Nuzlocke UHC :: S3E1 :: Future Sight

oh by the way I can look by the way I can look at I can look at how Opie people are to them sidekick I can look at whenever I want no mine read okay mine read up riser Riker right okay mine read Riker Riker does not have a bow has one arrows damn one arrow if you have arrows throw them away because people have arrows one arrows 10 fighters record has zero goal has zero diamonds and I have a Diamondback is not enchanted 0 apoll0 leather 0 0 0 comma 0 books and no anvil Rikers wearing nothing nothing nothing this is natural yeah they steal so does that mean it will kill minus stuff cuz he’s dumped he’s double signal or nothing we’re gonna be [ __ ] awful you’re right i’m dying from TV for the first time in report in that history buh-bye it’s okay i’m dmg i’ll carry you guys oops i had background noise i don’t GE I’m dmg it’s okay I’ll carry I want have so much background noise hey background noise sometimes that’s impaired going background of those it’s okay we’re professional Coco eSports streamers I want I’m gonna have I’m gonna have the regular intro then I’m gonna have the second intro with our cocoa esports intro with a bunch of our sponsor which is geico verizon clutch King calm and what else adidas adidas okay I don’t like you it’s nike wrong shoe company one and got some I I’m not I’m just saying not right I’m just kissing ah they won it dot 130 are charged it does that we started early no he did it look he’s right there no you did turn off in flag turn off fan flag we man we r sports bra whoa no welcome to wreck your welcome to mezclas we are coco esports we are aiming for the 1 million dollar prize pool and we are on the road to LEM and are we are brought to you by Verizon nike clutching calm and geico all this master chickens here guys oh it’s raining I’m gonna one tap these chickens lay this one hundred percent health but fear you got 39 or 40 how fair is that 140 right now dragon is oh it starts out

the extra hearts potential yes potential mark I think I have no idea I mean see season one was good 14 minutes I wish a pit I wish 8-bit didn’t quit we’d have everything done no we weren’t as it was very successful first season you play what are you talking about I’ll play I i play man yeah I still I still play with people who asked me yesterday I didn’t play one yesterday didn’t eat yet for me hey you literally just killed a pig I didn’t kill you what I kelp Oh remember last time when Kelly’s like hey hi hi mom record I can’t hug you or kiss you or whatever you want me to do to you what what what what what like is that why is there uh that’s so weird i found spider by the way egg in there flask class like what does that mean I don’t know that means no I mean tight oh I thought your name like school class and I was like yeah wait what patient’s vacation okay just just because you just because you’re right does not mean i don’t have the right to call you stupid okay deal holy crap i just want to admire this beat hey guys who Shh x is 0 p I can mind me to whoever I want hey cords give me chords TL oh boy you can’t you I can use I can use the famous resource pack of I use default I don’t have a default is because somebody asked Bo don’t ask me is simply to give me their pad I think given my pad guys give me chords but like coordinates guys board but I were to go TL p 9 50 0 we actually found amount it is correct that the Pokemon by the trainer guys yeah yeah so if we die you’d you’re dead Drakkar commentary there’s no sort of commentary for the trainer whoa wheat the pok√©mon can yeah but if Rikard they’ve Riker dies and we’re all good still no no I just said that I just I just made that up in like the pet last 20 minutes yeah I know that’s what that was so funny yeah no I could well he’s electric types mad st er no leave funny like Matt’s it wait I ain’t supposed Madison it took fall damage he’s not supposed to take fall damage oh man just took extra damn it’s nighttime already yeah right I don’t know how all guy I just realized I’ve in her course I finner I’ve been recording for like the longest time because I recorded the sharpshooter’s I like no ape ape it’s to ape it was good just that his server wasn’t the best but it was still a decent he’s need a better server it was good enough for 13 players yeah oh that that zombie just teleported y’all so much oh yeah but when you oh I want to slide 14 anything strike three

underline and I scholars themes like 18 yeah they do oh crap so you can’t do like a lot of team I can change know you can learn how long with a party where you can know well everything oh you can’t you just like italia kerrigan of those we can do an italic green white you attack white I’m gonna come to my arms and talk to me i’m not even like it’s all natural up here no condoms no i don’t know i just stopped her cornerback what I’m right clicking right now oh it’s just visual double defense Parker I so it’s questionable all right got to love it that’s all hey guys team someone’s go can you guys give me a power 5 because my arrows do forty percent more damage yeah oh really so give me power 5 and I’ll do like I’ll do power 10 and you’ll have power 6 psychic because the difference this difference no balls are once you get past but pretty much it’s gonna power 3 we have to do that power 3 its ability to power 4 45 probably so just give him power 3 we should be fine or power to fund the equal semester Perry crazy almost gonna hit more shots probably no he’s not supposed to fire resistance ghost type pokemon that’s stupid dypsis moms everything he changed so much that’s the only rich that’s the only thing I organizes it in this round is the types oh that’s a skeleton this is why we should have actually like this isn’t a big problem yes for some every single block yeah all right I mean that’s a huge risk run around with no armor yeah in the ticket in the test game I kill two people because I was invisible touch well then you just suck just turn on your force field just turn on your force field office just turn your force field it doesn’t work when they’re invisible does it don’t care about your background nice unless it’s loud did you keep talking go kill I’m like doesn’t have a mute button so my not mine isn’t either I’ll have kit would have karaoke my background I just working what whether yeah but you asked me to find a brother I was like what yeah brother yeah brother right I have yes I do for what feather size 13 right 13 I have one feathers I’m at seven hundred negative 200 I’m did you go I already took down my name Cole and I have a record the dunkers where I don’t find caves let’s help i pray get home cover though for what I did iphone on find a cave we didn’t I didn’t diamond chest come on to be safe alright nevermind already broke that purse anyways is that the one where is it was always my blessings and I and blissendale in one shot with the stupid power for flame 10 power 3 what I recently in one shot I’m gonna be I see some well I see someone invisible who’s

ground-types or whose ground type or grass right hi and girl / yeah then go ya know we’re next to trees as a sea dragon pasa gourds quartz quartz quartz 1 i’m at seven-twenty negative 140 don’t dig down that’s really close to em galis team glistens really yeah that’s like 50 blocks away please talk me then everybody’s gonna hate on them you’re gonna eat them from the inside out but i ain’t no video right now dislike dislike dislike only a PUD one that yeah no no okay that’s not one that’s not gonna happen no stop at two there’s already ten don’t do it what you do I me see how much apples I’m yo has because he was cutting down uh he was cutting down loves swamp trees he has seven apples and five leather and 40 what does the 40 mean no this is an extra okay says seven apples comma set five leather comma 4 T comma 0 books what’s the 4000 thurs no no feathers is up there he has 13 feathers old 40 me Oh sugar cane sugar cane probably now G there’s a tiny how many Gamble’s they have yeah they have they have seven apples and no kapil’s okay I guess cuz I’m psychic okay yeah background oh yeah go for me Daniel I don’t know where I’m doing Daniel your water on I’m making it i’m making a text file in putting times and when I should mute my mic on the on the sony vegas i see your name that’s not how’s everyone I put realism I could redesign people as yeah I have a drawing done I have a choice yes I have a drawing done though for you yeah I’m pretty sure everyone’s happening because I’m making the intro you’re making please make an intro all right yeah no no we haven’t but once I once where our sponsors and then once for us yeah and with that I don’t need rigs oh my gosh so dumb I’ll drawing so ever had like a tiny little mini fries and what we have our own art we don’t need them no need the sprites oh yeah we have sprites and stuff weary have some rights too we have pokemon sprites yeah flashy

I actually have a really good idea for a new trailer on IGN 0 vs name is flashing cookie like this striker screw screw flashy cook like that place at the cube so many mobs in this cave like I’m gonna Oh where’s my I have one iron oh there’s one right here okay all right kids gold over here minded okay I’m getting really dark in here not useful did you guys get by 10 I don’t know you’re not enough heroes enough though I got four samples now i’m liking that’s what we’re sliding you have three bars yeah that’s gonna happen the entire around don’t worry we should have for season four we should do plugin and 1.8 I mean this server is in Canada i usually get better pain to canada canadian service okay next season be in australia for sure man if we do an XE mean not win alright already FFA again it’s confirmed are doing exit area EEMA ten candidates first think of it Oh things like it cuz it up solve it was something oh yeah um duh okay okay okay do not mind oh yeah I forget no I have single or nothing no wonder why I didn’t get my oars I’m a shot me shot in the back right here I got a bow right here your stupid furnace isn’t I’m so happy that uh what’s it called that I have resistance against Bo damage because I just got took three shots from with the bow and I like took one and a half I didn’t have armor either I hope he does this is you love me are you using my furnaces that one if you have to have an iron picket come over here come over here mine this stupid gold through hair trimmers I kids gold over here I guess yeah I mind that for me you’re my slave even though yours up even though you’re my trainer a single owner think I’ll grab the iron it’s okay go right here go go go this way over here I’m so there’s more gold there’s more gold oh oh you don’t have a lead on sprint I have food you want some chicken I know you like I like the chicken I know you like chicken here’s some chick eating some fried chicken oh man let me cook up this chicken then really okay bye