A Choice Based Upon Sight BRO Dana Williams

and she’s pretty too good to be in the house of the Lord this morning it is an honor to come this way your pastor inviting I’ve never been in but you know preachers do a lot of eating so I have professed and confessed to being a full of fool I understand we’re going to do some eating after the service so i’m going to keep that going but is the mic not on says it is how about now can you hear me now okay is that better okay still it is okay I’m good I’ve been told that in a while so I appreciate it all right let’s take our Bibles if you will and turn to Genesis chapter number 13 i also am honored to be here this morning for the youth service as you can tell by looking at me I’m not as young as they used to be but I say on the other side of that I’m only as old as I let myself be and I found out how to remain yeah y’all want the secret well exercise right eat right sleep right and lie about your age and you’ll be you’ll be able to stay young but I appreciate the opportunity to to be here this morning and I do love to minister the young people I got safe when I was 14 and had never got over that still can hear me all right hallelujah wow I’m glad I didn’t get halfway through the sermon before that was fixed and again I appreciate being here and I was thinking as the security committee was speaking that I do appreciate a little bit of organization in that area I was preaching way down south and one of those churches it was filled with some of us rednecks I guess you can’t could say after the service so about 10 and 12 men talking at the back of the church and I was just curious I said any y’all carry guns and I’m not lying some of them had three guns on them some of them too they laid them all out on the back pew it looked like an armory back there and I got to think of man that you’ll probably kill more than the terrorists would trying to shoot it to terrorists I mean there wouldn’t be no organization about it it’d be one of them I guess you’d call redneck security systems so I appreciate those that are you know trying to get it to where it’ll work and let us all feel safe Genesis chapter number 13 and I want to begin reading in verse number five and i’m preaching i guess to the entirety of us and especially for the young folks here this morning i’m preaching on a choice that lot made that was based upon sight a choice upon which the criteria was only what he saw let’s read these verses and you can see the emphasis in the text and i’ll say a few words about it the Bible said in chapter 13 Genesis verse 5 in law also which went with Abram had flocks and herds and tens the land was not able to bear them that they might dwell together for their substance was great so that they could not dwell

together there was a strife between the herdman of abraham’s cattle and the herdman of lots cattle and the canaanite purrs I’d dwelt in the land neighbor him said unto law let there be no strife I pray thee between me and thee between my herdman and I herdman for we be brethren is not the whole land before they separate thyself I pray thee from me if I will take to the left hand then I will go to the right or to foul depart to the right hand then I will go to the lab lot lifted up his eyes and build all the plain of Jordan that it was well watered everywhere before the Lord had destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah even as the Garden of the Lord like the land of Egypt as thou cometh unto zeor then lot chose him all the plain of Jordan and locked journeyed East and they separated themselves the one from the other neighbor immed well to the land of Canaan and lot dwelt in the cities of the plain and pitched his tent toward Sodom but the men of Sodom were wicked sinners before the Lord exceedingly and the Lord said unto Abram after that lot was separated from him lift up now thine eyes and looked from the place where thou art northward and southward and eastward it westward for all the land which thou seest to thee will I give it and to thy seed forever i will make thy seed as the dust of the earth so that if a man could number the dust of the earth then shall thy seed also be numbered arise walk through the land and the length of it in the breadth of it for I will give it unto thee an Abraham removed his tent and came and dwelt in the plain of Mamre e which is in Hebron and built there an altar unto the Lord I would say to you in the beginning that I do appreciate vision and eyesight I’m glad that God gave us the ability to perceive to look upon things and it holds up part in the decisions that we make in life as we come to our crossroads I’m glad that I can see I heard about a boy that was going on a date and he said it was a blind date few weeks later someone asked him how the date went he said well it’d been a whole lot better if I’d have been blind well I’m glad that I saw my wife was able to look at her before I ever married her it is a blessing to be able to see the handiwork of God the beauty of God’s creation aren’t you glad that God gave us a site yet we find there is a warning in the scripture John tells us that one of the ways of which the devil contempt us is not only through the lust of the flesh and the pride of life but through the eye through the eye gate and so we must be cautious if we’re going to make decisions at the crossroads of life that are so vital and that are so important that as in lots case so in your case it could affect every aspect of your life your family your eternity your posterity everything about you could be affected because of a simple choice at one point in your life and you made that choice based upon what you saw and the soul ought gives us some truths about this this thought of vision we understand that sometimes it can be cloudy sometimes our focus can be blurred at other times our perception can be little more than deception or we could have tunnel vision so they might do us well that before we make these decisions and choices at those crossroads that we visit the automata stand we have an eye exam to make sure that we’re seeing very clearly so let’s look at this text and i want to say three or four things about a choice based upon sight first of all i would suggest to you that if lot is going to make this choice if you are going to make a choice if i am going to make a choice that has involved in it

contains within it this matter of perception or vision i think that lot first of all first of all he should have seen what God saw wouldn’t it have been wonderful if lot before he looked down would have looked up and he would have said lord I am going to have to make a choice I have come to this crossroads in my life i’m looking at a far off and i’m seeing things with my my earthly vision my human eye but I need more understanding than that i’m wondering god from up there how do you see what I think I’m seeing oh what a blessing it would be if we would go to God in prayer before we make these choices and he could have someone said well how can we with so finite vision be able to see as God with infinite vision well there is a way in this text and there is a word in this text that allows us to do so not only for a lot not only for Abraham but for you and I to be able to see things as God sees them if you’ll notice with me in verse number 18 the Bible said Abraham removed his tent and came guellen the plane of memory which is Hebron and built there and Walter well that was a key that jumped out to me an alter that place of worship that of that place of where you can present yourself before God that place of which you can tell God everything that is going on in your heart and your mind isn’t an altar a very precious place we have one here this morning to where we can come and as the songwriter said take it to the Lord in prayer and the Bible said that we can compose why should we make these life-altering choices these moves in life that affect every aspect of our world now and tomorrow and affect our children and so on why should we do so when we would before before we consult the Lord get down on your knees and you may not end down in sodom gomorrah on those places that are all the way down look up before you ever look down there was a there was a way there was an altar there there was a place of communion wouldn’t it have been wonderful if he didn’t went to uncle Abraham and set up a labor ham scoot over I need to talk to the Lord I want to use your altar or even better he could have said I’m going to build me an altar because I need to talk to the Lord all don’t we need to talk to him this morning don’t we need to talk to him but not only was there a way if you look back up in verse number 13 there was a word i understand that lot didn’t have a King James Bible he didn’t have any Scripture but I do know that that God Almighty had this in mind before it was ever pinned down and he could have told him what’s written here just like he told Abraham before it was ever written a revelation you understand as he said to Peter flesh and blood hath not revealed this unto thee but my father which is in heaven God has a word for us notice in verse 13 here’s what God knew that he could have told him but the men of Sodom were wicked centers before the Lord exceedingly young people listen to me young lady God knows all about that young man you’re looking at and and young man God knows all about that young lady that you’re looking at and and God knows all about those choices that you’re making as far as college and school and work and life and things of that nature why don’t you ask him he knows the beginning from the end there’s a way and there’s a word God can tell you Jeremiah said Colin to me and I will answer thee and show the great and mighty things that’s for you that’s for me and there’s no 1 i’m not just talking to the young people there i’m in all through life we come to those major crossroads that we didn’t plan on those terms of which were forced to make a decision but we don’t know what the dough seek the lord neither is there any creature that is not manifest in his sight but all things are naked and open unto the eyes of him with whom we have to do the Lord sees it all and he can

share with you and he can share with me what he sees so my first thought is that if lots gonna make a choice that is going to affect his his family his fortune his future if he’s going to make a decision that is going to affect his whole world and his family’s whole world should he not should he not first of all see what God saw and he could have he could have secondly I would suggest to you as I noticed in my text that they’re more than just one there’s more than just one set of eyes there are lots sighs and of course there’s God’s eyes and then there’s uncle Abraham’s eyes while a lot seeing certain things Abraham seeing certain other things because God is showing him some things if you notice in verse number 14 the lord said unto Abraham after lot was separated from him lift up now thine eyes and look from the place where thou art northward and southward and eastward and westward he said Abraham I want to show you some things I want to show you something so Abraham has some perception Abraham has some insight on some things why because they’ve been several times in Abraham’s life that he has come to crossroads and and because he met God at those crossroads he learned some principles to live by lot could have went uncle Abraham he could have not only seen what God saw but he could have seen what the Saints saw he could have went to those other Saints how many of you here this morning by raising him hand for a little bit of a participation would say I know Saints I let’s say it this way I haven’t I know an individual that knows God that I have perfect confidence that they know God raise your hand oh my question is why under God’s heaven would you make such a vital important decision without consulting those that know the Lord now Abraham doesn’t know anything about Sodom and Gomorrah he doesn’t have all the answers we none do but he does have those principles of which he has learned that that he lives by that would have helped lot in his decision he would have said now son I don’t know anything about I can’t tell you anything about that place but I got a couple of principles that I live by and I think they would help us let me just run them by I think first of all Abraham could have said to his nephew son first question I want to ask you before you make that decision based upon sight listen to me young people listen to me before you make that decision based upon sight the first question is who brought that to your attention who was it that showed you that we found nowhere in the scripture as God did for Abraham that God ever came to lot and said hey law come out here I wanna show you some things you know there are two powers and influences in this world that wants to point out things but I’m not interested in looking thing at things and deciding on things in choosing things that God Almighty has not brought to my attention the problem in this world is when that serpent went into the garden when Satan came to Adam and Eve and what did he do he did not point out all the pleasantries he pointed out the one free that God was not interested in them looking at lot would have had to answer and said well uncle Abraham I don’t know I was just I was looking for a pie i guess it was I’m to one that saw it it just I just and he wouldn’t he could have easily said it to him I’m gonna tell you son don’t choose anything that God Almighty hadn’t been the author of it Wow wait until god shows it to you then you know that it’s right and aren’t you glad for those things he tacked on uncle Abraham he said come out on to your tent Abram come I want to show you something aren’t you guy has he ever showed you anything oh as he ever showed you in it if you’re a child of God he showed you the cross he showed you salvation he showed you heaven he’s showing you things hey uncle in here Abram wall until the one can see come here boy I want to show you some things look northward looks out with rookies from up whispered you looky looky looky God is not putting blindfolds on his children he’s not shutting he’s not saying don’t know no God loves to show us his wonders for our

own personal lives haha and then we’re going to eat so I’m hurryin as any Baptist preacher would but I was thinking all of the many things one thing I love to to ponder on and think about in my life as far as Providence is called pointing things out I also was going to Bible College in Greenville South Carolina to teenager a young man moved from spruce Mountain North Carolina dinner had never been in the mountains never these parts of the mountains and born raised in west virginia but not in these mountain ever been and he came to school down there we boarded together to share expenses one day he came in to where I was studying and he said brother Dane I want to read you a Dear John letter I didn’t know anything about that I said well who’s John he said my girlfriend is breaking up with me I said okay go ahead and read I really wasn’t interested i was trying to study and so he read me this letter of this young lady that wrote him and in that letter she she expressed how that she wanted to serve the Lord and felt like he did too and and was praying that God would work both of their lives out to serve as he wanted but she did not feel like and she did it in such a pleasant way she did not feel like that it was God’s will for them to to be together well long story short the more he read the more I liked about this Dear John letter so when he quit reading I said to him you got a picture of her he said I do so he went to his bedroom got the picture I still have this picture was a graduation visitor he handed it to me now understand understand i am no Benny in I am no Benny of the hint I don’t have these wake-up calls but there have been a term of two such as in salvation the call to preach call to evangelism and also in marriage that God Almighty did did point he said I was looking at that picture gave me the picture I looked at it and the Holy Ghost said that’s her I wouldn’t even thinking about I said who said your wife dummy that’s her i said wow I’m telling you I’m telling you the honest truth I’m telling you honest truth I looked up at him didn’t tell him what I was thinking I said when’s the next time you’re going home he said two weeks I said I’ll go with you went up there to that little mountain church over on the other side of spruce pine between spruce pine in newland three-mile row she was playing went in and that 18yo girl is playing the pie and right there and I’m going to tell you now don’t ask me what the preacher preached I don’t know or what they sang I don’t know you said what are you doing I was going to look if what God had pointed out and I I borrowed his car and dated her twice I dated her an axed her to marry me whoo you say you sure she’s the one you better believe it you say how come because the Holy Ghost went like this hmm I like that you said preacher are you sure you in the will of god i shore him as an avenged you say why cause the Holy Ghost went like that huh he if he’s going to make this choice based upon so he should have seen what God so he should have seen he should have went up the way listen listen one of the ways you can know you can don’t let anybody convince you of anything that wants to say to you don’t ask anybody about this you know they get up whispering here and say how I got a real deal for you I got I got some ones but I don’t go talking to nobody about this just tween me and you oh yeah watch out for that now they say between me and you this is going to go on first and then I’m going to talk to my wife because I know she’s a saint and I want to talk to my preacher cuz i know he’s the same i’m gonna talk to my mom and daddy cuz i know they’re saying I’m gonna find their what the Saints say about it are you hearing what I’m saying don’t make that choice until you brought it to the attention of those who’ve had the attention of heaven third if lots gonna make a choice based upon the site you ought to see what God so he could have you ought to sing walk the saints all he could have I didn’t go through the other principle but I don’t need to but thirdly if lot is going to make this choice based upon sight this life offering choice he ought have seen what lot was seeing this can’t be a

flippant choice you can say what I just feel good about it well I guess you know I glanced down during it look good no you see lot not only should have looked up before he looked down but he should have looked in before he looked out are you understand what I’m saying because what’s going on the inside going on on the inside would determine everything that goes on on the outside and if flawed had gotten before a mirror here’s what he should have done he should have said no listen the way i phrase this he should have gotten before a mirror and he should have looked at himself saying he should have said lot lot listen to me have you ever talked to yourself lot listen to me is what you’re seeing keeping you from seeing what you need to see are you being blinded to the reality of what’s going on on the inside because of what you’re seeing on the outside you see before you ever make that choice you need to to analyze that heart and see if it’s where it needs to be and I look into lots I look into this scripture and I can tell you this there’s a couple of things that would have would have let him know that it wasn’t going to work out well look in verse number 10 there’s pride involved in this decision he could have recognized the pride in his heart listen young people any time your choice involves pride I’m right I’m going to have it my way I know what I’m doing you’re making the wrong choice underscore that when you saying they know better go and tell me what to do you’re in trouble look in verse 10 and lock lifted up his eyes uncle Abraham has said in him Abraham is all has operated on a New Testament principle even though it’s Old Testament he has said a lot you choose first and I’ll go second what lots should have answered back he should have said uncle Abraham everything I have is because of you you are my elder I’m following you I will not choose first I will go second but he does not that word lifted up there means to feel entitlement to feel as though you deserve something to feel as though that you are better than someone else and it’s just like he almost took up blame him and pushed in the back and said Oh buddy you’ve been making the decisions up to this point let me show you how to make a choice I am no prophet muhammad ‘i something had I been in the living room of the prodigal son with the attitude he had to his daddy and said give me the portions of good that falls to me I could have said to him before you ever left the porch son you’re headed for trouble and I could have sent her on I don’t know what’s down there but whatever that there is not going to be good for you because what’s on the inside reveals what’s going to be on the outside if there’s no humility if there’s no obedience if you have no desire to listen to anyone else and you want to control your own life I’m just gonna tell you in a nutshell you’re in trouble you should have said a lot hold it buddy we’re going to do a personal have you ever wondered about your eyes sometimes I you know you just don’t stay 2020 all the time it just changes and you know I’ll be riding down the road I’m looking in this and the sign I’m is little blurry I’m thinking well why is that is it my right eye is at my left eye what is going on and I’m trying to make I’m trying to find out why I can’t see so well oh I’m going to tell you spiritually we need to stop before we ever make the major decisions in life and not only see what God seasoned see what the saints ii but look inside and make sure that what we’re seeing is not keeping us from seeing what we need to see he does not see his pride and he does not see his privileges I’m gonna tell you what’s coming out of Washington but is this men taped well I hope you got good equipment the last church had taped me I saw the video and it was cheap I told my wife said look

come look this cheap video stuff this church she said how you know and said it make me look short and fat and gray edit but let me tell you all that’s coming out of Washington entitlement let’s march on what we deserve what people Oh us in time when something to tell you what you deserve we all deserve hell and if that’s what’s in our hearts young person if there’s no gratefulness for that bed you sleep in and that meal that you eat and those parents that work hard for you if there is no great you’re in trouble the problem with America at this hour is we have lost the appreciation for what God has done for us the very the Pandits in his heart and then this this loss of the of the realization of the privileges that he has goodness who would not have wanted to have Abraham the very friend of God in the father of the faith and so close to them and look at all the cattle he’s got because of that look at his prosperity because of that look it is and he is willing he is willing to chance it all for one vision and one look into a far country what are you leaving to get what you’re thinking you’re going to get it’ll tell you everything about it that’s good preaching thank you brother great minds think alike joke lastly if he’s going to make a choice based upon side here on the saw what God’s law he should have seen what uncle Abraham he should he wouldn’t even seen but lastly if he’s going to make a choice based upon sight he ought to have seen what Sodom saw my goodness lot could have said to one of his Shepherds or one of his steward so he could have said I want you to go down there I don’t know about that place i’m just looking from here it looks pretty good and see what the people alike see how they live what’s their spiritual condition and all matter of fact he could have said uncle Abraham I’m looking into the far country and I’m going to go down now I’m gonna test it myself could you imagine as he walked into Sodom Gomorrah if they had billboards wow that would have been enough to send you back home huh oh it hey think too good but let’s supposing ventures on into town and and and he sees maybe the courthouse and and he goes into the courthouse and he begins to inquire and he says I’m down here from the mountains and I’m thinking about making a move with my family financially everything I’m just wondering what kind of place is this and I can see the look on the face of the whoever it says him what do you mean one kind of play well I don’t know I mean yo uh I mean what kind of churches we don’t have none down here tell you that right now you don’t have no church no no I want to talk about well let me ask you this what kind of what kind of people what kind of people live down there I mean ah for instance I’ve got uncle Abraham he knows Jehovah God he worships God his wife worships got on him right hey wait a minute mr. you know that this is state property and we don’t mix religion down here you just get out there matta fact we don’t want noneya we don’t want them kind of women down here nor those kind of men are not welcome in Sodom and Gomorrah and if that’s the kind of person you are you just go ahead and eat he could have seen what Sodom song well you don’t have to look too deep to see how this world’s are looking huh here’s what I wanted to close with you don’t want to come down to the end as lot did you do not want to come down to the end as lot did as he’s down in salwar he’s already invested everything he’s raised his family down there lock stock and barrel he made a move he gave a hundred percent to what he thought what he saw he gave a hundred percent to what he looked at but I’m just imagining what lot might have said as he was being pulled out of solemn Gomorrah and saw

the smoke rising up i’m thinking probably he said this and i must confess probably we all have said this about certain decisions in life but hopefully they haven’t been major decisions you ever bought a car and looked at it and said in here and ain’t what I thought I saw because you couldn’t see the you didn’t know that that it had a valve that was bad or you didn’t hurt you know I mean you didn’t see all the troubles on the inside and i’m here i’m thinking lawd is looking at Sodom Gomorrah now when he was looking from from the mountains he said it looks like the garden down there it looks like a garden meeting it just a sucker well it looks so good but from down there when it all ends up here’s what you don’t want to say here’s what you don’t want to say it’s not looking like what I thought I saw law would have had to say it it ain’t looking like what I thought us young ladies I’m talking to you young men i’m talking to you you’re not married yet but don’t just venture out anything anything just because it feels good because you don’t want to go to five ten years down the road and look at old brutus and say he looking like what i thought i saw well I you know I i joined up with him in that business and i thought it was gonna it looked real good i mean the it ain’t looking like what i thought i saw or you understand what I’m saying let me tell you what you want to do what you want to do is this 46 years ago as a 14 year old boy was I was raised in a home my dad was an alcoholic my mother left when I was a year and a half old I’ve never heard the gospel up till I was 14 years old never read a verse of the Bible never a prayer prayed in our home never the name of the Lord mentioned what wouldn’t mention in vain and there was nine of us youngins was 11 to dine Ins babies and I was the last number nine and raised in that environment of nothing but beer joints alcohol all that stuff it’s been the vice of my family down through the years but as a 14 year old boy I heard the greatest news I’ve ever heard and that jesus love me died for me he would save me and he would change my life and I can take you to another’s no virtue in the spot there’s no virtue in the day but I’m just I’m just telling I could take it to the spot where the holy ghost took that message that I heard with my ears and I was all by myself walking down a road and he brought it down to my heart and it was on that day I accepted what he offered it was you talking about a cross-cultural conversion it was entirely different from anything I ever knew anything about but I said lord if you love me that much that you would die for me and you have come to save me and I want to be saved and thank God I gave my heart to him 46 years you say dit werk we’ll look and for those 46 years i have been stepping in his direction i have not been perfect don’t misunderstand me but what I’m saying is I have been looking in his direct 46 years ago I saw him 46 years ago I heard 46 years now I’m way down here 61 years old now people still guess me 60 but I’m 61 61 years old young people listen to this and I’m not the only one that can say this its churches filled with people I just want to emphasize it for them 46 years down the road there have been bumps there have been thorns we all go through life but I’m going to taste some 46 years down the road it’s still looking pretty good I wouldn’t change a thing he stand up baby with you please I’ve never done it this way but I just 46 years well we’ve been married 40 and she’s still looking whoo that’s what you want no I’m not want to tell you not gonna have flat tires I’m not gonna tell you you have true I’m not gonna tell you there’s not gonna be some sick I’m not gonna take oh yes that’s that comes now but I’m gonna tell you some if you will look at things like God looks at them if you’ll try to see things like the saints see them if you examine your own heart to make sure while you’re seeing it and if you refuse to look at it like they are looking at

it you will never ever ever be sorry because your vision will still be clear I don’t physically have twenty-twenty vision but spiritually my vision is as good as ever because it’s a looking just like what I saw hey here’s how I hope I leave this world I don’t know I’ve had no vision on that I already don’t want to know but I’m sitting here if here’s how I if maybe I can just come down to a day or two bed rest before I take the last breath time enough to bring my youngins I got 14 we got 13 grandchildren bring them in the room and I want to look in their faces and say to them I’ve seen things like God sees them I’ve seen things like the saints see them and I’ve seen things in my heart and examine them how I’ve seen but what I want to say to you young uns at the crossing it’s still looking like what I thought I saw la don’t just go like this oh yeah that’s good that’s good yeah look up look in look around I want to close this with illustration but i need a pair of sunglasses anybody how you probably don’t have no sunglasses here today but if you have raised them up i don’t care if they’re men on women there now young ladies what’s going to happen and this isn’t all life this is for all of us that great deals going to come your way sir but young lady an old boy is going to come up to you and he’s going to say hey I like you how about me and you going out I don’t care if he’s tall and handsome you just say well now hold it just a minute let me find out how the Lord looks at this Lord how do you see this ooh nobody I ain’t got no interest young sir I don’t care how tall beautiful she is get along with God and said Lord how do you see this down the road what do you think about it Oh got you lord yes honey we will go out because I just been along with the Lord he showed me some things see every day like God sees it Thank You Dora let’s stand if you don’t mind them i’ll ask my wife to come to the piano they’d be okay