just like– you know that moment where he kind of slid to the right? And then Jackie Ultra just stayed on his line, stayed calm, stayed focused, and able to be the first to the finish line So that was certainly pretty cool to see And we’re seeing a lot of diversity in the results It’s not anyone just taking down every track, which is really cool to see as well GRUNNER: I was a bit surprised that Slap Train unbalanced his car That was the problem when we saw him losing our first position Just unbalancing it, not sticking to the line, going a bit off track It can happen So he will not end up with the interviews That means Shag got another one and another winner for you All right We’re here with the winners at the bayou rally So a little off road a Little point A to point B. Yeah, how did you like that versus the street racing? It was a little more interesting because you get to choose your own line And you have a little more freedom in the race in terms of how you can go and how you can win Apparently it worked Yeah, it did So tell me about the car you built So I built a pink car with spiderwebs and skulls I thought it was very edgy And that gave me the edge and I won I think the edge was that it was throwing everybody off That’s right They wanted to see it So that’s why they’re all behind me Well, it worked It worked, guys Good luck I hope I’ll talk to you guys here in a bit in the future Throw it back over to Rene and Alex I’m just wondering if I should get the [INAUDIBLE] on one of my cars as well It seemed to work You should It seemed to work You should At least for him Yeah, I mean, can you live life on the edge? That’s the question And I love how he’s kind of talking about how the car is built because that gives us a little bit of a nice preview for what’s to come in round three I don’t know if we’re discussing it yet, but guys stay tuned, because we have many interesting developments throughout this entire show that is super fun to pay attention to But let’s go ahead and take a look at our updated standings and who’s in our top eight Remember, top four is most important Crream at the top That Dude in Blue, oh wow, the guy we just saw, able to get himself up to second place Typical Gamer in third, Slap Train there in fourth, which he’s going to be very happy with that And again, for our purposes, top four is where you want to be because after round three, the top four advance But I also love our top four are all from different regions, which is very nice, as we see the next eight competitors here on our screen

And they’re all trying to get themselves back into it Still some time Still some room to get some points here as we’re about to get into round three So definitely don’t want to count them out just yet And we’ll also have an elimination challenge, which is in round number four Kind of the last chance for these guys So no matter how far you are down in the standings, there’s always a chance to come back, because if you just go out and if you go to the elimination round in round four and you win that race, then you’re through to the finals So don’t count anyone out who’s on that board It doesn’t matter how many points you score before that for the fourth round It’s obviously important now if you want to stay inside the top four, but it’s not important anymore in the elimination round So, hey, even if you’re last now, it’s still a chance for you to win it, which is totally fine, but we’re not there yet We’re not at the elimination round AXELTOSS: We’re close We’re getting close And again, it’s the top four after round three who advance straight to the finals And then in round four we have the bottom 12 and they will each play– they will each race amongst two competitors So there’s three total And then the first place out of the three will be advancing to the finals And again, that’s round five We’ll have eight of our final drivers And then finally, we will find out who our King of the Road Trip will be Again, starting from 16 racers here, all from different parts of the country, even parts of the world, as we saw from Ireland there Daithi De Nogla able to win in that last race And he doesn’t really drive, but hey, he looks like he’s good in The Crew But I’m really interested to see how these points kind of unfold And I’m very interested in the strategies we’re going to see going into around three I don’t know if we’ve kind of said what it’s about yet I don’t know if I want to say it yet, but it’s going to be fun GRUNNER: Round three We can just say it is kind of picturesque AXELTOSS: Picturesque indeed, indeed GRUNNER: Some sort of AXELTOSS: Yeah, we’ve seen a lot of different environments so far today We saw the snowy desert plains and the Golden Hills track in the first round And then we saw some nighttime in the point to A to B Papa John’s race that we saw We also saw kind of the icy cityscape, which was cool when we went to New York And we saw not only the elements of the snow and the ice on the busy streets, but we saw the elements of buildings as I think it was Typical Gamer who just smashed right into a building, but still up winning the thing But just very interesting, all the different environmental factors And I think folks watching are going to be very interested to see what we have in store for round three, because at the same time, you guys are going to have some influence So there’s another little secret I was supposed to say I’m gonna say it anyway You guys are going to have some influence on round three GRUNNER: I can have influence on the show because I can send it over to Shag at the couch Hey, I’m hanging out here with Annemunition We are going to talk about your experience at the Porsche Experience Center But I’ve been asking everybody this question, what is your daily driver? So my daily driver is actually a 2002 BMW M3 E46 Not bad The eyebrow raise, right? No one ever expects that So growing up, what was your dream car? So I grew up in a shop, actually Kind of like this one My grandfather would rebuild cars with my brother And I would play Super Mario World on my Super Nintendo in the corner while he would lovingly polish his ’36 Ford five window coupe And he rebuilt a ’67 Mustang with my brother And my mom has a ’68 convertible Mustang as well that she’s had since she was 16 So I’m a huge Mustang girl Picking up on that The Shelby GT500, which is, like, everyone’s dream car is near and dear to my heart Awesome, awesome Well, let’s check out how you did behind the wheel of a GT3 ANNEMUNITION: I’m Annemunition We are here at the Porsche Experience Center in LA And we are about to take a lap around the track in a 500 horsepower Porsche This is the most powerful car I’ve ever driven and I am absolutely terrified Let’s go SHAG: Were you really terrified or excited? ANNEMUNITION: I was– as soon as we started driving around, I felt my stomach kind of turning because I was just like, this is a $200,000 car that they’re putting me behind the wheel of So I was pretty scared SHAG: Well, you’re getting at it I’m terrified ANNEMUNITION: I felt like I was going so fast I was going, like, 80 It looks so slow on the track now Yeah, I’m focusing so I don’t run into anything SHAG: Yeah, no one wants to wreck it No one wants to wreck that car ANNEMUNITION: Oh, yeah Well there’s the cement barricades everywhere, you know I’m a little more confident now I like how they speed up the editing, because they’re like, she was going real fast I felt like I was going a million miles an hour, but now he said he’s going to show me what the rest of the car can actually do SHAG: I can’t wait to see your reaction here ANNEMUNITION: So I’m gonna make sure I hold on to my lunch a little bit He used the launch control here at the beginning This is the launch control part Yeah [LAUGHS] SHAG: I mean, when that happens you can’t help but laugh ANNEMUNITION: Yeah, you can see my arm I’m gripping on to the door handle in fear and also trying not to slide around the car SHAG: It’s always cool though, to see with these [BEEPS] kind of cars can do It’s like, hey, I’m awesome I’m gonna drive the heck out of this thing

It’s ANNEMUNITION: 500 horsepower It’s nuts SHAG: Then a professional driver drives it ANNEMUNITION: Yeah And you can tell how fast we’re going because my hair is just, like, whipping all over the place SHAG: The hair barometer Collapse in a corner now that I’m done That was fast Good job SHAG: How did you feel after that? ANNEMUNITION: I had to sit down I kind of collapsed on a sofa for like an hour afterward And I was just, like, slowly drinking water And he actually– the driver apologized to me a few times, because he was like, are you OK? I’m so sorry And I’m like, no it’s OK I kind of have a weak stomach, but that was really fun I’m like, that was great Good job Sorry for showing you a good time Yeah That was awesome Well, cool Thanks Thanks for sharing that with us We’ll be right back for round three It’s actually a full team challenge Yes, the photo challenge I love photo mode in game So I’m excited about this one All right We’ll be back soon [MUSIC PLAYING] JACKIE: Hey, everybody I am with my boy, Julien And we are talking about around three We just heard from Annemunition She was saying she’s super excited about it This one’s a little bit different It’s the postcard challenge Can you explain? Yes, they are going to use a feature in the game, the photo editor And they are going to be able to take the picture they want, wherever they want We selected an iconic place in each region So you have the Mt Rushmore, the Space Needle, and two other places And that’s very nice because you can use the setting on the future to change the weather, to change the features so you can do whatever you want and try to do some crazy photos Because you can, like, use the fast five and put, like, on the top of the Mt Rushmore, a bike or boat or whatever you want Some of our IGNers were playing the game and they were parking on top of, like, the Statue of Liberty and some wild stuff Let’s take a look at some of the best landmarks in The Crew 2 [MUSIC PLAYING] We just saw all the locations– [INAUDIBLE] because all of them deal with the location in their region But where we will be for the next big challenge And Annemunition, she revealed it somehow already right before the break And we will have a picture contest, basically So they will try to recreate the best picture, but it will be way too easy if they could do that the next two hours They only have– Three minutes, I think Three minutes Yeah, two to three minutes We don’t give them that much time They need to be fairly quick They have prepared, though I think all of them have an idea of what they want to accomplish here, but this is pretty awesome You know, I’ve commentated quite a few things in the world, but never a photo challenge So this is going to be just delightful Give us your best photo shot Each region creates one postcard with the landmark from their region YouTube and Twitch, get your fingers ready to type, because you’re going to be voting for your favorite postcard Yes, we are letting you decide what we do So get ready YouTube and Twitch Each region will be awarded the following points based on votes So up to you guys, you wonderful viewers on the stream, on Twitch or YouTube You’ll be able to vote and it is up to you to decide who you want to support and who does the best picture

Not us, unless we get on Twitch and YouTube I guess we can make our own We can vote if we want from here We could Using our phones But we could also talk about which ones are our favorite, personally And I don’t know if we’re going to be biased or not No Probably not I was just thinking about, is there a reason to be biased right now? No All my guys got through We have a very good eye for good art though You know, we’ll be able to critique the lines, the rule of thirds, you know– Golden line Exactly, see the different angles that are utilized here in this competition And something I want to mention too that’s pretty cool about the road too, beyond the landmarks that we’re seeing is just the open world’s element But once again, you guys can vote You’ll be able to vote on which of these photos you believe is constructed the best All these teams, they’re all going to be playing at once We’re going to have a shot of all of them at the same time, watching them as they work And then it’s gonna be up to you guys, once again, to vote on which picture you think is the best Which team did the best job at using their landmark to accomplish what they want? And there’s going to be four teams Again, all four teams are playing at once East has the Cape Cod lighthouse So the East team is going to go around the Cape Cod lighthouse and decide what angle they want to pick The South is going to be space industries They’re going to be going around– again, we saw shots of that in the video we just saw before it came back to us The Midwest has Mt Rushmore And then West has the Space Needle And again, in order to vote you’re basically going to type out either East, South, Midwest or West, but once the pictures are revealed So I don’t believe it will count your vote until we actually reveal those final pictures So get ready Another thing to add is that they will now have four cars So they will two cars and two of the teammates basically helping them create this picture And to nitpick a little, it’s two vehicles, not necessarily cars So we’ll have to see which vehicle they decide to utilize in their photos GRUNNER: That’s true It will not be that super easy I heard some of the ideas already when the guys were talking in the back and getting prepared So I wonder if they really go that crazy and ask for that stuff like, turning into a plane, going up the mountain They said, we’re a bit afraid of the time So we got an idea that’s easier, and faster to get done, as they obviously want to make sure that they got a picture We will have all of them on our screen, so we can watch how they prepare the picture and see which direction they will go for doing it They can switch through planes They can switch to boats Whatever they want It’s not like they need to have two cars in it But it need to be two– AXELTOSS: Two vehicles Two of them have to be in the photo So I’m excited to see what happens here And again, if you’re watching the stream, open up the chat, open up the chat, whatever platform you’re looking on Instructions should be there And it should also be listed when voting is live So keep an eye on the chat wherever you’re looking and you’ll be able to vote at the right time on either East, South, Midwest, or West And once again, the West is Annemunition, Samara Redway, Typical Gamer, and Diction East is Crream, Speedy W03, Hova, and Legion The South is Big Jiggly Panda, TC9700 Gaming AKA Forest, That Dude in Blue, and Daithi De Nogla And then Midwest is Legendary Lea, Jack Ultramotive, The Slap Train, and Bryce Games Right now we’re looking at the West region here and the East right next to each other The West region is closest to us on the screen there And you can see two in the front with the controls and two in the back, kind of lending their moral support There we see the South And over on the far right there is the Midwest Getting ready to go Getting ready to set their pictures You know, they have a good idea of what they want to do, but now is the time for them to put that picture together, if you will It’s exciting stuff I like it I can’t wait to see what pieces, the artistic abilities of these guys As we’ve seen them racing, and there’s certainly ways you can be creative while racing on a track, but there’s lots of creative ways to be artistic You’re actually creating a picture using the settings that The Crew 2 has allowed within their game so we’ll see what happens here GRUNNER: I think they all have a creative side So I’m not really worried about not getting good post cards AXELTOSS: Yeah I think this is actually going to be really difficult to decide whose is the best GRUNNER: You don’t need to do that So it’s not that bad AXELTOSS: You’re right GRUNNER: You can leave that to the chat Doing all of that So we don’t need to worry about that Or we can just do, you know, our usual talk about nonsense while they’re doing so And act like we would actually know how art should be created But we’re not the ones judging So it’s all good Otherwise, I know that you will always go for Legion AXELTOSS: We will judge in our own way And it’s going to be wonderful And I’m seeing their screen right now A little bit of a snowy atmosphere

Are they making the picture right now? I think that must be the Mt Rushmore region GRUNNER: Yeah, they were just changing to the landmarks Obviously, they need to get there, then decide for the cars they want to use and all that We see them discussing that You saw in the background, like, we’re using hands, feet, everything to explain it AXELTOSS: Go in from the top and then like a waterfall And then, oh, now we’re seeing [INAUDIBLE] GRUNNER: Oh yeah, we see a plane on Slap Train So he will use that AXELTOSS: So we got West in top left The Midwest, bottom left East Coast, top right And the South in the bottom right there And once again, top left is going to be the Space Needle Top right is going to be the Cape Cod Lighthouse, which we’re kind of seeing We’re seeing what’s going on there a little bit And they’re able to change the weather OK They are able to change the weather too to kind of decide what aesthetic they want We see an American flag there in the South And they’re looking for a photo of Space Industries And then again, Midwest in the bottom left there They’re looking for a shot of Mt Rushmore, which I do not see in the frame yet GRUNNER: Yeah, it seems like The Slap is a bit struggling setting that picture together We see on the side of East Coast– AXELTOSS: We got the timer The timer at the top there Ooh, I like the Space Needle shot there GRUNNER: Well, if you look at the East Coast, they try with a cheeky product placement Basically, a bit of advertisement [INTERPOSING VOICES] AXELTOSS: That’s one way to do it You know they say, ask for what you want So you do have the ability to write on the side of your vehicle And that is exactly what we’re seeing there Vote for us, please All right MAN: I don’t know if I could get that [INTERPOSING VOICES] AXELTOSS: You can just hear them laughing You can hear them laughing It’s great GRUNNER: I like how they get creative We see how the South is aiming for the Mustang with having a plane in the background That’s what they’re trying Trying to get the picture well together Midwest is going for the drift picture They got motocross in there They got drifting, Monster RX7 with a rotary engine Hopefully, a rotary I mean, we’re in the US, so some of them could be [INAUDIBLE] Right But I hope it’s a rotary And West– I’m not sure about the West Coast Are they done? I mean, that’s the Space Needle I can see it AXELTOSS: Well, I think they have cars– you see the two cars there? There’s two cars there on the Space Needle GRUNNER: Parked right on it AXELTOSS: If I’m playing Pokemon Snap I don’t think that would get too many points because of how small the cars are, but I guess it’s fine It’s a subtle element there And I thought the South was Space Industries, but I guess South is Mt Rushmore Even though Mt Rushmore is more in the Midwest I’m a little bit confused about that because I thought the South would be Space Industries and the Midwest would be Mt Rushmore, but it looks like it’s other way around GRUNNER: I think the South is not sure yet how to really create the picture they want [INTERPOSING VOICES] AXELTOSS: It’s the tongue The tongue of the– is that George Washington? I should probably know [LAUGHS] What do you like so far? The voting will start, by the way, once the timer at the top of your screen is all the way down to zero GRUNNER: I think South is not ready Look at that The South is not ready at all AXELTOSS: They’re trying to figure this out GRUNNER: Everyone else, like West Coast, they’re done East Coast, done AXELTOSS: Get your votes ready Get your votes ready West, East, Midwest, or South You can vote in about 5, 4, 3, 2 1 And voting is open Which photo is your favorite– West, East, South, Midwest? And to be clear here, on the bottom right, that is the Midwest team in the bottom right So the South team is in the bottom left So look out for that Mt Rushmore is the Midwest team Space industries is the South And there we go It’s getting amended there So there you can see Now would be a great time to vote here Either West, East, Midwest, or South As you can see, Mt Rushmore in the Midwest We’ve got some of the snow going on Looks like the car is like a tongue of Ben Franklin or whoever that is Again, I should probably know GRUNNER: We’ll get you in a history class right after this one Don’t worry AXELTOSS: I’m gonna look that one up But I can’t see his whole face because the car is there And again, the South is Space Industries So we’re looking out for that photo But pretty clearly, the West, Space Needle They figured it out pretty quickly there And then East Coast, we got the lighthouse in the background And the very creative wording on the boats I almost drowned once Vote for us, please Oh man, that’s one way to do it Ask for what you want I appreciate that GRUNNER: Yeah, be straightforward They tried their best to get it AXELTOSS: Oh, there we go GRUNNER: Look at that I think they were choosing different pictures and they were like, OK, this might be the best one, because the other way did not really work at all AXELTOSS: Yeah, now we’re seeing– GRUNNER: But what happened to the South? Like, they’re also not really– AXELTOSS: You know– [INAUDIBLE] they’re disqualified GRUNNER: No, no, no I think they were just– they tried to get into the photo right now AXELTOSS: There it is They need to find– is that the one they’re going with? OK There we go GRUNNER: One and a half minutes for them to vote yet

So drifting RX7 and the motor cross right in front of him So it’s boats with the East Coast The South brings in the drifting Midwest is just showing American power with the Ford cars And West Coast, they decided to put their cars on the highest spot available Basically, they’re on the Space Needle It’s hard to see it, but you can see two cars I think one of them is a Porsche AXELTOSS: They’re kind of back to back there GRUNNER: One is a Porsche I’m not sure about the other one AXELTOSS: How’d they get the cars up there? GRUNNER: I think they can use a plane AXELTOSS: So then they must have used a plane Because you can hot switch into the car from the plane So I think the timer at the top is the new reflection of when you’re able to vote here, I believe GRUNNER: That’s how long they can– AXELTOSS: Oh that’s how long you– OK Gotcha, you have 45 seconds left to vote So voting is open Ladies and gentlemen, if you are in the chat and you want influence on what’s going on, now is your chance I know all of you always want to have your say in the show And we’re happy to give that to you right now So put your vote in the chat Either put West, East, Midwest, or South, depending on which photo you like the best I think they’re all pretty cool I like the different angle I like the different creativity we’re seeing GRUNNER: I mean, the Space Needle in Seattle, that’s a pretty great picture Obviously, it builds on where they are in the landmark It might not be the most creative thing, but the picture like as terms of postcard, it’s amazing AXELTOSS: The top Is kind of cool GRUNNER: Yeah, it’s really cool We see the East Coast They’re probably the most creative It’s an easy thing they did, but you need to have the idea AXELTOSS: Exactly No one else really wrote on their cars So, OK, I think voting is closed And we’re going to stay tuned for the results there, but I love it Lots of laughter over there during that whole ordeal And I think I’m seeing from Legion He’s always singing over there Better watch out for that Actually I see them with their phones out I think they’re voting for themselves on Twitch chat, which is pretty hilarious It would actually make– you know, why not? That’d make a lot of sense But now is– now we’re going to tally up these votes here GRUNNER: To put this in the bigger picture, actually it would need to be the South They would need to win to get Forest into the top four So because if they win, everyone gets four points That’s how it is So if South comes first, everyone gets four points Everybody gets three points Everyone gets two points pretty easy The whole team scores and Forest is on fifth So with a win– I think with that is, I’m from the South, you know That’s where I spent 18, 20 years of my life So you would think I’d be biased or whatever, but I was probably least impressed by the photo from the South I mean, it was cool They were drifting It was on the road But there’s just ironworks behind them I would have liked to see the big, the– remember when the preview shots were seen The big spacecraft, that’d be cool to feature in their photo So, you know, that’s just me though I don’t know What do I know? I don’t know either But I was probably less impressed with the photo from the South So I don’t know I like the drifting I like the effort I mean, there’s some driving skill to do it Everyone else went for aesthetic, basically The problem was, yeah, I think there are better locations in that location to take that picture So maybe they were struggling to actually find enough space to get the car sideways– Yeah, maybe they ran out of time too a little bit Like, they had a different angle they were going for Who knows? We’re speculating When it comes to a postcard I think– The Seattle one Yeah, that was great Was the best one And the Mt Rushmore was great too They had the nice shot from the bottom with the two cars there And then you had the very clear Mt Rushmore there in the distance And I think they made the weather snow, which is a nice little effect too And I also think there were American flags on the side too So they had one of their cars, actually an American flag on it So I guess patriotism from them, I suppose And then, of course, the Midwest letters, the messages on the boats Why not ask for what you want sometimes? I get it A little bit of making fun of themselves a little bit in that photo But asking for votes, I don’t have a problem with that So I’m curious to see how the results are going to unfold I just like that they put some humor [INAUDIBLE] Yeah, So I’m totally fine with that Probably my favorite when it comes to just a picture in general, like a like a great picture, then the Seattle one should have win But I like the idea I like that they actually created those liveries on those cars They had to do that all those boats In that case, so that actually shows up But we got the results of round number three, the last round before we go into the last chance qualifier So it will be interesting The West Winning 56% That’s actually a clear vote AXELTOSS: That was Seattle’s Space Needle photo getting first And then East, that was the boats with the letters on it 33.01% But look at that 89% of the vote Almost 90% of the vote going to the West and the East So South at the very bottom, 4.65% Midwest, the Mt Rushmore shot Maybe because they took so long to kind of finish what they were doing, so people weren’t voting for them as much West and East were very clearly done

as the initial time expired Maybe that’s why they got more votes But ultimately, West getting most of the points East, not too bad They each get three points Midwest each will get two points and then the South will each get one point, which means we’re going to have standings in coming pretty soon here And again, the top four from these standings that we’re about to see will advance to the finals They will not have to participate in the fourth round There you go, Crream, Typical Gamer, That Dude in Blue and The Slap Train I love how we have one representative from each region– East, West, South, Midwest Oh, and actually we do have a– GRUNNER: We get into a tie breaker Look at that 50 points for That Dude in Blue 15 for Slap Train Annemunition, the same Jack missed it by one But that means we go to Vegas for a great boat race AXELTOSS: Three drivers GRUNNER: Yeah, I like that Because I love that track It is a very narrow boat track, very tricky AXELTOSS: And we haven’t seen a boat yet on the [INAUDIBLE] GRUNNER: I’m happy about the tie breaker, really, because I was afraid of us not going to that track It’s an wholesomely modern track AXELTOSS: Yeah GRUNNER: So I’m really happy about that But it will be hard because that means there’s so many people that still don’t know if they go into the top four or not AXELTOSS: Yeah, well, the top three do The top three know and it’s going to be between– GRUNNER: No AXELTOSS: The top three were separated, pretty sure And then fourth, fifth, and sixth we’re tied GRUNNER: No, wasn’t that– AXELTOSS: Let’s take another look GRUNNER: We’ll have a quick look again so that we’re totally sure about Look at that Crream is definitely true Yeah, Typical Gamer is second And then it’s third, fourth, fifth AXELTOSS: Yeah, third, fourth, and fifth So two of these three are going through, right So one is not going to be advancing into the top four OK, there we go Cool, so this is going to be exciting That Dude in Blue, The Slap Train, and Annemunition, only two of the three of these competitors will be in the finals for now Again, this is just the initial four to go through And I’m actually going to write this down so I don’t forget it GRUNNER: It’s That Dude in Blue, The Slap Train, Annemunition Those three will go on to a boat trip, which is great just that we saw the East Coast actually do the boat [INAUDIBLE] It is a crazy track We both did it yesterday Like, if you do it for the first time it’s probably the hardest today It’s really, really hard Very narrow There is even an uphill section on the water You need to say a prayer for that AXELTOSS: Save your nitro for that And I actually got some insight from developers as well that the left trigger actually tilts your boat up and you go faster Did you know that? GRUNNER: Yeah AXELTOSS: You knew that? Dang it GRUNNER: There you go But before we dive into the water and finding out who actually got the last spots to go direct through their final, we go back to Jackie on the couch All right Thanks so much, Alex and Rene Whoo! Things are heating up here Yes, they are Yes, they are We got a three way tie for third You’re in That’s super exciting It’s great And second, just edged out barely by a point But anyway, we’ll talk about all that later We’re going to talk what the Porsche Experience Center You and I were lucky We got to go there yesterday Yeah, it was a lot of fun It was a lot of fun Amazing experience I’m right here I can hear ya Sorry about that You had an important question, though Well, you know, I’ve always been curious, like, I’ve been asking everyone what’s their daily driver, but I learned what your daily driver was Oh, yeah It’s a Lamborghini Huracan Oh It’s a nice car It’s a nice car I’ve driven a Huracan Yeah? You like it? It was nice Can’t complain, right? Not at all So you know what you’re doing behind the wheel I don’t know racing wise Like, racing lines and stuff like that, I’m not that competitive in terms of that, but I know how to hit the gas pedal Yeah OK, so how did you do yesterday? What do you think? Let’s take a look at his video I want to see Let’s see, was he nervous or was he so comfortable? I thought I did well, but– I’m here at the Porsche Experience Center in LA JACKIE: Look at you Filled with confidence How was the coach? You have a good coach? TYPICAL GAMER: Oh, he was fantastic SHAG: All right You’re telling the coach, you’re gonna show him how it’s done TYPICAL GAMER: Yeah, yeah It was all a facade though SHAG: He may have set the challenge at that point JACKIE: Oh, I hear you I hear you, OK TYPICAL GAMER: Yeah, I’m calm and collected Look at that JACKIE: Yeah, not even breaking a sweat here TYPICAL GAMER: Yeah Or he’s worrying about his life I’m not sure It’s either one SHAG: Take a breath You’re holding that one JACKIE: Did you ever feel scared or were you just like– TYPICAL GAMER: I was only scared when I was passenger because then I didn’t feel any control Whereas here, I felt fine But then like, you’ll see when he drives– SHAG: You see the look on the coach’s face though He’s got this look of, did you literally just challenge me before I got in the car? TYPICAL GAMER: Like, he already knows you [INAUDIBLE] JACKIE: Yeah, this is the thing You think you’re so cool when you’re driving the car It’s just like, hey, I know how to do this And then they drive you around and you’re like, I’m a joke TYPICAL GAMER: Oh, it’s completely different JACKIE: Absolutely nothing on them What do you think was the best part? TYPICAL GAMER: Well, when he was driving he just booked it in certain parts that I didn’t even know you could go that fast around I’m like, are we gonna hit the wall? And he started drifting in some portions It was super impressive It was super– you’re gonna see it right here JACKIE: Hey, are you smiling? TYPICAL GAMER: [INAUDIBLE]

SHAG: You were smiling and giggling when that goes down JACKIE: I was screaming the whole time You’re looking pretty calm there Any screams? Did he get you screaming at all? TYPICAL GAMER: No screaming No screaming JACKIE: No, OK TYPICAL GAMER: Not too much a screamer JACKIE: Just a lot of smiling TYPICAL GAMER: It was a lot of smiling I was excited I was a little worried for my life, but– JACKIE: OK, so here’s the big question Which one is better, the Porsche or the Lamborghini? TYPICAL GAMER: Oh, that’s baffling I mean, they’re definitely– they feel a lot different I mean, they’re different horsepower, different cars too I mean, I like my car Awe, stick with the Lambo then I think she’s watching, so I can’t, you know– It’s a she Cool, man I mean, I’m bummed out I’m watching all these videos I know I’m sorry You gotta come up to Vancouver Come ride the car [INAUDIBLE] Ubisoft Be like, OK, I want a special Porsche I’m going to get a ride home from you You don’t mind Yeah That’s a good consolation Yeah, definitely Open it up and then come back down, but we’ll make it It’ll be a road trip Well hey, hang right there We’ll be right back with round four We’ll meet the first four finalists [MUSIC PLAYING] Welcome back to The Crew 2 And King of the Road Trip tournament All your favorite content creators try to fight for the big trophy of today And yes, they all fight because we don’t even know our final top four We don’t know And then we have four to join them a little bit later from the elimination round This will be round four, leading us to eight racers in that final round to find out who our king of the road trip will be The competition has been great, but we’ve been on a lot of different tracks, a lot of different environments But now for the tiebreaker we have three drivers, and only two can advance straight to the finals Whoever gets third place will have to play in round four, the elimination round But we are going to Las Vegas GRUNNER: Las Vegas, water way That’s the next thing we do It’s tiebreaker because we got position three, four, and five on the same points 15 in total, if I’m not mistaken right now, which means they will go to a very tricky course They will do powerboats and not speedboats I think that’s the difference AXELTOSS: Well, I think this is the speed boat GRUNNER: The big ones AXELTOSS: Yeah, This is the small This is going to be the small one GRUNNER: It shouldn’t be powerboats the small ones and speed boats the– AXELTOSS: I think it’s the other way GRUNNER: It’s the other way around? AXELTOSS: I think it is the other way GRUNNER: Oh, dear People will probably but blame me now in the chat That’s all right AXELTOSS: I think we might see that later though There’s a Key West map If you’re playing the open beta, go down to Key West, Florida and you’ll be able to play with the powerboat And much longer track, very long straightaways This is more acute, more finite, tight turns This should only take a couple of minutes That’s literally it I think it’s a couple laps around this track And we’re in a boat for the first time The Crew 2, all about those different vehicles You have the car You have the plane You have the boat And now we’re looking at the boat right here as we see Annemunition already in third place Have a little of trouble with those wall And again, this will be a very fast track A lot of tight turns And we’ve got some AI in the mix as well, for now That Dude in Blue in first Annemunition in second The Slap Train actually dropping down to third somehow Not sure exactly how that happened, but again, it’s all about that top two And the Slap Train now trying to catch up to Annemunition GRUNNER: We know that this track is challenging anyway, but it the night it became a total nightmare, at least for me It’s really hard to spot the different corners It is tricky It’s very technical So you need to be on point, spot on to be good here Currently, That Dude in Blue does a perfect job in doing so He’s leading it Annemunition is second from our human drivers And The Slap Train after his mistake is trying to get back onto one of the bright spots AXELTOSS: He’s very close to Annemunition, but I think we just heard an echo of him kind of yelling in pain, as I think he crashed or something And actually, he slipped a little bit further back So right now, 50% progression through this track We’re 70 seconds down So, yeah, two minutes or so is all it takes in this tiebreaker match That Dude in Blue looking great out here in the front And we tried out this track yesterday, but we played in the daytime And now seeing it at night, I love it I love the aesthetics and all the lighting on the sides Very, very Vegas like, as we’re seeing a lot of the characteristics from the actual game Annemunition trying to stay out front A very close battle for third place Between third and second Remember, we need top two right now Annemunition getting passed by The Slap Train 60% progression here through this area And now administering gonna try to catch back up She doesn’t have too much time to make it happen 30 to 40 seconds left in this race GRUNNER: Yeah, and they’re still close So there is a chance for her to get back, but it needs to happen right now if she wants to qualify before going into the elimination round It has to happen here on waterway on the last 20% of progression Slap Train looking good so far But he did a lot of mistakes already That Dude in Blue, he was the one that really showed, hey, I know this track I know how to handle it I can stand tall AXELTOSS: He’s staying out in front Staying out of the– oh, no GRUNNER: Oh, Slap Train did that mistake while waiting for it It really happened He is behind Annemunition, but he’s still very close The last 15% Can he catch up to Anne once again? He’s got no boost AXELTOSS: What happened? GRUNNER: But he was clipping just another wall, lushing again And it seems like Anne will be in front of The Slap Train AXELTOSS: OK, the Dude in Blue is in front Annemunition about to cross that finish line

The Slap Train, can he catch up to her? Annemunition gonna finish in second place And yes, Annemunition is gonna make it Getting second place among our humans And AI got in second overall, but we don’t care about the AI here And Slap Train, he was in front with, again, like, 30 seconds left in the race Slap Train was in front and then he just ran into a wall and just couldn’t get out of the nook he was in GRUNNER: I mean, that guy lost drift And you know his videos, it’s all about chaos and having fun with any vehicle he could grab Probably that was a bit too much fun? AXELTOSS: Maybe I’m sure he’d want to do that one again But we saw so many– you know, That Dude in Blue, he was out in the front the entire way, but the battle there between Annemunition and The Slap Train could not have been any more intense, as we take a look at our updated standings here Representing the tiebreaker that just occurred, where again, from that race only two could advance And it is going to be That Dude in Blue and Annemunition The Slap Train dropping down to fifth due to that third place effort in the tiebreaker He’ll still be around, but he’s going to have to play in the qualifying matches there But our top four, Crream, Typical Gamer, That Dude in Blue, and Annemunition, advancing straight to the finals West Coast people, I’m sure you’re excited because that’s too from the West Coast able to advance into the finals They will not have to play in the fourth round, which we have coming up GRUNNER: Yeah, I think I like Forest, TC9700 Gaming, and The Slap Train are probably now the favorites among all the guys that need to run for round number four Like, through the elimination phase So we’re doing really good I didn’t expect The Slap Train to actually drop down But I also didn’t expect that Forest would still be on the elimination race So we’re having them– I think we’re in for a really, really great race A lot of action A lot of good drivers Still want to make their way to the final, but all of that, round number four, right after the break [MUSIC PLAYING] And we are back And I am with our four finalists How are you guys feeling? Great, great OK, we’ve got to amp it up a little bit more than that I feel frickin’ good, all right We got two West Coast in here All right, OK, I’m liking the enthusiasm OK, Crream, I’m gonna start off with you You’re kind of dominating here, man I’m going to be honest, I don’t know how I keep winning I have no idea JACKIE: No strategy? No, just go fast Try not to hit too much OK, there you go Simple there Andre, you’re right on him though He edged you out by a point So what’s your strategy going in now? You know, I think at this stage it’s all about speed at the last course and getting the best time so I’m just going to focus on that and try not to hit into anybody and kind of play it like that Don’t hit anybody Good, that’s good I’ll take notes on that OK, you guys, that was intense, that tiebreaker there Talk to me about that Yeah, well, we just learned about that powerboat stage at the last second yesterday And we ended up having to practice it over and over and over And we are like well, they’re very hard to handle Will we be able to make it work? And thankfully we did And I think we got enough practice and we’re good Annemunition, you had a little bit of a struggle there with Slap Train at the end Talk to me about that Yeah, I got really lucky I think he hit a couple of things, and then I just happened to sneak by him at the very end So I was pretty sure that I was out of it until the last, you know, 100 meters or so So I got lucky Luck was on your side Do you think you’re going to win? Do you think it’s going to stick with you? The fact that I’m even in the finals is kind of a shock to probably, like, everyone, including me So I’m just here to have a good time and hopefully not crash again OK, Crream, I’m coming back to you, man Tell me, who are you afraid of? Who’s going to come up here? I’m worried about him right now He’s right behind me What about in the losers bracket Anybody that you think is going to come up here? I think Slap Train has a great chance of taking it all I mean, there’s a lot of really good players down there and people who dedicate themselves to all racing So it’s a little bit nerve racking, but to get to this point, I think we’ve shown that we have a decent amount of skills I saw him running around here I think he’s got some vengeance in his eyes, you guys Watch out All right, let’s toss it back to Alex and Rene Hey, guys GRUNNER: Thanks, Jackie Four in the final Another four spots up to grab That means we got four races coming up because right now we- It’s gonna be fun Yeah, we get rid of the regional groups They will all be mixed, randomized groups Four of them Every winner of their race will actually get a spot in the final, which means we will see four different races And that’s the first one is a special one because it’s probably– after the bayou race we saw, the most open race Up the hill Down the hill All of that And over the water, actually Mercedes Benz X class event AXELTOSS: Yeah, this first race we’re going to see, as you mentioned– honestly, as the amount of time as I’ve experienced within the game, this is definitely up there as far as my favorite, maybe Like, this might be my favorite track, favorite car, favorite situation Played it yesterday and I just loved every second of it And you guys are going to get a nice peek of what’s going on on this track As you mentioned, every single race

Four races Three drivers in each race and only one can advance through each race So this is as intense as it gets This is why we do this King of the Road Trip There’s only four spots in the finals and we’re about to find out who is going to advance And I love the comments we were hearing from the drivers We got that interview from Jackie How they’re like, they’re a little worried about Slap Train coming in from the lower And, you know, he’s pretty good He’s sat at some awesome times today and yesterday, but we saw it happen in the race we just saw, the tiebreaker Don’t give up Do not give up I don’t care if you don’t think you’re going to win I don’t care if someone’s way out front Don’t give up Because that’s what happened with Annemunition She didn’t give up there And Slap Train just ran into a wall And he couldn’t navigate himself out of it for whatever reason We saw him pull up some menu stuff, trying to get out of there But regardless, Annemunition able to make it in even though there’s only, like, 100 meters left in the race, as she mentioned So don’t give up when you’re racing, please Slap Train will be happy that there are even more objects to hit Not only those walls, as we saw in Las Vegas Waterway, but many, many more rocks, trees There’s a river that you can’t cross We talked about that We tried that out yesterday It’s like a lake Yeah, it does not work Yeah, go around It’s kind of crazy But I’m also not sure if he’s actually in the group [INAUDIBLE] and that’s worthy of discussion here because I’m pretty sure it’s randomly attributed, as far as who is going to be in which race So we don’t know which three are going to be matched up against each other And if you’re in a group with Slap Train, you’ve gotta hope he’s going to– because he’s been, again, putting some awesome times out there I just want to make sure before we go in there, I know exactly who’s, like, in We know Annemunition She is in the final We know that Typical Gamer is in the final He did really good Crream and then Blue Crream, oh, wait Yep Typical Gamer, really? Typical Gamer as well? Typical Gamer And That Dude in Blue That Dude in Blue and Annemunition That’s it So there are our top four Everyone else still wants to get one of those Still, even if they’re at the very bottom of the standings, they still have a chance All they have to do is win this race That’s it All they have to do is win a race That’s so easy when Alex says that, but it’s not easy at all One race from each region, that’s what we will see Here [INAUDIBLE] competitors are randomly placed in each race We talked about that No regional groups any more So the first time we see people doing cross races basically between the regions And the winner of each of those four races will automatically qualify through the last chance qualifier to the final four Everyone else, they will actually end their day here, at least in the competition I mean, they can look at the beautiful cars out back AXELTOSS: Yeah, Maybe hop in one and take it for a spin Probably not GRUNNER: I’m pretty sure that’s not– AXELTOSS: They can’t take it for a spin GRUNNER: There’s an S15 behind me You can’t see that on camera normally That will be the car I would have chosen It’s a beautiful S15 [INAUDIBLE] I have a question for you, GRunner We saw Jackie with the West Coast shirt on And I think we’re far enough long where we need you to pick an allegiance You’re coming from Germany, but we’re talking about West, East, South, and Midwest Is there a region that you’re feeling gravitated towards at this point? It’s OK if not The South The South Hey! Well, I’m from the South I’m from the South, so that’s like we’re on the same team Really, are we? Yeah I wasn’t sure what you want to do Why the South? Why the South? Actually, I have to say because I think the team looked pretty well Big Jiggly Panda, I like that name That’s great Daithi, because I think he had the best intro saying he comes from Ireland That’s basically South of America And then That Dude in Blue, one of the guys that I actually watch on YouTube And TC9700 Gaming because he owns an S2000 I own one as well So, yeah, easy But their photo was last according to our according viewers They should know how to race, not how to do pictures Others can do the pictures OK It’s what you bring out on the track All right Well, I’m excited to see what these groups look like And here we are jumping into the first race And who do we have in front of us right here? That looks like– GRUNNER: That’s Bryce AXELTOSS: Yep, yep And then we’ll have Slap Train Slap Train’s in there And that is Samara Redway from– GRUNNER: But I don’t see the– no, it’s only three of them AXELTOSS: In each group Just three GRUNNER: Those three– Bryce, Samara, and Slap Train AXELTOSS: I have some intel here because I was watching these guys before the show started And The Slap Train was practicing this map over and over and over again So the Mercedes Benz S-class event, which is the first race that we’re going to see Slap Train, I think he’s happy that he got this, that he got this map because I saw him practicing in the hours before this event started He was grinding this track over and over again GRUNNER: I mean, it depends on how much momentum he lost with not getting into the final immediately From the standings he was like, oh, I’m in the final I’m in the top four And then it ended up with the tiebreaker where he was among the favorites and he did not make it AXELTOSS: Anything can happen A little crash A little bit ambitious You know, if I’m him right now– I saw him taking some interesting lines It’s like, I think at this point, he knows the lines that are a little bit more risky and he knows the lines that a little bit more safe

I think he’ll probably take the safe route 100% rely on your driving ability Take the safe route Leave it to the other two to take the risks and potentially get in trouble But I think the key here is going to be stay out of trouble here for Slap Train, but I think this is his race to lose I consider him a heavy favorite here GRUNNER: We discussed that before the show Like, if you stick on this specific track, if you stick to the actual track, like, the actual road or if you go full freelance mode and go wherever you want and just through the woods to your target I saw him trying out different routes That Dude in Blue was with him on that practice session He also tried some new options to choose from So I’m just looking forward to find out who is going with the roads and who’s taking the risk Saying, no, I think I can find a faster way to the next checkpoint That will be the key thing in the first place of round four AXELTOSS: Yup, and we got Bryce Games there, of course, on the left He was in a tough group there I mean, they were in a group of four– Bryce Games and Slap Train So these guys have been competing all day together And Jack Ultramotive was in that group as well Probably see him a little bit later But again, three drivers are going to be tackling this track And only one can emerge into the finals The bottom two will be eliminated from the King of the Road Trip event here And once again, if you’re watching from home, hop onto the open beta for The Crew 2 and try out these tracks for yourselves That could be pretty fun to go through and race at the same time as these guys and maybe compare how you do But we are under way And Bryce games starting out in second It looks like The Slap Train out in first And they’re trying to find the checkpoints GRUNNER: Yes Slap Train went for the left route So they are on the right route You normally go over the bridge to be quick, but he missed it The same for Samara I think– AXELTOSS: Yeah, she was following Bryce [INTERPOSING VOICES] GRUNNER: You can’t go through there AXELTOSS: Oh my gosh GRUNNER: And Slap Train, he will be in the perfect spot right now AXELTOSS: She’s, like, following her buddy But they went completely the wrong way So you got to look out for that checkpoint That’s the big orange sphere in the distance And you have to try to optimize that line And already we’re seeing the practice pay off for Slop Train He’s making a beeline for that location What’s tricky about this track though, again, it’s point A to point B. It’s not laps And that’s what’s really cool You kind of start going up the mountain And then once you get to the top, you get a checkpoint at the peak And then you go all the way downhill, around the lake, and to the finish line So that’s where we’re going to see this unfolding It’s a pretty long track as well I think we’re going to see around four minutes or so as the entire length, as we see these guys go up the mountain right now, up the hills And Slap Train way out in front, we can see, by quite a bit Bryce there in second position and Samara just behind him Just now getting through that checkpoint and then turning on towards the peak of that hill But now, looking at Slap Train here And I love to– we’re about to look at Slap Train, I think And we’re going to see that view from the top And that’s what really made me happy about this track Just the view you get from the peak We’re about to see it here from Bryce Games as he reaches this checkpoint in second place And now you see the view I guess it’s a little cloudy and foggy right now You can’t see a ton of it, but now I guess the weather coming into play as well here in The Crew 2 GRUNNER: Obviously, we’ve got that dynamic weather in They all inspect cars this time So for the next round, we’ll see them using different cars Get cars to build themselves But with this challenge, everyone is running the same Mercedes Benz S-class The same performance upgrades and all of that So there’s no difference besides driver skills And currently, it is the Slap Train that does it best on this wild map Bryce Games– AXELTOSS: Come on! GRUNNER: Going in the woods He’s doing it Great, why not? [INTERPOSING VOICES] AXELTOSS: I do not know how he did not– GRUNNER: I was sure he would be stopped there, but he avoided it by an inch [INAUDIBLE] Samara’s [INAUDIBLE] at the back AXELTOSS: Watch out Get to the right OK, here we go GRUNNER: There’s the big lake You know we tried that– the river AXELTOSS: Yes, this is the [INAUDIBLE] river or lake? GRUNNER: I’m not sure AXELTOSS: It’s either a massive river or a decently sized lake And I think when we played this, I think you were a little bit– you started a little bit earlier Did you try to cross? GRUNNER: Yeah, yeah, I tried to cross right here AXELTOSS: [INAUDIBLE] I like it Like, go to the check– Go to the finish, right? That’s what you’re supposed to do But no, you don’t want to do that because you can’t get through the water GRUNNER: 1.5 miles ahead AXELTOSS: You have to go around He’s way out there GRUNNER: Yeah, that is Bryce Games Doesn’t look that good for Samara Seems like we will lose Bryce and Samara off of this round [INAUDIBLE] Slap Train joining the other among the top four that are ready in the final The last yards for Slap Train Peter Mania, [INAUDIBLE] Yeah, he’s finishing first Gets his ticket to the final round AXELTOSS: At what point can you turn into a plane and just go over that river slash lake? You can’t actually do that Wouldn’t that be cool? Or just [INAUDIBLE] boat GRUNNER: A sport jump And then you jump and turn into a plane AXELTOSS: Yeah, at least if you’re in second or something Just to let you try to go after first while first place goes around But Slap Train, he’s certainly happy about that Slap Train advancing on into the finals Little bit of a roller Coaster day

for Slap Train as a lot of people considering him a favorite to go through after the initial three rounds, but he found himself in a tiebreaker position, and then got himself in a pretty good position in that tiebreaker until he just ran into a wall with about 100 meters left And then Annemunition was able to pass him and get that auto seat into the finals But retribution eventually achieved there by Slap Train, taking victory in our first elimination match, which means Bryce Games and Samara Redway will be eliminated from our King of the Road Trip competition GRUNNER: I will just cross them off my list right now AXELTOSS: Yep, cross them out GRUNNER: Yeah, so Bryce Games is out And Samara, unfortunately, also out So we lost one of the three female drivers we have here for the actually Queen of the Road trip It’s named King of the Road Trip, but hey, they could win And then we would just rename everything, rebrand everything Not a problem at all Just get it done It’s the second group So we got Diction in there And in the middle– AXELTOSS: From the West GRUNNER: Yeah, that is Legendary Lea and obviously, Forest from the South group He’s on the far left He’s the guy with the lovely beard right now in your picture, basically I know lately it’s in to have that beard AXELTOSS: I couldn’t do it if I tried Hey, tune in again two years from now, look out It might be more possible for me, but not there right now And we are going to be moving to the Colorado River banks We have not seen this yet today And I’m excited Again, only one can emerge from this group of three Legendary Lea, Forest, and Dixon Legendary Lea from the Midwest Forest, AKA TC9700 Gaming from the South And Diction from that West group And West has been looking pretty strong with two representatives already into the finals So I wonder if Diction’s like, all right, my region is doing well That means I should do well too GRUNNER: Or it’s the other way around My region does well, so I don’t really need to step up my game right now They represent, so I can just stay here, chill out, watch them racing I’ll laugh about their mistakes You know, that’s a lot easier than actually racing AXELTOSS: Have some Papa John’s There’s still some leftovers from lunch Pop a brownie and watch the action unfold That’s certainly what we’re able to do, which is pretty fun at the same time GRUNNER: That’s the good thing about casters You know, you can always act like you could do way better [INAUDIBLE] What a mistake! AXELTOSS: Took that turn too wide GRUNNER: Awe, really awful AXELTOSS: He should have saved his nitro for that one spot But, this is good stuff Again, it’s going to be four races– four straight races here in this elimination round– back to back to back to back Only one can emerge from the three racers And we’re about to jump into the second one here, the Colorado River banks And then we’ll have Harlem West after that and then Key West And that’s going to be the powerboat coming out, by the way Key West, I believe So looking out for that GRUNNER: Another boat trip That will be good AXELTOSS: And again, if you’re following along and you have The Crew 2 open beta up and running, which is open right now to play, feel free to try it out Jump into these races at the same time I think that could be pretty fun And then maybe compare your times to these guys and see how you would stack up See if you could beat King of the Road Trip I know we’ve got some fast drivers out there watching the stream who are probably getting some pretty crazy times And I’m sure all that is pretty much unfolding online as we speak People climbing up the leader boards and trying to set the standard here But we are hoping on the bikes here on the Colorado River bank Something we have not seen yet And GRunner, we were able to race this yesterday We were able to give this track a shot and it was pretty fun GRUNNER: Yeah, I loved it Especially, if you go to first person cam I mean, no one is using it right now because you got bit more overview if you stay third person, but it’s a lot of fun Look at Legendary Lea Currently, she is leading Right in front of Diction And it’s Forest, my [INAUDIBLE] where I would put all my money on right now AXELTOSS: Yeah, but he’s in third Yeah, and how far behind is he? We’ll get a shot of that in a second But right now, Legendarily Lea is staying in the front It’s very important these jobs, especially saving your nitro for the big ones Oh, because you gotta be careful We saw right there You got a little crash there from Forest He’s trying to catch up to those guys in the front Maybe feeling a sense of urgency here But it’s very important to hit those ramps in stride You got to do that You know, go on the upswing Then you want to land on the down slope, because if you don’t and you crash right there, you slow yourself down a bunch and it’s tough So we just saw that happen there from Forest So we got to watch out for those jumps And hopefully Forest isn’t giving up just yet because he’s pretty far behind We’re at 50% progression right now Lea doing a great job right now GRUNNER: Yeah, Lea is leading And seems like Forest is not really getting in the zone, in the rhythm to actually race those dirt bikes Motocross, I did that once in my life Like, I owned one of those Honda motocross bikes AXELTOSS: Did you [INAUDIBLE] jumps? GRUNNER: Yeah, I went to race tracks, I think, like, four times before I sold it because I moved It’s an awesome adventure And seeing that here– AXELTOSS: Oh, Diction

GRUNNER: But Diction did a small mistake there [INAUDIBLE] wrong coming out of the jump Totally going the wrong direction Might be a chance for Forest to come back, but Forest is so far away still Legendary Lea– AXELTOSS: She just has to focus GRUNNER: She looks totally under control right now AXELTOSS: Yes, she does She does GRUNNER: And that mode of racing is just completely controlled AXELTOSS: And she was near the bottom of the standings here, but that’s why I just don’t give up There’s always a chance to make it happen Coming from the bottom of the standings, but now in the lead in a big way in this race number two of our elimination match Only first place can move on to the finals And right now we got a shot of Diction He is the closest to Legendary Lea But look at Legendary Lea, seemingly extending her lead 92% She feels it She wants it She’s approaching that finish line And legendary Lea is going to do it, barring catastrophe on this final jump But no, able to get there in first And Lea will be advancing to the finals And I gotta say, I think your Forest was the favorite there, but Legendary Lea able to rise up and represent her region once again, the Midwest, and advance to the finals GRUNNER: It seems like Forest can go back taking care of that beard while everyone else is running in the final Because after that performance, he will definitely not join them in the final round I mean, everyone would need to get disqualified basically, like Olympia or whatever Get disqualified, everyone Forest will be in the final Not doing it today, unfortunately But Legendary Lea, that was just great focus, great control of everything, not a single mistake I’m impressed Really, that was great AXELTOSS: Especially from the start I think that’s where Forest started, I don’t know, having trouble And again, we’re moving on to the bike racing I don’t know how– I don’t know if they expected that necessarily So maybe they’re not as used to that way of driving It’s certainly a different handle, a different feel versus the car versus the boat So maybe that threw in a different dynamic as well GRUNNER: I guess I mean, we’re talking about bikes AXELTOSS: Yes, we are GRUNNER: It’s not easy at all to get that in there But we need to talk about something else When we talk about bikes, there’s one thing that we should bring up You can actually, obviously, play the open beta That’s what’s going on right now It’s not really surprising That’s why we have all of this here But if you reach at least fame level number two, you automatically enter into a great giveaway to win the new Harley Davidson Iron 883 It’s just over there I don’t think you can see it right now, but you will see it on the couch– AXELTOSS: Jackie’s hanging out over there GRUNNER: She should be aware of showing that bike right after because you can win that at home if you’re in the US Just make sure that you play the beta Make sure that you get to fame level number two And then you automatically enter there And you might end up with a brand new bike That’s great AXELTOSS: So open beta going on right now So if you’re watching the stream, now would be a great time Launch that open beta Get that level 2 And you’ll have a chance to win the Harley Davidson Iron 883 Awesome opportunity there to get yourself a motorcycle I don’t have one My parents, which they just never let me And I think that’s just held on– just stuck with me Now that I’m an adult I could probably do if I wanted to But anyway, I think we have Shag standing by for an interview Shag, what do you got? Hey, guys I’m hanging out with finalists five and six, Lea and Slap from the Midwest Team Midwest Good job, guys, congrats Going into the finals you can use the fast fave How are you going to use that to your advantage? I really don’t know I’m just trying to get a good start That’s been the whole goal this whole day So we’re just going to try to get a good start and see where it goes really OK So to get here, what was the last race? I did the Colorado Springs race, Colorado banks The motocross race It was really fun You know, tight turns It was cool All right Well, the finals are next Are you guys having fun? Oh, yes All right That’s all that matters really, right? Let’s give it back to Alex and Rene And we’ll see you on the finals GRUNNER: Yeah, two new finalists They look pretty happy about that I can totally understand that because they did good We saw the Mercedes Benz event We saw the motocross event, the other events I was really waiting for next up is Harlem West And then obviously, we go over to Key West Pretty similar in terms of names Totally different– AXELTOSS: It’s a different environment for sure GRUNNER: That is something else But we need to fill another two spots AXELTOSS: Yes, only two spots remain in our finals We now have six in our finals with two more to go And again, only the winner of these next two races can advance And as you mentioned, we’re heading back to New York We saw– New York City, to be specific Manhattan, to be even more specific We’ve seen a race already in Manhattan in the snow and the ice, which was one of the first races we saw today It led for some pretty interesting racing, as there’s a lot of different pathways you can take Some that you might not necessarily expect Who was it on the bike? Was it Crream on the bike I think? And he found some shortcut to end up winning But now we’re going back to Manhattan, except we’re going to the Harlem side, which is the north side of Manhattan So if you’re taking the 1, 2, 3 train up north, probably 20 stops or so if you’re a New York person Way up there in the north of Manhattan

And it’s a pretty cool track More of the city environment, but a little bit of the park environment as well So probably pretty fast paced, I would say I think it’s a couple laps on the track as well So not necessarily point A to point B environment But looking forward to this These races, they’re getting a little bit more intense as we go along GRUNNER: Obviously, they get even more intense because this is the last chance qualifier And it will be their last race if they’re not winning On the other rounds, you could always say like, I probably don’t need to win as long as I score consistently and always be among the top three, among the top two But this time, it’s not none of that at all Just win it or go home AXELTOSS: Cut throat Sudden death Call it what you want Only one can advance and two will be eliminated And we’ve got only two races left before we jump into our finals I can’t wait for that as well But we’ve seen lots of different results kind of materialize Maybe some unexpected results We’ve seen drivers who are maybe closer to the bottom of our standings after the first two rounds, actually make it through Legendary Lea, one of those examples She didn’t have a great result in the first two rounds, but just like that, able to have an excellent race on those motorbikes on the Colorado River banks And we saw Forest He was having some decent results earlier, but then it was just not his race Got into a little bit of trouble earlier in that qualifier match we just saw So anything can happen You cannot write anyone off, especially if it’s, like, seems to be set in stone, like we saw in the tiebreaker match Slap Train, boom, runs into the wall and having trouble getting out Annemunition passes him, goes straight to the finals Ultimately, Slap Train would be able to go to the finals as well, getting first in the Mercedes Benz track that we saw, but anything can happen So don’t count anyone out GRUNNER: Yeah, my smart sheet says that Legendary Lea, at least when we saw her on the stage here, she always came last in the group But it seems like dirt bike, dirt racing was exactly what she needed to get into the final And I love that There should be– like, I was waiting for that one moment where we really have someone that is favorable on a specific scenario And it seems like motocross was just what– that was Lea’s thing She did a great job there So it will be interesting now going back to all the different races Especially, you know, the final is completely different to what we saw before, where they need to– yeah, try to bring all the skill from everything they have into that last race We will talk about that later in round five But for that we will need the remaining finalists I will just check now So we still have Big Jiggly Panda AXELTOSS: Only six left Legion’s still out there GRUNNER: Yeah, Legion is one Big Jiggly Panda is another one Jack, Jack Ultramotive, he should still be in there for this Speedy W03 AXELTOSS: Hova I think three from the East region still have to play GRUNNER: And the West is done Annemunition, she made it through immediately to the final Typical Gamer, the same Samara and Diction, they both got eliminated on their round four races So we’re done with them The East still has three guys in this They still have Speedy, Hova, and Legion Yeah, Crream is through as well as one of the first ones And then it’s the South with another two drivers– Daithi and Big Jiggly Panda So West is the only region that’s done so far AXELTOSS: Yeah GRUNNER: And there’s no one that could join the final anymore AXELTOSS: West did a great job Did Diction end up making it through? GRUNNER: No AXELTOSS: No, so West has two representatives in the finals– Typical Gamer and Annemunition And Annemunition, again, barely sneaking by in the tiebreaker So they got two solidly through Two in the top four after round three on the West region But for now, Midwest has to be feeling pretty good We just saw both Legendary Lea and The Slap Train qualify through So that’s great for them as well But I think we’re ready to get into this next race King of the Road Trip Let’s see who we got here We got two representatives from the East region And then one from– yeah, that’s Daithi De Nogla there on the far side of your screen, from the South And we got Speedy W and Hova from the East region here, all competing for one spot into the finals GRUNNER: That means your boy, Legion, he will be on the last group AXELTOSS: He will GRUNNER: You need to wait a bit until you figure out– AXELTOSS: I might have to hype him up a little bit Try to give him some pointers GRUNNER: So from this group, I mean, we saw Daithi He was actually winning one of the races in round two He scored two and four points So four points means he won the last race of round two So he got the win at least, today For Speedy and Hova, they are without a win But we’re on Harlem West right now We’re back to super cars We see a Lamborghini for Speedy Daithi on it Oh, there it is The pink Jeep we’re all waiting for with some skulls on it and spiderwebs I think Hova, all the way back in seventh, not had a good start at all on this track If you know how to do it, there are a lot of ways You see Daithi right through there [INAUDIBLE] He’s smashing the stone there No chance for him to spare to speed up and get back

onto Daithi Hova, now he saw the mistake He sees his chance to get back onto second position Still not enough to qualify, but a lot closer to first than being third Speed W still holds onto it, but that mistake, that will have an impact on his overall performance, I’m pretty Daithi, you need to be aware because if you jump too long here and you land down there on the ramp, it’s considered a crash You know, I think that’s a shortcut I missed when I raced this because I would have just turn right there just ignore that ramp So you gotta look out for all these cheeky little ways to get through [INTERPOSING VOICES] AXELTOSS: Where are they going? They went the wrong way Look at that! The AI– I’m like, Rodney, wait, wait No, that’s an AI guy He doesn’t count Speedy W, Daithi De Nogla, they’re in the front right now and they’re kind of trading between first and second So this is going to be very close here as we get towards the end Actually, we’re at the midway point here in this race, 50% A couple of labs here on this track as they head through that checkpoint, completing one lap Hova, in the back He has the most work to do, but for now, look at that lead that Speedy W is able to get for himself as Daithi De Nogla try to catch back up GRUNNER: Another miss by Speedy That will put him back a lot Daithi should be super close by now because he got reset with his beautiful Lamborghini in blue This will be very hard for him to defend They still got 30% And that Jeep is quick, especially in the streets of the city where they are diving into now So Speedy needs to be on point on his race, but will he stay with the drivers? MAN: On a jump MAN: Oh, no! MAN: I’m doing cinematic angles over here, man MAN: The trees, dude Oh AXELTOSS: [INAUDIBLE] GRUNNER: You heard it here first Trees, the biggest challenge in The Crew 2, at least for some of our content creators Speedy, he will finish first, which means he will go through to the final Daithi and Hova, we say goodbye to those guys AXELTOSS: We do GRUNNER: Because they won’t make it So crossing out If you get crossed out of my sheet, man– AXELTOSS: You’re out Crosses [INAUDIBLE] Daithi De Nogla, he found himself a lead, but just could not hold onto it And then towards the end of that race he was trying to catch back up And I think he had a moment where he thought, but then we heard, as we were listening in, we heard a monstrous scream of agony And I think that was Daithi De Nogla crashing And realizing that not only did he crash in the race, but he was also determining his exit from this King of the Road Trip tournament So kudos to Speedy W, though He was a little bit– he was in second for most of that race, but able to pull through, sneak in front, and then just have a clean finish to advance to the finals GRUNNER: Normally, you say when it’s about racing, the one winning is the one with the least mistakes But then you talk about maybe doing no mistake are others did small mistakes In this case, of course, everyone did a ton of mistakes And Speedy was the lucky guy that actually had the fastest mistakes to still keep the lead I got a bit lucky there, but hey, that’s what we want We want interesting races we want it to be close I’m a bit disappointed by the Jeep not getting back into the fight with the Lamborghini I was waiting for that one Well, hey, we can’t have all of it And we still have one race in round four So that’s enough AXELTOSS: Yes, we do We have seven finalists with only one more to go One more race to go with this elimination round And we’re moving on to Key West We just saw Harlem West, which is pretty fun Very fast paced overall And a lot of mixture in environment between residential and then the cityscape with some wooded areas in between But here are our final three drivers in our elimination match That is Jack Ultramotive from the Midwest region He’s trying to take home a win here And then next to him we have Legion on the far side And that’s Big Jiggly Panda in the middle And we already see Legion talking a little bit I don’t know if he’s singing Sometimes he’s doing some freestyle here and there He’s that kind of guy Maybe trying to get to the heads of his opponents there I think he’s singing some Taylor Swift, actually, if I had to guess GRUNNER: I just want to see Big Jiggly Panda in the finals I love that name I’m totally fine with that Bring him in Bring him into the final Big Jiggly Panda I know that you were rooting for Legion AXELTOSS: Here we go GRUNNER: In this case, we can’t agree on that I want someone else in the final I want the man from the South to join them But we’re starting the last race in round number four Off we go We’re back to boats And it seems like Jack Ultramotive had a great start, but [INAUDIBLE] is smashing into him He’s sticking to it He can’t really get away Now finally he did But Legion and Panda, they both couldn’t take the chance to actually blast by Jack Ultramotive So nothing lost yet Pretty close between Jack and Legion It seems like Big Jiggly Panda had the worst start here AXELTOSS: All right Yeah, and this is a point A to point B here Going with these power boats A lot of power here And a lot of speed can be accumulated

Longer straightaways as well here on this track But for now, Jack Ultramotive running away with this And Legion desperately trying to catch back up Maybe he can hop into that cruise ship we’re seeing on the right As we take a listen in to these drivers MAN: Oh, dang Well, it doesn’t seem like that’s going to happen I’ll look forward to it when it does When you lap me I’ll sabotage you MAN: Why are we playing you? Your young limber fingers were built for this I’m an old man now GRUNNER: Now we know exactly how this happened All right, that was the inside from the drivers for why someone is winning and why someone is losing Legion said he’s not mad and he can’t really keep up with the reaction times you need to actually win here And yes, Jack Ultramotive [INAUDIBLE] the boats right now He got the– what’s that? Is that a bit of– I was asking you if that’s an American flag, but it isn’t It’s just red and white I thought there would be blue on the left AXELTOSS: Nice red and white pattern there Zigzags Legion desperately trying to catch up, wondering how he ended up in this heat with this very– what? What just happened? He crashed Oh, no Oh, he passed him back up You can just hear Legion, the emotion from him He thought he had it and then Jack was able to catch back up I think there was a slight crash there from Jack Ultramotive Legion, a chance to advance to the finals, but Jack able to catch back up And there’s not too much time left in this race as we approach finish line GRUNNER: Yeah, we can hear them screaming in the background even if their coms are not live on the show We can hear them But it will be Jack Ultramotive I mean, he’s not first in the race So he wasn’t fast enough to beat the AI So Scott will join us The AI will join us in the finals I hope that Jeff has a way to pick a specific AI for the final and put it in there AXELTOSS: My goodness GRUNNER: No, it will be– it will be Jack Ultramotive So he’s in, which means I can cross off some more people I can cross out your guy Legion is out I can cross out Big Jiggly Panda AXELTOSS: We need to interview Legion, even though he lost And just, like, hype that up that he lost and just have fun with it GRUNNER: OK, that’s sportsmanship here [INTERPOSING VOICES] I mean, he was so close to [INAUDIBLE] AXELTOSS: He was close GRUNNER: Actually [INAUDIBLE] To be at first like, what? I’m first? Then he lost it like, three seconds afterwards Like, damn, what happened? AXELTOSS: I would love to see an ironic interview with Legion, but I think we’re actually going to talk to our winners here in a second But just amazing result there That’s pretty much the end of our lower bracket races, as now we have decided all eight of our finalists who will be advancing and competing for– only one can win as King of the Road Trip And I just love the absolute diversity that we’re seeing in the finals We’ve got representatives from every single reason So we’re set up for some nice things here as we approach the finals GRUNNER: That’s true All the regions are in Still, they want to become the King of the Road Trip We’ve got Shag with interviews of the last two winners We are here with the final two finalists– Speedy, Jack Ultra So man, your race was interesting Oh, it sure was Sometimes it’s playing the other mistakes to your advantage Yeah, I got lucky I was in a group with, like, three bad racers So one of us had to win And I came to the point where the other guys were so far behind, I kind of slowed down and let a bot beat me So it was pretty good It’s all about strategy So it’s a little squirrelly The boats are a little squirrelly The start was a little squirrelly They’re not as easy And then especially when I had to guide myself right through that tunnel It was like, I couldn’t squirrel myself the right direction So I went right through the middle And then that just knocked me back a little bit Boats are a little different You gotta mess with the trim, the gas I mean, there’s a lot to deal with Exactly, you have to be holding back constantly to gain the extra speed, extra thrust, and it’s a bit rough You know, none of that matters now We’re in the finals It’s timed It’s going to be the best man’s the last man standing All right Congrats guys Thank you We’ll give it back to Rene and Alex We’ll see you in a bit Three bad racers One of us had to win That’s my favorite comment of today Three bad racers, but one had to proceed to the final AXELTOSS: And that’s exactly what happened And now we have our final eight competitors We started with 16 We have said goodbye to eight of them, leaving us with these eight competitors who will be vying for the title of King of the Road Trip, here for The Crew 2 Crream, Typical Gamer, That Dude in Blue, Annemunition, The Slap Train, Legendary Lea, Speedy W, Jack Ultramotive Three representatives from the Midwest, two from the West Coast, two from the East Coast, and only one from that South region The Dude in Blue trying to represent But here’s your top eight The rest are eliminated GRUNNER: I really have to say, I thought the South is the strongest region I still believe in that from seeing their group, but only one of them made it to the final It’s only David, That Dude in Blue, that managed to do so Surprised me a bit, but hey, it’s great to be surprised in tournaments than to know exactly what will happen So I’m happy with that AXELTOSS: Anything can happen in a competitive environment Not only that, The Crew 2, with as many different tracks we’ve seen and as many different vehicles we’ve seen, perhaps some surprises for our drivers as well– unexpected turns, unexpected barriers leading to a lot of different results It’s really fun to watch that unfold

And it’s only going to get crazier as we approach our finals, our round five and, again, decide who our King of the Road Trip will end up being GRUNNER: Yeah, King or Queen of the Road Trip Well, obviously, there’s also something for you guys in here I mean, most of them are probably now playing the beta in the chats and all that We can see that So if you play that beta and you make it to fame level 2 or higher– AXELTOSS: Is it hard to do that? I don’t think What do you, think it’s like, 15 minutes of game time, probably, to get fame level 2? GRUNNER: I don’t want to [INAUDIBLE] because I’m not sure at all But if you do so– AXELTOSS: It shouldn’t be that difficult GRUNNER: You automatically enter that give away for the Harley Davidson Iron 883 Once again, I have to make sure that you guys understand that it’s US only, which means me as a European, I can’t win it even if I’m here right now AXELTOSS: Hey, if I win it I’ll let you drive it GRUNNER: Oh, really? AXELTOSS: Yeah GRUNNER: Great, so I only need to fly and travel 24 hours– AXELTOSS: Yeah, we’ll hang out But definitely take advantage of that US citizens, 18 years or older, participate in The Crew open beta Reach fame level 2 and you’ll be entered for a chance to win that motorcycle It’s right over there go We’ll go to the couch in a little bit so you can see what that motorcycle looks like But definitely take advantage of that and everything we have going on here Remember, we’ve still got 40% off pizza 40% off Papa John’s pizza You just got to use the code, Crew 2, when ordering your pizza or your brownies or your cookies or your sodas Whatever you want from Papa John’s 40 percent off using the code, Crew 2 So definitely take advantage of all of this things But I’m excited to get into the finals GRUNNER: I’m excited to have one of those brownies again Before I get any brownies or pizza, we go over to the couch with Shag and Jackie I think they got That Dude in Blue for an interview Oh my gosh, how did you guess it? Is it because you guys are right over there and you can see us? Yeah, he got it Yes, That Dude in Blue is joining us Did I say Dad in Blue? Sorry, That Dude in Blue That Dad in Blue? Not quite yet Woah, no, not yet [INTERPOSING VOICES] I know, I’m like, OK, awkward transition there It’s all good Let’s talk about the Porsche Experience Of course, it was great It was very humbling because as soon as you think you’re getting the hang of their track and getting the lines correct and everything, they take you for a ride and then you’re like, wow, I have a lot to learn And the way they brake super late and it looks like you’re going straight into a wall at, like, 100 miles an hour And then you magically get around the turn somehow because of their practice skill It’s really cool So what what’s your daily driver? I have four cars So I have a 240 SX– [INAUDIBLE] 240 SX with a Toyota super engine pro charge Mustang GT, Acura Integra, and another 240 SX You’re used to a little horsepower Oh, yeah I love it Yeah, that’s what I live for Absolutely Well, I want to see how you handled it Let’s see if we can bring that video here So when you got in there were you feeling comfortable? Were you feeling confident? Or were you a little bit nervous? THAT DUDE IN BLUE: I was just nothing but smiles And I was more focused on just paying attention to what he did I wanted to see what I could learn from that, really JACKIE: What were some of the big tips that you got out of it? THAT DUDE IN BLUE: Well, it’s all about vision when you drive on a track You look basically a corner ahead So that’s why you always see their heads turning like, way ahead of time You’re like, aren’t you going this way? You’re looking this way It’s weird Your brain kind of does it for you as you go around But by the end of the experience, I love it It was great JACKIE: Your coach is all smiles, right? THAT DUDE IN BLUE: [INAUDIBLE] Yeah JACKIE: You’re a good student? THAT DUDE IN BLUE: I think so JACKIE: What were the biggest tips that you picked up? THAT DUDE IN BLUE: Well, there’s one part of the track that has a really big dip in it And I went over it way too fast And I almost caught air in the car And I was like, I’m really sorry But he was like, it’s fine Just do it again SHAG: If you’re going to catch air, do it someone else’s car THAT DUDE IN BLUE: That’s right In a $140,000 GT3 JACKIE: So we were talking to Annemunition earlier She got a little bit sick THAT DUDE IN BLUE: Oh, no, well, if you ride with somebody long enough going that fast, there’s no way around it Some people give you a hard time, but it’s hard to avoid when you’re going that fast for lap after lap after lap JACKIE: Were you OK, though? THAT DUDE IN BLUE: I was fine until I was asked to do another set of laps And I was like, sure And then by the end I was like, I couldn’t do any more When you drive, you know how to prepare your body because you know what you’re doing But when you’re riding you can’t really anticipate the movement and then the fluid in your head is, like, all over the place So you’re like, I don’t know if I can keep doing this But it was a great experience JACKIE: You gonna add a Porsche to your line up? THAT DUDE IN BLUE: I wish JACKIE: I know, right Those were so sick Great cars Great time I mean, it looked fun, again Oh, yeah It’s an experience a lot of people should experience because if you want to feel the epitome of a car doing its job and having the tires heated up and ceramic brakes in action, then you’ll be mind blown So is this the first time you’ve done something like this? No, I’ve been fortunate to do a few other track events And what’s great is there’s one in Atlanta where I’m from, and I did it last week And then I heard I was doing it here as well But what’s great is the tracks are vastly different So this one was way more wild, so it made it very interesting He’s a professional He knows what he’s doing I know, right And he’s in the finals Well, the competitors said you look like a race car driver So that might have something to do with it

He must have that charisma He must have that swag We are excited about the finals though, right? Speaking of the finals Yeah We will be right back And they’re coming up Because we’re going to crown the King of the Road Trip Is it going to be That Dude in Blue? You’re going to have to see You can just stay right here All right, let’s do it [MUSIC PLAYING] JACKIE: Hey, everybody It is Jackie and Shag And we are back here live Oh my goodness The finals, it’s so close Can you believe it? They’re all lined up They’re ready It’s crazy They’re ready We’re a little bit excited about it OK, so talk to me What has been your favorite part of the day? You know, I got to tell you, I thought it was really cool, like, the unexpected weather conditions Yeah, the snow These guys were like, oh, we’re racing in the desert And then, bam, blizzard Man, I’m going to have to say the tiebreaker race The three way tie for third That was intense Yeah, Annemunition just came out of nowhere and it was just like back and forth between her and Slap And then she pulled it out I’m rooting for Annemunition, OK She’s my girl She’s got fire She’s got fight Who do you think is gonna win? I mean, she grew up in a garage She comes from a car family I mean, I wouldn’t be shocking Yeah, do you have a favorite? No favorite for you? Man, I mean– Come on Team South I’m a team South guy But I don’t know how much– It’s tough We’ll see I’m not going to say I have a favorite Look at you He’s being all diplomatic May the best driver win Well, I’m saying Annemunition though She’s got a lot of great competition out there Crream has been dominating as well Well, this is a timed trial and I’m excited to see how they use the fast five Yeah The fave five Fast fave [INAUDIBLE] Fave fast You know what I’m saying That can definitely create an advantage Yeah, and it’s just been such a great day, just being able to see all the different types of courses, all the different cars It’s been absolutely wild What these guys created What they built It’s pretty awesome We’re having a lot of fun You know who else is having a lot of fun? Alex and Rene Yes, they are Right boys? We’re having a great day Hi I never had such a lovely toss to me That was great I’m not all red yet It’s just because of the makeup that covers everything So it’s all good Nothing happened No one can see it All good And we will probably not name the mode for this time trial because I saw them struggling with it and I don’t want to go that way I am so excited What an amazing day this has been And it all comes down to these eight drivers We can only have one King or Queen of the Road Trip And it’s, as you mentioned, time trial based So anything can happen and the results are going to kind of be a little bit hidden until the final moment We’re going to make a little show out of that But it is anyone’s race And Shag was talking about the South There’s only one representative from the South here, and that’s The Dude in Blue, who they just talked with on the couch So he’s, like, oh I don’t really pick anyone, but he picked the South Therefore, he picked The Dude in Blue So that’s his pick Jackie picked Annemunition Yeah, and who do you pick? I think it’s got to be The Slap Train, just based on who’s done so well coming in That would be my first And then Typical Gamer and then Crream, I guess would be my top three No, That Dude in Blue will just win it Really? Calling it right now That Dude in Blue will– South will win I have chosen the South You said you’re from the same team, but then you go for Slap Train, the Midwest Yeah I wouldn’t mind the South You know, I am from the South, but again, based on just how well The Slap Train has been looking coming into this, I was very surprised that he didn’t make it through He was so quick in practice Oh, yes So quick Ridiculous times He had some of the best leader board times But it seems like he’s prone to mistakes, while That Dude in Blue looked a bit more settled in terms of his racing and all that But for now, it’s a different mode It’s time trial So they’re not racing each other We will have four players going at the same time But we won’t see the end time So these four will probably start, I guess It’s Annemunition, That Dude in Blue, and next [INAUDIBLE] that is Typical Gamer and Crream AXELTOSS: So wow This is a pretty– I mean, both these races are gonna be pretty stacked And there’s the interesting element as we see, this is East, West, and South So this also means that three of our Midwest competitors will be in the next race, all racing together more or less But once again, this is time trial based So there’s not necessarily going to be a grid start, right Which is which is pretty important to consider You know, all that traffic at the beginning that these guys have been talking about, how tough that can be I’m not sure how heavy of an element that’s going to be, but I guess we are going to find out as we get ready to go here with the finals time trial competition Winner take all And I kind of just want to watch this unfold [MUSIC PLAYING] GRUNNER: Hey, we’re getting into the race It’s one of those life extreme series

episodes in the game, which also means they will probably race nearly everything Crream is on the bike because that’s what he has chosen for one of the previous rounds So they go back to the cars that they have built up in the previous rounds And then also go on boat, going on plane to race here We see that everyone is on the road and everyone is just doing time trial It seems like That Dude in Blue is struggling a bit already Annemunition, she brings in the Porsche Beautiful GT3 RS We saw a Ferrari with David We saw the bike with Crream I’m just wondering– AXELTOSS: Some dinosaurs GRUNNER: What is Typical Gamer bringing in AXELTOSS: Not a bike I think we’ve got to stay in here There’s Crream We’re basically going to go through all four of these competitors as they ride along here Going through dinosaur land We see all those dinosaurs in the distance And for now– GRUNNER: Typical Gamer was in the Ferrari Oh, there we go AXELTOSS: Oh, yeah GRUNNER: [INAUDIBLE] So he’s on the Ferrari Crream is on the bike A bit of bumping and– rubbing is racing, you know Unless he’s doing that to [INAUDIBLE] and no one can really complain That Dude in Blue still [INAUDIBLE] with AI right behind him But it was the same for everyone else How will we figure out who’s quick? AXELTOSS: So here’s what you– the progression percentage I think is going to be the best indicator of who’s doing the best We see 28%, 29% there from Anne And I believe that number is going to be different based on how far along these guys in their time trial They all started pretty much at the exact same time But that’s probably the best indicator at the top left there We see back at 30% here from Crream Relating that progression to the time underneath, that’s probably the best judge we’re going to have as we see them Coasting in Turning from a motorcycle into a boat Welcome to The Crew 2, where that is possible The first time I saw that happen I was kind of blown away And now we have the boating section of this race You still have those checkpoints to get through here Going from that nice drive through the countryside and the dinosaurs to the track on the river where you had to nail all of these checkpoints as we are approaching the halfway mark for our first four drivers here GRUNNER: Nearly halfway through on that first four players in the time trial Like we said before, we won’t see the result until everyone done So the only thing we can do now is kind of, yeah, think about it and try to [INAUDIBLE] AXELTOSS: At the top left, I think GRUNNER: And try to figure out– yeah, but we don’t see that at the same time That’s the problem That Dude in Blue, he’s now in 50%, but we don’t see the others That was the life jump So if we now jump on someone else and he’s going over the life jump, we know they’re behind it, but Crream is in front of it already AXELTOSS: Yeah, he’s in front And Typical Gamer kind of side by side with Crream here, actually I they’re very close in time I think Crream might be slightly ahead GRUNNER: Annemunition’s at, like, 59% Maybe she started a bit earlier AXELTOSS: OK [INTERPOSING VOICES] GRUNNER: We have to keep in mind they did a manual start AXELTOSS: That’s true GRUNNER: So maybe not all of them started– AXELTOSS: Little bit of a difference there That’s 62, 3:14, 63, 3:16 Kind of [INAUDIBLE] with that 60 and 3:17 So I think Anne’s actually a little bit ahead here GRUNNER: And That Dude in Blue is struggling with AI, while Typical Gamer, he is leading I think Anne is leading as well So it seems like my favorite’s currently not doing that well on this final race And that’s the one that counts, man David, come on AXELTOSS: You gotta step it up Dude in Blue having trouble with the AI And I’m actually hearing his coms a little bit, which is pretty funny It was kind of– and actually, if we look at the mini map on the right, you can kind of see the dots there I think those are our four drivers in real time more or less, if you’re able to see that there GRUNNER: No the dots are AI AXELTOSS: Could be GRUNNER: Yeah, they are AI AXELTOSS: OK [INTERPOSING VOICES] In The Crew 2, you are able to see people that you’re partied up with, so I wasn’t sure if that was happening there But we’re going back onto the road Switching back in the cars here GRUNNER: And rally cars just now So That Dude in Blue brings that [INAUDIBLE] 34 in the [INAUDIBLE] back Oh, that is the starting buggy I’m not sure– like, when I was racing it was fairly slow AXELTOSS: It was slow for me too Yeah GRUNNER: [INAUDIBLE] AXELTOSS: Yeah, true And at the very least, you don’t want to go in the water as much here because I think it’s just a slower car in general And then once you get in the water you’re really slowing yourself down And we see Annemunition doing a pretty nice job staying on the road We’ve got a Mercedes This is the Mercedes class we saw earlier Crream, no What are you doing? GRUNNER: Crream wants to cut through the trees there Totally missed it Not miss it He did not miss the tree AXELTOSS: He did Hit that tree square on Missed the shortcut GRUNNER: Head first into that tree, basically like he’s trying to slide on to third base Didn’t already work There’s That Dude in Blue He tries now to finally get onto position one, Neil– AXELTOSS: [INAUDIBLE] GRUNNER: Yeah, Neil’s blocking it AXELTOSS: Oh, turn right He missed the turn? GRUNNER: Oh, is he going around? Yeah, he does not want to go through the water I hope that he did not totally miss it AXELTOSS: We’re gonna find out But 94% progression We’re getting in the 90s here So these guys are very close to finishing Keep an eye on that time at the top left

And again, we’re not going to really have final results until the end of the second group of drivers here, but we can try to do our best here to guess as best as we can Typical Gamer around 5:15 there with the finish 5:16, Annemunition We’re pretty far back there at 5:33 or so GRUNNER: Wait, wait 5:16 was the quickest That Dude in Blue is really slow AXELTOSS: He’s pretty far back there So I think Typical Gamer doing the best and then Crream I think he was doing great, but he had that crash square to the tree at that at the very end there That’s so tough to see GRUNNER: I think there’s a wall coming up for That Dude in Blue I was so sure about that Wait that’s a junction, there must be a wall in the US So that didn’t really work out for him AXELTOSS: So he’s going to finish there slowly, but surely Awe, man Poor guy 6:05 So I think based on our results there, I think Typical Gamer did the best And this is just guessing This is just speculation on our part I feel like a Typical Gamer– and let’s remember that, I guess Remember that number for the next one But Typical Gamer, I think, doing a little better than Crream Crream was having a great race He was doing a great job, but he had a crash kind of near the end We saw it [INAUDIBLE] on our screen, straight into a tree Trying to make a short cut happen, but met a tree instead So I think that hurt him quite a bit I think he was running great until that point So in my mind, I feel like Typical Gamer was probably the best run that we’re going to see there on that track And now it’s up to these four And we’re going to jump straight into it It’s up to these four, the next grouping in the finals to go after that time from Typical Gamer, which we had unofficially around 5:16 So we’ll keep an eye out for that GRUNNER: I have to say, normally I would straight go for Slap Train is the quickest among those four But I saw Legendary Lea being really, really good on the dirt bike, which is a bit more of a chaotic drive This seemed to be kind of chaotic with all the switches AXELTOSS: Yeah, could be good GRUNNER: Yeah, I could lean to her being the quickest among those for, if that’s really quick as compared to Typical Gamer in case he is really the quickest I don’t know yet, but That Dude in Blue, he was definitely struggling Not fast at all Annemunition, she was really, really quick on the round as well I think Typical Gamer found another short cut that he could use where he made up all that time AXELTOSS: Right I mean, and that’s what it comes down to First, can you find those short cuts that can make you up that amazing time? Or can you avoid those crashes? Because I think we saw some pretty clear obstructions encountered by our drivers from that first round So just gotta avoid that danger Get out of the busyness of the AIs But here we go We have the final race here This is the final race of our event Who is going to be our King of the Road Trip as we take a listen? [MUSIC PLAYING] GRUNNER: And we’re in The last time we see those guys racing here for the trophy of King of the Road Great start here [INAUDIBLE] the Lamborghini of Speedy W03 right on to the first place I think that was fairly quick around the AI, which is kind of important AXELTOSS: That’s a big deal Get out of the traffic Get out of the way AI Just leave him in your dust as soon as possible We saw That Dude in Blue having a lot of trouble with that and having to fight the AI throughout the entire race So Speedy, he’s going to be very happy with how he started this race Looking at the [INAUDIBLE],, this is the guy This is the guy I’m looking out for He had amazing tactics before the event started He looked like the most poised, the most prepared, the most practiced coming to this event but now it comes down to this Can he get the time he’s looking for? We saw him go a little bit off the road there, actually So hopefully he stayed out of trouble But here’s Legendary Lea, still dealing with a little bit of the traffic in the back still Trying to make up some time at this point We saw her do the best in the motorbike race And we’ll see if she can translate that into this final But we have three representatives from the Midwest– Legendary Lea, Jack Ultramotive, who you see on your screen right now, and The Slap Train And we have one representative from the East, which is Speedy W, to find out who can get the fastest time and become King or Queen of the Road Trip GRUNNER: I’m not sure I think Slap Train, either he created a shortcut I wasn’t aware of or he missed the road where he wanted to head on Currently, 20% 1 and 7 We can [INAUDIBLE] use that, yeah, to see where they are right now So Legendary Lea is in 25%, 1 minute 30 So she seems to be quicker AXELTOSS: Yeah, I think she’s holding her own here, but she wasn’t [INAUDIBLE] [INTERPOSING VOICES] GRUNNER: That’s the tree! It’s the Lamborghini That’s a very costly thing I can tell you, I once crashed a car up to 200K AXELTOSS: What? In real life? GRUNNER: In real life I can tell you, that hurts a lot If you do so, that hurts a lot So I can understand when they were on the track with a Porsche that they don’t want to crash it It happened to me while we were filming for an episode after a drift

Emergency braking system kicked in off the car and I smashed it into– AXELTOSS: Well, I’m so happy you’re all right and that you’re here with us today But time to look out for here Typical Gamer is at 5:16 So half-way, which is 50%, 2: 38 That’s the time to look out for So if we see what happens at 50%, if they can be ahead of 2:38, I believe that they’re on track to take home the title So we’ll keep an eye on that Jack Ultramotive seems to be having a pretty incredible run here Passing through halfway, just about 2:30 We’re about to get a shot of that But The Slap Train as well He’s well in contention here You know, he’s having a fast race as well, approaching 50% Well ahead of that 2:38 mark that they’re looking for to stay ahead of that pace that we saw from Typical Gamer in the first race But again, we’ll keep our eye on that Looks like Legendary Lea, a little bit slower here A lot of that, she crashed straight into a tree a little bit earlier We saw that happen, but still may be room for her to bring it back So we’ll see how these guys can close this out as they are all over halfway through this race GRUNNER: Kind of interesting to see that Lea actually tried to avoid the jump there Went for it Try to be quicker But Speedy, he is struggling here in the narrow section of the water race I didn’t look [INAUDIBLE] Well, Jack actually looks most planted for me [INAUDIBLE] off the water track, he looks relaxed Doing a good job Speedy now behind the AI [INAUDIBLE] is coming around as well He wants to have a shot Wants to be part of our broadcast So it seems Speedy lost a bit of time And Slap Train and Jack and Legendary Lea, more or less now fighting for the [INAUDIBLE] AXELTOSS: And now we’re gonna be approaching the last third of this race, which is back on to land We saw a lot of different paths being taken in the first race We saw trees become an issue, obstacles We also saw some decent shortcuts being utilized by our drivers in that first group of finalists that we saw GRUNNER: Look at Speedy He just pushed the AI onto the ground like, hey, man You might ride the boat, but I can put you on land whenever I want AXELTOSS: Yeah This has got to be down to The Slap Train and Jack Ultra I believe they’re having the fastest times at this moment But all results that we’re seeing are completely unofficial So we are on the edge of our seats just as much as you guys are at home to see how fast these guys are really going compared to the other drivers But now, as I mentioned, they’re entering that third part of the race There’s a little bit of land, a little bit of water Gotta play this right And you’ve got to be tactical and smart and kind of know your lines And this is tricky This might be the first time that these guys are encountering this terrain So they have to really be careful to choose those lines And not crash into anything [INTERPOSING VOICES] GRUNNER: He avoided all the objects there That was a good job, but still he’s just second AI was a bit quicker It’s once again, Neil, our favorite AI driver that does a good job in this race Jack back on first 85%, 4 minutes 40 AXELTOSS: Yeah, and unofficially the time to beat, 5:16 So we’ll have to see if any of these guys can beat that pace The Slap Train, this looks like a really good pace from him 90%, around 4:40 he’s gonna be at So not too far away at all from that finish line Gotta be careful though He’s trying to cut through the water here You don’t want to put yourself in danger but taking a good line there, understanding that part of the track And he’s getting very close to finishing It might be up to Slap Train He’s having a great race, it seems Might be the first one to finish here Approaching 95% Remember, 5:16, around there was the time to beat Legendary Lea already approaching that 5:16 mark at 92%, which kind of tells a story of just how fast The Slap Train is going 5:04, and 5:05 Try to find that finish line [INTERPOSING VOICES] GRUNNER: [INAUDIBLE] aware of that wall? AXELTOSS: A tree or two, but he’s like, OK, whatever And it’s going to be close He’s around 5:12, 5:13 for The Slap Train So that might be enough for him And Jack Ultramotive, not a bad type at all, around 5:30 Speedy also finishing up around 5:30 as well So I think it’s going to be pretty close I don’t know what’s going to happen here A part of me thinks that The Slap Train got it, Typical Gamer in second But all results, everything we’ve seen is unofficial and it’s just us speculating So now I eagerly await what our final results are going to be GRUNNER: Yeah, Legendary Lea and Speedy, they dropped off pace basically in the later part of the race They had been very quick early on Slap Train had that small mistake in between, but it seems like the rest of it was spot on AXELTOSS: Yeah, and I think Jack Ultra, he was having a great race too, it felt like But I think he might have run into an obstacle or something because certainly a little bit slower towards the end But I thought he had a great start, a great mid part of the race too So I wonder if he got into some trouble as we transitioned from the water back onto the land in a very tricky part of the track But now is the time of a little bit of tension, a little bit apprehension as our administrators kind of put all these times together and as we await our final results But great to see all the dynamics of that track, kind of switching between vehicles That’s what happens in The Crew 2 You’re able to get into the game and explore the open world And if you’re not in a dedicated race, you have that flexibility Well, some races have it, but you do have the flexibility in the open world to just switch to whatever vehicle you feel like going with You can go from a car to a boat to a plane And you can go anywhere on the map that you want So really cool seeing those transitions happen actually

in the race itself seeing those guys go from road to boat to road And now we await our final reasons We’re not going back from plane to rope We don’t do any of that, because I have to remind you about one simple fact, for us at least, which means if that was the last race, it’s the last time coming back to us I know This is so much fun though It’s a lot of fun Sad face It’s cool hanging out Yeah It’s cool hanging out Seen some cars racing, some planes, some water boats, all that stuff No, I’m really happy about the racing action we saw because it was close There were no clear favorites in all the races Instead, we had different winners each time I know we saw Typical Game winning both of his first browns The same for Crream But after that was mainly spread amongst everyone It’s great You know, Legendary Lea, I think she got last in the first two races she did, but then, boom, she’s able to come out and qualify for the finals just by having a good race on the dirt bikes That was really cool to see And then Annemunition making it through in the tiebreakers, knocking Slap Train down Slap Train, a favorite coming in Not even in the finals automatically, but by all intents and purposes, from my point of view, it looked like he had a great time there in that last track And I love the different regional representation that we saw the finals Every single region was represented I believe the Midwest was the most strongly represented there in the finals So really cool to see just diversity all across the board It would just be a great comeback story if Slap Train would now actually win He did not made it to the final immediately And I was a bit surprised because he was one of my favorites And then he was struggling He was struggling in the tiebreaker, which led to the elimination race We didn’t see his first two rounds and we, like, the scoreboard came up And we’re like, wait a second Why is he down to fifth or sixth? He won one, probably, but he didn’t win the other race because he scored seven points And I want to say Jack Ultramotive Like, I think he rose up in a big way And not a lot of people maybe considering him up to par with Slap Train But I think that’s probably what happened Jack Ultra was able to win one or two those first two rounds, which started that storyline And then there they were just racing against each other again in the finals So I love all the storylines from every direction And I’m pretty sure everyone’s having fun here All the content creators who came out from their respective regions did not only participate in the event, but we saw how fun they had with the Porsche experience there Seeing their reactions, that was great as well So what a fun opportunity for all these guys And I’m sure no matter who wins, everyone’s going to have walked away from here having a great time enjoying this game I hope so, but next time we want to be on the Porsche Experience Oh, yeah, Porsche Experience And then we gotta get some controllers up here so we can– I want to name one thing because I saw that in the chat People were like, oh, the Harley Davidson is great It’s a great prize, but I need to pay taxes on it Well, that’s not true That’s a good point Because one year, like, the first year, they pay the taxes for you if you win it It was one year, right? Something like that I know it’s not as extreme as some people might think Yeah, so don’t worry about that if you win it It’s not like you go bankrupt immediately [INTERPOSING VOICES] I don’t really want it I don’t really want it No And that’s [INAUDIBLE] right now Again, you can jump into The Crew 2 All you have to do is reach fame level 2 and you’re in it for a chance to win that Harley Davidson If you’re from the US If you’re from the US And you have to be 18 years or older Tell your dad Tell your dad or your mom to play I’m the only one amongst the talent and the– oh, no wait There was a guy from Ireland Yeah, there you go Daithi, he’s from Ireland So I’m not the only European this year, which is great And you chose the correct allegiance, supporting the South Well, the South probably are not winning I mean, That Dude in Blue, this time I think it won’t be enough, Unfortunately That will not work I really think it’s Slap Train or it’s Typical Gamer Yes, I agree What happens if it’s someone that we didn’t have on the list at all because we didn’t saw him crossing the line? That’s just how it works sometimes You know, that’s the fun of it all too And we are certainly full of a little bit of tension here A little bit of apprehension as they’re still crunching the numbers to find out who won You know, this could be a situation where it’s a photo finish at the end, where these guys are within tenths of a second Back to tiebreaker It’s like they finish at the exact same time, so we have to do more tiebreakers I wouldn’t mind I wouldn’t mind seeing that Yeah, like a final with a tiebreaker That’s amazing We should do is, they have the ability, like, you could literally in the game, The Crew 2, you can go to Maine You can go to the East Coast You can choose your vehicle and you can just make a road trip all the way to the West Coast You can do that in the game Maybe that should be the next race that happens You have to start with– Wait, the map. is huge Yeah, yes Hour and a half race, man Hour and a half race It’ll be great You start pretty deep into the ocean And actually in The Crew 2, the further you go out the ocean, the waves actually get bigger as they would And it’s actually terrifying, taking a boat and going out there And there’s actually whales, I heard So I think that’s a challenge for you guys If you can get a picture of a whale, I want to know what that looks like in the game So I wonder if anyone’s looking out for that

But also, I would love to see that Start from one end of the United States and race all the way to the other end It takes an hour and a half, that’ll be fine We’ll have plenty of pizza and brownies to keep us going I mean, one thing I have to say, Annemunition, she still has a chance to win here because she had a pretty quick time compared to Legendary Lea And I spent 15 years now in gaming and doing stuff like shows and e-sports and all that I never had a single event where a female player won So I would be super happy with her winning right now That would be one of the things And I heard from race control now– it is race control, that we got those results, which means we’ll probably give it over because we’re not the ones doing the results We actually say– oh, we are Oh, we are OK I thought we were handing it off Awesome Drum roll, please How will we do it? AXELTOSS: Oh, [INAUDIBLE] already Slap Train, whoo! Followed by Typical Gamer 5:16:92 Within four seconds of each other That’s close But Annemunition finishing strong, getting a podium spot in third place Followed by Speedy W, Jack Ultramotive, Legendary Lea, Crream, and That Dude in Blue GRUNNER: He’s actually the slowest AXELTOSS: That’s all right GRUNNER: I’m a bit surprised AXELTOSS: That’s Slap Train, our winner Very well played Very well done GRUNNER: Wow, OK I mean, yeah he was super quick Typical Gamer, he will be not disappointed Yeah, he was so close He could have done it, which is kind of sad for him But it’s great to see that even with the time trial going from cars to boat to rally, it’s still that close It really tests every ounce of your energy, but I think that’s done for us So thanks everyone And thank you This was a ton of fun And until next time It was We’re giving it over to Shag on the stage Slap, congratulations This is yours, sir The King of the Road Trip But hey, I just heard something It’s your birthday too? Are you serious? I know, I know It’s quite the birthday gift So what are you gonna do with it? I actually get to take this home? Absolutely Well, that would be good, yeah I’m going to drink a cold beer out of this Let me tell ya There we go I hope you drink more than one Yes, love it Thank you Thank you What do you want to tell the gamers at home about the game? Well, it comes out next week if I’m not mistaken Friday, no? Mm-hm I’m excited for it I’m waiting for the release Lots of customization The map is huge Game’s fun Simple as that It’s just it’s a fun game, definitely OK, awesome answer Yeah, totally Fun’s always a good thing And we want to thank everyone at home for watching, all of our lovely competitors And also, a thank you to our sponsors– Papa John’s, Motor Trend, and Harley Davidson Julien, what do you want to tell people at home? OK, so the game is out on June 29 You can have early access with a Gold Edition playing June 26 And you can play the game now, open beta It’s for free on all platform And last but not least, you have the contest, the Harley Davidson contest Go on the official website for all the details That is one sick motorcycle, if I do say so myself All right, thank you everybody for watching See you later Happy Birthday [MUSIC PLAYING] [ENGINE REVS] Whoo! Oh my god [INAUDIBLE] [BEEPS] Oh my god All right Catch your breath We’re right back at it [ENGINE REVS] [LAUGHS] MAN: [INAUDIBLE] [BEEPS] [LAUGHS] Oh my goodness I’ve never drifted like that before Once, accidentally [MUSIC PLAYING]