THE TRAIN A new railway safety video has been made It is rather unusual to film your own death The national carrier made a car for the disabled Last time we had many objections You’ll see a unique Czech metro simulator Stand clear of the closing doors Hello! This time it’s only me as Jura is sleeping over there He wants to make a sleeping record under a mechanical barrier The mind boggles Jura, get up! Heh, record… Little do they know I just want to nap at work Which leads me to the first video report: a record of a boy from Ostrava. Enjoy! RECORD A nice, long, 24-hour journey is about to start. I hope it won’t kill me This is Martin and this and this is also Martin Juřík from Ostrava A dedicated ice-hockey player and recently also a railway enthusiast He even decided to establish a new Czech railway record The ice-hockey season has ended and I got bored, so I decided to make a trip around the country Eventually, the idea to make a record came about For 3 days Martin and his friend pondered the timetable to create the best route The goal was to cover as much kilometres as possible within 24 hours As it was an official record attempt, a number of requirements had to be met Photo with the station sign, departures board, photo at the train, and the train attendants’ affirmation All that within 20 minuntes upon changing trains Enough talking now. Thanks to his camera we can enjoy Martin’s record (almost) live Let’s go! If I make it I’ll be happy I’ll be immensely happy The first part is behind me Six more to go Now I’m gonna move my legs a little We are stuck in Kolín Nobody told us why The train might be delayed so we’ll have to make an alternative plan The journey is going well We’ll see about the delay A girl on the train had an asthma attack, she had difficulties breathing They called an ambulance and then the train staff went out and watched her, including the driver That’s why the train is delayed The Pendolino is 10 minutes late I don’t want to risk too much so I won’t go all the way to Smíchov I got off at the Prague main station This is why the record was 8 km shorter in the end I hope there won’t be any more delays and the journey will go on smoothly And off we go! It’s starting to get to me a little Three more trains to go Now it’s Pendolino 240, interstate, arriving from Košice It’s 5 minutes delayed The last stop at Prague today And now I’m heading to Třinec I fell asleep somewhere near Zábřeh na Moravě, maybe earlier Zábřeh is the last stop I remember I woke up somewhere near Svinov The last minute of my journey I have to get off at 5:06 a.m

And Dětmarovice are here Hey there! C’mon! C’mon! C’mon! 5:06, I’m getting off And I’m here at 5:06! 2008 kilometres I am happy I’ll have to wait another hour now, but I am happy Now I’ll just take a picture with the clock and the sign, and that’s it Yes! I’ve stirred things up a bit among the railway fans They want to attempt a new record, claiming that my route was short I myself will definetely try and top the record I’d like to say goodbye now and, with a happy feeling, I’m going to bed EXPRESS Today we’ll start positively Ministry of Transport reported an increase of rail passengers 176 mil. passengers travelled by train in 2014, which is 1% more than in 2013 This si due to improved services and, particularly, better trains Ministry of Transport organised a public hearing on the natural rail monopoly Most people see no harm in the current state which resulted from historical development, but some claim that Czech railway market is closed to any potential new parties The public discussion has started I hope it will lead to modifications of tender terms in the future It’s only good if people who criticise us can vioce their opinion this way We’ll analyse the output in detail and assess the issues thoroughly Ostrava outstripped Prague The railway line Ostrava – Mošnov Airport was launched on 13 April There will be 10 pairs of trains daily, including Saturdays, and 9 pairs of trains on Sundays For the first time in 50 years, the new line is unique also in another way: The owner and investor is not the Railway Infrastructure Administration, but the Moravian-Silesian Region Here in the Region there was the idea, the courage, and the bravery, and I believe it will be a success We will conclude with a world railway record The magnetic-levitation train operated by the Central Japanese Railway reached the speed of 603 km/h The record was made on a testing track near Mount Fuji The speed was held for 11 s Correct answer from the last quiz: The T.G.Masaryk parlour car was made by the Ringhoffer’s factory in Prague-Smíchov The winners of the book by Jiří Bouda are: Tomáš Suchánek, Zdeněk Štumbauer, Matěj Brunclík, Vojtěch Jaroš, Filip Malý YOU’RE NOT GOING TO MAKE IT Shocking though it may seem, this is reality of the Czech railway In March, the Railway Infrastructure Administration introduced a safety and prevention student movie named “You’re not going to make it” The movie will be screened in the “Prevention Train” and from September it will be available for schools to download from the website of RIA and Czech Railways Sometimes it may seem our efforts are futile, but we have to do our best and target the youngest audience Each year up to 33 young people die on the railway

That’s like a whole classroom That’s why we focus on the young so that they are aware that these things happen and can happen to them, if they are careless 33 people under 25 years died in 2014 on the Czech railway That means a whole classroom of students lost their lives The movie deals with the latest phenomena – accidents of young people with headphones Another serious issue are beer cans thrown out of the window of a moving train Train surfing is obviously stupid as it ends with severe injuries or death Jumping on or out of a moving train is on the rise, as well as crossing tracks outside public crossings Are you in such hurry or do you think the train will stop? You’re wrong The movie shows the accidents in a suggestive way And it features specialists who deal with the consequences The means paramedics, firefighters and physicians, who deal with the consequences of reckless behaviour on the railway I don’t wish this to anyone I lost my brother so I know what’s it like It’s something you deal with for the rest of your life Each birthday, each anniversary of death and each Christmas you grieve for the one you lost I think that the movie is a good value for money Considering the budget, which RIA and other partners could provide, the movie manages to fulfill its function Our test screenings show that young people respond to it It’s because all the characters are played by young art school students Zuzana Kasová, student of acting, died in the movie It is rather unusual to film your own death It was horrible, especially when they slammed the trunk door When they zipped the bag and put me in the coffin… it was awful 2 + 30 Today, we will interview the Secretary to the Ministry of Transport and Czech Railways’ Board Chair, Milan Feranec As usual, we’ll ask Milan Feranec what he likes about the Czech railway I often use the railway to travel from Prague to Olomouc and back And I like that I can get there in 2 hours, which would be impossible by car And now for some critical comments As most of the passengers, I don’t like the delays Unfortunately, we expect more to come because of the infrastructure projects More will be more closures so I would like to ask the passengers to be patient As usual, our guest got 30 s to talk about whatever he wanted I’ve been the Board Chair of Czech Railways for more than a year I’ve realized that it’s a unique company with rich history A lot of skilled people work there and they do a great job Czech Railways transport 170 million passengers a year So I say thanks and I’ll do my best to support the growth of the Czech railway TRAIN WRAPS At 10 pm, the Prague-South switching yard is in an unusual hurry As the workers prepare the rolls, we must wait for the blueprints to realize what’s going on The Pendolino will get “Bob and Bobek”, the Ice Hockey Championship mascots Now, we’re looking at the blueprint of the Pendolino train wrap It indicates all the advertising elements, including the Czech Railways signs, and official symbols of the World Ice Hockey Championship in the Czech Republic and International Ice Hockey Federation The blueprint indicates, where all the train wraps will actually be installed When it’s clear where Bob and Bobek and all the signs will be, The workers can start They have only 9 hours to do the job

The train wouldn’t wait for them to finish, but they are skilled so no worries So why the national carrier decorates its trains for various events? It’s an effective image enhancing tool The decorated trains are admired by passengers and railway fans And what project was most successful thus far? It was “By train to Euro” about three years ago We’ve left it on the trains as a reminder of the partnership We also think that it would be nice to re-use it for future UEFA Euro events The locomotives with this design are very popular People make photos and videos of them everyday Nowadays, the design is a phenomenon so it would be shame to remove it Did you know that six designs were considered? Now you can see all of them Surprisingly, the approval process for the Czech rabbits, Bob and Bobek, was reportedly one of the most complicated ever It’s because the Championship presentation is coordinated by global advertising agencies So everything goes to Switzerland for approval And they tell us what designs and positions of Bob and Bobek we can use So the process can be complicated After approval, we can start The graphic designer prepares the data, reviews are done on technical drawings All changes in the signs or pictures are coordinated with the customer Afterwards, the graphics is printed on large self-adhesive sheets, which are then laminated to ensure sufficient resistance Then the cutting follows and the sheets are ready for application It can take up to 3 days to cover the whole surface of a locomotive But the Pendolino train set took us just one night We hope that you like the rabbit units, whether you’re a hockey fan or not We also look forward to see other interesting train wraps in the future WHEELCHAIR USERS You are probably already familiar with the Bbdgmee 236 The vehicle has been around for 2 years What do all the letters mean? B stands for 2nd class passenger coach with seats The second B is for persons with disabilities D stands for bicycle transport G indicates the section for train personnel M indicates that the vehicle is more than 24.5 m long And EE indicates the presence of central power supply But we visited the vehicle presentation especially because of the lower case B, which stands for persons with disabilities Last time, we had many objections Now, we’re here to check whether they took our comments into account and implemented the changes The layout of the vehicle was not very good That means that there wasn’t enough space with respect to the compartment depth Now it seems that the Czech Railways didn’t do the modernization well It’s not the case All TSI standards were met But the standards can’t cover the real life in full Therefore, the carrier met the disabled And the meeting was so inspirational that I promised that within a year well it would be complicated to do the presentation in January, so it took approximately six to eight weeks longer to present the modifications Folding seats were installed here And the seats reduced the available space in the compartment So the seats were removed Thanks to that, the door could be widened by ten centimetres Which is very important for convenient handling of the wheelchair The toilet is larger as well This is also important And some of the toilet controls are lower The wheelchair lift and other details were also modified This template will be used for other 64 vehicles in the fleet of 600 wheelchair accessible vehicles, which make 4612 trips every day

This covers more than 60% of all Czech Railways passenger connections The fleet will be further expanded by 16 wheelchair accessible electric units and 9 modernized large compartment express trains for orthopaedic wheelchairs with large barrier-free toilet STOP BLOCK Who wouldn’t know the Prague Metro? We’ll show you a genuine Czech metro simulation Interesting what people do for fun Stand clear of the closing doors Next station: Skalka Skalka Stand clear of the closing doors Next station: Strašnická Strašnická We’re at the end of THE TRAIN Now for the flash disc give-away What’s the question? How much time spent Martin Juřík in a train during his 24-hour record attempt – What’s the deadline? – The deadline is 15 May 2015 – Have a good time and – See you next time