End Time Sight Part 3

believe everybody say only believe how many of you in your life is I’ve been sharing the last several weeks believe that things would go better in your walk with jesus and you walk with God if you would learn to see what’s invisible and not to walk by what you see which is plainly visible how many of you know our circumstances sometimes tell us one thing and the Word of God tells us the exact opposite of that one thing that our circumstances tell us and then you and I have a choice and have a decision of what we’re going to do we’re either going to trust and believe the Word of God or we’re very trust and believe what we see with our eyes and I’ll be honest with you not trusting what you see with your eyes is not always easy can someone say men so this is part three if you missed part 1 and part 2 you’re okay you can just pick it up on youtube if you go youtube and if you in the search box type in my first name Bruce and then the initials TPU it’ll pop up and you just click the channel and you’d see the playlist all the Messianic stuff and all the congregation stuff let’s pray father we thank you for the word of God today we thank you Lord that your word is quick and alive and sharper than any two-edged sword to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit father I pray today Lord God that the Word of God takes effect in our life in our in our heart by the power and the anointing of your Holy Spirit you would move mightily father God over every heart give them ears to hear eyes that would see at a heart that would understand your word today father in a new and fresh way in Jesus name and everyone said amen and amen all right I’m going to give you the story background today we’re going to talk about the story of a man named Jay iris mark chapter 5 and his family verse 21 through 24 this is alvin english standard version and when Jesus had crossed again in the boat to the other side a great crowd gathered about him and he was beside the sea now how many of you know whenever Jesus traveled well not whenever but oftentimes when he traveled there was a crowd that gathered themselves around him but he always took the disciples apart and explain things to him amen how many of you know that in modern times this is just a freebie there is still a crowd that gathers around Jesus but how many of you know Jesus is looking for disciples say man and disciples those who know and follow Jesus are found in churches all across this land amen Catholic churches have some true believers in Jesus Methodist churches baptist churches non-denominational churches but not all those who attend those fellowships are disciples many are simply a part of the white crowd and that’s always been verse 22 then came one of the rulers of the synagogue Junior is by name and seeing him he fell at his feet how many of you know that sometimes with positions of leadership can come a spirit of pride and the right the thing that strikes me off the bat right here is Jay iris he was a ruler of the synagogue he was like the chief minister of the synagogue okay to put in modern terminology for you and the first thing he did Wayne came to Jesus was he fell at his feet now do you understand what sort of desperation what sort of Holy Spirit revelation this man must have had for him to fall at the feet of Jesus for a Jew remember last week I talked about Shadrach Meshach and Abednego and do you remember last week we said because they would not bow down to the golden image of Nebuchadnezzar what did Nebuchadnezzar do heated up a furnace he threw them in a heated up seven times hotter than normal and he threw them in to the furnace and one likened unto the Son of God appeared in the furnace they had fallen I lifted him up they came out not only were they not burned but they didn’t even smell like smoke I mean that just blows me away you know you think God’s not detailed I mean he could’ve haven’t coming out smelling like embers played in listen they didn’t smell like smoke they weren’t even fazed Shoji they were thrown in the furnace because they wouldn’t bail down to an image Jay iris

he must have known something about who Jesus was for him to throw himself at the feet of Jesus sometimes we just read stuff in the bottom we don’t really think about it Jay iris as a Jewish ruler of the synagogue to throw himself at the feet of a man he had to have a revelation of who Jesus was had to have this wasn’t just some guy mean this was some guy but he had to have known the scripture and had to believe this is Messiah this is the son of God he had to have had that revelation so he falls at Jesus’s feet now look at what happens and he implored him earnestly saying my little daughter is at the point of death come and lay your hands on her so that she may be made well and live now how many of you know how many of you have raised children here or are raising children or child okay almost all of us how many of you know when you are you would do anything and I mean anything for your child if they were at the point of sickness and you could do something to get them better they didn’t have Abilene regional they didn’t have Hendricks hospital run or two I mean this was two thousand years ago guys they had doctors but can you imagine well get some leeches Phil you know you bring a child in who’s on near death if I bleed them which is all they basically did in those days so he implores Jesus he falls at his feet and says Lord my little daughters at the point of death common lay your hands on her so that she may be wood made well and live now you know what’s amazing about this he doesn’t say come and lay your hands on her and she might get better he didn’t say anything about might or could he said lay your hands on her and she so that she may be made well and live you know that speaks to my heart that speaks to my heart this man believed that if Jesus laid his hands on his little girl she would live you know guys only believe how can say this we are our own worst enemy when it comes to faith I am my own worst enemy when it comes to faith only believe I think about the the storm remember it disciples and those of you pictured disciples as being middle-aged men that’s Hollywood they weren’t there were kids teenagers except for Peter who was the eldest he was probably 20 years old just FYI so they’re out on the boat Jesus had told him to row and you remember they’ve been wronged and Jesus was with them on a boat and terrible storm arose how many of you got woke up I like me in Thunder last night ok listen have you ever been out on a lake being on a lake in a storm is different than being out on the ocean air storm my wife and I one time we were I used to own a pontoon pontoon go I’ll of that pontoon boat had a pontoon boat and we were album the lake and a storm came up and we were with some friends of ours a couple and we’re efficient and a storm blew in and I’ll tell you what you never saw waves get so big so fast because it’s so shallow it doesn’t take a lot to kick the waves up well the Sea of Galilee I’m yeah it’s a deep lake but it’s still when it storms it gets pretty pretty hairy out there okay so there on the Sea of Galilee and a storm rises up and the disciples they didn’t have a mo boat guys okay they had sales and they had oars and they’re hidden really really scared because of the storm and Jesus is where he’s on the boat but what’s he doing sleeping sleeping and since they wake him up and what’s the first thing says to him Oh guys I understand why you woke me up it’s a storming out here I can understand why you’re so afraid is that what he said no what do you say o ye of little faith guys I’m sniffing you really you think we’re gonna drown you’ve got the creator of the universe on board Colossians all things were made by him and through him and nothing’s been made has been made he holds he’s the glue Jesus his spirits the glue that keeps everything together and he’s on board the boat and you think it’s going to sink what’s wrong that picture how many of you thinks kind of silly oh I’m preaching the wrong message but I’m gonna keep on this let me ask

you this so y’all think that’s silly but yet the Holy Spirit of God the same spirit that raised Jesus up from the dead lives in me and lives in you and you think your boat’s gone drown well but the storm a pastor you don’t understand the circumstance or situation listen if he’s on board if everybody say if that’s the key if if he is on board fear not don’t be faithless and unbelieving just believe and so juniors back to this story implored Jesus earnestly say my little daughter is at the point of death she won’t just not feeling good she and just have a headache she was like dying he’s like come lay your hands on her she may be made well and live and he went with him and a great crowd followed him and thronged about him now in a minute I’m going to show you a few seconds of the video ok and I’m going to want you to see this but first let me talk to you are you going to lay down your own preconceptions and ideas and those things that hinder you from believing and how many of you know we all have our own ideas we all have our own ideas of how God should do our life and what he should do in our life I know as a kid I did you know I had my life all mapped out for me don’t be a Christian a year but I was convinced I knew what God was going to have me to do I was going to be some grand evangelist in this anatomy and God had a totally different plan than I had in my brain but how many of you know his plan is always thought best plane amen are you going to lay down your own preconceptions and your own ideas people have preconceptions and their own ideas about the scripture you talk to 10 people you have 10 different opinions about what the Word of God says well let me tell you something God says what he means he means way says in our opinion isn’t what matters what matters is his opinion what’s God’s opinion on such-and-such what’s his opinion on this circumstance or this situation or this cultural conflict what’s the word of God say did you know that God is not moved by what you and I think or feel amen we serve a big god he is not moved by your opinion of him or somebody else’s opinion of him there’s only one thing that moves God and what’s that everybody say faith lookie neighbors say faith without faith it is what impossible to please God do you implore the father earnestly or you have hazard in your faith you say well PR Bruce jr. is his daughter is at the point of death so of course he’s going to implore Jesus earnestly listen to me when you and I come to the law word the Bible says in the book of James let me give you scripture not my opinion it says that you and I are to pray earnestly for the faithful and earnest prayer of a righteous man avails much goes a long distance with God so when you and I pray we need to pray fervently and earnestly anyway the fervent and effectual effective prayer of a righteous man goes a long way with God fervent and effective so you and I have to learn to be earnest and be fervent in our faith your faith can’t be well you know whatever God wants to do he’s going to do is that what Jay iris was that the faith that he had well you know my daughter Stein God whatever you wanna do you want to do is that what he said or do you say Lord when you lay your hands on her I know she will be made well he was standing on who Jesus was standing on the Word of God amen man I am convinced that Jesus wants to be so much more in each of our lives amen if we would just simply learn to get out of the way and take him at his word do you believe that Jesus in your life can alter any circumstance or you think he’s limited to just some circumstances everybody say any any circumstance in our life the Lord is not limited and he can change them now you may not have any bad circumstances in your life you may be living the dream but let me tell you

one day in this life the scripture says you will have trouble I don’t know any human being of any length of years to their life who have ever gone through this life without going through a rough patch or two or three or four or five or six or seven or eight amen if you’ve never been through a rough patch in your life you need to be standing up here preaching to me because we’ve all been through rough patches amen but Jesus can change any circumstance amen so what do you think the Holy Spirit’s trying to he’s trying to build our faith now look at this will you believe God or will you believe what you see it’s a good question Gus are you going to believe God are you going to believe what you see they always don’t match amen how many of you know it Jesus’s crucifixion for those three days he had told the disciples that he was gone what that he was going to raise up from the dead on the third day but were they sitting there at the tomb waiting for him when he came alive why do you think that was now listen I won’t say if he had been me I would have been a different I mean you’re walking around with the rabbi for three years you see him do all kinds of miracles but the the guy tell she’s coming back to life I mean okay Laura but you know none of them were at the tomb you know I’d like to think we would be different but we won’t have been but if they’d really believed what would they have been doing I would be camped out boy if I believed I me I’d be having my Lowell Jewish Roman pup tent set up out there in the cemetery we’ve been the first camping trip in cemetery ever and even even the Mary’s remember Jesus appeared to them and they came and they told the disciples who were locked in a room for fear of their Jewish brother they were locked I mean they thought they were there next we’re next boys time to prepare they’re coming to get us they locked the door bolted it Mary’s come in guys we saw the Lord he’s alive did they believe him no no still didn’t believe him then finally Jesus just he don’t even unlock the door he just shows up shows up in the room and there he is man I love it when God shows up in spite of our doubt and unbelief amen even when I’m faithless and full of doubt the Lord remains faithful hallelujah amen have you ever found that to be true in your life Wow all right sometimes when we get overwhelmed we forget how big goddess amen listen guys if your problems are the size of Mount Everest then your God is about this time but if you recognize how awesome our Heavenly Father is and that he can do all things by the power of His Holy Spirit then all of a sudden those problems that seem so big seem a whole lot smaller now why because we have a big God amen and God can even use the worst circumstances in our life to still work his plan through us amen I’m I read this one more time sometimes when we get overwhelmed we forget how big God is how big is god to you do you serve a small God or do you serve the God of the Bible do you serve a god your heavenly Father who created heaven and earth and the vastness of the universe down to the microscopic you know sometimes think about the universe just blows you away how big it is but for me it’s the exact opposite think about little tiny particles and that sort of thing just like how everything works is just unbelievable anyway I won’t get into physics the story of not fearing and only believing did I pass the video okay let’s show this for a minute BB hit all the lights please over here Taylor hit this light over here Jeremy yep hang on one sec won’t you watch this for me where it was must be machi he radiated Steve don’t have treasure in heaven where your treasure is there will your

heart be also my name is Joyce I want to be participants in here a little thought it is done I made him lay hands on her so that she may be killed and is okay stop pause it lights please we’re going to come back to that here I’m in the only thing they didn’t do in that low production is it says in Scripture he fell at his feet which was pretty amazing I think you don’t see the whole picture with that so mark 534 through 36 and he jesus said to her daughter your faith has made you well go in peace and be healed of your disease while he was still speaking there came from the rulers house some who said your daughter is dead why trouble the teacher any further so what happens Jarvis threw himself at Jesus feet Jesus is walking on his way to the homogeneous and all of a sudden you’ll remember the story of the woman with the issue of blood she comes up in the crowd as following Jesus they’re just curious what’s going to happen and she reaches out and she grabs it says the hem of His garment she grabbed it seat seat he wore these now why do we wear these Jewish men were commanded to wear these for all generations they’re kind of like our wedding ring to God okay and commands us in numbers chapter 6 if you’re not Jewish you’re not male you don’t have to wear at seat seat some people choose to okay but anyway so Jesus ward seat seats how we know that because scripture command him to and he was a rabbi so he’s weird seat seat and she comes up and she grabs one and when she touched the hem of His garment that CT she was instantly healed from that issue of blood and so they go through this thing and Jesus says to her in verse 34 daughter your faith has made you well and so he’s still speaking but remember he was on his way to his house jerrazis house and there came from the rulers house some who said your daughter is dead why trouble the teacher any further can you imagine how devastating that must have been at that moment to Jay iris here he finally got ahold of the man he felt on the planet who could bring healing and health to his daughter and then he’s devastated with the news your daughter is dead that must have been just devastating can you mad I can’t even picture that his heart and his breath must have just gone out of him you know my pastor who I’m still trying to get come in either september-october this year he came last time but his mother passed away the day before speaking here but he lost a son in a boating accident and as close as you are to the Lord when you lose a child it’s devastating devastating some of you have lost children in here and you know you never you get over it where you can function but you just always have that that heartfelt loss okay so generous I’m saying all that to say he was going through all those emotions and they’re like why troubled Jesus anymore but overhearing what they said I love the Lord he always comes through in the midst of our darkest hour and you know why overhearing what they said jesus said to the ruler of the synagogue you know what guy I think they’re right let’s just head out let’s just grab some lunch and let’s morn no he said do not fear everyone say do not fear turn to your neighbor say only believe do not fear only believe do you think that the word of Jesus has changed any in two thousand years do you think he’s still speaking to the people of God saying do not fear only believe only believe only believe but but only believe but pastor you don’t understand only believe but God you only believe but but but and but the only place and the only thing to do with the bud is get it way and just believe they man did I just say then church when fear knocks at your door send faith to answer amen when fear

comes knocking at your door send faith to answer who is it hey don’t know who you are faith in Christ faith in Messiah faith in my Savior faith in my lord is coming to answer that door amen how is it you think that each of these young boys and teenagers who grew up in two men of God men of faith the apostles of God filled with the power of the Spirit of God were able to bring the good news of Jesus to the then known world at the risk of life and limb unless whenever fear came knocking on their door they sent faith to answer legend has it that when Peter was told he was to be crucified he answered them and said do not crucify me the same direction as our Lord so I’m not worthy and he asked me crucified upside down man what kind of faith is that let’s talk about the story of the invisible everyone say invisible now I said this before the scripture teaches that the things that are invisible are more real than the things that are visible now that just blows us a blows us alliances how can that be because the things at you and I see see this silk plant wish it were real it’s not silk this silk plant in a thousand years it’s going to be but dust am i right if you had a time-lapse camera on this silk plant in the middle of the desert it would just turn to dust long before a thousand years but the angels of god the host of heaven all that that surrounds us that you cannot see is more real than what you can see because they’re going to abide forever and you don’t think there are things you can’t see you can’t see the atoms and molecules that make up your body but they’re there if they weren’t you won’t be in existence can’t see the air that you breathe or the oxygen molecules but if they weren’t there you would suffocate you can’t see the wind but you can feel its effect there’s lots of things we can’t see out there guys and scientists discover more and more things that are invisible that all of a sudden they realize just because you can’t see and didn’t mean they weren’t there amen well God the Bible’s guys the Bible says that all of creation shows us that there is an invisible God amen you know it’s amazing but manches a rabbit for a minute but it’s a good rabbit Josh listen listen if you were walking in the woods have any of you here ever found a Arrowhead before not buying one but found one anybody I used to go out when I was younger in hunt arrowheads just by myself or with a buddy of mine love doing it and we found a place and I found that if you go out by this place that was close to round rock and was this place that had a ditch and had these tree roots and they’re stuck in the tree roots as she began to look would be all these pieces of pottery and arrowheads and everything else and when you see that Arrowhead I don’t have to wonder even though I found it under a tree was this Arrowhead made by nature or by man I can look at that Arrowhead and know instantly was made by a human being because it has design yeah we look at the human body and all of creation and the creatures and you can’t tell it was designed by god I’m a pretty smart fella sometimes and I figured that one out mark 537 443 and he allowed Jesus allowed no one to follow him except Peter and James and John the brother James listen me guys if you’re dealing with the issue of faith don’t surround yourself with faithless people if you’re going through a hard time and you start surrounding yourself with doubters and unbelievers that’s going to infect you like a virus if you ever found that to be true and kind of like job’s friends sometimes those who we love the most and love us most can sometimes pull us down you’re believing God for something they’re like oh you know and saying the exact opposite so Jesus didn’t want anyone to follow him except Peter and James and John the brother of James they came to the house of the ruler of the synagogue Jesus saw a commotion people weeping and wailing loudly which if

you’ve never been to a Jewish funeral we do something called sitting Shiva sitting Shiva for seven days and that’s where you mourn for the loss of a loved one for seven days you fast you pray you sit on floor you wear dark clothes and you basically don’t move for seven days and you get all that grief out of you so you’re not dealing it for rest of your life and so that’s what’s happened in here I mean they’re just weeping well and they’re getting Reyes it Shiva and they’re gone through their thing verse 39 and when he Jesus had entered he said to them why are you making a commotion and weeping the child is not dead but sleeping now how many of you know all kinds of things must have gone through their mind they’re thinking in this Jesus of Nazareth what is he talking about her body’s right inside we know that she’s dead but how many of you know he’s trying to show us a little hope your guys that even when you do die you’re not really dead to be absent from the body is to be what present with the Lord I preach all net all day but won’t the rest of the story now tell me when i get to the video part josh because thats slides hidden i can’t see it and they laughed at him ki imagine people laugh and Jesus they laughed a matter of fact I think this the only place in scripture where it tells us that people actually laughed it’s Lord now before they mocked him they scorned him they scoffed him but I don’t think anywhere else in Scripture I could be wrong but I don’t think so where they ever laughed at him this is the only place so they laughed at him but he put them all outside now how many of you know people still laugh gone but how many of you know God has the last laugh you know all the atheists all diagnostic Saul the unbeliever all those people their own thoughts and pinions now that matters because one day you’re going to stand before the Prince of Peace and one day we’re going to have to give an account and like I always say there are no atheists after they die there’s no such thing so they laughed at him be put them all outside took the child’s father and mother and those were with who were with him who’s with him Peter James and John and he went into where the child was taking her by the hand he said to her Talitha kumai which means little girl I say to you arise and immediately everybody say immediately the girl got up and began walking for she was 12 years of age and they were immediately overcome with what amazing Wow who is this who could speak life to a dead body and he strictly charged them that no one should know this and told them to give her something to eat how many of you think those people probably stop laughing when that little girl came out all of a sudden it once so funny go ahead and show that Josh lights again in closing are you going to lay down your own preconceptions and ideas and those things that hinder you from believing do not employ the father I’m sorry do you employ the father earnestly or you have hazard on your faith you and I need to be determined every day you need to set your heart and mind to believe the Word of God and to believe the Lord Jesus Christ someone same in every day because faith is like a leaky sieve okay it just leaks out of you every day as you deal with the things in this world every day you have to build your faith back up do you believe that Jesus in your life can alter any circumstances in your life and will you believe God are you going to believe what you see