Journey into Inner Light Awakening ( Level of Consciousness 400 )

And this light that’s completely everywhere, became light in relation with you. Did you see yourself as that light? No, not your mind right now, like direct experience, not a theoretical answer What has been really true to you? Did you realize that light is you? That light is you You see, the light has fully opened in you, but now you need to realize it as you Okay, so your mind could be a little bit lagging You need to now fully see that light as you Because the way you spoke, you’re like, oh nothing was here, nothing was here, only the light was here So that is an indication you haven’t realized that light as you, there’s a bit of a gap And now the light is very here, and even right now, and all you have to come close to, is the realization, the realization And it comes, the light comes as you, because right now it’s out here, everything out here came into light But there was a gap from you and the light The light is the realization that you are that light That’s what it means. You’re very close You’re very close You can take some time now just to close your eyes and grasp this You’re this close (Sharing about meditation experience)

There’s still a lot of healing happening there, because you see the depth is like, the deeper you go, consciousness starts losing its strength and it starts dozing off But at the same time you’re still seeping in a bit deeper. It’s like going into a deep dark cave, that just closes in a way, but as you’re still in and out, in and out, you’re still penetrating that light So, you’re still doing some work there The energies are anyways coming through And the light, when you were connecting with this shower of light, how was that relation with you? How can you describe the light? And how was it? Okay, so the light was around you? You could see the light all around you Okay, and that would be really good for you to start strengthening that light when it comes surrounding you After every yoga practice, after every meditation, if it is possible to see that light on your own might be not easy, it depends But whenever you see that light around you, stay focused You need to strengthen that light, okay, because when you strengthen that light enough, enough, it will break open To break open, and then you will realize that as you Okay, so that would be your process as well So when you see that light, try not to doze off, try not to float, but be more strong with that tree of presence Because that tree will keep you conscious, awake Because the meditations, if you doze off some healing happens anyways and you’re not missing out on anything But what truly works in bringing it closer to your reality is for you not to become unconscious of what is happening So in those deep places you’re dozing off, there is where you need to have more strength It’s a very soft strength You see, you spoke of it, but that is what is needed, to stay strong with it and stay with that light, and keep intensifying that light It’s already around you, you see? It’s already here around you, but it needs to strengthen So that is the most important for you in your next step of level of consciousness Yeah, did you see some light?

It’s okay, it’s okay. What do you see, tell me (unintelligible question) When these visions come they’re like, just like popping into it, but out, okay, when a vision comes, you’re popping in to see that you are that light, but then boom, you come out of it Now what we are doing here is not to see a vision, in and out, but to become that permanently, at all times So that vision was great because it’s gonna help you But don’t get stuck with that vision, because a vision just comes and goes When it’s realized as you, that’s a completely different reality So that I just wanted you to understand. So that is great And then slowly, slowly what will start happening to you, the more you start practicing you will start getting glimpses of light here in that meditation, light there, the vision of light But these are peeping into, and then it will get stronger and stronger and stronger, and then it will become when you see that light wrapped around you And then you need to intensify that light. You keep working with that light, until if everything breaks open, and you see only light and then you merge as that light Okay, some fear came up, yes, some fear came up and that shows that there is a sense of you wanting to control. So this is good that we see it, because during meditation the fear arises, let it be Because that fear will stop you So when fear comes up, it’s okay, lose your control, because if you’re trying to hold the control, you’re actually holding yourself from seeing something very beautiful, something very big deeper inside you I know, sometimes when it’s high, intense energy, and if fear comes up of like losing yourself or losing control, but those are the exact points that you need to lose control There is something here, and it’s good you are now opening to feel more in just these like four days with everything that you’ve put together, you know You see already an improvement, already a progression. That is how it starts, you see? Yes, good, your heart is now starting to drop the shields of protection, and it’s like, okay, it is safe for me to start feeling But now it’s cracking open, you see, and those cracks create space

for the new, as well, to come through. You see, we take small steps at a time No need to rush anything But you must take a steady practice It’s not just a retreat, okay? You must dedicate steady practice, where you do pranayama everyday, even if it’s a short practice, it doesn’t matter, but every day you find some time to do it Maybe to do some Tibetan rites, because there’s such a short practice, and it works directly on your energy body. It’s really important, you see, Tibetan rites are very, very important up till the inner light awakening especially up to 400’s, because they help you to activate your energy body, but you must give a good practice, you must give it full practice Every day, at least six days a week. (The Five Tibetan Rites) And then when you come to a class, of course, it’s better because they will bring higher vibrations, higher energies, and then there, or even retreats, you are receiving So you receive the light, you receive those transmissions So this is why in retreats or in private sessions or in a yoga class it is important to also bring that part into your life as well And the same with that light, is to give yourself some practice, and to work more with that light So that light comes through more and more and more, the more you receive it, the more you work with it We start awakening more of that thread of light to really come through. The inner light awakening is actually a very, very important awakening It’s actually one of the first awakenings of spirituality See, when you awaken to the inner light, very, very big changes are waiting, very big changes You see on the map, inner light is then coming into the new humanity consciousness And after the inner light awakening, then another important one is the inner love awakening Here is where you become as big as the planet, it’s that big, and it’s always within you At first you peep into it and you come back, or you travel and you come back But then when you shift your consciousness fully to inner love, this is oneness consciousness It’s huge already Oneness consciousness, is you are connected, and you feel one at all times with everything on this planet You see how huge your heart will become So when fear arises let it be, you know, and don’t give it that power, because there is such a hugeness waiting for you The mind can’t even grasp what it means to be in oneness consciousness, to be with your heart as wide open as the whole planetary self, where you envelope, literally your heart envelopes The consciousness of the heart envelops the whole planet Earth So there is a lot more beauty waiting for you. You see it’s nothing to feel low about, it is already it is good, so imagine how much more is waiting for you, you know? That is beautiful