hey guys what is up its the banana crew and we game we are field medics trying to get back Buffalo VanDyke after he was stolen from us by the evil motorcycle gang while we were sleeping those bastards those bastards you son of [ __ ] we would learn to put like one of the 20 people we have with us on Lookout duty one would think but we’re not that smart now we’re kind of dumb this is a beautiful area yeah oh god that’s the Buffalo game then yeah the Buffalo game looks screwed yeah whatever yeah it yeah Judy’s ribs oh Jesus I think one with the motorcycle too he has either that or he’s just yeah I don’t know Dillard’s call don’t know all these things do there’s one that makes me go to sleep as fast as possible there you go and your blood yeah just yes buddy nicely you open up those games that wakes you up when you can attack I think so probably that was our problem to begin with and we want to make Bo slower I really don’t care to know how much damage that does neither do I get a guess that it probably kills you you know what I don’t care if he only sleeps for one turn if he doesn’t get a chance to attack that is good enough for me right that is perfectly fine down with you and your cool vest with the spikes mom I’m a little jealous of it but that doesn’t mean I’m not gonna kill you put us on up for Kerry and beard and no longer blinds the oils coming last the game now Brad scared okay well this is not good everyone’s scared No except for him birdy oh Jesus sweetie drunken tumbles wait building yes I would build up a teepee saying as he can’t that’s a good idea too oh yeah I’m gonna blind him first and then I’ll try to get the empty that’s right no if Bo will not be scared he can heal heal everybody else’s status ailments but doesn’t look like he’s gonna be coming now we got a little alive but he’s not hidden more and he’s got no TP and swig so let’s do a little chip damage and hope we survive Wow broke yours was dead you kill them he’s gone dead dead holy steed also did ten thousand damage almost irrelevant he’s dead thank God healed him one more time oh nice to find out that the thing by having it happen to you yeah get stuck on the screen apparent come on beau alright hit away oh it was our best support character what have to happen to Bernie goddammit also we’re not finding our dude anymore I’m guessing this is him it’s this yeah are you kidding me well damn damn damn damn god that was shitty that was really this game just doesn’t stop on you ever ever like there’s a continuous torrent of falling on your chest you think okay this is it but it’s never in there’s just always something coming to poop on you new characters just now Buffalo man Tyco got Mick Rhine did and don’t you mean he got his neck broken there’s a bar and now there began five oh he’s flying all of it that was our entire strategy was birdie no need to come up with a new strategy areas broken it’s okay there’s a bar I’m gonna miss birdie like you yeah he was honestly just one of my favorite characters I guess we’ll use geese I’m Annie’s geese while I’m playing you guys are welcome to switch it if you’d like I enjoyed a bar I’m gonna save it to a different bottle yeah in case because goddamnit that wasn’t all the way up and down man I’m getting a feeling that we’re gonna sail across this ocean and reach the final part of the game me too oh I also found out another way we get a character we just have to keep playing roulette over and over and over and over until we beat everybody in there and then somebody will join our party it’s the guy on top of the roof over there so at this point would be like way under levels anyways Bradley Bradley spread the hey please no no god dammit please don’t be oh you know what that’s fine you are not the person I was afraid to be seeing my favorite no-good son of a [ __ ]

Oh Sammy yes I take enough didn’t make it tis alright I suppose we had it coming I’ve been a scoundrel since youth but you knew that say Brad let’s have some fun or one last go for old times sake there’s a boat just down the way here how about you hop on that motorbike and we race to it Lisa know something of a girl you say dear might kick your ass I hope it’s the deer from can I get on this bike along the other bike double bikes all the way ok let’s see let’s just have some fun what ok can you jump is there a ramp yes there’s a ramp right there hidden you have to really I think how do you wheelie shift when you go oh no space dammit how do I bike it’s space I would just hold space almost the entire time if you hit a rock ball I’m gonna try to spot them so I don’t have to hold it the whole time Wow there’s a rock all right well there’s the rock so shift all the way there was one rock at one Rock only how convenient what we had to fight to the death now Brad there is no boat oh you dick I did it because I was envious of you but now you don’t have arms and I really don’t give a I think it showed me what I needed to know are you gonna kill yourself yeah you are aren’t you this is really deep and he’s gonna try to murder us huh I bet he’s just gonna just you know he’s just yeah yeah did you just she just shot spaghetti no don’t shoot spaghetti first you [ __ ] he wanted spaghetti to go with him he shot himself in the brain and then he died don’t loot his body can we get the gun what happens if you like actually race him though uh-huh not to find out yeah we might beat him and he might not kill himself like the shitty ending he owes Bugatti you know I’m on a motorcycle like how are you gonna expect to beat me spaghetti is pretty awesome though Brock is it now no damn it Kelly should be wrong and we made it at a gas how convenient where’d you go for a home well done here you got some hair grow nice ha you guys were bald all right we got an item and the only difference did you lose his body last time uh I just said he said he’s dead ah so what’s the hair grow I want to know I want to know what the hair grow does okay no hyper hair growth that was some really nice defense it is a whole army we’re just gonna assume it was all for the bow he’s that was uh that was not bad though like I was a decently birdy tragic story moment and well it was it was I was weird it was a nice game yeah that’s like a quick one that makes no physicals okay there’s a bar Hey no straight no magic that involves everybody yeah yeah I’m also kind of pissed that the bicycle gang stole buffalo van Dyken we only got to use him like twice what the game so they all got murdered yep yeah God that was awful also we never recruited a Power Ranger quite frankly that’s just disappointing it’s that one right there I think oh yeah we avoided this area because we’re was darkness and what’s back there turn around Oh some kind of super secret hell door oh this is Randall’s area but it’s phat rage well something’s up with Brad he’s got sunglasses on cool oh my god is Brad got cool now Brad finally turned cool oh where are they gonna go after Ultra Penn likes me mega burger Magica ultra Peck super mega ultra drill Giga we’ve all seen the same thing dude it would just be good for everybody involved if you would just go ahead and explode give your sad final words and die yeah that’s what I’m talking about you don’t know what you’re doing right we’re invading we’re invading Grand oh I think has a dumb idea nice experience so Dan who’s been an okay guy so far they go rapid arrow nice be nice of you whatever Billy got a Rando ration hint hint hint wink wink whoa my god bathhouse you’re safe up there it looks like damn it but you have to run in front of it for some reason spiders are easy panicking is scary just jam out just raise your gym

LP no jam out just lets you jam out on his guitar it’s a little bit of damage I think right no foe doesn’t damage jam out just like allows you to tap keys instead of pushing it oh yeah yeah it’s like Brad’s thing Oh God you gotta find your way around the house oh it’s a maze a maze with spiders nice goin nice seolin is the best : is always the best never doubt homeland bread is probably the worst God I have bread wasn’t like ruined with joy and no arms he’d be pretty high up there bread wasn’t a drug-addled double-amputee he might have a chance comparable eg it’s what you just said yeah slightly it seemed like somebody else is doing the worst thing that you’re doing that’s totally it’s perfect it’s the divergence it’s perfect time for you to get a watch [ __ ] this is a Content spot a slapper right there that’s the sound of a thousand knees being slapped person well probably like 30 to 49 is the average of you can of these videos but eventually thousands of knees party know that still this the brother II oh thank god my name’s two wrongs homie from the office let’s save him no sleep no saving the home thus far refused to save a man named Toby that as far as brother and all sold tardies brother hey I haven’t principally okay fine yeah finally they are stated do not say good you take me back to Chris you should be down by the seat rocks she sells crack rocks we got another party member yeah we gotta get out without dying yeah not that way yeah that spider okay continuing through the bathhouse is this where we started it was the middle one you went just trying to explore everywhere I don’t know there might be other stuff in here great please oh that’s fantastic oh god yeah I think it is I mean I’m super thrilled about the way things are unfolding right now it’s great I love it yield your poison with this how are you music somehow and you don’t know how the that means don’t worry about it so I thought it was exploring but now I think I’m legitimately lost damn it’s like they’re hardly even good for experience nah they’re just annoying I’d just wanna be free going deeper loosen a ting an endless bathhouse alright that’s it it’s it what are you what about looking at he’s a guy with the horse mask yeah no it’s a horse mask joking no there’s nothing you can do maybe we need an item or something I don’t know I don’t he’s probably an item I want to get out of here but I want to see what else is in here I just don’t want to fight 8,000 spiders are you sure sounds like you do yep leave we we can just no oh yeah right yeah Rocky’s right we could try by God we could try to just leave this one I feel like this game is more likely to find us if we say leave and more likely to let us leave if we try to fight back are you sure no no oh now I believe with the coin I guess eeny meeny miny mo that one what do we take I don’t know I didn’t look quitting thing we pit what are you supposed to without them No will you pick fight him okay this we know he’s floating yeah yeah psychically floating knocked them all down with something hey yeah yeah like group sleep yeah nobo is amazing because everything that just wakes them all up again I’m gonna be pissed gonna be hilarious yeah that’s totally gonna happen I’m gonna see what we’re dealing God okay well my plan was to put them all to sleep and work on recovering health and stuff picked me knocked a bunch of book down low okay what is he hasn’t even have like a name like a group name do they bear goes keys band are you this is gonna be a really interesting fight holy keep doing that oh yeah keep doing that we still have a chance these guys are just like a bunch

of Japanese guys in a bathhouse you could increase prices would and he did not have that much more damage than the rest of them did I’m gonna make a rapid arrow the guy in the middle because it is purely but he is gathering strength strength yeah I’m I’m more afraid of him than me individual guys I am at this point to all of them are gonna miss Brad – oh my god that’s so nice Oh thousand her that is so nice this is gonna be down to the wire this is great this is a hell of a fight I think while you have bread or olan hidden you should increase Brad’s SP with olan but that’s got two more moves of that oh it does I mean I’m really worried about that guy in the middle it’s up to you though yeah that’s it’s totally your call but that’s just my two cents straight shot which is 300 it’s not a lot oh well you also have horse dance so I wouldn’t worry about it too much then and while he’s on joy it’d be nice for him to attack much as well exactly oh dear all right thank God for joy like we definitely would have died without joy that had to be up kind of super defense bonus we have going wow this one guy on the left is a trooper he really is this guard bill TV nah it just increases Deva goes for big but it also guards us for when he attacks which allows us to then turn her up a little more SP I don’t know if smaller and strong is just a charging head but maybe I think fireball might be more because it costs more but that’s probably a dumb way to go by it’s possible though that’s the thing he’s still poisoned no it’s not poison could doing a thousand per turn so it’s worth trying to poison him again no there we go yeah weak point do you found my one weak point seven thousand ninja scarf oh hell yeah fifty mags too nice and they’re all dead nice and we have played beginner than like eight thousand yeah well I really hope we survived there isn’t this bad man me too what is that please don’t kill that’s the way to propel it teller oh we have all the parts and there’s no easy way to get out of here no but he’s killed everything in it so we should be okay yeah I’m pretty much exterminated the entirety of this area well that being said this game loves to throw random enemies at you I’m we’re gonna die we’re definitely gonna die we’re gonna have to redo all of this you could just pass travel and you out of here yeah what kind of want to see just in case you know in case you missed something you could go farther to the left there by the way I think this might be the way out no I think this one is like a little room yes yes there were some areas we had not explored yes but it all but we’re also close to dying whoa we made it yeah yeah well there’s no one to steal or people anymore we say that he’s safe see you say that maybe we’ll just get farted on instead because that’s always a delight this is taking forever nope we just get the creepy mask you took both of our arms would you stop with me and there it goes this guy like that guy is a piece of I thought we kill him next time oh dammit god dammit it’s Hitler totally looks like Hitler yeah that does look like stinky yeah and I think it is I can’t let you destroy the world know what a city whatever his name is good thing we let him live piece of whatever well whatever wow he’s got a massive guns Diggy well I get this point I don’t even feel bad neither do I know you’re blind in one eye he doesn’t have it I probably didn’t see all that blood under it stick he didn’t want to do this the other guy’s not here this time at least he’s probably next he’s probably like right behind me generally next and now we’re going through withdrawal which is fun it was a totally good use of he definitely needed it he probably would have died without it I can’t believe we took on seven people with this crew this is pretty good like for once Brad pulled his goddamn weight because he had joy it’s cuz he had joy Brett’s entire party attack was also that rolling move wasn’t for that rolling move yeah yeah dealing if that was a damage to all of them every time there’s no way no no hey hey hey yo [ __ ] yo [ __ ] stop it you get to take ten attacks in a row states right before he died it’s okay Wow don’t feel bad for you at all yep neither do I damn it ace the new move I would kill maybe yeah we end back to the forward progression where are we doing what are we going all right apparently we’re off to destroy the world you got all the supplies to make the boat that’s

great let’s get this building to sucker are you ready to go I know this girl somewhere about I need everything you need let’s go already okay let’s build the boat and go hugger need some rest I’ll build a boat with you let them sleep they’ll need it know whatever you say boss Brandon tardy we’re belonging to the night while your party rested oh okay your party abandoned you and died get that murdered they barely spoke with each other yeah that makes about sense yep I don’t think I party likes each other guys we should keep our voices down though what why tardy let’s go you abandon your party and set sail with Hardy for the island I always wonder if this would happen yeah me too bye guys also uh oh no Owen head took his hat off never mind oh yeah cuz I was also like who that was this is your way to propel the boat this is gonna take day look how sad bread looks oh he’s so sad he doesn’t have arms oh good engine mode yeah it’s the old boat yeah we’re gonna take the engine or just keep go Wow we’re just gonna keep down your bill dumb you are rich it might not have any gas all right you might have okay fine benefit of the doubt yeah I was gonna say benefit without the gas leaked into the ocean and killed all the fish that would make sense because everything in this game always is the worst possible thing ever worst possible scenario all the time you call that a cross ocean travel more like a cross lake travel you know what’s weird as I know we can still recruit more characters even though we’ve just abandoned our entire party oh god okay she’s on this island somewhere let’s go find her no what do you mean no that’s not gonna happen do you know abandon everybody else why do you think I would take you with you I want pieces whoa well this is not what I expected too definitely not the bird is an ass of a feeling he’s super weekly you know yeah chardee party brother apparently and sorry the guy we were supposed to give the map to oh yeah which is on the he’s on this island he’s dead char Dee’s on this island because he said his brother no did he say his brother took a boat and went across the Islanders I kind of thought that char Dee was back in that area we got all the characters the other boat the other brother who was driving the boat he may be dead though that’s possible as that was his boat stuck out I’d see the boat that he was apparently on and that is it there’s a bunch of bottles which obviously I’m gonna collect all of them go get a source right oh great child what are those little video things it’s called joy where did you get that someone gave them to me they don’t taste good but they make you feel good sweetheart I don’t think you should take those you I’ll take what I want when you’re looking at who’s there what do you you I can’t believe you’re still alive Bradley his dad yeah kill Marty whoa no Brad stop don’t hurt him he saved my life move move oh Brad you’re a piece of Brad is just awful Wow now we’re fighting our Santa Claus dad whoo-hoo because we’re a child beating in this the best this is so great I love this game now I’m crying I should have tried to knock dude you have joy you should take some just wreck your dad’s probably I need to take joy to fight this old man dan let’s fair he kicked dust in my eyes and I’m crying but really I would have cried anyways all right I’m just for the shits of it yeah I don’t see why not just keeps kicking dirt in your eyes Wow just like my childhood all over again that was deep so yeah we are gonna get there are multiple endings to this game we’re gonna probably get one of the shitty ones probably yeah I can bet saying is we’ve picked Maile bad things this entire time okay Marty does not want you to do this by the way he does a child feeding piece of that perpetuated this cycle about drug abuse and oh my god are we thinking wow no are you serious you serious

just guard wow this is really weird I eventually it’s just a defend battle now you’re gonna have to you’re gonna have to attack middle right use hardened meze he’s hardened Nega hard Meta Knight you know I’m not gonna be the child so this is our life now you guys gonna have to get used to it awful can we escape maybe know this game option is not available it mean is there but you know it’s not available no bite see what happens there doesn’t do much yeah Wow where are the worst person ever damn it we’re parking at the shittiest ending of this game gives you is this the actual ending of the game as well or does it go farther I feel like it goes farther than this somehow far they’re saying like this is not the setup you want for a good ending yeah no it is not well they’re god mm-hmm I will say I’m very very impressed by this game for going down this route though as an experience this game is fantastic okay read about your facing not say sorry about it this game also makes you make decisions in a way that will you up both ways you feel responsible though because they’re your decision but usually your heart you hardly have half of a choice you just shat their lives away mmm I don’t know I mean that’s the point though is it gives you to hard decisions but you get to choose I’ve changed i’m sanna now oh my god Lisa baby I’m sorry oh that’s never good that’s never good that’s dad is bad well yeah save it the hordes of Terry hints fills your soul off Terry if you want you can save to a different slot in case you fail don’t worry I was planning on it holy I think this is the end of the game next time that’s gonna do it for this episode don’t forget to subscribe down below for the very very exciting conclusion to Lisa join the crew today hit subscribe to us on Twitter etc etc as always we’ve been the banana crew and we gamed got pooped on oh poorly on a deep level yeah yeah I’ll see you later dudes goodbye