EU Road Trip 2013

EU Road Trip 2013 5000 km in 10 days [Praha] [Praha] [Some big clock?] [Prague Castle] [Charles Bridge] [Zurich] [German highways … constant speed 180-190km/h for 200km] 😉 [Wojtek’s favorite beer] [Unfortunatelly for him … alcohol free … ;)] [Zurich Lake] [… and our camping] [Morning view from tent]

[Marseille] [Camping] [Cycades noise in the background] [Cycades noise in the background] [Cycad … 5cm] WOJTEK: Dady? Can they eat a person? ANDRZEJ: It depends which person WOJTEK: And whom will they eat? ANDRZEJ: They will eat you tonight WOJTEK: Really? ANDRZEJ: Yeap [Nice waves] [Marseille] [Vieux-port] [Pont du Gard] (Roman Aqueduct) [2 meter water jump …] [… yet another 2 meter water jump …] [… and finally … 5 meter water jump …] 😀 [Paris] [Familly meeting] [Louvre museum] [Mona Lisa queue …]

[Notre-Dame cathedral] [Bruxelles] [“Parlamentarium” … really awesome EU museum] [European Parliament HQ] [Rainy Bruxelles] [Amsterdam]

[Teamwork] [Bikes … lots of bikes …] [Red Lights district … and real ladies] 😉 [Berlin] [“Tropical Island” aquapark] [06:00 AM … wake up time!] [Over 100 meters high roof] [Baloon flight] [“Segway” ride] (youtube broke this video a bit :/)

[Bundestag] [Brandenburg Gate]