FSX – Metro Air Flight 419 (A319) – KLAX – KPHX

hi everyone welcome aboard Metro Air flight 419 here we are in Los Angeles K LAX is our starting airport so we are doing a little bit of an American tour let’s just hop in because the catering want to catering on the doors open so let us do that as you can see we’re just prepping the aircraft at the moment catering is just about to do their business and today we’ll be flying a short flight short flight from KL a X which is obviously Los Angeles to Phoenix which is k-pop our hotel x-ray should only be about an hour and 20 minute flights and maybe depending if we get pushed out a bit further it might be a bit further but no it shouldn’t be too far at all right so while catering are sorting a few things out let us hop in and start prepping the pain plane I can speak and that’s what we’ll do a stick where we’re going to turn around steak just for ease and speed and I’ll let the autopilot check off the checklists while we do the FMS if we get them triggered off brilliants con what we preparation checklist FMC so if I can bring that down brilliant okay so idle today we are flying checked just get from okay what do I say k hotel checked the x-ray shove that in there beautiful flight number will they metro yours sure nineteen we are flying I don’t actually have a Cost Index which they’ve provided me so we’ll go with 45 and our cruise altitude today will be 31,000 feet sweet okay routing is incredibly simple I’ve just looked at the root and Wow okay so we’ve got the two airports in there if we are first Waypoint which will be T R M they’ll be that top one she’s finances get rid of that discontinuity brilliant it’s that lovely right if we click on that first way pon withing and then hit an airway which is Jay one six nine so J 1 6 9 in there and we are flying to that until B Bravo lima hotel insert that boom and that is it for our roots how simple is that today that is incredibly simple huh wow I didn’t need all the prep work I thought I would right so next thing we need to check is fuel just looking at my flight dispatch it’s currently in pounds I’m just switching that over to kilograms so we can set the fuel here if we want to but I will do it from this one it’s slowly easier so number of passengers will be carrying today is 148 cargo it doesn’t give me a wait for cargo this says 214 bags so I don’t know others put five in their fuel we will require five thousand four hundred and fifty two kilograms so if we put five point five kilograms of of metric ton of fuel that should be good to go so if we have the fuel loaded please get that going and I’ll also get fo set sorry gsx to request boarding as well prince so catering has gone now you can see the the loading ramp for the for the bags and stuff they’re coming that passengers won’t be using the back door they should

be using the jet way as you can see great this hop back in the plane we’re waiting to do the next part the check once the doors are closed so I may pause here a moment on the recording while we get the fuel and passengers on board so I’ll see you in a short while okay welcome back everyone so they have finished the boarding so we can start to close up secure the cabin there we go brilliant and now the doors closed we can get rid of the Jets way captain the cabin is secure all passengers are aboard before start checklist windows and doors close to the locker you excellent asked to screw on startup now bleep it’s firing up the APU get some power currently on an external power at the moment I’ll just do a quick one minute on the yeah that looks fine just double-checking against the dispatch I got well that’s the flight it’s as I say it estimated time is one hour 15 one hour 20 depending on headwinds just wait for the APU to come online now you can see it spooling up there it’s just come on set all external power disconnected and off now this is the Airbus a319 which is one of the smaller ones obviously previously flown via the Airbus checked 2011 21 321 I can’t remember exactly I have to go back it’s been a while such a while since we’ve done any flight net so this could be hazardous to say the least so let’s just speak to ground control get clearance 13,000 is gonna be our starting light coming out of the airport knowledge that I speak to ground now to get clearance to the runway and once we know which one way we’re taking off one we could work it out by looking at the charts and what the the green direction but it’s a lot easier just to ask around and they’ll give a star heading when we leave the air feels runway 6 so heading is winning 6-0 just allows us to set a few things up before we have to worry about putting power in in that kind of thing to do six fantastic ok nice ground clearance now sweets gsx and ask them for a push back and we want to go nose right tail or left No here they come we can’t go that way because there’s a building over there so we have to be able it must be that way and it was any option we’ve got an Alaska Airlines next to us which is pretty cool I think my truck I is having a little bit of interference from the microphone that’s why it keeps she’ll see me that’s just fiddled with the truck I hopefully that’s a little bit but as you see the building now this is good soon soon we’ve got an Alaskan airlines next whistle she’s got nice start so

well okay now my truck I are still isn’t behaving itself oh it’s always the way I might just give up with track I are and this sim it always misbehaves I don’t know why so we’re gonna start with engine one Nikki – sorry got reading the wrong thing right truck I are you going off you’re doing my head in so just use the mouse night to move the the camera did I not say tail tail left nose rights oh dear okay well we’re okay Gracie pushing okay fine we’re going for a bit of a drive by the looks of it that’s fine let’s start engine one can watch you screw up here okay here we are with this is quite the pushback we actually work next to that Alaskan airlines they’re having that sort of darken area on the it’s been quite the push back and yes I’m the best pushback actually but there we go Thanks you’ve just put us in the right big predicament here well is okay maybe it’s a bit of anglo-american a standard shapes set APU bleed well let them get away and whilst do a 360 on the on the set off coming up to six right now just hold here for a second and get permission to take off got some good seats to take over before takeoff checklist check break offense check normal kickers ta ra tilt above exterior lights set on sliding tables stowed stowed check complete ok here we go there’s an aircraft coming in I some of the whites should be they didn’t they gave us permission but that’s a little bit too close for me or is there a second runways are at six left you might begin down six left maybe Delta where ice yeah they’re going down so okay they’re going down on six left okay ignore that sorry I saw the Nair craft King coming and I thought that’s not right it’s like I stopped but it sounds a little bit too precautionary but that’s okay let’s line this up and we’ll do a nice rolling starts take off man toga and SRS check powers

said 100 not checked beat one all right sorry go Tate positive climb Kira Kira right counts a 300 feet now got Los Angeles around us goodbye lax of a frame hog the airport bit of a murky day here in LA so it come to a thousand feet now we’re gonna switch on the autopilot traffic followed on so we’re flying heading 6 0 and 30 up to 13,000 feet which was our departure information flap zero what we’ll do we’ll set this down supplying there we go climb thrust the after takeoff checklist asking me to turn to a check normal eight five disarmed that’s so chance expired gear up lights off set Wow murky day in LA today apparently so checked we’re turning to heading zero five you can see it here and this is our plan routes so they should intersect in a wee while hopefully if not will we adjust it slightly so what we’ll do that and we’ll go onto our our own routes I think is just clot low cloud or a low cloud because there we go and that’s Los Angeles the frame hogging city that it is but I thought it’d be nice to come on out come over to the states and do some flights for the states there she is they’re going to La Center start turning left now as we hit our line beautiful so as I said we’re flying on the the Metro air which is part of fly UK this is the American cup side of the company this is co-chair and it’s one of the few times you can get to fly the the a Airbus a319 which is such a lovely aircraft I wish they’d do the the the 18 as well because of it the baby buses are so nice to fly an aircraft up there so yep this is the Airbus a319 as I said this is I basically decided I would do it a flight in the a319 because it’s been such a while since I’ve done an fsx video since the b-17 last one so I wanted something really quick and easy which I didn’t have to worry about it too much because I haven’t flown for such a long time it’s been put about three or four weeks as I’ve flown anyone who’s flown a variety of these payware aircraft if you haven’t flown for about a month it takes a bit of getting used to remembering all the different features each aircraft well has some similarities 10 o’clock yeah I’d be still the aircraft yeah so I wanted something which can pretty much babysit me and the Airbus is from era soft can you can set it’s a pretty much babysit you all the way and that’s what I’ve done I am learning to other aircraft currently which is she’s good I’m really enjoying it but it’s a bit of a challenge as I said all aircraft have similar features on the AP years and you have to go through your clothes and stuff but they all have slides their own slight characteristics and their own small differences so well

yeah it takes a little getting used to okay we’ve been given permission to go up to our cruise altitude and three one zero so as we cruise up to our cruise level flight I’ll do the usual of a couple of pretty snapshots with some music in the background but about a later music just to get you in that chilled flying mode and I’ll see you for preparation for descent and approach so I’ll see you in a few minutes like fly straight in runway eight let’s stick the old localizer on and that should catch the beams zone leader laser beams approach starts in 2.8 miles that’s great that’s the approach checklist which is fine hopefully we’ll catch the that’s not late don’t worry it’s another airport what are these round fields you can see them there’s like little round one all that is all about if you know all those round things are that’s bizarre there’s a hot semi circle down there why are they growing maybe these racialist you can status checked slide eight tables stowed told Kevin signs checked checked Baro reference checked one zero one three one zero one three check alright I’m hoping she’ll now start to catch the beam we’re coming up to it now flight attendants prepare for landing there we go I’m starting to bang laughs fantastic to have caught the localizer this is Phoenix Arizona

Kendrell murky here so it sounds like somebody’s doing our routes in Reverse Southwest Airways – 597 alive yay got the localizer you see these little purple diamonds so that will go in there when we’re aligned obviously this is this one here is for the glideslope when we capture that let’s say the Airbus is such a wonderful aircraft I know people love Boeing’s but I must admit I think I’m an Airbus person not just because there’s a factory Airbus Factory in Wales but it’s just I just love their buses I think they’re just Boeing’s are brilliant dinging me wrong but air buses are just just my thing nice long alive let’s get to approach her she say there’s the diamond now so that will now descend us and align us correctly to the airport which I can’t quite see through the murk localizer captured so it’s in that truck I off because it’s just annoying that’s the problem with track I our fault it just has interference every soft Ananas frustrating 2,500 oh I see the airfield it’s all the airports there you call an airfield been playing too much World War 2 stuff and you can see the pop a lights there so our own way must be here can’t quite work make out our runway busting BTech gear down gear down Landing checklist landing gear down and locked three greens spoilers traffic shakes AFRICOM motor brakes medium exterior lights on go around altitude set landing memo checked no blue it’s land runway AIDS Roger Skywest two nine three nine words of a champ shut up shut up to 99 okay so Skywest two nine three nine is following us in the old teak ass is going off this suggests is credibly close to me oh my goodness look at him he’s right behind me back off boy back off okay clear conflict great Oh big sports stadium there

now this aircraft can also land but I need practice so I may switch off and cause viral battery she’s coming very nice 400 300 hundred above wash your palate office to a minimum continue okay kind of annually 70 50 people 50 40 30 20 [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] and chuckles back Claire a little bit wasn’t the best landings we want to touch down live earlier than that but we’ll just roll slightly off-centre as well we lost the glideslope manual brakes okay I’ll take this exit welcome to Phoenix everyone lovely right all right switch the engines off and the marking checklist the jetway over to unload the passengers and we’ll go through the park a checklist okay and as we go through the checklist the jetway is now connecting and the ground services are picking in to come and unload us so I’ll leave it there guys thank you for joining me on Metro Air flight 419 from Los Angeles to Phoenix I’ve hope you enjoyed the flight please make sure to thank your cabin crew on the way it out and join me next time for more fun in fsx I hope to see you then you