Let's Play Rise of Flight! – Career Mode – Sopwith Camel – Part 3

hello its tail and I am playing wiser flies again it is day three of my Sopwith Camel campaign or Korea rather it’s Wednesday average clouds temperatures 25 degrees a little bit cooler than yesterday but still fairly warm yeah so let’s see what we have today so first of all we have a protection patrol which I am NOT involved win at all then I have an offensive patrol at 8:55 in the morning which should be interesting and then there’s a lone patrol and then another offensive patrol which I’m not involved in so this is a morning Patrol which is my first one I’m going to get up early 8:55 is particularly early for me in real life so at least I’m not on the 5:37 that would be horrible yes so let’s click on next mission and get the first mission out the way wonder if anybody will die or get any kills or what have you know everyone seemed to come back okay that’s good and now it’s my turn so offensive patrol 855 three camels a couple of triplanes let’s get this not take time to learn or get to know some of my squad mates I’ve got Anthony Wells is leading this Edward Turner Alfie ball good old Alfie ball and Richard Fisher none of whom know that I am a murderer so begin mission this will load the mission I have already uploaded the first video and had time to read the comments from people and apparently up but I’ve chosen a particularly difficult plane to fly in the camel which is great means this will probably be quite a short series the reason I chose a camel was because similarly with the il-2 Sturmovik series I’m British so in the AL to one I chose a Spitfire as the iconic British fighter of that war for World War one I start off with the camel that’s the kind of Spitfire equivalent in will go one so that’s why and also on the phone online in usually on the flying circus server which is has doesn’t have expert difficulty it’s kind of standard difficulty but I’ve usually done okay with it there but maybe that’s because some of the physics are simplified and the spins aren’t so harsh I don’t know which I’ll see ya so I’m just sitting here waiting it’s too late to skip this now because it’s going to be a few more seconds so may as well keep watching this slideshow of planes well if I gather kill this time I thought I had one I don’t know not quite sure how the scoring system works and it seems that my colleague managed to get the kill despite the fact that the frame was still flying along for several minutes after he disappeared I’m wondering whether those two guys who died actually crashed into each other all questions the ground maybe because there were no other enemy planes around so deliver mystery that but yeah so maybe you need to get the kind of the bullet that or the hit that kind of incapacitates a plane it’s the point where it can’t fight on and then anymore down we straight from then on is kind of immaterial in terms of the you know who gets the kill I don’t know I don’t know here is the map we’re heading north this time this is Vimy Ridge it sounds familiar so I wonder if this is where famous battle took place I’m not sure Willie Lamb of God Mena’s I don’t know how to flights out in French my French is bad preferred German yeah so if I I flow close to my man aim well and then of course he falls down Oswald Boelcke 1440 victories the famous mr. bulk I believe he trained or he was the leader of the squadron that’s von Richthofen joined if my history is correct could be wrong as always could be wrong high level cirrus clouds and you see m/s for the winds so that’s okay engage in destroying him a bit blubber bear takeoff 855 good looking good revs thanks I will try to have excellent revs great so let’s go press P to continue here we are time to load everything in

okay and o press e before I forgot to raise the the fuel mixture I’ve got my fuel mixture setting on my joystick specifically on the top and the Hat switch that would normally use to look around because I’ve got Chuck IR don’t need that so I use the left and right switches on the Hat to change the fuel mixture which is quite handy so as usual said it’s a fall to switch on the engine and then dye it back a little bit about a fifth of the way down or actually taking off there’s a car over there how nice zooming on them up a bit here just waiting my turn and the lusts of five I believe there we go and off I go full throttle so that’s gently push down having to use right rudder to counteract the talk and we’re away these things take off pretty quickly since they’re relatively light I’ve also got my zoom mapped to the hat switch so if I push forward a zoom in pull back on the hats which i zoom out which is very handy as well so this has a smooth zooming function as opposed to al to 946 which is very much kind of like that is even in steps so we’re on our way you’re heading north so I will cut here while I climb up and come back if we encounter any undesirables on our way while we’re diving for some reason I’m not sure why we’re heading directly east whether my ring mates of spottings sort of something I don’t know well you know how would Lee doing what are you doing crazy fools they I seem to have some weird behavior because flying directly east is not on our flight plan and there’s no reason to do a sudden dive at that moment is it this balloon we’re going after that would make sense although if so why Sonny pull up well ok fair enough whatever I’ll just follow you guys you know now were they going hope they don’t fly into me can’t see the sky because of this strut flying over that way don’t know where the others have gone frames the framerate might be quite low on these videos because looking at what’s been recorded by dxtory I’m getting about 40 frames in-game but the recording is only about 20 frames per second which obviously isn’t too great maybe you can live with it I don’t know I need to lower some of the graphic settings I suppose now there’s a couple of contacts up here three contacts just

trying to look at the outlines to see what they might be I don’t know where everybody else has gone I’m still following this try playing ahead of me what’s that over there is that one of our guys looks like it kind of lost my bearings now I’m not sure where I am I think I’m on the heading Northwest we’re kind of going north along the front line for some reason presumably one or more of these guys are enemies which is why we’re heading north now the triplane is diving this is very confusing what about those guys up there one important thing to remember is not to over rev the engine because that will result in bad things happening so if you’re doing a steep dive remember to lower the throttle so it’s not to over rev the engine and otherwise you would get a big blob of oil in your face which is not pleasant well we’ve had another dive and now we’re reunited with some of my comrades and heading north again which would suggest we’re back on our course that’s that River down there on the map I think so we’re just crossing that we’re almost crossing it there’s something going on up ahead here a lot of planes flying around that’s German okay pretty sure that’s German and we’ve got one two three four five of them over there I need to keep an eye on my teammates doing one of them’s flying away over there great and these two are just flying onwards and upwards that is another albatross I’m fairly sure and it’s got a height advantage check behind me always important Stewart passing 6000 feet oh look the shoots each other I think that’s two British pains one German albatross I hear an engine somewhere it sounds close don’t want to crash into it okay that might be the reason hope these AR III are able to avoid crushing into me that’s the German up there yes it is it’s a bit too high Buddhists who engage they nice trying to look around me make sure I don’t lose my friends I think I may have done hello where did everybody go who’s that you want the enemy I think action-packed rise of flights non-stop dogfight action

oh god where is everybody there are like 20 planes here a minute ago I saw some people turning around and flying off in this direction I think don’t know where they went what’s that is this them could be the only lead I’ve got so I will fly over in this direction copy that this is just a waypoint we’re following back down south see this is a thing with dynamic campaigns you don’t know what you’re gonna get if anything so far I’ve come across one balloon one lone fighter in the last video and another link between this video which I was unable to attack these are two-seaters on me they are two-seaters so these are got nothing to do with me don’t know who they are where they’re going I don’t know what to do okay well I will skip here while I try and catch my bearings in attempt to find my squadron and if anything important important occurs I will of course come back so I’ll see you shortly oh look this firing over there so I’m gonna head in this direction because somebody needs my help by a few planes and looks like that’s the two-seater that’s firing that because the fire is coming from the rear so possibly us one of the two-seaters I saw earlier being attacked which case I need to head over there sharpish because as you would have seen if you watched the video I did with mr. effing controller to t-systems fare very well against fighters normally but that does look like one graph two-seaters and then another albatross attacking it so I’m gonna have to attack this on my own what is that something else coming towards me see the thing is this albatross got our friends try and keep my eye out assuming this is an albatross it could be something completely different I think you might know I’m here yeah he knows come here you little bastards so when I was firing at him from below it looks like – okay I’m behind him this is good damnit just missed don’t if that’s ground fire that’s shooting us and we could be

clean feels quite sluggish for some reason I’m not sure why come on come on come on come on that was some good hits there I can need to lead him in a little bit when he’s turning like this just reset the truck I hear I think he’s kind of smoking now nothing on my tail it looks like don’t know why but my gun sight seems kind of not aligned correctly with my head oh I’d be fine with one gun for a while supid me need to keep an eye on the guns because I do jam quite a lot and in that case you need to them but this guy’s looking pretty beaten up right now oh and there goes there goes the wing oh and there goes your the wing whoa whoa okay that was kind of close that wing part almost took me out completely try keeping an eye on it to watch it crash here although I should really be looking around me and making sure I’m not being attacked right now there he goes boom boom boom shake the room and that’s part of his wing gently floating to the ground well if that wasn’t the kill I don’t know what is quite frankly I killed that man that is for sure well I’m gonna head home again because it’s pretty dangerous flying around by yourself there’s another wing part that’s coming to earth is that otherwise I’d balloon that’s another wing part that’s the funny thing because he expects you know shoot a wing off the plane then all of its will kind of just fall off and plummet to the ground but of course they’re very light so they just kind of float to the ground stay in the air for ages and I think these are the two-seaters I managed to protect don’t mention it boys I’m your whiskey back at the hangar okay so I’m heading west I need to work out where I am so I can find my way back to my base I’m well north of this river here let me just put the level flight ometer on for a bit make sure I’m not being followed whoops just come off by itself for some reason there that H and the top left-hand corner signifies when your plane is got the level autopilot so this is that that thing here so it’s quite distinctive a triangle shaped in a river so therefore I need two heads a lot more South than I am currently I need to go all the way down to here so let’s head south southwest and that should see me home try and get in a little bit of altitude as well just in case but yeah I hopefully that should be my first ever well my first ever kill in this career at least I am undamaged when just get the jump on that albatross and he couldn’t get away didn’t seem to be trying too hard to be honest but to be fair but there you go say we can get alright so I’ll skip here

and come back when it’s landing time hopefully or if there’s some more action-packed action to occur see you then whoa I’ve just been looking around at all the action that’s going on and look at my friends here they are busy strafing although the cars way behind the lines here so that’s where they got to I mean that’s fine they’re entitled to do that what’s over here is that a train that is a train you’re going for that training my friend go on go for the Train No okay fine you can hear the flat going off so this is two of my comrades at any rate that’s triplane and a camel and they’re talking this convoy of cars don’t think they’re taking any out can’t see any burning wrecks it looks like they’ve given up and are heading home well that’s this happening balloon is the two-seaters I helped protect I think balloon the cap bolt so yeah just wanted to show you that well I discovered I think we have to work on maintaining contact with my squadron because it’s the second time I’ve managed to loosen and once you lose them it’s very difficult to find them again and you’re on your own which can be dangerous so yep I’ll be back in one second okay as you can see it’s landing time time to land I’ve been told in the comments that this plane is particularly tricky to land especially for new pilots because it’s a tendency to pull up and to the left when landing I believe so I try and watch out for that I’ve managed one out of two good landing so far and when I mean good I mean not damaging your plane so let’s see if I can pull it off and make it two out of three going just over 17 miles an hour shuffle is basically off just gliding in try and aim just to the earth of these hangars here you know what let’s fire a celeb celebratory flare making sure not to crash while we do it there we go okay put that away concentrate on the task at hand he says looking at the flare behind him all right here we go just under 70 miles an hour it’s awful this town gonna try and pull a bit so I slowed down even more so don’t want to be bouncing around on the ground bounce around on the ground and gently gently one bounce to bounce three bounce or and we’re down we are down excellent no brakes on this thing so just switch off engine and grind to a halt nice cool okay what else is going on balloon balloon going with the blue whoops blue ribbon and these are my friends returning after their jolly jaunt with the cars balloon okay are there any enemies around not anymore anyway right finish the flight now then did I get that kill did I get the kill yes I did this is dudes fishing tangier gonna kill excellent one plane destroyed no one else destroyed anything they’re just kind of lightly harassed some cars

proceed now to have a name for the man that we killed Virna Schumacher interesting in an albatross d3 port Verna well that’s my first personal victory as fishing ting chip only four more and I shall be an ace god damn ace okay next mission now the next only there’s two more missions and they’re not flown by me but I’ll just go through them anyway see what happens lone patrol completed oh we got you got a kill as well good job Edward Turner you managed to kill the Schroder in a DFW CV which is another two-seater reconnaissance / bombing aircraft good job and next mission has been a successful day so far and two people got kills in this one Wow Harry Morrison managed to kill Julian lang all yulian Lange and Gilbert Webster dispatched Marcos car flying at DFW cv and albatross d5a respectively that’s good all in one balloon as well from Frank Hill this has been a good day for the squadron I am pleased I’m wondering if maybe at this point in the war the Allies have fairly superior they have superior air superiority there s Abu baraa T is superior to the other persons air superiority but I’m saying I’ve actually Nixon the next day so you’ve got let’s screen but anyway that’s it for this mission thanks a lot for watching my first victory will I get another will I survive long enough only time will tell see you then