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Here’s the song that we like to do for all the younger set of people, the teenagers and what have you, this one’s called vacations over Wow vacation is over already Well, since there might be some new faces out there, follow me on a little tour of this here basement First of all, see this machine? I turned this knob, hit it twice on top, just like this Guess what happens when I press this button? Live from Joe’s mom’s basement it’s the Stacking Benjamins show! I’m Joe’s mom’s neighbor, Doug and Hey there Stackers! See Joe’s dad shortwave over there That’s where Joe is going to interview today’s guest Dr Joseph Cardillo and discuss his latest book, 12 Rules of Attention: how to avoid screw ups, free up Headspace, do more and be more at work and check this out This is that rickety car table you’re always hearing about Joe and OG sit right here in this very spot when they talk about today’s money headlines, like for instance, how Apple is booting Epic Games, the maker of Fortnite and a whole bunch of other hit games out of their app store Why would they do that? And kick that sweet 30% cut from all Epic app store revenues Don’t worry, we’ll clue you in on all the details See this Commodore 64 computer Well, it’s where we transcribe the hundreds of questions you all ask the Haven Life line Today, in fact, Shane will ask about contributing to an IRA, even when you don’t qualify for the tax benefit Is it still worth it? And of course you can forget about the best part of the year entire show It’s my hit trivia segment, where I try to stump you three times a week And now two guys who need to go on vacation more often This work thing’s totally overrated It’s Joe and Oh judge Judge, judge, judge G It’s so underrated This is my favorite day The day that we come back for a fresh eight weeks Hey everybody Welcome back to the Stacking Benjamin show I am Joe Saul-Sehy, @AverageJoeMoney on Twitter and across the card table a limber up and ready to start, not just a brand new week, but a brand new eight weeks It’s my good friend the other guy, or as we call him here, colloquially O.G I am filing this day under protest as obviously today’s Labor Day and also should still be a vacation How did we not get to touch it? We not get up an extra few days here Like it’s built into the system Somebody messed it up We got to talk to somebody, stop looking at me like that It’s not my fault The calendar Who’s the person in charge of the calendar It’s okay It’s okay Hey, everybody work? Yeah Everybody else plays, but we’re here hard at work That’s just the way it works OG That’s right We are grinding this thing out for that’s the problem It’s just, it’s the, it’s a late it’s usually for the first two or three days announced the seventh You know, and frankly, the celebration is warranted and people work hard, but is it really a holiday? Like, come on We’ve been, we’ve been stuck in our house for how long now is it truly, are there such thing as holidays? The holiday is the day When you get to go back to the office Please let me go back The good news is you don’t need to go back to the office to find great help for your project Big, thanks to Fiverr for supporting Stacking Benjamins How about that one? Huh? We’ve been off a week and I didn’t lose it I still got it You still got it It’s so easy to find freelance talent for your business or product don’t waste Any more time, get 10% off and the service you deserve because you’re a stacker by going to and use code SB, Code SB We’ve got a great show today, Joseph Cardillo gonna kick this thing off, talking about work, how to get more done at work Be more productive Or at the very least make it so on those zoom calls, your boss stops, giving you that weird eye every time that, uh, that they call on you My zoom name is reconnecting Okay I need to steal that one I’ve seen 5,000 memes I haven’t seen that one yet Yeah, where you make the screen black and you put the gif in there, like the spinning thing that it says, reconnecting Just go take a nap

That’s great Well, don’t nap on this show cause we’ve got some great headlines and then dr Joe Cardillo So let’s, uh, fire up the engines guys, kick off another eight weeks Hello darlings And now it’s time field favorite part of the show, our Stacking Benjamin’s headlines Our first headline comes to us from Board Panda You can I love it When we kick off, we kick off our eight weeks with a site that I go to when I’m bored to tears, Brittany Spears breaks silence tells court she wants her dad removed for being her conservator of 12 years I’m sure you may have seen this headline OG I definitely keep up with Brittany Spears This is written by Liucija Adomaite and Ilona Baliūnaitė Brittany continues the legal battle to claim back the control of her life and fortune She hasn’t had for the past 12 years It all started back in 2008 After the pop singer went through several mental breakdowns and the court put her estate financial personal assets into the conservatorship of her father and a lawyer today, though Brittany stands strong and is no longer willing to give her dad the power to control her life She is now asked a California court to end or father’s role as a conservator And according to the court papers, her lawyer, Samuel D Ingram, the third said Brittany is strongly opposed to James continuing to sole conservator of her state Instead she prefers a qualified corporate fiduciary to manage the business affairs of her state In fact, since this came out, Oh, gee Brittany sister has also applied to be part of the new conservatorship and has also requested that they move the money from wherever it is They didn’t talk about where the money was, but, uh, move the money to Fidelity, which to me By the way, if you’re talking about moving your money to a place like Fidelity makes me wonder if Brittany started questioning some of the stuff going on with her, with her cash It seems like it would already be at a place like a Vanguard, F,idelity T Rowe price, Tia You know what I mean? It would already be at some big name professionally managed Yeah Well, it probably is I would think, I mean, it’s not in dad’s safe Hopefully not in dads like stockpile account I’ll just throw it in with mine, you know, I guess maybe, but you know, most of the big custodians, I think all of them, I suppose, have a corporate trustee department and that’s a good place for a backup You know, we use corporate trustees as a backup for estate planning You know, when you’ve got your person listed or your people listed on your state plan that you want to have be the trustees of your money And if for whatever reason they’re not around or they don’t want to be it You know, we’ve got that already designed in advance So you don’t have to go through and do this You know, now it’s a little different because Brittany Spears is still living, but nevertheless, it’s still a good idea to have a secondary trustee or, or a contingent trustee for your personal stuff So tell me this Do you like this move going away from her dad? Well, I don’t know I don’t know the details of it Assuming that everything was kind of on the up and up as it relates to his behavior, then all it is to me is probably somebody who, who understands that Brittany’s got $25 million and the Fidelity rep down the street was like, I’m going after that I can get that here at Fidelity And I’m going to get my bonus on that or whatever, if Brittany’s dad was doing something incorrectly, or a low board or not fulfilling the duties to which that he was supposed to Then it’s obviously a really good thing, but you can still keep the money where it is and fire the trustee You don’t have to move it from Schwab and move it to Fidelity because you change trustees unless you’re using the Fidelity corporate trustee You know, there’s two sides to every argument here One thing that I like about a family trustee is that the family member knows you But I also, like you said, having the corporate backup is always good I though on the other hand, OG have seen The corporate trustee only, which by the way, we did an Instagram poll on our Instagram page to see what people thought And most people over 90% of the respondents said that this should move to a corporate trustee Corporate trustee can run a muck if you don’t have a check and balance I mean, yeah Well, everybody thinks it’s great But I’ve seen probably more issues with corporate trustees than with people trustees There’s a very famous story Uh, here, Texas in Dallas in particular about the widow of I think he was this former CEO of American airlines or something Uh, some, you know, very well known family here in the Dallas area And they had the corporate trustee of a bank and a big bank, but it was a huge amount of money

I mean, it wasn’t $15 million It was like, $800 million Wow I think I remember us talking about this back in the early days of the show, like seven or eight years ago Didn’t we, we probably did Yeah Cause this was a really big story and the long and the short of it was is that The trustees, the people in charge of it figured out a way to effectively lock everybody out of any decision making and also getting any of the money So here’s this widow who’s been then left $800 million who got evicted from her house because she couldn’t make the mortgage payment Because the trustee was just hoarding? Because the trustee well that, and part of their plan, according to the courts was to pit one side of the family against the other And when you have all that discrepancy, then there’s the lawyer stuff that gets involved And then nobody does anything for years and years and years And that was part of their plan according to the courts So it took a long time for this, for this person to, uh, To remove herself from it The other thing you have to be concerned with with the corporate side side of things is that you’re not going to likely have the same relationship You’re not can have likely the same person or people in charge all the time, because you know, just like any other sort of business corporations change over their personnel You may not be able to have your money invested in the way in which you’re accustomed or in the way in which you would like it to be invested because corporate trustees have, have a different philosophy, generally speaking on how to invest money and that, and that philosophy is never lose a penny And now we all know that loss is different than temporary market declines, but the average consumer Sees their investment account go from a million dollars to 800,000 in March They say, well, I lost two corporate trust C’s are likely trying to make sure that you never see that So that insinuates that your money’s going to be invested very conservatively And of course, you know, if you’ve got 800 million bucks, you can invest as conservatively as you want If you’ve got 2 million and you’re trying to take care of two generations moving forward, you know, you need some market returns in there So It’s not always the best thing that you can come up with, but it’s better than, better than nothing And, and I think it’s a great idea to have to have as a secondary backup for ours I’ll tell you real quickly, we have like a hybrid of this For our trustees for our state plan, you know, we’ve got young kids and ours are three people and it’s like a, from an investment standpoint, kind of like an investment committee, all three people have vested interest in it, but all three are not going to necessarily agree And so to us, that seems like the easiest way to make sure that there’s some checks and balances in there That one person doesn’t say, well, you know, Alex needs to have a Ferrari, you know, he’s 18 And, and hopefully the other two go now, now I use Toyota will be fine You know what I mean? Like that’s what that’s designed for is so that there’s, there’s a little bit of extra checks and balances in there All three people that we trust and that we think would do a fine job in dependently, but just another layer of, of protection There was this just retaliation again for not me, not inviting you to game night Is that what that is? Cause apparently I missed my invitation to be on that committee, so, yeah Yeah Um, yeah, you were fourth then That was just a weird thing I’ll try not to take it personal trust, your investment decision making What would I took the, uh, winnings I made on ’em XM radio and invested that into serious stock that doesn’t reek of somebody who knows what they’re doing We all have great stories of, of our sandbox money And then, and then we all have stories like you also trust me Marissa Mayer is awesome Yahoo will never go down I didn’t say Yahoo will never go down Oh, that’s right You said it will only go up my bed Look at what happened when they, when they spun off their Alibaba money touching I don’t even know I’m just, I don’t pay attention So it was hard for me to get stuff Yeah, you pay attention was enough to that I had just enough to take a pot shot Uh, the second headline here is while we’re going over big stuff, let’s go from Brittany Spears to video games How about that? What a great way to kick off our eight weeks for people who don’t follow video games There’s this big game called Fortnite, which is run by a company called Epic games Well, uh, news a few weeks ago Apple kicked fortnight off of the app store, which immediately of course triggered a lawsuit from Epic demanding that they let them back on Apple responded By the way that saying that Epic was trying to get special treatment, what they were doing Oh, gee was that Fortnite is a free game to play, which meant that When it comes to revenue, sharing, Apple was getting nothing And then Epic was telling people that all these end game things that you buy, you can buy it through the app store if you want, but you’ll pay a lot less for it

If you go around Apple and instead buy the stuff an Epic’s own site So Epic was cutting Apple out of revenue streams on this huge game So Apple gave him the boot saying that that’s against their, um, their terms of service So Epic games though last week, just want a temporary restraining order This piece, by the way, is from the verge written by Russell Brandom and Shawn Hollister and Jay Peters Uh, Epic games won a temporary restraining order against Apple, at least in part effective immediately Apple can’t retaliate against the company by terminating the developer account use to support the company’s unreal engine So Most of the games out there are made with unreal and Epic was about to lose a crap load of money If Apple pulled unreal out for Epic games, um, Not following protocol, but in the same ruling, judge, Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers decided that Apple will not be required to bring Fortnite, which had a band after Epic added in in-app payment system and violation of Apple’s rules back to the app store The court finds that with respect to Epic games, motion as to its games, including Fortnite, Epic games has not yet demonstrated irreparable harm The current predicament appears of its own making Rogers wrote saying that Epic strategically chose to breach his agreements with Apple and thus disturb the status quo So you got two things going on here You got the big, you got the big platform Where all this stuff happens, taking these huge cuts, OJI These monster cuts in the game When ostensibly besides provide the platform, Apple did nothing And I believe for a lot of these agreements they’re taking, they’re taking 30% Well, they did nothing only except a produce, whatever it was 600 million iPhones from which this place can play And, and also the platform in which it could be developed for free and also organize all of this in a format and produce the technology that allows you to play the thing 30% of every game for that Yeah And what it’s, whatever they want That’s the deal that they think of it this way And I’ve read Apple’s response to this, which was, I thought it was well-crafted and I’m paraphrasing, but it basically said we’re happy that you’re able to be so successful with your game using our stuff Which actually is funny because that was my point when I was thinking about this, is that the role of Rainmaker in any organization, the role of being able to be the person who markets and finds the customer Is nearly always OJI the highest paying job at any company And if you’re thinking about stuff, thinking about, I think most people think about making a better mousetrap, making a better thing, but knowing how to market that thing is a skill that very few people have and becoming good at that skill always pays a bunch of money Well, and Epic games perspective, you know, they’re looking at it going, gosh, we, you know, we did a $3 billion of revenue last year We could have done 4 billion if we wouldn’t have given a third of it to Apple But the reality is is that they would have done zero I mean, this game obviously super popular on every platform X-Box and whatever the other PlayStation, you know, and it would have been successful there too But as I understand it, It’s it’s pretty evenly split They make just as much money from, from Apple’s platform as they do the other places too And so that’s kind of the deal that you signed up for when you first signed up for it So you can’t then just kind of midway through, say, cool, thanks for the billion dollars a year of cash My kids have an interesting take on this, which I thought was pretty cool First of all, did you see the part that kind of a corollary to this? Did you see the part where if your phone still has Fortnite on it? You can sell it on eBay for thousands of years So if you haven’t upgraded to the new app store, which eliminates it, they can’t take it off Nope They can’t take it It’s not on the app store anymore, but if it’s on your phone, It’s still there You can still play, you can still use it So people are upselling their iPhones on, on eBay with Fortnite installed for thousands of dollars I don’t know if any sales are happening, but that’s what they’re being offered My kids were like I’m so in my iPhone, I’m like, yep I said, listen, if you 10,000 bucks for your iPhone I’m game, man, like, that’s cool with that And by the way, this is what OJI said He goes, yup And I’m going to get 30% of that Cause I’m in leave They sent them a dollar that’s right It’s called Texas But the kids had an interesting take on that They said, dad, fortnight’s going down Like, they’re just not, it’s not as popular as it was three years ago Then the boys said, this is just their way of life Keeping the money about the same I read the stuff that Epic games has come out with kind of ahead of this, basically this dude who runs it, or at least runs the Fortnite side of it, sent the email to Tim cook at like two in the morning It’s almost like you had a drunken tirade At two in the morning, like this is ridiculous and we’re we’re, this is what we’re doing And no, there’s nothing you can do to stop us

And can you imagine like him cook, waking up and being like, Oh, I got an email Oh, it’s from bill over it to Epic games What’s it say up yours, Tim we’re taking the cash I think Tim just was like, okay, well, we’ll see how that works out for you, buddy Yeah, like, well, but there also has to be a, when you might be able to renegotiate and Epic games, Epic games is, has become so big now that they now have their own platform You know, people that play games on their computer EA has their own platform Origin I believe it’s called a foul of games, has steam I think Epic games also has a big platform where you can play all of their games and more as well And I’m wondering if the Epic games thought that they were big enough, that they could use this as a first Shot to renegotiate their deal Well, as I understand it, and that could be the case, but as I understand it, it seems as though the contracts are uniform for everyone, Apple just gets their cut and it’s regardless of how much or how small or how big your, your business actually is say they just, they just get a cut And I think last year I read that a fortnight brought in like $3 billion worth of In game purchases or whatever, throughout all the platforms I think yesterday Apple did $3 billion of sales So I’m pretty sure Apple doesn’t give a crap if Epic’s around or not You know, are you saying they might be okay? Yeah I mean, I get it If you want to try to renegotiate renegotiate, negotiate, but to blatantly, and I’m glad that the judge saw it this way basically to blatantly redo your game so that it You know, it takes that payment system off of the Apple side and puts it on your side and clearly violating the terms of the agreement he deserved to get banned Well, yes And I don’t know what went down between, like you said, between Epic and Apple before this, you know, it could have been a 2:00 AM tirade or there might’ve been a series of emails before that, that ended in a 2:00 AM tirade No, it was definitely just one single email 2:00 AM Did you see the whole thing that they did afterward about like the video of the Apple and stuff like that, that after send it to you So, and they did this whole, like, you know, how their stuff is all cartoony So then they did like a whole video montage of like it’s in black and white Very like circa 1939 ish Yeah Like the third right Type of wow But like put Apple as the, as the leader, like this character with a big Apple head and like a bite taken out of his head with angry face Yeah, it was shots fired It is It definitely is I think that the lesson number one is that this idea of role maker and the platform being the person that can bring the customer to the business Man, if you’re looking for work and you’re wondering about skills to develop, that’s the skill that will always pay It will always always pay I don’t know if it always pay 30%, but, but, but it will always pay And then, uh, when it comes to your estate play on not just Brittany Spears, figuring out who the right conservator is, but at the, at the most just having checks and balances, thinking about checks and balances, I think is a big part of, uh, getting that done correctly I don’t see these very often Do you remember like the political cartoons? It used to be in the newspapers and stuff? Yeah They still have them I haven’t seen, I don’t get a hard copy of a newspaper, so, but I can totally see, like, the thing that’s in my mind is like character of Tim cook, eating an Apple With his hand on the head of like the little kid that’s running and that’s Epic games And he’s just like, you know, like the big kid on the block or whatever’s got his big old med up in the, yeah I’m like the little five year old who’s trying to like, but does Tim cook look a little bullyish in that piece? I think he looks like filthy rich in it Like he’s wearing a Cape and a crown on it Like screw, drink, duck Somebody make that for us A sticky Benjamin’s dot com We’ll post it as a political cartoon on our, on our sites as we don’t do the one and only, yeah, well we’ll call it business cartoon, not a political cause that’s not really political Just a business cartoon time for me to go call dr Joseph Cardillo on my dad, shortwave He’s a national leader in holistic healthcare He’s the bestselling author of lots of books in the field of health, mind, body, spirit, and psychology, including what we’re going to talk about today The 12 rules of attention, how to avoid screw ups free of Headspace, do more and be more at work And we all want to be more at work in his, OG, people are going back to work and the kids are going back to school and we’re starting to refocus on the world of work We thought this would be a great way to kick off the next eight weeks Let’s say hello to Dr Joe Cardillo And joining us on my dad’s short wave radio

It’s Dr Joe Cardillo How are you, man? Very well, thanks for having me Hey, I gotta ask you, I get really fascinated about how people get into their profession When did you first become a student of figuring out what’s going on inside the brain and how do we get better attention for ourselves? Oh, this happened a long time ago, quite by accident I started actually very young, not in any sophisticated way I’ll tell you that Know it started with a study in martial arts when I was very young boy and I, I think my parents thought it would be a good way to discipline me So I started with that and I got interested right away, you know, and that, that whole idea of Eastern thought and particularly meditation and mindfulness and things like that, but at a very, you know, in a very adolescent way And so there was a university not too far from where I lived and, and they had a meditation chapel And so I would go there and I would, you know, try to figure this out as a very young man and that got me interested, um, in how the mind can affect the body And then I, I just stayed with that interest as I continued my own practices into adulthood and, and I stayed with that and I realized at some point in there beyond just that kind of adolescent and childish perspective that I did have, like everybody else, I realized that, you know, this idea of being able to control what happens to us with our mind is a real possibility and can be done Then later, I realized that you could use the body to control the mind And that made a big, huge difference for me because sometimes when our mind is Yeah, let’s just say you’re feeling when blah you’re, you know, you don’t feel like you have enough energy to do whatever it is that you’re involved in You can use the body to affect your mind and, and you can wake up your mind up with your body And we’ve all, we’ve all experienced that And even simple ways, like taking a walk when we were feeling kind of bummed out, we take a walk and we suddenly just Feel better So those kind of relationships got me very interested in this And then here we are seven books later, some attention I’m still figuring it out It’s not like I’ve gotten it complete, or anybody has it completely figured out Wait Well, it’s such a deep topic And I think, think about that I mean, that was an early lesson that I had I had a coach that taught me what you’re talking about, which is to change your state, right? Like if you’re getting a case of the Sleepy’s, go change your state And I remember before I used to do, I used to do television all the time and before I would go on TV I learned from another coach to do some jumping jacks a couple minutes before like four or five minutes before to get the blood pumping so that my brain would start going and I would bring this energy to the channel So you’re you’re right It’s kind of a two way street, isn’t it? Absolutely And, and for me, one of the things that I enjoyed so much, it was realizing that when we get ourselves into a state of flow, like many athletes feel or musicians or anybody, even when we’re reading a book, We can transfer that beautiful mindset into the next task And wouldn’t it be wonderful to bring that into work But that’s so difficult as you’ve outlined in your book I mean, I don’t need to put a spoiler hashtag thing here, dr Joe, but it’s but, but we have an attention problem here Yeah, we do We do And there’s all kinds of statistics that are popping up all over the place that showed just how it is, you know, and businesses are losing somewhere in the vicinity of $650 billion a year due to, you know, worker error because of lack of focus and attention So yeah, we do But she said there’s also frustration for us I mean, there’s a business cost There’s also a cost for us because we miss so much because we can’t pay attention That’s right So the personal loss for me, it’s one of the major reasons I wrote the book, as well as for worker, you know, what, what we can do to improve our performance Yeah But also the, the personal cost on our careers, on our daily happiness and, and so on Is our phone the problem? I mean, everybody, I keep reading these things to say, if we just put down our phones and we, we, we turn off our alerts on our phone, turn off the alerts on our computer that may be, will focus better then is that the issue? Um, I really don’t want to put too much emphasis on that as being the issue And I, I wanna, I want to almost say, no, but I can’t say complete no Of course our telephones can be a distractor I just turned mine off as matter of fact, before the interview They can be a distractor, but then again, anything can distract us And we’re built, we’re built within a attentional system upstairs in our heads that enables us to deal with distractors And so for being in constantly distracted, you know, we might

try to do something about our environment if that’s what it is But many times that, you know, the distraction is not just an external thing, like a telephone or a cell phone or something like that It’s something more organic It’s something inside us that allows us to be distracted I kid around in my book about it And I, you know, I say things like, you know, the cell phone doesn’t sit around all day thinking up ways to mess up my life I mean, it doesn’t really do that You know, if I’m on the cell phone, there’s something in me that’s attracted to that Well, and I think to your point, there’s so many other distractions Like I’ve got the window here, the wind is blowing I can see the leaves Like that’s kind of a distraction I’ve got a light on over here that shouldn’t be on And my brain goes to these leaves My brain can go over to that Like, it’s not just, it’s not just that you’ve been, say that people early on like hunting, mastodons like, there’s, there’s so many things that they had, you know, there’s so many reasons we can be distracted from the task at hand Yeah I mean, wherever we are, we’re so overwhelmed with detail, that distraction is just part of the human condition And so we need to be able to access our focus in order to turn that off Well, let’s dive into this because I’m really fascinated by it There’s so many key terms and key concepts, but I think maybe The most fundamental one that our stackers need to know about is this idea you have about executive attention and comparing this idea of executive attention to a spotlight Can you explain this idea? Yeah I like to use the image of a spotlight And so our executive attention is kind of like the CEO of our mind, and we can control our entire attentional system as CEO And we can for ride urges We can, you know, if the cell phones bothering us, we can override that We’ve got an attentional mechanism That again, we call executive attention that allows us to choose where we want to aim that spotlight That is our focus Right And so I can, I can aim my focus and yeah Very wide lens Yeah Give you a good example You know, whenever we go to a concert, we can look at the whole stage We can observe a whole orchestra, a whole rock band and then we can zero in on one instrument That’s the spotlight that we have We can widen it, we can narrow it, we can move it around We can turn it off to certain detail And so our executive attention is that part of the network that we call attention in our head that allows us to do just that When you were writing this, I had an image and by the way, this is my image, not yours So feel free to refute this I’m almost like a computer where I’ve got the Ram upfront, right? The stuff that my computer is using right now, and I’ve got the hard drive in the back Is there really any similarity like that or is that a poor construct of how the brains work? And I should probably just ask you, how is this really working for us chemically in the brain? Well, in day’s evolved we used to like to use the image of a computer You know, that our brain is working or our attention system is working like a computer But now we like to use the, the image of multiple computers feeding through a motherboard And so your executive attention, what we call the CEO of your focus or your attention mechanism is able to control all the information that’s coming in through that motherboard And so you can Literally turn things up, turn things down and so on So if it wasn’t point, you want to increase your audio attention, you can do that So if I were to bring my voice down to a whisper You could follow that And by raising your audio attention, if you wanted to zero in on one little detail, you could fade everything else out and zero in on that one detail So we’ve got this capacity And the interesting thing is to set It’s kind of fun to learn about how attention works in the brain, because it’s like getting a new device and learn how to use the apps on it I Totally thought that as I’m reading what you’re writing, I’m thinking that, Oh, I’ve got a bunch of capacity here because with your analogy, then the other computers are still running I have these inputs may be at, at that concert maybe my feet hurt cause I’m standing up Maybe I have to go to the bathroom cause I’ve had too much beer or whatever it might be, but, but I have all these other things go on But because my spotlight, my CEO’s not focused on that I’m deciding what to do with those inputs, but the inputs are still coming in That’s right And we can decide where we want to put that spotlight And again, we can also decide where we want to turn it off to your first rule of attention is called do you speak my language? And you begin, you begin with two people who both had the slips in attention that frankly happened to us all Jack can’t remember where a meeting is I’ve done this a bajillion times, by the way That’s a technical term I don’t know if you know that dr Joe, it’s a bajillion He goes, he goes to the old place where the meeting is, and then he

gets there and the door’s locked and he realized the meeting’s been changed and he had totally forgotten Susan is idling at a red light that oncoming traffic starts moving She does too, but then she realized the Green’s not for her Right There’s people turning left She almost gets in an accident because she’s on this autopilot What’s going on there? Well, our brain and our attention mechanism loves patterns And so, so if we’re not regulating, if we’re not using that CEO, that executive attention, then our attention will regulate itself The pattern that it thinks is best for you, the situation So for example, whenever we’re in a situation, Any kind of experience at all, our brain creates within a millisecond This is the very cool part within a millisecond Our brain creates a sort of miniature experience that it bases on where we’re at at the moment And so it creates a miniature experience And then very quickly also in milliseconds, it scans everything, it scans our memory, it scans our emotions, it scans thoughts and so on, and it goes, it goes in Brings that information forward to it So it’s kind of like, it sends out little Scouts and into our brain, into our memory, our feelings, our thoughts, our actions from every time we’ve been in a similar situation and it comes back and it reports to the CEO Which is our executive attention So it comes back It reports to the CEO very well, very quickly And then the CEO can make a decision at that point If you don’t make a conscious decision at that time point, your brain will do it for you And it’ll do a based on The most common information that it’s discovered And so this is kind of fun, really So this is why we tend to repeat mistakes because our brain is just trying to help us And it finds the pattern most apropos for that situation And that’s the one that triggers I mean, how many times if we said If I get in this situation again, I’ll never say this And then we do, and we say it we’re kicking ourselves or said, Oh no, I did it again And the result is the same Right? And then we tell ourselves again, I’ll never do that again Next time There we are Again, it’s so easy to correct because all you have to do is to make yourself mindful of the fact that at that juncture, you really do have a choice and you can make that choice Well, and that brings up a couple of, well, it brings up a couple of powerful things I mean, the first thing is that the power of the fact that your brain likes repetition and I’m guessing this is the power of habit right Of your brain liking repetition So if you can train your brain through repetition, how to act in those areas where your CEO’s busy That’s right And that’s where some very popular terms these days, that’s where something like, uh, awareness and mindfulness and attention, all kind of come together with this idea That’s very old idea and that’s an idea of reflection and visualization And so what happens is, is that let’s say that I do say I do repeat a pattern that I don’t like Instead of just telling myself I’ll never do that again Cause if you do that, you know what, you’re going to do it again for sure You’re going to do it again But one thing that we can do is we can use our awareness, which is part of our attention We can use mindfulness and then we can use our focus and let, let me give you a way that you can do that Once you become aware of something that you do, something, if you reflect on it, You’ve got to do this a couple of times If you just do it once, it really won’t work much training Your focus is not like taking a pharmaceutical where, when we take a pharmaceutical, we expect it to work, you know, within 20 minutes it’s kicked in or even sooner And it’s, you’re going to get the full, you know, the full blast of that particular pharmaceutical right then and there, you train your attention, it’s not like that because what you’re doing is you’re By the way, all their mind, body tools aren’t like that Either what happens is, is that you’re weakening the old pattern little by little So it takes about two, three weeks Your weeks getting the old pattern little by little, and once you weaken it in enough, the new pattern take over completely If you only weaken it slightly Then it will supersede or over the new pattern that you’re trying to establish so far, trying to change a pattern First thing I want to do is I want to reflect, done it by reflecting on a situation and spotlighting identifying that point that we want to change We’ve begun We can in the old pattern, because what that does is the next time that pattern comes up Yeah Your brain wants to try to win inhibit it If that’s what we want to do, or if we want to pay attention to it,

the awareness will make you pay attention to it one or the other Uh, so the first thing you do zero in on that pattern that you want to weaken and then visualize a new pattern that you could substitute instead And so now what you’re going to do is by reflecting on the pattern that you want to change, maybe the thing that you said in a particular situation that you’d like to say differently next time, if you identify it, then visualize a new phrase that you could use or something else you could say that’s more in line with your goals And then you continue to use that visualization before the next experience randomly, as often as you can When that situation pops up in real time, that’s where your attention will go It will go to where you’re training your brain to go Cause you’ve weakened the old pattern You’ve given it a new pattern and you’ve been paying constant attention to that new pattern In other words, you’ve developed a new habit in your mind and it’ll kick in in real time That brings up another fascinating facet of all this, which is you talk about having these and it’s been implicit in everything you’ve said so far Which is you’re talking to your brain and you say that talking to your brain is really something easy to do, and your brain listens and you should talk to your brain as much as possible Many times when we’d have a great day we celebrate, which is what we should do, but we have a great day and we don’t really, you know, we identify what happened That was great, but we don’t necessarily put much, much thought in a why it turned out Great We should, we should reflect on those as well Absolutely Absolutely We generally pay attention when something went really wrong It was all, wow Well, you know, what did I do to make that happen? When something, when something happens, that’s great We should do the same thing and we should say, wow, you know, what, what did I do to make that happen? Yeah If you, if you sort of walk through the footsteps that led up to that, you’ll start to see certain things that certain thoughts, certain feelings Certain energy that you felt that really made that happen for you, certain detail that you picked up on and paid attention to, and then you can make that part of your visualization for the next time And if I want to use a computer and it’ll update all the links, and so next time that’s where your mind will go It’s so powerful because we talk a lot on the show about if you want, if you want to have successful money habits, don’t think about them, right? Don’t spend your mental energy thinking about it, but when you do something really well, figure out how to automate it It sounds almost the same way with the brain focus on it, reflect on it And then that will become an automatic piece of your, your habit in the future Yeah, that’s great Yeah, because 96% of what we do all day long is automated Our mind loves patterns so much that, I mean, 96% of what we do is automated and you know, so people ask me, does that mean we’re robots? Well Kind of, we need those automations We need those automations for quick decisions for quick responses We need those automations so that when we do something really well, we can do it again, uh, to know how to avoid problems But we also, uh, we also rely on those automations to cut through all the overwhelming detail and distractions that we have, because then those automations will kick in They’re not distracted by that They’ll just kick in this whole conversation Reminds me of a joke that comedian emo Phillips talks about about the brain and this, by the way, is I want to play this for you This is emo Phillips on a show called dr Katz talking about the brain with the good doctor here You know, doctor, I used to think that human brain was the most fascinating part of the body Then I realized, well, look, what’s telling me that I love that line, but I think it goes along with what you talk about, which is the brain really wants you to think that you’re in control, but 96% of the time it’s in control It’s in control And not only that, you know, there’s a lot of humor to all of this, you know, that there really is I mean, who hasn’t gone out to a parking lot to get into a car, and then you suddenly realize it’s not your car I did that yesterday I tried to actually help Cheryl my spouse I tried to help Cheryl get into the car I went to open the door for her, some chivalrous activity on my end I was trying to open the car door of the Volvo park next to us Yeah You know who hasn’t gone to the grocery store to buy one item This is the one item I’ve got to buy You go to the grocery store, you buy a whole basket full of items

And on your way home, you realize I didn’t buy that one item that I went there for So, I mean, You know, we all, we all do this, but there’s a very interesting mechanism in the brain that allows us to think that we’re completely in control You know, that we really did make that decision It wasn’t an automated, uh, but that’s not how it happens in reality I love that you have a couple exercises in this first chapter One of them is just really, for the first time thinking very clearly, if, at least for me, it was for the first time thinking clearly about that spotlight that you talk about and you ask yourself to go through these questions Where am I at at this moment? What am I trying to do? What should I be trying to do in this situation? What do others think I should be doing in this situation? What are the demands of my environment, distractions that need to be avoided a large room that requires the need to listen more closely to hear et cetera What have I done in similar situations in the past? Do I want to do anything differently? And if so, how? And what’s funny is while I was prepping for this interview, of course, and I was reading this, I was going through all of these, like I’m a pilot checking all these different boxes and I can feel the spotlight moving And what was funny was I realized Because I’m here at this Airbnb in Vermont that I still have my lap top on this box that I use from, we do interviews and it was making it really hard to type I knew that beforehand, but until I shone the spotlight on it, I didn’t really think about it And as I shone the spotlight on all these different areas you asked me about, I can see the effect of, of doing it So I just encourage people to do that, to, to kind of get a feel for what you’re talking about here Yeah, I call that a self scan and there are a few questions as you read them, you know, that you have to go through, but after you, you do that enough times, it itself will become an automation Yeah, well, that’s the beauty of once, you know how the, the attention system works, you can, you can make your own automations so that your mind will in a millisecond go to where it needs to be at least where you want it to be, where you know, where that CEO wants to be based on really good information, input that from you and you can connect it right to your goal And you can really change very quickly the way your mind works in situations, particularly the most important I got to tell you, this has been some very, super helpful time And just thinking about how we can form a habit and shining that spotlight in the right place The book is called the 12 rules of attention Well, we went through the first one There’s there’s 11 more that build on that How to avoid screw ups, free up head space, do more and be more at work I’m assuming the book’s available everywhere every and on Amazon and all Awesome And how do people reach you too? I bet you you’ve a website, right? The people can go to as well Yeah, they can go to Joseph Cardillo, C a R D I L L Awesome And you know what, if you’re walking the dog or a, you’re busy doing something else multitasking, right? Like wheel, if you’re half distracted, we will, we will share the links on our show notes at Dr Joe, thanks for joining us, man I really appreciate it Thank you so much Great show Thank you Hey, stackers on Joe’s mom’s neighbor, Doug, and I’m sure now that you’ve made it through the first half of the show, you’ve finally realized that hub, the de facto ringleader of this ragtag punch Well, I’m glad dr Joseph Cardillo stopped by because what he said just clicked So perfect Basically what a message focus on what matters? Duh, it’s so obvious I didn’t, I just do that before In fact, I took some notes instead of just sticking my money in index funds and forgetting about it from now on I’m going to focus my investments and get some of those mad gains I’ve been researching on my brokerage account And I think I might’ve found my winter stock check it out It’s called the Southern corporation of agricultural machines, company And it’s nothing, but go and write up skyrocket Seriously As far as my research indicates This company does absolutely nothing, but the stock just keeps going up Before I tell you about my strategic read, a win begging stocks Let’s get to today’s Trivia question is, is on this date in 1822 Brazil declared it’s India dependence So the question is, what country did it declare independence from? I’ll be back faster than you can date traits Penny stocks Hey, let’s talk about finding freelance talent for your business or project because sometimes a business needs to quickly pivot in order to meet a goal

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Loved ones Yeah, absolutely By the way, she was out playing you She was playing better than you were the day we played I agree Yes So I got a lesson It’s why, that’s why they’ve made buying quality term life insurance, actually simple You had to stack your forward slash Haven life Now to get a free quote application, it’s simple, it’s online You get an instant coverage decision Of course, instead of going down to Joe’s life insurance and body shop and getting your cheap quote, this is backed by a company Oh gee, that’s 160 years old, mass mutual So, you know, they’re going to be around when you need them today We’re going to throw out the lifeline to Sean Say hi, Sean Hey Joe And Oh, gee, it’s your other listener? Checking in I was doing my taxes this year and I got a pop up from turbo tech stating that because I already contributed to my 401k There is no tax benefit from an IRA Does that mean since I’m not getting a tax advantage now and I’m putting the money in post-tax that when I go to withdraw it, it won’t be taxed I make too much to contribute to a Roth Sorry I know Good problem to have Is there any reason I should keep contributing to the IRA or just move everything over to my Vanguard taxable account? I promised not to learn anything And you could tell Gertrude that my shirts, this is like my bank account, double XL Thanks for that question, Sean And, uh, congratulations by the way, on making enough that you can’t contribute to a Roth, that’s a good thing, but Oh gee, he may have a problem coming if he doesn’t move pretty darn quick Well, a couple of things I thought of a number one, he said, should I just move it to my brokerage account? Well, no, you can’t do that Cause it’s an IRA You just don’t get the tax benefits of the IRA in terms of the deduction And I think the other clarification it’s important to note is it’s also if you have access to a workplace plan So even if you say, well, I don’t want to do my 401k I want to do an IRA instead, just merely having access to it, excludes you from the tax benefits How will they catch that? I don’t know, but that’s how it is So any contributions that you make to an IRA that are not Tax deductible are what are called after tax contributions So you don’t get any benefit on your current tax year for that $6,000 deposit or whatever the number was, but the money still grows tax deferred, and it’s still partially taxable when you withdrawal it So it’s still subject to all the same 59 and a half rules and 70 and a half rules and all that sort of stuff The problem is now is you have to keep track of how much of that is your basis over the next, however many years, you decide to do that or have done it And, or as it relates to your taxes, because when you go to take the money out in retirement, you’re going to have to say here’s how much it was my contribution So as to not get double taxed, The way around this, by the way, what most people do is put that money in that nondeductible IRA and then convert it to a Roth IRA So you mentioned you’re too, uh, to make too much money to do a Roth This might be an option, but it’s only an option if you don’t have other IRAs So if you have set by IRA or an IRA from an old job and that sort of stuff, now it gets really complicated So you can put money in the IRA, not get a tax deduction in the current year You can keep doing that No big deal But you also have to keep track of how much you’ve contributed over your lifetime so that when it comes time to withdrawal that whether you do it as a conversion this year, or you do it as a distribution, when you’re 74, you know how much you’re supposed to get taxed on Yeah The big danger here is to leave it as an after tax contribution, especially if you’re mixing it with an account where everything else is pretax, because Oh, gee, that, that will create a tracking nightmare that will last your entire life Yeah I mean, and you’re supposed to keep track of your after tax contributions I should say your nondeductible contributions on a separate form on your taxes every year Anyways So if you’re not doing that, you’re doing yourself a disservice Anyway, if you’re going to have two IRAs, one is, you know, let’s say an accumulation of old 401ks and that sort of thing And then one is this one where you want to contribute money to every, every year, even though you don’t get a tax, I just have two separate accounts, least easier to know Okay My contributions on this account were, you know, 6,000 a year for 10 years You know, at least you have a little bit easier record keeping, but if you’re co-mingling After tax concert, nondeductible contributions with your pretax contributions The disservice that you’re doing to yourself is you’re going to end up paying taxes twice on that money, because if you haven’t kept track of it over your lifetime, the custodian or the IRS doesn’t know how much of it should be taxed because normally IRA money is all taxed when it comes so well And I think either way, you’re doing yourself a disservice because the amount of record keeping you have to have anyway, it’s just ridiculous for the, I think that the time benefit

Yeah I mean, it sucks So it’s an extra step that’s needed I don’t know Yeah Yeah I think people convert that to a Roth ASAP Do the Roth conversion as soon as you possibly can If you have IRA money already, you can’t do that Yeah Thanks for the question If you’ve got a question, head to, you can use any device to ask your question as long as Your phone If you can talk on it, you can just press a little button when you go to our site Ask your question And we will also not only answer your question, but because you’re brave, we will send you a greatest money show on earth Uh t-shirt So then you can sport some awesome Stacking Benjamins swag, by the way, if you want to check out all the swag out there, cause that’s not the only shirt that Brad’s made You can take a look at the full line The full lineup of stuff that he has I’m not sure if I like the Haven lifeline shirt, the best the circus shirt, or if I like the, uh, boxer shirt, I think I like the fifties poster, the fifties movie poster one, man, maybe, maybe the best I just like how soft they are They are super soft Pretty soft Yeah It doesn’t matter which one you get They’re all going to be stuffed All right That’s going to do it for today Lots of people to thank But one last note of housekeeping is if you’re looking to March into fall and do better with your money than you have in the past, Oh gee and his team are taking clients head to stacking forward slash O G And that’s the link to OGs team’s calendar, where you’ll be able to interface with his team and see exactly how they can help your team do better with your money All right You’ve got it from here, Doug, what should we have learned today? So what should we have learned today? Take a lesson from our headline If you try to cut out the big guy and not play by their rules, you might get burned or at the very least know when you’re clearly making waves so that you aren’t surprised when the inevitable pushback comes Second, take a lesson from Dr Joseph Cardillo You will supersize what you can accomplish when you clear your head And the big takeaway my scam stock did it I’m up 25% I’m rich, but why would any rational person stop there? Here’s what I did while the guys were Finishing up the show I marched this big water cash, right to the gas station on the corner Wait for the real money in investing lottery tickets That’s when they call my numbers for the Powerball Joe and OG won’t be laughing then No sir Those suckers Thank you to Dr Cardillo for joining us on dad’s shortwave today, you can find him at We will also have a link to his book, The 12 Rules of Attention on our show notes Page at This show is created by Joe Saul-Sehy produced by Richie Rutter-Reese and engineered by the amazing Steve Stewart online Visit us on Twitter @SBenjaminsCast or on our Facebook page I’m Joe’s mom’s neighbor Doug and I swear the worst part about coming over to Joe’s mom’s house is having to put on pants SB podcast may receive payment on the show from sponsors and guests in the form of books, giveaway items, discounts, or other remunerations That’s a big word, but there’s no way you take advice from these doors, but like Joe’s mom always says, don’t take advice from people you don’t know This show is for entertainment purposes only And before making any financial decisions Consult with a real financial advisor Big, thanks to Jennifer who works at the quickie Mart down in the corner for selling me what sure To be the power ball winner I know what that eye roll means, Jennifer We both know let’s be clear I’m not splitting what’s sure to be my huge winnings with you I remember a couple of weeks ago, we were talking about the lyrics

Yes, that was so somebody posted, you know, my, the only Lister who wanders around the house going Whoa Living on bread So there’s some other comments that I thought were pretty funny My buddy used to think van Halen was singing Maxwell jump excellent Or Phil Collins, invisible touch She sees a hat and VZ won’t touch it Uh, somebody wrote a ACDC dirty deeds and the thunder chief Well, yeah, it’s, that’s not right Somebody goes, never forget Neil Diamond’s the Reverend blue jeans Okay That’s pretty funny Those are good So I want to give a little shout out, you know, just over a week ago I left Vermont and, uh, people that live in Vermont, by the way, Oh, I slaughtered the name I was, I was doing it off the top of my head and I got quite a few emails from proud Vermonters, Vermont Athenians, Fairmont Heights About this number one beer in the world And by the way, I don’t just double IPS in me do not get along So I kept hearing it was the number one beer in the world, and it was right less than a block away Half a block away from me, the Alchemist brewing And, uh, you hear about people that send other people here to get beer They load up In fact, I do know because they have a sign right in their parking lot that they limit the amount of the beer heady topper And I think I called it hop topper Uh, in fact, I know I call that hop topper because I got a lot of people telling me that, uh, Joe You’re way wrong So thank you for that But I have to say, not just the beer Per square mile that’s made here is more than I’ve ever seen any place I’ve been to Portland Oregon grew up in Kalamazoo, Michigan, which is also known for beer between, uh, Bell’s and Acadia Uh, lots of other brewing there I’ve never seen so many microbreweries as there are in, in Vermont Holy moly You people must have a super, super bad winner Like at first I thought, well, well, the winter, the winter here would be better beautiful But with all the alcohol all over the place, I’m thinking it’s the only way to make it through if you live in Vermont, but just, just beautiful The amount of hiking I’ve done, uh, the different parts of the state that I’ve visited If you ever have a chance to come to Vermont And then we had, uh, some friends in New Hampshire Tell me that I was on the heavily tech side of the cool border Like I have to spend more time over New Hampshire where apparently people are texts a heck of a lot less and they have the beautiful white mountains By the way Of course, this area is my favorite Oh gee, because in Vermont, when I was there, I was in the middle of the green mountains New Hampshire has the white mountains So of course, green and white, maybe my favorite place on earth Interesting Tell us more Where did they have the maize and blue mountains? Yeah, usually, uh, usually just put that right on the Michigan state field I don’t know if they put the Mason blue right on Michigan state’s fields Is that what you’re saying? Yeah There’s, it’s such a led down the snow, like there’s a little bit of college football supposedly going to happen, but so depressing it’s too soon Yeah Yeah Agreed But anyway, Vermont kick ass back on the road, again, a little Alabama in the tape deck and the eight track as people are, as people are listening to this I am in the, uh, Guadalupe mountains Checking out that area, you have amazing cell reception heading to Carlsbad caverns, the recording quality that that was we’re able to maintain a Western Texas is amazing It is, it is incredible on my way to Palm Springs and a California where I’ve heard, I’m going to spend a month on the surface of the sun, which is going to be great by the way, you know? So, so just one more thing Cheryl is having this Uh, and I know it’s not polite to talk about people’s ages, but she’s having a milestone birthday So we’ll just say that So she’s, so she’s having a mental breakdown, but would also jive with the milestone birthday, but probably shouldn’t say that either, even if she was, which would correlate to living with me, by the way I get that indeed mental breakdown living with Joe, but this long She her goal is to see all the national parks and on this trip, we’re going to get six, six national parks

Okay But on her birthday, just the way that the tour worked out, this milestone birthday, we’re going to be visiting death Valley And we’ve said that we’re going to take, she probably won’t or were black the entire day, but we thought we dress her in black next to them Sign and happy birthday, Cheryl So that’s a good idea should be fun That’s at the end of the month, we’re hopefully at the end of the month in death Valley, it’s only 127 So we’ll just set the record the other day I know I said that I saw that again We, and we just had the trivia question yeah Like a month ago And, uh, and we broke it But yeah, that’ll be, that’ll be the end of the month And I think we’ll try to be out there at like eight in the morning I think you’ll find it’s pretty hot at eight in the morning I think in the desert also, I suggest four in the morning Thanks Hey, you want to come join us? It looks the same Excellent Regardless of whether or not there’s sunshine or no century, it’s like a big beach, right? Is it just a big, hot beach? Isn’t that all it is pretty much the spring summer thing that makes a beach, a beach, which is water sands water So then it’s like a big desert Yes, exactly It’s like a big deal That’s when you can’t afford the beach vacation, you know how the beach front property is all super expensive So you just take your kid to the desert, like, Hey You get everything, but could you imagine the Airbnb listing for that beach front living minus the beach, like in parentheses solid brief beach, no water included BYO w you bring your own water, little kiddie pool with walking up, make sure you do bring a lot of water Cause I understand, uh, it can get hot there So, and if your car breaks down could be a, could be a problem Yep And a shovel Cause, cause it’s, it’s better to take your own drinks Well, at least serve today’s episode I’ll have my conservator figured out correctly, but you do need it Yeah You dig a hole in the sand, you know, it’s cooler, you know, double says, uh, I’ll tell you how that goes I’ll tell you how that goes