"My Town has a Strange Tradition" Creepypasta

during my teenage years I barely had memories of my dad I know this sounds terrible but it does tend to happen when you lose someone at a young age even if it’s a loved one and for what I remember my dad was different from the rest of the people who lived in town he was the black sheep in a good way and I grew up to become that as well the black sheep of the family and eventually the black sheep of the town the problem with the place where I was born and where I lived for many years is that they seemed to be stuck in time they love to follow traditions no matter what kind and the children acted like an exact replica of their parents and other family members who have lived before I know this might sound like I’m exaggerating but I’m not our clothes came from the village our tools came from the village we were not even allowed to read books or use anything that didn’t come from the village most girls are told their places in the house looking at their children cleaning gardening making clothes and such activities and men have different occupations but it’s still not a wide-range men could be fishermen helmsman doctors electricians or owned a store or a bar due to tradition most boys and men are taken away on fishing trips without considering their wishes physical and mental states without caring about the weather conditions which led to a very tragic problem we had in our village a problem known as the curse of the sons the curse of the sons gained its name due to the large number of men who died during fishing trips and I was lucky enough being a single child because if I had a brother I’m sure I would have ended up being the deceased one you see one of the random things about the so called curse is that the brother who died always happened to be the weakest one causes of death very some died because they suffered an asthma attack some due to a storm others died because they fell off the boat others hurt themselves with objects and of course losing a battle against an animal was a very popular death as well extra points if it were shark my dad’s cause of death well it was hidden from me and as I said before dad was different from the rest he didn’t want to be a fisherman like everybody expected him to be his biggest dream was to become a writer but due to my town’s traditions every man in town has to go at least once a year on a fishing trip otherwise they’re forced to leave town leaving everything else behind the last time I saw him before his death was at the pier before he left to his fishing trip duty it was in 1986 I remember dad’s stories he was so creative in fact dad used to be one of the few people in town that knew how to read and write and as you might have guessed there were no schools around that combined with the lack focus and academics leads to a very high percentage of illiteracy only the newer generations knew how to read and write luckily for me dad taught me how to do so before his death he gave me plenty of books and some of them actually written by him by the time dad died he had been working as the town’s newspaper writer he wasn’t really earning money out of that but at least he was doing what he liked something that I always thought was weird was that when Dad died everybody acted so normal I don’t think I even saw my mom crying but she’s always been so insensitive anyways she was the total opposite of my dad I never really liked her on the other hand my grandma pearl used to be very close to me and once dad died she pretty much vanished out of my life she still lived in the same place

she just avoided me every time she saw me whenever I went to her house she definitely made sure the visits were brief you could say that after dad’s death I was alone but it wasn’t completely that way for too long in a way you could say that I lost a dad but gained another one for uncle Jose suddenly became very close to me Uncle Joe was dad’s twin brother he was a fisherman and all things opposite to dad he was strong in a total macho Uncle Joe was that one person everyone admired all men feared him and all the ladies wanted him he was by far one of the most respected people in town part of the popularity of Uncle Joe was due to his multiple fishing trips around the world he was also the best fisherman the town ever had after Ernest Weiss our town’s most iconic fisherman ever who had mysteriously disappeared by the same time my dad died and even though uncle Joe was very popular when it came to the ladies he never did get married his life was completely dedicated to his job and is equally popular crew Lorenzo Fabrizio Moretti Italian cousins that my uncle brought to town and even though people here tend not to like outsiders they completely accepted this pair mark Marshalls son of the popular Marshalls who owned the biggest supply store in town and all four of them were big and strong and definitely the type of men you don’t want to get into trouble with and Uncle Joe was the only person who comforted me when Dad died and the only person I always felt I could speak to though whenever I asked him about dad’s death he always blamed the curse of the sons and I never doubted Uncle Joe because how can you doubt someone who was technically a local hero whenever Uncle Joe came back from his trips he brought me and my mom the freshest fish he also used to break the rules and whenever it was my birthday he would smuggle books from another town and give them to me as a present more than a nephew he treated me more like a son and everything seemed normal enough until 1996 ten years after dad’s death as grandma pearl was about to die I was the only one in the room with her for uncle Joe wasn’t back from one of his trips and my mom had gone somewhere grandma pearl asked me to forgive her and of course I was more than confused and expressed it to her she then replied by saying I’m so sorry about your dad has always been my biggest regret I shouldn’t have let this happened I’m sorry I grew distant from you every time I saw you it’s like he was there and I’ve always had the feeling you will have the same fate those were grandma’s last words and certainly they woke something in me a curiosity I never felt before after grandma’s statement I felt like absolute shit I wanted those thoughts to go away so I went to my favorite Tavern in town Hugo Hellmann’s want to drown my sorrows good old Hugo must have noticed because he came to me and asked me what was wrong I trusted Hugo so I told him what grandma had said to me Hugo didn’t look surprised he dropped the beer for himself which was actually very rare he sat next to me and said your dad he was one of the good ones but that was his problem nothing good ever happens to good people but I was too drunk to understand his words I didn’t even pay attention to them at the time and the next thing I remember is Hugo taking me to his house the thing he always did when I was very drunk and

didn’t want my mom to see me like that the next day I woke up on Helios sofa I was awakened by Hugo’s wife who gave me a lovely breakfast afterwards I felt so much better after that but now I felt so good I started to remember what had been said last night Hugo’s words grandma’s words it was like all of a sudden Pandora’s box had been opened I waited until Hugo woke up and then asked him about what he said and he brushed it off and said it must have been my imagination because we haven’t spoken about anything and I knew Hugo was lying he was a terrible liar but I didn’t want to be rude in the man’s house so I just shook his hand thanked him and his wife and I left as I arrived to my house I noticed my mom and uncle having breakfast together in our dining room table the thing that took me by surprise the most wasn’t that uncle came so quickly from his trip but that moms look was very very unusual she was wearing my uncle’s favorite t-shirt and her tidy curly hair was a mess she wasn’t even wearing a skirt or pants and I could see she was just wearing her underwear and my uncle was shirtless and only wearing his underwear as well I got a nervous high from my mom as she tried to cover herself up my expression must have revealed my thoughts because my uncle immediately stood up and gave me a hug and said I’m sorry Michael it’s been a difficult night and after grandmother’s death you left the hospital without saying anything your mom was really worried she drank too much wine last night and went looking for you in the rain she got there she looked quite bad well I gave her my t-shirt so that she’d be warm I wanted to believe he was being honest but his tone was very different this time he sounded almost as if he didn’t give a shit whether I believed him or not i sat down with him and joined him as he was having his breakfast and mom went to her room and got changed as I was alone with my uncle we started speaking about grandmas funeral and burial plans that were going to be held the next day even if grandma had basically dodged me ever since dad’s death I couldn’t help the crying although most of my tears were because I was so confused and anxious because of grandmas last words Uncle Joe well he didn’t try to cheer me up like he would have done before and he rolled his eyes at me and said I needed to calm down because there was something big coming and when I asked him what it was he mentioned my annual fishing trip but those never excited me in fact I did everything I could do to always avoid them or postpone them despite always failing Uncle Joe said my annual fishing trip was going to be held in a few days which was very unusual because normally each man had their annual fishing trip on the day of their birthday my trips were always on October 17th and now he’s telling me my trip was going to be on June 5th just a couple of days away because of poor weather conditions call me crazy but something definitely didn’t add up I told my uncle I didn’t want to go almost throwing a tantrum just like always however this time he was determined we’re going in two days whether you like it or not it’s time for you to man up instead of acting like a pussy just like your dad he said it was the first time Uncle Joe spoke to me that way which confirmed my suspect that there was something going on next day it was grandma’s funeral many people were there but I wasn’t the most popular in town so

no one was really speaking to me all condolences were exclusively directed to my mom and my uncle my mom’s friend Genevieve came to her touched her belly and stood to her all the time but I didn’t give it importance at the time I felt overwhelmed by the mass so I decided to go outside for a quick smoke luckily for me Hugo was there smoking as well I told Hugo about the sudden change of my fishing trip and I immediately noticed his reaction was a little odd I asked him what was going on but he didn’t answer he just told me to go to his pub the following day at nighttime so the next day I waited anxiously the whole day until mom and Uncle Joe was sleeping to go to Hugo’s tavern and to my surprise there wasn’t anybody but us there as soon as I arrived he proceeded to give me a newspaper that I quickly recognized it was the one my dad used to write I looked at the headline which read the curse of the sons the shameful tradition of our beloved town and I looked back at Hugo and he gave me a nod and pointed at a chair inviting me to sit and the article revealed the truth behind the so called curse for many years centuries in fact people from our town had the belief the only one son should live every family decided which sons were the weakest and during the fishing trips they killed that son as a sacrifice to the god of the ocean after killing them they threw their bodies to the ocean they believed doing this helped them bring more fish and all adults were on board with this normally the secret was revealed to the strongest sons as they were 18 years old according to my dad’s article the tradition kept going for so many years due to two things ambition and fear some of course strongly believed in this and some others like many mom’s for example were threatened in order to let this happen Hugo revealed yet another secret since dad and Uncle Joe had no dad there was no one that could choose between the two of them the man of the house is the only one that always has to take this decision they had no grandad either so for many years they had no one to decide their fate grandma told both of them the truth about the sacrifice when they were 18 thinking that because there was no man in the house to choose between the two of them none of them have to be killed both dad and uncle Joe kept living their lives and eventually dad got married to mom who used the date Uncle Joe before dad and they had me however six years later a new man arrived to the picture that man was the one and only Ernest wise the town’s local hero and best fisherman Ernest started today grandma pearl and Uncle Joe was more than fascinated his biggest role model was now as new dad and nevertheless my uncle’s admiration for Ernest turned to hate when he found out Ernest had chosen him instead of dad for the sacrifice Uncle Joe oh we saw dad as inferior to him and he felt betrayed because his idol had taken this decision even though Joe was physically stronger Ernest wise considered mental strength was the most important one Uncle Joe hurt and resentful created a master plan Joe knew dad was opposed to the town’s traditions and decided to take advantage of dad’s new job as the newspaper writer he convinced dad to write an article publicly rejecting the sacrifice and this of course was not well seen by the people many people tried to convince Ernest to change his mind about his decision and begged him

to take my dad’s life instead the day came when Ernest took both of them to their annual fishing trip Uncle Joe was convinced he’d live nevertheless Ernest didn’t change his mind and tried to sacrifice my uncle Joe defended himself from Ernest by killing him but that wasn’t enough he killed my dad as well Hugo explained no one in town cared about this because well they hated my dad and everybody included my mom were on board the only exception was grandma who fell into depression and decided to be away from all of us Hugo also told me Uncle Joe was no longer nice because things have changed Hugo heard my uncle’s drunk crew members saying my uncle was going to become a dad now I understood the compromising scenario the day before my mom was my uncle’s lover and that explains my mom’s friend touching her belly in my uncle’s attitude I freaked out hearing misinformation my life seemed so normal until now I was a couple of days away of facing my own death and I was going to end up like my dad and like Ernest I asked Hugo what could be done he replied by saying we still had time to think about a plan to take my uncle out of the picture and I was totally on board after all the troubles he had caused and all of a sudden we heard a loud bang there’s no service tonight Hugo screamed but the person kept trying to open the door until they finally did it and to our surprise we found my uncle was the person that walked in Oh Hugo you’re just like my brother you never knew when to keep your mouth shut he said as he threw a knife at him Hugo screamed in pain and fell to the floor he was bleeding all over the place my uncle came to me and grabbed the newspaper out of my hands and hit me in the face with it you ungrateful piece of he said you’re just like your dad aren’t you a weak scumbag I’m tired of you I’ve had enough he continued as he grabbed another knife and was about to stab me in the heart I closed my eyes and accepted my destiny but after a minute of feeling nothing I opened my eyes and saw the most heroic thing someone’s ever done for me Hugo had pulled the knife out of himself and stabbed my uncle in the back of the knee both of them were bleeding I came to Hugo to offer my help but he insisted he’ll be fine that we had to go get rid of Uncle Joe because this was our only chance I helped Hugo stop his bleeding and followed his instructions he stabbed my uncle one more time at the back of his other knee so that he could not move we covered his mouth with a tea towel and tied his body up with some ropes lucky for us the streets were empty so no one saw us we dragged my uncle to appear close to the town the pier where I last saw my dad before he died once we got to the end of the pier Hugo suggested we should throw my uncle to the ocean however an impulse came to me drowning wasn’t enough for my Uncle Joe my dad and Ernests weren’t simply thrown to the ocean they must have suffered I gave Uncle Joe a taste of his own medicine I stabbed him three times one for my dad one for Ernest and one for my grandma Hugo and I threw him to the ocean and looked at him as we saw him going under hugo went to his house for his wife and daughter and all his belongings they came back to the pier and said bye to me hugo told me that they’re leaving to malta and gave me an address and a telephone where i could contact him and they offered to take me with them but i declined stating that i wanted to follow my own path and

that had something else to do before going away and i also told them i definitely send them a letter every so often they gave me some money and he left i went back to my house and entered by the window so that couldn’t be seen or heard by my mom i grabbed a bag and filled it with all the books that belonged to my dad before I left the house forever I thought about killing my mom but I ended up not doing it I went back to the pier it must have been 4 a.m. i grabbed my uncle’s boat and left thanks to the money that my uncle had left on his boat i lived for many years in the same place and everything seemed to be fine at least until now i recently got a message on my phone from Nicollet Hugo’s daughter informing me her dad has been killed message came with a picture the picture of a letter addressed to me promising I’ll be the next one letter signed by my uncle’s crew and a new name a man with the same name as me the son of my uncle and my mom I know I should have killed mom when I had the chance and now I have to be constantly moving to different places and all I hope is for them not to come because I don’t want to end up being the weakest son you