Chinese Street Food – 200 KG Street Hot Pot (SPICY!!!) + RARE Street Food Tour of Kaifeng, China!

– Ohhh! Chili,cardamom,cinnamon,ginger, bay leaves 200 kg of meat, 400 people Alright check it our guys, it’s Trevor James we’re in Kaifeng, China, Hunan Province This is a total street food city, and I’m so pumped ’cause today we’re bringing you for a full on street food adventure Let’s check it out This is it, Kaifeng, China Home to some of the craziest street food in the whole country And today we’re bringing you in deep Five insanely unique street foods that you’re gonna love So make sure to watch this whole video, all the way until the end, so you don’t miss any of these rare, and unseen street foods in China Let’s eat And this is just the ultimate street food city, first up we’re gonna get a Congyou Bing, it’s like a Chinese green onion pizza, right here to start the day There’s so many breakfast stalls, Kaifeng is just an awesome place And we just walked into the ultimate, breakfast pizza pancake shop Yunglo Bang is making Tai Bing and Chung Wah Bing, one with garlic chives and one with just the regular green onions And this is (speaking Chinese) Yeah, so that’s what it is, Tai Bing with the Garlic Chives, is the Kaifeng and that’s what he’s gonna be making right now [Trevor] Wow look at this guys So we’ve got a green onion mixture, and we’re just wrapping it up here in this Dong Chi Oh, it’s just like a patty full of tong WOW (Trevor speaking Chinese) So we just wrapped up a Tong yo Bing, and now we’re gonna roll it out flat There’s literally huge scoops of Tong in there Yunglo Bang is gonna put 10 eggs in Oh and here we go, the Tai Bing, this is the real Kaifeng, right here guys, the Tai Bing And these garlic chives are strong, Oh there it is! Look at that guys, and Yunglo Bang is just spreading it out, and look at this guys, it’s a thick layer of garlic chives, and this is a special green in China that’s found all over in GAHAUZA, in GOTEA, and it is quite strong, it really has a strong garlic flavor to it That is beautiful Ah and here comes the real joy guys Younglo Bang is gonna put 10 eggs in here Wow. (Beating eggs) Here we go guys We’re going to put those (speaks unclear) Ooh. Wow. That is incredible We’re putting in 10 eggs, and its going in right in this magic pancake grill This is about 2 kg of Tai Bing right here Oh, and here we go. Wow Gonna layer it up Just gonna put that lid on Wow It’s like a pie A garlic chive pie with like egg and MSG And there it is The Tai Bing. (Speaks Chinese) And here we go the Ti Bing Direct shot That is unbelievable So its going to grill for 5 minutes Then we’re going to sit right there on the street, and have a Kai Fung breakfast And there it is its been about two minutes Yonglaoban is gonna flip it here it is guys oh oh and it’s almost done here comes the clip oh that’s heavy the sound of that sizzle just listen to that sizzle, and it’s almost done here it is oh and it’s right off the grill oh look inside there that is beautiful look at that guys wow it’s just full of Joe Hong and the G Dan the ultimate garlic chive egg pancakes being Chinese pizza, and that is definitely strong with garlic chives you can smell that Wow smells really garlicky oniony grassy, and it smells like these were taken right from your garden that garlic Chive smell super fresh super Sheung also maybe a little potent that is gonna be a nice first bite in the morning, and we’re also gonna get the Dogyang the soybean milk which is this one right here we’re gonna go try it out guys, and here we go guys The Taiping and the do Jeong for breakfast right on the street and Keifung just look at this morning Street seems people are slurping their dough Chun having their Tai Ping, and this is what it’s all about Wow he loaded it up with garlic chives 10 eggs and it’s just looking Oh super delicious mmm ohh Wow I never thought that many Chauhan garlic

chives mix with that many eggs would be delicious normally I’m not a huge fan of garlic chives, but this you got to try it doesn’t have that extreme Joule Wong flavor that you get in the jalsa and the dumplings in China I think it’s the way they fried it, and this is such a beautiful ancient old city full of street food and friendly people, and we’re gonna keep exploring going down the back alleys and bring you a tons more street foods with today, so make sure to watch all the way until the end because this is gonna be a full-on Street food tour We just keep biking through all day guys we are truly food ranging now just biking through neighborhoods looking for lunch, and next up here we are we’ve just been exploring around and we found this local cold-rolled joint literally fatty pork with pickled mustard greens steamed, and you can see it’s a courtyard style we just stepped into a super busy toll road joint specialty that’s what we came for right there, the Col row pickled mustard greens with fatty pork and we’ve also got a full wok station chives with sliced pork and we’re just hanging out here in the Guan Hong Bao station, and they’re just explaining to us how there’s actually a bit of soup inside and he’s just explaining how there’s 18 to 22 pinches in each Wan Tong bou we’re gonna go try it out and as we wait for our Guan Hong Bao soup dumplings just take a minute to look at this crazy kitchen oh yeah we’re gonna get the Cole row we’re gonna get the sweet new pork Oh red and fatty pork belly look at this see you guys so many Kwantung Bow and here we go we got too long one shooter with veg and one Rhoda with pork and the Rhoda the pork has tongue in it soup and it’s a traditional courtyard style eatery here look at this Very beautiful to the neighbors are just teaching us how to eat this so if you like the chili which we do put some on the plate and then add the two and okay we’re gonna add more and then we’re gonna mix it up and they said just eat it however you like so you can dip it in that vinegar and chili mix and I think the start okay so you just slurp the stock out of the bow there’s a lot of stock in their juicy Kwantung bow and you can just dip it in this to latch a mixture vinegar chili mmm it definitely has a lot of juice and we’ve still got this ruh-roh hey ma look at that that’s fermented tofu and then we’ve got the fatty pork belly so I got the tofu and the fatty pork belly so you have to eat a garlic with it these guys are so friendly oh that makes it less, less oily Wow and there’s just so much flavor going on here but for me there’s nothing better than dipping about in some vinegar and chili oil and slurping the soup out this is what it’s all about This is such a cool city we’re exploring the back lanes now and next up just right up here we’re in a local little hoop um and there’s a little shopping stall this is the dough so this is where it all starts guys

Galaban is making the shao bing right now by hand and this is gonna be very delicious so Galaban is just rolling it out so this is the real secret here it’s got peppercorn and it’s got star anis and Galaban is just filling it inside and he said that there’s over ten different types of Shengliao oh and it goes right in the oven there Fung me and there they are look at those right in the oven so Shyong just cooking right over that fire there Wow and there it is fresh out of the oven Galaban just gave it to me and look it’s hot it’s like an air pocket on the inside this is tiny style bing shao bing almost like a nun you can see he’s literally just coating that with the whoosh yung-chun meow and you can take your Bing and jatai fill it up with topping oh yeah just slice it with a chopstick tofu and seaweed two doses sliced potato so we got chili and a bean paste in there oh and there it is look at that she just loaded it up with tofu and potato and chili and bean paste and look at that unreal sesame just posted sesame and the base on the inside is with that woosh young five-spice okay let’s go for it guys oh it is all about the toasted sesame and the woosh young that’s just holding the inside it is so fluffy hot crispy sesame toasted the light and there’s a little bit of chili as well with the tofu in it and the potato but really it’s all about the Bing amazing and last up we just made our way out the edge of Kaifeng here to try a very special dish with hundreds of people lining the street we’re here early we are gonna be having the daggoo toll and it’s all cooked in this giant wok daggoo toe spareribs filled with thousands of young Liao right here and this is young male band in the back here who’s gonna be preparing the da Guto and here’s all this young meow look at these and all of these are going in to that giant wok I think that’s the biggest wok I’ve ever seen 30-plus young Liao Chinese and were gonna watch how its all prepared here oh and here we go oh and here we go oh look at that chili cardamom cinnamon ginger bay leaves that is shyang guys look at those spices bubbling away or we’re just gonna add a little more broad bean paste chili ginger garlic cardamom bay leaves wow that is next-level aromatic it’s like walking through a forest full of fragrant herbs Wow oh and we’re adding it even more yesterdays now, yesterday’s spices we’re adding in yesterday’s spices to make it even more young that is insane guys real magical seen you take the most aromatic flower you can dream up times it by a hundred add some chili some ginger and so much spice we’re adding in so much, and now it’s starting to fill up we’ve got almost a half full dagool giant wok here and this is where we’re gonna see the Guto we’ve got buckets full of gin tai row right here coming right out of this giant box of meat and that’s gonna all go inside the shemnyao wok okay let’s put the meat in right in the meat goes in that is the most aromatic part of Shengliao and we’re gonna boil this meat right in you can see it just gets submerged into that giant pot of oil and Shengliao and the juices are gonna infuse in, and you can just poke it in oh that meat is submerged more row and it’s totally filling up with meat now and another one is coming we’re adding in 400 G

which is 200kg of meat oh there it is [Laughter] 200 kg of meat 400 people to eat all of this and we’re gonna make two pots of these tonight and you can see it’s so full of meat now that the meat isn’t sinking down anymore it’s just barely going down because there’s so much meat in this big pot of shangluao but we’re still adding a little bit of water so it’s gonna fill up and that is gonna be very delicious and just looking at one spoon of that you can see it’s full of over 30 spices and that is just gonna infuse into all of the meat it is so shyang and those are just giant chunks of meat is gonna boil were gonna have a feast now we’re just adding on the last pieces right here and they’re just gonna slowly sink in to this giant wok and there it is look at how big that goa is and it’s slowly starting to bubble and that chili and those spices are starting to just infuse into the meat I’m hungry and this is gonna be a life-changing piece of pork back ribs and Ting I’ve been waiting for about an hour now and there’s a small group of people waiting now for this goa of row and it’s bubbling violently now and that aroma is getting even stronger that meat is getting all of the spices infused into it and this is the biggest pot okay and we’re gonna just make our order now everyone here is gonna make their order we’re gonna get a jump in a medium portion we’re gonna get the medium size okay I think I’m feeling a little too excited because of this bubbling pot of joy here and I just love how its scooped out with a shovel that’s when you know it’s a giant pot Wow right from the depths we’re gonna get some of that dough foo as well with it and put it right in dofu right in the pot and just submerging it and that’s gonna go with the meat oh that’s it there the tofu is almost done and the tofu is gonna go perfectly with that meat scooping it up with the shovel okay and then we’re just putting it on top of the meat here and here’s the scoop the strained spicy oil and stock right over that and there it is look at that that is the doc who toll full of tofu coriander green onions 30-plus different spices back ribs boiled for two hours scooped up with the shovel and we also got a ticket for some of the young Thai they sold the lam Thai they they give you the lam tire when you get a portion so cold dishes vegetable dishes so not only do you get all your meat but you get all your healthy veg to and Ting’s gonna choose the veg what do you feel like Ting there we go Tings getting her young tai cauliflower rice noodles lotus roots and tofu for different dishes and here we are guys we got the ultimate Da gu to ro meal we just waited two hours and watched the whole process such an amazing process to see and we also got for the young Thai we got a vermicelli with coriander and carrots we have cauliflower and vinegar with coriander and the same with lotus root but this is what we came for the meat right out of the pot let’s get a nice big chunk oh there it is look at that meat that’s what we came for and it’s all about the first bite let’s try it out I need to get another bite of that Wow oh that right there it’s almost similar to the spices in stitch one except this is even more Sheung more aromatic and just dip it right in there is 30-plus spices in there and it’s so complex there is fatty meat, leanly pepper corm chili, floral, numbing oh and you can tell there’s a little bit of ginger and it’s overwhelmingly strong

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