Fan About Town starring FunnyMaine: Episode 6 (Tuscaloosa, AL) – LSU vs Alabama

(gentle music) I’m comedian Jermaine “FunnyMaine” Johnson, and if you know anything about me, you know I love college football But it’s not just what happens on the field that makes the game so exciting It’s the lifestyle of the fan that has us all looking forward to the most wonderful time of the year You normally see me on the couch reacting to my favorite team’s games But I wanted to something a little different this season, so I can experience the food, fun, and fandom around the game, up close with the fans Just to experience the must-see sights and sounds of college football and find the best places in town to eat, kick back, and of course watch some football This is Fan About Town, the show for the college football junkie, like me, who can’t get enough of that college football lifestyle I saw you, good juju We love good juju around here It’s another week of college football, but this is not just any ordinary week, okay (crowd cheering) This is Bama versus LSU The playoff rankings going off are big The crowd is big, they’re ready The game is gonna be exciting, and I’m happy to be home at The Capstone This is Fan About Town (crowd cheering) (pleasant music) (percussive music) Go Tigers! No it’s roll Tide– Go Tigers! For FunnyMaine, it’s roll Tide! Go Tigers! Roll Tide, roll FunnyMaine! Elvis says go Tigers! No Thank you, thank you (percussive music) Out here at a tailgate, finding some beautiful Alabama fans Millia here, how you doing? Good, how are you? I’m good, where you from originally? I am from Birmingham, Alabama Birmingham, what part? You know I’m from B-Ham I’m actually from Oak Grove, Alabama Oh, yeah there you go You a little out the way, that’s fine though Did you graduate from there and you here now? Yes sir, I did graduate from here in 2015 All right, so you fresh Yes, sir You still old Sallie Mae, good, good, good Now before you got here, and you got your degree, were you a Bama fan before? Oh most definitely I’ve been a fan since the Shula years Oh, oh the Mike years I just wanna hug you Those were some rough years right there Yes sir, yes sir How are you feeling about the team this year? How far do you think they can take it? I think we can take it all the way I always have faith in Alabama You can never count us out Yeah, so what about this LSU team that’s coming in tonight? You know, they got a Heisman candidate, they got a wide open offense We talked to a lot of their fans on the previous show We only gotta worry about one team this year, you know? Just one? That’s what I’m feeling So that’s y’all Superbowl? No, no no no I’m just, that’s the only team that can score with us Okay And I’m liking that confidence, but how are you feeling about the game? I’m nervous, but I still feel good When I woke up this morning, I was like I feel good about Alabama today I feel like it’s a good day to be an Alabama fan Yeah, spoken like a true Alabama fan RTR! Roll Tide! Roll Tide, roll Tide! Roll Tide, woo! When you’re tailgatin’ in Tuscaloosa, there’s nothing like finding a homegrown, hometown boy from Tuscaloosa who’s also a Bama fan Dustin, how you feelin’ man? I’m feeling good, man, roll Tide Roll Tide, roll Tide Did you attend the university? I did, I did Yeah, what’d you major in? I majored in education Oh, so he’s a smart guy He out here teaching the kids Yeah, absolutely Yeah, are you still living in Tuscaloosa? I still live in Tuscaloosa, yeah I live here in Tuscaloosa Go to all the Alabama games Yeah, so growing up here in Tuscaloosa, going to school in Tuscaloosa, teaching in Tuscaloosa, working in Tuscaloosa, you’re just full of Tuscaloosa air What is your favorite tradition on a Saturday here? It’s gotta be coming out here and tailgating at these games Tailgating These games are absolutely amazing The environment here, there’s nowhere like it I love it here There’s nowhere else I’d rather be on a Saturday Yeah, have you had a chance to get out of Tuscaloosa and maybe tailgate at another campus? Oh absolutely, we’re like groupies man We go everywhere We went to California, New Orleans– Oh wow Phoenix, yeah we’ve been everywhere California? California, yeah last year That was tough, but Oh so you went to the championship game Absolutely So it was your fault Absolutely, it might be Yeah So what are your expectations for the team just moving forward? How far do you think they can take it this year? I think they can definitely go all the way I mean, look at the team they’ve had in the last 10 years It’s gonna come down to linebackers We’ve had a couple of key injuries on the inside The defense is not as bad as people think We’ve got a great secondary The pass rush is coming around, but some of those guys on the inside Can they step up, can they play run support? Can they cover the middle of the field, and if they can, if they can get better

as they’ve been doing throughout the year, I think we’ll be all right It doesn’t hurt to have the best quarterback arguably in college football history, and the best receiving core probably in college football history, so we’ve got some things to put together You broke that down like a real analyst right there If Tua’s gonna play, we’re set Okay (crowd cheering) (percussive music) Woo! Roll Tide! Still out here tailgatin’, good to be home Yeah, we’re right under– Go Tigers! You can actually hear ’em My man Joey is here, representing LSU How you feelin’ man? Go Tigers That’s how he’s feelin’ right there Straight outta Biloxi, Mississippi right? Yes sir, yes sir Did you make the drive up today? We stayed in Meridian last night, and drove up to Tuscaloosa this morning Okay, that’s a nice little peaceful drive there up the 20, 59 There’s nothing in Alabama other than trees You didn’t have to do that You didn’t have to do that Yeah man, so how y’all feeling about this season? Is this the game that’s gonna determine whether y’all get into the playoffs or how y’all feeling? How can you not be confident with Joey B. at the helm You know, Burrow is just slinging the rock Ja’Marr Chase, Terrace Marshall Roll Tide! Yeah, we’re confident We’re as confident as we’ve been in a decade Yeah, but what about the defense, ’cause it doesn’t seem to be the LSU defense of old That’s just what you think, man Tyler Shelvin up in the middle and the front, you got Derek Stingley on one side, best cornerback in the country as a freshman, and you got Grant Delpit, All-American Yeah We fine Okay, and how is LSU Nation, how are y’all feelin’ about this head coach of y’all’s, Ed Orgeron? He’s been a lot of different schools, but he said when he got the job that he was home, and it looks like he’s found a home You know there might have been some Coach O haters at the beginning, but all of Louisiana was behind him from the beginning He’s a hometown boy And I think even the haters now have to recognize that what Coach O is doing is not only has he led the team from his standpoint, but he’s brought in the best minds in football You look at Joe Randle, and now everybody’s talking Joe Brady, he’s being talked about as head coaches for other programs Absolutely So Coach O’s done a phenomenal job, and we wouldn’t rather have anybody else at the helm Y’all can keep Saban, we got Coach O Oh we gonna keep him We’re not giving him away, that’s not gonna happen (percussive music) Roll! Tide, go! You can’t come to Tuscaloosa on a game day Saturday without stopping by the Waysider, one of the most historic restaurants here, here’s my man Luke Luke, what’s your title here, what do you do? Well, my mother owns the restaurant so I’m just a waiter really Yeah, so you’re forced to work or Mom will say something I’m forced to work Has this always been– I have no choice Has it always been a family establishment? My parents bought it in ’89 So, last 30 years Yeah Yeah What was the first year that the Waysider was here, because all my years in Tuscaloosa, I always rolled by You see that red sign, you can’t miss it, and it’s always packed 1951 ’51? It’s the oldest continuously operating restaurant in Tuscaloosa Yeah Yeah So on a usual weekday, we know what a game day is like It looks like this, it’s packed wall to wall On a usual weekday, is it the same vibe? No, not near as busy as this We have some busy spurts, but we stay pretty busy We serve lunch also during the week, so just breakfast only on the weekends, but it’s pretty busy most of the time A lot of students It’s a big difference when the university’s in session Right So So ’89, that would put y’all right at the 30 year mark if my math is correct That’s right At the time when we’re filming this In all of your time working here, who’s the most famous person you’ve seen come in? I’ve seen? Yeah I don’t know, you? (both laugh) I knew that was coming I knew that was coming Well we get a lot of coaches We haven’t had Saban in, but we’ve had you know, most all the other coaches Bear Bryant was a regular You know, as far as the ones I’ve seen I would say Kirby came in a lot Kirby Smart came in a lot Did you grow up here in Tuscaloosa? Yeah, I did We grew up, I went to Central High School right down the road Started washing dishes when I was 14 here Yeah So, been here the whole time Yeah man! So and you’re roll Tide, like through and through? Oh through and through, through and through Yeah I didn’t go to the university, but I guess I’m subway along that Is that what they call it? Right, right, right Off the top of your head, favorite Alabama memory? What’s the first thing that comes to mind? Oh I don’t know, that’s a tough one That’s a lot Well you got so many memories on the wall up in here I guess probably second and 26 Second and 26? That’s a recent one, man, Tua? Yeah, that’s it Tua to DeVonta? Yeah I still don’t believe that play happened I know, that’s probably the best one I’ve seen Yeah Yeah So what are your expectations for today?

Oh, I think we’re gonna win the game I really do What do you see an advantage for Alabama, because they seem to be too– I think our defense is better than ever, the players I think if we can just make three stops Just three, total Well, you know what I mean If we can stop the score on those three Right, right right right Yeah, so that’s what I think Yeah, I feel a way You know, I have to stay neutral on the camera Oh do ya, okay Yeah, but I’m feelin’ a way The Waysider, what does that mean? I think it’s just a, I always assumed it means like– Is it like a traveling thing? Yeah, yeah, like on the side of the way you know? On the side of the way you’re going, so it’s the Waysider Oh okay, okay Well, my daddy used to call me a backslider Maybe that’s the same thing, I don’t know (percussive music) (crowd cheering) Go Tigers! Go Tigers Roll Tide! Roll Tide! Roll Tide! Roll Tide! Still out here tailgating at the University of Alabama, getting ready for the big game Ran into my man Thad Yes sir Representing his fraternity Yes sir The same fraternity of Martin Luther King Junior Yes it is Who are some other famous Alphas out there? Martin Luther King Keenen Ivory Wayans Keenen Ivory Wayans Thurgood Marshall Yeah I mean, just to name a few You know how we do They aight, you know? Yeah, they’re pretty good, man How you feelin’ about the game, big fella? To be honest with ya, I’m a little nervous with Tua’s injury and all But I think we’ll pull it out in the end, though Yeah, what unit do you think really has to show up today for Alabama to get this won over LSU? Our O line We gotta protect Tua We gotta give him time in the pocket to get those receivers, and we got to challenge the receivers, but that offensive line That defensive front by LSU is tough, so we really gotta give him time Now we both had two weeks off, Bama and LSU You think start might come with some tricks or you think they just gonna– I hope so Run it up I hope so In the past, he’s been a little nervous with the play calling I don’t want him to be shy He might be a little timid with Tua’s injury But I want him to call the same things we’ve been calling all year that worked effectively for us Yeah, now what worries you about this good LSU team that they’re about to play today? Well, they can score They can score, and our defense is young a little bit, but I hope they’ve had time to mature, and I hope they’re ready for the challenge because those types of receivers that LSU got, well I hope they’re up to the challenge (crowd cheering) Now for somebody who’s never been on campus, if you were their tour guide what are three things you would tell ’em like you gotta visit these places before you leave Tuscaloosa? Okay, definitely Walk of Champions Walk of Champions, of course By far Just the quad in general, ’cause it’s so picturesque just walking around the different buildings Did you hear that, picturesque? That’s a first right here on Fan About Town, big words Then the third place, oh Or your favorite place to eat, maybe or party My favorite place to eat, I’m a huge Dreamland fan Even the original, or even the one on in Northport They’re both great You see, she didn’t want to do her favorite party place ’cause her dad is standing right there, so Smart lady (Millia laughs) Which unit for LSU do you think is the most important on the field today against Alabama? It’s gonna be the front four It’s gonna be Kaho, DeVonta, it’s gonna be Tyler Shelvin If we can get pressure on Tua, especially with the bum ankle, which he’s gonna be 90% There’s no saving, he’s been putting it all out there this week Tua’s healthy, so we gotta get pressure on Tua If you leave him back there, it’s the same thing with both quarterbacks If you leave him back there to sit in the pocket, they’re gonna pick you apart either way So I really think that both ways, the Alabama defensive front and the LSU defensive front is gonna win this game So which unit do you think is the most important in today’s game for Alabama? Inside linebackers Inside linebackers We got some freshmen up there I’m looking at it like a coach’s perspective, ’cause that’s what I do, and the inside guys are young, they’ve made some mistakes, but they’ve got a lot of potential Yeah So maybe the bye week has helped them, maybe they’ll come out They’ll know their assignments, they’ll do the right thing That’s the key Now, been eight in a row for Bama It has At the time that we’re filming this, but does this one feel different because it’s been a while since LSU brought a potent offense in Yeah it does feel different because in the past when they had Linden Furnell, we knew we could put eight in the box to stop that, but now you got an arm back there I’m not sure about the running back, though We don’t even know his name, but their receivers are talented but they’ve got a quarterback We’ve been saying forever, if LSU gets a quarterback, they’re dangerous, so they got a quarterback If you were coaching LSU this year, how would you game plan against Bama? I would do what South Carolina did I’d attack the middle of the field I’d run a lot of mesh routes I’d do a lot of little routes,

attacking the linebackers over the middle of the field because that’s where Alabama’s been weakest at Got a really good secondary, and the D line’s not bad On the inside, there’s some young guys too I would attack the middle of the field, and I’d try to run the ball, which a lot of teams have never been able to do, but this is the year to do it My man Dustin is in education, but I think he missed his coaching call Did y’all hear how he broke that down? So if you were the coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide, I know that’s a nightmare scenario for you, but if you were the coach of the Tide, how would you game plan to stop LSU? Let me start this off, my man You couldn’t pay me Saban’s salary to coach Alabama Let me make this clear That’s a nice salary, though It is a nice salary But That’s right How do you stop the Tigers? You’ve gotta stop Ja’Marr Chase and Terrace Marshall and Justin Jefferson Those guys running the slant, and it’s the same thing with Alabama Jeudy and Riggs and those guys it’s the same thing on both sides of the ball This game is just so evenly matched The teams are almost identical to be honest with you, but you don’t stop the passing game, if you don’t get pressure on the quarterback, we’re gonna have a 45-41 LSU win Aight, the number two Tigers That’s where they stand at the time of this film– And the number three Tide You didn’t, see that’s why I’m the host But my man Joey, thank you bro Hey, go Tigers! Can we get it for the camera? Go Tigers! Yeah, beard brother, he aight, he aight ♪ Y’all might call us Bama ♪ ♪ But y’all don’t know ’bout Bama ♪ ♪ We country and we proud ♪ ♪ Proud to be from the South ♪ What’s up man? It’s Trent Richardson You’re watching Fan About Town with FunnyMaine Roll Tide ♪ Y’all don’t know ’bout Bama ♪ ♪ We country and we proud ♪ ♪ Proud to be from the South ♪ All right, now you’ve been a lifetime Bama fan, you’re a graduate, we got a new segment on the show where we ask questions to Bama fans, aight? Called Easy, Tough, Difficult Which question do you want first, ’cause I got faith in you I’ll take the tough first Tough? Yeah My man is straight outta Tuscaloosa He wanna start with the tough, aight tough it is Let’s get difficult over with Difficult, wow Okay, aight, let’s do difficult Difficult Difficult, everybody wants the difficult first today Bear Bryant played his last game, or coached his last game– Illinois (chime dings) Jumped right out, yeah he jumped right to the answer I was gonna ask who was the team he played Aight, for a bonus point there What stadium did he play in? What stadium, Liberty Bowl (chime dings) And what city? Oh, I can’t think of where the Liberty Bowl is That’s a good one It’s close Ah, Liberty Bowl I don’t know, is that Louisiana? (X buzzes) It’s Memphis Memphis, okay Two out of three ain’t bad No, no, no, no not bad at all Which question do you want first, the easy one, the tough one, or the difficult one? What’s the difficult one? (Jermaine laughs) Everybody’s started with difficult today Only in Tuscaloosa On the Walk of Champions, which you mentioned earlier, there are statues of former and current Bama head coaches There are statues of Alabama head coaches Of course, current and past Who are those five coaches? Wow Nick Saban (chime dings) Gene Stallings (chime dings) Bear Bryant (chime dings) Frank Thomas (chime dings) There’s another one Ooh! Who’s the other one? I don’t know I think I’m gonna miss the last one Frank Thomas is the first one, from the ’20s Before Bear Bryant, I feel like there’s another one Bear Bryant, Stallings, and Saban Wallace Wade (chime dings) That was all five coaches Yeah Good job, man All right Of course Bear Bryant (chime dings) Nick Saban (chime dings) Man There’s one more, it’s just one more Yeah it was one more I can see him, I just can’t think of his name (X buzzes) The ghost of Wallace Wade would like a word with you That was the coach before Bear Bryant, I should’ve known that There you go, aight well you did pretty good on the difficult Gene, oh man Gene, can’t think of his last name Why you stalling? (X buzzes) Oh, Stalling Stalling Be honest, just the only three that come to mind immediately Yeah, Frank Thomas and Wallace Wade (X buzzes) Word with you in their office I’m sorry If they were still here We’ll take it to tough right now Bear Bryant, speaking of him, his last game was in Memphis at the Liberty Bowl What team did he face in that game? It was a win, it was 21 to 15 God, who was it? He knows the score Yeah no, I’m forgetting the team right now Don’t be trying to peek over here Oh god Aight Oh you’re gonna be mad at yourself I’m gonna be mad Can I get a division? Can I get a conference? I’ll give you, big 10, big 10 Since we’re talking about Bear Bryant, his last game was in Memphis at the Liberty Bowl

Who did he play in that game? Ooh Illinois (chime dings) That is correct, he played the University of Illinois Michigan (X buzzes) It was Illinois Illinois, wow Yeah, gotta come over by the other lake (X buzzes) Illinois, yeah Illinois, definitely Illinois The first championship– I wasn’t born yet Ah, that makes sense, that makes sense Alabama played Florida in the first SEC Championship game What year was that? In the first ever? First ever SEC Championship game 1992 The first SEC Championship Who did Alabama beat in that game? In the SEC Championship in ’92? Florida (chime dings) Florida Gators, that’s correct He’s on a roll right here The first SEC Championship game was played in 1992 Who did Alabama face in that game? Oh it was Florida (chime dings) You remember the score to that one? Was it 28-21? 28-21 Antonio Langham had the big six I barely remember, I was only two then Oh man, you young young Was it Florida? (chime dings) It was the Florida Gators You’re doing good, aight 19 60? (both laugh) (X buzzes) I’m gonna just stop you right there 1992, sir The first ever? First ever SEC Championship game Ever? Yeah I thought we, oh I thought our championship was older than that That wasn’t the first– ’92? Championship game, 1992 Aight, we’ll get you an easy now How many championships has Coach Saban won at the University of Alabama? Five (chime dings) Can you name the years? Nine, ’11, ’12, ’15, and ’17 This man is good right here When you in Tuscaloosa? All the questions are easy, my man is ready How many championships has Coach Saban won at the University of Alabama? I’m gonna have to go back and count That’s a lot to keep track of How many championships has Coach Saban won at the University of Alabama? That would be five, right? (chime dings) Five is correct Okay Can I get the years? Oh okay So I was here for a lot of them Uh-huh So I know ’17, I was here for ’15, ’12, and ’11, nine (chime dings) You know I just love how she works her way from the top down 2009, ’11, ’12, ’15, ’17, so five (chime dings) Five is correct answer, and he gave me the years, so he gets a bonus ding (chime dings) just because, all right? How many championships has Coach Saban won at the University of Alabama? Six (X buzzes) Final answer? Yeah Maybe you’re being prophetic, but it’s actually five right now It’s five? Five right now Thought we had six 2009, ’11, ’12, ’15, ’17 Man, I gave ’em an extra Yeah you did Well, we like that on Fan About Town Aight, we’re still on easy Okay Who are the two, the only two Heisman Trophy winners for the University of Alabama? Mark Ingram and Derrick Henry (chime dings) Correct, correct Yeah, you gotta get his name That’s a big dude You don’t want, Derrick you know I love you bro Mark Ingram and Derrick Henry (chime dings) And Tua Tagovailoa, right? This year, this year All right, well he’s speaking it then Who are the only two Heisman trophy winners from the University of Alabama? Mark Ingram and, um Oh I want to fight you so bad right now Mark Ingram and Derrick Henry (chime dings) Derrick, I don’t know why everybody keep forgetting you bro And he plays for my Titans I’m a Titans fan You know, you know it’s all love from me It ain’t me, it’s them You are a true Bama fan, thank you so much love Can we get a roll Tide? Roll Tide! Roll Tide, that’s a Bama fan right there Bro, good to see you Thank you so much Can we get a roll Tide? Roll Tide! My man Dustin, thank you so much Nice to meet you You too, bro Can I get a roll Tide? Roll Tide My man, thank you so much Luke Appreciate it For your restaurant here Glad to have y’all Yeah, and anytime you come to Tuscaloosa, you’ve got to stop by the Waysider This is Fan About Town Roll Tide ♪ I done seen the whole scene whole team supreme ♪ ♪ First class seats ♪ There’s nothing like coming home You know I’m no Dorothy, this ain’t no place like home That too, but I didn’t wanna infringe on her copyrights The tailgate was great, the game will be even greater It’s LSU, it’s Alabama, we’re about to kick it off The biggest game of the year This was Fan About Town Roll Tide! (all cheering) ♪ 10 toes down hold it down ♪ ♪ How you gonna win when you foul out ♪ ♪ Y’all might call us Bama ♪ ♪ But y’all don’t know ’bout Bama ♪ Ready? Ready Roll! Tide, roll! ♪ Y’all don’t know ’bout Bama ♪ ♪ We country and we proud ♪

♪ Proud to be from the South ♪ ♪ From the south side of Druid City ♪ ♪ Tell the world now 100 blocks summertime ♪ ♪ All the Southern girls ♪ ♪ We be in the strip club sizzling ♪ ♪ Droppin’ paper on the floor we been litterin’ ♪ ♪ Roll ♪ ♪ I stay down, I came up ♪ ♪ This is the rain house ♪ ♪ I rained up ♪ ♪ You and your mans are gonna play with us and get banged up ♪ ♪ Bottom of the ninth and your homie pitching a change up ♪ ♪ Come from rock bottom rock bottom know how I’m coming ♪ ♪ And I don’t have the patience to argue about nothing ♪ ♪ 10 toes down hold it down how ♪ ♪ How you gonna win when you foul out ♪ ♪ Y’all might call us Bama ♪ ♪ But y’all don’t know ’bout Bama ♪ ♪ We country and we proud ♪ ♪ Proud to be from the South ♪ ♪ Y’all ♪