【FULL】绿指甲 ——我在香港遇见他06 | The journey across the night 06(曾舜晞、颜卓灵、周澄奥、冯建宇、吴启华、巨兴茂)

Get out of my timid forever friends who gave roughly painted nail polish ah not me not me this time dissecting room keys in my hands every time I would do all the finishing touches on the last one to leave I can guarantee that absolutely no general problem generally saved in time where ah usually kept in the morgue with a refrigerated cabinet on in the dissection room after you leave make sure that no other students came back it would have been very sure there are some rumors that we have to say this dissection room is not clean shortly just like a newborn newly enrolled Shige senior sister apprentice said he bet gall King’m alone in this dissection room overnight with the bodies inside a start Shige senior sister apprentice from time to time to see if he was actually fun of freshman various new party later we play the hi the dissection room of freshmen forgotten until the next morning he remembered only then went to the dissection room and found the door was locked from the inside how all knock knock not open yet heard the house crow’s voice, and security personnel to open the door everyone scared silly that newborn lying on his back in here dead belly is cut open his mouth and chewing a piece of their visceral wind up the door hit you courage anatomy why such a small ah do not exercise self ordered not to have himself appointed to the others so you are looking for me to help you catch ghosts Although I very timid ghosts but this is definitely not the time to definitely not haunted ghost generally painted with nail polish I’m ready early yesterday evening at eight something fell on the home result stood dissection room

was run down you see it not only hear the sound I was just run over someone in the dissecting room I chased him over to us will go up every floor check the whole building every classroom lock the wearer apart from my vigil of security and the security that no one else later said he had heard before I met out there boom bang he and I both think that person might run away from the window I also saw that time is not high jump should be no problem building has been monitoring it I went to check what you say it did not take very specific with what has generally not the same as it has generally been infected with SARS during his lifetime but has been the rule well, but very serious consequences in college how long to store more than a year more than a year in the end is what you say he is not a man ah ah trying to steal roughly a year earlier to steal stole why did he repeatedly give roughly painted green nail polish also have to be set out which is why I suggest that you do not know or can not find the school teachers to communicate it to communicate them do not believe I said that I think I’m psycho painted from the perspective of psychoanalysis that you call the police I ah What the police will not alarm the tube nail polish thing to say people are dead so long not you going to speak to you ah you in the end what you mean ah ah took away from this point I am sorry that I am sorry sorry sorry it took this you just stepped off a floral species do not live to ask these chrysanthemums are two kinds of genius it is that way of teaching Floor behind the piece of chrysanthemums on it yesterday afternoon ah seed once planted yesterday afternoon once again today did it planted a seed tired enough of the why and then the second seed Na Li Jia why you run so fast in the end how ah ah ah how ah you speak last night to listen to the security that it is possible to see you jumping through the window and ran down from the second floor windows have not found anything strange little strange for you What are you laughing from the ground floor windows about five meters beneath is soft land jumped from the second floor windows no problem to do but if last night at eight, then someone jumped down from the top will certainly yesterday afternoon newly planted chrysanthemums trampled you had not found any strange flowers and local workers found no damage perianth people here over this only shows that do not have anyone from the window to jump off yesterday I chase people to – where is it not true that the world no ghosts haunted school building is a hypothesis enclosed space shadow can not evaporate out of thin air in front of you only pretend to run away and turns back the man that he called he Youcheng security less than three months into the school to work with people very quiet and very occasionally and very enthusiastic help us to take delivery of teaching remains clean cleaning waste matter fact, this is outside the scope of his duties good good bye Shu-jen foot

feed the courier I have received thank you ah I have to check over he Youcheng last job was in I loaded him into a hospital morgue new unit called the personnel manager to check his work before you know someone anonymous complaint he Youcheng often touching the bodies in the morgue he flatly denied that the hospital has not found any evidence that this matter he Youcheng can end up so suddenly resigned before the corridor, I think most probably also be monitoring the self-esteem he treated very cool character has most of the bodies have a tendency to abuse and occupational exposure I doubt he Youcheng really going to have necrophilia ah I’ve never been down evidence does not find out today if not tomorrow mentor put it roughly taken away so you do not go how fast I usually take students to help me down the fear that you will go back ah you do not close the door number 1320 Thank you for SARS treatment and so on used glucocorticoid side effects so had osteoporosis joint deformity of the femoral head necrosis also here is also filled with artificial joints changed once every ten years to replace short of a year’s time and she died she was death and the aftermath of SARS on the right she was suicidal guess she was alive too hard so her feet nail polish has been rubbed out only the finger joints deformed He Youcheng go on duty Hey Yeah this place is how I did it do you see what I did not see you you ah ah you where you do then I’ll be right next door to the army ah you scared me how to find it yet go okay he did not find it you should be able to tonight Make sure you do not lie to get to the bottom I really fake feed Teacher give me a chance Well let me look good in general what it will generally be cremated with a few

friends tonight what a few seven seven seven seven ah all right all right where you want to take her ah Last night only nine painted nail polish is left in a specially coated finish over do or because you heard that the school wanted to be cremated so ready to steal the body of it at first I thought you were having sex just because of the psychological barriers nail polish obsession with corpses until I found only two clues to finger her fingers a bit distorted but not because of osteoporosis because of the work during his lifetime Shu-jen foot she worked there and you may also be a frequent visitor there your second clue you put her photo that it may be hiding some part of eastern Tibet was then deep can not forget even if you know before you even before the old lover you can not insult her body so you know what she is my one hair from head to toe a a nail teeth are all mine all mine so I love her why she broke up with me why should I hide Why not discuss with me put the dead body donated Why should strip naked to see you guys bastard you’re not going to see that you love is a psychopath Ah Cheng Ah Cheng Ah Cheng I am looking for you for so long I will not let them take you away we go Ah Cheng Ah Cheng Ah Cheng someone – someone you Ah Cheng Ah Cheng Ah Cheng Ah Cheng Ah Cheng afraid you’ll go back to it that you do not close the door ah relax once set out to friends to relax someone – someone you relax ah

immediately went out to relax once set out to friends for help ah someone – someone you hold on someone – someone you help ah someone someone you hold on to it you are doing you can go out to go ah Cheng hear me ah ah Cheng Cheng in the end what you play on the inside ah ah Cheng hear me ah Cheng figure Oh well I just have flank see you follow you to the basement of sneaking out on campus who knows a security guard told me that no one is following you in the end Why the hell you naked ah why he fell in your arms where he went who where is the security went there tastes too heavy for you to help me take care of him now how he over-breathing is not serious I borrow he Youcheng me if you will not choose this road is too steep formalin bodies several times the weight than before you did not move here to hold down all dragged her down the stairs you sure you do the best case you can not fall to their deaths she did not break down here but also at least a few hours to the school at that time even if you have long to run away where you can take her to save the environment, it is determined rotting corpses do not decay even if you have not been with her eyes open but she will do what it will laugh you will cry Did you ever wonder why you would separate her why she always Dodging you why she would commit suicide do so much nonsense why we have put him up to report a big school experience good care of

this model installed sand that you are not aware of it because you’re scared very scared or you do not I do not know formalin-treated roughly in the end if this is really how heavy the fate of her body only worse nobody wants to be controlled only become a dead corpse will not fight each donor bodies are worthy respected and admired them, though dead, but the value remains wishful He Youcheng your possession you really love a good love should see a doctor to respect the right to lay down the total allowed to go down this time last comminuted fracture is the last time the two front teeth detached retina I was wrong I was wrong I’m sorry, you know I had to rely on medication and others do not can live I know I know I’ve been bad enough I have no hope love you I love you, but that was before it’s gone pretty walk sorry I forgot your skateboard you will skate ah child played amazing few days between the morgue skateboard Oh thank you can not say a complete sentence ah just one sentence by sentence with no ventilation of how all of a sudden back again just wait for them to say the punctuation ah why I so understand what that saying how pitiful you do not think of him too cruel yet everyone should face his past in order to come out is not it that your past is what you come out yet you lie you certainly fallen in love suddenly you tell me why I did not say you talked to the students without the knowledge of why things that you say you think the feeling inside the most important answer is it to me thank you ah Li Jia I waited a long time you go Ah Cheng you doing anatomy courage so small ah I have not told you that you are not exercising self claustrophobic ah

fact, I studied for two years beginning in Canada’s financial it is only fit to come back to study medicine, why not let go because I was a kid always liked a girl died of her illness I have always felt that I delayed her treatment so you have claustrophobia disease and related this experience I do not know at that time I thought adults to take her secretly taken away and then I took her into the possession of the garage and she has a high fever coma, doctors said claustrophobia this girl I was at that time suffering from the SARS and die about it how do you know what your research before his death in general have suffered from SARS you very dedicated to her because of you and the little girl before going to medical school inferred her condition is not difficult from your old SARS and three years when you did it eight or nine a little boy facing a disaster so big they can do it so you do not blame yourself too Thank you, thank you in advance to generally replaced the dummy thank you today in the basement saved me or I’ll treat you to dinner together or else I know drink bar There is a place I do not drink is not bad in the end you want to do it or I’ll give you sing when you’re through the mountains on the other side Professor Li Jia Chen feel about a sweat more comfortable you sleep okay unlikely well it before when I say bad, right before your own judgment when Hong Kong well steal the corpse case He Youcheng to you that great an impact like me, Professor Chen is not the case should not be drawn into these irritating events which, in your opinion in my opinion this is not necessarily a bad thing maybe you get to know somebody, it would be easier to know yourself I was worried that you do not blame me, I quite appreciate your thank Professor Chen then I go back to class it goodbye