Immer am Fluss entlang | Train Simulator 2020 #22 || RedCraft98

Welcome to Pennsylvania at the Monogahela River! We drive an empty coal train from West Brownsville to Waynesburg Our train is being pulled by two ES44AC locos. One of them has 4400HP. So we have 8800HP in total! We’re now driving through West Brownsville. Here trains drive on the main road of the village The train company Norfolk Southern owns the trains. It’s one of the most important train company in the US This is Vestaburg, one of the many small villages along the track

Here, in Millsboro, the track seperates from the Monogahela river and runs along a side arm of the river Here you can see how long the train is in total

The river winds its way through the landscape. To save time, a few bridges were built

This is the only tunnel on the route Now we arrived at Waynesburg

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