FAITH NOT SIGHT BAM: Pastor Antonio Pringley

hey man if I put your hand right here and see I gotta get my mind right to receive the blessing of the Lord amen amen amen get your bottles I’ll get your bottles out a man great great great great great great word they were divine from God it’s custom fit just for you this word today hey man it’s custom fit for you amen amen amen amen two Bibles out now has a pastor this is going on my tenth year view we’re going I think next month getting ready for the church of the pastor’s anniversary so this is the 10th year that we’ve been here in Florida three different locations we started the church nine years ago with one gentleman and an old building in ybor city then we have the nice search over off of lee avenue and then the lord blessed us here with the church with the acres of land in man so there has been increased in the church from the very beginning they meant and so I’ve had an opportunity to see a lot of stuff a lot of people come a lot of people go and one of the things that as I recall that my recollection is I’ve seen some miracles and I’ve seen some blessings a man I remember as a little boy I used to look on the television at the television preachers and one of the preachers name was Ernest Angley robbery you all probably don’t remember him you remember him mount Ernest Angley and I remember as a little boy that just as Benny Hinn also had he had a healing ministry and amen and I remember as a little boy that Ernest Angley used to bring people up that could barely hear a man and people that was sick and bring them up and of course a lot of us when we see hill is we really don’t bleep I mean for real for real we really really because it seems like something that can’t happen and so I remember Ernest Angley used to bring people up and begin to speak in their ear and children and they begin speak and what have you and so I was a little boy I really didn’t believe that we didn’t believe that because at that time i was young and did not know about God and I had not seen anyone healed or delivered him anything but as I got it in the ministry I went to seminary know you still have questions about those type things because it’s never been performed on you amen it’s just like some of you all you don’t believe people walk up to people gear molinos it happens every day you don’t believe people walk up to people and just find the new car bomber knew how it happens every day amen and so today what I want to talk about is is for just a moment y’all call over to no good so y’all got too much blood for me all hang out on the wood so I go back and forth you that’s why I keep going back and forth value from your ground so y’all swim so I can’t get the right temperature hey man and so today I want to talk to you today about your faith now the Christian walk is based on faith nobody has ever seen God Bible says that Jesus walked out but God has never been seen Bible says God is a spirit amen and so sometimes when we are really really catching it somebody’s a kitchen it begins to make us doubt God all of us none of us are beyond mountain God especially when still started getting rough especially when the doctor has said you have a disease all right especially when your money get fun amen and so today just for a little bit I want to talk about faith hey back if you’re going to be delivered if you’re going to be healed if you’re going to be set free it is going to be based on your feet and so listen how many you all need

a blessing a little bit young no yes a little bit yeah some of y’all good can I say glass to me your line you mean to tell me that we in here and we don’t need a bless well pastor what is a blessing a blessing is divine protection and favor God we all need that how many young in a blessing all right we all need a blessing now the other part of the blessing is a miracle oh now a miracle is something that occurs that’s beyond human understanding that’s what a miracle is a blessing is favor and protection so we need our children need it all day every day hey hey man so messy lord I need a bless okay now in order for you all we got some of you all that are sitting here today hey men sitting right in here today so and listen sickness does not have to be medically were your money right you see when your relationship may write you see so I don’t want you to think that sick is something that is medically amen and so what I want to do is and I want to stay focus is is I want to make sure that we find out according to the Bible how we can get what God has already promised us now let’s go to hebrew level in one quick get all the scriptures here hebrew level in one do you all know that i saw us in this church before we got here hey man you have a role by a hole for you ever look at a car and you saw yourself in it before you got it you ever saw yourself as an entrepreneur before even occur you ever saw yourself and a certain job before it even occurred and then now the Bible says in Hebrew this is that thing is the substance of things what hopeful and the evidence of the 10 shots you got to begin to see the blessing before it come the Bible says faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of these one ok now well pastor how do i get paid but guess what you can’t pray for fee and k nobody else give you their faith just because you come to church it does not meet you have faith hey man let’s go to Rome with 10 to 17 is it now faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen yah yah yah the Bible says in Romans ha am I going to develop faith because I’m sick now how am I going to develop faith I don’t have the money for my meals how am I going to develop faith when I don’t know how we’ll meet how the Bible says in Romans now faith cometh by what puts handle you and you about what I build my faith based on what I’m hearing man come on say what my ears hear it deals my faith David now faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen hey I was talking to someone was he yesterday I was making an illustration and the illustration was what if you was blind we are member how intelligent Stevie

Wonder wars and recharge wars and they were blind now how can a blind man have more faith did someone that has site because Papa John’s yeah keep you in trouble cuz you want to see stuff before God do it but that’s not the way God works we just said that faith is the census of things what hopeful and the evidence of what did we also say how am I going to be on my face it says I build my faith because I’m listening to this preacher in Miami faith cometh by hearing and hearing what come on brother but they’ll come on come in a few turn your Bibles if you can I will finish it out with second Corinthians 5 and 7 second Griffin father what y’all be nervous now angle do 90 I know y’all holy stop holding your head comments 0 3 i’m gonna let y’all see what god can you do what’s the mu- gotta they watch the movement of God watch God move today watch the movement of God watch the movement as i watch the movement go watch the movement of God watch the movement of God watch the movement of God watch the movement of God watch the movement of God watch the movement and Ghana the Bible there in Corinthians vol 5 and 7 it’s if we won’t buy one and not what now you all better sitting you one two three four five you need God to do something for you and so why your blindfold it distract you from looking and so now whatever it is that you need God to do for you it gives you an opportunity to not look for the blessing but folks believe they make somebody I gotta believe first and receive sec see a lot of times we’re looking for the Blessed you got to look forward you gotta believe this and see once you believe the blessing amen then you can receive see a lot of times we’re asking God for stuff that we looking for y’all hear people say all

the time i’m looking to get blessed that’s why you ain’t getting less cause your eyes ain’t no good then this walk with Christ it’s a walk beso thing your faith can lift you up oh you’re faint can put you down amen and so the Carlos we need a blessing somebody God to heal them somebody needs a financial blessing somebody has lost the dry to do right by God and so what the blindfold us is it stopped me from looking for blessings but a test do I believe why good let’s go today Casey top a man so that gives them a divine moment to be with Coosa yeah we already know you need the Lord to do something now come in d all right babaji three bounces last gift to you oh yeah she all right good now let’s go to Jane 5 and 14 5 and 14 go there I’m gonna dump and done 5 and 14 you want God to do something give your time because see when you concentrate you can see stuff and see most times the reason we can’t pray we doing too much everything else she proud me I need a moment no damn party oh yeah ara now watch this the Bible says are there any sick among you hereby oversee see you can’t see the sickness called the sickness in inside I told y’all last week folks am I you look sick Toby finna die yeah the Bible says in James if any sick among you I’m down that night I’m depressed right now money is right but now children disobedient relationship ain’t working I’m just down that mean I’m sick but the Bible says if there is sick among you they say call on the elders of the church hey man that’s the preacher and let them ignore them and pray over them listen what it says and the proud of what you’re looking at by Katie hey y’all brother hey y’all probably do like I did at first dr Dowson oh pretty some fiery ministry and I’m with his church my first church as a preacher and they went to go through all the scriptures and I knowing it and I was like a light out down with me huh so that was y’all just did ya the minute might say cold out there I’d be in Matthew and I would hide my body because I know I use it in so that’s what happened here is that when when I said y’all would kneel but the Bible says if they were here sit among you so much they call a preacher oh yeah huh hey let him get all is there any

power at all nope the power is in the faint if you want to be piling god it’s based on your face cut the devil he attacks your feet but then the Bible says let them annoy them at all and the prayer of faith with what golub ah that’s why can’t y’all y’all be home your children they get sick and then and and and they get fevers their hands on because its power and plan daddy and I love system my nephew here just the rebels the reef sorceries you need God to do so and it she bigger than you you’ve been roughly struggling don’t guess what it’s your faith because without faith you can’t be God without say he can’t heal you without faith he can’t deliver you when I faith God can’t do nothing without clean was that jaffe alligator price reduction