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Leipzig Airport, Sunday 4 October the weather is wonderful, light breeze +15 getting ready to fly It may seem that I to my age, achieved everything I fly the biggest plane in the world but I think you have to dream any age dream is movement Movement is life 16 years ago I passed my first tests took refresher courses and the dream comes true An-22 plane exactly on it today I will make my first flight the plane is very interesting with an interesting history First flight in 1965 in the month of February it was still called product 100 In our classification he is called Antey we sometimes call him affectionately Gromozeka according to NATO classification it is called –°ock the plane was produced during 10 years 1965 to 1975 was released total 68 aircraft this is An-22 A and it has a serial number 0509 i.e. 9th in 5th series for now there are 4 flying a/c in the world of interesting 3 aircraft were released who had 3 vertical tail unit designed to be carried on your back wing or center section An124 and An225 The one who flew the An-26 know to fight with icing, used special anti-icing fluid on board was 2.5 kg and on this plane there was 800 liters special anti-icing fluid And every time in flight The plane hit In icing And all the liquid was spent We see the plane is done In Tashkent Serial number 05 09 Made in 1974 Three rows of wheels The largest in the world Wheel pressure can change Depending on the purpose Landing on ground or concrete He was recently in Gao Mali Landing on unpaved runway In the old days there was Many flights to unpaved runways waiting for the arrival of the crew

we’ll refuel and prepare for flight How the plane opens like doors to an apartment Everything is very simple Fuel arrived, total refueling 25t open single-point fueling door Many screws Securely fastened connection process has started fuel hose to the aircraft and grounding this is how fueling works on the dashboard we see flight number, tail number We see how many liters we filled We go to the cockpit see how everything works gotta go up seating areas, table and cabin the first flight I’ll stand behind As an observer Then 2 flights are mine Arrival of the crew on the plane Our flight manager ANDRIUSHCHENKO DMYTRO The crew has arrived. There is an accompanying person Towing in 10 minutes technicians prepare the plane for departure Ruslan plane arrived our airline Will stand nearby APU launch process Auxiliary power unit Runs very well Regardless of age Better than Ruslan The tractor has arrived push back process

The APU makes a lot of noise our colleagues are unloading Disconnect the tractor and tow bar And they load him onto the plane Taxiing process To steer the nose wheel Gotta be strong Taxi to line up engines run up Our radio operator IASKOV OLEKSANDR Requests take off Cap MOSIN VOLODYMYR Takeoff cleared lights on, start time T/O power The speed is increasing 130 150 Control 190 210 230 We continue to take off Landing gear UP Nominal set [Marker sound] Vertical speed is good

Speed 300 PIC sets preset altitude Retract flaps 0 start descent Engines in 40 Indicated speed 450 we descend along the route we go from the north according STAR RW 28. From left we see Paris airports Allowed course to final Runway 28 on the shortest route We will slow down and release flaps and landing gear On the weather radar (rain) We hold 2500 feet We release the flaps Released 15 Reducing the speed for landing gear Landing gear down and lock green lights on

Turning final Flaps 25 Flaps 35 Speed 260 and continue approach RW ahead altitude 150m 100m Read altitude we roll to the taxiway and release to the right Characteristic growling sound taxing commander took control our team after the end of the flight Leipzig Paris we are on the local schedule Briefing room The crew writes wishes to Santa Claus (joke) Like in the movie Overboard How will they add, let’s go to rest