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club to the plain truth so where we try to get to some of the mysteries anomalies and a bit of the dirty underbelly of the world around us i’m your host Paul and this week we have a guest dr. sam osmanagich dr. Sam are you there yes I’m here well thank you so much for coming we do appreciate it and along for the ride or a cup of my friends melody and Neil melody are you there yes I’m here ready to go and Neil good morning everyone okay well let’s get going dr. Sam can you tell us a little bit about yourself and about the Bosnian pyramid gladly my name is dr sam osmanagich I’m anthropology professor and director of the Center for archaeology at the American University in bosnia-herzegovina my PhD is in Mayan civilization I authored 15 books about the ancient civilizations i discovered the Bosnian pyramids back in 2005 and since then it has become the most active archaeological site in the world every year four to five hundred volunteers tens of experts scientific conferences is becoming also the most exciting archaeological project in the world I’ve traveled all around the world several times and I have visited the most interesting archaeological site in the world from Japan and China to Peru Bolivia Mesoamerica Canary Islands Africa Mauritius and so on and I’ve been dealing with the pyramids in specific and I have concluded that they are not built only in Egypt Mexico like they’ve been teaching a strong they are built on all six continents 250 of them in China 300 through tens of thousands in Mesoamerica Mexico Guatemala Honduras El Salvador beliefs but also on the islands like Canary Islands or malicious Sudan 224 of them Egypt 155 shortly the world of the past was the world of the pyramids in April of 2005 I first came to the central bosnian town of Visoko just 20 miles northwest from the capital city of sarajevo not because of the pyramids but to visit the local museum and then I saw this hill with four sides triangular faces obvious corners the same slope on the bottom to the top four sides meeting at apex I took a compass and compost road many of the sides of the hill perfectly matched cardinal points east west north and south and that’s how the pyramids were built in China Mexico Guatemala or other countries now let me think about the pyramids we usually think about Egyptian pyramids but they are in desert and salt they are visible but most of them like all Chinese all Cahokia pyramids in states most of the Mexican or Guatemalan they are deep in the jungle in the forests after thousands of years and the same thing in Bosnia since 2005 we started excavation we have spent over three hundred fifty thousand hours in archaeological digging sample testing lab analysis and radiocarbon dating and we have concluded that in the town of Visoko we have at least five pyramidal structures which i named the pyramids of the sun moon dragon earth and loud with a huge network of prehistoric old tunnels and chambers and whole valley i named the bosnian valley of the pyramids and shortly at the beginning I just want to say that this project is bringing seven elements that will forever change our they review the ancient history number one these are the first pyramids in Europe number two they are the biggest the largest of the planet number three the orientation of the sides towards the cardinal points is the most precise on the planet number four when you start removing the layers of soul from the Pyramid of the Sun Mining blocks we’ve analyzed them at seven Institute for materials they all told us it was so called Jill polymer cement concrete number five these are the oldest pyramids on the planet number six below them is the most extensive underground tunnel network and finally number seven in those tunnels we’ve been

discovering a huge ceramic blocks some of them are reaching 48 tons even 25 tons or over 50,000 pounds so those seven elements will forever change really the way we view the ancient history dr. Sam thank you for that intro there um you will have a question how old do you think these pyramids are in order to determine the age of the pyramid we have you several methods first of all the pyramids in Bosnia are covered by soil if we can figure out the age of the soil we can get to the minimum wage of the pyramid the signs that investigates the origin of soul is called technology in Bosnia we have Institute for a group iDology they took samples from the Sun and the moon pyramid and they concluded that the age of the soil was between twelve and fifteen thousand years meaning the structures are much older in summer 2012 our italian archaeologist nicola bisconti and ricardo breath found a piece of organic material below the layers of soil and above the concrete block that piece organic material could give us again the minimum age of the structure we sent it for the radiocarbon dating c14 analysis in kiev ukraine and the age of that fossilized leaf was twenty four thousand eight hundred years plus minus two hundred years and it was still a minimum age of the structure and finally in the summer of 2013 our archaeological manager tim moon from new zealand with his group of volunteers discovered the piece of organic material between two layers concrete blocks between first in the second layer like in the sandwich now that piece of organic material could give us precise time of the construction after radiocarbon dating we got a date twenty-nine thousand two hundred years plus minus four hundred years so at this point in time this is the day that we use as the official age of the Bosnian pyramids and of course twenty-nine thousand years make them the oldest pyramidal structures on the planet well it’s pretty amazing to think of that I’ve watched some of the videos on your website or the website dedicated to the pyramids there and the underground tunnel network looks quite amazing do you think was that for it was that like for a town or what do you think those tunnels were what what do you think was going on in that whole valley when I wrote my first book about the discovery in 2005 was the only thing I could see by my naked human eyes had two pyramids they are very obvious the shape and geometry and the orientation and in my first book I wrote that we were going to discover a network of underground brief historical tunnels and I base that on my experience with Egyptian pyramids chinese or mexican for example below one of the Egyptian pyramids in saqqâra called Step Pyramid there is a network of tunnels eight kilometers in radius 5 miles radius and the just one pyramid then of course the tunnels are connecting the Giza pyramids with the swing and River Nile the tunnels are below shaanxi pyramids in the Chinese province the panels are below 30 hokar pyramids in Mexico the talents are below palenque pyramids the Mayan city in Mexico so the tunnels always can be the oldest the biggest and the most superior pyramids in 2005 are discovered the entrance to the Bosnian pyramid tunnels and in the meantime we have cleaned about 1,100 meters which is about 3500 feet it’s a huge network and so far it’s probably less than five percent that we have cleaned and secured what you are finding in those tunnels at least two civilizations the first one who had technological knowledge engineering skills to build a vast network of tunnels and chambers the trance for tens of miles and the second civilization came much later and we are finding some organic material in the feeling material what they decided to do was to seal off all those tunnels and second civilizations about 5,000 years old so bold civilization you how to manipulate the huge quantities of materials now when you asked me what was the purpose of talents if you want to connect to under the two objects on the ground order to make one or two tunnels but in our case we have a huge network it’s a

huge labyrinth that of course we concluded it was not for the communication purpose it had to be something else I think as soon as we get to the pyramid or under the pyramid using those tunnels we should be able to tell more but right now by discovering six underground chambers between three and five hundred square feet by discovering huge ceramic blocks for eight even 25 tons we’ve learned that the ancients health technology to make ceramic and most probably to maneuver with the energy flows what do you mean by maneuver with the energy flows what are you thinking well first few years of our project we had our classical science Sciences like archaeology ecology geology paleontology involved then satellite thermal analysis and so on but in order to figure out the true purpose of pyramids we had to get support from the experts in energy phenomena physicists electrical engineers they started coming with their scientific instruments and measuring certain energy phenomena the person to come is dr. slobodan mizdrak from zagreb croatia who claimed in 2010 with his team members team and the instruments to measure electromagnetic fields first we went to the nearby hills no anomalies and we went around the Sun pyramid no anomalous until we came to the very top and there on the top he detected and measured electromagnetic field of 28 kilohertz frequency 1315 radius which was continues then he got out of this radius no measurements even back in the measurement was there it meant that this electromagnetic field does not go left to right but it goes up as some type of the energy being three months later Serbian electrical engineer golem Rihanna which came and he confirmed the readings later the summit two more scientists from Finland and Italy confirmed the readings which meant that if you have four or five independent teams getting at different times coming with their own equipment at getting the same results they all scientifically verified this phenomena which phenomenal existence of energy being going to the top of the Sun pyramid 13 feet 28 kilohertz frequency electromagnetism if is there anything significant about the 28 kilohertz yes first of all in order to have this particular frequency which is continuous and focus obviously it is not mother nature who can make such energy beams you have to have artificial source a machine our conclusion was the Bosnian pyramid of the sun is not only the biggest pyramid on the planet but at the same time the biggest energy machine on the planet then on the very top italian anthropologist professor parody bertles from University of Trieste measured another energy phenomena it was ultrasound ultrasound we cannot hear we hear sound from 10 hertz to 20 kilohertz everything about 20 kilohertz is called ultrasound so he measured the ultrasound of the same frequency 28 kilohertz on the top of the sun pyramid Mike ultrasound beam like also an energy beam why is this vagueness important American labyrinth was experimenting with different frequencies of ultrasound 21 kilohertz and it glowed nightly 24 but he came to 28 he hit a ping-pong ball a table tennis ball I blogged the source of the ultrasound and at this particular frequency 28 kilohertz the ball started levitating he went to read came back next morning the machine was on all night and the ball was still in the air it meant that this frequency of 28 kilohertz is the best frequency for the levitation how did ancients know that so now we realized that the Sun pyramid has been producing those frequencies of electromagnetism and ultrasound but extremely long time and the same frequencies we are we’ve been measuring in the underground tunnels and we measured them near those huge ceramic blocks and then when we investigate further you realize that those metal it’s they are always located above the underground water flow when water moves it releases the energy and they will play those mega leaves on top and then legolas receive the energy and then I checked with the Geo Raider inside those

blocks we found out they were quartz crystal objects inside those drugs so now what you have if your technology water moves underground releases the energy hits the course crystal it activates it it is surrounded by ceramic ceramic oscillates and produce electromagnetic field and in the tunnels we’ve been measuring two particular frequencies 28 codes which I just mentioned and another one ultra-low frequency 7.83 heads in science this low frequency is called Schumann resonance why is this important well everything resonates engage our planet resonates at 7.83 plants animals humans this is the best frequency for our physical mental intellectual abilities and for millions of years that was the only frequency on our planet until nineteen ninety and then thanks to the harp project thanks to the explosion of the cell phones laptops microwaves a lot of bad electromagnetism is going to the Unisphere and it’s affecting the resonance of the planet in 1994 our planet rose the resonance from 7.83 to 8.4 every year after that it was rising in 2012 14 point five years 2013 15 point one this year 16 hurts and this is very bad the higher the frequency the more pressure and more stress on us and when we go back to the bosnian pyramid complex and in the tunnels they have still the best frequency for us 7.83 so it seeing the dubrow’s nian pyramid complex not only changes the human history forever but also it has a potential to change our future for better by producing the best energy fields for him dr. Sam yes um are you familiar with a gentleman by the name of Professor Hans Johnny no he was a fellow that studied the human God’s residence uh quite some time ago and he did some fantastic experiments where he started off with a lab experiment where he has a frequency vibrating on a plate at 7.86 hurts and he turns it all the way up to 13 hurts where upon the whole geometric structure changes and morphs into another geometric design but it flows in the opposite direction and I’m wondering here two things one have you noticed any effect on the health mental physical emotional health of the people that live near the period and is there any way that this pyramid could be settling out around 13 Hertz well we have that very extensive medical studies on what you just mentioned we have realized that Bosnian pyramid discovery is not only the archaeological project or even only interdisciplinary scientific project in order to understand if we head to view it through not only physical dimension but also energy spiritual and healing made comfortable when it comes to healing we have realized a lot of testimonies of the visitors volunteers researchers that while in the tunnels they feel extremely good for example people commit asthma they cannot breathe very well but once they get inside the tunnels they simply breathe excellent when they get out they don’t need air pumps anymore people come with the allergies after one visit the tunnels the allergies are gone people come it all kind of paints and paints and also we wanted to find scientific explanation for what’s happening there now the existence of human res resonance the original 7.83 is the one that can explain why they feel good in the energy field of the pyramid tunnels but it was not enough and then we measured the concentration of negative ions as you know from the medical science negative ions kill viruses and bacterias my office today or in yours the

concentration is the law usually one to two hundred per cubic centimeter when we get the downtown 400 we go in the village 800 we go by the river 1500 we go to the top of the mountain 3,000 well in the Bosnian pyramid tunnels the concentration is between 35 and 40 thousand negatives cubic centimeter which is ten times higher than at the healthiest place on the surface of the planet I noticed in the tunnels that there are an incredible amount of orbs according to some of the videos that I saw a very very interested knees because there’s a fellow by the name of Paul murer from England who has done extensive work with the orb energies and he fused them as primary building blocks of just about everything well the orbs are Light Beings energy beings and our experience with them in the last nine years viola we’ve been cleaning the tunnel says that it seemed a use that the space is a home they are very joyful they usually move that there is some action and we got nothing but good experience with orbs and we can see them by naked eye but we can see them through our cameras it’s either the frequency of our cameras today is just good enough to get the frequency of the orbs also but then if you let me finish what I mentioned that you may take about the healing aspects when we leave on the surface of our planet there are a lot of cosmic radiation some of the radiation are very harmful for us well in the tunnels 80 feet below the ground there are no cosmic radiation there is no natural radioactivity so our body cells don’t have enemies when you when they enter the tunnel so without the caustic radiation without natural radioactivity with a very high negative our nation it is extreme safe environment so our body cells can start doing their job what is their job to fix the problems in our bodies to start the self healing process to start the regeneration process and then we realized that one of the major function of underground labyrinth was actually to save to protect what is the most important for us and that is our health thank you you woke so dr. Sam this this health improvement it seems to be universal all the volunteers and workers feel it well we have done medical study one of them was measuring the the aura the bio energy field around our bodies before they enter the tunnels and after they come back we did the study in 2011-2012 109 people male female old young and the volunteers workers visitors media and the results were very good more than eighty-five percent of the cases had an aura improvement and the biggest solar improvement was in the case of on a student from Zagreb Croatia and he was the only one when we explained him what we were doing so what he did while he was in the tunnel he was meditating for about 45 minutes he came back and his order improvement was about forty percent but we had so many interesting cases for example a couple months back we had a tennis player from Czech Republic who had a pain in his hand and he couldn’t get rid of it he went to different therapies and doctors nothing until he came to our tunnels after just one visit to one half hour the pain was gone and I talked to him a few miles back and he said that the pain is still gone and it was not coming back so it really means that p21 visit only you start the initial initial the process in your body the self healing process and this is very important because it can tell us hey instead of using drugs and feels and helping our pharmaceutical industry to poison us a mole we have some other ways to fix our health problems hi dr. Sam have you heard of the idea of earthing do you know where people walk barefoot it or you know it’s a contact if there’s anything like that it’s the the body’s electrical system being in touch with the earth but it is rather logical idea

i mean if you are barefooted you have direct content of the planet the problem arises if this planet is becoming so poisonous because of our civilization and this if our planet starts resonating not at 7.83 anymore not that the best frequency possible but at 15 or 16 hurts then the earth thing does not make sense anymore because then you are getting this bad vibration of our planet and this is very unfortunate because what we have been doing to our planet it’s just a shame and if you continue like this our planet will get rid of us very soon and the good thing is it it can all be measured in our case the electromagnetism the negative ionization the ultrasound electricity all these things can be measured and then we can compare them to the state when our planet was healthy like I said the best frequency for our planet is 7.83 and it seems only in the case of bosnian pyramid and I wish that more investigation was done from other pyramids in Egypt Mexico China pero and other places food interesting to see what is the frequency in or around those pyramids also how wide does the effect reach out I mean if if you’re a mile away from the pyramids do you feel better do you know if there’s originally I think that effect should be felt hundreds of miles but not anymore the pyramids do not work as during the original times I know in a case of Bosnian pyramids we’ve been trying to find the sources of a different energy phenomena for example for the electromagnetism we can see that you know on the top of the Sun pyramid is this energy beam electro magnetic in nature now the pyramid does not make energy from nothing you have to have a source of the energy and the three labs from Croatia Serbia and Austria told us that the source of our electromagnetism was 1.3 miles below the pyramid it was a huge iron plate or idle or why I don’t because I don’t generate its own electromagnetic field or the pyramid us it sucks this energy amplifying it how do we know that the pyramid amplifies the energy two of our Russian colleagues professors kurochkin LZ black hole from the Schmidt Institute from Moscow measure the strength of the signal look at the bottom and at the top of the pyramid at the top in Egypt and in Bosnia the signal was 50 times stronger it meant that something is happening inside the pyramid that amplified this energy and we know what in the case of Bosnian pyramid there is a network of tunnels all on seven different levels anyway from 15 feet to 1,000 feet deep and those passageways those tunnels laid out like a spiral so this energy is coming from you know underground it’s going through the seven different levels of passageways and then you know spinning spinning you know it’s getting stronger it gets amplified and then go through the very top of the building but talking about this energy being on the top that is another variant readings think we measured the strength of the signal on the top of the pyramid then 10 feet higher and another 10 feet high every time we lift this Anna we realized that the strength was stronger and stronger similar was stronger and stronger now the physicists could not really explain that they were saying well our technology is based on the fact that closer to the source of the energy the signal is stronger you move away the signal is getting weaker the week let’s call this Hertzian technology but in a case of bosnian pyramids the result is opposite you move away from the pyramid and the signal is getting stronger and stronger and stronger so let’s call this non-healthy a phenomena in 21st century we do not have technology which is based on non-fertile phenomena but the guy who was experimenting with this technology and he was born just 250 miles of the virgin birth and pyramids he was experimenting in his lab in Colorado Springs this type of technology in 1899 and 1900 and his name was Nikola Tesla Tesla invented a transformer which is known today as Tesla coil and he was

able to send signals from one end of his life wirelessly to the other lab 55 feet away and then he was able to light up a light bulb which was burnt and just before they are going to burn down his left leg because his work was becoming a threat to the mainstream science he did the last experiment he sent a signal an energy beam from his leg to the Unisphere around our planet and this signal reflected was coming back to the earth much stronger non hurts him phenomenal and then he was able to like that 10,000 homes in Colorado Springs so for the first time one scientist from our civilization cycle has proven that clean energy was possible that unlimited sources of energy that wireless transportation of energy was possible that an unhealthy and phenomenon was possible and finally that free energy was possible have American corporations accepted this invention of course not how would JPMorgan make money selling the free energy so instead he cut the funds for Tesla and with his colleagues started investing a lot of money to very expensive hydro thermal now there’s nuclear power plants building again very expensive transformers and power lines losing twenty to fifty percent of the energy during the transportation so they can sell it to us and users for a lot of money and this is what we call the Prophet economy but one day and that they will come we will all enjoy the benefits of the three image and it will be the first pillar of the free society and the second one will be a free flow of knowledge instead of going to the elites the knowledge should be coming to all of us and based on those two pillars you should have society of free women and three men dr. Sam I got a question here do you think Tesla got any of his inspiration from that area what had there been rumors for example of a past civilization with pyramids or anything like that I don’t see direct connection that’s not he’s not to mention dobutamine seen his work but I think it’s all coming to the universal things like free energy ancient technology pyramids what I can see in my work is that not only that the pyramids were built all over the planet but also that the oldest pyramids are at the same time the biggest and the most superior meaning that that knowledge has been brought to the civilizations from China Peru Bosnia Egypt and other places so these are their instinctive stuff which tells us at least that we either had very advanced civilizations of humans in the past and the history is not the evolution that cycle after cycle after cycle all the knowledge has been brought from somewhere else but it is always about the energy well the pyramids are the most powerful geometrical shapes when it comes to the energy also powerful shapes are the conical shape plus five years for magnitude diverse phenomena around the world and spherical shapes this I have so many stone balls around the world so it was always about the energy just on the conceptual level we have much more primitive what we do we use cold dirt industry all in gas limited sources power lines very bad for our health and losing the energy due to transportation the engines are using existing natural sources and that’s why the location of the pyramids are so important dr. Sam I had a different question yeah you probably may be answered this elsewhere a bit have there been any human remains found either in the tunnels or it might be associated with the pyramid or a culture nearby that will give us some information on the people themselves we have not found any bones scoffs and human remains so

far in the tunnels or on the pyramids however you know it’s been nine years since we started this project and as you know in archaeology nine years is not very long period of time Egyptology has been around for 200 years and in reality we still don’t know who really built the biggest pyramids in Egypt Giza pyramid scarabs Kathleen my cell and snazaroo Chaucer’s they don’t know technology they used they don’t really know whenever built or what was their purpose so after 200 years most of the questions remain unanswered in Egypt and I think thanks to our interdisciplinary scientific approach we are getting some answers in the case of Bosnian pyramids being a huge energy machines okay the other question I have actually concerns I saw a little bit of a video with a bunch of really interesting artifacts and I was curious because I know that there have been pottery and evidence of weaving found in Czechoslovakia from around the same time period about 28 to 24,000 years ago and I just wondered if one thing like as a weaver I’m just curious that you found any tools that have an evidence of weaving or pottery making you mentioned the kilns possibly for the concrete and also is there any possible similarity or has anyone had a chance to even look to see if some of the things from I can’t pronounce it but it’s dawn a vie EST oh and I see the site in Czechoslovakia between that site and the culture and in Bosnia or is that just something no one’s had time to look at yet according to the new science called anthropological genetics we know the migrations in the age all nations in Europe the oldest people in Europe are the Basques in Spain and southern France about 55,000 years the second oldest cultural ways is in the central balcony thirty-eight thousand years of peasants or intelligent the third oldest Ukraine about 28,000 so in the Central Europe in the balcony area we got the presence of the Homo sapiens sapiens for thirty-eight thousand years when it comes to the aid of the tunnels we are getting after nine different radiocarbon dating we are getting consistency from 21 to 34 thousand years so we are going back tens of thousands of years back now as far as the artifacts finding very interesting for example work of art made in granite you’re finding pieces with several like four or five common features we are finding some other artifact that fit perfectly in human hands so they are economic in InDesign we are finding like sensitive food with the five toes which could be used as mold you’re finding blocks with certain carvings that they have been covered by conglomerate over 21,000 years so we are finding a lot of interesting stuff that still is that they were presence of intelligent man’s there now where are they pyramid builders or tunnel builders cannot quite sure yet but the fact that we are finding in this period from 21 to 34 thousand years so many interesting artifacts on many different cultural layers is rather sensational because as you know the scientists before thought that until five six thousand years ago in Europe was only the presence of primitive cave men thank you i I just I I saw that one piece of sweet look like stone carved as a mold for possibly metal work of some kind and I really wondered what the date was on that what the strata you know the ground around it had been but then if he can’t really date stone very easily and also if it has any the pottery been dated because I saw pieces of pottery in that film as well yeah yeah fine exam usually is four to eight thousand years so that would be the second civilization you think was probably using the tunnels was one of them most probably have at least four different civilizations in the tunnels because the first one would be the one that had the ability to make those huge ceramic blocks the second wonder the tunnel builders berglund those who seal off all these tunnels the 420 are finding some carvings in that at the beginning of the tunnels so at least for cultural layers i would say at this point in time and finally in this segment um i believe that you had peach there were things that like it might be writing um can you say anything about that yes we have found actually several different writings or

symbols some of them we are finding on those big ceramic blocks and the most cases it’s it looks like a combination of the geometry and the letters and of course the most famous one is the runic symbols or rooms and when we try to decipher some of our symbols for most common expressions for God ice water and joy but now imagine the concept of God thousands and thousands of years back and yes the total interesting and but then we are finding on some stones also carved symbols and they look more like a spirit of Sanskrit which is of course from India for 5,000 years back but this one is again over 21,000 years so I would say the biggest discoveries are still in front of us do you is there some place that people could look in and see these runes that I’d be very curious as a rune reader of scandinavian readings to see if these are some of the same symbols sin which we know we’re pretty ancient some of which we think were taken from the Latin alphabet right now there are two official website belonging to our foundation the first one is a Bosnian pyramid of the Sun com Bosnian pyramid the Sun calm and that’s the one that brings Daily News discoveries and so on and the second one is our scientific confidence that we have every September first week in September so so far we have had for scientific conferences and the site address is I see be p dot ba I CBP dot da so a lot of articles from the conference participants ah on this site thank you very much i’ll be sure to look into that later okay thank you doc I’ve got a question here um the artifacts or things that you can find like writing do you see any similarities with other pyramids that we know of well a lot of politics when it comes to the pyramids what they’ve been teaching us about the Egyptian pyramids is they’d ever built by the Pharaohs of the third fourth fifth and sound dynasty and the Devourer use the stones for pharaohs however you go to the biggest Egyptian pyramid the great queen of Egypt there is no mummy or the pharaoh Khufu you go to second biggest son no mom you pharaoh khafre or my seven or steffelow or the others matter of fact there is not all furniture there is no hieroglyphic writings in the walls no symbols not tools not a single proof who really and when how and why built those pyramids so really you don’t have artifacts it belong to the original builders and when we think more about the Egyptian pyramids not only the dad not only just 4500 years old see that they are much much older Giza Plateau you can see a lot of shells those shells are from the last flood the last ladder was 12,000 years ago and Mediterranean flooded 300 kilometers the continent when the Ottoman screen thousand years ago and when they broke in the Great Pyramid they found salt and shells also meaning that those structures were already dead during the last flat 12,000 plus years ago so now we need to change our perception that actually the biggest Egyptian pyramids are not built during the pharaonic time but much much before that so we don’t find artifacts belonging to the original builders the second case also the best known is the dirty work on in Mexico does the big city of pyramid in Mesoamerica you have three big pyramid son won’t classic wattle 600 smaller one and it’s just twenty percent of the original size of the city the mainstream scientists are telling us that it was built by thirty Haqqanis 2,200 years ago and they based that on nothing Tod hora con is the name came from Aztecs in 13th century on their Nahuatl language tod hakan means place where people became God’s but Aztecs had nothing to do with this beautiful city of pyramids and now without knowledge who really built it our scientists that all it was built by 34 kind of 2,300 years ago no proves again no organic

material no tools not a single artifact belonging to the original builders so those two examples are telling us how they have been manipulating with the history you know they simply come up with certain ideas they put him in the history books and then they teach generations and generations about those non-existing you know pyramid builders so we need to get scientific answers who the real builders the third case we go to China in China 250 pyramids 20 big ones superior all this made from granite and sandstone blocks the Chinese government does not want their archaeologists investigating but it is what they confirm it a few years back but they have smaller ones built from the mud brick and they do belong to very concrete Chinese emperors from emperor qin 2,300 years ago until 1,000 before present they do investigate those why they don’t investigate the biggest one because they will need to change their history they are over 12,000 years old so we see that a lot of politics in the pyramid business and I would say that the case of Bosnian pyramids is the only open case for the public ever the biggest secrets we will discover here but we will share them it’s the world Wow let’s hope we can break some of the mind control one question is you probably know about Christopher Dunn I measuring the precision yes in various things in Egypt or Bolivia has any of that been done in Bosnia is there anything that that would be useful for well Chris none of course is the best known for his book the Giza parkland in which he has theoretically proven that the Biggest Egyptian pyramid was actually used as the pipeline and a huge energy machine and that’s what we had ruined in our case both theoretically and practically Krishnan was in Bosnia he came here during the winter he visited the tunnels he said they are very intriguing he doesn’t know how to answer how they were built and who belton and he’s good interesting man because it tells us that we have to have independent researchers showing that places like Egyptian pyramids but not only the pyramids but also some of the huge statues were used built using some type of laser technology technology that ancient Egyptians did not have the same thing in Bolivia using very simple instruments he’s showing that it would take machines it takes laser to build those huge structures in Bolivia so people like him are very important because they are not afraid to tell what they really think they’re not afraid to tell that more advanced civilizations did exist in and she passed has anyone tried this is of course on the far outside has anyone tried psychic means you know how psychics can take a stone that somebody or an object that somebody wore as a ring and gained impressions you know things like that remote viewing and stuff like that has anybody done that that you know of yes me good good how did it go well i think that the future of science is in combination of the physical and spiritual science the problem of the physical science today is when the scientists come to the wall he doesn’t know what to do next because he doesn’t have creativity he should be getting hints from the spiritual science but then it comes to spiritual science the problem is that it isn’t a science yet we do not have scientific methodology applied for example there is something that you probably heard so many people channeling the information so you can hear information glitzy about your life and all about the life of your nation about reincarnation so basically you take it or leave it it would be nice to find the way to verify those information so this is what i did i spoke to six persons that are commonly known as Akashic record readers etosha or Akashic records this notion for a few hundred years now that in a spiritual realm there is a library there is a knowledge about our planet past and the future and about the whole universe as in the future so some people claim that they

can tap into this vast knowledge so what I did I spoke to six classic record leaders but I did apply scientific protocols I made a presentation of 30 different archaeological sites very well know like my picture in a row Gobekli Tepe nation turkey all the pyramids in China Egypt Mexico Bosnia so I was just as insane can you tell me more about age builders origin and purpose of those structures so not too much but still I would show them before photographs of the places so I spoke to six of them at six different times they did not know for each other they did not know me they did not know what I was going to ask them so the idea was to get six answers and then to compare them and see how much authenticity you have in those answers originally I was thinking well if there is such a thing like Akashic records like this spiritual library then I should be getting always six same answers well it did not happen I was getting answers but they were not the same but then on the other side it seemed to me if I read them carefully it looks like that they do belong to the the same concept they’re like little by little photographs of the big pictures like like Lela mosaic i would say for example when i was asking a questions about the Bosnian pyramids in 2010 before we started with the energy measurements all six Akashic record readers who are telling me about the energy beams some of the energy beams going up some of them energy beams going down through the center of our planet and then going out on the other side of the planet some of them not telling me about the beings in those underground tunnels they were telling me that we are going to come under the pyramid and find huge holes underground lakes with a supercharged water so they were giving me a lot of interesting material as the meantime we were able to verify some of those materials so I would say when you asked me the question about the spiritual stuff I would say that it is important to this dimension as a hint but we need to use a scientific methodology exam tific instruments in order to throw things like this oh for sure for sure it’s just something that if nothing else can give us some hints you know a lot of archaeologists have talked about how they get their best work from hint right or a dream yeah right exactly and so a dream to me sounds kind of like it’s coming from that that you know netherworld so so I think we should keep that in mind by the way doc you know you mentioned the pyramids in China I just happen to be reading a book a couple days ago about a guy who’s as a longtime researcher in the hemorrhage stitute if you’re familiar with them and off the southern coast of Japan the big island there of Kyushu there’s a small island called Yakushima that’s very small but it goes to 2,000 meters in height quickly and very few people live there but it used to be considered like a key island in the legendary kingdom of the past a couple thousand years ago anyway he went there and showed some photos of a mountain that’s very hard to get to but he felt that it was essentially an ancient pyramid that had turned into a mountain over the last X number of thousands of years total speculation but looking at the photos of it that’s what it did look like to me it looked like it’s a man-made Mountain so the point is from that Island then you go down to Yonaguni and you anyway you just get into this question of pyramids being all over the earth yes first of all robert monroe’s and his institute has done very important to up with humanity and i wish that more knowledge has been commercialized and i think i know it is coming to the surface and we will all benefit out of that the Chinese pyramids the China is a huge country with a lot of secrets and

mysteries only by the pyramids you know about 250 of that and the fact that the oldest over 12,000 years another fact that the chinese archaeologists in 1967 and he had the speech of the conference in japan he was telling about some of the clay tablets it’s some type of hieroglyphic symbols which be partially deciphered and he said that the ages over 12,000 years and it seems that the builders were not of this planet they had some type of cosmic accident and enough of course when the pool guy came back to china in 1967 they put him into the mental hospital nobody heard about him anymore I mean 1967 the first year of the famous Chinese Cultural Revolution if you have the opinion different amazing science you would not have a good time but i think that the mysteries are slowly slowly resurfacing even in China and they are doing more and more archaeological research and the warden be shocked or a few decades when here what exactly is there the same thing with Japan you know boonie monuments it’s not just the one little town under the water this 13 underwater cities between you know goonie the japanese island and Taiwan and the mainland China in this triangle 13 cities 500 kilometers of white roads connecting them so obviously they are telling us about very advanced civilization from the distant past they were able to shake megalithic blocks to build stone temples and stone cities pyramidal structures and it is chained at the Japanese aunt expected the German and some of the American are saying it is all-natural including people like dr shock and the others what is their problem why do they simply admit that we did have very advanced civilizations in the past and we could learn so much from them well the problem is people work at universities I know everything is based on fear but then it is up to us to organize the society little bit differently they need to remove fear from our life even educationalist you know institutions media corporate world in our daily life in order to do that if we learn from the entrance and we would realize hey the our most basic fear the fear from death and all others are coming from this way but we could learn that in the ancient past people knew that besides our physical body which was for one use only we have our spiritual body our soul which was eternal so if it is a turnon why should we fear of anything fear of losing the jobs fear losing the loved ones fear losing money it’s irrelevant no place for fear anymore so once we learned that then we can organize ourselves will be differently why would we need all those elites political religious corporate to run our life so I think that the knowledge from the past can help us change our future for better well let’s conquer the fear and some people speculate that the bad guys kind of feed off of our fear that that’s the way they like to organize the whole planet is to keep us in a constant state of worry and fear yes and this is very large to hypothesis was last a thousand years from Sumerians and Babylon is actually the history of wars fifteen thousand words violence so much negative energy and so less about the energy in our case when we need energy we go and kill the animal and we are getting the most punitive source of energy for some other obviously our negative energy that we produce is the source of that energy and they are much smarter but unfortunately we are just used as a part of a big experiment this project yeah buddy salad I’ll pick for for some a different topic but same another I have one other question for you you have in the eighth the Bosnian pyramids there are volunteer efforts in the summer and then you go there and give different speeches and tours and things like that could you tell us a little bit about these things so that people can can actually go I myself plan

or want to go so what could you tell us well archaeology is very conservative science you cannot just go to Egypt or Mexico or China and start digging the pyramids you have to be a politically correct professional but he said in the case of Bosnian pyramids that will not be the case we have opened the project for non-professionals for all good intentional people who wants to come and be active part of history changing process in 2010 we had our first international summer camp for volunteers 500 people came from mary countries six continents 2011 or 32 countries two thousand twelve and thirteen forty five and 52 countries so they are coming from all over the planet from eight years to 84 years old and they stay usually for two weeks that’s how long one shift lasts in between june and September’s so we start june first jun 14 jun 14 jun 18 and so on and during those eight ships we always have for 500 people thursday we give them a logical training I told them they see the sides after that they start working on the Sun pyramid they help us removing the players of soul about the concrete blocks in the tunnels they help us clean the sealed tunnels and we have two labs on his lab for stone another one is the lab for ceramics they help us clean the artifacts then we work on the moon pyramid also over there be a phonics number with religious and they are actively part of the whole process the in September they help us put the museum exhibition together with the artifacts and the new discoveries so I would say this completely new approach to the archaeology give the chance to people who wants to be part of something big and they are really active part of this process so 5 10 20 years from now they can tell their kids or their grandkids hey I was there at the beginning I was there you know I was removing that no shortage my own hands so I think that such enthusiasm has never been recorded in the world of archaeology and we are very proud of that fact so we are open for everyone no secrets no elite science and I think the knowledge belongs to all of us so that’s one of the unique things that we have here in Bosnia and you go with words as well right exactly we develop what we call our collage to tourism we organize tours to Boston pyramid sites the sun pyramid the moon pyramid underground tunnels but also couple of three other three historical phenomenon the stone balls site then we hit megalithic city in southern Bosnia Sedona called our son this year we are organizing for tours and I’m host during those tours so usually we have some people who do the conference the do talks and the guests so it’s real nice to just like few days back I had people like Valeri Varro his pyramid researcher from Russia Marco pogatchnik megalithic researcher from sylvania in June dr. Harry Oldfield the guy who’s been developing very interesting technology to see a bioenergy fees that we cannot see it down like a human I in September we’re going to help people like michael tellinger the guy who discovered thousands of megalithic circles in South Africa then clouds Donna from Austria researcher of the ancient artifacts so we are getting interesting combination between the volunteers between those very known independent researchers and the guests so everyone is welcome and those tools and the summer camp volunteering can defined on our official website Bosnian pyramid of the Sun calm and everyone is welcome well I’m fairly interested Neil go ahead yeah dr. Sam I have a two-part question for you one is as you explore the tunnels have open them up do you find that the influence of the tunnels is growing and on a personal note how are the energies from the pyramid affecting your own health and I want to thank you by the way for a very very interesting interview now answer to the first question as we go deeper we can see that the vibrational

level of tunnels is rising namely at the beginning for example the concentration of negative ion goes up from 400 to three thousand ten thousand twenty five thousand thirty eight thousand the same the same thing goes with the energy potential people in the dowsing world expressed that on a body scale an evolving scale the human body is about 7500 if we are tired seven thousand six thousand if you are sick 5,000 if you are very spiritual eight ten twelve fourteen thousand and so on and so forth the energy of the tunnels goes from 3000 5000 25,000 to 40,000 deeper we go energy potential is rising so there’s a reason why I said the biggest discoveries are still in front of us and your second question about my personal health for example 89 years ago I would very glasses reading glasses now I don’t wear them anymore because I got tunnels and the Sun pyramid all the time when we measure that the older we have noticed while you are in the tunnel system after the visit your aura is expanding but once you go to the Sun pyramid when you are exposed to the Sun energy to cosmic energy your aura is better and evenly distributed so when you combine the two the planetary energies and the cosmic energies you got the best benefits for your own bodies that was my point are the people in the valley the more worky beyond this pyramid feeling a difference you know is it spreading as we rediscover it i guess the people who are actually working on the archaeological sites in the tunnels yes they do feel benefits and i must tell you this you know they are through with our shapes they got their certificates they give their little statements all of them are saying we are changed people something happens to them they realized that this life is not only the physical but the combination the harmony of physical spiritual they feel better they have most miles on their faces and they are coming back the following years thank you very much sir you will well dr. Sam you’ve done quite a thing they’re bringing this out of the public and letting the public get to visit as you said it’s a rare opportunity for everyone I guess before we wrap it up I would kind of wonder where do you see it going well this is a project which is not only just another archaeological discovery it’s telling us that almost everything they teach us about the ancient history is wrong the origin of man civilizations and the pyramids pyramids built everywhere on the planet we need to start asking questions about the past obviously those who have been controlling the past they’ve been controlling our presence we need to change that this project will help doing that secondly it’s not only about the cultural establishment trying to stop us and they’ve been trying to stop us for nine years now now we’re going to be facing even bigger challenges namely with the energy field then the possibility of free energy we’re going to have problems with the energy lobbies and with the healing aspects you can heal problem with the pharma Smith pharmaceutical Lobby so these are basis of our civilization people need to realize that we need to change that if we want to be happy and satisfied and I think that’s one of the main goals and in order to do that we need to apply knowledge from the pyramid builders well doc I think on that we can wrap it up we we appreciate your time appreciate you coming and we really are looking forward to all the research that’s going to come out from there are there any books that have been published that people can look for yes on the website at I gave you Bosnian pyramid of the sun calm there are several books they can be ordered in it through amazon or has a kindle version so you know people will be you know you have opportunity to buy them read them or they simply follow the news on our website there are daily news a lot of interesting stuff always positive news from the pyramid world and finally we want to see all of them bosnia because their experience will tell them that they are very happy that

they come down and I’m expecting you and your wife i guess and you will see why we are so self-confident and we talk about the Bosnian pyramid project okay well we’ll call it a wrap there and thank you for your interest and god bless thanks doc and Neil and melody thank you too that’s it folks take care bye bye thank you guys