Semoga Allah membimbing anda Christian Prince May Allah Guide you! Islam misunderstood

[Applause] everyone and piece of Christ what a few kid about your friends and share the link with whoever you can and don’t forget least to download the video right after we finish kamehame then he left a comment for me which is a nice comment actually and I’m really surprised that a Muslim speaking to me in a nice way this is any usual due to the nature of this cult of Islam always they speak in a violence tone this [ __ ] he said CP may Allah guide you to the truth of Islam our Creator God gives us to ours so it’s our two ears I think you want to say not only and only one more mouth please do listen more than talking I find that this comment is kind of funny it’s coming from a Muslim because it is Muslims who don’t even know what is retaining their books and they are the one who talk too much but they say nothing as an example you pray to your God five times a day you never ask yourself I mean what the point repeating the same prayer at least say something different imagine you have a father or a son you caught him five times a day and you say to him what he said to you not even your own words repeating the same message for eternity bismillah ar-rahman rahim I would build a miniature but the point for a boring how boring same time Muslim says may Allah guide you I wonder what they may stand for I mean why Allah will not guide me why me is it a wish so Allah he can guide me but he the one I guide me may Allah guide you so you’re asking Allah to guide me but isn’t it alone in the Quran he said he don’t guide he is the one whom his guy it’s obvious that Muslims do not know much about their cult if we go in the Quran we will find that all the problems in the world happened because Allah he wanted him to have him I may speak to a Muslim the Muslims he surprised me by saying I never heard this before to the point I’m not surprised no more in chapter 6 verse 112 the Quran saying and we have appointed to every prophet Devils a friend the Devils are appointed by your by your God if you don’t like this translation by the way you can change it for you I mean all of them for me is funny stupid translations but you are the one who don’t speak Arabic for me I don’t really depend on in the Muslim translations because never I never saw a Muslim giving an accurate one and most of it is deceiving in purpose and so we have appointed for every prophet in in easy shayateen Chariton Allah is a point shayateen is a point by Allah so let us say she turned it misguide me but as you see Shirin is appointed by Allah are you do you understand what I’m saying we know the Muslims always you know like

when they speak about religion they mentioned the world Satan and the Christians they have the same word and the Jews they have the same word so we assume right away that the Muslims understanding of Satan is the same as a Christianity and this is the mistake Christians always do in Islam Satan is appointed by God he is a servant of Allah Satan is just a person doing his duty as now a person who is against God really now for sure the Quran is full of contradictions as an example Allah he ordered seitan which was supposed to he is one of the genie and this another mistake the Christians they fear and – they think that Satan is an angel according to Islam no Satan in Islam is not an angel the same as in Christianity in Islam Satan a is a genie genie is a creature made of fire which is a fantasy from Allegiant and never exists so this genie or Shaitaan as you see all of them they are appointed by Allah actually in different verse we will see that even she atone they work for profit like Suleiman and not only they work for him actually he have a full command over them if you go to chapter 34 verse number 13 and if you go to the verse before it really carefully and into Suleiman we gave the wind this is the flying carpet by the way I used to have a flying carpet and I sold it in eBay because I mean everybody driving a nice car except me using a flying carpet and USA is not allowing that there’s no license plate there isn’t so I have to give it up an interesting man we gave the wind he controlled the wind and if you got an interpretation you will see that this flying carpet can carry six hundred thousand chairs which is really small I mean my dad flying carpet was bigger I think it was like six hundred thousand and one chair that was four doors so a man have no doors at all and then you see here that this carpet can go like in the distance of one month or can fly in a speed of one morning a distance of a month which is very funny I mean this is very slow because Mohammed is measuring to the distance speed of camels I mean anyway and then we caused the fount of copper gush forth for him Cooper and we give him certain of the jinn who work before him by permission so jinn they work for Suleiman and jinn are many kind and if we’re gonna read the story we’ll find that she attains working force with him and not only Genie genie remember Shaitaan is one of the gym but missus every every genie is a Shaitaan and then you will see even they built for him a synagogue and here they built even for him statues and the Muslim deciduous system is against idols but as you see even though her own claiming that Allah he gave Solomon and genies who built for him synagogue’s full of statues so shayateen have a very embarrassment legacy embarrassing situation Islam because they work for Allah as you see here those they work Allah he sent those shayateen to work for Salima a Muslim she said to me here and the text letter sweeter comment why would your God Allah false prophet to appear and to make false verses which say is God you see why my God allow you even to this belief I wish you can ask yourself the same a question because according to Islam everything is destiny according to Christianity it is not according to Christianity jesus said not everyone says to me Lord Lord will enter the king my father but the one who do his will which mean there’s the will of God and

this is your will choose which one you want if you choose to do the will of God which mean you agree that your will should be in agreement with the will of God then you go to the heaven of God in Islam is not another story so it’s very funny to ask this question what about I ask you the same question why your Allah who taught you to believe in destiny which is one of the important most important things to believe in Islam allow me right now to speak against him is it Allah who appointed the Sharleen isn’t it Allah who guide them as guide so if I am is guiding right now according to Islam Allah is the one who is sending me to misguide if we go in the Quran we will find the following read carefully we’ll be pleased and I will show you many many verses not only not only one verse so you will not say he is picking up some verses and he can read verses before and verses after because at the end of the Holy Quran is a very silly book verse before verse after have nothing to do with each other if you go in the horn you will find that Allah in tones of verses saying that Allah is the one who lie and he is the one who misguide us in chapter 4 verse number 88 read carefully Samira it says then what is the matter with you that you are divided into two parties about the hypocrites Muslims are divided Allah has cast cast them back to this belief who is the one who cast them back this belief guys who is the one who cast them back to this belief Allah do you see it did it not cast by themselves Allah cast him back you disbelieve so if those people left Islam will because Allah he is the one who cast him back to disbelief and then he continued because of what they earned but it doesn’t matter you know what earned why you are casting him back it should guide them if I am you see Jesus said I came to the sick not to the healthy if somebody is sick you help him you don’t cast him so look what he said do you want to guide whom Allah made go astray in the surah Muslim translation in Arabic actually it says a to read una and Telugu man a la la la are you going to guide the one who deceived by Allah woman yo li’l allah farintosh Adela who Sevilla and the one who Allah deceive nobody can guide in your Muslim translation which is not even close to the accuracy but will let it take it from there do you want to guide whom Allah made go astray who is the one who made people go astray Allah and he read carefully and he whom Allah has made go astray you will never find a way for him between to bracket to guide knees it sameera we are in this chapter what’s wrong with this chapter what’s wrong with this chatter either one this chapter and chapter 110 in the Quran is one of the most funny verse at a chapter in the Quran actually I don’t know how you cannot call it a chapter is that a chapter that is not a chapter that is at issue I mean why you are asking me to go there if we go to the chapter 110 the one she Samira she is asking me for and you see you Muslims you are hurt in your God willingly I mean what you are asking me to go there don’t you know who I am I’m Christian Prince you are going to her your god by choosing that chapter are you sure you wanted to go to chapter 110 Sameera is that what do you want maybe me Dee is that the one you want look at this chapter the Muslim they say to us Islam is a religion of peace hmm verse number one when come Allah help when Allah helped come come – who – Muhammad by what by war we saw people enter in Allah religion by crowds so

people don’t want to enter Islam until the salt came and when Muhammad became victorious people by thousands converting I said Shahada don’t kill me when the victory can be put into Islam by thousands if we go all read the interpretation evening ethereal tributo burry all of them they say when Muhammad was victorious in the war people they enter Islam by thousands so you just again it proved to me that Islam is nothing but a cult because look your God is the one saying that I am the one who must guide them and look what happened the one who really guided him is Muhammad by the sword so how Allah is the one he is the one whom has guide them and he was asking in the verse before it how are you going to guide the one who Allah make him his guide great guys is it is very sane are you trying to guide the one who Allah make them his guide you will never find a way for them but look what Hamid Muhammad he was victorious in the war and suddenly thousands of people they enter and thank you Samira for asking me to read that verse proving that the false prophet because our ego went to guide them speaking to whom to people of courage but all of them they converted to Islam later then here Muhammad showing how FAR’s prophet he is because they never thought they were convert for sure they converted by the sword so are you going to guide the one who Allah means guide the one who Allah deceived and he who Allah made him deceived you will never you see the word never never find for him anyway hmm no Samira my god he did a lot of things about false prophet and the proof is me here we go I’m a spanking your prophet every day my Lord the Messiah he said you know them from their fruit from their fruits you shall know them so he give us the guideline your prophets speak about God but he’s a child molester did the killer is a thief even the Muslims accuse him of his thin underwear so what do you mean my God did not do anything secondly I can show you right now that my god did a lot of things to prove to us easy that Muhammad is a false prophet as an example this verse of the Quran this verse from the Quran I think it happened by my god not by your God Muhammad he day he said in chapter 69 Muhammad he was saying supposedly it is God of Muhammad is talking but we know that Muhammad is the fabricator but Muhammad never thought that this will happen to him so he said and if he invented false saying he who Muhammad concerning us us who Allah because Allah is a group us as a corporation we surely as surely we had taken had taken him by the right hand and then served severe his life artery you can’t change the translation if you don’t like this one which one you like which one you like nor then they say the same and we should certainly then cut off the artery of his heart if we go in the hadith we will find that this is exactly how Mohammed did and I believe my god he did that which mean he is the one who caused Mohammed to die in such a way and to expose him look what Mohammed said prophet saying the prophet in his element which he died he used to say Oh Aisha I still feel the pain caused by the food I eat at Hebert and at this time I feel as my Horta is being cut off from the poison as Nia this is amazing it’s exactly what it says in the Quran that if he is a liar Allah will cut his order so if Muhammad is a lawyer if Muhammad is a liar how he will die the verse in front of you and how Muhammad died the hadith in front of you so what do you mean my God did not do anything a person is saying hey hold on I’d like

to show the Muslim comments so we can share together the Muslim opinion muhammad qasim said the hadith on the artery tunnel does not approve your point because it was expression of death not literally because how can you feel being cut off or even profit that’s a very nice smart try you see you just accuse your prophet to be a false prophet again because you’re a prophet when a guy he came to him and he said to him my brother is sick and he said to him tell him to drink honey and then after he drunk honey three time coming back Ward fact backward and he keeps saying to him my brother getting sick your prophet is scream at him and said you’re a brother stomach is lying and Allah told the truth so Muhammad he claimed that even knowing that diseases or the illness is not his knowledge is from Allah so when Muhammad theory says and the wrong confirmed Woma who were Elohim knew huh nothing Muhammad he say but it is from Allah when Muhammad he says I feel that now my aura is being cutting off it doesn’t say it cut off already is being it’s in the process and this is throwing us that you do not know even how to read Arabic neither English his being cut off is in the process he’s not dead yet thank you and if you are saying this is not a proof that’s mean the whole Quran is a lie because the whole saying the proof if Muhammad is a liar or not that we will do this to him so if this is not approved that’s mean you deny the Quran and you deny Muhammad to be a prophet so guys how Muslims at busted he said it would be a miracle because it stayed alive for long time and regarding the honey man eventually become well this what you Muslim say obviously is not the man he never came back because he was scared to be killed secondly you said that he this is a miracle because he lived for long this is not a miracle this is a big punishment he is dying slowly with pain because you’re a prophet he says my since he ate the poison he was suffering and I can show you tones of hadith what is the miracle the miracle will be if your God Allah save him not Allah did not save him and he wanted to ask our question why Muhammad died by poison and Allah did not save him but Allah he jumped to save Jesus and he sent his limousine to him and he took him from the cross but in the case of Muhammad and the Muslim they claimed that Muhammad is the favorite person between all mankind to God yet Allah he let him die by poison why Allah will not save Muhammad but he want to save Jesus and supposedly he did especially this is story here if we go and see what happened to Muhammad and we made a video about it actually if you go and watch my video previously I made about Muhammad who killed the Prophet you will see that the women she said Muhammad asked her why you put the poison she said well if you are a prophet Allah will save you if you are not if you are just a king you will die and then we get rid of you and then Mohammed II says Allah learn you cut the rule akattak so you will not be able to do so because although will not let you do it but as you see it happened what the Quran said oh no in my friend it’s not an owner hold on hold on you see you see the the fallacy of Muslims look at this he said that’s mean his death is a as a murder that’s an owner that’s not because this is was an examination of him being a prophet or not especially the cross if he was a lawyer we will cut his artery how that can be an owner the crew insane if he is lying so if you are lying your God he promised you to kill you and that would be an honor to die lying you see that to die as a murder that will be if it died in the front way but your prophet confirmed how he died I feel sorry for you secondly in case you don’t remember I forgot you don’t remember anything you are almost time you know nothing and not only remember you don’t know I am your Sheikh I am the Sheikh of all sheiks of Islam what the Quran says about things happen to us what the Quran

says the Quran says that all bad things happen to anyone in the world happened by Allah will hmm read carefully do you see it nothing bad can happen to any human being except by Allah well so the death of Muhammad by poison happened by whom by Allah will how that will make him a murder bad thing you see the word there must liebe this is bad so the heishi when she was reporting the story that Muhammad he used to say that mean he’s to keep saying the same words it’s not a one time twice and then ever when he was dying in the element of death he said I feel now my heart vein is being cut off what do you want more right no no no you see you know it says not right away where is the diversity is right away right away is right away right away you cut his aura and this is when he cut his artery you see if I say to you you will die by a car accident and then you die by car accident how what happened you have an accident today but you die after a year or two years because of the accident still you died because of the accident correct guys if I am if I am a person who have an accident even ten years ago if somebody was shot by a bullet let us say a bullet went in his brain but the blood stayed there and then after ten years still he died by the bullet still he died by the bullet nothing change trying to save your profit it doesn’t work and as you see here nothing bad can happen except by the will of Allah and here we answer the Muslim who says may Allah guide you as you say again Allah if if if not being a Muslim is something bad well it was the will of Allah do you see it nothing bad can happen to any one of us except by the will of Allah it was Allah decision and if anyone believes on Allah Allah guide his heart alright for Allah knows all things how how you say that he is though how you can guide somebody who Allah misguide and then and if somebody believe or what somebody believe you just said it is him who made him believe the verse about talking about cutting his Horta is talking about the Judgment Day that would be funny by the way because in the Judgment Day you are dead anyway and the Judgment Day your resurrected he will not be he will not be close to death in the Judgment Day your God Allah he will bring the death and he will slaughter him what are you talking about I mean he Muslims are very sitting in their answers I feel sorry you know if he sorry for you God your God he hire very low IQ people in the Judgment Day there’s no death you idiot in the Judgment Day everybody will be resurrected and Mohammed will be the first to be resurrected as he claimed and after resurrection no death even for those who in heaven or in hell so stop being foolish try something else scream squeeze it change your diet a change a drink no more camel urine as you see the failure of those Muslims trying to defend ya in the judgement day Allah will slaughter death he will you know he will bring him in the shape of a sheep you know and he will slaughter him which means there is no death no more very silly very silly I feel sorry for you Muslims you have no idea what are you talking about I never saw a Muslim he can answer me about anything even about the name of his prophet the only one really he can debate me as a genius his name is Zach na and Zach and Ike if we ask him why they connect why this is happening he can say to us the following a brother set up the other person is named equilibrant and you would make light about the Prophet anything then the Prophet in there by posing in fact the Prophet did not buy because appointing the Prophet died because he have 13 mother-in-law it’s very hard imagine you have four wives and you have four better alone the Prophet had fourteen brother and this is why he died if that was not because of the problem but second I did not say because of the mother-in-law it says because he ate food and poison a brother mother-in-law is the team I pulled him we could every day you have to eat from the death and it’s like poison and it metaphorically this is metaphoric or authority cases I

connect as I said I am they are the only one who can refute me and and I told you I am thick v and I know it and don’t ever call me again I mean this is like an egg you know Muslims you have no idea you have the most funny stupid cult ever and this is why none of you they are even to say hello to me your scholars avoid seeing me you know like they take a detour when they see me did you not hmm Jesus why was hated by all the people you know my friend when you say Jesus was hated by all the people that’s really very naive of you because Jesus before even the crucifixion he was welcomed by thousands in Jerusalem same time who is the apostle of Jesus same time when you say he was this is what life is about choice those who accept God they will be rewarded and those who reject they will be taking punishment so what that approving same time when you say to me your prophet your prophet did not make anyone except him the one who joined him is a gang and I can show you the difference even your prophet he says I’ve been victorious by terror so nobody believed in Mohammed people they joined religion because of terror and your sister Samira may Allah find her a husband the fourth one she said read for me the chapter 110 which is the chapter of victory which is proving that this has happened because of war people in one day enter into Islam by tens of thousands look what your prophet said is it true that your prophet said I’ve been victorious by terror so Jesus was beloved and now he is the most beloved person he was not a terrorist like your prophet he killed none he did not force anyone to believe in him you’re a prophet saying clearly and the words in front of your eyes and this asahi el-bahari and so here muslim i being victorious by terror and not only that in the fahadh it he says people are terrified because of me from a distance of a one month one month distance this is how to refine [Laughter] the terrorist Mohammed which means Isis are very nice comparing to Mohammed right so you Mohammed and you have no idea what are you talking about this is your prophet saying clearly he is a terrorist I’ve been supported by fear and terror he is a criminal all those hadith saying the same Allah opposed I said I have been given things which five things which none been given which one I was victorious by terror hmm from a distance of one month journey this is number one number one your prophet he is a proud about that he is the number one terrorist and nobody is a terrorist like him to the point people they scared of his name from a distance of one month journey do you see it people when they see the name of Jesus they are not scared they are not terrified for the Messiah is a loving person people one day he the name of Muhammad and actually intend now Allahu Akbar is a sign of terrorism a terrorist his scream Allah Akbar explode himself that is the truth that is the truth so when the he says to me trying to be nice or let us say playing in nice if he because I don’t believe it he a Muslim is saying may Allah guide you I mean it didn’t the Muslims they knew even they cannot pray for non-muslims it is Haram a Muslim he should be always according to Islam cursing non-muslims destroyed the Quran chapter 5 verse 251 city clearly you cannot take a Christians and

Jews as a friends actually Quran chapter 9 verse 23 forbid the Muslims even from taking their own parents as a friends and this is literally not metaphorically so when I’m he tried to scoot us we always filled for many reasons number one Muslims some Madeleine some of them they played archaea Tapia which mean okay I’m going to lie to those ignorant who do not know anything about Islam they are Western they have no idea what Islam is about and I will lie as much as I wish and then there is other side of the story okay I will deny what Quran teaching and what Islam teaching and those are ignorant they do not know what Islam teaching number three I will play as victim and I will make them look bad so just yesterday we heard the news actually two days ago that a Muslim tribe in Malley attack a Christian tribe and they slaughtered more than two hundred people in the news they say ninety five people being burned right hurry saying that in in the Old Testament Amos this is not about pyramids this is about being be an upper state and you are being ignorant as long you are saying that you’re a prophet he copied from Moses and he said whoever reeve his religion killing whoever doesn’t matter even if you hit your mom and this wise stems are ignorant they do not know what they are talking about they talk talk much but didn’t know what they’re talking about whoever leave his religion kill him whoever whoever your mother your father your parent your son doesn’t matter Judaism is an ethnic it’s a Citizenship and religion in the same time which means if you leave them you betray the nation it’s not about Judaism only it’s about you or leaving the the the tribe betraying betraying the tribe in Islam doesn’t matter really what your tribe whoever changes as erosion kill him right so when when a Jew he leave to worship different God he is leaving his caste out and he is leaving his religion and even his people he’s betraying them and if you are against that for the Jews to practice such a thing will why you don’t go and say Mohammed is an evil person very double standard do we have any Muslim want to say anything heresy can cause for me whatever if my talk about slavery I can show you the Quran says if a slave killed if a free man keyless leave a slave will be killed are you willing to talk about it if a women kill a man for a free for the free slave for the slave and women for the women hmm is that religion try try something better hmm your prophet he said the same you see her is why you don’t call me and I will make everybody laugh at you guys the Prophet said whoever whoever Treatise leave badly he will never enter paradise are you wouldn’t to call me and we will made the topic about slavery and we will see what your prophesied about treating the slaves a slave actually if he marry without the permission of his honor he can face death in Islam you’re a prophet he torture his slaves your prophet even he used to beat the Muslims and as you see the Quran saying in the case of murder free for the free slave for the slave women for the women if a

man he killed her a free man a white man kill a black man the free man the white man will not be killed hmm Europe prophet he says if somebody misses treat a cat he will go to hell but your prophet ordered to kill all the dogs you’re a prophet he ordered to kill all the Christians all the Jews so you’re your prophet he is merciful with the cat your prophet he cut the women to pieces when she is over 80 years old a life so Muslim is the code for us things which is very silly actually if your prophet was merciful to the slaves why he did not free them hmm why he made them slaves Muhammad II received gifts as a slaves who was married a cooked who is her cousin who is her sister a gift all of them they are Mohammed he took them as gift and he was selling and buying slaves and by the way freeness living in Islam it was to promote slavery and I will show you why if we go here as an example all right in chapter 2 verse 178 it says in the case of penalty of murder okay what is the what is the justice here the justice is free for the free slave for the slave female for the female we go to the interpretation it says if a free man killed only will be killed if he killed a free man okay what if a free man kill his sleeve very simple kill the slave of the other guy or the killer so now we have two victims we have the first slave was killed by a free white man white or a man and now now the one who killed the slave he will be punished by killing a slave he owned women for the women I mean what kind of justice the justice is all right secondly when you make you when you make a penalty of killing a Muslim by mistake what is the penalty of King a Muslim by mistake it says the following you have to free a slave and you have to pay his family money now look at this this is a penalty not a reward for the slave because why you why you why they have slaves anyway but then free the slaves Mohammed he can make one word say hey all of you free the slaves and everybody will be free no it’s a penalty so now he free a slave he have to go to Muhammad and buy a new one it is not for a believer to kill a believer except that maybe by mistake and whoever’s killed a believer by mistake it’s all denied that he must set a free a believing slave you have a slave’s with the our believing slaves most times are most facilities laving muslims yes so now you free a believing slave and then you need a slave steps what do you do you go to the market of a slavery which is owned by muhammad to buy a new slave it’s like a guy who owned a cow business is a cowboy he says if you commit sin you have to slaughter your cow and come to my store to buy a cow so freeing a slave was a penalty not a reward to increase the demand of a slavery all the Caliphate with no exception including Mohammed have thousands and thousands of slaves what kind of

oh geez and not only not only that the quraan approved that a Muslim man he can use the slaves as restitute Mohammed II never stand against prostitution look what he did this is all what he came with and let those who find blah blah blah blah blah it’s okay and then he says and forest not your maids to prostitution if they desire chastity if they desire chasity if which mean if they don’t it’s okay what kind of religion this region is prostitution is legal as long you are using your slaves you cannot make a free women work as as prostitute if a free women she do prostitution business that would be considered a Tory but if you are a slave you can use you for adultery as business but first them not and why what what this is is a complaint because women they start complaining a lot of their men they are going around you know exchange in women slaves for money for like I will give you one of my slaves you give me a goat you know you sleep with her for five six days and return you give me something it’s a prostitution then even if you first them there is no single punishment in the horn for prostitution never and why we shall have Muhammad himself here on the business so it’s Allah is a man he when I call me now now he wanna call me are you sure look let me open my Skype hold on even though it’s it’s too late I should hear for me it’s almost 2 a.m. in the morning but we will take five minute call well I don’t see anyone here nobody’s trying to call me nobody so as you see Muslims they say things which is funny and it’s time is the most funny you know silly cult additional to that you know if I am you know let me share I say I wanna I wanna I would know how join Islam what I will get I mean this God is really a funny God he have him in 30 of a stupid kid look what the God of Islam he promised me in heaven he will give me bracelet from gold finally I will get the bracelet made of gold mm-hmm which is very you know and manly for me to wear I mean why a man when a we’re breast of gold that’s not manly behavior sound fishy actually and they will wear a green garment of fine thick silk what is that Allah is telling me do you know I’m going to buy you some Gucci I mean this is God what is this what is that man and by the way it doesn’t even say what he is saying it says meaning soon do sin was Table Rock nowhere it’s mentioned the word silk admission stop Rock stop loca is a Persian brand which is existing the time of Muhammad for show it’s not a brand I mean it’s like a kind of fabric made in Iran so what kind of his City Prophet he claimed that Allah he is the one who was talking yet he is copying a word of a fabric made in Iran and what is the fabric green silk it’s known to be expensive so Muhammad he knew those are up they never have that so he promised them a brother if you convert to my region brother har I will make you wear a bracelet a brother made of gold brother and not only that a brother heart you will wear Dooku Chi brother and Abdullah quad prophet prophet did you say Gucci I said Gucci prophet are you sure yes Gucci I am Telling You and it’s not in made in China it’s made in Iran this is God this

is God is talking all right the screen is on take it easy this is God the God of Gucci green silk this is heaven and then we are going to recline on our couches doesn’t say thrown by the way and it doesn’t say even couches it says on our pillows I mean what is that this is God and then brother we eat their fruits brother maybe what do you want more we have a fruits there and brother not only we have a fruit brother we have wine no beer sorry so what is that this is extremely stupid and silly this is God talking and then he tell me that he is going to have to bring me women who nobody touched there ha ha ha ha you believe it nobody touched their private part and I’m using the word touched to be polite read with your own eyes the Muslim translation this is God God is describing for me what is inside the women vagina this is Allah okay Allah can you take a big chess player for us also we can find out what is exactly what we see this is God and not only that those women each time you break that skin inside the private part Allah will touch them there and he will make them virgin again which again he is a cheater because what the point I just stripped with her so you Muslims you wanna you know convert to Islam this is this is stupid this is what this is a go to any pimp in Las Vegas he have something better what is that aren’t you ashamed even to be God you see I was I was the saying once to the potato did that I don’t have a chance to debate him he died he was saying the book of Song of Songs are you proud to read the Song of Songs for your children a song where songs is not God talking it’s a king making a point and the point is not even about sex it sound like sexual but it’s not about sex however it’s a man making a point this is God talking and it’s not about a women it’s about a city it’s called Jerusalem this is about a vagina real vagina not not metaphorical and then the Muslims did that he told them that the name of Mohammed found in the Song of Songs since then nobody speak against the Song of Songs weird is that my friends just I wanted to make this video they want to make it longer I would try to get to go again life after you see the product like I did not go if I see the video not many people watch it yet that’s mean why I should make a new video and you know our videos are really important and they are nothing but education pure education we don’t waste our time giving you speeches about Muslims I don’t I’m not here to fight Muslims Muslims are poor people they are victims of the stupidity of Islam I’m here to fight ignorant so if we don’t find that people respond to what we do

highly appreciated why need to make a new video right away every day every day every day if nobody is even watching the video we just made so help us you know spread the videos tell your friends download the videos so we can see that our work really is needed all right otherwise I would go and work on my books you know we have I have many books to finish right now I’m working in three books at the same time and the reason I’m working in three books in the same time because if you focus in one book sometime it became very stressful to speak about one topic so I’m you know like I take a break from one topic to go to the second one but at the end of the day other than they are bad topics as long we are talking about the cult of Muhammad so please help us to spread the truth and the truth will set you free we open a skype normal stem call and as I was expecting they don’t dare to call I hope that tomorrow I mean today if I can I will go live on air they bent and how many people watch the video if not maybe the day after I want to say thank you guys for being here and good morning people in Indonesia Philippine India and actually this is why I made my podcast at this time so you can be with us people on us saying how to still sleep actually they just went to bed and people in Europe maybe now they are just getting up so thank you everybody crisis Lord and Islam is false see you soon again okay