DEATH? | Plane Murderer [Minecraft Roleplay] – S1: Episode 4

what rest in peace r.i.p try seal was it always smart is this supposed to be an assault on my deathbed wait what I’m dead you’re finally with us trip all right what what do you have falling with you great am i actually did no no I can’t be dead tell me the truth I can’t be dead well you are what I can’t be dead we can leave the island we can’t but puffy can’t Ellie just kidding we can’t why we’re still we’re still trapped here till purple guy’s dead tell the under bag instead our spirits are still trapped here the gayatri wait what’s far oh I never actually died yes you did did I is it true yes I’m sorry I’m gonna watch my friends that make them live forever haha wait Jesus that was fun for a second Oh Molly I think she’s coming to try try yes try le try puffy hi are you okay who are you who are you out cold even the water he saved her life try his name is de nice to meet you de shake nice to meet you yeah high five anyway nice but you fit under the I live five hours ah I had a crazy dream guys do you want you want to hear it yeah sure wow I want to get it this I’m down both of you right there back up I backed off mine is a little bit more I can’t even hit it because of you you guys don’t know okay there we go Oh so much in here take all that you can carry those blaze rods oh yeah I got a gem plays out I got it diamond guys oh no we have to all call me down what who says we have to calm down you have to calm down yeah calm down calm down when I had a dream I dreamt that I died and my gravestone and I saw death and there’s some kind of thing up there wait the thing is actually true up there no really big tree no it’s just a really big tree well you just basically we’re

dead and well I see awful arias I was worried you drowned heart stop reading in your mouth and stop beating so we all thought you’re dead attacking me because I didn’t know who I was because we thought you were going after them we were protecting and try and so I saved your life and I think we should go to my house zombie just doesn’t want to die I’ll see you guys tomorrow I like your accent thank you yeah I’m gonna go over to your place I’m running why does climbing a tree take so long yeah wait is Ellie following us no okay so it’s just me and you see the old pal little puffy little kitty cat this is a nice place you got here I hope it’s alright but I know put my stuff in this chest this is gonna well I guess it’s time for bed you guys finish thank you I wanted to yeah I felt bad and I wanted to invite you guys to breakfast okay sorry we’re so happy I think it’s a pretty bad happy okay right this way up here over here you silly puffy now come on you can swim you’re just not wanting to papi over here oh geez they’re in the mobs this is scary I was trying to help you get back to shore over here the water is dangerous you guys creepers after me as well now nice anyway over here this nice drink I bought off they’re nice people on shore oh jeez what I think it’s a cursed animal if we even make its cursed

first it’s cursed it was cursed long dangerous dude your dude you don’t look good wreck fish yeah why didn’t you join us this is disgusting food I know but I I got other food this is disgusting why do you hate fish so much I got I got more than just fish don’t worry okay who wants bread No – there’s enough for everyone share it who wants so soon – What’s Wrong ash bar cooked oh no no back back back how big they want Rory just like it you can have one of either try do you want raraku koneko LD why didn’t you join us at Puffy’s place soup for every woman because I’m making soup for everyone when there’s some somewhat over thank you yum yums okay why didn’t you come and join us Oh II thought you changed cuz I didn’t I know there’s no escape you monster you’ll answer me what are you doing in my house yes good remember Tommy stop it you can’t knock me out right what what’s going on what I’ve said I’m sorry I didn’t need to hit you wakey wakey wake up here Lisa wake that drink it make her drink it stuff it down a drone aah drink this how did that taste little Anna are you okay she bit me I’m sorry I can’t hurt I’ll hit you with the shovel what’s wrong with her you wanna bone you wanna

bone don’t go in go in the bedroom I’ll try and get you okay so we look for supplies while you try to make four normal yeah oh you’re a good Ally oh there’s probably not safest idea but anyways I got some supplies hey Dave I got you somethin then I got somethin supplies here you go thank you what did you get my you say no you have to stay in there and tell you feel normal again no no no no I worked hard making this oh you mean my best buddy your best buddy yeah I think I heard from a dream that you’re you guys are brothers what no what okay just my brain knows no we are brothers but yeah we’re clean burglars actually Oh interesting where is hey I mean I have nothing I have an idea correct so smart Oh why do you find your Ally Pally do you want the stick do you understand I don’t think she likes you back up and they like me le le bad one stick she feels harms I knocked her out hopefully when she wakes you’ll be back to normal anyways I’m gonna make her think this is a stick stick hey hey hey try try try yes oh it’s okay wakey-wakey shaky shaky wake up or I’ll shoot you with this bow how’s how’s your hand after I shot you in the hand with the bow hey hey hey here here but this will this will help it’s called fruit juice it’s actually pineapple juice you gave it to Ellie that’s tough hard to get so she’s a dog and she needs it more than I do I want her loyalty oh wait wait wait I can brew up a memory potion Oh you throw

a whole get me out of here we got it we got it hey puffy puffy never mind no we need to keep her in there for now hey get back in come over here Ellie Ellie over here okay where we go God go after Ellie get over here I have a water bottle on me if you come to me I can give it to you chase it back into the hole possibly no bad yeah here steak steak steak this it’s in the hole it’s in the hole throw it up a chapter in the hole she can’t get out I’ll work on the memory potion well uh Phoebe beat e be careful I’ll work on the memory potion okay oh there’s fish in my chest oh I love fish but not cooked fish I think it tasted a yeah you serious what do we do now maybe this was she turned into his dog what maybe she was maybe she’s slowly turning into a real fine I’ll just knock her out I took care of it so who’s gonna drag her back I took care of it

who’s gonna drag her back Ellie I I’ll carry her just just head on back okay come on are you sure carry that little heavy little doggie horse yes none of it disappeared like oh he disappeared oh yeah they still love it she can’t my time luxury well she’s enough to know not luxury I guess yes exact I’d you guys okay I don’t wait it’s t have to see me throw her down in this hole there nowhere does their hey hey hey I’ll work on the memory potion get out my room okay shoot I guess well since you’re getting started on that I can get started on my new house I want to build my own house you know I don’t always have a lone Fox as well not technically Fox but whatever I’m a fox I’m gonna call myself ox I don’t care what you guys think I’m the Fox hey where should I build it especially I should build it as an island in the middle of the ocean right location I know exactly the place I’ll bid on I’ll build it on that I linked right you know I mean I saw earlier today that Island right across the mighty Treasure Island yes I’m gonna right there if I can find it Wow well there it is hey maybe if you go get some of that we can take the plane apart and use that I wouldn’t suggest it door wait how are you right outside the door oh yeah I guess you can yell are you I am building a house my name’s not nice day I just got a start building my house although I can hear them from this far away probably because you can just yell to each other from one side of the island to the other I know what to do yes smart I’m so smart this is a smartest idea I’ve ever had yes I would do this idea first a crafting table ah yes let me go to what I need to build okay it’s like huh woo okay anywhere sticks in that now operation give all right let’s go sorry okay these batters awesome sand can I even see that one down there oh okay so this is just gonna be a little bit just get this all right now I am out who is that and I think that’s a good start to a little house underground look I’m so sorry but no – oh Jesus all right dig low enough so I’m not near sand okay

this work nice still gonna take down this deep enough it’s like just one word okay that’ll do this will do whatever this is now this is what I call a little bit of a house well this is start boy how do I get out I forgot to make more ladders this is doing a pain in the butt I mean Jesus and I won out then I think I think to my friends very well – they won’t mind if I sleep over for another night I think we could start off with six okay okay this is gonna look great a nice time oh here okay so okay I guess I didn’t really need that much but you know I think I should be handing back to my friends why I even swimming the water it’s gonna take me for wasn’t water I was building a house what a dog yes I think it Ellie are you sure Ellie is and holy I need that so Ellie’s not in that hole of dirt just fell on that one spot dig it up well I wants to please that show or this day have it still I found there okay day hold still wait what how easy this is interesting I can’t I’m on it if you don’t wake up I’m gonna pour water on you sauce I finally made the potion here why don’t you do what it what happens mate my job my room mate are you doing in here Mike this happens might what are you doing hey Here I am i present you don’t leave me are you okay now did that potion work I write function and he was from Oh over here Ellie Ellie over here

I think the potion worked I don’t know I don’t have a helmet anymore because of that dog dog well anyways let’s hope that she feels better in the morning or I guess yeah see you later Ellie looks good with some sand right here I’m going to be a liar don’t you want to use my arrows I have two beds in there you and puffy can sleep in there like a crib just sleep on the dirt well yeah late so good night