Totally Thomas Town Thomas & Friends Unboxing Collection

hey guys what are we doing today we’re doing an unboxing from totally Thomas Towns know what I really love about totally Thomas town is that they really put a quality into the packaging they really take care of what’s going on with the packaging in fact I love the packaging so much let’s just leave the box as is No okay so we’re just gonna sign off say bye bye from kids toys play any one of us has a full idea of everything that is perfect no idea yeah I don’t know what it’s all packaged in there oh we got bubble wrap yeah I love it they gave us bubble wrap that’s so awesome oh look at the stickers I love the packaging guys we always get the packaging you get a full receipt of everything in our order and look everything is individually wrapped everything individually adventures we’ve got the Thomas adventures Diamond Run or is that my recycling center I ordered Sodor scrapyard yeah yeah you know this is well it gets crushed yes a scrap yard this is an old item you can tell with the rail with the roadway on there they stick it in there and then you garbage crusher won’t we have a crane here look there’s a magnet in there so we get the crane it’s got a road on it but you know what I think there’s gonna be a lot of reg on here yeah he well he’ll go sideways on that so regice are some 2004 item I love this item this is so cool the garbage is very accordion-style liam stern what do you got going on Oh today kids always play mystery bag okay let’s feel it out daddy get daddy’s an expert of this I think it’s a weather I thought I heard chirping art it’s not a bird in there it’s your burden parents are we don’t you out of a call these guys go to a lot of detailing Thomastown still supplies all the party supplies that we need for birthday parties oh I was actually about to order this this is the petting zoo yeah this is the touchid joke I think we’re gonna do an episode where one of the engines will be allergic to do what do you guys think this is wonderful the touching feels these are so soft a sticker activity kit so it’s got markers stickers and coloring pages more bags oh we got going on here this I like these little mister oh yeah these are the 2001 Lions it’s look this guy’s never been used what you think this do you think it’s a giraffe you think it’s an octopus a Kraken we actually have the circus train cars that’s what’s important is that we have the cars that they come in no yeah oh is that the zebra hey sky pony do you think this is gonna be another lion oh it’s the elif an with the ball yeah these are in phenomenal condition it’s like nobody ever used these animals the 2001 circus train we’re still on the mystery bag I have no idea what’s in here this is oh damn it Thomas well with all this 2013 we collect these we actually collect a deal with Thomas because Gale with Thomas actually comes to our town so we always caught the deal with Thomas wouldn’t railways from 2013 stolen package just need one of these – oh yeah what do you got right there right is that talking Toby talking Toby this guy’s gonna get in some trouble we’ve got talking Toby for the wooden railway this is gonna come in handy Oh Henriette is gonna love this guy absolutely what’s in here what do you think it is Mini’s Thomas minis I think this is neon Toby when that comes with and this is absolutely one look up wow this guy’s so bright get in the comment section guys let us know if you want to see any pomace minis videos this is like a giant egg opening but Patrick’s I don’t even know what’s in this oh we’re on quarry truck Wow look at the condition this is it quarry car this is Wow the Blue Mountain quarry it’s not a troublesome truck it’s just a car this is absolutely fantastic I can’t believe we got the quarry car look at the condition this is in yeah here’s our old one this is our old diet Troublesome truck from the quarry Wow you know what we were looking at doing a full-length movie weren’t we maybe we might do that the Blue Mountain quarry what do you think there is TV chirping there is chirping do you actually get chirping I think chirping nice that you’re getting that to the table quick older chirping

okay it’s just Easter time and look with you guys we got the eggs sorter egg hunt today and it’s chirping mama actually thought there was a bird in there shoot I thought she was going crazy again what else do we have we have the conductor this is the conductor from the wooden railway said guys this is in phenomenal condition Oh oh yeah Oh awesome blossom this is wonderful this is the switch track this is a two-to-one switch track we just did a switch yard and we might actually end up using this track not in ever on it I know what I have maybe she actually wants a job at Orly Thomas Hauk – so you like being the most careful unwrapped er oh I think you might be right you think that’s taking played dark take a played art and he’s playing spring eggs well I mean to say is happy Easter I love the detail look at the detail on this guy this is wonderful oh yeah DVD mud glorious mud right in time for spring that looks like Isabella on the cover oh there’s Isabella making she’s ready for my – oh this is like I promised wooden railway another day always hama skies no no it’s mine it’s mine go stay with Thomas 2011 this is Dan with Thomas 2011 this is cool this is wonderful awesome gale with Thomas cars I love those Rock master mystery box I love totally calm inside look they actually sell mystery box that looks like someone huge that looks like someone massive that looks like a trouble you got a cargo car absolutely fantastic just a nice little cargo car because we always use more cargo this my actually this car might come in handy for something I’ve been planning with the traffic masters that is a long train you made a long train already that this have you really have to unwrap that that’s not a scrap it oh is that Nelson yes this is an old Nelson this is an absolutely wonderful looking else here we have oh yeah Nelson palm as so many things from probably Thomas town you think with the name like fully Thomas time we get at least one Thomas yeah this is an old style Mattel chalk mouth Oh bodies are in it you know he’s in phenomenal condition – this might be our best condition old truck master Thomas that I’ve seen in quite some time Wow look at that paint he is really just this wrapping is on there so good that you are having a tough time getting it off aren’t you my dear we got the Mel car I think that this is the Tomy Melkor personally what’s in there my friend a is that Trackmasters wool there’s no choice yes she’s quiet for track master Wow Pet toy company Elizabeth I think this is in the era between Tomy and Mattel to be honest with you this is like that one year they did Elizabeth doesn’t look like her lumpy self in this one either Oh has it been says on my way Thomas we still got one more in this mystery pack I can’t believe it okay her dress new track master diesel that’s wonderful this oh yeah he’s gonna race we gotta raise her guys we actually have a new track master diesel but he is a talking diesel this is a non talking diesel this is wonderful Hey Oh Nelson what are you doing Oh diesel keeps on keepin on we’ve still got a lot of stuff in there what that might be it’s a pencil sharpener is that Percy is that chalk master oh that looks like Henry yeah that looks more like Henry than Percy new track master Henry we don’t have Henry yet Wow fix me up Stephen this is wonderful look at this guy oh man look at this he is in phenomenal condition why are you smiling and as funnel you can even see the crown things oh you know what he’s got the big front wheel but he’s got only one acts like mummy we might have another down hill remember that the host even down on the downhill our jumps dusty Stephen you might have some competition with fix me up Stephen what’s this one another tale with Thomas get out of here mama no get out of here 2012 day out with Thomas guys this is absolutely wonderful this is the quarry car at a 2012 2011 2013 totally Thomas still on cards which what are we gonna get ooh look at that I know yeah here Oh sticky spell Oh hero you look so upset this is based on one episode this is actually wonderful so we’ve got him he looks really sticky this might be Whitney oh wow oh wow so this is a troublesome truck this is grayface troublesome truck but this is the original style troublesome truck 2002 he is rather rare you don’t see these anymore but this is what the original Troublesome Trucks look like you know totally Thomastown actually does have a lot of rare items for seeing items that are still in their packaging a lot of collectors are gonna be like you’re so lucky you know what we are oh wow look at that balance that’s a good balance yeah awesome look at this

crossing mine we had a lot of positive feedback from our switchyard video so I think we’re gonna do it understood yard I used to be a rocket but now I need a new sprocket is that Henry’s tender bad toss it well the cooperating didn’t that’s like really break three new track master holds on his wheels folks I was very very fast this is another rare piece I specifically picked us out for our friend Sir Topham Hatt mister Jolly’s Chocolate Factory boxcar this is a rare piece but I picked this out and you know what it goes with hero’s not sticky spill now we have milk and cookies Oh milk and cookies sir topham hatt’s gonna love this rip into it bra oh wow this is unbelievable look at all Trackmaster Emily look at the wheels Wow whee oh and her pistons go she’s in really good condition Emily batteries are in it we might need to change the batteries go go Emily Emily on the hey what happened look at Emily going look at that big wheel keep on turning Emily keep on go whoa Emily Emily very slowly turning around oh she’s jock nice folks temper keeps going happily go someone said so what you got going on right here is this a diesel is this a Norman is this a Nevel is it a Paxton is it a Donald or a Douglas or Carter or Cupid and that may actually be Neville old track master Neville we’re gonna find out more about Neville he’s actually just I think he was a one-off character decide new track master Charlie just the jokes folks Wow look at those Pistons pumping oh yeah he’s gonna race hey Charlie hey that looks like Peter be take a plate Arthur take and play Arthur I love the details of these old taken place these are absolutely wonderful all right I’m Arthur Arthur was another one up that’s really accurate too wet to his basis though and the Easter egg hunt today well these guys nobody’s catching up with those guys for these training times ah yeah based on one episode but what an episode it was celebration salty we’ve got the Sodor party supply car we have celebration salty this is wonderful because we are going to be doing a Sodor day video sometime this summer this is gonna be absolutely fantastic I’m I can’t believe we still have these awesome items still in their packages what’s up guys this now this is me right on to be a cargo the wood cargo this is fantastic Oh with the pencil sharpeners last item is the Thomas & Friends pencil sharpener I call it it’s the wood chipper no kids nowadays will never know what it’s like to destroy their knuckles on a pencil sharpener in schools so you put the word in there keep turning the wood oh yeah I was spinning Go Go Thomas and that’s how the wood comes out hey you think if we put Thomas wood on this side that’ll come out Thomas wouldn’t really I’m never sure we’re gonna take Thomas wood Stephen put him on this side sure look oh you came out the well you might have done that in Reverse can you name everything that we’ve gotten here today talking Toby no you’re not blue mana glory Clark’s always on trucks or mr. Chavez car fix me up Steven circus train yeah circus train run your truck master can you need these guys Charlie Elizabeth nimble diesel Henry Thomas Nelson Emily Thomas minis donor scrap yard wood chipper darts easier got tougher our vendors back here switch rails and then all the stationary stuff right like the plates the drink up so Liam Veronica what’s your favorite thing out of all this stuff that we got from totally Thomas town do you like the scrapyard the best brought your favorite is the DVD my glorious mud well I’m really impressed that we found that they happen to find any old style troublesome truck and that they got this to us that is a really incredible troublesome truck and I can’t believe the condition of some of this stuff like I mean it isn’t really fantastic condition these animals guys get in the comments section let us know what your favorite piece of this giant toilet Thomas Town Hall is and if you’re looking for any of this really great old stuff whether it’s told me or a track master Thomas wooden Railway Thomas adventures or Thomas K can play or even stuff for a Thomas team party guys check out ww-well eat Amish town calm thank you hey guys what do we have

here well let’s open it up and see what’s inside guys oh we have a package well hopefully our viewers can understand that we don’t even know what’s inside this package we’re gonna have fun let’s open this up what do you guys think just thinking of the little details of making things happy holidays from totally Thomastown we got stickers Liam do you think James is the most splendid yeah how they package every item in such a nice paper descending tracks that’s Thomas wooden Railway Brad would you like to do what have you got there Ferrante’s oh you’ve got the hippo car the green hippo car I think we have a handful car it’s blue oh wow we’ve got party plates for Thomas yeah I know Tommy Thomas town does birthday stuff too yeah did you yeah you know the Thomas birthday too do you think that is oh we got risers that’s good we got riser for our wooden tracks let’s get that going together wait boo oh yeah he’s munching Oh Oh righto a hippo hippo went over the mountain to eat all he could eat Oh what else do we have Oh more stickers Oh tattoos oh we’re doing tattoos room totally Thomas town Liam chose this one oh wow look at that got your first tattoo and look at the one Veronica chose it’s a stationary set so another party favor you can order for your Thomas birthday it’s got a notebook some markers and a ruler oh yeah this is still official Thomas wooden railway product this is really good product here we’re gonna build our own little railway up here in no time looks like the original Sodor yeah that’s sorta bridge this is an original Sodor bridge I love these bridges they’re so stable and so wonderful they’re a good piece about this bridge is how long that straight piece actually is official this is all official Thomas wouldn’t railway stop this is incredible I can’t believe we got this look at this this is old track mastery Victor comes to Sodor but he’s talking this is the Victor that just got pulled out look at this he’s got his Cuban does he speak in Spanish or English oh you can tell he’s old track bass because he goes on carpet I didn’t even know that this Trackmaster existed Oh another riser fantastic these are all Thomas wooden rail wait risers hey you know what we can do with this track now now we have a big bridge set up oh yeah yeah you got hippo can cross that bridge not happy diesel 10 this is Thomas wood railway we have happy diesel 10 we actually don’t have happy diesel 10 yet this is always hungry because he has hungry this is hippo here don’t go backwards don’t go backwards aho diesel 10 right to the limits which one are you gonna pick which is it gonna be a tree to be that one cold and his counterplay scolding James oh we up diesel Toby oh we have another get diesel yeah that’s a good color for him yeah that’s what you need color that comes first Thomas and who’s this green engine number 6 I keep forgetting here hey Percy mcgerr see and a car car this is great because we could not yeah tar card now we can play where the diesels get to port are all over these silly Steamies

whoa that’s pretty flood that might be an entire truck master system they think that factory air Whiteface Troublesome Trucks from 1992 Oh batteries oh wow this is the best gift of all yeah mom and dad are so yeah every every parents like wool batteries sorry Isabel Wow we don’t have Isabel this is really unique like where else do you find these old I mean we haven’t even found Isabel like we’re where else are we gonna find an Isabella in his condition I mean she’s an awesome condition with her trailer but she was an awesome condition look at this Isabel guys meet the interesting outsider Merlin the invisible may look different but that just means he’s unique even when his appearance makes him hard to notice his friendly helpful personality makes him impossible to ignore well let’s ignore him and open up something else just kidding so here we are Berlin the invisible I didn’t even know that they had this out yet but I guess totally Thomastown has this in stock oh yeah merlin 783 merlin has a special trick he falls down well he actually has his three funnels so this is incredibly unique I’ve actually this haven’t seen this guy yet big red wheels Merlin basic Thomas would program but still with the three funnels in the gray that’s really in touch Merlin’s tender 783 on the side there’s no texture on the top like there’s with that one James that we have still just an awesome engine we’re really glad thank you totally Thomas town which says Merlin right there I like Isabelle nice try oh that’s our very rare piece so here we have this is absolutely out of everything we collect this is mummys little thing is she loves the day I with Thomas this is the hero of the rails to her from 2009 this is the very special passenger coach every car game their memory card game let’s play it right now okay Toby thinks that there’s another Henry right someone’s got a Emily Gordon James Oh who’s got the most pairs I have three pairs three two and dad has I got zero you know why I got the memory of Sydney what’s this lion car Oh lions are aboard hey last one oh that’s a mail mail piece I love how all of these are actual Thomas wooden railway pieces okay we’ve got our one track set up here and Oh we got so much from totally Thomastown this is wonderful what do we say you’re totally Thomastown guys this is awesome totally Thomastown they’ve got stationery they’ve got party supplies they’ve got games they’ve got tracks they’ve got wet tracks they’ve got Trackmaster toys they’ve got numerous take and play things thomas wooden railway and they even have the new thomas wood and i love how these rare things come into play chairs Veronica what was your favorite thing we got today tattoos Liam what was your favorite you liked a memory game the best I think that’s fantastic to give updates mommy I don’t know what was your favorite what do you think your favorite ones I don’t know such a hard decision oh oh hey it might have been to add to your deal with Thomas collection yes I love the rare pieces that they have I mean I haven’t seen Isabella oh and now I want you all to vote again either Oh tragedy I think my favorite is yellow Victor Trackmaster we’ve got another track master for track master races more crashes Thank You Bonnie Thomas often

sponsoring this trainwreck guys we want to hear from you get in the comments section let us know what you want to see us do more of maybe you just want to see us play with batteries we can make a video out of that too that’s a lot of fun do you like the rare older Thomas wooden rail way do you want to see more Trackmaster do you like Thomas take and play or do you like the new Thomas would brand stuff let us know what you like let us know what your favorite piece was and remember to drop by totally Thomastown calm hey guys what’s in our surprise box can we get a package from totally Thomas town yeah they put total retard sound stickers on they do okay so we got a package from totally Thomas town okay hey hey hey stop hey what are you doing what are you doing oh it is like it is it’s the size of it wow that’s actually a big package you guys can pick a color look how beautifully wrapped up this Oh bubble wrap do you think this is some type of train so this is the tipping bridge grab a train way I’m gonna see how this thing works oh I think this is how the bridge tips hey you know what this this could probably work on one of our races like our solar super station race or something like that whould I’d be good whoa let’s get out over here what is this wellsworth power and look they have their own DJ in there hey he’s got some hard breaks going on in the war the upload does actually move oh oh hey look it’s the best part is the object to get something out or is it to rip that paper guys guys oh you dance like you’re bumping candy kids sort of candy company so we know that this is gonna be one of Sir Topham Hatt’s special oh you’re discounting wood right now it totally Thomastown so there are some Thomas what pieces you guys like check it out the Thomas wood railway scruffy and we’ve got Thomas wood scrappy let’s see who pops further that looks like a tie oh hey look at the dynamite it made the dynamite different okay so this is Alyssa and Doug over the river drawbridge so this is our Melissa Doug but what is this gonna be for us really William dad looks like the Vicarstown bridge to me what do you guys think oh no he gets caught right there oh I love like look oh but how do you tell them big this bridge is this is a great Vicarstown bridge yes she loves the bread cause this is how you get her attention oh we have track mastered art I’m Todd he means to say is scruffy exploded oh yeah oh you guys got Trackmaster Timothy oh oh good job Oh scruff know the wrapping really matched the engines here you track master Scott he’s a racer look at those wheels ko oh hey I think there’s a tiger episode in season 22 and that’s why we’re gonna get this guy and then this court smashes him we’ve got Jack Frost Percy and we’ve got snowplow Percy and now we have snow covered Percy snow snow Percy and then you go elephants as we ordered elephants for cookie trunky Oh sock monster fits down there Wow we have a Sodor Steamworks hurts car spare parts car lights up but it is wide I don’t think I’ve ever seen a car this wide before Victor’s gonna have fun with this guy Scruffy’s having fun with him right now this is Tiger food we’ve got cow I wanted this guy for husky trunky – yeah oh wow look at him wow this is Chester

yeah he is Bree oh oh wow it’s so called hogs that’s became Theodore tugboat Isis from the makers of Thomas and Friends look at the size of this guy you put two full trains on there yeah here’s our Bulstrode Wow smoke carrying a boat oh and he’s going underneath look at the balance Bulstrode Wow Chester what are you doing look now I’ve known this is the old shirt rock piece I like all the wrapping tape paper matches anything oh wow look at that red a nurse James James goes buzz buzz so this is the James limited edition look at James it looks like a bee stung them right on the nose wonder where all those bees came from it might be an old elves bridge station what’d you guys think Wow does that track fit right in Chester Wow look at the size and like that’s incredible that just fits perfectly raaah head good Ryan’s leaving the island that makes everyone happy so doorpost like a mail car it might be Percy’s oh this is sort of a post I wonder what this piece right here is the soda or host nation so these pieces go right in here and then what happens when you turn the on Keys mail this has been a great haul so far but what do you guys think these are nice very packs look at this wrapping paper you got throne wrapping paper let’s see what I chose you chose oh yeah oh we got yes another Rosie I think we might make a custom and I think Rosie might be the best one for the job you guys name you know that we’ve got Thomas would birdie bus with this bus driver guy oh we got another Trevor awesome what’s this piece this is no Wow Wow I’m real we finally got a look at this runway look at this size of him Sodor Airport I have I’ve heard of this I don’t think I’ve ever seen it the biggest runway ever the whistle here’s Jeremy in the airfield second hey what happened that jerk hey he actually fits on the train tracks this is a huge set I think we’re gonna have a lot of fun with this that what you think guys hey pull it off the tracks I believe I’ve never seen this before ok we have our last mystery pack this is awesome from totally Thomastown a dress ready okay okay mystery box number two wonder what’s in there looks like more bright paper this is bull strokes doc so Bulstrode actually fits in there oh yeah you fit to the region better doesn’t he yep wow he fits in a really tight Chester maybe this will be Chester’s dog from now on okay oh yeah we got clock any truck oh we got more straight jocks oh yeah I love pockety tracks this here’s another rare piece look at this guy Sodor scrap lorry oh wow you what this is this is an e RTL they do diecast of this and this is Carla from tugs she’s a private yacht well we’re done our hole at totally Thomas down here guys Liam can you tell us what we got your Chester we got Carla got Bulstrode stopped new Trackmaster scruff we got we’ve got Thomas wood Rosie we’ve got um Toby Ryan wet scruffy Sora Steamworks um extra parts car look scrap lorry one Clark candy cane car cow Trevor for your bus snowy Percy elephant hydro flicker sound right so a cargo plane tipping bridge track Kings goes buzz buzz set our postal station Jeremy an airfield

and we got the amount of all this awesome stuff what’s your favorite Chester Carla I don’t know I think Jeremy like we finally got Jeremy this is so awesome that was good hey he doesn’t like write the Vicarstown bridge this thing is huge you guys get the comment sections let us know what you want to see more of and which pieces you like the best hey Chester yep hey guys click here to watch another video and click here to subscribe to our Channel bye