Zhuangzi Explained: Legendary Chinese Parables for freedom, spontaneity & joy

Zhou dynasty, various ritual practices, down to the way you dress and the way you sat and the way you spoke – One of the functions of the mind is to cut up

the world into clear categories That’s what the mind’s for, in a way So the mind chunks up the world into categories and puts labels on them Then we’re supposed to use those categories to navigate our behavior in the world The problem with that is again, that the world is too complex Things are constantly transforming into other things We can’t navigate the world using fixed categories – The problem with us is that habituate

It’s the same feature of why if you live near the train tracks you eventually stop hearing the trains So our sensory systems are designed to filter out the stuff we already know and to focus on new things The problem with this is we habituate to pleasures too Have you ever been on a long hiking camping trip and you get home and you take a hot shower for the first time and you put on clean clothes for the first time and you sit in a comfortable chair for the first time, you’re like, this is awesome! This is like the best thing that’s ever happened to me But within a couple days, you just, it’s just like that’s what you do, you sit in a comfortable chair or you’re clean, you get used to it Psychologists sometimes refer to this as the Hedonic treadmill, that once you acquire something that you desired you then desire something new The metaphor he uses sometimes is making your mind like a mirror Categories and ideas of right and wrong, these are all things that obscure your mirror So if you can clear away these categories and these concepts, the world as it really is will reveal itself to you Then you’ll be able to move through the world in a skillful way – Completely speaking, we human beings should be both

a social person and a natural person If you don’t forget you are one part of nature If you already have the Taoist thought, you will be natural If you are natural, you can be playful, like the birds Happily, chirping on the trees, even on the electrical wire He doesn’t want to say there’s no right and wrong and it’s wrong to believe in right and wrong, bcause that would be setting up a right and wrong So he’s constantly saying something and then undermining it He’s say something and then say, well what I just said, does that really say anything, or does it say nothing? He’s not gonna tell you the right way to live What he’s gonna do is show you people living the right way and hope that you will figure out what you need to do to emulate them