How do I know if I am making progress on my journey to enlightenment? Part 1

Yes full Consciousness is for everybody Enlightenment is realization of your Self, of your true Self Realization of your true Source as the Self, which is Consciousness in reality and everybody is conscious already, but not everybody is working from a place of Consciousness Not everybody is functioning, is fully open to Consciousness So comparing to the Indian Saints as such well, these are the Teachers of Enlightenment and a Teacher or a Guru is a certain position It’s a certain task, it’s a certain responsibility So, yes it is being a Guru or a Teacher is not for everybody, but to realize yourself, your true Self is for everybody So this is the biggest misconception, is Enlightenment available? Can I be enlightened? Is it possible? Yes it is It is possible. It is available to everybody, it is for you But to become a Teacher of Enlightenment , a Guru or a Sage, that is not for everybody Because that takes a lot of years or previous lifetimes or a certain maturity of the Soul, to be in a position of a mastery of Enlightenment So that takes a lot of, we could say maturity and integration to have the ability to actually teach others and help others to also awaken into their own true nature So this takes maturity, this takes integration and many times it’s actually this maturity and integration comes from past lives Because there are Masters who are coming from the past lives, already having all these gifts and all these abilities and they bring them into this lifetime as well So these are the Sages, these are the Gurus these are the Masters and these are the old and mature Souls Cosmic souls, Universal Souls These are very old Souls So that takes a lot of maturity But to realize who you are, is for everybody. That is for everybody and this is the future of humanity That in about 500 years, everybody will be fully realized, will be fully conscious Being Meaning, knowing yourself, knowing who you truly are, knowing the one of Consciousness That all is Consciousness, it is one, but it is expressed uniquely through you, through your unique body, through your unique way. So you are unique and you should not try to change that. You should not try to become a Guru or a Teacher You should try to become you, the best version of you So full Consciousness is essentially the best version of you, on a highest vibration, completely Boundless, open and with full awareness, with full Boundless awareness, Boundless Consciousness So that is the realization of who you truly are and then we express uniquely through yourself Then you continue expressing yourself So in the future, humanity, everybody will be fully realized and there will be fully realized Scientists, fully realized IT people, fully realized technicians, fully realized artists, painters musicians,

chefs and and everything else And so that is available to everybody because that is the deepest realization of who you truly are and living as such Living as such, being who you truly, truly are So the problem in the West and so forth and in the East is that, the mind tends to compare and then tends to get confused So whenever one speaks of Enlightenment and immediately there is a notion of somebody in India or somebody who is a Saint and in the West it is so much more limited Because in the West if you would, if you would ask, are there any more Saints in the West? The common Westerner will say, it’s only Jesus There’s nobody else speaking the truth, but Jesus You know this is what the the Christian would reply and in India, it’s a bit more common because if you would ask a common Indian, you know are there any Saints and they would say oh, yeah, we have so many of them, you know There is a Shiva and Krishna and Rama and Ramana and this and this and that Oh, there are so many, so many, there are everywhere, there have been all the time here, you know So this is a common knowledge in India that yes, there are many Beings who are fully realized. And in the West it’s so much limited, the Christianity promotes only one figure of Jesus and only that Truth is the Truth. There are no other Truths and that is false The Truth is love. It’s Consciousness. That is the Truth. It’s your own nature and one has to realize that So Jesus was a messenger. He was a Messiah, he was an Avatar So, of course, he was a very mature and old soul He had a great mission on Earth, but there are many many others who have also have different tasks and different missions on this Earth? Because there is such a huge diversity on this Earth. So to summarize is Enlightenment for everybody? Yes. It is for everybody to realize who you are Not who Jesus was, not who Ramana was, not who somebody else was, is to realize who you are. And that is your duty? Actually, this is the single most important responsibility that you have on this Earth Because any other tasks are mundane tasks So to realize who you truly are, is the goal of the human being Any other task is a secondary. It’s a mundane task You know, everybody already knows how to eat and sleep and how to make children and how to go to work Everybody knows it too – that’s a mundane life But what is the real purpose of the human nature? It is to realize oneself who one truly is So this is very very important To have that clarity, that realization, Full Consciousness is for you But do not be confused with Gurus and Teachers and Sages and Saints and Avatars Because these are very ancient Souls They have different purposes. They have missions on Earth So perhaps you will also awaken to your larger mission or perhaps, when you’re fully conscious you will enjoy gardening You know, who knows? It is completely up to you, who you truly are So that is the clarification that full Consciousness is for you and what you will do with that it is up to you and the only person that you will have to look at, is yourself They are still coming in through the spiritual way to discover Consciousness, but now there is a new wave, the new trend rising which is a scientific,

evidential and experiential conscious way. It’s not about belief. It’s about verification So this is where we can say, it’s gonna be a divine science Confirming that yes, vibrations, frequencies work in that way and yes as vibrations frequencies rise they start functioning on a higher and higher order and harmony and balance So that is a divine science and that is arising right now and this is our focus as well To educate everyone about how the Universe actually works So that you can awaken to the higher level of Consciousness and we only would use certain practices of certain paths or traditions or spiritual practices only with the purpose to help you effectively awaken to the higher level of Consciousness and to verify that yes, it is now your experience on this higher vibration Higher vibrational life is actually very scientific and extremely conscious High vibrational life is to realize the frequencies, vibrations how they go up, how they go down What influences the higher vibration and what produces a lower vibration emotions? You know, which emotions are, we can say negative and they’re destructive and which emotions or feelings which can help you progress forward So high vibrational life is actually very scientific life and extremely conscious life and that is the future of humanity That is the future of humanity to know, how the Universe is working To know the laws of the Universe and to live according to those laws of the Universe . And the Universe is we could say a vortex of ever rising vibrations Into higher and higher vibration, higher density, higher dimensions and that is extremely scientific and extremely based on awareness Consciousness, evidence and confirmation, inner confirmation, inner verification That yes, this is how it really works And yes higher vibration is exactly like that and what I have to do to get to that higher vibration? What do you have to purify? To release, to let go, which is of a lower vibration, in order to live on a higher vibration. And this is where the levels of Consciousness come in Because the levels of Consciousness are really not so spiritual They’re not of any particular path, they’re not of any particular tradition They are scientific levels of Consciousness of human conditioning and knowledge of the Universe That on a higher level of Consciousness there are different laws and the experience is very different, on a higher level of Consciousness and this is the future of humanity, which is science and Consciousness Science, knowing the energy the structure the way the Universe works and Consciousness as the Source of all Where actually the whole Universe is within Consciousness It came from Consciousness. It is within Consciousness. It is Consciousness, but it’s experienced as energy and that will be the future of humanity Perhaps not Spirituality, first we have to ask what is spirituality? So, spirituality is a certain energetic

connectedness with the higher dimensional awareness and that is called spirituality There is the 4th dimensional spirituality, which is astral projections, travels There is the 5th dimensional spirituality which is the New Age There is the 6th to 9th dimensional spirituality, which is about I am presence, and ascended masters and the higher cosmic Beings Then there is a even a higher dimensional spirituality, which is divine spirituality Which is the realm of Gods and Goddesses? So spirituality is actually a certain energetic connectedness with higher dimensions and developing awareness and specific gifts of these higher dimensional energy Capacities like for example, psychic abilities So these are optional, they’re optional and they’re not for everybody. They’re for the Souls who have chosen to have this higher dimensional awareness in this life and generally this is the true meaning of spirituality. And how many people are actually truly we could say spiritual, they are counted in millions on Earth But for the rest, it is actually about Consciousness It is about Consciousness. It is about Truth And the Truth is not spiritual, the Truth is the Truth of the nature of existence of Consciousness and this is why we have a tradition, for example Zen, which is not a spiritual tradition. It’s a tradition of Truth and there are many other traditions which are based on the Truth So these we could not really define them as spiritual traditions because they’re based on Consciousness and Truth and they do not practice any rituals as such They do not practice an psychic abilities and then they would say well you see colors that’s fine skip and continue on Zen You know if you see any visions. That’s okay. Let them be, don’t get excited, continue with the practice of Zen You know, so there in these traditions, they encourage not to get carried away with any kind of higher dimensional perceptions or even psychic abilities So higher dimensional perceptions which are altered perceptions, which is called altered Consciousness and psychic abilities, that we could say is spirituality. And the rest is actually Truth Consciousness. And that Truth Consciousness is for everybody Spirituality is not for everybody It’s for those who feel the calling and who have gifts and who want to work on those gifts But Truth Consciousness is for everybody It is your awakening to a higher Truth and a higher brightness of seeing of yourself So let’s ask, is that spiritual to see yourself better? Is that spiritual? No So the awakening is to see yourself better, to realize a deeper Truth about yourself So wakening is something extremely positive, extremely beautiful and it’s the lightness of living. It’s the brightness of living. It’s the clarity of yourself So wakening is something very special, that is beautiful, your life really begins with awakening. A beautiful life begins with awakening and the first awakening starts at the level of 400’s according to the levels of Consciousness. And what is commonly known as awakening? It’s a beginning of awakening into a complete realization of your Self So the spiritual or generally, where it is known as awakening? It’s actually a beginning

Many people think that, that’s the end already They think that oh, I’m awakened. I’m already awakened But that’s the beginning of your journey of your path towards your true Self and on the scale of 1000 the awakening happens at the level of 400’s So wait a moment. There is 600 more points to go So actually, you just awakened to something very large and huge That you will need to discover about yourself No, you don’t need to believe in the teachings. We’re not practicing beliefs We’re practicing verification of Truth Inquiry, realization, verification of Truth of what is actually real? So we’re not focusing on any religion, on any particular path, on any particular view We’re focusing on recognizing, seeing and verifying the Truth inside you We’re not arguing about the stars in the sky. You know, that’s another topic We’re not arguing if the Earth is flat We’re not arguing if what is on a higher dimension yet? We’re only focusing to recognize, verify the Truth. Where not in the sky, not in the moon, not on another galaxy, inside you. And if you can verify that this is true, if you can realize something bigger, greater, more beautiful You don’t need to believe in that There is nothing to believe in Because you recognize that it is already so , that that is real, that there is Truth What kind of philosophy can we make out of it, of the Truth? Well people have made a lot of philosophies out of Truths and this is why when realized Teachers or people say a few sentences Then the people over a period of time make a whole philosophy about it and they get confused and they start to argue about these particular Truths But the Truth is only meant to be recognized, inside you and verified inside you and that is the aha moment. It is like oh I get it now or aha. I got it This is how you recognize the Truth And that does not require any kind of belief, philosophy or even religion as such or ritual There are no rituals. No philosophies. No religions Verification of the Truth inside you, is what we’re focusing on In the end we can say it is the realization of your true Self But that is the end of suffering That is the end of confusion, that is the end of worries, anxieties, doubts and fears Realization of your true Self is the end of the miseries and the suffering, the diseases and problems of the mind and then what you do, you truly live? You truly live, you live freely , you live Boundlessly, you live with intelligence You live it very intelligently, you live very consciously You live very truthfully So that is not the end, when you’re Enlightened, when you’re fully realized it’s not the end It’s the end of suffering and miseries That is the end, the end of ego and the true life really flowers The true life, truly really flowers That’s what it is