hi there crafters I’m just going to today quickly go through how to stamp an image in a distress ink and you just that distressing in a couple of the the colors in that color range to make it look vintage and there’s not much work done to it so I’m just going to quickly go over it and I’m going to use while machiners stamps Gina CC stamps which you can bear from Chino TV and the reason I’m using this because I just fell in love these bolts so i bought this set this was the first set I bought out of that collection because I just simply fell in love with the balls now I love the lake district where this is based on it’s my favorite players in England so I thought why not she brought out some stamps and I thought clever woman bring out some stamps that I love them and I everybody loved them because I seem to be I seem to know what other people like so anyway which obviously saw the scheana and I’m just an approach some stick and spray on some crafters companion it’s just a temporary adhesive so that can put be the row bed with us down onto a rocker block now I used to use and I still do acrylic blocks well I had to buy a lot of easy mount form and I’ve got arthritis in my wrists and hands and found it hard to stump without the film so I have to use the form but when i came across rocker box I didn’t get on with them and scheana started using them and at the time was on scheana’s design team so I have to learn how to use them I’m not learn how to using because you don’t have to learn the easy but I had to learn to talk with them basically because I didn’t like them when I first left I bought us air and then never used them that anyway I’d got to use them and I’ve got to love them so and they’re a lot easier so if you’ve got our fried just add girl fees or something similar to these but you can get maybe you can get someone else in the States or whatever but if you’re in England to this is best place best thing to get and from the best places crafters companion anyway I digress let me carry on this so I’m using here a vintage bottle distressing badi malts and Ranger and these this vintage filter was my first ever distress ink and it’s my still my favorite that’s what what I’ve done is just inked up the boss I’m going to place them where I want them and just rock forward nice covering there you can see that ok and I’ll second there you go live with Bart’s now not in any rush to grab that their second so I’m just going to wild up meat white stamp off but it’s all right actually will because I’m I clean a holics when it comes to you i’m just going me I like to clean my stamp straight away so i just use a baby work Matt so that’s that done I need to take that off let’s do be be put at the top I’m just going to spray this one as well done these before and fastballs if you spray them live you’ll know that they had the outer do expose and these you I mean it’s possible look last light up to 50 times on and off on and off a block I finally lost about 10 15 times and then after we spray him but it’s literally little bit it’s not like and you’re wasting a lot it’s just little spurts as you saw right so I’m going to do exactly the same this one go over with my vintage bottle add the speaker docks it’s not as noisy so format a shot sorry but you know our money money inking this is not doing anything that you’re gonna miss you’re not missing anything important clue all right and I’m just gonna figure out where i want my land I’m i think i’ll put it over there and there we go look at that perfect than

that no just clean that up we’ve got to one side so eager absolutely perfect all right now i’m just going to show you how to do this now how to paint with just this vintage photo on and then what i do is i distress around the edges and give it everything yet look so i actually use and tickling is the first want to use that I build it up with vintage volatile and now which will just go around the outer edge we’ve will not stand but I’ll show you that in one more mentor right so I’m using a damp round brush number six round brush and it’s just damp and one ladder is just work a bit of this ground out this is not hard it’s so easy it’s unreal it it’s so easy it’s silly clothes you a lot of people are scared of doing stuff like this and I don’t know why because it is so easy when you actually get to doing it you’ll think what was I worried about because there just is it’s just so easy with the distress inks to do this kind of look and what scheana’s done which is clever I’m very helpful especially to people who don’t draw or paint for a living or y’all don’t can’t do it she’s drawn a lot of the lines in where you would shed so it’s like there’s an indication of where to work shared more with your pain or your coloring in or whatever you’re doing so really she’s really helped it out there I’m not too bad but even I have days where I think oh I don’t know where to how to paint that so she’s made it really quite easy for a lot of us but I putting the indication of a shedding that really around the bar Terry is nearly done that’s how quick it is that’s what I’m saying don’t feel you have to paint the whole thing to make it look real don’t think that you have to paint the whole boat to make it look like there’s a bar there you can see there’s about there you can see how much painting that talk next to nothing but it’s so effective how to show you that now look how effective that is from where it’s died if you paint too much you lose the line and you lose the definition of the painting and you don’t want that you painted it because it’s a beautiful picture if you take that away from there it becomes not a beautiful picture anymore it just becomes a sludgy mess now what I’m using here is I’m bringing some of the color out a little bit into the area underneath where the sand or whatever be and i’m using this is a quarter inch flat brush but i’m just using this because it’s easier you get more of the ground ground work done with this but literally don’t want to wait through anywhere i just want to bring some of the color in to the ground level there so you bring some of the ground out basically just so it looks like the bolts aren’t just floating in mid-air right so I’m quite happy with that then what I’m going to do because i’m going to start up here and again Gina’s give us the indication of where the shading would be and where it’d be more intense color I put in the line work in there which is very helpful I can’t you can’t believe how helpful that is just that indication if that wasn’t there it’d be made much harder for people to know where to

shared if you do if you are doing one that hasn’t got any lines in it helpful and you don’t know where to shed I always find that if I if I look at a picture and I pretend that the aisle are gonna lie but the sun’s always coming in from the left hand side for me so I pretend that the sun’s here and it’s shining down for anything coming facing that way is going to be darker and I thought does our teach me self taught myself how to shade and especially I was doing like oil painting and that years ago I am self-taught I’ve never been never taken her painting classes all right drawing classes or you know I called in class of any type of art I taught myself and my mom my dad my dad was quite creative that way my mom’s very artistic and creative but they’re not professional in you know my dad just used to like doodle be used to doodle nicely very nice pictures but yeah I have got a little bit of creative flair but not a lot like I said it’s self taught so I had to learn through trial and error which is the way everybody learns and that’s how you’re learning now just by watching this this is very basic I’m not showing you quite a lot you know you’ll learn yourself I’m just showing you the basics so you’re not frightened don’t be frightened of a bit of ink and a bit of water if it doesn’t turn out right it’s a piece of card piece of white card and a bit of ink so I’m just bringing out some of the color from there and I’m bringing it out over with it or into the water and then leave in this middle part here with no ink deliberately so it looks like the sun is shining on the water and then all this out here is in the shared more in the shed and that also if you do it darker under here shows you the clear indication of the lamp because it’s darker underneath that line so now I’m just going to dab that don’t brush it with the tissue just dab because otherwise you’ll spoil your picture and then I’m going to bring in a bit more and the ones at the back just got to darken them so they look darker so the foreground is lighter and the background is quite dark we’re still not too dark is just so you can tell the difference I mean that this I really enjoy doing this it’s very therapeutic very calming once you start doing it you’ll get hooked so you go that’s finished I’m quite happy with out for those like your vintage look so now I’m just going to finish it off I’m going to get some antique linen distress ink sorry about that by men and I’m going to use a bit cuz they might cut and dry it’s filthy I’m gonna get bit to the antique linen I’m just gonna come in little bit ly up and what you’re doing is you’re coming in from the shiny part of your craft sheet and edging up to the edge and like

brushing it into the fibers of your card just coming in from the edge you can do this without a craft sheet but it’s so much harder and so much easier with the craft sheet that it’s just not worth not having one don’t be without my craft show you don’t know where to go we out my craft sheet because it’s so helpful you and its heat resistant as well so you can do a lot of things with it heat embossing you know things like that and even doing your shrink plastic I do that on here as well it was just so much easier using using the craft sheet and all you’re doing just just blend in the coloring around the edges just to give that beam yet offense so that’s that one then the next one is my vintage bottle which is what I what I painted with and stamped with my vintage fault are just going to come in very carefully and very very lightly yeah i’m really not pushing on this at all just coming in very very lightly even if i scored lower coming in very lightly just coming in so there’s noone the indication that it’s darker you see the difference there so what I’m doing I’m not swamp in that area where did the antique linen I’m coming up probably half that way so I start off with the antique linen working the vintage photo I so so that I’m actually darkening the corners a bit more so I’m going half of the way of where that sir antique linen was and like I said putting hardly any pressure on at all all right and then last but not least the wall not staying now the walnut stain is the darkest one of them all this one you only need a small amount because it will go very dark and it will spoil it so what I do because I don’t want this much darker absolute pleasure sir matt minute I just want to work in that’s her antique linen a bit further down just a little bit so it looks like clouds more than anything I set up better right yeah you just I just literally nudge up to the edge of the card did you see that that’s how quick it was in fact damage that there I don’t want nothing and now second let me just right to fair that because I don’t like it you can do this as well if it said girls out you don’t want it you can actually add a bit of water it not a lot of water just a bit just so you can catch it I’m happy with that get that out we’re all right and just carry on now and you literally just nudging up that’s all I’m doing it’s just so it makes it look a bit more dramatic in a bit darker that’s it now just show you in a second and that is our finished consumer as I’ve finished antique vintage looking let district seen all over do this now is nothing up with some dark brown card from gold mirror card onto a nice car at best guard maybe a ribbon at the side or if it’s a month card some string or wrapped and tied to the side and that would be it I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I hope you have a goal to it’s really easy as you’ve just seen thanks guy thanks for watching come back

soon I