Fierce Tales 3: Feline Sight (CE) – Ep3 – w/Wardfire

alright it’s time for more fierce tales 3 feline site and yeah you know we’re frozen here we we’re gonna go skating and we fell into icy water which is not good and the only 12 are we I don’t we have as a ritual knife but it seems that the Ranger saved us hey you’re back it’s a good thing I was around you could have drowned we’re in my cabin now here have some hot tea to warm you up thank you oh nice disappearing oh I’m going to head to the forest to look for the other leopards I want to find out where they live you should check out the local bookstore they have some ancient books you might find some clues about why the leopards are attacking our town here’s the address Joe will Jenkins the Ranger left in search for other lepers in the forest I should get to snovel to continue my research I actually dragged into something habit you all right so we’re looking for cats and scrolls and did she even see something of a morphing objects but I don’t think there any morphing objects here is all very weird but all our clothes okay so we’re like naked or something not really but I hope if I had need an example of a key and a piece of metal from which making great one I need an example of a key sorry it was like a flare bullet gas snowville used to be a tourist favorite for skiers and hikers alike now the city is almost empty due to these attacks no one wants to visit something needs to be done before snowmobile becomes a ghost town I saw the strange color on one of the snow leopards I suspect that’s how they are controlled what would happen if we remove this from one of them well we can read the book as much as we like okay guide ah there’s some mini cats how did the person even see that like people making the guide sometimes just like how would you ever notice that oh hello wearing stuffs mmm look at the door here we go snow go 45 kilometers oh there’s a cat even I notice that one for some reason it’s well gee so the scrolls are giving us info somehow on I’m snovel he’s probably gone gone and the cats are like in a shelter this metal sheet might help if I can remove a piece with my tweezers new troubling covering this too tight I need to cut it stuck in the snow just be wedged up to allow it to move oops no bill has it been used lately in the keys arrested right Oh making Yuki we will make a new key or blowtorch give me blood of chia to pop axe handle convenient it would be I’ve been would have been even more convenient if it actually being on the axe just working at snow bill is more than 40 miles from here I’ll never make it if I try to walk um I don’t remember the exact measurement I think a mile is longer than a kilometer so yep you should probably right so what I need is Planck’s war probably some gas for the burner here oh okay cool cuz we’re done filled burner oh you have no nozzle a lighter to ignite oh ok I don’t have that though mop nope we want to be arraigned your

heart oh I see buckshot mo okay take this gun with us so safe just a book well I do have the key models we can put that there huh oh I can pop it up with planks yay that helped me tremendously no there’s nothing to do anywhere which is good so hint me ah why didn’t you show me that map tributed I’m just blind here we go cool later that’s what we need ye lift a burner we are the best of everything on the LA which is convenient these are different files in the Christ sequins to cut the replace Winky okay oh it was a wild guess maybe what you ah there we go okay cool come on snowmobile just to be very careful getting the collectibles because like it seems that the area’s lock themselves if you don’t come back laters oh all the leopards welcome to snowbelle I’m sure there were dozens of lepers watching me from the forest luckily I’m safe at the city’s entrance I see you over there and I see yesterday that little mini cat too hello I should feed a small bird if I want it to give me its treasure what can I use to clear the snow from this map you know towards drop this regardless and need something extra to unlock it well brush eat put your dress okay so we’re going to g930 3858 e7 e 6 5 4 3 d 3 c 3 now i know the best way to get to the bookstore I don’t think it’s the best it doesn’t look like the best way but a serious way but sure finally I reached the city center near the bookstore cats install the statue commemorates the unity of man and nature in gratitude to the first peoples and their peaceful existence with snow leopards snowball flourishes in harmony with the environment oh I’m sorry I just stole your necklace oops not cross runway Airport ahead there’s an airport behind his gate if I wish to get through I need some help forbidden to climb all right the right way we’ll get rid of the glass and that I can reach what I need oh no one answers I think I can enter on my

own toolbox is locked with a symbol a barrier probably blocks a dangerous path to see the outskirts I’d better not go there okay bookstore Oh what was that why did leopards kidnapped the bookstore owner can I find their tracks and rescue him i just realized as best seller Marcus’s memory here with and that Marcus’s memory is fierce Hales number one and I don’t know about this but this also looks like ah this is probably fierce tales one Marcus’s memory actually could be that one they’re making lots of references here which is cute trying to look for all these little cats and Scrolls here it is broken anything 60 / I can use it or down I’ll go who any seeds oh this is a glass cutter the notes the Rangers mentioned recent and strange unprovoked attacks by snow leopards I did some research and discovered an odd local legend supposedly ancient people who knew how to control animals lived here long before snow avail was established call me crazy but looks like these attacks are guided new car new way to work but it all takes me past the accident site every day maybe I should revisit it and try to heal it insert the missing mini books in this case storm’s locked i need a key to find out what Joel was protecting like a stock probably please want awaits is missing photos and I have one that’s okay guide using to be telling me that there’s actually nothing in the bookstore what I’m getting to you um dangerous for the lovebirds I purse broke the barrier and drag that man away they’re probably just trying to make it difficult for me but you know I could just open up myself well why make life so easy oh I’d ever seen this shape before perfect shape though give me a book oh I should have read the book books up I missed it you guys will tell me if you saw anything interesting on them all those book spines the insights or something I think it’s set on one of them I’m just like wondering if there were any references to old games or anything like that there but okay pressing the books the curtsy quest don’t be afraid to start again this is Marcus’s memory the first one and these dogs I know the second one was about dogs what was a cult I don’t remember it was about dogs at least all the brute force or the guess work or whatever now a fresco partna compass rose uh of course we do map City entrance oh it’s an entire hit objects seen all right let’s see here bone bone I have to do something with that boom boom boom snowflake classes it smells leaked

one two three four five six seven eight nine then 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 I can brush something up here plus another smells like okay yes and objects in 10 seconds well I am happy I even missed a couple the things i had seen but doesn’t matter enter awesome phone rubber glove is going to be very helpful I think we got all the collectibles so let’s go why did lepers right go into a cave to find out I’ll need to deal with this fellow saw you door will open if I start to pendants we need that train / missing some parts to make it work take you huge tree blocks my way up to the car I’ll have to go around like that oh that’s a machine that produce artificial snow but there’s something stuck inside to start it it seems like I need to unscrew some bolts oh there’s a cat right there they are stay are so invisible yes part of part of the fun oh yeah I was like what is that oh hey screwdriver screwdriver therapists are useful for everything no cars artificial snow in the other face well now I can enter the mine without further problems you’ll never stop me joel is doomed oh yay boy that explosion really rattled you I guess we know now who’s controlling the Leopards they must need the bookstore owner for something I say you explore his shop next oh here he dropped this while they were dragging him away okay he’s gonna give me his fine I’ll just take all his money Hey look with all the money’s he has I haven’t driven a car for years but fool that I am I hang on to my license and if I even think about driving all i remembers accident is too much snow gol Airlines you should go check out the bookstore you’re gonna stand guard here oh never mind he disappeared up here’s a dead person who else is missing his ancient necklace oh but his ancient necklace is missing something mine closed due to excavation something to get this bulbs I’ll use my screwdriver totally used totally made for that kind of screw there an ancient symbol fits here due to the extraordinary evidence of an a once-vibrant ancient culture archaeologists continue to excavate and research this area oh maybe he wasn’t an archaeologist then and found something too hot to take with my bare hands apparently we need that with the ex blowing up the only way out of this mine is backward and something to clean this brush does it look very ancient to me another code to open this nope something here according to the guide Tico we should go to the bookstore we have

this nope that is driver’s license and we have a plane ticket but oh here’s where we needed raving license we also need a car so we don’t have and we need another bulb interesting maps like go to a slope we’re like okay paint cans hmm very interesting anyways time is up so we’ll have to figure out what to do next time but next episode so we’re playing fears tales 3 felines site thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you later