《花千骨 │The Journey of Flower》第24集 官方高清版(霍建华、赵丽颖、蒋欣、杨烁领衔出演)

[Fire of the Heart 心之火 (Xin Zhi Huo)] sung by
Julia Peng Jia Hui 彭佳慧 and F.I.R. 飞儿乐团 (Fei Er Yue Tuan)
When yearning flew across the night sky, ♫ ♫ it twisted around the fingers,
and left behind a beautiful image like a dream.
♫ ♫ When infinite cherry blossoms fall, ♫ ♫ a thread of sadness and regret sweep across me
as I remembered that feeling.
♫ ♫ So much hurt. So much resentment. So, so much pain! ♫ ♫ So much love. So much hate. So, so much mess! OH~ ♫ ♫ One whose love is too insane, that is a willful squander. ♫ ♫ Every reconciliation after a fight,
we hug, kiss wildly and surrender.
♫ ♫ One whose love is not mad,
is not fit to say they have loved before.
♫ ♫ I’m not asking for tomorrow, eternity or a future.
Your glance lights up this moment with me in it. ♫ ♫ It’s enough.The Journey of Flower Episode 24 Subtitles Brought To You By: The Dancing Fingers-Flowers @ Viki Bones! Bones! Why do I hear Tang Bao calling out to me? It must be that I miss her too much Bones! Bones! Tang Bao? Why have you come? I missed you so much, Bones! I missed you a lot too! Who brought you here? Honorable One sent Senior Brother Shi Yi down to do some things, so he brought me along too! Then where is he? He said he had something to talk to Honorable Superior about, so I couldn’t wait and ran over to see you! In the future, no matter where you go, I don’t want to separate from you! We won’t be separated anymore! Mother! We’ve arrived Teacher, aren’t we going to Xiao Bai Sect? Where is this? The entrance to the Xiao Bai sect is extremely hidden. It’s location will also change along with the tornado A regular person will never be able to find the location Since it’s like that, how did the culprit get in? Could it be that it was an inside job? That is not impossible Then what are we waiting for? Let’s hurry and find the tornado! Don’t fret yet Honorable Superior, you are precisely waiting for the tornado, right? Teacher, we’ve arrived! Honorable Superior, I apologize for the wait. Please come this way I’ve heard that the Xiao Bai Sect’s rules are extremely strict and won’t let men inside its doors It’s disciples are also not allowed to meet with men Or else the punishment will be serious That is indeed true. But I have already discussed it with everyone In order to find out the truth, breaking the rule once is alright It still is a little inconvenient. How about this? I’ll send Little Bone to investigate the case with you I will wait nearby for news, as well as meet a friend of mine Thank you for your understanding, Honorable Superior. This is good too But I will have to trouble Sect Leader Hua Teacher, you want me to go investigate the case? But I don’t even know what to do! Little Bone, you’ve been with me for so long. I also want to know just what exactly you have learned. You cannot always rely on me There will be one day when you have to face things alone I know, Teacher. Then what do I do if I want to look for you? Send a letter by bird. I will immediately appear Yes Greetings, Sect Leader Hua! -Get up.
-Thank you Sect Leader Please I’ll take you two to the guestrooms to rest first There’s no need. Take us to see Sect Leader Yan first Please come this way

Come in Let’s go How long has it been since Sect Leader Yan was killed? It’s already been half a month Then did anyone touch the scene of the crime afterwards? None. I gave the order that no one could come in We also took measures to keep the body from decaying No matter what, we must find the real culprit! Big Sister Wei Xi, can you tell us what happened that day? That day when I came to bring food to Teacher, she was still just fine Teacher, you can eat now You go out first Teacher! Teacher? It’s me, Wei Xi! Based on Xiao Bai Sect’s location, It’s very difficult for outsiders to come in So everyone has always thought, that the culprit is one of the disciples of the sect We all suspected each other But we’ve never been able to find any evidence or clues! I never thought that on the trip to Mount Zu this time Big Sister Wei Xi, why doesn’t the Xiao Bai Sect let men come ina nd out? I don’t know why this rule exists either This is a rule that Teacher set Then doesn’t that mean that all these pretty big sisters live like they’ve entered a nunnery? Tang Bao! Don’t talk nonsense! I believe that Teacher had her reasons Among the men of this world, there isn’t a single good one Bones! Do you still not have any clues at all? I do have a little bit of a clue. But Teacher isn’t here If Teacher was here, he would definitely quickly get to the main crux of the problem! Bones, don’t rush. Let’s investigate slowly What Honorable Superior can tell with one glance, we’ll work hard to give it more glances, then we’ll definitely find out what the problem is! That’s right Tang Bao! You are too right! This time I have to use my own ability and find out the truth about this, and let Teacher see a whole new side of me! -Off we go!
-Let’s go! The Sect Leader’s grace to us is bigger than a mountain With her here, anything we do goes smoothly If I catch the one who killed Sect Leader, I will definitely rip that person into shreds! Sect Leader personally raised me! She is like my biological mother! I really miss her! -Don’t cry.
-Sect Leader’s personal disciples? There are two. One is Senior Sister Wei Xi and Junior Sister Mei Er You’re talking about Junior Sister Mei Er? Two months before what happened to Sect Leader, she had already disappeared. I hear that it’s because she eloped with a man! Anyway, Sect Leader was very angry Bones, I’m about to fall apart! Even though we’re so tired we’re about to fall apart, we got so much news It was worth it! I feel like all the disciples love Sect Leader Yan very much None of them should be the culprit That might not be true Perhaps…who is it? It’s me, Wei Xi I came to give you some food -Thank you Big Sister Wei Xi.
-Thank you! I should be the one thanking you two. You’ve worked hard today I wonder if you found any clues from interrogation today, or any suspicious people? That…not at the moment Get some rest early after you finish eating. I will be leaving now

Okay Bones, you’re becoming a little paranoid Teacher isn’t here. This situation has to do with Mount Zu, Tai Bai, and also the Xiao Bai Sect I must be suspicious of everyone and be careful Let’s eat! You only know how to eat Let’s go Master, someone has come calling I’ve already told you. I am cultivating in retreat. No one can bother me But…but the one who has come is the Superior Immortal of Chang Liu, Bai Zi Hua! Subtitles brought to you by the Dancing Fingers- Flowers @viki Open the enchantment and ask him to come in Yes I haven’t seen you in so many years. I never would have thought you’d suddenly come to Lian Chang I had some things to do, so I came to visit you on the way That’s right You are now Chang Liu’s sect leader. You should have many things to do That year Dong Hua disappeared, and Tan Fan ran away And I came back here to cultivate in peace I heard that you took up the sect leader position, yet I didn’t show anything about it Even now, I haven’t even said “congratulations” I know. To you, this isn’t something worth celebrating Zi Hua, have you ever blamed Dong Hua? How could I blame him? I can only blame myself from then, for not doing my best to help him escape from his heart’s fears, and guilt Tan Fan doesn’t bother with trifles He is carefree and straightforward and is easily able to let go of things Zi Xun has let her entire life be burdened by love Her entire heart has been placed on you Everyone should do all they can to choose the path they want Zi Xun is an arrogant person. I cannot give her love She also doesn’t need my coldness. My only hope now, that she can put things down soon Until now, how much have you changed? Among our group, the only one who hasn’t changed should be you I heard that you also took in a personal disciple! Yes. Her name is Hua Qian Gu Her character is strong and she has great endurance If I get the chance, I’ll bring her to come visit you Sign: Xiao Bai Sect Men have come in! Everyone go and take cover! Hurry! What’s happened? Big brothers, what have you come here for? Please spare us, Female Hero! Don’t take our eyes! Why would we take your eyes? We didn’t see any of the female disciples! We aren’t disciples of Xiao Bai, it’s no big deal if you see us Please spare our lives! Okay okay, hurry and leave Let’s go! One glance and the eyes are ripped out? Xiao Bai’s rules are too horrifying! It’s too scary! Yes. To men who dare to secretly indulge in feminine beauty, this is already just a small punishment Qian Gu. You are still young. You must remember, You cannot so easily believe a man’s flowery words Bones, what are you thinking about?

I suspect that the culprit could be Big Sister Wei Xi How could that be? No matter how you look at it, she doesn’t look like a murderer at all! Tang Bao, don’t panic, listen to how I analyze it First, the Xiao Bai sect is extremely secretive Outsiders have no way of coming in. So the only people who could be the culprit are the sect’s disciples Second, it’s already very suspicious that Sect Leader Yan died. Also, Big Sister Wei Xi’s junior sister Mei Er disappeared In all these things, Big Sister Wei Xi is the most suspicious. Through this, she can smoothly become the next sect leader But…she was the one who asked Honorable Superior to have you come investigate the case! That she asked Teacher to come investigate the case, perhaps it is just to ease people’s hearts and move everyone’s eyes from her, to put on an act with the other disciples It could also be to remove any suspicion that other disciples have towards her Third, which is also the most important, when Sect Leader Fei Yan died, she was the only one at the scene So no matter how you put it, she’s the most suspicious Then, let’s hurry and tell Honorable Superior to come catch the culprit! These are just my guesses. I have no evidence Then what do we do? Don’t worry. As long as we have a direction, we’ll definitely find evidence, and make everything clear Thankfully those people just now weren’t Xiao Bai sect’s disciples -Or else we’d be done for.
-Yes! Big brothers, we want to ask you some questions! We don’t know anything! Don’t ask us! We just do hard work! Just let us go, okay? Big brothers! Bones, what did you throw onto them? This is Mount Zu’s secret weapon. They are fireflies that allow you to follow the person -Tang Bao, it’s your turn. Go after them.
-Okay! Customers, please come this way! -Waiter, give me good wine and food!
-Okay! Have you two come from Xiao Bai sect? Why do you care so much? It is a money making opportunity This job pays ten times more than normal ones What? Are you jealous? I am not jealous at all I am more worried about my life Before, a man named Da Hai, He fell for the Xiao Bai sect’s most beautiful disciple, Shan Shan! He even went in secretly to meet with her! But…he never came back out again Well, he’s willing to be a gorgeous ghost even if he dies beneath a beautiful peony flower But to us, if it wasn’t to make some more money, who’s willing to make a trip to the Palace of Hell (risk to die)? Exactly, in one year seven or eight men have gone Brothers, let’s not talk about sad matters -Waiter, hurry and give us the food!
-Coming! Drink! Bones, I’ve come back! Tang Bao, what did you find out? -I-!
-Wait a second, come in before you speak There really is a secret with the Xiao Bai sect! I heard them say that a man named Da Hai Because he fell for one of the disciples of Xiao Bai, he secretly came in to meet with her, and never came back out again! Also, only last year, some 7 to 8 men have already disappeared But Big sister Wei Xi never mentioned it to me I am guessing that these missing men have been buried here somewhere Then the culprit is Everyone in Xiao Bai sect, including the dead Sect Leader Yan, could be the culprit! Bones, what’s so good to look for in the kitchen in the middle of the night? Tang Bao, we didn’t come here to steal food! Don’t move rashly! Those men definitely did not just dissaper into thin air Before they died, the only place they came to was the kitchen If they came for a secret meeting, they will definitely meet here There must be something suspicious in here Don’t play around. Hurry and come help me! It’s possible that those people’s disappearances had nothing to do with the Xiao Bai sect It could be that they took the disciple that they loved and eloped! Not possible The Xiao Bai sect has never mentioned any female disciples suddenly disappearing

Bones, I’m tired! Let’s go back and sleep, okay? What’s so good to look at about this painting? What is that? Bones, it’s dangerous! We should have Honorable Superior come first Once Teacher comes, I’m afraid we won’t have a chance to come in anymore If you’re afraid, wait for me outside No way! I promised Daddy Dongfang that I’d take good care of you Let’s go! Okay -How silly!
-Why did you come in if you’re so scared? Let’s go this way Go away! Careful, there’s steps -Bones, I’m afraid!
-What’s wrong? It’s okay, I’m here. Don’t be afraid Come. Be careful What is that smell? So many bodies! All these clothes are made from burlap This means that these skeletons must belong to those men This place is There’s words on the wall! Tears of emotion fall while moon gazing as a pair Addicted to wine. Two cups Kill, kill, kill Remove all emotions. Abolish all thoughts -Yan Ping Sha?
-Yan Ping Sha? Sect Leader Yan must have been harmed by a man before, why else would she hate them so much? Let’s look around more for some clues Tang Bao, I found evidence These, should be letters from disciples of Xiao Bai to their lovers Looks like they were found out by Sect Leader Yan, so she was so angry that she killed these men That Sect Leader Yan is too cruel! I’m sure that when she was young she must have been harmed by a man Tang Bao, look!

Wei Xi? This is a letter from Big Sister Wei Xi to her lover Looking at things this way, among these mens’ bodies, one should be her lover’s body Who is it? Let’s go! You’re looking for Senior Sister Wei Xi? -Yes.
-She ran outside in a rush just now Okay. Thank you Bones, hurry and look! The culprit really is Wei Xi! She also secretly watched us investigating the case! Tang Bao, don’t be rash. Let’s see how things are first Tang Bao! -So you were the killer!
-Tang Bao! I wasn’t the one who killed Teacher! You don’t need to confuse us anymore! Your teacher killed your lover, so you killed your Teacher! Tang Bao. She isn’t the culprit Only when she followed us, did she find out now that the man she loved was killed by Sect Leader Yan Teacher has always cared for me a lot She wanted to make me the next sect leader But I don’t want to spend my entire life alone and be locked up in Xiao Bai sect Two years ago, in order to ask Teacher to let me leave, Jiang Lang passed through Teacher’s ordered tests Later, Teacher finally agreed to it! But in the end she just lied to me! Jiang Lang suddenly disappeared without saying goodbye He only left behind a letter He said he had fallen in love with another person And told me to forget about him And I believed what Teacher said, that men of this world are all bad! So I prepared to become the next sect leader I never thought…Teacher would be killed as well! Big Sister Wei Xi This place, is where Jiang Lang and I secretly met in the past I just wanted to come and take one look, and say sorry to him! Then…you really aren’t the culprit? Teacher raised me from childhood! Her grace to me is bigger than a mountain! How could I be willing to kill Teacher? But words are not sufficient I can only use death to prove my innocence! I can only ask that you find Teacher’s murderer soon! Big Sister Wei Xi, don’t be like this. We trust you In this world, the one I trusted most was Teacher But now Big Sister Wei Xi, Don’t hate your Teacher anymore She has already used her life to pay for what she did wrong The ones left living must keep striving on There are so many disciples in your Xiao Bai sect They all really need you and are waiting for you to go back You’re right I should bring Xiao Bai sect back to it’s feet And take good care of my fellow disciples Because they are innocent If the Xiao Bai sect isn’t here, where else can they go? The clue was broken off again! Bones! Why must you, based on Wei Xi’s one statement, decide that she isn’t the culprit? Because it’s a woman’s intuition! Woman’s intuition? It’s that amazing? Well, I’m a woman too! Why don’t I have it? You? You have a spirited worm’s intuition! Only Senior Brother Shi Yi treats you as a woman Bones! No matter how you say it, I still feel like something is off But..I also feel like things aren’t that simple If these men were killed by Sect Leader Yan, then who killed Sect Leader Yan? Those men were just normal people

Even if they wanted revenge, they wouldn’t have the strength to kill Sect Leader Yan Perhaps…perhaps it is those mens’ disciples? That isn’t right either If that’s the way it is, They would have no reason to kill Sect Leader Fei Yan That’s right. Come Look. In the records of the sect, it is written that Yan Ping Sha wasn’t the original first choice for being the sect leader But all of a sudden she became much stronger, and became the sect leader Say, what method is there to make your power suddenly increase a lot? Bones! -Bones!
-Daddy! -Dongfang! Why have you come?
-Not so loud! That was too dangerous! Just what rules does this Xiao Bai Sect have? They aren’t allowed to fraternize with men! Scared me to death, I almost got discovered! Why did I come? I found out that you were investigating a case, so I sent some people to do some investigating I found out that not long ago, That Mount Song sect leader and Taoist Xiang Yu
also died in a bizarre way The way they died was exactly the same as Fei Yan and Yan Ping Sha. First the organs were stripped out, and only left behind a piece of skin How come something so big happened without anyone knowing? It could be because of inner battles within the sect, not something that couldn’t be seen by others So, it was all kept a secret That is not impossible Okay. Since I’ve spread the message, I’m going first -You’re leaving already?
-Yes! -Or else those Xiao Bai disciples will rip my eyes out!
-Then you should hurry and leave Be careful, Dongfang I have my own ways of doing things. You two be careful too The Sect Leader of Mount Song…and the Taoist Xiang Yu? So the Sect leader of Mount Song and Taoist Xiang Yu, All suddenly increased their power within a short time And then became the sect leader Within the Complete Book of the Six Kingdoms, it is written that for upright people, only if they secretly study forbidden books can their powers rise in a short amount of time But these forbidden books have been banned by all sects As the sect leaders, how could they have the ability to increase their power so much in a short time? This question..I’m afraid only Honorable Superior can answer you Looks like I really have to ask Teacher to come this time Go find my Teacher Bones! You haven’t slept all night? The more I investigate this case the more complicated it becomes The people and sects involved keeps increasing Don’t work so hard. I’ll go get you some breakfast! -Hello Big Sister Wei Xi!
-Good morning -Qian Gu.
-Big Sister Wei Xi I’ve come because I have something to ask you for Please say it, Big Sister Wei Xi What happened yesterday, to me, it was too much to bear I never thought that Teacher would have killed Jiang Lang And also killed so many people! At the split second, I feel like the sky is about to fall down! To the disciples in this sect, these few years, Teacher has been like a mother to us The three hundred disciples under Xiao Bai, most of them are orphans Some were thrown away by their parents And some were kidnapped by people Teacher took these pitiful children, and saved them from water and fire And took them into Xiao Bai to raise them carefully The grace she has to us disciples, is something we cannot return even if we spend our entire lives doing so I understand To them, Sect Leader Yan is like a real parent

If they knew, that her hands are covered in so much innocent blood, I think to them, It will definitely have an extreme impact on them Especially the disciples who are just like me If they knew that the man that they loved were killed by their own respected teacher, I think it will be even harder for them to accept it Big Sister Wei Xi, Sect Leader Yan killed many innocent people This matter is left to you to handle Don’t worry. I will handle this matter properly Big Sister Wei Xi, I want to ask you something Was there a period when Sect Leader Yan power increased greatly? Indeed I will still young then Still, I remember Teacher suddenly defeated Uncle to become Shao Bai’s Sect Leader Qian Gu, why do you ask this? It’s like this Not only Sect Leader Yan, Sect Leader Fei Yan, as well as Sect Leader Song Li, and Taoist Xiang Yu, followed the same pattern And they all had a strange common factor It’s that their powers increased significantly in a short period Moreover, three of them became Sect Leaders Now that you mention it, I do remember In a period before Mei Er went missing, her powers increased greatly too She would always lose to me But that once, she easily defeated me You and your Junior Sister I won’t keep it from you. Junior Sister and I never got along She’s much more competitive. I’m more harsh She had to control everything She always felt that I was not yet the Sect Leader, and yet I already had the airs of one She would often disagree with me Then, how long has she been missing? She had been missing 2 months before Teacher was killed Till now…it’s almost 3 months Then after she disappeared, Sect Leader Yan, Sect Leader Fei Yan and four others were killed one after another You mean to say I don’t know either. I’m just guessing because the evidence is weak I can only connect all possibilities Big Sister Wei Xi, can you take me to Xian Mei Er’s room for a look? Of course, you can Bones, have breakfast first I’m not eating. Tang Bao, come with me to Xian Mei Er’s room Let’s go This is Mei Er’s room It’s so cute! What are these? I think they’re gifts from Mei Er’s friend Sometimes, that friend will come here to find Mei Er These clay people should be the two of them This should be left behind from a page of an older book Qian Ji There are many marks of power on this It should be a forbidden technique of cultivation! Perhaps Mei Er and the others used this, to suddenly increase their power! Then if you put it that way, The forbidden technique should still be in Mei Er’s room? I don’t see it! Looks like it isn’t in this room Perhaps, something so important, If it isn’t in the bookshelf, then it should be on her body Right now the most important thing is to find Mei Er’s whereabouts! I’ve continuously been looking Mei Er in these few months But I just haven’t been able to find her Teacher wasn’t worried at first, she felt like Mei Er had a wild heart, so she’d return after playing outside a bit I never thought that Big Sister Wei Xi, just who is Mei Er’s good friend?

What is the name? Perhaps they would know? That…I have to go ask disciples that are closer with Mei Er before telling you Okay Eldest Senior Sister, Honorable Superior has already arrived at the entrance to Xiao Bai sect Teacher! Teacher, you got my message? As a righteous sect, they even dare to use forbidden techniques! Just to increase their power. That is too terrible Yes. No wonder the other two sects kept the deaths a secret Teacher, I found this It looks like a piece of that secret book, but it’s not complete I cannot understand what the secret inside it is I’m taking you to go see a friend of mine. Perhaps he will know A friend? This is the first time I heard of a friend of Teacher’s! The friend I’m talking about is Superior Immortal Tan Fan Superior Immortal Tan Fan? -The one from the Five Superior Immortals, that Superior Immortal Tan Fan?
-That’s right Honorable Superior, I have embarrassed myself by coming late You don’t need to be so courteous Big Sister Wei Xi, I will go with Teacher to go see a friend of his -I have to leave for a few days.
-Okay I just found out the name of Mei Er’s friend It seems like it’s a maid from the Lian Chang palace, her name is Yun Ya But outsiders cannot enter Lian Chang, so I must trouble you and Honorable Superior If you see Mei Er, please ask her to come back Okay. Don’t worry, we’ll definitely make things clear Everyone be careful I’ll be waiting for your news Congratulations, Pavilion Master Your plan is coming true step by step Even though he knows that she is his fated calamity, but Bai Zi Hua seems to be increasingly caring towards his disciple Right is right, wrong is wrong. One day, if you all also do something wrong, I want you all to die! Bai Zi Hua! I don’t believe that you won’t do something wrong in your entire life! I will definitely put you through the utmost torture, and then want to die! Subtitles Brought To You By: The Flowers @ Viki [Cannot Say 不可說 (Bu Ke Shuo)] sung by
Wallace Huo Jian Hua 霍建华 and Zanilia Zhao Li Ying 赵丽颖
With your hands, you untie my lock.
We fell into a whirlpool of tenderness.
♫ ♫ Through numerous turmoil and wasted time on all the wrong steps, our affections have not changed. ♫ ♫ Bound for life, one idea leads to a disaster. But still we insisted on making the same mistake again and again. ♫ ♫ In one instant,
the vow to stay together for life is shattered to dust.
♫ ♫ Falling in love with you, is falling in love with a mistake. ♫ ♫ Losing you is like losing my soul. ♫ ♫ It’s funny how fate teases us. Whether is it this life or the next, there is nowhere to escape. ♫ ♫ It is not that it cannot be spoken of. ♫ ♫ It is that I don’t dare to say it. ♫ ♫ One step, one smile. One step, one grieve. One step,
one calamity. Changed into a moth that flies into the flame.
♫ ♫ Because I fell in love with you, ♫ ♫ did I become me. ♫ ♫ Sink down together with you. ♫ ♫ Falling in love with you, is falling in love with a mistake. ♫ ♫ Losing you is like losing my soul. ♫ ♫ It’s funny how fate teases us. Whether is it this life or the next, there is nowhere to escape. ♫ ♫ It is not that it cannot be spoken of. ♫ ♫ It is that I cannot say it. ♫ ♫ Holding onto the promise. Don’t blame me for my weakness. The situation does not allow you and me.
Give me up so that you can live.
♫ ♫ Because I fell in love with you, ♫ ♫ did I become me. ♫ ♫ Sink down together with you.