Alright so check it out guys, it’s Trevor James We just got into Shaxi, deep in Yunnan province And today we’re going for a full-on market tour This is one of the last remaining Tea Horse Road farmer’s markets full of Bai and Yi people and local foods I’m so pumped, let’s go check it out As you make your way into Yunnan province on the Tea Horse Road, you encounter some incredibly beautiful scenery and some food that will blow you away We came here to Shaxi to find the last remaining intact Tea Horse Road farmer’s market and found some amazing street food joints you’re not going to want to miss Starting out bright and early at the once-per-week market every Friday morning We found five delicious street foods, and one amazing Bai style local lunch feast you’re going to love Including a do-it-yourself custom sticky rice noodle, some fried chickpea starch jelly and a lot more Let’s eat Awesome This is a like a Look at that, I think it’s like a big curdled milk ball It’s like a big curdled milk ball Oh, look at that Wow, alright This is actually almost exactly like a mild mozzarella cheese It has almost no flavors It’s not sour, it just tastes like you’re biting into milk almost It’s really nice Next up, we took a quick little walk through the morning market and found a breakfast stall serving a variety of different soups and rice with side dishes known as dai fan This was an amazing market to visit Oh, what do we have here? Oh, broad been soup Awesome Tai bang le, look at this, guys Looks like we have some nan guan pumpkin with pork and fennel greens Oh, that’s a fresh one Oh looks like there’s some fresh chilies, green onions, chili oil, lots of chili in there And then there’s also some eggplant, chili eggplant Oh lot’s of veg here, this is a healthy breakfast That just looks so healthy Big broad beans, nice chunks of radish, huge fatty spare ribs, oh beautiful I grabbed some stir fried pork Lots of green onions, lots of fresh chilies Oh yeah, that looks so fantastic There’s actually a bit of a sour, spicy kick to that Bit of pickled greens, and that pork is juicy Look at those big broad beans, guys Those are big and plump Nice clear broth Let’s get a big bite of those Oh that is mm! Oh those broad beans are so nutritious They put fatty pork chunks in there along with the broad bean, so you do have a really nice and deep, complex pork broth After that nice breakfast, we had a quick little walk

around town before making our way to find a ton of pre-lunch street food This is honestly the coolest old little town Look at all these classic Tea Horse Road-style buildings They’re all preserved really well They’re all made of wood, and there’s just so much to explore here We’re only here for half a day You could literally spend a week exploring this whole countryside, eating delicious food, and chatting with nice people This is absolutely stunning You can just picture the history here, horses, tea, lots of people selling food, produce, this is saturated with history, guys Beautiful This where you find some custom noodle Okay, we’re going to get some fresh sticky rice noodles And then you can choose whatever you want here There is so much stuff here And then there’s also some green onions, cilantro and It’s all here and you can chooser whatever you want with these sticky rice noodles Some fresh pea shoots, pea greens What’s beautiful about this is you can choose whatever you want, all of these ingredients you can put into your bowl of sticky rice noodles So it’s a nice light broth, sticky rice noodle They’re falling apart And then some wan do jen Look at this, guys So we have a beautiful bowl of sticky rice noodles, specialty in Yunnan, with some wan do jen, pea shoots, pea greens, and then we can choose anything we want here That is incredible Okay, first up, must important, we’re going to hit the chili oil Beautiful, just pour a little bit of that Get a little more oil, get a little more oil, oh yeah, look at that Then we’re going to get a little bit of vinegar and soy sauce mixed with ginger and garlic and chili That is going to be powerful, oh yeah Little bit of peanut, awesome Awesome That is beautiful, I’ve never seen this make-you-own noodles in China before You can just put whatever you want Put some soy beans, some garlic Oh yeah, that’s going to start a day (speaks in foreign language) just to make it have a touch of numb Top top it off Give it a little bit of mouth-numbing kick And of course, onion and cilantro mix Beautiful, that is heaven And we’re going to put a little bit of pickle radish just to finish the deal, awesome We have some special bing here, we have meigui which is rose filling in a little pastry cake And then we have dousha, which is red bean and a uabin, this one, there’s thousands different types, this one she said has mint, brown sugar, sesame But we’re going to go right in for these beautiful custom noodles Oh, look at those, mix that up Wow that flavor is just going to be, oh!

Look at all that chili oil, look at all that chili paste Peanuts, oh I can smell the peanuts, I can smell the walnut Oh, my mouth is watering here This is just awesome, there’s greens, there’s chili, there’s vinegar, there’s soy sauce Awesome That actually looks super thick Beautiful, dripping sticky rice noodles There is a lot going on in there It’s sour from the vinegar, it’s super garlicky I put a ton of garlic in there Sticky rice noodles are very chewy They’re actually very chewy That is just a powerful bomb The pork sauce, the pork mixed ground pork gravy also packs a huge, enjoyable fragrance With the cilantro, the onion, the peanut It’s all in there, guys After enjoying the beautiful rose and walnut-stuffed pastries and the red bean pastries as well, we continued through the market and found a couple more delicious street foods before going for a huge Bai-style lunch feast packed with fresh Yunnan mushrooms So we just found a bunch of huajan there’s tons of different flavors here, there’s dofuru, fermented tofu with chili, the fentail rice noodles with pork, there’s green onion and pork, there’s regular mantou, and it’s all here I think I’m going to order one up I think I’m going to go for the dofuru fermented tofu flavor Nice Fresh huajan, oh it’s steaming hot We just got a steaming hot huajan This is like a steamed flower puff filled with fermented, wow, look at that Filled with fermented tofu chili sauce You can really smell that stenchy, potent fermented tofu flavor And we are deep in the market here, this is just amazing Mm, wow that is definitely super fluffy Super salty, fermented, almost cheesy Wow it almost has a salty cheese flavor Oh, that will wake you right up That is a potent huajuan Right before our lunch feast, there was one more super interesting street food that you’re going to want to try the minute you see it Colorful starch jelly and fried red heart potato So she said this is a red heart potato and this is a liangfen, some time of starch jelly that she’s frying here So unique She’s making it into a salad Beautiful Oh, peanut butter in there So it’s a type of starch jelly So it’s like a green starch jelly that she’s frying here And there is some red hearted potatoes, that is the direct translation That is amazing, that is so delicious It tastes like a spicy peanut butter Except it’s not sweet at all It’s like a spicy peanut butter over a starch jelly The starch jelly almost has no flavor It’s just maybe slightly earthy I want to try one of these red hearted potatoes I think that’s what she’s cutting right here That is beautiful

Look at that, look at that purple color there Then she fries it and it gets all brown and crispy Awesome Tastes exactly like a potato, with a crispy outside and a spicy peanut butter outside This cottage cheese, mozza cheese ball that we had this morning, we’re actually going to try it different now She’s offered to fry it She’s saying it much better than eating it plain You take this mozza ball I’m not sure if that’s actually what it is, but that’s exactly what it tastes like And you fry it That is just beautiful, look at that She’s frying it up in slices And that oil actually has a bit of flavor Wow, yeah look at that I’m going to mix it up myself Oh yeah, I’m going to mix it in there myself Fry it up I think she’s going to put that same flavor on Oh wow, that milk is getting a crispy edge to it It’s like a cottage cheese mozzarella You can really smell that milky, cheesy odor She’s put it right on top of the starch jelly, you see This is the starch jelly that you make fried She’s putting pomrin oh top, oh yeah, Bai white sugar Nice, that’s beautiful Oh, that’s a lot of sugar Wow, that’s a lot of sugar We just got that fried mozza cheese It’s like milky, mozza cheese, and she just loaded it with white sugar Tons of white sugar, crystals on there And you can smell that milky odor, let’s try it out When it’s fried, with the white sugar on it, you get that crispy outer layer, and you get that ultra sweet, ultra abundant sugar on there that really brings it up a sweetness level After all that beautiful fried goodness, we made our way into a little courtyard restaurant to try out the truly fresh flavors of Yunnan Had a beautiful meal packed with fresh veg and mushrooms and meat Doesn’t get any better This is just such an awesome market, guys So much action, so much stuff going on Produce, meat, snacks to try And now we’re going to make are way for a big lunch Let’s check it out Alright, we’re going into a little courtyard restaurant Let’s see what we can get to eat Wow, look at this, guys Awesome, look at this There is salted fatty pork This is a specialty in Yunnan, salted pork and we’re going to order that up And then look at all the ingredients here you can choose from Tons of different fresh produce and veg All from Yunnan, all locally grown here Mushrooms, look at all the mushrooms here Tons of different fresh Yunnan mushrooms But look over here, I just spotted this one This is a specialty in Yunnan, the song rong These are very expensive, and we’re just at the tail-end of the season right now, so we’re going to have to order that up and get a bunch of food Beautiful, look at this massive Yunnan feast we’ve got here, guys There is so many specialties here Look at this, this is what I’ve been wanting to try for so long This is the song rong mushroom, the matsutake mushroom grown here in Yunnan, and it is right at the end of the season This is a matsutake spare rib soup That looks absolutely nutritious and hearty

And then look over here, we have a specialty Yunnan salted pork, you can see it hanging up over there, it’s fried in fresh bell peppers and a type of garlic bolts That just looks fantastic And then look over here These are red pine mushrooms, fried in green onions and bell peppers, red pine mushrooms, there’s a bit of dried chilies in there as well And then over here we have some greens, and specialty lemongrass fried spare ribs That just looks incredible And then this over here is called choy me tai I didn’t know what that was, but look at all that purple juice that comes out when it’s cooked Looked it up, and it’s called amantis We’re just going to try out the soup first thing because that looks so delicious, and this is the number one thing These mushrooms are exported across Asia and are very expensive Such a flavorful mushroom, the umami flavor in that broth is incredible Wow, oh it brings out so much flavor We are going to try some of this Yunnan salted pork hanging up over there Let’s try some of that, oh beautiful Look at that, it’s fried in bell peppers and garlic bolts and looks amazing Mm, that has the most rich ham flavor You can tell the salt brine they use is rich and strong, it actually almost has like, a pastrami flavor it is so strong With those bell peppers, those garlic bolts, that is the most intense, strong ham you’ll ever have This is why Yunnan is one of the best places to eat in China The food is so fresh, you’ll never want to leave People so friendly and warm, some of the most beautiful scenery in the world Just coming to a morning market like this, and you can discover it all Thank you so much for watching these Tea Horse Road street food videos We had a great time here in Shaxi It is absolutely beautiful, awesome day trip from Dali and awesome market every Friday I would love to know what you thought about this video in the comments down below, and please click that little notification button and subscribe button, so you can get all of these street food tours Thanks so much for watching, guys