"5 Keys To Being Right In God's Sight" Part 2

you like to go ahead and open your Bibles to psalm 34 that will be the first passage we get two nights on 34 good how I have all of you back with us it’s patrick said particularly for visiting thank you so much for being here some who are going this morning are back with us and we’re glad that you’re back always look forward to these times together let me mention a couple of things real quick before we begin that are coming up within the next week or so number one has to do the fish fry if you could sign up if you’re planning on coming and you haven’t yet if you could sign up by the ninth that would be preferable if you have to wait till Wednesday that will be fine probably what i’ll do is call tomorrow and go ahead and give the guy an idea of how much we need and then if I need to call again Thursday night a few pounds too that’s never been a problem but if you could sign up tonight if you haven’t yet that would be great so I can go ahead and and get a majority of what we need ordered we’re going to eat at five Saturday evening and we’re going to have provided fish french fries and hush puppies and team I think somebody asked me earlier and I forgot to mention to you but I’ll I’m probably making about five gallons of tea if you’d like anything else then you might bring that but we try to keep Saturday night on your part really simple if you’d like to bring some you know stick some white beans in the crock pot but I know it doesn’t take a whole lot of prep work if you bring slow some kind of dessert something like that we try to provide the majority of it so it’s not a whole lot of work on your end because we’re going to turn around and eat again on Sunday of course we just ask you throw in four or five dollars a person to help offset costs of what what we provide but that way it’s not a whole lot of work on your part and that leads into Sunday we of course always have a pot look this would be completely covered dish there won’t be any meat provided so bring anything you’d like bring a little bit extra hopefully we’ll have a good crowd Sunday morning and we can enjoy that time together still plenty of postcards out there although there have been many taken and thank you for that keep on taking those postcards and hand them out or mail them they’re set up to where you can just slap one of those cheap postcard stamps on there and address it and send it on and hopefully hopefully that would do do the job but go ahead and be be taking more of those and just clear that table off get rid of them and let’s invite as many as we possibly can to the meeting next week looking forward to that please above all commit to being here yourself we want you to invite as many as you can and we want as many from the community and friends and family to come and to be with us that week but we want us to be here first meeting is only going to be as successful as as the support from the members ourselves and so please make plans be here every single time we meet we’ll meet nine and ten Sunday morning then we eat Sunday night don’t forget we always shift or evening service later to 730 so some of the neighbor neighbor and congregations can come and visit with us and then Monday through Wednesday it will be at seven so 730 Sunday night and then seven Monday Tuesday and Wednesday and we hope you can be here for every single time and bring someone with you thank you to everyone who had a hand in the fire booth I think we had a great year again this year talked to I think Doug and miss Doris had the last shift last night and I was asking them about how much material was left and they said they’re just there really wasn’t a whole lot and that’s always good to use had a lot of folks sign up for different things and that’s encouraging to have some contacts we can make in the next week or two so if you had a hand in that thank you if you didn’t then please be thinking about perhaps helping us with the next year it’s always a great event and a great work and a great opportunity for us to reach out into the community and then one last thing I promise how to do the Bible Bowl I know Jeff will have a lot more to say about this when he gets back but our kids just did a tremendous job we had to hire one-and-a-half team really one senior team and then we had a part of a junior or a young achiever team with Kennedy and Raymond then we had a another boy from another congregation

that stepped in and was on our team but every one of them did a great job they put a lot of work into it and did a really good job yesterday during the Bible Bowl itself and I’m looking forward to Jeff filling you in on the details and I know we always have a Sunday evening where we recognize our Bible Bowl participants but if you participated in Volvo we’re proud of you thank you for being committed to that and we’re looking forward to to being involved in it again next year this morning we began to study really kind of based around a statement in Acts chapter 8 you remember where Simon having just recently obeyed the gospel saw this power displayed by peter and john when they had come to front come to Samaria from jerusalem and you remember the text says that that he offered them money hoping that he would be able to have the same degree of power that they had and of course Peter rebuked him because of his coveted spirit and told him that his money perished with him and he had no part or lot in the matter and then he used this statement to condemn the covetousness of Simon and his general demeanor as a Christian and that statement was this your heart is not right with God thankfully Peter didn’t end the conversation there we talked about this morning how he went from that statement 2 then immediately doing what he could to inform Simon of what he needed to do to make his heart right and we kind of led that into the reality that we need to be just as concerned today that we be right in the sight of God to not be right in the sight of God is essentially to be condemned to be separated from God to to be living a life of neglect and so we want to have a life that is right before God so that we can live in hope and assurance and confidence of the blessings of God not only in this life but ultimately looking to eternity and so today we’ve been talking about five keys to ensuring that we are right in the sight of God and at what we’ve done is we’ve just taken the were dried and used each letter as an acrostic representing a key to ensuring that our lives are right before God the first key that we talked about this morning was the key of Revelation and asking the question am i living my life according to revelation am i living my life according to God’s revealed will if we’re really serious about being right in the sight of God we need to have our first instinct to be to go to his revealed word to see what his expectations are for our lives and to live the mountain every way we possibly can number two we talked about the key of influence that is are we living our lives in such a way that we’re helping to draw others closer to God we are not islands as Christians in other words we cannot assume that we can just separate ourselves from everyone around us try to live our lives the best way we can but but not really be involved in the lines of anyone else and still be right before God no no God repeatedly tells us throughout the New Testament that we have responsibilities in the area of bearing one other’s burdens Galatians 6 and verse 2 and doing good unto all men Galatians 6 and verse 10 and and helping to bring sinners back from their lost ways James 5 verses 19 and 20 we all wield some degree of influence in this life in the lives of some people may it may not be a large sweeping a broad type of influence it might be minimal influence but we all have influenced in some way what are we doing with that influence it makes a difference when we’re talking about being right in the sight of God tonight we begin with key number three and that is the key of glory and the question we want to ask here is am i living my life in such a way that I am giving glory and honor to God you know we use the word glorify a lot or the idea we talk a lot about the idea of offering glory to God what does that really mean yeah I think

it’s one of those things that would we say it we generally understand what it means but sometimes we don’t know the best way to define it I’m using my own words here but I believe I’m drawing on biblical principles in doing so I sup back the other day and I thought about what exactly if someone were to ask me to have my own words define or explain what it means to glorify God what exactly is it that I could say and I thought and this is what i came up with i’m not saying it’s the best definition it in fact i’m pretty sure it’s probably not but it made a lot of sense to me in the context of what it means to glorify god and it’s this it means that we stand in his shadow as we project him and uplift him in everything that we do and everything that we say in other words to glorify God means that we humble ourselves and exalt him in every conceivable way and you kind of get a glimpse of this mentality and passages like Psalm 34 beginning in verse one where the psalmist said I will bless Jehovah at all times his praise shall continually be in my mouth my soul shall make her boast in Jehovah and the meek shall hear thereof and be glad Oh magnify Jehovah with me and let us exalt his name together now three verses there but look at the number of words that are used that essentially are referring to this concept of glorifying God he says number when I will bless Jehovah he says number two that his praise shall continually be in my mouth number three he says my soul shall make her boast in Jehovah I’m going to boast not in myself but I’m going to boast in God number three he says o magnify Jehovah with me and the number 5 he says let us exalt his name together you know the psalmist never uses the word glorify in that passage but I believe those five elements those five words that he uses are explaining the idea of glory or offering glory to God when we glory a glorify God we are blessing God we are praising God we are boasting in god we are magnifying God that is in a very literal sense enlarging him in our lives we are exalting God when we do these things we glorify Him and what’s more is that God expects us to glorify Him why because he’s worthy of such glory you know if a mere man or woman demanded glory or expected glory in the same way that God expects a little glory we would look at them as being having a very prideful spirits we’d say they had an ego there hottie they thought in themselves a little bit more than they alt why because no man or no woman is worthy of glory we just aren’t there’s nothing we could do that would make us worthy of glory but it’s an entirely different matter when it comes to God God is inherently by his very nature worthy of glory and therefore he expects it of us looking a few passages along these lines number one Psalm 22 and verse 23 yeah that fear Jehovah praise him all year the seed of Jacob glorify Him and stand in all of him all year the seed of Israel and that verse the psalmist uses three different mentalities are three different are really four different words that can refer to this idea of glorifying God number one he says fear Jehovah actually he references those who do fear Jehovah but it’s much the same because when we fear God we are in essence glorifying him number two he says those who fear of God should praise him that is offer him

worship number three he says to glorify Him the very word that were speaking of and number four and this is one perhaps I love more than I say more than others it it makes it impacting me more than others and that is when he says stand in all of him standing all of him when I read that I think of I think of maybe a young child who who has a hero just somebody it may not be anybody really any importance in any other area of life but just someone they look up to someone that is a hero to them that they actually are able to see for the first time and they stand there just in all of their presence it reminds me of yesterday Mike and I were talking about a he being from Marie and being a big Murray State fan growing up in weekly County we had a say young man he was young at the time he’s a lot older than I am but a guy from Dresden who went on to play at Murray State and then played several years in the NBA in and I remember when I was in fifth grade that he came to Martin elementary school and did a program for us I don’t exactly remember it was but he he talked to us for a while and then on the way out you know he was walking down the middle of all of us who were standing on the floor and he know he just kind of walked by and give her about everybody five and I was home at how I remember I wasn’t on the owl but I was sitting next to one of my friends who was and and that guy came by and gave him five and it was like you wouldn’t believe the look that was on on that boy’s face you just just stand there looking at his hand I’m never going to wash it again an NBA player gave me five he was standing in all of him when i read that phrase that that’s what I have in mind of course being with God though of a much greater in a much greater way but just standing speechless not not really knowing what to say just amazed at the mere presence of greatness and glory and that’s what the psalmist says we should do with God standing all of him second passage in psalm 15 verse 15 call upon me in the day of trouble and God says I will deliver thee and as a result of his deliverance what does he say will happen you will glorify me why because he’s worthy of such and he displays that worthiness in action number three Psalm 86 and verse nine all nations whom thou has made shall come and worship before thee O Lord and they shall glorify thy name why because he’s worthy of glory same Psalm Psalm 86 and verse 12 the psalmist says I will praise thee o lord my god i will praise thee with my whole heart and i will glorify thy name forever in other words there’s no part of me there is no part of my inner being that will not glorify you i’m going to do so with the entirety of my heart’s nothing lacking number five romans 15 verses 5 and 6 paul writes now the god of patient sent of comfort grants you to be of the same mind with one another according to christ jesus that with one Accord ye may with one mouth glorify the God and father of our Lord Jesus Christ because he’s worthy of such but why you know we’ve mentioned five passages now really six if you count Psalm 34 and we could we could list countless others that illustrate the same principle of how our lives should be a reflection of glory to God in everything that we do and everything that we say but why I think that can be summed up pretty well in first Corinthians 6 and verse 20 where Paul told the Corinthians that ye were bought with a price and because you were bought with a price what does he tell them to do ye shall therefore glorify God in your body why should we offer glory to God

because of the price that he paid to purchase us what was that prize blood of his own son acts 20 and verse 28 you think back to the cross knowing know that the cross wasn’t the only thing that God did throughout history but knowing that everything God did throughout history led up to that moment in which he willingly sacrificed his own son and one of the most horrible ways possible not because he wanted to but because he had to because that was the only way that our sins could be redeemed we were bought with a price and therefore we should glorify God in our bodies want to be right in the sight of God number one we need to give attention in Revelation number two we need to think about our influence and number three we need to ask ourselves are we glorifying God in the way that we live in the way that we talk and the way that we interact with others number for think about heaven and ask yourself the question and i living with heaven in mind and the reason we should ask ourselves that question now and really every single day of our lives is because no one’s going to go to heaven by accident folks if one of these days the trumpet sounds the dead arise Jesus descends from from heaven we rise to meet him in the air and we go on to live with him forever it’s not going to be by action in it’s not just going to happen it’s because it’s going to be as we were intentional in the way that we lived and that we woke up every single morning dedicated to the commitment that we’ve made I am going to live today and every other day of my life with heaven and mine and his great vision of glory John spoke of the innumerable multitude that was a symbol before the throne praising God eternally in Revelation chapter 7 his vision of of heaven and in Revelation 7 when asked who this innumerable innumerable multitude was that was gathered around the throne of God singing praises to God eternally this was his response these are they that come of the Great Tribulation and they washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the land and therefore are they before the throne of God why are they before the throne of God because they were intentional in choosing to wash themselves in the blood of the Lamb to live a sanctified life to walk in the light first John chapter 1 it was intentional similarly in revelation 22 he recorded that blessed are they that washed their robes that they may have the right to come to the Tree of Life and may enter in by the gates into the city there was a purpose in the way that they in the way that they lived they lived with heaven in mind and what’s more is that the New Testament makes it clear that heaven is a reward for those dedicated to living life god’s way think about philippians 3 verses 12 through 14 don’t don’t just take my word for this this this is what the inspired apostle paul wrote about it he said not that i’ve already obtained or am already made perfect but i press on if so be that i may lay hold on that for which also out was laid hold on by Christ Jesus brethren I could not myself yet to have laid hold but one thing I do for getting the things which are behind and stretching forward to the things which are before I press on toward the goal

unto the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus that last phrase in particular in verse 14 that the way Paul worded that I press on that implies the mentality of effort and intention I press on toward this goal a goal of this prize that God is offered unto me with regard to the high calling of God in Christ Jesus Paul was intentional about the way that he was going to live with heaven in mind and folks we’ve got to be just as intentional ourselves if I’m going to be right before God it’s going to manifest itself in the way that I live as to whether or not heaven is my ultimate goal you want to be right on the side of God live with heaven in mind and then key number five the key of trust and ask yourself the question am i acting am i living out of an obedient faith second Corinthians chapter five Paul speaks of the courage and the devotion with which we have to live in the face of adversity and of course remember and keep in mind that he’s speaking to a group of people who were facing for more adversity than than at least you and I are having to today he’s addressing a group of people who are waking up every morning not knowing if they would pillow their head that night alive for the simple fact that they were Christians and yet even in the face of that type of adversity he talks to them about courage he talks to them about devotion and as a part of that conversation Paul use these words that in some respects have become a cornerstone of how we must approach Christianity in our lives in verse 7 when he when he said this we walk by faith not by signs that is regardless of what we have to face in life we live with an implicit trust in a sovereign and all-powerful God knowing that it doesn’t matter what I what I see and what I have to experience here because I have a faith in one who is much greater there I don’t live in a reactionary way I live according to fade I live according to direction and knowledge that is implied by faith Hebrews 11 and verse 6 but the very essence of that verse implies how that trust manifests something in our lives you say that word walk in verse 7 and it implies an action it implies obedience in Christianity at large speaking of the the broader concept of Christianity in this world in Christianity at Lord’s faith and works are too many many people to independent concepts that have no connection not not just have very little connection they have absolutely no connection to many people faith is one thing works or something entirely different but in New Testament Christianity in the doctrine of the New Testament the concept of faith and works completes a perfect picture together of God’s expectations for our lives and that’s why you have that extensive conversation in James chapter 2 about the relationship of faith and works summed up at the end of that chapter in verse 26 when James says this that as the body apart from the spirit is dead you separate spirit from body James says that equals death and as the body without the Spirit is dead so then is faith without works dead also being alone you take the the human body and you separate the spirit from it that’s death and James says in the exact same

way you take faith and you take that you strip works from that concept of faith you try to separate the two and he says that faith is dead faith and works are not too independent concepts when it comes to Christianity they are in perfect harmony they are together a perfect picture for God expects in our lives we believe it and that faith is displayed in our lives by action and obedience but in obedience that’s only going to come if we trust him and I mean trust him in every conceivable sense of the term so we live our lives according to faith knowing that it is the combination of faith and the obedience that faith will display in our lives that helps us to be right before God and so those are five keys among I’m sure many more that we could mention five keys to ensuring that we be right in the sight of God my living according to Revelation am I careful about the influence that I am offering into the lives of others am i living a life that is glorifying God and we’re living a life that has heaven in mind am i living a life that says I trust my god and it does not matter what man will do to me it doesn’t matter what this world may want of me I trust God and therefore I will do as he has told me regardless of what may come that’s the type of life that we should all want to live a life of complete and total surrender submission maybe you haven’t offered yourself to God in that way yet maybe you haven’t offered him complete unwavering surrender and therefore you’re not a child of God if that’s the case friends surrendering ourselves to God is not just a good a good sound bite it is the best life that we could possibly live a life of total dependence on him of guidance and direction by him and the reality that relying on him and this life will then allow us the opportunity to rely on him eternally in his presence surrounding his throne and that’s the type of eternity we want therefore that’s the type of life we need to live maybe you haven’t lived that type of life yet and so you need to become a child of God if that’s the case understanding what God wants in verse is simple doing it sometimes is not as simple but if we really want that type of life it’s something that we have to do what he asks of us is that if we believe Jesus is his only begotten Son turned from our sins and repentance acknowledge our faith publicly by confession and submit ourselves to immersion in water to contact the blood of Jesus Galatians 3 26 and 27 that we will have our sins redeemed will be added to his body will live in hope because we’ll be Christians now if you’ve done that before but you haven’t lived a life of surrender you became a Christian but at some point the past you quit being a Christian and you need to correct that you can come tonight God still pleads with you and the blood of his son continues to flow freely if you turn from your sins confess them and seek His forgiveness that you can have that forgiveness tonight you can leave this place with a life that is rededicated to him whatever you need is if you need to make your life ride in the side of God tonight please don’t delay to do right now while together we stand and sing I could not pay I needed someone to wash my sins of