no no need to hide [ __ ] billion an ortho Oh what’s up ladies and gentlemen boys and girls in burst of all ages shapes and sizes and welcome to perception yes the blinding intriguing horror game of legend hmm Oh shaggy Cassie obviously won’t be able to know my characters skills my her ability is her a her awesomeness so yes the game where you play as a blind woman and does seem to be a supernatural entity somewhere near hmm I’m not sure exactly what this games about but I know it’s been around for a little second chefs because I’ve seen thousands of youtubers already play it but then overlapping dialog it all right gosh that’s so messed up you don’t know what to try that’s all mixed up focus what’s this sound a fan a fan good now what’s in front of the way mm-hmm Cathy sounds are how we focus listen tap your cane oh my god that’s loud oh my god oh you are without sight you cannot see that’s something I love and most importantly you learn to trust yourself even if that means hopping on the first flight to Boston to find the mansion from your nightmares I don’t know why I’ve been having these dreams for months now and I certainly don’t know what’s waiting for me but I do know why can’t you put your market-oriented so I’m trusting myself to get to the oh god this is such a cool concept I love this freaking um uh what’s it called um Oh what is it called ah that’s you two dolphins use it I can okay that’s it I love this so much I love this so freakin much the concept of not being able to see but instead being able to use your hearing is the only way to say he’s a man I need to do this I’m at the door you know so when I first heard about this game I was like oh my god bro really a word type game in which you cannot see it all but instead use echolocation oh man this is awesome there’s a little Explorer here you never know what makes my secrets may lie within oh man I’m I’ve been fascinated by like cow echolocation Kim actually believed by humans oh hello [Applause] why green oh he can’t up your cane anywhere throw it tap it on the ground and then tap it on the walls oh that’s so cool oh my god Oh everything are the individualistic like specific distinct sound oh wow oh boy if you don’t hit anything hang on so you just swing it oh that’s so cool wait oh that’s so cool oh wow okay I’m gonna have way too much fun with that alright so obviously this is definitely how explored for next go oh so that’s my objective crushing left trigger allows you to see your jacket like this or see your ketchup no pun intended in this scenario this game is awesome the very concept intrigues me so so I don’t know if it’s like whoop [Applause] Oh uh-oh I’m sorry we just pause the pro no activity type AIDS I know y’all heard that that’s about it okay look inside because this is this is getting creepy already open it says me she’s also blind as a bat so literally someone could be there and

seek your burley you know here yeah yeah it’ll be let me go Cassie oh [ __ ] god I pop this up way too high by your phone’s echolocation don’t know I do like this was like a door like a juicy or something echolocation jo soo I hate how slow you are too can I increase the senses others like the sensitivity of God already close that door you bastard it’s scared to see how do we do oh my god oh my heart’s not ready I’m ready good Jorge gave me a good while deep breaths Cassie you’re here for a reason in my dreams I always see a rope a ticket and Apple and in acts hoto maybe start there stop it stop it game hate fire farmers give us some kind of oh my god why am I afraid if this is too out of my earphones that has to be it if this how like echolocation works in life like I’ve know you lose one sense and you gain an empowered sense of hearing or someone thumb like that but it is how it is Oh dearest Richard happy Anniversary my love what a perfect way to begin our tenth year together jinyu’s new house new baby on the way I know this fresh start is the perfect way to complete our fellow Alesha memory what the hell was that what the [ __ ] come on [ __ ] um hello okay that was weird yeah I picked it up and I weighed it but literally nothing who’s there hello through their game quit playing games in the game it always weird I waited and put it down and I tried to put it down and everything it didn’t it didn’t work hey you ever had a girlfriend who was pregnant on a period and that you know that for damn sure I don’t know what I’m saying I’m just I’m wrong I I use I am in love with this like like what the hell from on top of a box I’m gonna box can I jump Oh what hell they must rubies appear in green okay that’s great to know whoa a different sound for the for the stairs huh could you first just be any louder sweet cheese like yeah damn game safe that means them what was that the [ __ ] was that use six sticks for next goal that is awesome I know they don’t really have a sixth sense but that’s let’s do the cool ass concept though hello door it’s a bull hey girl bad what’s it I wasn’t prepared for this wait a minute wait a minute man hey girl weak oh yes missiles that is not on my to-do list the bread might be some kind of supernatural demon entity out this hole

because it’s bad enough when don’t start hello it’s better enough when girls try to kill you when you you have all your senses oh you must be out of your freakin mind are you are you are you literally eating oh no my baby let’s wait a minute this is this ain’t listening right imma eat my breakfast I can’t do nothing y’all now can see that using box belongs to see Joseph’s not to Cassie Thornton I’m in the past oh it’s a new house oh I’m scared to go that’s the lady oh let her have it come on me fine I’ll leave it for the next girl that’s messed up man that’s my stuff Candida the little girl have a nice little ah I wish I’d left that one buried in the backyard oh great now she’s all discombobulated back oh she’s all discombobulated and frickin God dirt is rope this is the road the same damn work for my dreams what the hell does it mean lady no none it’s a high pulse it bit me in the nose Oh what the hell ah in a minute wait a minute wait a minute wait wait just wait a daggone minute here okay so when I first stopped saw this game I knew I thought it like a psychological horror game you know you’re blind did and you use echolocation to see I didn’t know we got supernatural demons up in this [ __ ] wait a minute hey my damn horn shoes listen bull a few moments later demon ghosts with a blind babe you must be in and out of your mind I thought I was a person that’s just the wind okay and this is some bull AIDS and then the camera automatically swings you in certain directions – so our man six sets we’re in the kitchen can we can I make a sandwich can I have a nice tasty delicious maybe a delicious bowl of nope all right we’re already in it what can I can I close the door an arrow from a closed door because f that see if I can close sing examine I’m sure this tree and my dreams and I just forgot what the hell who’s here let’s don’t say a word do you not understand that if you can’t see what’s there you don’t need to speak the hell hey you want to kill a blind chick with you hello that’s a bad move because unless this thing is blind – oh what the hell huh so I had a freaking hang over what the [ __ ] is that but this is some scary ass oh man yo bro Oh God

so in heaven oh so I’m having a moment here you are good my brother oh yeah so was having a moment dose cuckoos oh oh god damn someone’s just up that came from that direction which means oh my god y’all calm down bro I knew you had a little too much to drink can’t hold your liquor but Jesus Christ damn Felicia Baca Lisa honey can you grab the pills you prescribed me for morning sickness morning sickness okay I left my purse in the car man listen [ __ ] yeah sure Oh grab him Jesus I’m sorry is this a dream or not cuz like six-six [Applause] see this this right here and I’m hearing voices like imagine if this was like a reality type thing in which people who lost their sight can actually hear ghosts like that’d be the creepiest [ __ ] on earth I would feel so I feel so sorry for them or they ever had to do that okay look at the hell out of you good idea whoa all right just uh walking in the wind they’re walking a the way devil walking in the wind with no demons you’re gonna walk in min booing it’s walking in the wind oh yeah you tell me to run us now did you think of that me sometime we gonna chase me down you’re in my face then kill me good and they’re gonna pull me in the ground what the hell is that why is that a thing right there what Oh Datak whoa is there coke that’s a Hawker crow some kind of bird picture hey there little bird guy how you doing this fine day love a lot of bird guys don’t you dare get in my way mr. Bourg I don’t kill good and did mr bird guy please don’t crap in my head [ __ ] I’m not ready all right stays here okay camera Delfy ah patient briar felicia Riefler 20 milligrams fluke sodium tab instructions take twice daily with water dr. Richard Breyer Oh doctor prescribes to his own wife huh well okay fine these voices don’t make things any better only ten times worse my god I I was not prepared I’ll be out in a bit um justjust leave it on the bar honey thank you all right [Applause] yeah Jesus this is insanity play I say the hell you alright god damn it what am i stepping on you little bottle bastards okay so why does this have a why does this pure blue over here some kind of sound is trying to come to the window here I think it’s because uh you can open the window as a song but good i I just Jesus ballsack man this is let’s see if I complete the first episode or the first chapter at the very least so uh so these episodes going to be a little longer because there’s more of a episodic series they pure episodic kind

like The Walking Dead’s so uh no need to hide yeah uh-huh cuz yeah that right there proves that there’s going to be a whole bunch of look in the next ten seconds imagine five not even a bomb she’s so perfect it’s almost like she’s hard to look at marvelous okay [Applause] the house is listening [ __ ] what does that mean who is master of the world representing him at all it’s terrifying mandibles I did it man I think it did a bad boy to bear hard what is this house if this house is listening [ __ ] right there like that go off what’s going on this is creepy this oh just tap back all right you know what yeah I’m a card I’m gonna call this episode right here we’re gonna just gonna gonna hide in a little safety box here yes there we go yeah they don’t I don’t that’ll do it um Wow okay that’s the thing yeah I’m gonna call this episode right here guys holy shizzle this is what’s known as super saiyan ten aids because not only can I not see the entity but it seems you’ve got paranormal entities that I cannot interact with without basically killing myself this is aids nope nope nope nope nope nope but also much yes but guys if you learnt the video make sure you smash that like button ah god cheese much useless I like button increase the power of the beast one army across the entire universe Jesus Christ this game caught me just out of left field until next time ladies and gentlemen boys and girls and bassist of all ages shapes and sizes love peace you put ball this mode for the epic win of all the winds i’ma go before I get current on my activity nope you