Foreign Student life in Czech republic. ( admission, visa, cost, jobs)

good morning i am in librec czech republic now, it is in the north of czech republic near to the border of poland and germany i am going to visit my students today they are from bangladesh and they study over here at technical university of librec i’m going to show you how they live in the dormitory what kind of rooms they have how much money they pay and do they work somewhere part time how they manage their living over here and generally i will show you this building behind me are the hearts of soleil building these are the dormitories for the technical university of librecthere are six buildings like this you can see f e and d and then in the middle is the building m the canteen is here you can pay the administration staff is over here and then behind is building a b and c in building a b and c you can go even to the rooftop and you can have a very nice view of the city and on this side in building b e and f you cannot go on the rooftops but these buildings do have some balconies so some rooms of this building have balconies these buildings are very nostalgic for me because i lived over here for five years so now i’m at the back side of this dormitory for example behind me is building f and you can see under it is a it’s a small clinic the doctor sits over here so you can visit this doctor under building e we have the dentist so there is a dentist place and then under the building d you have a small pub whereas under a b and c we don’t have any uh medical facility but they do have some yoga and the small gyms there and just few hundred meters from the dormitories over here you can walk down and this is behind the area for all physical activities so it’s under the faculty of physical activities and they have you have the gym here and some ports for playing basketball and other games and just walk little more and you have the bus stop over here from here it just take one stop and you reach to the university and if you go by walking it’s just 10 minutes of walking and in last many years i have been living in many of these dormitories i think if not the best but they are surely in the top five geometries which i have been in the europe so when you are going somewhere you can set up your standard what kind of facilities you will get and how the dormitories actually look like in europe so we’ll i’ll take you inside to meet this my students and we will talk about how they come over here how they manage their living care and what is their future over here so so each floor has four apartments like this and each apartment has either two or three rooms so this is with three room apartment can i know your name is from south africa yes yes so this is the room number one and this room they are just shifting now and this is room one and this is with the balcony so you can see it’s like this with a very nice view from outside this is a flat with three rooms so you have the second room over here like this one and then you have three cupboards here and three on this side you get a fridge microwave is their own sometimes the previous student leave it for them and there is a very small kitchen and then we have a bathroom here and then there is a toilet over here so now i’m going to meet my bangladesh students so this is tanzir so we will be here so i will be eating first with them they cook something with what thing you made please explain okay this is uh rice you know okay because no exception for it and this is a chicken curry how we say it or like i heard it from my mom and

this one is eggplant fry okay this is tomato and this is a chicken omelette but we normally eat it with rice you eat it with rice yeah and is it true every bungari people likes the fish a lot yeah but we don’t have fish here so we can’t cook fish but yeah in our home like fish or meat okay so and in your uh room you get this uh there are two beds yes and the bed sheets and the uh everything is provided by these dominators and we can change it like two times in a month and they will give us like clean one and also if you want then you can clean it in washing machine okay so it’s free of course and you don’t pay for electricity no no water you know what i only pay for washing machine and vacuum cleaner okay and how much you pay every month for the accommodation uh 2790 because 90 check crowns per day if you’re living in a double room and single room 140 right and if you rent the complete room for a single person yeah then it will cost you 4 thousand two hundred something four thousand two hundred okay so it’s possible to rent it and and in this apartment all the boys are living yeah on the boys okay so no no girls all out here but if someone wants to live with their girlfriends it’s possible it’s possible it’s possible so the building is actually a core building like boys and girls can live but girls have their own apartment boys also has apartments but if somebody want to live partner it’s allowed yeah yeah sure okay i will ask them the question what you have asked me in the comments in the last few videos so and uh please introduce yourself and what do you do over here in this university hello everyone i am amrit hassan from bangladesh and i am doing my master’s in nanomaterials at normal and it’s my last year and i’m almost done i only have my thesis left i came here in 2018 and like i’m having a good time in czech republic like it was a good time here good journey in technical university of neighbors so i hoped to like continue this journey here my second year studies will be continuing next month so i’m so excited and i’m very happy with this kind of experience in liberation with this university okay so my first question is how did you know about technical university of liberty it’s just funny because we are looking for so many universities in uh like uh who has texting and in europe it uh the number was so last and most of them has like in different languages not in english so once we started trying like the cheapest university in europe and then we got a technical university of preparedness but uh they are ranked for textile and mechanical was so good so then we applied here okay so textile in the technical university of libras is quite good ranked the university has a good ranking in the international ranking of universities and relatively it has one of the lowest tuition fees per year it’s around three thousand dollars yeah yes okay so and another one how did you have it actually for me it was expensive uh different because from bangladesh there is no few tested in europe but i’m starting something but i found this university is quite good and you know then their processing is difficult but in these cases i found one guy in facebook and he helped me a lot on how to do this and country technology and now in bangladesh there is no embassy of czech republic so how do you get the visa and how do you how much money do you pay for like first to get that visa first we have to get admission later from here and for bangladeshi students is kind of tough because uh to get appointment in uh campus delhi in india yeah then if you get indian visa then you need appointment and that’s one of the hardest part for bangladeshi students and bacterial technical university of rivers they will manage appointment for the students who will get that like uh later acceptance letter uh but it’s okay if you have that appointment that is super easy for you just you need to get indian visa and for bangladeshi policies okay and one thing how much money you paid for this application to get the admission in technically uh okay for me it’s different because i take only 25 usd 25 us dollar and you’ve got the admissions

what document you took over there for the application like which documents are necessary what need to be translated or not right okay for translation uh there are some i think fixed translators like who can only translate it and it will be accepted by embassy and translate we translated documents police clearance and the banking statement and uh with that we got that acceptance letter from here they already sent one copy in check so we didn’t need to translate it and that’s all that’s all because uh table like taking on university of rivers they will send every document from here to direct embassy okay so they won’t say it to us like uh and do you have to legalize your degrees like bachelor degree or uh yeah like okay for us we had to do one thing first we were going to education ministry in bangladesh then we went to foreign ministry in bangladesh we legalized it then we sent those documents to here uh to table and they did that notification partner because we my cases it was different you know like uh first of all that uh said that he have to uh no price from education ministry as well as foreign but for myself i have to legalize my that those documents by checking public embassy that’s important this is the way but this day cannot get admission without so i have to do this extra work like super foreign they call it super regular that was you you make it from your higher education ministry than your foreign office stand and then you give it to the embassy and embassy check if it is right degree or not and notification is the procedure when university here identify that this all the courses are matching with our degrees which are offered in europe so that means your bachelor is enough to continue with your master education yeah but uh for me also the the process was same but i was i would say i was super lucky uh because when i told them okay i don’t want to go india twice like actually not twice three times because if i get visa then again i have to go india so i told that maybe it was hannah keller and that i don’t want to go india again now so she told me okay i can help you out just send your documents to here i will super legalize your documents but he wasn’t lucky enough at that time they already got some bangladesh to them so they told no this time you have to do this okay and how much time it took for this visa when you applied all the documents till you get your results how much time for me it was 65 days uh for me like it was absolutely 45 days 45 days and how much money you paid for the visa and you okay and this procedure when you get your visa how long is this visa give it to you it’s 65 days like when you are coming for one speaker it’s for one year not six months no no we got one year because we applied for that long-term president and we got one year like uh from 31st of august to um how much money you pay for your tuition fees here in czech republic okay i already paid six thousand six thousand how much money you spend monthly including your accommodation uh going to the pubs and all your grocery shopping okay yeah like if you go to park regular with your friends then you have to spend around 13 000 13 000 so how much you pay for recommendations

so almost 100 euros okay and how much you spend one month a little less than 200 euros spent for all these potatoes onions and all these groceries so you will get a lot of advantages in czech republic okay so if you’re less than 6 26 you pay very less for the transportation discount and how much you pay for the insurance certificate medical insurance okay it’s it’s different because uh first year i got that insurance and it was eight thousand five hundred check rounds i bought it from bangladesh online and when i you know i came here and after that one year then i again got one insurance and it was 13 000 yes but now again i bought another one for my another one here and it was so cheap because 7500 okay so now when you buy it online from your country you can buy actually the emergency insurance it’s called just in case if you an accident you can cover it but when you come over here you have to buy a comprehensive insurance and there are many companies but basically that we is there a state government company and it is the most expensive one so it’s around 13 14 000 per year but if you go for the cheaper cheaper private options like maxima unicode so it’s 7 500 for students 126 and if you’re more it’s around 9500 for other people one more point here so on okay so now how this is the question which a lot of people ask so how do you manage your living here where do you work how much you earn and make the money well uh i think uh in livers you don’t need to spend so much money if you want if you want to stay in dormitories you can manage part-time job it’s not that hard to do but you have to go flat mostly because in libraries they pay less money if you put some rest students yeah they they sometimes offer partnership to students but they will pay you less but in prague they will pay you good money okay in libras how much they’re paying per hour uh for any restaurants they pay 70 to 80 chickens 70 to 80 so it’s around three euros they pay you per hour and if you are in charge how much they pay you and what kind of works you can do okay normally in restaurant you can work as a shape or ten shape or you can work with the part part-time service in service or like so as a waiter or something like this but if you know check language then you can work in a counter cash counter okay and also there are some other companies like some automobile company and they ask for uh some part-timers in production floor okay or like like me i work as in the translator so luckily i got this job in a canadian company so that’s it like you have some opportunities also you can work in white house there are some warehouse and they um they react to so many students and so many students from here i know they are working in prague so a lot of job for the like company which are making some part for example what a mobile company which you make assembly of some machines or some restaurants some pizza or this shops for making kebab this kind of jobs and in libras you get around 70-50 rounds per hour and is it easy to find a job thank you because first you have to contact them and you need someone who can guide you okay otherwise like okay if you apply online i never saw that they ever replied according to him the degree is not important if you can speak the language the opportunity yeah because a lot of people can complete their degree but when they are going for jobs so they ask you do you want to check language so that is the difficult question that i’m scared about so what how you see your future over here now you will finish it in one year or few months so what is your future and what salary you are expecting uh because i talked with some other guy who got a job so they started from like 25 000 crowns i don’t know about tax parts like this including or exploding but 25 000 maybe because most of the time i saw those recruitments

so i think around 700 to 800 you can easily earn after the your degree or if you have any job opportunities and did you ever go on any of the exchange programs till now oh no because uh well we tried when we were in uh past year so we tried for it but unfortunately we didn’t get enough subjects to complete here so if we if you don’t get enough subjects then you’re going to have to come back and wait to finish so because they are paying the fees per year so if the course is prolonged then you have to pay the peace in the third year also so they want to finish it in two years but you can choose any of the exchange programs like erasmus and you can go somewhere and they will pay you six to seven hundred euros per month but it can delay your degree for a little time so now what is your advice for the students who are coming from bangladesh okay like they’re always welcome here because it’s a nice place to live to study and for everything because for us okay i know those people who are coming here from bangladesh they want a good life with uh like less expensive and so like it’s a perfect life for bangladeshi people because we don’t need to spend so much money or sometimes our family can afford our expenses here because it’s not so much if we convert it to bangladesh it’s only uh thirty to thirty five thousand or thirty factor to forty thousand so it’s enough it’s enough for one student to stay here and you know if you don’t have any like more budget to experience for your like uh month month expenses or everything so you will be tension free just pay your tuition please stay here and eat understand okay so if you have any questions related to admission and faculty of textile or any other faculty you can contact on facebook through sanzir and azure islam yes so you can write the message and they can guide you how to have admission here and what is good or bad air and how you can come generally there is a lot of job opportunities and the university education is quite good and the university is in a good rank what do you think about your study how difficult it is okay for me for me just so difficult because i did my bachelor it was in eon engineering or like a spinning and then i came here for clothing engineering but all of my department made they moved to nano materials and normally and okay it was good for us because if i compare it like the chance in europe so for nanomaterials the chance is so much in uh clothing engineering because i i researched on it most of the time so that’s why i also moved to nanomaterials department and everything was totally new for me because what i studied during my bachelor and what i studied last two years here it was almost different okay yeah actually for me it’s like as i’m student of my previous background is fabric engineering so it is closely related to the medical text about non-verbal sometimes but here i feel some difficulties that they are always having oral action so and you write some points and you have to describe lot of things so it’s difficult if you don’t know anything sometimes you can write but you have to explain like what it is another difficult is that i felt like when i was among others the assignment procedure was different from there and my every assessment i have to do a lot of work and i can compare that every assignment is like a journal paper so that’s why i have to work too much and sometimes teacher is not accepted so it was literally it’s too hard actually and right now i’m keep up with this and like right now it was my first experience uh also first exam and he told me okay grab that marker and go to the board and explain that topic and it was like five minutes i explained and he asked me some questions and he told me okay your boss and i was like is it done say mr final yes so it was one of the easiest thing here and one of the hardest thing ever for us like both experience we have like next one yes i will add to this that over here it depends on your teacher how the exam has to be planned most of the teacher just take it face to face or oral exam and sometimes they will give you a complete open book exam you can just explain it how the things are so generally it is easy and difficult at the same time because you need to understand the problem and secondly you have three attempts to pass it so you can fail two time completely still if you

can’t pass they will give you another chance so officially many students on the third attempt pass it so in any case i haven’t seen any uh foreigner who couldn’t finish the degree yeah like we saw so many people like they are graduating this time also they already graduated yeah it’s easy not so hard and teachers are so friendly i can say like those teachers like sometimes i got some topic and it looks so hard for me but during exam how they like like present it in front of me it made it easy for me now one more thing is that who do the cleaning of your rooms so everybody do their own cooking but you can use the mensa service that is the canteen for the students but a lot of uh foreigners try to cook by themselves yeah but that service in mensa it’s one of the cheapest food here they sell and it will cost you sometimes like only 32 checkpoints like one euro some cents so one euro and two euro you can have a meal easily if you don’t want to cook it yeah but as we are from bangladesh like south asian people so we like to eat and uh like cook meat every day or chicken so it’s on us okay so at the end so uh i would like to say thank you and you can add something in bengali language for the viewers in bangladesh if you want them to come or don’t come and your class comments uh okay thank you very much