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Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the 23rd annual Yuan Wu Dao DoJo’s semi competition in Rui Yang One of the competitors is the defending champion from Xian Wu Fang Ting Yi. The other is from Song Bai, Qi Bai Cao Why is that strawberry hair tie on your head? This? This was given to me by Senior Chu Yuan That’s mine. It’s mine! Get ready Senior Ting Yi looks angry Bai Cao! Get up! You can do it! You can do it, Bai Cao! You can do it, Bai Cao! Kick her, kick her! You can do it, Bai Cao! She can see through my attack stance These predictive attack stances that I’ve barely mastered To Ting Yi, it’s just a piece of cake This is the difference between a genius and a nobody Stamina is Bai Cao’s advantage over Ting Yi Ting Yi is like a flower that blooms within a greenhouse, but Bai Cao is the persistent grass which has survived wind and rain From now on, I will fight you very very seriously One Two, three I can still stand. I still have strength I haven’t given my all Stop fighting, stop fighting! Bai Cao! Can you continue? Come on, let’s see just how much stamina you have One month ago

This is An Yang, my hometown Although it’s hard to find on the map, it is where Yuan Wu Dao originated from Bai Cao! Bai Cao! Wait for me! Bai Cao, hurry and come with me to the noodle shop The Yuan Wu Dao competition is about to begin The one competing today is our idol, Fang Ting Hao He might become the champion Hurry! If we’re late, there won’t be any seats left I’m not going, you can go I still need to go to work Master’s health has been getting worse. I need to work to earn more for the medicine fees Your Master again He’s not even your biological dad and he has his own daughter Okay now, go take a spot first. I’ve got to go or I’ll be late Hey! Are you really leaving just like that? Bai Cao! Go slowly The Yuan Wu Dao National Youth Competition is being held in Seoul, Korea Right now, the competing parties are China’s competitor, Fang Ting Hao, and Korea’s Min Sheng Hao Thanks, Bai Cao! I’m fine Look at you, you only know how to slack off and watch TV You’re so grown up, yet you’re not even as strong as a girl You’re always lazing around It’s alright Yu Wu Dao competitions are important to all of An Yang, everyone cares about it Seoul, Korea Blue. Red. Ready, bow! Ready! Action! Go! Go! Go! Go, Fang Ting Hao! Yin Xing Le Tian Cinema Fang Ting Hao! Fang Ting Hao! Fang Ting Hao!

China! Win For Sure! One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Six! Seven! Eight! Nine! Ten! Red wins! Yeah! The two year Korean champion, Min Sheng Hao, has been defeated in the final round via K.O. by the competitor from An Yang, China, Fang Ting Hao Although it is where Yuan Wu Dao originated from, competitors from An Yang haven’t been able to step on to the champion’s podium for ten years Today, they’re finally elated Mr. Fang Ting Hao, you’re finally the worldwide champion representing An Yang What is your thought right now? Well I don’t have much on my mind now Everything is under my control What is your next competition championship? Championship It’s actually not important what championship I get Right now, I only want to defeat one person Today’s competition result doesn’t count because I suspect that, in this last final competition, Fang Ting Hao has been doping As a person of An Yang, you must have been doping again, just like you did in the past No, where did this little lying brat come from? Ming Zhu! Don’t be nonsensical! Father, have you forgotten? Qu Xiang Nan, from An Yang, was caught doping back then and not only stole the Championship title, but also injured your ligament So she is the daughter of the President of the Yuan Wu Dao Union Jin Yi Shan, Jin Min Zhu? This has nothing to do with 10 years ago. Come down Of course there is a relation I refuse to believe after failing to produce a Champion for so many years, all of a sudden this Fang Ting Hao from An Yang, instantly defeated Senior Min Sheng Hao So, I request that he gets tested for doping, in order to prevent an ugly scandal like 10 years ago We want a fair competition ground and we cannot let sly rule-breakers fish in troubled waters Your contestant wasn’t victorious, so I can understand you’re upset

However, insinuating a repeat of what happened 10 years ago like this, shows no respect for a contestant’s personal dignity Is this your answer to the spirit of Yuan Wu Dao Martial Arts? If so, I’d rather not take this type of Champion title Don’t need it. Don’t want it So what if you’re Jin Yi Shan’s daughter? Right! Good for Ting Hao oppa, who would want this stupid award Right! Bringing up Qu Xiang Nan again and again We haven’t had a champion in 10 years We finally get one, and they bring up this old news again Is there no end? I hate that Qu Xiang Nan He brought shame to the entirety of An Yang He’s not my father You’re still lying? You clearly are Qu Xiang Nan’s daughter Your loser of a father, Qu Xiang Nan, caused Ting Hao to lose his champion title You two are the humiliation of An Yang Get away from us, as far away as possible! Don’t let me see you again! Stop, what are you doing? Senior Xiu Da, she is Qu Xiang Nan’s daughter Qu Guang Ya is from Quan Sheng Martial Arts Hall Her father is the reason that the whole of An Yang was humiliated in front of the world today Stop it Ying Ying, you’re wrong No matter whether we were humiliated today, they are forever the sinners of An Yang I really don’t get it How could a Martial Arts Hall still take you in? What do you know?! What right do you have to accuse people? Who the heck are you? What right do you have to step in here? I am Qi Bai Cao from Quan Sheng Martial Arts Hall Apologize, please You and you, people from Quan Sheng, are all scums and losers! What right do you have to stand in front of me? Move! Apologize, please! Let go of me! He said let go, did you hear him? I said, apologize, please! – Let me go! – Sorry! It’s all my fault I’m the daughter of a loser I’m sorry to everyone Guang Ya! – Senior Xiu Da – Are you okay? Are you okay? Guang Ya! – Qi Bai Cao! I’ll remember you! – Are you okay? Be careful Guang Ya Guang Ya, wait for me! I’ve already said, I’m not Qu Xiang Nan’s daughter Why are you still calling me? Guang Ya, this is pocket money Master wants to give to you, he says– I’ve long cut off all ties with him! Why are you always following me? You want to be his student or his daughter, fine! It all has nothing to do with me! Qi Bai Cao, don’t let me see you again! Who wants this type of Championship title anyways? I don’t need it Come back, do you hear me? – Listen to your mother! What’s wrong with you? – Go, go, let’s hurry back – We’re better off buying books for you – Let me learn it! – Let me learn! – Hurry and come home with us Let me learn! Hurry and come home with us We’re better off buying books for you Let me learn it! He’s Qu Xiang Nan. Let’s hit him! Hit him! Son, what are you doing? Okay, it’s enough Stop, stop it now – Enough, enough – What are you doing?! He’s Qu Xiang Nan, because of him, Fang Ting Hao couldn’t take the championship. Hit him! Stop, right now! – Hit him! – Okay, stop throwing Stop throwing Stop, stop now! Come on, quickly – Stop, stop now! – Come on, quickly – Enough, enough – Let’s go back Let’s go back Master, are you alright? I’m okay

Master, don’t listen to what they’re saying What happened with Fang Ting Hao has nothing to do with you Master, let me do it Go in and rest Be careful, don’t cut yourself on the glass Should I stew it or fry it? How about both? Alright fishie, stop messing around You’re helping Master’s health, I’ll definitely remember your sacrifices How is it, Master? The colors of the dishes are well coordinated What is this? That’s bitter gourd That’s harsh on the bitter gourd Bai Cao, today you made fish soup Why did you also make tomato egg soup? That’s fried tomato and egg Fried? Let Teacher give it a try Is it yummy? Delicious. You try it – Is it good? – Yeah, really good Good. Since it’s yummy, you eat more Bai Cao, listen to Master. I’m getting old, I can’t eat too much salt. You’re young, you eat it all I don’t want to. Master, you have some more You used up our salt supply, didn’t you? – My bad – Okay, okay Quan Sheng Martial Arts Hall One, two, three, four. Two, two, three, four. Turn Three, two, three, four. Four, two, three, four Little Grass, today Master ate half a bowl of rice more than usual My fish soup must’ve been delicious, right? Little Grass, we need to eat more too. Make ourselves strong We can’t be like other girls, thinking of dieting all day Only then can we be like Master, and become a true Yuan Wu Dao expert Quan Sheng Martial Arts Hall Master, another five of our new Juniors got taken home because of Qu Xiang Nan Soon it’ll be the Martial Arts Hall Challenge Matches, but we’ll barely even have a cheerleading team by then I saw those kids, their talents were average. Let them be Master. Can you please just kick Qu Xiang Nan out? He’s just the door watchman, but he’s an embarrassment to all of us That’s right, at school our status is lower than other classmates from other Halls We’re looked down upon everywhere, just because of him! Let me tell you, don’t find excuses using other people If you worked harder and had the talent, when people mention Quan Sheng, they’d think of you, you, and you. Would they even mention him? Master, please! All these years you’ve been kind enough to him. We’ve all seen it Be quiet Qu Xiang Nan is my Senior. How could I do something so disrespectful to him?

Right, Master is honest and kind He’s just an extra person to feed. More like extra two people – There’s also his precious student, Qi Bai Cao – Not two, three! There’s also his daughter You’re new here, you don’t know. Qu Guang Ya has already disowned her father Now, Hall Master is her guardian Senior, if we leave our uniforms here, will someone really wash them? Leave them here. The loser’s student will take care of it You mean Qi Bai Cao? Why doesn’t she train with us? Do you think she has the right to? She just wanders around the Hall mooching off everything. She’s just the cleaner around here Isn’t that right, Guang Ya? Let’s go first Guang Ya Guang Ya. These days Master’s leg has been acting up again If you have some spare time, come visit him Does this have anything to do with me? You’ve blamed him for so many years, but no matter what, he is your only family I don’t need your preaching Back then, if it wasn’t because he wanted to cheat to make himself champion, my mom would never have died. I will never forgive him in this lifetime Qi Bai Cao, you shouldn’t follow him around either Because of him, you’ll never become a true Yuan Wu Dao disciple Do you think he’s worth it? Guang Ya, just like you, I also really want to become a true Yuan Wu Dao disciple But these things, when compared to Master, they’re not important at all World Juniors Yuanwudao Championships After in-depth investigation by the Union the results show that the results show that contestant Fang Ting Hao did not touch steroids at all. On behalf of the Union and organizers, Master Jin Yi Shan will present a public apology to him A blazing light shines on my shoulder A boiling heart fills my chest Sincere apologies You’ve all worked hard. Your achievements are truly deserved Thank you Make sure you’re all alert later on You’re representing Quan Sheng Martial Arts Hall, understood? Understood – Understood?! – Understood!! Today should be the opening ceremony of the Martial Arts Hall Challenge Matches Quickly, quickly What’s inside here, it’s so heavy Be careful! My secret weapon is inside I’ll need it later to gain attention Hall Master, we only have this many members, I heard that Xian Wu and Song Bai have a least 100 members We can barely compete Shouldn’t we get some more people to look better Enough – Bai Cao, come – Hall Master I’ll give you a chance to participate with us, gain some experience Then, can I wear the Hall uniform? – Do you have the right to wear the uniform? – Yeah Alright, shut your mouths Bai Cao, you normally have a lot of strength, carry these two and follow us Let’s head out They’re yours now 23rd An Yang Yuan Wu Dao Challenge Match Opening Ceremony Yuan Wu Dao Bai Cao, what are you doing? Bai Cao, come. Put those down and you can go wander around by yourself

Thank you, Hall Master – You guys, grab the stuff and follow me – Yes Hey, Bai Cao! How come you’re here? Xiao Ying! Hall Master Zheng brought me here I didn’t know the Opening Ceremony would be this big Of course! Yu Wu Dao is the soul of An Yang, the Martial Arts Hall Challenge Match is the highest level of competition in An Yang Each year’s ceremony is the best opportunity for each Hall to recruit new members Of course, it’s big This is the first time you’ve come with your Hall, right? Which means, this year you might be able to enter the Challenge Match too? That’s so great, Bai Cao! No, no. Hall Master just brought me along to gain experience I’m not even allowed to wear the uniform I don’t care. As long as you’ve finally stepped out from your Master’s office Oh look! My idol, Senior Ruo Bai! Wow, did you see that spinning back kick? His leg strike is so killer Senior Ruo Bai, can you not be so cool? You’re so cool I want to pounce on you – Little kid, are you okay? – I’m okay Baby, are you alright? Thank you – Senior, you’re so awesome! – So awesome! Why is it broken! Why is it broken? It’s all because of Bai Cao. She didn’t carry them properly Glue them together. Quick, glue them! Master, they’ve been stuck together Later, I’ll use them to get attention What are you doing? Quick, clean it up Bai Cao, come Quick, quick Bai Cao, do you know why I brought you out here today? To let me gain experience You’ve been at Quan Sheng for so many years, but you don’t even mention the Martial Arts Hall Challenge Match You haven’t even been in any matches within the Hall Don’t you want to stand on that award pedestal, win glory for you and your Master? Win glory for you and your Master? I do The Challenge Match application form Fill this form out later For this ‘Master’ section, write my name You’ll then be my student. You’ll no longer be that failure Qu Xiang Nan’s student My Master isn’t a failure What Master? If you stick with him, you’ll never be able to participate in any competitions As long as you become my student, I can let you enter competitions openly and justly

How about it? Thank you, Hall Master But, Master raised me. I can’t just abandon him for one chance of entering a competition We should use our strengths to overcome obstacles, not cheat and create illusions for self-satisfaction What are you trying to say? When you’re on stage later, don’t use faked, glued-together boards to perform acts I believe, that’s what’s truly embarrassing for Quan Sheng Qi Bai Cao! You dare to lecture the Hall Master? I’m not. I’m just pleading to the Hall Master not to cheat What did you even see? – How can you accuse us like this? – I saw you sticking boards with glue Absolute nonsense! Enough, lower your voice Qi Bai Cao, let me tell you. This is just a performance I’ll never be like your Master and use steroids in an actual competition You better watch your mouth Let’s leave Wow, their Hall Master Zheng is pretty good. He’s gone all Super Saiyan Hall Master Zheng is really impressive. Such powerful leg strike, like you haven’t aged at all – Don’t you all agree? – Yes! The spirit of our Quan Sheng Martial Arts Hall is to spare no effort, give it your all, and guarantee success Thank you for your support Wait a moment Unsurprisingly for Quan Sheng Martial Arts Hall, after producing a Yuan Wu Dao failure like Qu Xiang Nan and embarrassing all of An Yang Today, Zheng Yuan Hai, as the leader and Master of Quan Sheng Martial Arts Hall, uses fake boards to fool everyone in broad daylight – Using deceit for fame! – Fake boards? That board which looked very thick just then is actually glued together Even a beginner Yuan Wu Dao martial artist can break that board with one kick Nonsense! I have evidence to prove Hall Master Zheng deliberately set this up to deceive everyone Don’t use fake, glued-together boards to cheat everyone I think that’s what’s truly embarrassing for Quan Sheng Wait! The girl in this video isn’t even from Quan Sheng Hall You, it’s you. You tell everyone, it’s not true. Hurry and speak up! – Speak! – Tell everyone! Speak! – Speak! – Speak! Speak! Everyone, look! There is glue everywhere on these boards. It’s seems everyone in Quan Sheng is of bad character This type of Martial Arts Hall cannot qualify to enter the Martial Arts Hall Challenge Match Quan Sheng should no longer be allowed to take in disciples It is An Yang’s shame to have such a Hall exist Starting with Qu Xiang Nan, Quan Sheng has always been a deceitful Hall – Does everyone agree? – Yes! Quan Sheng cheating! Quan Sheng cheating! You are just like your Master! You’re both the bane of Quan Sheng. Do you wish for Quan Sheng to collapse completely? Fine, leave. Leave Quan Sheng Hall today! Why? What did I do wrong? You said my boards had been glued together and then that reporter recorded it I asked you to prove to everyone it wasn’t true, and yet you didn’t utter a word! You’ve completely embarrassed Quan Sheng Martial Arts Hall. Now, you tell me what you did wrong?

All the people of An Yang are laughing at us If the Union really decides to step in, and refuses our entry to the Challenge Match, you tell me, what you did wrong! Huh?! I didn’t tell him, I didn’t. That reporter recorded it himself And, even if he hadn’t found out, using fake boards was wrong The spirit of Yuan Wu Dao is to have integrity and distinguish right and wrong– Enough! You think I want to deceive people? What do you think I do these things for? Of course, it’s for Quan Sheng Martial Arts Hall! Let me tell you, Quan Sheng Martial Arts Hall was once prosperous! But all because of your Master using steroids in a competition and becoming a failure in Yuan Wu Dao, Quan Sheng Hall was ridiculed until we could barely lift our heads. All the disciples left! And, I had to clean up this mess Every year we’re the bottom, every year we lose We’re laughed at, looked down upon, you think I enjoy this? I also want to be righteous and diligent, but God won’t give me the chance to Quan Sheng Martial Arts Hall is barely surviving Qi Bai Cao listen up, I won’t kick your Master out But, you must go Leave, now! No, I won’t leave. I won’t go anywhere I haven’t done anything wrong I know Quan Sheng Martial Arts Hall is currently in a crisis, but no matter the reason, cheating people is just wrong It doesn’t matter how big the problem is, as long as we grit our teeth and persevere, we will definitely overcome it Hall Master, I can take up more part time jobs and earn money for Quan Sheng Hall. I can go plead with the reporters and ask them to forgive us, so we can continue participating in competitions Bai Cao Master Master Leave Don’t stay in Quan Sheng Master, what did you say? Leave! Go far away I no longer want to see you. It’s enough that I’ve raised you for 10 years Master If you too believe that what I did was wrong, you can punish me however you want but please, don’t disown me This is my home. It’s our home Do you still not understand? If you keep taking care of me, it’ll only drag you down in life Just leave Don’t stay by my side I’m going to be staying here No, I want to stay by your side You’re my only relative You won’t abandon me You won’t leave me all alone. Right? You’re not my biological daughter. Why would I care? Leave, immediately Make her leave – Get out! – Leave – You’re no longer part of Quan Sheng. Get lost! – Quan Sheng doesn’t welcome traitors like you! Get as far away from here as possible Leave Let me in! Master! Let me in! Let me in. Let me in Master

Guang Ya Clothes, books, and even your coin bank I have helped you pack everything that belongs to you Don’t come back No matter how pitiful you act, Hall Master won’t change his mind Go find shelter elsewhere I didn’t do anything wrong. Why am I being blamed? Shut up! You hurt the Hall Master He lost his face, we can’t even go somewhere without someone laughing at us And you’re still trying to say that you have done nothing wrong? Did he do something wrong? The one who raised you, fed you, and paid for your education? Consider again, if you really did nothing wrong Actually, I am just like you I also really what to be a real Taekwondo student But, all these compared to the Master, are not at all important Each year it turns from gold to green Bushfires cannot wipe it clean In the spring breeze it grows back again In the future you will live with us, this is your new home Bai Cao. Bai Cao What happened to you? First, stand up. Stand up They are so cruel Has no one spoken for you? Nevertheless, you have been there for 10 years They are really without moral and mercy It’s nothing Just look at you, you’re already sick and still say there is nothing Go, come with me They don’t want you, we want you Let’s go I don’t want to go. I am my Master’s student. I am a disciple of Quan Sheng Martial Hall Why are you still saying this? Who confirmed it? They have already thrown you out And now? Do you want to sleep outside? Let’s go You can’t let me go, don’t waste your energy I won’t go with you Qi Bai Cao. Do you want to annoy me? Ok, you won’t go, right? I will stay with you Xia Ying, don’t mess around If you go on like that, your parents will worry about you Go home quickly, it is not worth it What are you saying? Worthy or not? Have you seen me as your friend? But, I have always seen you as my best friend You have always helped me Xiao Ying, I have also always seen you as my best friend

Then, why are you still kneeling here and not coming with me? Do you like seeing your friend kneeling in the rain? I don’t care Today, no matter where you are, I am with you Fine, I will go home with you I will go home with you Really? Quickly, stand up Go, Bai Cao Go as far as possible away from me That way, you can make your way and be a Taekwondo student Go. Go far away Food is ready You are certainly hungry Food is coming So delicious! Enjoy your meal Bai Cao, you should try this I tell you, this is my best dish I only cook it once a year. Do you know why? Because you are lazy Insolence! Here, try this Please, eat Thank you Aunty, Uncle, and Xiao Ying Bai Cao, don’t be so formal From now on, this is your new home Right, tomorrow I will go shopping with her I will make sure to dress you up well Mom, if you say that, I will be sad You’re nicer to her than to me. Are you really my mother? Of course not, I have acquired you Let’s eat Don’t eat it, give it her, you are already fat I am just giving it to her That is much better, and this is mine Quick! Welcome to Xiao Ying and Bai Cao’s home Isn’t it cute? Do you like it? Quick! This is your bed I chose this bed especially for you, and this, the books and the table and little plants are especially for you And look, here is our picture And this the bookshelf, it was very chaotic but for you, I tidied up If you want, you can rearrange it And this here, this is our wardrobe Later, I will put all your clothes in In the future, you can wear my and I can wear yours We can wear it together And this, this here, quick This is the best, my special beauty weapon In the future, we can were it every night together Right, the most important question I have brought new cups, which color do you want? Pink or blue? I’ll give you the blue one, ok? They are a couple Thank you Bai Cao, I am so happy that you can come I tell you, I have always dreamed of a sister, who I can play with go with her to cool places and do everything I planned everything. On Friday after school, I will go shopping with you. On Saturday, we can go to the movies After the movie, I will bring you to eat some snacks On Sunday, I go with you to the new cafe next door and we can drink milk tea Don’t you have to practice on weekends? Ah this, I train somehow I already told you that I am not good at it and don’t have any talent for it If it’s not because of my dream boy, I won’t even train