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For more than 20 years doctor Tan Kai Feng treats daily his patients from bronchitis, hypertension and many other diseases But instead of pills and conventional procedures, he recommends them a course of fire therapy He prescribes concoctions for patients with ginseng, lotus, scolopendra Or even with a few grams of bile of a real bear You are very welcome to Beijing! And this is The Life of Others! New York Venice Dubai Jerusalem Tokyo Paris The Life of Others Zhanna Badoeva The phrase “made-in-china” is known all over the world Things from China are in almost every home What do we know about the Chinese? How do they live? I personally know very little It’s time to find out everything About 21 million people live in Beijing If I were born here, I could be born, for example, in the family of Lee Dong Ju She is a young kindergarten teacher She would take me to a kindergarten in which she works herself After that, she would make me attend Kung-Fu school When I grew up she would find me a suitable bridegroom for marriage and family Or Hao La Ping and Heng Chi Fei could be my parents with whom I would live in a luxury penthouse, eat Chinese delicacies and in case of illness, I would be treated with traditional Chinese medicines Or I would probably be a daughter of Lui Nin and Lui Dzin Bo I would be the only kid in the family I would combine studies at school and extra circles to become successful and help my parents in old age Whoever my parents are, I would be born in an average hospital in Beijing Childbirth is paid everywhere The cost starts from $580 in the public hospital And in the private one, you should pay at least $3500 But some women are do ready to pay extra money Chen Ki, mommy-to-be From the very beginning I wanted to give birth in the public hospital, but because of the queues of 500 people in the hospital, each of my visits took me about 6 hours That’s why I have chosen a private clinic And here everything is more comfortable faster and the staff more caring Not all women give birth in private clinics Even if they can afford it Guo Joo, head midwife If the doctor sees that there is a risk of an adverse birth or any complications, he can easily send a woman to the State Hospital Indeed, in many of them the equipment is better and they will be much better help during childbirth There you have the paradox Beijing public clinics have better equipment than private which are much more comfortable For the sake of the health of the child, you can refuse from comfort But there is one more point that absolutely all women face during pregnancy In fact, the maternity hospital in Beijing is practically no different from other maternity hospitals in the world The only thing is if we want to make repairs in the room for the unborn child and to paint the walls in blue or pink, to buy some clothes for a baby, either a dress, or a blue romper, and to choose the name for the future baby And here in China, no one can do this until the child is born You never know the gender of the child and no one categorically will tell you this Do you believe me? To avoid abortion, it is strictly forbidden to announce the gender of future baby before its birth Due to the fact that many are not going to have two or more children It is extremely important for them whether their unborn child will be a boy or a girl Despite the fact that in China, the law – one family, one child – has long been repealed, Many families are trying to channel all their strength and resources into raising one child

The Chinese are convinced that girls after marriage leave their family and you can’t pretend even for a glass of water from them Boys will be breadwinners and a reliable rear for their parents in old age While some couples do not bother about this, others spend fabulous money on flying to an ultrasound in another country After all, local doctors for a long tongue can expect unpleasant consequences Zhang Zhenl, a lawyer In case of disclosure of the child’s sex, it may even reach the point of completely depriving the doctor of a license It all depends on the circumstances Someone can do just fine Standard maternity leave in China lasts 90 days And at the end of it, If you do not return to work, you may lose job Many have to ask parents to stay with their child or to look for a nanny Whom you will have to pay at least $730 per month But Le Dong for example was able to combine her work and raising a child to Le Dong is 28 She works in kindergarten and earns $ 870 a month plus taxes Private kindergartens are a real salvation for working parents They take children from one and a half years old while they cannot get into the state kindergarten before 3 years old And the cost will be appropriate The price of firsts starts at $ 290 per month The public one costs about $ 43- $ 58 Lee Dong Jiu, a kindergarten teacher In private kindergartens, more attention is paid to children Each group has five to six children and two educators Kids eat and sleep in the same rooms in which they have their classes Each of them must have air conditioning And they work extremely well, I should admit Due to the heat in the street, we are simply forced to cool the room, otherwise, it will be impossible to simply stay in But we try not to overdo with it as there are so many kids Really, it is a comfortable temperature, I should say It’s not very cold, though I still feel its working What do you teach children? Do you instill in them some kind of culture? I am asking because I often see people spitting on the ground in China. Is it normal? Or you teach and explain to children that it is not acceptable We teach them that it’s bad and they shouldn’t do that We teach them a culture of social behavior In addition, we learn numbers, hieroglyphs I noticed that all your teachers are very young We have a lot of kids and the teacher must be very attentive to them And for adults over 40 find it difficult to work in such an environment And they get tired pretty fast You are right. And I, at my age, am still working And I’m not tired at all The period in kindergarten is perhaps the most carefree in the life of every Beijinger At age 6, it’s time to go to school Then each of them will have to sweat a lot The school year in every Asian country begins at any time In Singapore for example, it starts in January And in Japan, they go to school with the first sakura blossom in April And in China, the first bell rings on the good old September, 1 For 12 years, all Pekingese receive secondary education Each class has a minimum of 30 students And in the first part of the day, they study basic subjects such as Chinese language etc Then, at 12 pm, they are having lunch, some rest and reveal their energy After all, from 14 to 17 pm they are going to have such lessons as drawing, singing, and physical education Moreover, in some schools, students are intensively engaged in Kung Fu Earlier, to be honest, I saw Kung Fu only in cartoons and on TV I have never seen this in real before And children do it daily for four hours Great job! Good for you! I didn’t like physical education so much. But I think I would love such a kind Wang Rui, headteacher Because of the great competition, parents try to give their children the best and highest quality education Despite the fact that the public school until the ninth grade is free, parents try to send their children to private Kung Fu schools

The first to ninth grade education at the Kung Fu school costs $ 3350 And the final three years will cost you $ 3630 This amount includes uniform, food, and residence in a hostel Classes start at 6 am And until the end of the day, children train and learn tirelessly Children live in such rooms There are eight of them in each room Each morning after wake up, they have to make their bed and make it look pretty cozy and neat One boy is still here, while the rest have gone already So let’s ask him some questions Do you have a lot of homework? Liang Li Weng, a pupil Nope, we don’t have many tasks and I cope with all of them pretty fast When do you return from school? And when do you have free time? I have almost no free time I work out till 8:30 pm So I just have some time to brush my teeth and go to bed, as I get up so early If you do not listen to the teacher or did not do your homework, can teachers punish you for this? They cannot beat you with a ruler, right? Nobody beat us or punish us, they can only scold us because of poor grades and behavior But not always pupils in Beijing were so lucky Shao Ling, a Raksha driver In my school years, teachers could easily give a slap for a bad mark or behavior I got a ruler on my fingers almost every day Do you have a mobile phone, for example, to call your mom? We don’t have a phone I can ask the teacher for a phone if I really need to call my parents I do this very rarely because I am already an adult Don’t you miss your home? At the beginning, I was missing my home, but now I got used already Every two weeks, students go home for the weekend All the rest time they spend in school The only exception is disease In this case, the parents take the child home until he recovers completely What do you want to become when you grow up? I dream of becoming a scientist-inventor and making a lot of money, helping my parents Good for you! Just imagine! This is an 11-year-old boy! It is so important to find positive sides in everything As we can see, getting demanded specialties is the goal of every resident of Beijing since childhood After all, without a diploma and higher education, you can forget about working in a large corporation Instead of a cool and clean office, you will work all your life in the stuffy market butchering and selling toads Dreaming of a better life, 90% of graduators enter universities There are about 60 huge universities in Beijing To enter the university, students pass a national unified exam Which determines their chances of entering a university Wu Yi Khan, a student I study at Peking University It costs me $ 730 a year This amount includes hostel as well The government and leading companies of the country are interested in qualified personnel Therefore, there are many grants and scholarships But the competition for them is very large Therefore, getting into the University even to a paid department is a holiday for the whole family Diploma of higher education in China is the garantee of your happy and a carefree future Therefore, my classmates and I are making every effort to obtain it Considering the number of people living in China, you need to try not only to the maximum but also to squeeze all your strength out of yourself After all, the competition here is a whole world of trouble In due time, to get higher education and to get good money Dr. Tan Kai Feng was studying day and night Specialists of his level earn about $ 1445- $ 4365 Just the hospitals in which they work are not quite ordinary Acupuncture, massage, herbal medicine, fire therapy these are not spa services This is the appointment of a doctor in a clinic of traditional Chinese medicine This doctor specializes in fire therapy and can make a diagnosis checking the pulse He cures dozens of people daily with traditional Chinese medicine Please tell me where did you study to understand the state of human health by pulse? Many doctors graduate from the university and then, based on the results of a urine or blood test, can judge human health

And you only check his pulse and then make the prescription Tang Kai Feng, fire therapist First, I graduated from the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine And secondly, I am from a dynasty of doctors who also taught me a lot Please tell me. Do you need any tests at all? Can you understand the state of the thyroid gland by pulse? You don’t need any blood test at all? If you want to check the condition of a particular organ, then you should apply to western medicine We consider the state of the organism as a whole I can have a patient with a full package of tests without any problems and decipher everything for him But there is no need in that I determine everything using pulse diagnostics I do it analyzing the tongue on which all organs and the general condition of the patient are projected Xu Yue Fan, doctor’s assistant By three points on his left hand, the doctor determines the state of the heart, of the liver and kidneys Three points on the right hand determine the work of the respiratory and digestive systems And the total flow of energy in the body In our country, in order to understand what a person is sick with, he needs to have all the tests done, donate blood from a vein and finger, and much more And here to know what you are sick with, there is a pulse diagnosis The doctor is now checking my pulse and will tell me what I am sick with and then he will cure me and I will work on TV for you until the end of my life You will not be able to get rid of me because I will be healthy! You know I am worrying right now. The doctor is so serious Is everything ok with me? He is thinking of something right now I don’t know what’s going on now What can I tell you? You have increased dampness in your body I bet that when you wake up you don’t have clarity of mind and you don’t feel rested? You are definitely right What should I do then? I recommend you to take a course of fire therapy and a course of herbs And you will feel much better! If the doctor says then we should act Am I burning now? So for 50 minutes I was burning and burning But please don’t try to do it at home Cause together with the ambulance, firefighters will also have to be called The prices in our clinic are quite affordable One appointment with a doctor costs $ 116 One fire therapy procedure costs $ 65 The clinic also treats with acupuncture, warming a cigar and other exotic treatments The composition of the drug is more like a potion Just check it Dried insects and reptiles, Rare types of berries and even bile of a real bear!! Many of us enjoy using traditional medicine and do not accept other treatments Therefore, dried scolopendra does not scare us And it’s no wonder! As the diet of Beijing citizens is quite original as well So that you can see with your own eyes what I am talking about, I invite you to look at the local supermarket Here in the supermarket, you can buy some fish, some crayfish and some minnows There is a carp here. And a crayfish. And even the turtle! Just look! Omg. Look, here are even snails! There someone is cutting a toad for lunch And why not? Here is some kind of fish and small shells Some gall bladders Omg, there are a lot of exotic food here Any snake with toad for your lunch today? You need to find out the recipe as it can be delicious And this, for you to understand, is the most ordinary Beijing supermarket Prices for everything are per pound The cost of troads is $ 1.9 The cost of snails is $ 5.8 And the turtle will cost you $ 7.3 All the products are sold quickly In one day they sell dozens of toads and about 15kg of snakes This is apart from all the fish and shellfish She works five days a week and earns $ 435 per month

To the question which of this variety she loves herself most of all – she answers without hesitation Li Hong, a seller I adore toad thighs I should try it then..But no, thank you Let me check what else they have here People come to the supermarket in Beijing just like we do to buy vegetables, fruits, bread, meat, eggs so like all the people in the world do But there are things which surprised me a lot Let me show you now! Next to the familiar for us chicken, goose and quail eggs, in the middle of the counter, there is an unfamiliar version of this product Please tell me what kind of eggs are here. Probably they are spoiled, right? Liang Wei, a seller That is duck eggs that lay in the salt for a month So there is no need to boil them, right? They are ready to eat Tell me, most often they buy these already prepared or raw fresh eggs Raw fresh eggs are much more popular They can be fried and boiled, soft-boiled and hard-boiled and you can make scrambled eggs And these look awful And a lot of flies are here And that is not the end Right now he will show us a black egg. Just imagine A black one This one is also ready to eat Was it kept in the salt as well? Or why is it so black? This egg lay for several months in a mixture of ash, lime, and salt Really? Is it ready to eat? – Yeah A pound of this pleasure called centenary eggs costs $ 1.46 While ordinary eggs are sold for 64 cents for the same weight It looks like an ordinary boiled egg So the Chinese are buying these ready-made eggs, take them home, then just cut it and eat it and treat guests even So everybody is happy and excited Hyun Ji Fei, Director We love centennial eggs and although they do not look very appetizing, believe me, this is very tasty After I had good old fried eggs for lunch, I went to visit Hyun Ji Fei, a film director, in his luxurious penthouse The couple decided that they do not want children since at the time of meeting Hyun Ji Fei already had an adult son from the first marriage How the elite of Beijing live and build their life, I will tell you and show you right now If you want to feel yourself for a while the real Chinese, try Chinese cuisine and visit the famous wall of China, then China Travel will organize an unforgettable vacation for you in China It will help with booking tickets and hotels, registration of visas and excursion organizations to any taste So here you come on your own elevator to the 27th floor And you immediately get into your apartment Wow. Unbelievable! Here is the street It is all so well decorated This is a huge apartment of 300 sq meters There is old chess here Woman holds a table on herself Look here. What a cutie! Hi there! Hello! Come to me, little one! Let’s check it all here together It is so funny There is a motorbike here with its guard at the same time Just look at this wall decoration It is is all in tiles with faces Who is shouting there? Let’s see Look what’s going on here! One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten Ten parrots!! Do you see that one over there? Dogs and parrots…I am wordless What a lovely white one! All right. I will keep silence To make them stop talking they use this curtain here You go to bed now, cuties Square meter of such apartments costs from $ 10 185 up to $ 11 640 As for the utilities, they spend $ 14,55 on water $ 146 on electricity

They pay $ 1 per square meter for service of the area near the house Here, right in the apartment, there is access to the summer garden Now we will see what the Beijing Summer Garden is What a beauty! That is summer garden in Beijing on the 26 floor Just look! What a cool fountain! This is a ballerina It’s so hot here The gardener is watering flowers Here are some plants There is a table here A lot of everything You even can forget that you are in the city right now One feels that everything is done with love and good taste The rich in Beijing live the high life Today I will definitely look into low-income families to understand how big the gap between these two classes is While I was walking around the apartment, which is more like a museum of modern art, The housekeeper prepared snacks Centennial eggs and toads no longer surprised us, but ducks heads and chicken legs are something new What is it over here? These are chicken legs Is it prepared? Hao La Ping, designer You are right. It was just cooked Chicken legs are pure collagen Try it, Zhanna. And you will have a baby face! And you eat nails as well, right Everything here is edible and tasty Well, it’s quite extraordinary, I should say Everything is original here Both your home and your dog You have dogs and cats, and parrots! I know that you are a designer and you are a director I’m wondering what in China do they recently most often make films about? Now I am filming films for children only But my colleagues prefer patriotic themes Tell me about your working day It’s no wonder for you, but we have to schedule at all I’m not only making a movie, I am also writing scenario Preparation can take us up to six months Later we will film it all for maybe two months And then we can edit it all for another couple of months How does it affect the relationship that your husband is constantly busy? We love each other so much, that any job won’t be a hindrance You have such a beautiful house indeed What is the most expensive thing in your house? What did you buy for a fabulous sum of money? When we buy something, we never check its price Perhaps the most expensive thing was the table we are sitting now We’ve bought it in Paris for $17 460 But no matter how expensive things are, we never care too much of them We just use them and enjoy them You are right! Let me just touch it now How many people live here with you? We are only two people who live here I saw that you have a housekeeper or she doesn’t live with you but just comes to work They all live in our house only in another apartment below which belongs to us too Did you find your housekeeper in some agency? Or how should one get a job like this? Is it difficult to do? We do not use agency services We trust more personal recommendations For example, our housekeeper is from the family of famous chefs She constantly pleases us with her culinary masterpieces I already noticed that you have quite an unusual lunch And this is so cool Housekeeper, gardener, and driver earns $ 1,060 per month each Considering, that one scenario can cost $ 43, 650 and film directing can cost $ 145 510, they can easily afford it The couple met through mutual acquaintances and fell in love with each other But not all the couples in Beijing have the life like that If you are Pekingese and you are already a little over 30, and still lonely, then you need to visit the market of grooms and brides I can’t imagine what it is, and it’s very interesting to know Let’s go then! The choice is not big today Apparently in Beijing, the choice of the bride and groom have ended And they all got married already

But this man still hopes. And comes here each day Every day he comes to the park to find a worthy life partner for his daughter Where is your daughter now? Maybe at work? Li Bo, a senior She works all day long Can she meet anyone at work? Or is it difficult to do that? Everyone has his family already. And my daughter is 36 already If I don’t help her, she would never get married Well, she has never been married until 36 years old 36 years is not a sentence She can easily get married by herself I think What kind of groom you want her to find? I want her husband to be hardworking and like children. I think this will be enough You know she can use the Internet to meet somebody I know all these social networks She already tried it, but no luck I will help her by myself All parents put information about their children on the paper near them Here you can find out the name of the person, his weight, age and also his income We are looking for a groom only among local residents with a Beijing residence permit Good luck then! Oh, that’s so uncomfortable But it is in the shadow! I agree, thank God, the sun is not shining now Good luck to you! This is actually a meaningless market There is no choice here And I see no meaning in it at all If you only rely on it, you can never get married You will just sit and wait for your prince to come So, you better use the internet to have more chances In case you can’t make up any other plan For a year now, my mother has been unable to find a husband for my sister in such a market I succeeded here much faster In Beijing, when it comes to marriage, children usually listen to their parents They most often pick up a pair for them And this man is not an exception He is the only breadwinner in the family, so every day he works on a rickshaw that he once bought for $ 290 Hello! How are you? Did you finish your working day? No, that’s just a break It’s 6 pm already. How long do you work? I work till 9 pm. – Let’s make you a little siesta Where did you study? Do I need a driver’s license in order to work as a driver of a rickshaw? There’s no need to have a license. So I drive without them So any person can become a rickshaw driver. Can I try? Well, I am not sure about you if you break me a rickshaw – what will I do? That’s true. I won’t even try How much money do you earn? In the best month, I earn $ 436 Where do you live? I live 10 meters away from here Do you live just over here? It is the very center of the city Then come on. Give me a lift. I haven’t ridden a rickshaw for 100 years But please be careful My cameraman is running behind me He is a sportsman The ride was so short It turns out he lives in Hutong, which are residential neighborhoods in the very center of the capital Which are 700 years old The Chinese government is now either demolishing the Hutongs, to build up space with modern buildings Or reconstructs them to preserve the cultural heritage But some people still leave in them My hero inherited it from his grandmother So they moved in together with his wife Shao Lin was forced to leave for work, so he asked his brother to show their housing What a staircase! How do you climb it? So here you live and sleep, right? You are having ventilator here! The ceilings here are not very high I practically reach the ceiling with my small stature There is no space to stretch here The worst thing is that there is a TV I am joking It’s not the worst The worst thing is that a square meter here in the center costs $ 20,000 Just imagine! This is a historical center but people live in such conditions

This does not belong to them; they pay only for utilities Here they sleep. And…That’s all So there is a tv and a ventilator Most houses do not have a toilet In general, there is no sewers Residents visit public toilets They only pay for electricity It is around $ 11,6 per month They buy a gas bottle for $ 14,6 Which they can use for four-month-long But people live in the thick of things In the very city center Lui Nin and Lui Dzin Bo parents lived their whole lives in a sleeping area in Beijing in their own house Every Saturday, they gather as a family to dine and discuss the events of the past week Hello! Oh, it is so fresh and cool here As its so stuffy outside So here we are in a real Chinese house Is it a living room? You are right You meet guests and watch TV here, right? What’s over there? There is a dining room and a kitchen Hi! – Hi Moms are cooking Chinese dumplings Wow! So the kitchen is simple and ordinary What is the filling inside? These dumplings are with meet inside Here the dumplings are boiled in a frying pan and here they are stewed We have dumplings cooked in a pan Here it is coating not to mess the walls This is the second life hack in my life The first time it was in Jordan Do you remember how they covered the gas stove And here is the second one So that the walls are clean, you need to stick cling film Thank you! I will know it right now! The house has 240 square meters So the first floor we already checked and on the second floor, there are a few bedrooms and a bathroom I just do not see the very bathtub here Do you have a bathtub? No one has a bath, only a shower No one uses the bathroom in China, it is a waste of time and water While she showed me their house, I decided to ask my favorite question about men Which men in China are valued? Who do women pay attention to? Liu Ning, civil servant Education is very important for us, same as his attitude to parents And if on all counts everything is fine the man will be snapped up What women are valued here? Which Chinese woman is considered beautiful? A beautiful woman is a smart woman Education is very important for a woman, and then the appearance and manners Chinese women are hiding from the sun so that God forbid them not to sunbathe And you are tanned While many women hiding from the sun, I go to the sea and sunbathe While I watched the house the whole family gathered in the living room and we joined them Both Lio Nin and his brother has one son only And they don’t plan to have more kids To the question why he answers simply Lui Jing Bo, a businessman We should first cope with one kid To raise a child in Beijing, you need a lot of time, forces and money It is the same all over the world Children need to be raised, educated and they do take a lot of time. And it is normal It’s much more difficult in China Due to huge demand, it’s very difficult to get to a good kindergarten and then to school and university Someone constantly steps on your heels it’s an unacceptable luxury to confine ourselves to one study with our competition The child must be developed in every way We spend $ 11 640 per year for the education of our son That’s why we are not ready for it What children do in their free time? Lui Dang, a pupil I learn to play the guitar; I do the calligraphy I attend Kung Fu, football and play tennis We have every minute scheduled In Beijing, parental authority does not lose its strength When at the age of 40, they will never contradict their parents

Is it true that in Chinese families, as parents say, so the children should obey? If the parents did not give permission, then the children will not marry Despite the fact that we live separately Parents participate in our lives That’s why our decision is based on their advice Did you give permission to your daughter to get married? Initially, I was confused by the height of the future son-in-law But our daughter had been dating him so long, that we got used to him and permitted that marriage Really? You paid attention to that fact, don’t you? And they did not fail in their decision As being on retirement, their son-in-law helps a lot his parents-in-law I love to dance But I have absolutely no time to dance Children, work and dogs take all my free time You know what I mean Same thing is in Beijing. People are short of time But there comes a time when everyone is dancing. And itis called a pension Men begin to receive a pension from the age of 60 And women receive a pension from the age of 55 On rare occasions, it happens earlier For most citizens, it is one the happiest moment in their lives The time comes to live for pleasure and to do what they have dreamed of all their life Or put it off for later Wang Huai Sien is a bright example of this I can’t even believe that you are a senior when looking at you Did you use to dance before retirement? Wang Huai Sien, a senior I was always dreaming of it, though I had so much carings and worryings That’s what I mean I as well dream to dance But I can’t find any free time to do it How often do you meet here and dance? We dance each day from 6:30 till 8:30 in the evening In almost every park in Beijing, you can meet a crowd of dancing women and men And it’s all around the country And to join them you do not need any invitation or permission When walking along the park, you notice people dancing there, you can just start dancing with them Just like me right now An average pension here is $ 510 And this is the cost of living for the capital Therefore, Beijing residents during their work activities are trying to accumulate capital for their carefree old age Others consider children their main investment and have all their hopes in them Do children help you? I don’t ask children for help and they have so many expenses And $ 655 which I get every month is pretty enough for me How do you monitor your health on retirement? I eat healthy and dance It helps me much to stay fit You look amazing Surely everything reflects here, your active lifestyle, dances, eating well, your inner health and medicine And is it good to be retired in Beijing or is it better to work? I loved my work at the post office. But besides, I had a lot of worries My home, kids and relatives Now I have the opportunity to live for myself And I am happy Happiness is in our hands And it’s never too late to make our youthful dreams come true More than 20 million people live in Beijing There are so many of them that it is impossible to unequivocally say what they are and how they live Because one does like rice with chicken And others adore turtles with snakes Some prefer traditional medicine. And others use acupuncture Some may marry for love, while others are forbidden by parents But something unites them all And the very citizens of Beijing says that it is hardworking, our desire to be number one, patriotism, discipline, our ability to overcome any difficulties, love and respect to our parents No matter how many of us there are and how different we are, We are all united by love and, all right, by curiosity in the lives of others