The Flight Of Sigma 7 – Space Documentary

on October 3rd 1962 the United States successfully launched its fifth man say twice the mercury spacecraft known as Sigma seven and piloted by Walter M schirra jr. completed its six orbit mission with textbook perfection and landed with pinpoint accuracy less than nine thousand yards from the prime recovery vessel in the Pacific Ocean after a medical examination a short rest and a complete discussion of his flight with Project Mercury officials astronauts should all return via Hawaii that a home of the manned spacecraft Center in Houston Texas October 7th he delivered a first-hand report of his flight to the nation and of the world before some 300 members of the worldwide press and more than 200 distinguished guests the conference was opened by the administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration mr. Jane G Webb let me briefly say that we are here today for an important occasion the first pilot report to be held in the new home of the manned spacecraft Center in Houston in the future is now spaceflight lasts for longer times and extend all the greater distances our operational control of these flights will shift from dimetric Control Center at Cape Canaveral to our new multi-purpose Mission Control Center here at Clear Lake so today as we hear from commander sir our we will be hearing but the first of many reports which brave competent and dedicated men returning from the far reaches of space to this new home of a manned space flight will give not in secret but openly for the benefit of all mankind now at the time John Glenn made his pilots report on his flight in friendship seven I stated that the space accomplishment of a great and powerful nation depended not only on the bravery and competence of pilots like Shepherd griffin plan and now convinced you are not alone on the knowledge skill competence of large numbers of scientists and engineers this is said on giving the United States space efforts not only that closer to pensions but the kind of support that will ensure fast progress from the kind of early flight on which commander Sir all will report today on to our Gemini to Apollo and on to the moon and beyond now – pizzette commander sir our is dr Rob inaugural himself the recipient of NASA’s Distinguished Service Award and medal and the director of the manned spacecraft Center dr. Gilbert Thank You mr. Webb ladies and gentlemen last Wednesday Wally schirra became the fifth American to ride a rocket into space the external details of his flight are well known since he landed the internal details his responses and reactions to space have been recorded and will be analyzed for future reporting along with recorded data on the space vehicle and the worldwide network operations today we will have the pilots initial report on the flight from his own observation he was in space for over nine hours he was weightless for over nine hours he had considerable time for observations and reflections flights like Wally’s are essential to our progress in space but they’re also very serious business requiring the greatest of efforts on the part of many individuals and organizations they are pioneering flight with considerable element of dangers still involved with so much at stake a little tension breaker is a big help in this vein as Wally emerged from the medical area and hanger s to the parts of the Atlas gantry here he was all suited up and ready to call at 3 a.m. he said I didn’t have much to do today so I think I’ll put in a little flying time

the wall are you sure did time to find time and we’re anxious to hear all about it well sure our crew was seven his name delayed it connotes an engineering symbol it is the 18th letter of the Greek alphabet and also close relation basically what we wanted to come up with this name was the very main inputs that have been brought forward to dissolve this flight the fact that we had previous flight where we need to take our initial steps in the space the fact that we had operations analyses of the previous flight engineering analyses we had to make minor changes to make the previous problems of earlier flight straighten out this in truth was the reason why I have been calling this Sigma or engineering he’s Illya quite going without backed up with just John orbital flight and Scott throw a little bright make so much in helping me to realize what I need to do to add to the knowledge that they had already accumulated where am I know it went on was that I finally had my chance to go into space and look around a bit the sensation of loss are perfectly described by both John Scott the real trans you’re sitting on really does move up if somewhat larger in size and after another huge decline but in essence I had five inches into the typical one or two status check pressurization go watch tanking – 35 water system o-rings operation a spaceman go off restart and like a trick ready light on what my scope is still out okay I’ll do it goes this tonight scope is coming in bunches go blah dance let’s go pick a tragedy all right down okay call okay I’ve little caca started as he feels real nice before you like yeah I got the pins on my office wall I’ll tear it off the peg and fiber twenty seconds okay what don’t you back up starter is running good but give you a hack at my thirty talk to join beautifully quiet daddy okay till was okay oxygen okay foster disappeared go get annoyed I have to go sanitizing power you look good you look good bye-bye okay am i preach to talk and it sent coming in the window down oh here it goes silent order it to get off its our really define on your world flight I thought was a textbook place we’ve had problems in the past amazing saw I felt that I could go along and really let this machine do its

own job when I had job to do I could concentrate on those by vertical angle I still kept stepping it on stairs and it’s a blessing guarded by the Y logo to fly the line at our door no I thank you very nicely role answers our clue very good I like that time at the capsule separation naturally I commenced the first flying phase of the flight where I perform a fly-by-wire low turn around father while only means that we have changed since gone from Scotts flight we’ve added a switch spinner to use these very low clusters for maneuvering while in orbit this made it much easier for me to handle and Scott Casey had a little more trouble with in height versus coming in frequently this way we could cut them out and I could concentrate completely on control and continue with other tasks simultaneously could devote attention to monitoring the various meters that we’ve added we’ve added temperature meters to record the temperatures of each of the low courses that I was using read rather increased readout on the electrical system we’re that in instrumentation to Sigma seven to give a very accurate readout on the soup pepper to circuit I believe that some people thought we were having the suit problem the cool analysis on the surface in mercury control center while in an air-conditioned room obviously gave me the opportunity to pursue the chasing down of the proper cool quality flow to bring a suit under control and this is what we did rock guitar stops on believe me you late that blow over Rogers that by this frequency sell it for Capcom but go pack your suit indirect help it looked like a tolling huh and it’s in true love oh just a blip blip seven record it really sparked my ancestry this circuit I’ll work on it for a while and see how we are take care Oh time for that to stabilize right that’s what I’m trying to do you’ve got terracotta grandfather’s been trapped in the bill little cool and the city my temperatures now down to seven but I’ve been sleeping up on this thing for robust the whole orbit I really do feel not getting cooler the student land is now about seven five to seven six so I am looking for a builder how does a permanent I’d rather not go and then sponge on the penny so for Indian Ocean shit Indian Ocean tip mr. stigman said and I read you how do you read me over the writer I have good news they still Inlet temperature is now 70 degrees neither if I feel very flexible got it we’ve got that problem black Roger editor was good thank you very much for waiting for me to come by again the system that we were working with in Sigma 7 will differ somewhat from those that will be in Gemini and Apollo but the use of these systems the pilot control of these systems is something I thought was my responsibility was something I thought I could prove and was something that the range itself was helping me evaluate their character figures Evan Rachel and clue okay I would like to go ahead and I met your jet flight Olo okay I’m using the moon which is to the left of me and it’s a real good fix what I’m just gonna go ahead and cover up the attitude indicator and you can walk to your I’m

going to go free time to select fly-by-wire below at this time I’m gonna put the moon in the center of the window first and holding roll and pitch and input the board back where it belongs turn into pussy miss out of the window at this point flight path I was both day and night jack seven oh please laughter hey it’s been a real treat to defeat him and fall into play we needed to find out how long the control fuel would last and both John’s case in Scotts case we were very low on fuel but we didn’t have the higher reserves that we were trying to put on lifeline we only wanted three orbits there was enough fuel for three orbits they had enough obviously to complete them or I wouldn’t have been able to introduce them to you today my intention was to use so little fuel that no one could argue that we had enough fuel aboard Sigma 7 / 18 or what if we wanted it I think I proved that point oh I gotta laughter who I’ve got got it down anyway all quantities and systems are green okay now Alera we had requirements for terrestrial photos looking at various land masters to see if they might build something that might help us for analysis of the surface of the earth and possibly to satellited for other planet in addition the weather bureau wanted to confirm what type of filter would be best used for the pilot and Nimbus vehicle as a result I carried a black and white back on the camera with five different children all in a row all shooting simultaneously no judges five scripts in a plane these builders will help us determine which students to use for weather observation satellites the pipeline as John described and was perfectly described the coring was the light green that you can’t see on a summer evening on a open field the white product.i particles as Scott described and including the lathe turning I saw one of those Scott where exactly if you describe them I had a chance to evaluate both my old opinion is and it’s going to take another one did what we’re series of opinions on this was it they were from the capsule I don’t know whether we’ll see them on future flights I know we’ll see them on future mercury flight what are the same chemical the same byproducts of control or cooling or worsen future vehicles I’m sure we’ll have some new report on fireflies and white objects anyway they are they’re coming up to the retrofire I should say at about 29 minutes ago I finally realized at this very very pleasant flight was now and I plan a retrofire together and we’re both sides by the rule is working properly on time Pacific Command set this to Sigma 70 read over Roger I’ll read you loud and clear oh boy Roger hell I’ve got that I’m coming up on 30 seconds to go I’ll give you my flight okay I’ve got the five minute light on it’s the dirty bigot light five over three two one there it is I could light the tone tone is out Frank at the dance right on Wally I’ll count down to represent what settle on the flute led by earth jerk here we go again what as it burns and a jumbo size of pipe get out of here dream keep the bearded like a touch rock out by yeah I look beautiful here too why she’s a good little catwalk for you I got one and she’s old in real time very that I got you I got you too right on the money I got three kitties on that’s not what everybody very happy

I’m trying to fly the wire out and pick up three entry attitude and you’ll is going in and we you have about Thank You Alaska we forgot 6-8 Auto and Shannon Daniel anybody metrojet I have metrojet and lightest grain I could hear it by the way thank time we can apply electric hair typically one must talk about the nine hours of weightlessness I don’t believe I can recollect anything about witness miss any more than out separately from the first time people asked him on it when he was briefing on his flight to me it felt like I was flying another vehicle with the different applying an airplane here they were scarab got 55 has been on a few capping 270 pounds to be sixty-five pounds and kids are very stable sign up on 60 system and do it very well coming up on 50 he look like a 3d setting up around 45,000 compatible 1p preparing to punch the drove at 4031 fletching drove and the drove out interior I can’t really go to the class thank you – holy well Daniel ever his name is fuel is gone 20 fantasy the drug road was very good I’m going on there to pack it up eat it big bananas burning itself at hand on standard joint sitting here I’ll put it on low just to let it drop sir I’m cutting down on 20,000 getting by for it Norval answer is increasing start will she kill I believe not the list flew and it felt ill I will pull it anyway have a birdie rate by the time we had to sort out a little bit on that one and something let’s go to foot beers on phenobarbital arm is oil and isolate it all which is a proper position paddy fuel is almost all gone ergo drogon babies out it’s all got beautiful nice blue skies dataseries it looks like a sweetie pie I feel marvelous it’s the beautiful flight one in fact now I’m just about all the work okay I check in a while to write itself but I’ve got to fall out of the water yet so are you today Roger trucktown follows 1 2 3 4 5 5 4 3 2 1 it’s a central Sigma 7 very happy to be back in the Pacific how do they know I’m all right ahead of back on the capital recorded file ok fine thank you with the further stay in and have a the small boat come alongside it using your taller routine of course to support me and having a chip pickup over all right ba ba thinking that word right away Sigma said it was dry as a bone I was comfortable I could say that the recovery forces had practiced I knew this captain Rankin had practice with his crew to pick me up and I just thought I want to come aboard first class and did we’ve extended envelope now to 9 hours I feel that some concern

has been expressed in the past from incomplete reports from other sources that space thickness might be a problem I am here to say that there was no problem at all there was no break off phenomena there was no uneasiness there was no queasy I felt great and would like to continue for the balance of 12 world you as a dust and debris shuttle from the patch departure stepped out on the number three elevator and we quit permission to come aboard this is a novel way for a carrier aviator to come aboard carrying I think the most exciting thing for me in the flight was real life as I approve the caps would selfish ruin that we could go beyond three orbit we had initially stated and felt very strongly even as far as the way the flight plan was worked out that we would get enough information from the three orbits to justify the flight additional three orbits we’re crossing on the Cape I believe it’s about that time I said hallelujah and that is when I was excited realized we had control the systems that we had good control of the of the capsule and I had good control myself physiologically out and good keep you continue till we were on the way you